Mar 2

St. Patricks Day Giveaway & A Question Answered

The winners from the interview with Kylie Bisutti are:

Winning a copy of Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad:

Su@TheIntentionalHome  and Terri

Winning a copy of Fashioned by Faith:

Heidi J  and Krystal De Leeuw

My assistant Kim will be sending the winners an email at the address they entered when they commented. Congrats!

Back on this post, I did a blog survey. I wanted to find out who you were and what you did and didn’t like about this blog.

In the survey, there were also many places to leave a comment or ask a question. One question that popped up often was: How do you afford to do all these giveaways?

Glad you asked. Here is how:

My sweet mom taught me to be a bargain hunter. She finds amazing deals (and is one of those gals who finds Christmas gifts in July). She and I often, when going in a store, will say “Let’s visit our friend Clarence” (our code for the clearance section.)

Often now when I visit Clarence, I find great mark downs that would go perfect in a giveaway (one of the items today I got the week after Christmas at 75% off and another I got in the middle of the summer at nearly 90% off!)

While out at stores, I look for items that might fit a theme. Then, I stash them in my office closet (that also houses books that other authors want me to giveaway and my mailing supplies) until I need them on my blog.

Also, remember that often my giveaways feature someone else (who is actually giving away the book or prize) Those giveaways cost me only my time as I craft and post the interview.

Oh yeah, and there is a special someone  I know who has a little side business. That person gives a tithe of their profits to me each month to help pay for my personal giveaways, like today’s.

Speaking of giveaways. Here is a just-for-fun St. Pats one for you. It includes:

~ A tote bag from Target

~ A “Pot of Gold” box of chocolate (I found it at the end of the clearance rainbow!)

~ A rainbow of eye shadows in neutral tones

~ A single pot package of Hazelnut creme decaf coffee (it was supposed to be Irish Cream but my small town’s grocery store was out of that flavor!)

You have til 7 am Monday to leave a comment to be entered to win.

Tell us this: What is your favorite green thing? Pistachio pudding? Fresh cut grass?  (If you can’t think of something, just say “Pinch me!”)

I’ll go first—my husband’s eyes!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hmmm…my fave green thing? The avacodo salsa at a restaraunt in our previous town…and I really miss it! Since I can’t have that again probably, then avacodos I guess…they are sooo good!

  2. I love it in the spring time when everything starts to turn green. The grass and little seedlings and new leaves on the tree.

  3. DeeR in OKC says:

    Favorite green thing: Kiwi’s, Green sprouts popping their heads up in the garden, Christmas Trees & all my green t-shirts. This is more than one, but I love green! Off to store to use my green $ to buy avocados for my green goddess dressing to put on my Spring Greens lunch. Even though I do not have an ounce of Irish blood, I LOVE ST. Patrick’s day. Just an easy fun reason to decorate & celebrate!

  4. I love green grass and green leaves on trees, but my favorite green thing is mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  5. My favorite green thing is whatever I’m wearing on my birthday, St. Patty’s Day!

  6. My favorite green thing is stories of my husband’s birthdays when growing up….his birthday is the day after St. Patrick’s day and because he grew up very poor he always got a green cake for his birthday because they were on sale. The whole family has lots of laughs reminiscing about this. That and I love Spring when everything starts greening up after the winter.

  7. Newly planted paddy in fields in India.

  8. Oh Karen, you and I have the same idea……my husband has beautiful, loving green eyes and I love them….especially when he looks at me :-)

  9. My favorite green things are all the new green leaves and buds that appear after the long cold winter.

  10. I have always liked St. Patrick’s Day because I knew the next day would be my birthday! I do love to see a new little patch of green clover in the spring time……….and do search for the four leaves!

  11. Leigh F. says:

    My favorite green thing in a Christmas Tree!

  12. Green is my favorite color so I love all things green. I truly enjoy all things green :)

  13. Mint chocolate-chip icecream. YUM! :-)

  14. I love anything oustide that is green, especially this time of year. It means sunshine is on it’s way!

  15. lime sherbert

  16. My favorite green thing. was the green carpet I had when I lived in Pa.. If you have never had green carpet try it sometime.. LOL it goes with everything..

  17. Melissa Fordyce says:

    With 9 children – it is Loreal’s tangle tamer spray :) we use it everyday & it smells awesome ! Lol

  18. Rosemarie says:

    Fresh Mint Leaves

  19. Krystal D says:

    My favorite green thing is fresh cut grass!! Smells amazing!

  20. Years ago 7-Eleven use to have green colored slushes for St. Patty’s Day. My sister & I still talk about those when the 17th rolls around. I also really liked the hunter green dress that I wore as a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding.

  21. Patricia Vaughan says:

    I love March’s green fields of developing wheat fields in response to warmer sun. It is beautiful that even at a young age… it waves in the wind…kinda like a child developing his own personality!

  22. My husband loves for me to wear green :) He loves what it does to my already green eyes :)
    I love mint chocolate chip ice cream! That’s my green :)

  23. frogs and lizards!

  24. Well, green has always been my favorite color. Maybe because my eyes are green. Anyway, I love ANYTHING green. Grass, leaves, avocados, lettuce, a green purse I have.

    Green eggs and ham.

    Happy birthday to Dr Seuss!

    • I remember my son wanting green eggs and ham — brought out the food coloring and he had green eggs and ham. But he never asked for it again tasted the same but the color wasn’t what he really wanted. Wonder if he remembers : )

  25. Brenda S. says:

    Beautiful green grass ~ which means SPRING is here!!!

  26. I’m with you, my husband’s eyes. I also love clover. Reminds me when I was little and searching for 4 leaf clover and making the necklaces with the blossoms. Blessings.

  27. Beth Gillihan says:

    My favorite green thing would be the Spring grass and leaves on the trees!

  28. Vonnie Kronk says:

    My favorite green thing is the carpet in my camper! I Love it mostly if I can’t go outside, I feel like I am in the green grass! The camper is my 2nd Home….

  29. Jennifer Rae says:

    I love the green daffodil buds that are starting to come up in my front yard. I hope they will still be green after they are covered with 8 inches of snow we are expected to get later today!

  30. Carol Junga says:

    My favorite green things are fresh green vegetables in my summer garden – green bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce…

  31. Pat Deemer says:

    Our beautiful wheat fields reminds me of God’s care and goodness to us!

  32. Mint chocolate chip ice cream:)

  33. The beautiful spring green color of new leaves on the trees — love it when I drive over the top of the hill and pause to enjoy all that beautiful timberful of trees beginning to green up.

  34. It is so Pistachio pudding!!

  35. Jeannine C. says:

    My favorite green thing is fresh rosemary growing in my garden. This year it did not freeze and I was able to use it in my cooking all winter. The smell is amazing. Thank you God for fresh rosemary.

  36. Anything green! My favorite color. I have at least 3 green sweaters, 2 green shirts, sweatshirt, sweat pants, etc. I love Watergate salad! that’s showing my age.

  37. Green is the sign of life returning to a barren, brown landscape. Other than a few premature bulbs peeking through next to my house, it will be awhile before we see green here.
    My favorite green to eat would be an Avocado. I believe a perfectly ripe avocado is God’s perfect food!

  38. Dede Thies says:

    My new daughter’s new green bow with BLING that my girlfriend made for her for St. Patty’s Day:) LOVE IT!! After two boys, this is so exciting!

  39. Greens – collards and turnips! Especially when my friend Anita cooks them! Yumm-o!

  40. Guacamole! My newest favorite green thing ;-)

  41. I would say my favorite green thing is the grass and flowers when they first start appearing in the Spring… So happy to see them back!

  42. I love the green grass on our ranch in the spring, new life everywhere and God’s glory showing through……

  43. Donna Harvey says:

    I love emeralds. I got an emerald ring from my wonderful man for our 10th anniversary!

  44. Mary Moreland says:

    My favorite green would be the new life that springs up in the spring!

  45. Green is my favorite color, so I have lots of green things, but my favorite is my lime green daily planner. I love writing in it and get to enjoy it every day!!!

  46. My favorite green thing of all time is Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds.

  47. My favorite green thing? It has to be the green of the great outdoors. You mentioned grass; yes, fresh cut grass. There is nothing that speaks warm weather like the scent of freshly mowed grass. Or the green leaves of the trees, shrubs and flowers. Gotta love God’s creation!

  48. The green shoots popping through the ground with a promise of spring flowers. The small buds on trees promising leafy green leaves.

  49. My favorite green thing is a deep green velvet gown my Grandmother made for me when I was in Rainbow girls. I wanted it to look like Scarlett Ohara’s dress she made from drapery. I drew a picture and mailed it to my Grandmother. She bought the fabric, fashioned a pattern, and mailed me a beautiful gown that fit perfectly. This was in 1970 and I still have that gown. My daughter even wore it in her 5th grade play. Loving hands created my “green” treasure!

  50. Debbie Castro says:

    Living in the desert, I miss the look and smell of fresh, cut grass.

  51. Jenny C. says:

    Probably pistachio ice cream or key lime pie! Wow, those both sound good right now! Thanks for the giveaway. Jenny C.

  52. Sherry W. says:

    Green is my favorite color and the color of my eyes! Everything green is good with me. Except envy, which I admit I sometimes have a problem with – ha ha.

  53. Pinch me!

  54. Sylvia Trigg says:

    My favorite green thing would be the newness of everything nature has to give us in Spring. I love the smell of fresh cut grass!!

  55. I love green! The new leaves budding on trees, the new green grass popping up! Love it!

  56. When I think of green things I love, I am reminded of my childhood home. It was a green tri-level set on a wooded lot. My parents moved from my hometown the summer after I married, so it’s been several years since I’ve seen it. I miss not being able to see my childhood home with my own children as we visit Nanna and PopPop.

  57. the fresh green of new leaves on the trees

  58. Bobbie Gillette says:

    My favorite green is the color of money……..sorry, but it does have some truth in it. With the priceo gas and everything else going up, green money helps remove the sting.

  59. Corinne Wijsman says:

    Lying in the high grass in summer!

  60. Margaret Lambdin says:

    Being from Kentucky I have to say that I love “Bluegrass” green and .My pale green wallpaper with Ivory colored roses.

  61. My favorite green things are the lily pads in our pond.

  62. Green salsa =) =)

  63. Desiree says:

    I love avacodos and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  64. My favorite green thing … probably the trees as they break out in buds each spring. I LOVE spring!

  65. The green leaves of daffodils coming up getting ready to bloom :)

  66. My favorite green is the shamrocks that have four leaves!!!

  67. Amy Lee says:

    Trees and green grass!

  68. What a lovely surprise to win your last giveaway. I look forward to reading the book Good Grils Don’t Have to Dress Bad and sharing it with my daughters. I won’t enter this giveaway since I just won one :) Thank you.

  69. My gave green has to be freshly cut grass. The scent of summer!

  70. Oops, sorry, I meant fave green!

  71. “Clarence” …that’s a code word I”m going to remember. My aunt’s friend Paige is a power-shopper and can find aNYTHING..and I mean ANYTHING. If it exists, and you need it, she can find it :) :) She’s found some awsome clothes for me at thrift shops, when I would give up and say “let’s go home” She’s like the Mary Poppins of shopping ;) :)

    What a fun giveaway :) :) Hmm..what’s my favorite green thing? I’d have to say my favorite green thing are these vintage Depression glass candy dishes that belonged to my great-grandparents. They’re cool and full of super cute vintage charm.

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  72. Lori Eaton says:

    Peridot, my birthstone :)

  73. Amanda M. says:

    I’m going along with some of the others…my favorite green thing is grass! I love to see our yard start to turn green again and see the flowers start to bloom!

  74. Kerry Ann Prodorutti says:

    Peridot – reminds me of my children – which I wear around my neck – their birthstones – not them!! ;)

  75. My favorite green thing is pistachio ice cream. But also love the smell of fresh mown grass

  76. I’m not green with envy, but I love the color green. I go to my green bedroom to relax. Here in the south the grass is turning green, the flowers are popping up in the garden along with the green vegetables I will be planting in the next couple of weeks in my garden. All of the green things that I see in my life are leading me to the Easter season and the cross.

  77. Erin S. says:

    Shamrock shakes from McDonald’s! I wish they had them year-round, but maybe they are even better because you can only get them for a limited time!

  78. Holly H says:

    My favorite green thing would have to be plants. Don’t do well with flowering ones, but have a window full (table & hanging). Due to health problems don’t get out much, but when do check out the plants along the way.

  79. Shirley Beesmer says:

    I love Kiwi’s I had never eaten them before I went to Germany. But the favorite Green thing is when the leaves and grass turn green in the spring, that is what makes spring so very special to me. Soon after that the flowers begin to bloom.

  80. The trees in Seattle against a BRIGHT blue sky…. nothing could be MORE beautiful than the Emerald City in the summer!

  81. Pamela Bowman says:

    Oh Wow so many beautiful things in Spring to choose from, I will have to say I love the spring green trees….I loved that color of crayon in my 64 color box…green, reminds me of my childhood…fun color.

  82. Vickey Stamps says:

    As you no doubt may recall, I make and give away larger cloth dolls to children with devestating illness’s. I usually use a dark or light blue, or two shades of brown, but there are times when green is just the right color for these special dolls. (91 to current date) 82 have found homes, mostly with a child with cancer.

  83. shamrock shakes. Haven’t had one yet but I think today is the day. Going to introduce little one to the wonder.

  84. Norene Bartkowski says:

    Let’s see… my favorite green thing would have to be… our brilliantly green alfalfa fields, thick and lush just before being cut for hay. Then, my second favorite green thing would be all of the nice deep green bales of alfalfa stacked in the big long stacks my hubby puts up. It looks soooo nice and uniform and also smells soooo good! I also love green mint chocolate chip ice cream! YUMMY!

  85. I love anything to do with St Patty’s day (my middle baby was born that day). She will turn 19 this month and I love how creative she gets every year by dressing fashionably & including her green accessories!

  86. Michele says:

    I love just about everything green, trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, mint, green apples, even Green Eggs and Ham!

  87. Lisa DeCourcey says:

    My favorite green has got to be broccoli. Yum!

  88. First I must say- that is a cute bag…

    Anyway… My favorite green thing is when my son gets ‘green’ on his behavior chart at school… Because this means he was helpful and not disruptive at school!!

  89. Heather says:

    my mom’s pistachio nut cake!

  90. My favorite green is our school (university) colors. They are green and gold. And we just happen to be in Oklahoma for a basketball tournament.. The men’s and women’s teams were the number one seed. The Wonder boys won last night and the Golden Suns play tonight. So proud of our teams and we do enjoy supporting them. Go Tech Go.

  91. Janet W says:

    I like my husbands green eyes too! Also, anything pretty & green in spring time!

    Janet W.

  92. I think it’s called watergate salad. At our house it’s referred to as the “fluffy green stuff with marshmallows.” Yum!

  93. Mary Peek says:

    Four leaf clover.

  94. Springtime! green grass poking thru the ground & new green leaves coming out! Yes, I love spring!

  95. I love the Blue Ridge Parkway in the warmer months. They are nice and green, and certain stops that is all you see for miles! Take a drive on it and you’ll see what I mean. :)

  96. The GREEN Girl Scout Box…gotta love Thin Mints from the freezer! Happy Friday!

  97. Sharon P. says:

    I love the green grass that starts to come up during March. But my most favorite green thing is key lime pie.

  98. emeralds, sour apple candy.

  99. My favorite green thing is Kermit the Frog. I just adore him.

  100. Stephanie says:

    my momma and youngest sons green eyes

  101. The beautiful, clear, green water off the coast of Bermuda!

  102. Anything camo or nature inspired!!!

  103. Charlotte says:

    My moms homemade pickles and of course Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…

  104. My favorite green thing-my mother’s eyes :).

  105. Karen T. says:

    My favorite green things are the new leaves that are starting to appear on our trees here in Maryland-winter forgot to visit us this year!

  106. andrea stanley says:

    Avacodos, jalepenos

  107. Vicki W. says:

    I never used to like green! It was the color of my high school uniform! Now there are so many soft, pretty shades of green that I actually have 3 green clothing items in my closet. I got over the green thing years ago. My favorite green is a mint green, and I love all things mint!

  108. Since I’ve been eating more veggies I’d have to say green beans

  109. Karla H. says:

    Mint brownies.

  110. My favorite green thing would have to be mint chocolate chip ice cream :)

  111. Heather V says:

    So many green things to love…guacamole, dune grass, the stems of a tulip….

  112. Stephanie S. says:

    Cartoon frogs! (green ones of course, but not alive ones!!) :)

  113. I love live green plants!

  114. Green is my favorite color, and my favorite green is fresh green leaves of spring.

  115. Jennifer hodge says:

    The water off our dock in the early summertime sun! Beautiful!

  116. Fannie in Kansas says:

    I love springtime when things turn green and alive after winter. It reminds me of what Jesus died to do for us, change us from dead and dying to alive and living anew.

  117. Michelle B says:

    My favorite thing green are my large green eyes. Being of Armenian descent most people have brown eyes I used to wish I didn’t have green eyes but now I cherish them because I have a unique “Armenian” look. Plus I love anything mint :)

  118. Jenjolea says:

    Our almost 9-yr-old daughter was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so we have fun celebrating both occasions!!

  119. My husband’s eyes or my two-year old son’s eyes, whichever I happen to be looking into at the moment

  120. Laura H. says:

    Key Lime Pie!

  121. Hmmmm…my older son loves green, so I have come to appreciate the color even more. I love green this time of year because it means that spring is coming…green grass, the green leaves of spring flowers. Green is also the color of palm tree leaves, and I LOVE anything tropical that helps me escape this Midwestern winter! :)

  122. Pinch me

  123. Green trees during springtime.

  124. nancys1128 says:

    My fave green thing is new leaves on trees in spring, when they’re just opening up and are still the light, bright shade of green.

  125. Peggy Clement says:

    My favorit green is the smell of fresh cut grass.

  126. A favorite green thing for me would be fresh cut grass — most people cut in a “pattern” so it has a visual pleasure and then it smells good also. :)

  127. Charee Cook says:

    My favorite green thing is the green of the grass and trees, especially in spring when it’s all fresh and new! Thank you God!! :)

  128. I love my Christmas cactus plant with the most beautiful unusual flowers. One of Gods beautiful creations!

  129. suzi Berumen says:

    Green Chile. With fresh tortilla s and beans.

  130. After being out of work for too long, the green in my wallet is a welcome sight!

  131. Winter wheat peeping up through the snow- the greenest thing ever!

  132. Caroline Grossman says:

    The green fields of Scotland!

  133. The tint of green on the trees as they start to leaf out in spring.

  134. Christmas Trees and fresh new grass top the list!!

  135. Jenny Anderson says:

    the first leaf that pops up in my garden=a hyacinth leaf!

  136. Linda K. says:

    My favorite green this is avocados – yummy!

  137. My favorite green thing is new green grass.

  138. Pinch me

  139. Love just even the thought of fresh cut green grass to come this spring!

  140. A field of wheat in the winter

  141. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

  142. green seedless grapes. =)

  143. My fave green thing is an old cardigan that I wear around the house when it’s a tad chilly. It’s comfortable, thin enough not to be too warm, wearing out but still decent looking enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be caught wearing it in public. I have no idea how long ago or where I bought it, but I wish I had bought several.

  144. Tania Scott says:

    I have two favorites, the first is the Thin Mint Cookies that the Girl Scouts sell, (I know they are not green, but the box they come in is) love those things. My second favorite is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

  145. My favorite green is the ocean on the “Emerald Coast” near Destin, FL!! Could use a beach vacation about now!!

  146. Sherry Lykins says:

    My dads last name is Green! He is my favorite “green”!

  147. Kiwi is one of my favorite greens! My most face is my baby boy’s eyes…they are hazel so depending on what he wears his eyes turn a gorgeous green tint.

  148. Robin Still says:

    Green is such a beautiful color….I love anything green. The grass, the trees, my bathroom (yes, it is painted green), my green house (yes, I painted it green too)…I am simply a green lover. My absolute favorite thing is to be green…reduce, reuse and recyle. May you all be blessed today!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  149. Angie K. says:

    My favorite green things are new leaves and foliage during the Spring! I drive an hour to work and when Spring comes I LOVE the beautiful scenery God has created!


  150. Fresh basil

  151. Emeralds–and even better, my husband bought me about three pairs of emerald earrings while he was stationed in Afghanistan because he said they match my eyes. He’s not big on romance, but that comment about made me swoon.

  152. jan quinn says:

    My favorite green thing is watergate salad. My second favorite green thing is money. My least favorite is the green eyed monster.

  153. Brenda S. says:

    My favorite green thing is the layer of mint yummy-ness in a chocolate cake I make. It is too good to be true! I love mint, and my favorite color is green, so its a perfect match for me!!

  154. My husband’s green eyes are my most favorite with mint chocolate chip icecream as a runner up!

  155. Sarah Humes says:

    Thanks for your input on the conference call today! :)

  156. I love it when the fresh green grass comes back.

  157. Leigh Ellen says:

    I like the grass in the spring when it is coming back to life, but that goes for the trees and budding flowers, too! I just love that spring green – a sign of new life.

  158. Lime green Kool-aide. I love the stuff.

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