Dec 8

11th Day of Christmas Giveaway with Wendy Blight

We are on day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

You may comment on each day’s post to be put in the drawing for that particular prize.

Then, one gal who comments on all 12 posts will win the grand prize. (You can scroll down below to day one to see it.)

Comment on any post until midnight EST, Sunday December 11th. (Yes, that means if you are just joining us you can catch up by commenting on all the posts!)

All winners announced Monday, December 12th.

Well, for today’s Proverbs 31 featured guest, we have the fabulous Bible teacher Wendy Blight. Here is her guest post:

What do I love about Christmas?

The better question is, what don’t l love about Christmas? It is my most favorite holiday.

But if I had to choose, I love Christmas Eve the most.  Monty, Lauren, Bo, and I attend a special night of worship at our church.

But when we return home, all seriousness is out the window.  We get cozy and comfy and watch the most wonderful Christmas movie ever…ELF!

You thought I was going to say It’s a Wonderful Life, didn’t you?  No, it’s Elf.

We know every line, but we laugh every time.

My greatest passion is teaching the Word of God. I lead a Bible Study in Charlotte, North Carolina and host on-line Bible studies.

I am currently leading an on-line study through the book of Hebrews and invite you to stop by my web site to learn more.


My heart is full as I ponder the many beautiful promises and truths wrapped up in this Christmas season.  What should I share?

I prayed…a recipe…a tradition…a family story? No, none seemed right.

What pricked my heart is Jesus.  He is, after all, the reason we celebrate this season.

His Names are many, but today I want to share one in particular.

Prince of Peace.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:5-7

The days leading up to today found me anxious and irritable.  How can that be?  It’s Christmas.  My favorite time of year.

I sensed something was not right, but I just could not identify it.  But my Heavenly Father did.

He awakened me at 4:15 a.m. and spoke Truth to me.


You are a My child.

You are a daughter of the Most High God.

Within you is My righteousness.

You are indwelt by My Holy Spirit.

Within you resides My Peace.

But I had forgotten.  I had allowed other things…tasks, busyness, work, shopping, decorating, and “to do” lists to fill that place.

My sweet Father reminded me:

Wendy, I will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is steadfast, because you trust in Me.

Isaiah 26:2-4

Wendy, the fruit of the righteousness that lives in you will be peace, and its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.

Isaiah 32:16-18

Peace I leave with you, Wendy; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:26-28

Wendy, when you stop being anxious, when you give everything to me in prayer, My peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-8

Friend, will you join me this Christmas season in inviting the Prince of Peace to rule and reign in your heart?  Will you join me in claiming these promises for yourself?

Wherever you see my name, insert yours.  Wake up each morning and invite the Prince of Peace to fill you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Keep his name on your lips all throughout the day.

My prayer for you is from 2 Thessalonians 3:15-17.

Heavenly Father, Lord of Peace, will you fill each one of my sisters reading this post with the fullness of Your Peace at all times and in every way.

No matter what is going on in her day, Lord, draw her back to You.  In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.

Friend, I am so thankful Karen asked me to meet here with you today.  As I close, please know I have prayed for you…for each woman drawn here today.

God brought you here to remind you that He is your Prince of Peace.  Cling to Him today!!

I am giving away two gifts:

The first is is a newly released leather bound copy of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling

The second a signed copy of my book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner.

Wendy has shared about the peace of Christ.

Please leave a comment telling us the characteristic you most love about Jesus for a chance to win her giveaway!

Or, if time is tight, simply say, “Peace on Earth”.

See you tomorrow for our last day of Christmas!

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  1. Jesus loves “everyone.”

  2. I love Jesus’ love!!

  3. Hi, Jesus is the Prince of Peace!! I am currently going thru some things but I want His peace to carry me through!!Would love to read the books.Blessings to you…

  4. This is so hard! Jesus is an example of what we were meant to be loving, patient, forgiving, full of joy and peace. I think the characteristic I love his his true concern and love for us. His love alone can give us peace in situations that are hard. If we need him he is there always waiting for us with unfailing, never ending love!

  5. nancys1128 says:

    Love – never ending and unconditional.

  6. His “peace that passes all understanding”!
    I also love the movie Elf–“Smiling is my favorite!”

  7. Peace.-giving………..this is a wonderful reminder for me….as long as we abide in Jesus we will have the peace the surpasses understanding..

  8. “Wonderful Counselor”. .. .Isaiah 9:6 I am so grateful to have Jesus as my Counselor, my friend! I have struggled with emotional issues my entire life, but have always found my greatest comfort in Him. In those moments when I come to Him with my concern, seek His word and listen for His voice. His counsel brings peace to my heart and mind.

  9. My favorite characteristic of Jesus is His faithfulness. When everything around me seems to be against me or falling apart, I know I can always find Him right there beside me….no matter what! Always the same, never-changing and full of love, grace, strength and mercy! He is there in good and not-so-good times…my constant faithful Companion. Thank you, Jesus!

  10. Love for all.

  11. Leigh Fant says:

    Unconditional love.

  12. Wow! I do not know if I can pick a favorite…but one that sticks out right now, as we go through the process of adoption, is Everlasting Father. He will never leave, never give up, we are adopted into His family and can never be left out. He is Father to the Fatherless and hope for the weak and vulnerable!

  13. His grace……covers all my sins.. HIs love and MERCY..

  14. “God brought you here to remind you that He is your Prince of Peace. Cling to Him today!!”

    Tears. Yes, I needed the reminder that He is my Prince of Peace today. After already battling ovarian cancer for a year, my Dr felt something at my physical exam last Friday and this afternoon I return to the hospital for mammogram and ultrasound. I have been awake since just after 4am this morning and I NEEDED the reminder that He is my Prince of Peace.

    My favourite characteristic of God is that He knows me so intimately and cares so deeply that He can use a 12 Day of Christmas Giveaway to speak personally to my heart. Oh how I love Him.

    Clinging to His peace,

  15. His faithfulness.

  16. Michelle in VA says:

    The Wonderful Son of God is my Redeemer and Savior…I am so thankful for His love, mercy and faithfulness.

  17. Liisa Waugh says:

    Prince of Peace … thank you for sharing that reminder … I am sitting at the computer before I wake the children for the day and feeling like I want to go back to bed and hide under the covers there is so much to do … but I will claim those verses and say them today and everyday reminding me that God is here, that God will show me the way and that He desires me to have Peace in my life, not chaos… Thank you …

    • Hi, now that this day has come to a close, how did you do? Did the Prince of Peace guard your heart and mind today? Praying He will meet you first thing in the morning and cover you with His peace.



  18. amanda kell says:

    peace on earth!

  19. peace on earth

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. Barbara Roth says:

    Today I am thankful that Jesus is my redeemer. He purchased me and made me His own. His love for me is without measure and there is no one on this planet who feels that way about me.
    Joy- I am praying for you…for God’s peace to fill every moment of this day that is before you, that His Healing balm will wash over you and be a sweet fragrance to everyone around you.

  21. His love for us. His willingness to sacrifice so much for those who are imperfect.

  22. Stephenie says:

    Jesus is always aware of the walls that are before me.

  23. Jesus’ love for me and His guidance and protection upon me

  24. Pam Swope says:

    Jesus will never leave me or forsake me. He’s my constant friend. That’s why one year for Christmas, I wrote out Scripture for all my friends with their names put in the place of “you”. It was much like what you’ve shared today. I thought it would make them feel Jesus close to them! Also I bought Sara Young’s book for my daughter in law for this Christmas and was coveting it!! Hope I win!!

    • I love that you shared Scripture with your friends and personalized it. By doing that, you brought God’s Word alive for them and really taught them how to pray the Word of God. How blessed they are to call you friend!


  25. Jesus is my all in all.!

  26. Love unconditionally ~ Peace on Earth

  27. Laura Karn says:

    His faithfulness. NO matter how many times I am unfaithful and fail to put Him first, He is always right there. Always.

  28. Jesus is my heavenly bridegroom and guiding Shepherd. I’m a single woman who thought she’d be married by now. My journey as a single has shaped and strengthened my faith to new and great levels, but I still sometimes get that jab of loneliness or sadness. When that comes, I know that I have Jesus who is always there, always loving me, and always guiding me. He completes me like no one else ever would be able to, and I depend on him for everything!

  29. Constance says:

    I needed the Peace reminder today! In this season of Peace and Goodwill toward all, it is often too easy to get anxious, frazzled and impatient.

    Phil. 4:6-8 are verses that I pray often back to the Lord, reminding myself that He can and will give me the “peace that passes all understanding” when I bring my anxious thoughts to Him!

  30. I love the feeling of being in his presence. When you cry out to him and he is there to surround you. A truly peaceful feeling!

  31. “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you”

  32. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Peace on earth and in my heart!

  33. Jenny Anderson says:

    His forgiveness and joy.

  34. jimmie brackett says:

    Unconditional love with peace that comes with it.

  35. Charlotte Brown says:

    I most value the neverending, unconditional love of Jesus. My Savior! My Redeemer!

  36. Julia Delaney says:

    What I love the most about my savior is that his love is unconditional. My relationship with him depends on me, he never leaves me no matter what I’ve done. He knows me better than anyone. He is the only one I can tell my darkest secrets to and still he loves me the same as he always has. He is unchanging!

  37. Peace on Earth! Joy is my favourite!

  38. Everlasting Father… that would have to be my favorite. The thought that He loves me like I love my kids but purer and deeper and more perfectly that I could ever achieve here on earth just makes my heart swell. And the word Everlasting means forever to me… I am overwhelmed by the thought of His everlasting love for me.

  39. That He loves everyone no matter what…….!!!!

  40. Forgiveness – He forgives & we accept that great gift, which in turn allows us to have peace & forgiveness for others.

  41. His Love and His gentle leading. He has called me by name, I am His. I trust Him. He has seen my tomorrow and comes and walks through it with me each day. My Beloved, my Savior, my All. Forevermore!
    I would love to read Jesus Calling and your book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story.

  42. Peace on earth!

  43. As someone who has struggled with anxiety all my life, I also love his peace. I have a plaque above my fireplace with the words, “Be still and know that I Am.” I also love the prayer in mass that says, “protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our savior Jesus Christ.”

  44. Many times I have thought “if I could have peace it would cover all” . . . and I still feel this. Peace is an important attribute – for me – from Jesus.

  45. His grace and mercy.

  46. Peace on earth!

  47. It’s hard to choose one, but I’d have to say His unconditional love.

    My family also loves “Elf”. During December, my kids answer the phone “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”. It really leaves those telemarketers speechless!

  48. Are there any characteristics of him we shouldn’t love? IF I had to pick just one, I would say his compassion for those less fortunate. “Give me Your eyes……”

  49. Peace on earth!

  50. Peace on Earth

  51. Peace on earth.

  52. Comforter. The comforts of this world are fleeting, and I have to remind myself to rest in His comfort and protection when I start to worry.

  53. Angie Swanbeck says:

    A vision of His open arms waiting for me to give in and let him hold me.

  54. peace on earth!

  55. Kerry Ann Prodorutti says:

    Peace on Earth

  56. Forgiveness

  57. Too many to name! PEACE ON EARTH! Thanks for the devotion!

  58. Lisa Buchanan says:

    His unconditional love – I try so much to show that to my kids everyday! :)

  59. My favorite thing about my Jesus is that He is always faithful. When I can’t see, I can trust in Him. I love my God!

  60. I am so thankful for HOPE!

  61. Elaine Segstro says:

    While reading your devotional today, I just felt the peace of God wash over me. What a comfort! What joy! What peace! I especially am grateful for the unconditional love Jesus has for me, despite all I’ve said and done. Praise His Holy Name!

  62. Wendy, your words came at just the right time. We’re experiencing a bit of struggle in our house lately and it’s beginning to wear me down. Thank you for this reminder to trust in Him and to focus on Him. Regardless of our circumstances we can find peace in His presence. At this moment, THAT is my most loved (and needed) characteristic of Jesus.

    • Oh, you are so very welcome. The Lord knew what you needed to hear today, and I am so thanfkul to be the vessel through whom He spoke. Praying you will continue to be filled with His peace from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.



  63. Jesus teaching us to be Thankful in All Things…then we will find His Peace

  64. Lucy Sanguinetti says:

    What I love so much about Jesus is that He did not choose powerful, rich, influential people to do His work….he used the weak, the broken, the hurting, the “behind the scenes” people to do mighty things. For so long, I held back from even trying to do anything for Christ. My home wasn’t big or pretty, I had no wealth to share to pay for a child to go to camp or to provide Christmas gifts for a needy family……I didn’t even have enough money to provide for my own family’s needs at times. But what Jesus taught me is that he wants my heart, my soul, my mind and my strength to love others, through HIM, and that was enough! All I needed to give them was my time, my hugs, my lemonade, my meal at my table…..just a listening hear and a gentle spirit!! To me, that is HUGE!

    • Hi Lucy Sanguinetti,
      I just read your post and I to think that your so right, and it was really good. Thank you for saying this.

    • “Amen” i am learning this too. I am not even sure we can have gifts this year. but Christmas is not that. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Thank You Jesus for Loving Us All. :)

  65. Christene Catlin says:

    Jesus gives me unconditional love for who I am and that includes all my faults. That is something I never had growing up but once I found Him I found love.

  66. Tammy Krohn says:

    Jesus’s unconditional love is the characteristic I treasure first.

  67. Peace on earth.

  68. Darlene Keith says:

    “Immanuel” It means “God with us.” No matter what is happening in this sin-filled world, God is still sovereign and will meet the needs of His people. Jesus is the personification of that promise made long ago.

  69. His faithfulness and forgiveness!

  70. I needed to be reminded today that He is Our Peace. I loved Wendy’s prayer. She could have been describing me this week. Soaking in His peace today. Thanks

    • I just love what you wrote…”soaking in His peace today.” Oh, what a beautiful picture. It reminds me of when we take a bubble bath and sink down into the bubbles…how they surround us and fill the tub full to overflowing. That is the picture you have given me of God’s peace around me. I LOVE it!! Thank you!



  71. He is a constant source of love, forgiveness and truth.

  72. denise graybeal says:

    peace on earth <3

  73. Cassie Kriete says:

    His unconditional love.

  74. One of my favorite characteristics of our Loving God, is that is exudes Grace. He shows me grace each and everyday, consistently reminding me to extend Grace to my 5 children who need me to show tham love, compassion and Grace!
    Thank you Wendy for a great giveaway selection!

  75. Peace on earth

  76. His ablility to submit without hesitation- no feeling of needing to defend himself, just trusting God to be his protector.

  77. I cannot narrow it down to one. :) His peace, unconditional love, and faithfulness.

  78. Jane from SC says:

    His forgiveness is the characteristic I love most because without that forgiveness where would I be? I have been a Christian since age 8 and I am now 57 but this past year I have done some things I am not very proud of and continue to slip into that habit but God keeps reminding me to ask forgiveness and remember that I am forgiven and free!

  79. Loving-kindness…..not just love, not just kindness but both combined.

  80. I would have to agree with Wendy, peace. I definitely could use more of it today!

  81. Peace on Earth!!!

  82. Jesus is full of mercy & grace.
    He left His throne in heaven, with all its riches and splendor, He came down to earth, born into the lowiest of places and became a curse just because of me.
    An awesome sacrifice and unconditional love.

  83. Jesus brings me great peace and joy. Whenever I am anxious, he has calmed my fears. He walks with me through the day and lets me know that everything will be all right. I always pray for – Peace on Earth!

  84. Priscilla Tillner says:

    The characteristic is treasure is his Kindness. He was kind to all no matter what. I need to be more like that.

  85. His forgiveness, peace and understanding

  86. His gift of grace.

  87. Melissa Fordyce says:

    The undeserving Love that he showers on us!

  88. His faithfulness

  89. Tracy Williams says:

    His unconditional love for sinners like me

  90. Jesus gives me JOY! When life if good, I have joy. When life is tough, I can keep on because of JOY.
    Merry Christmas!

  91. My favorite characteristic of Jesus is that He calls me to be bigger than I am…to love those I might have rejected; to help those I might have overlooked; to care for those I might have missed in my rush to do everything I need and want to get done every day. With patient love and strong reminders, He calls me to love big.

  92. The characteristic I love most about Jesus is his unconditional love for me!!

  93. Forgiveness!

  94. Hard to select just one– faithfulness, unconditional love, grace, forgiveness….

  95. His unconditional love for all of us…

  96. Dear Wendy–I beleive it has to be his PEACE —as I drove to work today I prayed for my family especially for my pregnant daughter Natalie. My family wants nothing to do with her–long story–I got to work and I read what you beautifully wrote and I wept. Thank you my dear friend–you always seem to be there for me. Many blessings and thanks and God’s sweet Peace to you and your family this Christmas!!! Barb Wall ( I just bought ELF for $5 !!!–so funny and cute!!)

    • How precious to hear how the Lord spoke to you through Karen’s 12 days of Christmas. I am so thankful He used the message He laid on my heart to speak to your heart today. May He continue to bring you the fullness of His peace and joy through this Christmas season.

      And I LOVE that you bought “Elf.” Maybe you can start a new family tradition. :0)



  97. Wonderful Counselor-whenever I have a problem I know I can go to Him for the answer!

  98. Jean McCormick says:

    His unfailing love is what I so love about Jesus. Don’t know if that’s a charastic or not but in spite of all we do he still loves and cares the most about us.
    I would love to win this because one of my fellow co-workers just lost His wife from cancer. I use this book as my devotional but mine is not leather bound. I thought this would be the perfect gift for him this Christmas as he’s really having a hard time. I just want to show the love of Jesus to him and let him see that in spite of all that we go through Jesus already has it all worked out. Please remember him in your prayers. His name is Randle. Thanks, Jean

    • How it breaks my heart to hear Randle lost his wife. God says in His Word, blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. I pray for Randle to know the rich blessings that are his as the God of all comfort meets Him in his grief and brokenness.



  99. Debbie Phillips says:

    God is FAITHFUL even when I am not…..

  100. Unconditional Love!!!!!!

  101. Jesus – just the mention of his name. He already knows what we need before we even ask. He is always there, even in our darkest. I have always heard that nothing will be placed upon you that you can’t handle with God – but now I know we are not exempt from anything, it is knowing that God is there, always equipping us with what we need or just cradling us in his arms until we pass through. What a comfort, what a peace that passes all understanding.

  102. Peace! I LOVE His peace! So needed to hear this today. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  103. Wendy, thanks for strengthening us in the Lord! I love that Jesus is God with us. He will never leave us or forsake us! What a God!

  104. His forgiveness, faithfulness, love and joy!

  105. His faithfulness, love, counseling, peace, support, guidance . . . could go on and on.

  106. Peace on Earth!

  107. Patti Bodenhamer says:

    Emanuel God with us.

  108. Wonderful Counselor! It’s just awesome to know that He will always be there to listen and to counsel us – it amazes me to know I can have a relationship with Him in which He guides me in all I do. I don’t have to do it alone. What a relief and comfort!

  109. Where would I be without Jesus’ forgiveness and grace, it is my most favorite thing!

  110. Jennifer Rae says:

    His everlasting love.
    I really needed to these words today. Thank you!

  111. my strong tower

  112. There’s nothing I can do to make Him love me more, or make Him love me less.

  113. Mary Hayes says:

    LOVE your post to draw us close to the true meaning & focus of Christmas! It should be Christmas & Easter everyday!! I love devotionals as I have several & would love those two. My daughter loves ELF too! My favorite characteristic about Jesus is that He’s always there 24/7 ~ I have experienced HIS presence & felt His Arms hugging me (literrally, I did). He always listens, always calms our anxieties, worries & burdens, always ready to help us in times of needs, knows the best answers to our prayers & deserves our praise!

  114. Your post really touched my heart today, as PEACE is exactly what I am focusing on this Christmas. I keep hearing in my head the verse from Isaiah that tells us Jesus is the Prince of Peace. When my mind gets anxious, as it often does, I am learning to stop myself and remember that HE brings peace that the world can never bring. :)

  115. Jesus is always with me and will never desert me. When everyone & everything else is gone, Jesus is there.

  116. Jenny Mullins says:

    I love the fact that Jesus forgives no matter how many times I mess up.

  117. Slow to Anger. When I was younger I thought I had such patience and people still say I do. I have to agree. As time goes on and age adds up, my patience seems to be disappearing. I never thought that my beautiful, darling little princesses had the power to turn me into someone without patience. Oh how I miss that in me and oh how I am trying so hard to overcome it. My children are angels and as much as I they like pressing buttons I am learning patience right along side them, as they are teaching this fruit to me all over again. I am so glad our Father is SLOW to ANGER and has a sweet loving voice that keeps says, “patience girl, patience!” Bless you all.

  118. Sheryl Danke says:

    I can’t imagine getting through all the things I have had to, without the grace, mercy, favor, and love of Jesus.

  119. Jesus is our “Peace on Earth”.

  120. I’ve learned through suffering to attach my suffering to Jesus’. His gift of everlasting life to us is the greatest gift ever. I could not sustain without his love and peace in my life.

  121. Thank you for sharing and reminding me during this “rush” season to stop and REMEMBER exactly what the “rush” is really about! Remind me to slow down and actually remember WHOSE birthday we are celebrating. Remember the PRINCE OF PEACE is always faithful, loving, and available. These are some of my favorite things about my PERSONAL SAVIOR.

  122. Jesus, Abba Father….I was not close to my earthly Father, it took me a long time to accept Jesus as my Father, due to trust issues. I know he loves me with unconditional love and I am so thankful to call him Daddy. He has helped me see my earthly Dad through his eyes and I one day look forware to seeing my earthly Dad in heaven and telling him how much I love him and have missed him since he passed away 39 years ago. God is good. Thank you for this post and all the wonderful sisters who share their hearts on you page. Blessings to each and every one of you. Walk like a princess of the King and share your beauty and peace with the ones he allows to cross your path today. Without Jesus there is no peace.

  123. I love the Hope we have in Jesus! I have never watched ELF but I am going to watch it with my hubby this year! Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing.

  124. Jenny Hull says:

    I love the patience Jesus has with me. My journey seems to have taken me a long time to heal, but Jesus was with me every step of the way. He was in the darkness and was never angry or afraid of my neediness and mess. Jesus has brought me into the light and I love him for it! Some days can still be a challenge, but I know I am never, ever alone!

  125. Fredi McAndrew says:

    I am being blessed reading the post on your book.

  126. MERCY!!!

  127. His love. I am so greatful for the love he shows a sinner such as me.

  128. He is with me ALL THE TIME.

  129. FAITHFUL!!!

  130. Mitzi Hadley says:

    I love the fact that Jesus NEVER gives up on me and NEVER turns his back on me.

  131. His unconditional love….there is no where to hide from his love.
    Peace on Earth!

  132. That even on my worst days, Jesus is still willing to forgive me!!

  133. It’s hard to choose just one. As I read this post the Halleluia Chorus from the Messiah started going through my mind where the choir sings many of the names of Jesus. That piece is so majestic and powerful. If I had to choose just one thing today it would be that God is never changing. We can trust that He will be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is a huge comfort to me in our ever changing world!

    Rebecca Ann

  134. Jesus loves ME this I know for the Bible tells me so!

  135. I love the fact that He loves us … just as much on our worst day as he does on our best day! His love is free … He is soo faithful … He never leaves us … I’m so thankful for Jesus!! Merry Christmas!!

  136. I love His compassion.

  137. My favorite of the characteristics in Isaiah 9 is “Everlasting Father.” I am so thankful to have an Everlasting Father who will NEVER leave or forsake me. This last month has been a struggle for our family–it seems like every time we turn around something else has broken and needs an expensive repair. Although I have been tempted to worry and to wallow, Hebrews 13:5 and Matthew 10:29 keep coming to my mind, and I am immediately calmed, knowing that nothing happens in my life without God seeing and caring about it, and that He is ALWAYS with me!

  138. His unconditional love!

  139. Brenda Schiesser says:

    The truth of His word…… can count on it never failing, never changing. His grace, peace, love, joy,……….everything is tied up in His word.

  140. I was struck just yesterday with the fact that Jesus is our Prince of Peace! I was having a stress filled day at work and took out 10 minutes for some much needed lunch and opened my bible to Luke. What a great reminder for this busy season and this world that needs Peace so badly!

  141. His unconditional love!

  142. Peace on earth!

  143. I love His Mercy & Grace – love that I have been redeemed!

  144. Lauren King-Dillon says:

    I would have to say his Grace. The way he can just look past all our flaws and misgivings and love and forgive and want to nurture. Definitely, his grace.

  145. His unfailing/unconditional love. Nothing I do will ever make Him stop loving me! Thank you Lord for your love!!!

  146. His LOVE! Unconditionally!

  147. Kristy Lynn says:

    I love every aspect of who Jesus is. . . Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Savior, Friend, Almighty God!! The attribute that is most amazing to me is His unconditional “agape” love for me no matter what I do, all I have to do is keep trusting in Him, accepting Him as my Savior, my guide, my very best friend!!!

  148. I love knowing that no matter how i feel each day- God’s love never changes……people disappoint me and I always seem to say things that are not the nicest, but knowing that I can repent of my words- and God loves me no matter how many mistakes I make daily.

  149. Forgiveness and unconditional love!

  150. Peace on Earth

  151. Donna Elliott says:

    I love most God’s forgiveness. I need it every hour of every day.

  152. Janet Lorraine says:

    For loving me for just who I am….

  153. Katie Seest says:

    His grace in forgiving all my sins, every day, and being patient as I seek to follow Him.

  154. His comfort and unfailing love. After 7 yrs of marriage & 13 yrs being together, my sister is going through a divorce. My heart goes out to her and her son & her 2 step children. God has been her comfort through hard times and my comfort as well as I pray for her, help her and lift her up. We’ve had times that we just sit there & cry & pray. I’m always reminding her of God’s unfailing love and that she’s not alone in this struggle. God is on her side. If you could keep her in your prayers, her name is Oretha Henley. Thanks a bunch!

  155. Jessica Budd says:


  156. Vonnie Kronk says:

    Peace all is well with knowledge “He is my Provider” thru this journey I am on.

  157. I’d like to share the words to a couple of songs from The Sacred Harp (1991 Revision). These are shape-note songs, and their words are so real to me.

    #1: Come life, come death, come, then what will, Jesus is my Friend. His footsteps I will follow still, Jesus is my Friend. Jesus is my Friend, Oh! hallelujah; Jesus is my Friend.

    #2: Forever blessed be the Lord, My Savior and my shield; He sends His Spirit with His word, To arm me for the field. A friend and helper divine Doth my weak courage raise; He makes the glorious vict’ry mine, And His shall be the praise.

    #3: Jesus, my Shepherd, Friend, and Guide
    Can dry my ev’ry tear;
    Thy grace can raise my comforts high
    And banish ev’ry fear;
    Thy grace, how sweet the sound to me,
    Thou art my all in all.

    Dear Father, to Thy mercy seat,
    My soul for shelter flies;
    ’Tis here I find a safe retreat
    When storms and tempest rise;
    He lives to bless me with His love,
    And plead my cause above.

  158. I would agree with peace and add love!

  159. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to decide what to write! All of Christ’s qualities are so amazing, and just what a hurting world needs. I don’t know a single word to sum this up, but today I would say that what I love most is that Christ ministers to each of us in just the way we need…in just the way that will reach us. He knows our hearts. And He wants to know us intimately! He wants to be our Savior and our best friend. I love that about Him :-)

  160. Miranda White says:

    His unconditional love and forgiveness

  161. Jesus…His name…a sweet fragrance of mercy, forgiveness, love and faithfulness – our Prince of Peace. I really enjoy the Jesus Calling devotional – the leather bound copy would make a beautiful gift.
    Christmas Blessings ~ Jodie

  162. Jesus, my Rock, unmoving, unchanging when even the fiercest winds blow.

  163. Mary Gilliland says:

    I love Christ willingness to meet me anywhere, all i have to do is ask. I love that he can calm the storms inside me as just the calling out to him.

  164. Lara's Laugh Lines says:

    I love Jesus’ unselfishness & whole-hearted desire to do His Father’s will.

  165. Christina Burrell says:

    His Compassion! He is near to the broke hearted.

  166. I love that Jesus gives peace in the midst of a storm.

  167. I am thankful He is a loving, merciful and graceful God!!!

  168. Jane V.W. B. says:

    His gift of salvation throught His Son–would I give up my son willingly so others could be saved?

  169. Mary Blair says:

    He doesn’t remember my sins. He just keeps loving me.

  170. Jami Martinson says:

    I love that God is patient with me, when I am the least patient person with everyone else. I strive to be half as patient as he and even when I am I know he is so much more than I. I also love that he is so forgiving! When I think about how hard it is for me to forgive someone when they ask for forgiveness and even when they don’t…sometimes it’s so hard, but God does it so effortlessly. He LOVES us SO much! I want to model a person after God’s own heart…I want people to notice something different about me and what to know more about that. I want to stand out in the crowd.

  171. Peace on Earth :)

  172. So thankful that Jesus is all about forgiveness!

  173. Deb Hester says:

    “Peace on Earth”.

  174. Sharon Sandahl says:

    I was thinking of Is 9:6 also. Of those, I think the Mighty God is my favorite. That Jesus is God, has the power and attibutes of God, is priceless. He knows when I’m in need, when I’m lonely. The things attributed to Santa in the song, ‘he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been good or bad’ These are in truth attributes of our God! I’m so thankful that God knows all about me, because I too sometimes just don’t know what is wrong, or what I need! Praise the Lord, HE does.

  175. I agrrr with the Unconditional love and he loves everyone!

  176. Forgiveness, love, grace, mercy…..however do you choose one?

  177. Peace on earth!

  178. Our God is a Mighty God! No matter what we are going through, he already knows how it will turn out and he has a plan. He will never leave us or forsake us!

  179. What brings me such joy and hope is that Jesus has many names, and many characteristics. Today, your message of Peace spoke directly to my heart. At 47 (when did that happen?? I was just 27…), I am experiencing what many women are – or will soon – friends with serious illnesses, all that woman-stuff that messes with our lives :), friends (or us!) in the throes of divorce, parents that are ailing, aging, or worse, dying, and even our own friends dying so young! I need peace, for me, for all I can share it with. Thanks for the perfect way to do this today – I’ll be forwarding this gift on to many!

  180. His comfort and unconditional love.

  181. Allison C. Bayer says:

    Wendy, your message was perfect for me today. Thank you! When I think of Jesus . . . His character of being Everlasting is foremost in my mind. Always there for me, always there for you, always there for us! So many of my friends have told me about Sarah’s book Jesus Calling. It is on my list of books to read. I’d love to win it AND your book too!
    Blessings and Merry Christmas, Allison

  182. I love them all! Fruits of the Spirit – Galatians 5: 22-23

  183. Sandy Carpenter says:

    Karen thank you for Wendy’s words. Wendy, Jesus is true forgiveness and gives me a peace that nothing or one else can give. He can restore that broken heart and make it new. We do rejoice and gladly say, “Peace on Earth”.

  184. Melissa Spille says:

    Gosh, I’d have to say his perfect forgiveness. Thank goodness He doesn’t forgive like we do…

  185. Peace on Earth!

  186. His love! Peace on Earth!

  187. wonderful Counselor, Prince of peace!! oh, the wonders of this season. let Jesus be in our hearts always, each and every day!

  188. Leigh Ellen says:

    The Lord is so amazing, so wonderful, so full of light and truth. It’s difficult to choose just one characteristic, but for today, I am going to say that He is omniscient. There is just something so sweet in knowing that He is always with me, always for me and completely trustworthy.

  189. Peace on earth!!

    Thanks for this! I always need reminded that Jesus is my Peace, especially with the extra busy-ness of Christmas!

  190. Megan Moe says:

    Wendy, thank you for sharing such a timely reminder of what I need to focus on this Christmas Season!

  191. HE is my sustainer.

  192. Beth Gillihan says:

    I love Jesus’ love and grace!

  193. Krystal D says:

    I love that his forgivness is never ending! I am always asking for it as i strive to be better.

  194. I love everything about my LORD, but I’m with you right now in that His peace is what I need most. I have sick children and am behind in the Christmas preparations, but all in all, I need the Prince of Peace, my Saviour and LORD Jesus Himself!

  195. Ashley Wilds says:

    His unconditional love! :)

  196. I am most grateful for His unconditional love.

  197. “Peace on Earth”.

  198. He keeps His promises.

  199. His mercy and grace.

  200. I am thankful that He is Comforter. My motehr passed away in 2010. Thirty-three days later, my father died. Friends try to do their best to bring you comfort, but Noone can do that the way Jesus does. I can say now that I have never felt close to Him than during the darkest times in my life.

  201. His grace, His love, His faithfulness. He knows me better than I know myself and constantly shows me that if I fully place my trust in Him, truly follow as sheep to a shepherd, then that is when I am happiest. Relying on only Him instead of my own strength means I recognize His strength in my weakness and can release my nature to try to take control. This is my first Christmas since He radically broke through my self sufficiency and lack of trust and relying on Him in the beginning of this year, which had really made this Christmas season even more special than in previous years. He grew my faith in leaps and bounds this year and therefore I’m so thankful for His grace in my life, that He loved me enough to break me and His faithfulness.

  202. My favorite characteristic of Jesus is His unconditional love, and I think I will have to spend my whole life truly understanding what that truly means because it is so different from human love.

  203. Someone else mentioned this and I couldn’t agree more – God is faithful even when I am not!

  204. Thanks so much for praying for ME! I need to feel His peace today.
    He is…. Sovereign.

  205. Sarah Beckman says:

    In one word… GRACE. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!

  206. Jesus will never give up on me. No matter how many times I mess up He never leaves or stops loving me. The characteristic that comes to mind is longsuffering. He won’t give up on my situation – ever – and that gives me the strength and courage to carry on.

  207. I lOVED the scriptures on peace. A great time of year to have these to meditate upon and receive this most wonderful GIFT from our Great Lord! Thank you, Wendy! [p.s. it was so great to meet you this July. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Kim Cordes]

    I also enjoy Jesus’ gift of JOY:
    “I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!” John 15:11 NLT
    “There I will go to the altar of God, to God–the source of all my joy. I will praise you with my harp, O God, my God!” Psalm 43:4 NLT

  208. He loves & forgives me no matter how bad I mess up!

  209. I have known Jesus in so many different ways and definitive names yet the one that resides in the deepest part of my brokeness is Bridegroom. He became my bridegroom more fully upon the suicide death of my earthly love, the father of our 3 sons in 2003. When you are down to nothing.. Jesus is up to something! Thats when all the Names of Him who came For us, comes into intimate view.
    Merry CHRISTmas!

  210. This is the easy one… love. The more I study God’s word – so love the verses in this day’s post – the more I realize that while I am wired to want to understand each word – can spend hours looking at the origins of the word choices Christ made – as well as the cultural context… the only thing that really matters is that He loved us so much that He gave His life for our sins… it’s beyond my abilities to understand and I rejoice in not being able too… and that’s cool!

  211. Lori Eaton says:

    His mercy and love. :)

  212. lauren Harris says:

    Thank you for your words today. I needed the Prince of Peace. God bless you in your ministry.

  213. Gini Walker says:

    His forgiveness and unfailing love :D

  214. Rachel Blom says:

    Peace on Earth

  215. Peace on Earth!

  216. Melanie Shannon says:

    Peace on Earth

  217. No matter what we do or who we are Jesus forgives us! He gives us PEACE ON EARTH and allows us to find peace in Heaven.

  218. His provision, His Peace and His kept-Promises

  219. Mary Harris says:

    I love the fact that Jesus loves us all, unconditionally.

  220. My SALVATION through Him!!! His unconditional love (which I cherish), His forgiveness (which I dont deserve) and the Hope I have in Him (which I am so grateful for). Thank you Dear Lord for all of my blessings!!! (Sorry I couldn’t just name one)

  221. Peace on earth

  222. sherri wicker says:

    Peace on Earth

  223. valerie. dillion says:

    Peace on Earth

  224. Josefa Pena says:

    His peace, His healing, and His Love!

  225. via email: What a confirmation for me ladies!! God has been working on my heart about Peace and to my surprise I open this email/blog and Wendy shares with us about the Prince of Peace!!! I have to say that my most favorite characteristic about Jesus is Peace!! I have never felt His Peace in my life more than I have in the past couple of months. Things have been crazy, schedules wacky, my health (just recently was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism which has now drifted to Hypothyroidism) has been all over the place and the one thing that God has been reassuring me over and over and over again has been that HE is my PEACE beyond understanding and need only lean on, look to, rely on, seek out HIM and I will have PEACE!!! I have every day for the past 2 months and I have PEACE…not matter what comes my way, I know that I know that I know I need only look up to receive PEACE. My schedule may be all over the place, my health may be bouncing from disease to disease, and my kids and husband may be pulling out their hair, but MY GOD HAS GIVEN ME PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Jesus for a PEACE beyond understanding!!


    • Kristi Seat says:

      I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so you fluctuate between hypo- and hyperthyroidism. I was diagnosed 10 years ago but, for the first time, I can say that God has given me peace. I am so thankful for simple things right now even amidst the chaos. Can’t remember feeling this way in years. The book A Confident Heart has completely changed my outlook. However, your testimony touched my heart because I connected with you regarding the frustration of disease upon disease which noone may understand but you and God. Just know that you have others praying for you. God bless!!!!

  226. Thank you for this reminder from the Prince of Peace.

  227. Kendra Burgess says:

    I believe I would have to say that my favorite characteristic of Jesus is…..that He is long-suffering. Patient! Where would I be today if it were not for His patience? I would be lost! I grew up in church and gave my heart to Jesus when I was the tender age of 8. I served Him on through my teenage years. During my twenties, I struggled with being a Christian. I went out into the world and I sinned against my precious Father. Thankful that His love is steadfast and He is merciful and long-suffering, today! I gave my life back to Him in my thirties and I am married to a wonderful man, who is also a Christian. We do our best to lead our children right and train them in the way that they should go! Thank you, Jesus for being patient with me!!

  228. I LOVE all the bible verses today! Thank you so much for sharing!
    When I think of Jesus, I think of unconditional L O V E. :)

  229. SUMMER BARTLETT says:

    Peace on Earth!!!

  230. Nicole Culver says:

    I most love how Jesus loves us unconditionally!

  231. Christi Miller says:

    Peace on Earth!

  232. Geneva Bolenbaugh says:

    Unconditional love that He has for everyone.

  233. katrina k says:

    and the greatest of these is Love!

  234. Too many to list, faithfulness, forgiveness, love, peace!!!

  235. The Love of Christ is the most important to me. I said the other day that my favorite carol is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”. What I love about it is the message of peace. In the 4th verse it says “There is no peace on earth” I said, “For hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth good will toward men”. But in the last verse it says “God is not dead nor doeth He sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth good will toward men.” The lyrics were written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow during the Civil War and are just as true today as they were then!

  236. You know, I think His forgiving heart is what I love most about Jesus right now, though that is subject to change on any given day! He has done so much for me, but I have to say that the fact that he has washed my sins away, has meant more to me in these past few weeks than it ever has before in my life.

    I love my Jesus, He brings me peace through the forgiveness He so freely offers!

    <3 Heather

  237. My favorite characteristic of Jesus is His faithfulness. He is the same yesterday, today and forever more.

  238. Charee Cook says:

    Peace on Earth!! :)

  239. I love His patience with me. I am still learning (quite frankly, I never want to stop learning from Him) and sometimes I stumble and fall, requiring the lessons to be taught over and over again. Jesus is so patient with me and I know He loves me enough to never give up on me.

  240. Peace on Earth!

  241. I to have a few. Jesus love for us all no matter what we have done. His forgivness to us, something we should have more for each other, and his strenght for when we and others think that we know more or better then he does, then later we find out not so much, and he is still here for us all! Thank you, even if I don’t win anything these days of questions make you step back and think at this really busy time of the year.

  242. I participated in a Bible study this year about prayer – and it isn’t the first. But what really spoke to me this year, and the model they used was Jesus – and not the traditional learning through the Lord’s prayer like I imagined. But they gave example after example where Jesus went alone to a quiet place to pray. If Jesus prayed, why shouldn’t we all the more? His total adherance to the Father’s will and purpose leaves me awed and humble.

  243. What stands out right now is His Patience. I’ve had a busy day with my 3 boys, and I struggled with having a short fuse. Quite often I fail with lack of patience. I am ever-thankful that He is patient with me!

  244. Jeannie S says:

    His grace! Christmas Blessings!

  245. Jessica Rohlman says:

    I love how Jesus is Healer and Comforter. How He never leaves me.

  246. Loving this post, how timely. Choosing to live for the greater glory of God by finding God in all things so that “In all things to love and serve”.

  247. Sue Wagenaar says:

    I love all the characteristics about our Lord. His unconditional love to me, a sinner, overwhelms me. To think his death means I can live with Him in heaven is awesome! What a God we serve!
    Our Bible Study has been studying about the peace of God. The wonderful passages you mentioned in your devotional to us are so full of promises from God. He truly is the Prince of Peace.
    To Joy, who is battling cancer, I pray for the peace of God to be with you now.
    Sue Wagenaar

  248. Jesus is unchangeable………he is the Peace on Earth in my life that never wavers, never fails!!!
    Amen! Love this blog!

  249. Jesus has forgiven me and has loved me through my messes. He has healed me and is working in me daily. LOVE YOU JESUS1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. What I love most about my Jesus is the way he loves me…the unconditional love I don’t deserve…

  251. love, peace, and powerful!!!

  252. Mitzi Neiderhiser says:

    I am really thinking I love the idea of “peace”. In our busy, crazy schedules, we tend to loose our peace holding it all together. But remembering Jesus is there and offering peace is an awesome thought. Peace on Earth!

  253. That He is my shepherd!

  254. Robin Still says:

    My favorite characteristic about Jesus would be that He has a bad memory…He always forgives and forgets my wrong doings. I make so many mistakes…more than I can count sometimes…but Jesus forgives me and forgets them. I LOVE that He is who He is… Wishing you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin :)

  255. Jesus accepts everyone – no matter who they are…

  256. Wow! These words I needed to hear today. Thank you! The character trait I most appreciate about Jesus is His Presence. No matter what, He’s there.

  257. His incredible and unconditional love for me no how many times I mess up.

  258. Unconditional, unending, perfect Love…

  259. Karen Froehlich says:

    Wonderful Counselor…. my life is “messy” right now and I so cherish the time I spend with Him. He knows exactly what’s going on in my life and knows exactly what I need even when I don’t. Thank you for your heart for Jesus and for sharing.

  260. Elizabeth says:

    Jesus loves ME, in all my sinfulness, disobedience and with all my faults. He loves ME!

  261. Joyce Renik says:

    I admire Jesus’ ability to be patient in the most trying of circumstances and with the most difficult people. When I would have thrown a fit in frustration he just continues to love well, meet needs, and treat people with dignity and respect even when they are at their worst. My favorite is his patience with the disciples who wanted special treatment and favor (“me first Lord!”) because I can really relate when my children are all vying for that last brownie or fighting over who sits where. I pray for the wisdom and patience to love them well when they are not at their best.

  262. I love that Jesus is ‘my comfort’. When I am struggling and feeling overwhelmed, I go to my quiet place with my Jesus and feel His comforting arms around me. There is no place in the world that is more comforting. (My family and I also LOVE the movie elf!!)

  263. His Patience.

  264. Rosemarie Martines says:

    the fact that he is always with me no matter what. I have been through some rough times in the past 4 years. i made it to the top of the mountain because of him . he carried me many times and never turned his back in me.

  265. Christine says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite quality in Jesus, but if I had to pick just one, it would be His faithfulness.

    “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out” (John 6:37).

  266. Thank you, Wendy, for the prayers and for this beautiful post. I indeed need peace to my heart and soul right now and your post helped me immensely. Thank you!

    The characteristic of Forgiveness because I make soooo many mistakes and rely on that forgiveness!

  267. Dear Wendy,

    Do you know I’ve never seen Elf? haha it’s true I haven’t. and I really don’t think I’ve ever watched the whole thing of It’s a Wonderful Life. Every single year I say I am going to watch it. Every year my mom would say It’s a Wonderful life is on, are you going to watch it? I always fall asleep.

    I love, love, loved your book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. You writing that book blessed me so much this year. Thank You Wendy.

    A characteristic I love about God is that He is “Faithful”

    “Faithful” is He that calleth you, who also will do it. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

    God is “faithful” by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his son Jesus Christ our Lord.
    1 Corinthians 1:9

    God Bless you and your family,

    …………*./ | \ .*
    ………, • ‘*?* ‘ • ,
    ……. ‘*• ???•*’
    ….. ‘ *, • ‘? ‘ • ,* ‘
    ….’ * • ?*?*?• * ‘
    … * , • Merry’ • , * ‘
    .* ‘ •??*?*?? • ‘ * ‘
    …’ ‘ • Christmas . • ‘ ‘ ‘
    ‘ ‘ • ???*?*???• * ‘ ‘

  268. Peace…the amazing peace He has given me through it ALL!!! One of the most difficult years and the amazing peace I have is completely through the Prince of Peace….Praise you Dear Heavenly Father!!! I am so thankful to know Him.
    Be Blessed

  269. His relentless love!

  270. Peace on Earth!

  271. Mercy…forgiveness

  272. He loves everyone unconditionally.

  273. Immanuel – God with us! The most incredible miracle there ever was and ever will be!

  274. Charlotte Askew says:

    There are so many characteristics about Jesus that I love, but, to narrow it down to one then I must say it is His accessibility. No matter when I need to feel His presence or when I need to talk with Him, He can be found.. He is there to wipe my tears, He is there to hold me and comfort me. He is there even during the times I am angry with Him. My sweet Jesus is always within my sight or the sound of my voice. No one is closer to me than my Savior.

  275. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Jesus for Your Peace On Earth

  276. LOVE ~ How I wish I could love like He does! He’s growing and teaching me :)

  277. Peace on Earth

  278. Peace on Earth!

  279. Lisa DeCourcey says:

    He is Truth, so He is truthful. Oh, how I value that characteristic as of late. Because He is Truth, I can take Him at His Word. It is refreshing to be able to trust Jesus implicitly, with no hesitation or doubt.

  280. I love knowing that Jesus is mighty and mild all at the same time. WE think of him as a baby, so gentle and mild. But he was mighty and strong, to have listened to the sneers and the comments that flew his way.

  281. Love, Joy and Peace!

  282. Nena Morton says:

    He is faithful, even when I am not!

  283. He’s my kinsman redeemer!

  284. His M E R C Y !!

  285. Diane Fetter says:

    First thing that entered my mine was His unconditional love for me. I have experienced His wonderful peace, at the time of our sons death. It’s indescribable!!

  286. Having peace in my heart is such a wonderful thing. When I truly surrender all to Jesus I feel a calmness come over me. I have to keep reminding myself to do this in the busyness of everyday life. Joy I will pray for you.

  287. Kassie Jackson says:

    That he takes all my fears off my shoulders. He is Faithful and loves me no matter what.

  288. Peace on Earth.

  289. Unwavering faith.

  290. Unconditional love… need I say more?!

  291. Just that Jesus is Emmanuel – God with us – amazing!

  292. Peace on earth!!!!

  293. Colleen G. says:

    Great question. What I Love most about Jesus is the unimaginable amount of Love He has for me. Hope, Peace, Forgiveness, Grace – all for me – AMEN!
    -Colleen G.

  294. Grace. In that grace is love. (And grace is given because of Love.) And in that grace is forgiveness, redemption, and strength.

    Beautiful reminder, Wendy, to seek His peace.

  295. Peace on Earth!

  296. Barbara Place says:

    I am amazed that no matter how many times I fail, how many times I slip away, He is always, ALWAYS waiting with open arms to welcome me back. His faithfulness is what I think of often.

  297. Faithfulness and unconditional love.

  298. Hope is my favorite Jesus gift!

  299. I love that Jesus never gives up on me. Even when I’m distracted and let other things get in the way of my walk with Him, He is faithful.

  300. Peace on earth! :)

  301. His unconditional love for us!

  302. I love the unconditional love shown by Jesus.

  303. His presence!!!! Amen, amen, amen!!!!

  304. Kristi Seat says:

    Jesus is our author and perfecter. He gave his perfect life to save our imperfect souls because he LOVED us so much. He loved us enough to forsake for a season His time in heaven to endure horrific trials simply so that he could intercede on our behalf and so that he could understand our suffering. I am so blessed to have him in my life-jobless and broke but filled with hope that He has promised in the scriptures. As Steven Furtick stated last week at Elevation, “I won’t get lost in lesser things; I will make the most of Jesus”. During this Christmas season and throughout this year, I will make seeking Jesus my priority even when it doesn’t seem possible. for He is always there. Thank you Jesus for coming to Earth and becoming human and taking all of our sins to the cross with you simply because you loved us.

  305. When you mentioned that Christmas Eve was your favorite it gave me pause… for it has been one of the most difficult times of my life for 17 years now. You see, every Christmas eve my son would leave and go to his dads to spend the evening at my ex in laws for their Christmas .. I would hug him , smile a huge smile and tell him to have a wonderful time ! I would close the door and fall to pieces. Every year as that day drew near it became harder and harder until about 3 years ago … Christmas eve day came and I began to feel that awful feeling come over me , i began to pray.. I prayed for …… peace “Father give me the peace that only you can give me… for this dread is not of you and I need your peace to fill me” I felt it filling me , and heard Jesus say , my child I am hear you are not alone and You are Mine. Thank you for sharing and for my reminder that I am not alone and that HIS peace is perfect !

  306. Peace on earth!

  307. Sara Goldwater says:

    My Anchor!

  308. Sara Goldwater says:


  309. Colette Beaulieu says:

    An awesome characteristic of Jesus is that He meets us where we are. When we remain in petition with Him to guide us to do God’s will, He reveals Himself in sometimes subtle ways and other times in profound ways! Whether it’s a still small voice or a bellowing command, during the bustle of the day or the quiet of the night, He delivers a message that is fitting for our circumstance and in terms we can understand.

  310. Jayne Bauer says:

    Thanks for the reminder – Jesus brings peace to the season!

  311. I just love how God loves me no matter what and he is always there waiting on me to call on him.

    Karen B

  312. Rebecca Siharath says:

    Hi! My favorite thing about Jesus is his unconditional love!! He loves us no matter who we are or what we have done!! In our world today, that is an amazing characteristic!!

  313. His love for me that He gave His life for me.

  314. He provides for those in need and knowing that makes me feel blessed.With him there is no need to worry.Because he takes care of everything.

  315. For me, I’m so thankful that special name for Jesus, Emmanuel, means “God with us.” Without His presence, where would we be? Where would I be? I would have no peace… But because He came and became “God with us”, we can have peace WITH God Who made us, and as His children we can have the peace OF God within us. Thank you, Jesus, for being MY Emmanuel. He is truly MY Prince of Peace this Christmas. ~

  316. I believe my favorite characteristic is Chrst’s unselfish nature. In a world so self absorbed, self focused & self dominated…looking to Christ’s unselfish nature hels me strive to look beyond myself! He left heaven for me…He died for me….He s creating an eternal home for me…I need to share that level of low with others!!!! And try to live a self-less life! Easier said than done most days!

  317. How can I pick just one? Ok, ok….Prince of Peace! More so than ever in this day and time. Peace. That’s what we need. PEACE.

  318. a reminder of how Jesus came into this world – wow and HE is the PRINCE OF PEACE – HE should of been born in a palace somewhere —- but then HE wouldn’t be who HE is – he came into the world teaching – I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!

  319. Katherine Raley says:

    unconditional love, nothing can separate us from it….

  320. Molly Freeman says:

    Thank you for that reminder He is my Peace through a stressful time .. he is my Counsler and friend. love your encouragment ..

  321. Thank you all for sharing. Reading through these beautiful characteristics of Jesus has blessed me so very much. How I wish I could meet each one of you!!! I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep tonight than to thank the Lord for each one of you and pray for you by name. May you your Lord and Savior in new and fresh ways this Christmas season.

    And thank you, Karen, for letting me be a part of this wonderful 12 day celebration.



  322. Teresa Bowser says:

    I cannot express in words what a blessing this post was to me today. I have hurt my back (possibly pinched nerve) and can do NOTHING. I have been almost panic stricken because there is so much to do before Christmas and so little time and I cannot do anything but recline. Then I read this reminder of where my peace comes from…Jesus. And that is what I love the most about Christmas….being reminded of all that we have in Him…it’s in His name.

  323. Carmi Henderson says:

    Beautiful thoughts! Thank you for reminding us!

  324. Merry Christmas!

  325. “Peace on Earth”

  326. I don’t know if I could narrow it down to one thing… and maybe that’s it – that He’s my everything and meets each need as only He can.

  327. Forgiveness. I get eaten up with guilt when I know I should and can be a better Christian. Lucky for me, I serve a forgiving Lord!

  328. Jana Payne says:

    Jesus is my provider! That says it all, I think! In every situation, He is there and provides what I need. “Peace on Earth!” Merry CHRISTmas

  329. Vicki Corey says:

    Jesus is my ‘everything’. Everthing that I can’t find in anything else, He provides when I call upon him. Needing now to crawl in his lap and just rest in His peace. I need my ‘Everything’

  330. Brandi Wilson says:

    The name I hold the dearest and call my savior has always been Prince of Peace. Kinda sums it up for me.

  331. Andi Barkley says:

    Peace on earth….in my heart and in my family!

  332. I was wandering around in my frontyard tonight, wanting to cry out to God but not even knowing what it was I wanted to ask for. I came in and sat down at the computer and decided to check Facebook, and the first thing I saw was this link from Proverbs 31 Woman. As I read your devotional, I realized that was exactly what I wanted to ask for – Peace, just peace. And my heart is now overwhelmed by a flood of it. That’s what I love most about my Jesus – that he knows our hearts and minds, that he loves us anyway and will do whatever it takes to show us that, and that he connects us with the hearts and minds of others to draw us closer to him. Like a perfect blanket, he wraps us all up together so that we can rest in the warmth and coziness of infinite love.

  333. Unconditional love. Everyday I work with teens that believe they have to look, feel and act a certain way to he accepted and loved. But my God, my Jesus, my Savior, accepts me for who I am. Even on my inside and out ugly days. Sure he refines me, and wants me to be different, but never leaves me. So thankful for His unconditional love :)

  334. Isela Torres says:

    Peace On Earth!

  335. yanna westmoreland says:

    Sympathetic heart He knows our every need. He intercedes for me.

  336. Traci Brown says:

    Unconditional love.

  337. I am so thankful for my friend Kelly who posted the link to this today! I needed to read those amazing words from Isaiah and John so badly but didn’t even know it! I feel so peaceful and ‘de-stressed’!! Thank you for sharing them!
    Oh! Elf is one of our favorites too :)

  338. Trisha Lange says:

    I love that Jesus is the Author and Perfector of my faith.

  339. Mercy & grace. He never gives up on me.

  340. He’s always there for me even when I seem to “forget” about him…he loves me and cares no matter when I slip up!

  341. His unconditional love!

  342. I love how God gets your attention with verses just when you need them! I needed this sooo much today, as last night I was cancelling Christmas in my home as I was so overwhelmed! Thank you! I love my Prince of Peace!

  343. crystal mayfield says:

    His compassion & unconditional love for us. I came from a background of sexual abuse and to know that Jesus knows that terrible truth about me Yet he loves me anyway & has compassion for the pain I have endured, & speaks his truth to that situation & brings restoration healing, helps me have compassion & unconditional love for others. May you all be especially blessed this holiday season. In Christ Crystal

  344. His sacrifice, His peace, His love!

  345. His never ending Love….and that he will always forgive me when I ask!

  346. Michelle Jones says:

    Peace……YES! The perfect gift! After all….that’s why Jesus is called the PRINCE OF PEACE! We all need a constant reminder of this!

  347. I needed this today, have to take my little boy for tests @ the hospital-I trust God! I think mine is Christmas Eve @ church, its been the night for our programs since I was a child, spending time with my family after church, we have two new little babies this year and we eat and talk about other Christmas memeories and miss my Daddy! Merry Christmas to all of you! Without Christ there is no Christmas!

  348. The security He offers!

  349. Cheryl Ellis says:

    Good word!! I am guilty myself of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I just need to remained focused on Jesus, THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  350. mercy…He never says that is enough I give up on you.

  351. Unconditional Love!

  352. Peace on Earth!

  353. Right now I would say that I am relying on Jesus’ hope, love, and healing power as we are dealing with my son’s acute myeloid leukemia.

    And I am ashamed to say that my favorite part of Elf is that epic burp. I should be more mature than that! :-)


  355. I so needed to hear this today. We are facing selling our home and moving over this Holiday season and I have aloud the transition to steal my peace and joy. I love that He is faithful even when we are not!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful message of peace! God Bless!

  356. Jaime Riley says:

    Jesus is the reasom for the seasom! Praise his glorious name!

  357. God with us – nothing could be better!

  358. Jennifer S says:

    Peace during the storms of life

  359. His Amazing Grace!!

  360. Peace on Earth

  361. My friend let me borrow “Jesus Calling” and I adore that devotional! It’s a-mazing! I really hope to win it as I could really use it right now. But I know whomever wins it will be extremely blessed! And Wendy, I’d love to win YOUR book as well! You are such a blessing to so many women.

    My favorite Jesus characteristic…hmmm…faithfulness. I’m starting to understand what this means. It makes me want to be faithful to Him because of his faithfulness to me! I love Jesus!

    Blessings to you all!

  362. Jesus is the wise counselor.. I can find wisdom in Him no matter what.. and this year I am so thankful more then ever that Jesus does not change.. EVER .. love you wendy.. love your post :-)

  363. Comfort!!

  364. Heather V says:

    I love that He is the Name above all Names. So if whatever I am facing has a name (cancer, stress, accidents, people, etc) it has to bow to the higher name of Jesus. Just pondering that brings me great comfort and joy! At the name of Jesus every knee will bow!

  365. He loves me and forgives me no matter how big my mess!

  366. “Peace on Earth” Good will to all men. Unto us a child is born and His name shall be called Jesus, Emmanuel “God with Us”…Merry Christmas.

  367. I love that He never changes. When all around me is changing and sometimes very chaotic, He never changes.

  368. I’m so thankful for God’s forgiveness!
    Joy, I’m praying for you also!

    Janet W.

  369. I love that Jesus is my Refuge my strong tower and when I feel Saten trying to sneek in I can run to the HOLEY and MARVELOUS and SAFE name of JESUS and he protects comforts and gives wisdom to not get ensnared but Saten’s wicked schemes! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!

  370. Brooke S. says:

    A great reminder. Oh – and Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, too!

  371. Anonymous says:

    Wendy thank you.I have been anxious ,but did not know why.His peasce is available always. Just needed to be reminded. .Peace on earth.

  372. Robbin Patterson says:

    Peace on earth.

  373. Love God’s Grace –

  374. Peace on earth!

  375. His love for us! Psalm 139.

  376. Peace on Earth

  377. “Peace on Earth”

  378. He is merciful

  379. the characteristic of Jesus that touches me the most is love. Zeph. 3:17 The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Though people of the world may let me down, leave me, hurt me, make me feel “less than”, Jesus takes delight in me, he rejoices in me, He is always with me, He saves me. Not that it is all about me in any way, shape or form, but in a world where so many feel so alone, what can be better than to be able to tell them that the creator of it all loves them and me always? That is what amazes me most.

  380. What a great reminder! He is love!

  381. Wow 400+ comments but I had to add my own in that I wanted to thank-you for the reminder of those scriptures reminding me of God’s ever present gift of Peace that I have been missing this holiday season. Thank-you and God’s Peace to you a s well.

  382. Darlene Keith says:

    Jesus forgiveness is so precious to me. Consider the woman taken in adultry, the woman with the issue of blood who dared to touch the hem of His garmet, the woman from Samaria whom He met at the well—the Roman soldiers and the Chief Priests and followers at the cross—How could I not love Him because He forgave me too!!

  383. Sue Hillard says:

    I love how Jesus loves us despite ourselves!

  384. The characteristics about Jesus that I love are forgiveness and everlasting love.

  385. His Compassion

  386. He is Jehova Rapha – The Lord who heals…He has been my mother’s healer for 37 years. She will soon be with Him as He looks to heal her for eternity.

  387. It’s the peace. It is sooooo SUPERNATURAL! I am so very grateful and thankful for it. In the midst of ANYTHING, He offers peace. Amazing.

  388. Peace on Earth!

  389. The Eternal God is a dwelling place

  390. His grace – that is more than sufficient for me!

  391. Pam Gentry says:

    That Jesus loves us personally (one on one).

  392. ~ It is so hard to choose just one… but I would have to say my very favorite one is His unconditional love! :) It is like a warm embrace on a cold day and always reminds me of the incredible love of my sweet mama, who has already gone on to be with the Lord. She was so much like Jesus and made you feel adored and dearly loved!!!

  393. Peace on Earth! (And in my house) : )

  394. Unconditional love,forgiveness and GRACE!! Thank yoU!!

  395. His love and peace that he gives.

  396. His love never changes.

  397. Peace on Earth!

  398. JESUS IS Peace on Earth

  399. Peace on earth

  400. It’s so easy getting caught up in finding the perfect gifts to forget the real perfect gift, Jesus.

  401. Kim Thompson says:


  402. That He walked among us and has faced every situation here on earth that we are faced with, so He “undertands” where we are coming from when we reach for Him to help us through or to rejoice.

  403. His love for me even though I don’t deserve it.

  404. I love that He is Alpha & Omega the one who is before me & also goes after me.

  405. I love that Jesus can give me peace in all circumstances.

  406. Bridget Cunningham says:

    I am so thankful Jesus forgives!

  407. Katherine Raley says:

    unconditional love, nothing can separate us from it.

  408. The characteristic of Jesus that I most appreciate is his unconditional love and acceptance of me just as I am.

  409. Barbara Attaway says:

    Peace on earth!

  410. His faithfulness even when I am not in big things and small…. (I have the Joy in a Dark Corner in my wishlist on Amazon!)

  411. Heather Schultz says:

    May the Prince of Peace shine his comforting light onto all this Christmas Season – Remember who He is and celebrate Him (not the materialism we’ve grown so accustomed to..) Thank you for this message at just the right time!

  412. His grace and mercy!

  413. One characteristic is hard to pick–I’m just so thankful that he knows me better than anyone yet loves me and is always present. This year, in particular, He has given me peace, hope and strength and carried me through many trials.

  414. Forgiveness, Love and PEACE!
    When I started learning about Jesus, the most amazing thing started happening….my life that was filled with pain and problems completely changed after experiencing Forgiveness and the Unfailing Love that Only God offers. I started filling my mind with God’s Word and suddenly my overwhelming fears and anxieties were replaced with the Peace of God!

  415. Kim Sprankle says:

    After reading this, and with the craziness and busyness of this season, I can’t help but think of Peace.

  416. CHERYL COVILL says:

    I love that Jesus Saves!

  417. Edwina Cowgill says:

    HE loves me unconditionally!

  418. Peace on Earth! Being faithful and loving in all situations.

  419. His unconditional love. Merry Christmas! :)

  420. Peace falls away from me frequently in the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready. I get all stressed out if things aren’t just right. But Mary, she didn’t have everything just right, she had a baby in a nasty stable, with poop and stinky animals all around. But that didn’t stop her. So if my Lord can come into the world in a stable full of poop and stinky animals, then my family can come to my house when the toys are still on the floor.

  421. savannah hutchinson says:

    Jesus’ faithfullness :)

  422. I love being accepted & unconditionally loved by Jesus!

  423. SHERRY CHINN says:

    Peace on Earth

  424. Kim Cleveland says:

    My favorite characteristic of Jesus is His unfailing, unconditional love!

  425. Amy Smith says:

    Peace on Earth

  426. Emily Lewis says:

    His absolutely unconditional love! He loves me even when I’m not very loveable. He gives me His love and peace to lean on when I can’t find my own. Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  427. I love his STRENGTH and CONTROL! I am learning that both of these come from Him, not from me!

  428. His grace and faithfulness!! I would be getting nowhere fast without it!

  429. Jesus is the Lifter of my head. He gave me a visual of that after I lost my daughter. Very precious to me.

  430. What I value most about Jesus is His unconditional love for us and His forgiveness and the mercy He gives us, we start with a new slate wiped clean each and every day. Thank You Jesus!

  431. Emmanuel..God with us. What else do I need He is always there for me.

  432. Jesus’ Unconditional Love is my favorite! I have had so many people come and go in my life and I just get so overwhelmed by the thought of His amazing and never changing love for me! I know He will always be there for me and Love me no matter what! What a blessing!

  433. Lauren S. says:

    Jesus does not judge us. :)

  434. Wow, this is exactly what I needed today. I don’t think I can choose just “one”, He is so loving, patient, forgiving, faithful….I’m so grateful and blessed and I hope that one day I can be as patient as He is.
    Joy, what a beautiful name (and so what my Father in heaven provides for me), I lift you up in prayer and I will continue to pray for you!

  435. His Mercy which is given to me new every morning

  436. His faithfulness, for He is ALWAYS faithful even when I am not faithful to Him.

  437. Jackqulynn Ward says:

    That he is forgiving!

  438. “Peace on Earth”

  439. this is sooo hard I struggle with expectations of the “christmas move type ”
    wanting everything to be so right I am praying for pease to enjoy what is and to keep the true spirit of christmas

  440. Shawndell says:

    Thank you for sharing the Prince of Peace, perfect timing.

  441. Steadfast, faithful

  442. I love that He lets us have “do-overs”. Several years ago I was in school pursuing a career that He called me into. Over time I took my schooling and potential career into my own hands and failed. This past year He opened the door again, and I am currently back at the same school (where I once failed) pursuing a degree in the career that He called me into.

  443. You know this is a tough one for me to answer because I grew up believing in a “god” that did not exist and so when I came to know the true, living God, I immediately fell in love with all of His names/character traits because not only is He called those things but He is those things glory to God!

    I guess if I had to pick one for the purpose of this post it would be Jehovah Rappah-the Lord Who heals. I have experienced God’s supernatural healing in a mighty way in my life; not just physical but emotional and spiritual too and every single time I experience it-it just blows my mind.

  444. I love that Jesus cares for me!

  445. I love the way Jesus spent time with the people who we would turn our noses up at…he loves us all and sees who we really are.

  446. Bernadette Black says:

    Unconditional love

  447. Prince Of PEACE! I hope and pray all have the PEACE OF Christ in your heart this SEASON.

  448. Jesus love me inspite of myself!

  449. Heather G says:

    Peace on Earth

  450. Peace on Earth

  451. Peace on Earth!

  452. Mighty God! He controls it all, all i have to do is get out of His way.

  453. evelyn delcambre says:

    whata great reminder this time a year..i get so busy that i forget sometimes what the real reason for the season..God has been so faithful to me and he loves oh how he loves.I wake up with such a joy i can hardley contain it..thank you wendy..Father God thank you for wendy,Lord bless her as she has blessed me..remind us daily to be obeident and love as you have loved us..i love you and give you all the glory..In Jesus name i ask..amen

  454. His grace, mercy and love.

  455. Love as simple as that word is & easily used when it is spoken of God & by God – it covers everything.

  456. His unconditional love!

  457. Dear Wendy – I loved your book – it was such a revelation for me. Thank you so much. Thank you again for this beautiful reminder, Jesus came to bring Peace to the world. Thank you for your prayer!!!

  458. Holly Shannon says:

    Grace…….His mercies are new every morning. How do people walk the earth without God’s grace? Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness. I love the fact that when He forgives us, He also forgets our sin. His grace is sufficient for me and His mercy is new every morning.

  459. Lisa Kayes says:

    The wisdom of Jesus!

  460. Loving me and forgiving me no matter what I have done.

  461. Alicia Wade says:

    We are saved by the love of an amazing Father who consistantly and constantly loves us and wants only the best for us.

  462. Unconditional love~

  463. Jesus – the Champion who initiates and perfects my faith (Heb. 12:1 MSG)

  464. Prince of Peace…what a wonderful name! He’s in charge of our peace, so no one and nothing can take it away! Hallelujah!

  465. Suzy Smith (@trulysouthern50) says:

    Jesus loves that I am so open to others, He uses me in the most Awesome ways and mysterious places!

  466. I love that God is unchanging.

  467. I love his grace and love he showed others and to me. :-)

  468. I had surgery on my mouth Friday and now itt’s 3:30 in the morning and my mouth is hurting so i’m drinking some hot cocoa so i can take my pain meds. All of God’s charactoristics are special to me but, i love the fact that He is my rock and my hiding place. That when life gets to be too much to handle i can go running to Him and He is there, always. Somewhere it says i think in Hebrews that He will never leave us or forsake us, what a comfort that is just knowing He will always be there for me. even though sometimes i am too stubborn to reach out right away.

  469. “Amen” i am learning this too. I am not even sure we can have gifts this year. but Christmas is not that. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Thank You Jesus for Loving Us All. :) Hallelujah!!!

  470. There are so many things Wendy. i had evry intention of doing your study in Hebrews. I Love your sight. But, i have been sick too, and my car broke down, and then i got sick again, and finances are tight, real tight, and I Love Christmas. I was letting All of this discourage me. I Love some of the comments i have read concerning peace, concerning on going to Him and how we can be so stubborn or disccouraged in going to Him. I did this recently, and when I did finally go to Him and read Hid Word it was Awesome. The reading was in 2 Chronicles and i thought “Great, this is the sacrifices, or s ith geneaologies, but i decided to read anyways..It was 2 chronicles 16-18. It was about Asa, King Of Judah. It talked on how he sought the Lord and because he did God gave rest to them on Every side. I would have missed out on this message if i had contined to think the way i was. He gives Peace, and His Word brings Peace, Joy, Encouragement, Love, Comfort, Discipline, Delieverance. He is an Awesome, Mighty and Holy God and we can experience this when we Humble ourselves and go to Him and Seek Him Daily. He is Awesome, and the one who gives victory over my sin and the sins of the World. Praise God. Amen

  471. There are so many things Wendy. i had evry intention of doing your study in Hebrews. I Love your sight. But, i have been sick too, and my car broke down, and then i got sick again, and finances are tight, real tight, and I Love Christmas. I was letting All of this discourage me. I Love some of the comments i have read concerning peace, concerning on going to Him and how we can be so stubborn or disccouraged in going to Him. I did this recently, and when I did finally go to Him and read Hid Word it was Awesome. The reading was in 2 Chronicles and i thought “Great, this is the sacrifices, or s ith geneaologies, but i decided to read anyways..It was 2 chronicles 16-18. It was about Asa, King Of Judah. It talked on how he sought the Lord and because he did God gave rest to them on Every side. I would have missed out on this message if i had contined to think the way i was. He gives Peace, and His Word brings Peace, Joy, Encouragement, Love, Comfort, Discipline, Delieverance. He is an Awesome, Mighty and Holy God and we can experience this when we Humble ourselves and go to Him and Seek Him Daily. He is Awesome, and the one who gives victory over my sin and the sins of the World. Praise God. Amen 2 Chronicles 15:15 All Judah Rejoiced about the oath because they had sworn it wholeheartedly. They sought God eagerly, and He was found by them. So the Lord gave them rest on every side.

  472. There are so many things Wendy. i had evry intention of doing your study in Hebrews. I Love your sight. But, i have been sick too, and my car broke down, and then i got sick again, and finances are tight, real tight, and I Love Christmas. I was letting All of this discourage me. I Love some of the comments i have read concerning peace, concerning on going to Him and how we can be so stubborn or disccouraged in going to Him. I did this recently, and when I did finally go to Him and read Hid Word it was Awesome. The reading was in 2 Chronicles and i thought “Great, this is the sacrifices, or s ith geneaologies, but i decided to read anyways..It was 2 chronicles 16-18. It was about Asa, King Of Judah. It talked on how he sought the Lord and because he did God gave rest to them on Every side. I would have missed out on this message if i had contined to think the way i was. He gives Peace, and His Word brings Peace, Joy, Encouragement, Love, Comfort, Discipline, Delieverance. He is an Awesome, Mighty and Holy God and we can experience this when we Humble ourselves and go to Him and Seek Him Daily. He is Awesome, and the one who gives victory over my sin and the sins of the World. Praise God. Amen 2 Chronicles 15:15 All Judah Rejoiced about the oath because they had sworn it wholeheartedly. They sought God eagerly, and He was found by them. So the Lord gave them rest on every side..He is Amazing!!!

  473. Sorry for the repeated post, when i push submit it would not show it was posted and say it was a duploicate comment. i have experienced this before and just hit post again and it would finally show, and just once, but for some reason, sometimes, it doesnt show it post, so i submit and then when it does come up it shows 3 post instead of one. Sorry. Val

  474. Angela Morgan says:

    Go in peace to serve the Lord, life is busy and hectic but may we all go in His peace and trust His peace to help us serve him!!

  475. restoration~~I don’t know if you would call that a character quality, but for me Jesus is a restorer….this Christmas I have so much to be thankful for. But my Jesus has restored so much in our lives over the last few years, I am finally seeing the results of all the “sorrow and tears” and He is turning that into “joy and dancing”

  476. Forgiveness.

  477. Jennifer Mabe says:

    Characteristics is he’s my loving father and his unconditional love

  478. Wendy, thank you so much for your words of Peace. I have so been meditating on Immanuel during this season… how amazing that Jesus humbled himself, knowing what He would go through, to die for my sins, and that He is the God With Us right now, no matter what circumstance we go through!

  479. His forgiveness, His wisdom, His sense of humor! :)

  480. The two words that I immediately thought of is Unchanging and Trustworthy. These are the two characteristics I love most about Jesus.

  481. My favorite characteristic of Jesus is His faithfulness. He love me know matter what . and he with me even I dont put him # 1 …. Thank You Jesus for never leaving me.

  482. I love “Elf” too!! such a funny movie……… its a family tradition at our home also

  483. His unfailing love is what I so love about Jesus.

  484. Peace on earth!

  485. I love the fact that He’s always the same. (Hebrews 13:8)

  486. Wendy, I read this the other day and it really spoke to me right where I was at. I struggle with getting caught up in all the things “to do” and lose sight of the peace. Thank you for reminding us of Jesus’s peace.

  487. Peace on Earth!

  488. Carol Costello says:

    What I most love about Jesus is his unconditional LOVE for me. Even when I get caught up in me, he is always there waiting for me when I turn back.

  489. His Love!!! I was reminded of his love today during a hard time, and it lifted me so much!!

  490. Jesus’ omnipresence. SO GREAT!

  491. Thank you for this prayer. This is something I need to remember so much. What do I love about Jesus? I love that I can talk to him and anywhere, anytime, and any place. His love, grace, mercy, protection, gentleness, and peace.

  492. I love that Jesus is my healer. I walked through a serious health issue this last year and the Lord healed me. I could hardly walk at this time last year and was in the hospital. This Christmas my health has been restored. God is so faithful!

  493. Angela Morgan says:

    Unfailing love!

  494. His presence with me right now and always.

  495. Thanks for the peace!

  496. Beth Anderson says:

    Reminding myself that Jesus IS the Prince of Peace. When I am anxious. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. When I am overwhelmed. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. When I am tired. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. When I am filled with joy…. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

  497. Wendy Holte says:


  498. Ginny Petrilla says:

    His unending grace, mercy, and forgiveness even when I don’t deserve it!

  499. I don’t know the exact word or characteristic I can give you. What I do know, is this…..
    Without going into great detail: we all undergo, Abuse, neglect, bad relationships, brokeness, hurt, rejection, and unfair treatment in all varying degrees. Isaiah 53, tells me He knows my pain…. I felt His Love for me. . . .
    He was despised and forsaken of men,
    A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief;
    And like one from whom men hide their face
    He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.
    4 Surely our griefs He Himself bore,
    And our sorrows He carried;
    Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken,
    Smitten of God, and afflicted. (Isaiah 53: 3-4)

  500. Grace.

  501. His Grace. The word alone makes me sigh in comfort and smile from love, knowing the multitude of sins that one word covers.

  502. Grace and Mercy

  503. faithful even though I am so undeserving!

  504. God is the Most High God, yet He sees me and draws me to Himself.

  505. God is the Almighty God and yet He sees me & draws me to Himself.

  506. his friendship

  507. Jesus is perfect love!!!

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  509. En consecuencia, la carnitina sintetizada en hígado y riñones ha
    de ser secretada y transportada por la sangre hacia dichos tejidos, en los que existen proteínas transportadoras de
    membrana concretas para esta molécula: las OCTN2.
    La deficiencia primaria de la carnitina es un trastorno regresivo
    autosómico con una frecuencia de más o menos 1 por cada 40.000 recién nacidos
    en diversas partes del mundo. En ciertas de estas situaciones, ciertos estudios clínicos sugieren que
    las personas diagnosticadas podrían beneficiarse de un suplemento exógeno de carnitina.

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