Why I Wear a Toe Ring

I remember in 5th grade begging my mom to get my ears pierced.

Only one other girl in my class had hole-less lobes so I pleaded my case, “But Mooooooom! EVVVVV-ERYONE has their ears pierced but Heidi and me!”

My super-conservative mom told me if God wanted holes in my ears, I would have been born with them.

I retorted, “Well, if he wanted me to wear clothes, then I would have been born with them on too. So, tomorrow I am going to school nude.” :-)

Mom was bluffing. She took me to the Meijer Thrifty Acres grocery store on my birthday that year where a nice lady in the jewelry department pierced them for me.

The pain was worth the cool.

In college, my friend Carmen and her best friend each got one ear double pierced (cool for that time). They said it would be to remind them that they belonged to the Lord; that they were His slaves.

Exodus 21:5-6 says about slaves (who would be bound to work for 6 years and then could go free):

“But the slave may declare, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children. I don’t want to go free.’ If he does this, his master must present him before God.Then his master must take him to the door or doorpost and publicly pierce his ear with an awl. After that, the slave will serve his master for life.”

I loved Carmen’s idea. An earring to remind me I want to serve God and my family.

However, I am a wimp.  And the pain of the first go-round of ear piercing was enough for me!

In fact, I am so thankful I am not a missionary in a country where, if you don’t have your nose pierced, it means your husband beats you. Or, that I don’t have a hubby that thinks I could totally rock the cute-tiny-diamond-stud-nose-ring look.

If either of these were true, I would use a Barbie stick-on earring there instead!

Well, a few years ago, while speaking at a resort on St. Simon’s Island, GA, a group of us from the retreat went shopping downtown on our free time. There, we each bought sterling silver toe rings.

I wear it to remind myself that I am a voluntary slave of Christ. And that I love my Master and my husband and children.

When I see it, I am able to realign my thoughts at those times I want to put myself on the throne. Or, when I grow weary of the serving, and running, and working that is required to be a Christian wife and mom.

I have become so concerned with the many women I meet (and some I know in real life) who have decided the grass is greener on the other side. So, they chuck their families (and sometimes God too!) and venture off to finally “Be happy.”

Now, I am not one who will just sit and wag my finger at them thinking “For shame, you sinner!” God has gently chided me when I have done that in the past saying, “Karen, that could be you someday, you know. Be careful. And prayerful”

Marriage and mothering the way God commands is hard work! It takes patience, time, tears and forgiveness. It requires that we regroup and restart—-sometimes over and over again.

But my toe ring reminds me that this is for life. I am a slave of Jesus and a willing servant of my family. (And it is not a one-way street. They love and serve me too.)

Yes, I am free to do as I’d like. There are no laws in my country against chucking my family and running away. (Come one….you know we moms sometimes dream of running away!)

However, my toe ring reminds me of this:

“Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.” 1 Peter 2:16

Will you sign up to be His slave?

Now, one of you who leaves a comment will win your own silver toe ring and more. You also will get some summery trinkets including tropical Jelly Bellies, some peach sorbet-colored toe nail polish and a tube of Bath & Body Works Coconut-Lime Breeze lotion.

 Leave a comment with your thoughts on this post. Winner announced Monday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Melissa Spille says

    What a beautiful reminder!

    When I was in 10th grade, I decided to pierce my fingernail. I have no idea where I got the idea and the manicurist didn’t, either. Ha! But I had a cross necklace charm (really small) that I inserted into the hole in my pinky fingernail…same purpose, to remind me who I belong to. :)

    • Bev says

      That’s a great idea!! Nail piercing and it’s not painful. I’ve gone through a divorce and would like a ring for the same purpose of reminding me whom I belong to. I’ve been thinking of a Poesy ring with “My Heart is Spoken For” written on it or maybe something similar. They can write on the ring in other languages too.

  2. says

    I’m grateful for the life I have. If that means being a slave to Christ in order to keep it fresh on my heart each day…then so be it!
    I’m happy to be a slave!

    I love your kind heart towards any who stray and walk away–I needed a reminder to be more compassionate. I cringe when I hear of someone destroying their family like that. You remind me to love them and care for my own home at the same time!

  3. Susan Spina says


    Loved that! We so need to be reminded and encouraged of the importance of being a wife and mother. Thank you. I will look down and see my toe ring now as a reminder of how important my role is as a wife and mother.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Beth M. says

    My Dad used to say the same thing, “If God wanted you to hang trinkets from holes your ears he would have put the holes there to begin with!” I love the toe ring idea! Have always liked the fashion and love that I can wear it as a reminder! Thank You and God Bless.

  5. Tammy says

    Sign me up…it’s been said “when someone treats you like a slave, act like one”. I am always needing to work on my servant’s heart!

  6. says

    I love that idea Karen, thank you for sharing! If I don’t win this contest, I am going to go and buy one for myself. I can’t do the earrings either, as I’ve never been able to keep even one piercing. They always grow back closed.

    A silly question. Do you wear it in the winter as well? I wear flip flops all summer, but live in MI,, so I would only see it when I have my shoes off. Just curious. :)

  7. Tami says

    Thanks Karen, I loved reading this post. Every day is a drowning of the sinful self in the waters of baptism and releasing your will for His plan.

  8. Angie thomas says

    I love this idea, I am constantly in need of reminding, and how perfect that it is a ring with no beginning and no end.

  9. says

    This is such a great idea! I remember when I was 16 I begged to get my cartilage pierced. My grandmother said yes but, it was so painful I eventually took it out. Never to beg for another piercing again! I for one need a reminder for why I do what I do. I love my family and my Lord but it gets rough!

  10. Jamie Bohrer says

    I also wear one, but you have just given me a great reason to wear one! I love the reminder that it brings! Thanks for this!! – jamie

  11. Carol Albrecht says

    So awesome! Glad your mom took you to get your ears pierced so that you didn’t go to school nude. I love toe rings. I have a 5 year old grand daughter who likes to put my toe ring on and loves to have her toes and fingers painted bright colors. One day I put strawberry colored polish on her fingernails and she asked her preschool class if they wanted to smell her strawberry fingernails. Of course most if them did, even the boys! I so enjoy your devotions. Blessings to you.

  12. Carol says

    Been down in the dumps lately about a “wasted” life, and have been wondering if I should go back to work. It would sure relieve the financial pressure and I would feel like I am accomplishing something. Thanks for reminding me that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing!

    • Cathy says

      Carol, please know that you are not alone. I do feel the same way and I am slowing trying to find my direction. Thanks for posting, it helps to know that I’m not alone. God bless!

  13. Lorri Wright says

    I was having a conversation this morning about working on my attitude towards others who I feel aren’t “doing the right thing”. I love this reminder as I love to wear jewelry of any kind! And, I think a toe ring just looks so “summery”.

  14. Nicole says

    I love the meaning behind your toe ring. I will think of that when I see them now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Deanna says

    I am so glad I am reminded I am a slave to God. I remember when I was a slave to the outside world, the day I had an awakening that I needed God in my life was what I needed. I am not saying times havr been easy, on the contrary, but worth it because I know my Lord and savior will always be with me. Thank you for this reminder.

  16. Dianna says

    LOVE IT! Thank you for the wonderful reminder. This is something that has been very much on my heart lately, serving joyfully and serving my God, my hubby and my children. Thank you!!!

  17. DJ says

    What a wonderful reminder! I ? this and definitely won’t be looking at my rings (or ears) in the same way. =)

    Oh – and I guess I was way more cool than I realized when I had triple-pierced ears way “back in the day” – I was such a rebel =) … keep in mind I was a preacher’s kid, preacher’s niece and eventually a preacher’s wife (guess the ears were my version of living on the wild side, lol)

  18. Tina says

    I just love that your reminder is a toe ring. I have been thinking of something I can do. This would be perfect! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  19. Faye Ferguson says

    Thank you for posting Christian reading material on FB. I find it so refreshing! Keep up the good (God) work!

  20. Gaylene Carpenter says

    Interesting. I’d rather a toe ring as once on the piercing was enough for me and a tattoo seems way too painful for this grandma!

  21. Rachel Marie says

    What a great idea! It’s been a while since I’ve had a toe ring but I may have to run out and get one. This would be a great idea for the Bible study girls I’m friends with. They’d love it!

  22. Whitney Salisbury says

    God has fulfilled the law in Christ. We are no longer a slave to fulfilling the law or to our sin. We have the freedom in Christ to pierce our ears, wear toe-rings, eat chocolate, AND drink coffee :) it’s a great life! But God does give us the responsibility to represent Him and live as a slave in order to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We walk in freedom but live with the knowledge that God paid a high price for that freedom. Love allows us to pierce our ears but also should push us forward to piercing hearts with the Word of God.

  23. Jeannie says


    You have NO IDEA how much I NEEDED this today! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! My husband has begun chatting with an ex-girlfriend via email, then because SHE asked him to, he started a facebook account! My eldest child and I had been bugging him to do so but his response was that there wasn’t anyone on there he wanted to connect with and if there ever was, he would go on FB. She asked and he was on. This whole year has been atypical for him as he has a very strong desire to help keep marriages strong. He just fails to see how this is killing me. It really has been an extremely difficult year for me, I have had panic attacks and he has had erotic dreams of her…he talks in his sleep… I feel like I’m just not good enough anymore that he has to connect with an old flame. I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t feel the way I do about just wanting to run and let him have her because it just hurts too much to stay. I just cant bring myself to do it because of what it could do to our kids. I have known him most of my life and love him beyond words. Aside from Jesus, he is the one who has always made me whole. Now, I feel like what I say or do just doesnt matter.

    Your post has given me new resolve to continue to be God’s voluntary slave and keep walking the path that He has laid out for me. I have tried toe rings before and just couldn’t find a comfortable one. I may need to save $ to try to find one that will work and remind me to keep walking the path! Thanks again for this most powerful post!

    • Denise Joyel says

      Praying for you right now….. Be strong girl! Rebuke the enemy from any victory over your marriage!!!

    • Sylvia says

      Great insights… great resolve… I don’t know you but I will pray for you and your husband right this minute. Hold steady and be super honest with God. It is so worth the fight.

    • Veronica says

      Praying for you, be strong and follow the right path, regardless of what Satan throws in front of you. You have ultimate strength in our Lord, he is strongest in our weakness. Much love to you.

    • Bobbi says

      Jeannie, saying a prayer for you, your husband and your marriage right now. Stay strong and stay close to God.

  24. Daphne R. says

    My dad used to tell my sisters and me (5 girls!) the same thing :-) Of course, none of us listened and a couple of them did the nose or belly button ring, too. I had 3 piercings in each ear, but over time, I quit wearing the extra earrings and 2 of them closed up. Only after my own daughter turned 12 and decided she was ready, (IF mom went first!) did I think about my earrings in a way other than to be cool. I had a long talk with my daughter about piercings, tattoos, etc. It was a really neat way to explain the “follower” mentality in a new way. She still decided to have one piercing done, but I knew it wasn’t just because everyone else did it. And, I went first and had my second ones re-done :-) It’s a great reminder :-)

  25. Norene Bartkowski says

    This is awesome! I did something similar not too long ago. I bought myself a sterling silver ring to wear on the first finger on my right hand. It’s a woven (or braided) pattern that actually has space between the strips of silver. It’s from Silpada Jewelry. Anyway, it reminded me of the “Crown of Thorns” that Jesus was forced to wear. When I saw it, I had to have it. I wear it every day. It keeps me focused on the sacrifice He made for me and how I need to live and serve Him. Thanks for posting this today.

  26. Nancy Griffith says

    I love the idea and the story. I will have to look for my own toe ring. I have my ears done but haven’t wore earrings in a long time. Thanks for the message it was great.

  27. Julie Howard says

    I LOVE your idea!! I actually wear a ring on my right hand on my ring finger (similar to my wedding band) that has “He loves me” engraved on it with a heart that has a cross in the middle of it. I consider it my wedding band from my father in Heaven. However, I think the toe ring idea is cool because on those days when you feel defeated and you tend to hold your head down in a state of moping, you will see that toe ring and be reminded that you are a beautiful daughter of Christ that has so much to be thankful for.

  28. Kathy says

    This is a great idea for a reminder. I do sometimes wear my cross pendant, but I can’t see that unless I’m looking in the mirror. This would be a visual that I can see and oh how I need that some days. Blessings for your day Karen.

  29. Keisha Bryan says

    I needed this story today! I needed to be reminded that NO MATTER WHAT, we have to regroup and restart. Sometimes, the circimstances in my life make me want to “repack” and move to hills of Montana, but the Lord nudges me out of this state of mind with a hug from my daughter or an “I love you” form my husband. This article hit the spot for me today! Today, I will regroup and restart to enjoy my life and be a servant for God by serving my family!!!! Thanks so much.

  30. Kristi Robinson says

    Thanks for this message today! I wear a toe ring from time to time too, but will look at it in a different way from now on!

  31. says

    I love this post! I wrote one a couple of years ago about what tattoo I would get IF I got one. (I don’t have one! I am a big chicken and conservative as well..) Isaiah 44:5 says, “some will write on their hand, ‘The Lord’s.'” So I noted that if I got a tattoo I would get THE LORD’S tattooed on my hand. HOWEVER, because I don’t plan on getting one, I followed the first part of that same verse.

    “Some will say, ‘I belong to the Lord’;
    others will call themselves by the name of Jacob;
    still others will write on their hand, ‘The Lord’s,’
    and will take the name Israel.”

    I simply SAY, “I belong to the Lord.” But I would love to have that toe ring. :-)

  32. Christine says

    I love your perspective on peircing ears & threatening to go to school nude – brought a smile !! I love your idea and now I want toe-ring too – as a great reminder of my priorities in life

  33. Christina Burrell says

    This article blessed me tremendously today! I need the reminder that it is ok to come to God and ask His grace to cover me and help me regroup.

  34. Dee C. says

    My feeble brain ALWAYS needs a reminder that God’s ways are for my good. He desires my obedience and rewards those who diligently seek Him. Thank you for your post.

  35. Marie Kay says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have a necklace with a verse of Joshua that also reminds me to be strong and courageous…that the Lord is with me wherever I go. I love feeling it on my neck and be reminded – he is there.

  36. Cheryl B says

    thank you for this post. I really needed to hear this today. My husband has decided to chuck his family and finally be happy and start a new life after 30 years of marriage. Thank you again for this post. I really needed the encouragement and reminder that I am in this for life and am to live as God’s slave.

  37. Judy says

    I actually have one ear double pierced (from when it was popular). I haven’t worn an earring in it for quite some time. I may have to start wearing it again and/or see if I can find my toe ring.

    I agree with Dee C. – my feeble brain always needs a reminder as well.

  38. Ellen B says

    One of my favorite “things” is a yearly page-a-day calendar from Mary Engelbreit. She balances sweet pictures with sometimes-in your face reminders. One I saved from last year: “Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times” – Aeschylus
    The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side… it’s greenest where we water it and feed it. Being a willing servant is one of the best way I can think of to water & feed my life.

  39. Cherry says

    Karen, it was not until I did “chuck my family” to “be happy” that I realized where true joy really lies. Since that event, I have renewed and strengthened my personal relationship with Jesus and realize every day that when I trust Him and believe His promises, my life is fuller than any happiness I could seek to create on my own. I now accept my role as a mother who leads by example and teaches God’s Word to my daughter….and am committed to loving and serving the Lord. Your toe ring is beautiful (and so are your feet!) and your blogs and devotionals are a blessing and inspiration to me each time I read them:)

  40. Marjie says

    This is so inspiring….it reminds me of the message the Joe White gave at the Extraordinary Womens Conference in Greenville, SC earlier this year…..he handed out links of chain to represent being linked to Christ as a slave who has chosen to remain with our “Master”. I have the chain at home, but how neat a toe ring would be to symbolize the same idea.

  41. Terri Jones says

    Love the toe-ring idea……even if I don’t win, I believe I will get one and wear it. I’m too am too ‘chicken’ to do the second ear piercing.

  42. Jan W says

    What a delightful post! And a great reminder of who we belong to. I have had a toe ring in the past and never really felt quite comfortable wearing it, (probably an “age” thing :) ) but now I have a wonderful heartfelt reason to do so! This may also be a path to open the door to share Christ with someone. Thank you for always sharing your heart openly.

  43. Amanda says

    Great story. I think having a visual reminder of who we are in Christ is a great idea. My husband had a purity ring in high school. When we got married, for my wedding present he had it made into a necklace for me. While I don’t wear it everyday I do wear it often and it is a great reminder of the purity of our marriage.

  44. Emily says

    Love this!!! Thanks for the reminder that we are all humble servants of our Lord and that also means we are faithful to our husbands and families. Love the toe ring!

  45. Cindy Cummings says

    I’ve never worn a toe ring, but now that there is a meaning, an identity to it, yes, I’m in! I will seek one out (if I don’t win one ;o) ) and I will proudly wear it and be a part of this sisterhood and a slave to Christ! Blessings!

  46. VaLinda Jensen says

    Karen, I totally love this! I had a big disagreement with my fiance last night and we both stormed off. After some serious time in prayer, meditation and God’s word, I was reminded (gently, of course) by Him that this is the man He has brought me to…that *HE* is in control of my life…and that all is being prepared for me the way it should be. Thank you so very much for reinforcing those thoughts in my heart this morning. God bless you, Karen.

  47. Jean H says

    I wear a little silver ring on my pinkie finger. I lost a friend to breast cancer 11 years ago and she always wore a little silver ring on her pinkie. We spent so much time going and coming to dr, tests, treatments…so much pain and so much joy. When she died, I found my own ring and put it on. It lost it’s little fish due to wear and isn’t perfect round anymore but it is still there. Never thought of a toe ring……maybe!

  48. Lisa M says

    Thank you for these gentle reminders Karen. We have just moved from a house that was our home not by our own choice. The stress of the move and the work towards unpacking and forgiveness sometimes spills over into other areas of my life. Thank you for reminding me that even though I need to ‘refresh’ in my marriage and my motherhood, my relationship with God is never ending and never needs a break. ‘Cause when I’m at my weakest, he’s at his strongest! Thank you!!


  49. Regina Morman says

    Thank you for your story. It is a blessing in today’s world to see people, not just being a Christian, but acting like a child of God.

  50. Susan Plocher says

    What WONDERFUL idea! It’s sandal season – I love this unusual and unique way of remember whose I am. I usually wear a bracelet for this very purpose, but the one I wear broke and I haven’t gotten it fixed. Since I love going barefoot and LIVE for sandal season, I’m going to adopt this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  51. says


    I’ve never thought of wearing a piece of jewelry to remind me of my commitment to the lord. I will start looking for a piece.

    Thank you for the neat idea!

  52. Julia Pinto says

    Thank you for sharing such a great story today. I had similar discussions with my dad growing up. I wanted to get my nose pierced. He told me no. Thank you for illustrating why and what we wear maybe our committment to Christ and do not judge.

  53. Alix says

    What a cool idea! I wear a silver ring on my right index finger that says, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” in Hebrew (Song of Solomon 6:3). It reminds me I am God’s. Now I have new inspiration to wear my toe rings too!

  54. Deanna Pauline says

    I do love my family and do my best to be the best mother and wife I can even though I have to work full time outside the home.

  55. sarah hutcheson says

    I so needed this today! God know exactly what we need when we need it and I’m so thankful! Good attitude adjuster. :)

  56. Pat Bodley says

    That’s why I wear my Daughter of the King cross “habitually.” I am going to wear it smooth from touching it several times a day to remind him that he is with me.

  57. Mary Ellen says

    That is so neat! I have always wanted a special ring to signify my love and devotion to Christ! I would love, love, love to have this gift!
    Blessings on you and your ministry!

  58. Linda Guenther says

    I have that 2nd hole…in BOTH ears but not for that reason. It just seemed like a fun idea. I have a tattoo on my left ankle…..again not for that reason. A toe ring would be a great idea!!
    Have a blessed day everyone!

  59. says

    I’m single, never married and a young 54 years old. I have 16 nieces, nephews and great nephews. The toe ring, would remind me to pray for my siblings families and to remember the Lord is the One who holds my hand.

    Thank you for your story. I like applying meaning to things.

    I like painted toes and toe rings. We should be pretty and fun no matter what age we are. I have 2 holes in each ear and I really want a nose stud…a tiny silver ball. have to wait till I earn a little money..

  60. nan says

    I am exhausted trying to keep my family together.I don’t have what it takes. But Jesus in me does have what it takes. I will continue to serve God and my family daily through The stre ngth He promises me. Thank you for this encouragement.

  61. christy says

    I love this simple reminder of what my priorities truly are.! It’s so easy to get bogged down with distractions, but this is a fabulous way to bring my scattered thoughts back to what really matters.

  62. Audrey Rigsbee says

    Great idea! I needed this today. I need a reminder to be a slave to God.my devotion today was about living a Christ like life and now I’ll have a visual reminder. I’m getting a toe ring this weekend! Thanks for your inspiration!

  63. Janet Haigler says

    I am now a grandmother, and there are sooooo many things I wish I could go back and redo, and if any new moms ever ask advice I tell them to live in the present, because tomorrow is here and they are grown way too soon!!!

  64. Sheila says

    I love your reasoning for the toe ring and the ear piercing. I have two holes in both ears, because I always thought it was cool and still love them. I have even contemplated an earring in the upper ear – but that is all cartilage and do not know if I could stand the pain!!! Two of my cousins have this and would only do it because of them. We are all Christians and love the Lord. I also have a toe ring and have never thought of it the way you presented it. I think that is great. You are right there are a lot of women turning from their families and God in this day and time – we have seen it first hand in our boy’s friends families. Satan has been attacking the family and I believe he is in overdrive these days. We need to be reminded to stay on track and what a great way – with a toe ring!!

  65. Mary says

    Cool idea! I have planned for years to get one ear pierced for the same reason but have just never gotten around to doing it. I had planned to do it for my 30th birthday in the Lord but money was tight and it seemed like an extravagant thing to do at the time. Since then, money is still tight and just have never done it.

  66. Lisa says

    That is a lovely reminder! And a perk for someone who loves to be barefoot…although its’ hard to have beautiful (in the wordly definition) feet when they’re so busy and bare so much of the time! A pretty sparkle is just what these worn bare feet would like! I love the idea! My eyes will pause at the reminder of love instead of so quickly finding the rough and callused part! Thanks!

  67. Roz says

    Thank you. I was bought for a price, I am a slave to Jesus. This is comforting to me. He alone is all I need and want.

  68. Amanda R. says

    I love reading your posts. God’s perfect timing puts them in my in-box on days when I need the message the most.

  69. Janet D. says

    Karen, thanks for sharing. I love this idea of the toe ring. I, too, wore a toe ring in my earlier years but for all the wrong reasons…pride, popularity, etc…. It’s been long gone but my goal today-weekend is to find me another one as a reminder of persevering as a Mother and Wife and being a slave to My Lord and Savior. (Yea!!! I’m excited. Now an excuse to get a fresh pedicure as well!!!)

  70. Jeri Clay says

    A bond servant I aim to be! Thank God He renews use each morning. The desire is always there but the World around me sometimes gives me the feeling of entitlement.. As though I have a right to be angry hurt back. Living withtwo prodicle teens and an angry husband is a challenge. But the Lord is up to the challenge and I choose to be His girl. “grace doesn’t expect perfection, but delights in obedience”. A toe ring sounds like an awesome reminder of how richly He blesses me.
    When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s ways, he causes their enemies to make peace with them. Proverbs 16:7. CHOOSE PEACE…

  71. Jennifer says

    Thank you for this today. I had to quote you on Facebook. Far too many of my classmates have left their husbands/families for ‘greener grass’ and ‘happiness’. They have even gone so far as to call it ‘growing mentally & spiritually’. So many women are misled… and also misleading them. Thank you also for the toe ring idea! (I never did get my ears pierced, lol!)

  72. Kim Montaini says

    What a great idea!

    I’ve been having lots of issues at home; I SO needed this reminder. I need to keep my focus that whether I am serving my husband, my children or my employer – I am really serving my Lord. An equal response from others in this world to which I give my sweat, tears, and love isn’t required, because it is Him that I actually do these for.

  73. Julie says

    This is SO cool! What a neat idea! God is an awesome God and deserves ALL our praise and dedication! What a neat and stylish reminder that we are His forever! AMEN!! Thank you!

  74. Lisa says

    I love the representation of the toe ring. I, too, wear a braclet that is a reminder of “Who’s I am” and the One I serve! May your day be blessed just as mine has been with your words.

  75. says

    Wonderful post, Karen. It seems there are so many marriages in major crisis these days. This is a very good reminder that we need to daily surrender ourselves to God and be willing slaves for our husbands and marriages.
    Thanks for the giveaway. :-)

  76. Angela Cruz says

    As a child from a home where my Mom really did run away ~ this blog really hit close to home today! Now I am a Mom of three wonderfully handsome young men & I can certainly relate to what you wrote here but know that God has called me to serve them the best I can & with His grace & love! Thanks SO much for the encouragement today!!! I, too, have a toe ring & have since my teen years & have not ever thought of it in this manner! Love new perspective!!!

  77. Deb V says

    Karen I love your post. Your story about wanting to get your ears pierced reminded me when I was thirteen and wanted to get my ears pierced. My dad said if God wanted you to have holes in your ears he would have put them there. I smartly told my dad that if God wanted him to smoke he would have put a chimney on his head. I did get in a little trouble for talking back that day (oh well) but my dad gave in and my mom took me to the mall that next week to get them done.

  78. Kelly Anderson says

    I love this idea…I love any kind of reminder to keep us looking up :) I’m =going to get a toe ring!!!! :)

  79. says

    i remember begging to get my ears pierced…my dad was a pastor and he didn’t want me to ‘offend any of the church people’…because i loved my dad and trusted his judgment i didn’t pierce my ears :-) then when i was 19 i lived away from home…pierced my ears…my mom and younger sister followed suit and we all had pierced ears…the piercing wasn’t a big deal…the obedience was…i am 56 years old and still smile some days when i put my earrings in…i still love my daddy to the moon and would never do anything to disappoint him…he is one of the most Christlike men i have ever known…thank you for your toe ring example…it’s not about the piercing or the toe rings…it’s about obedience…bless you, friend!

  80. Karin H. says

    This is a very simple and neat idea that is both public and private. It could also be used as a conversation opener to someone that God wants you to talk or minister to. God still amazes me in how He can take something so small and, to most, insignificant to use for His glory. Just makes me think if He can do that with a toe ring just imagine what He can do with me.


  81. says

    I love this! There are so many “takes” on this ~ wearing a toe ring can remind us we are walking on holy ground as we serve our families in our daily round…it can encourage us to step out in faith, knowing that He who calls us is faithful to equip us….and it can be a reminder that beautiful are the feet of them who bring Good News. A toe ring…who knew? Thank you for sharing!

  82. Cathy Guthrie says

    I love this illustration. I have a whole new thinking of toe rings now. I dont have the nicest feet but I think I will get me one of these as well as one for my friends and share this. Thanks.

  83. Jan says

    I am chuckling to myself as I read your posting. This morning I came across my toe ring as I rummaged through my jewelry box looking for a lost earring. My husband bought it for me on a wonderful vacation in Maui – I think I will put it on as a reminder of the love of my Lord and also my hubby!

  84. says

    My mother and yours must have studied the same notes. “If God wanted you to have holes in your ear he would have put them there himself.” I heard that over and over. lol I commented about wearing a ring on my finger that God did not place there himself. It did not sway her.

    Oddly I went and had my own ears pierced at the ripe age of 21. After I convinced my 3 sisters that a shot was more painful, my three sisters and my MOTHER stood in line to get their ears pierced.

    Your toe ring reasoning is very thought provoking. And I was pleased to note the pedicure and lovely condition of your feet. I have a thing about people taking care of their feet. lol I can’t wear a toe ring (diabetic) but I’m thinking an ankle bracelet might do the same thing for me.

  85. Kristi V. says

    Karen, what a great idea and reminder! I’ll have to come up with some idea for myself. Unless I win your toe ring, of course!

  86. Susan T says

    I also have the second hole in one ear! I love toe rings, and would love to use one with this meaning. I will have to look for one that is suitable for this purpose (if I don’t win :))
    I currently wear a silver band on my finger with Jer 29:11 etched in to help keep me focused on God.

  87. Cathy Guthrie says

    I love this illustration. Thank you for sharing this. I don’t have the prettiest feet but I think I may just have to get me a toe ring now. You gave me a whole new way of looking at toe rings.

  88. Nancy H says

    I SO needed this reminder today…..and like at least one of the other commenters said, even if I don’t win, I’ll still go get myself a toe ring! Never really saw the purpose in them before, but am now intrigued by the sentiment. God bless!!!

  89. Shirley says

    I love toe rings but never have wore one. I am 72 years old. I told my husband this morning I was going to wear a toe ring. He said have you lost your mind? I said maybe but it feels great & it looks great too. I am wearing it for all the right reason. Loving & serving GOD.
    Karen I love you & your post. Have a great day.
    Love & prayers,

  90. Carolyn Chrisman says

    I think this post is needed for today’s world. In my life I have two family members who have chosen to leave their families for a life of “freedom”. And it breaks my heart because these are Christian women who have bought a lie. A daily reminder like a toe ring is helpful, but I think having women who also struggle with it, and who choose to stay is more important. It means that we are not buying the devil’s lie that we are all alone in our struggle. We live life together the way Christ meant for us too, sharing each other’s burdens, lifting each other up. Thank you for this lesson.

  91. Melissa Hiatt says

    What a great idea., I wished I had thought of it :) While I always know that God is with me, I can always use a constant reminder. It can also be a reminder that you are God’s child and that people are watching you,. The thought of the toe ring can give you that minute to think before I speak or act.. Love it!

  92. Ruth says

    Oh, yes, thank you for this!! Unless I am a bondservant of the King, I am not free at all! Desiring to live in the freedom He alone offers!! Blessings on your day…I have never worn a toe ring; it certainly looks pretty on your foot!

  93. DeAnn says

    Sounds like we grew up in about the same time period. It hurt bad enough the first time that I didn’t want to go through it again just for another one!! Thanks for the reminder that we are servants of the Lord. Thanks for the give away.

  94. karen hollingsworth says

    my brother used to tease me about wearing rings on my toes. He died 20 years ago but I still wear one. I always think of seeing him again in heaven when i look down at it. Now I will also think of being a willing slave for Christ!

  95. Debbie Last says

    I love the thought of a ring that reminds me of my commitment to Christ. I remember as I wrote my wedding vows, how the phrase “I promise” struck hard. Not I’ll try, but I Do. I Will. Thank you for your reminder!

  96. Liz says

    Thank you for changing my thought process …when I just don’t want to do another “thing” I ask… who am I really serving?? God!! So changes my view!
    God bless you

  97. Linda says

    I have worn a toe ring on each foot for years. I love using them now as a reminder to whom I belong. . I love your emails. They are so “God focused” every day. I am reading your book Confident Heart. Loving it. Inspired by it. It is leading me to have a “confident heart”. God bless you. May God continue to inspire you to help inspire others is my prayer.

  98. cindy says

    I loved this article. And it reminded me of many years ago, before toe-rings were even invented! At a women’s retreat with the theme “the Bride of Christ” & during a foot washing, we all received toe rings. Oh they were just bendable cheapies, but we wore them with such thankfulness & thrill, to know & show that we belong to Him. For months i wore it as a sweet reminder of that precious time with the Lord; i’ve no idea what happened to it now. And like someone commented above, i’m also a daughter of a dad with 5 girls who said the EXACT SAME THING to me when i was a teen in the 60’s! Thanks for your encouragement to us, the ‘bride of Christ’. :o)

  99. Denise Joyel says

    Such a great post! Proof that we Christian Chicks are not stuffy..lol! :0) I love the idea of using different things as symbols or reminders of our commitments, memories, milestones…
    One of your cutest giveaways!!

  100. Lori says

    Wow! Who would have thought of a toe ring playing such an important role?! I love your idea. Thank you for sharing with us!

  101. brooke says

    WOW! Thank you for this post today…. I have holes up and down my ears that I put in there in the 80’s when it was the “cool” thing to do. I have NEVER thought of using it as a reminder of my slavery to Christ and am SO grateful for your post today.

    It is hard sometimes, no A LOT of times to remember that I am a willing slave to Christ and His plan for my life. Being a mommy to 5 young kiddos is HARD and I appreciate your words and compassion to all.

    Thank you again for this special reminder and verse…. and I would LOVE to win, by the way ;)!

  102. says

    Karen, I loved your story today and reason for a toe ring. I would love one and would wear it for the same reason if I won! Thanks and God Bless!

  103. Jenny Anderson says

    Great idea! visual and physical reminders are a beautiful tribute.. I think I’m going to go do my toes now!

  104. Rebecca says

    Thank you for a wonderful reminder as to whose I am! I’ve been enduring difficult issues and need to be reminded to look to my Master and King and my hope is in Him!

  105. Caroline Grossman says

    What a great post Karen. I love it and the idea of a toe ring gets me all excited…I have always been so conservative and would love to have one. Your blog challenges me and encourages me. Thank you!

  106. Elizabeth says

    Thank you this is a very creative encouragement. I am the mother of five with one on the way, married to a wonderful husband who works extremely longs hours so I can stay home. I am very blessed but in the frequent exhausted moments I need this reminder that I am a slave to Jesus and blessed to be a willing servant to my husband and children.

  107. Linda says

    When I was a freshman in highschool, I pierced my own ears! I too had heard the comment from my dad, “if God wanted you to have holes in your ears, he would have put them there”. So I pierced my own ears and surprisingly, my dad said little. I no longer even wear earrings and very little jewelry, but I love the toe ring idea! Thanks for your words to help us remember God’s plan!

  108. says

    Living as a voluntary slave is painful, difficult and incredibly rewarding. It’s good to read about others trying to walk the same path. I’m learning perseverance, long-suffering, joy and peace that passes understanding. Obedience to God to keep a person in my life who is not neuro-typical has brought pain, but the Lord’s blessings are beyond anything I ever could have imagined. God is so good! I pray my life as a wife and mom will please God. And yeah, there are days when I want to go off and do my own thing. I’m not going anywhere, though, because The life God has chosen for me is far better than any I could ever make for myself. I love the toe ring idea, even though I live in a place where summer arrives in mid July and comes complete with lots of cold rainy days :).

  109. Michelle says

    This is a great idea for girls. Thinking it would be cute to do with my daughter and her friends and give them pedicures. I want everything I do to bring glory to God. Small ways to remind us throughout our day that we belong to Christ and that we are not slaves to this world but a willing servant of the King! I really like getting your emails. A nice break in my day. Praying God continues to use you and bless your efforts!

  110. says

    I just loved this post! Specially because we need to be reminded that we do this voluntarily, so away with the whining, and let’s press on as wives, moms and servants of the King! Thanks, Karen!

  111. Karen Keisler says

    I have worn a toe ring for years, but never thought about using it as a reminder of God in my life. I have tried other things before, even going so far as to consider getting a tatoo (although i know i never will.) I thank you for this idea because I need something to remind me sometimes when I’m tired and have little patience with my family.

  112. Tammy says

    Love wearing my toe ring but it’s cool to look at it with more meaningful eyes. I can do it to remind me who’s child I am! Thanks for sharing!

  113. Sara says

    I’ve always loved toe rings but never had one. I love the idea of using it as a reminder of who I am and the willing servant I choose to be. If I don’t win, I believe I’m going to have to invest in a toe ring. Of course, I’ll HAVE to get a pedicure first!!!

  114. Ann says

    Cute story. It sure does bring back memories. I just might get me a toe ring for that same purpose. I can’t stand a short for any purpose. My husband is a physician. He use to come home at times many years ago & surprise me by giving me a Vit B shot. Literally, I would run all over the house & squirm, jump up & down until it was all over. Naturally, the shot was harmless.

  115. Linda Elliott says

    I love this idea Karen! So what do you do in the winter? Do you still wear the ring with socks and shoes?

  116. Mollie says

    I love the meaning associated with the toe ring. A constant reminder of our ties and love for Jesus and family.

  117. Gail Douglas says

    I have always been an individual who thinks alot before following what the so called “crowd” does. I personally don’t think having your ears pierced is going to make you in the “crowd.” So I didn’t pierce my ears in hi school. I wanted to be me and I always thought 1st of was this nessesary and came up with nope. Regarding wearing a toe ring and it could be anything for that matter, a bracelet, whatever, you still have all the goodness of the moments you shared with the friends you know and love and wearing a toe ring to remind you doesn’t fit me. Honestly, I’d have more than 10. Moments to be shared do not have to be reminded by a piece of jewlry. I love my friends and have my dearest friend now for 62 yrs. Do we share a piece of jewlry to remind us of our friendship ? Nope ! I think back and know I was liked by so many people and still are and I believe it is because people respect people who don’t need to be in the “crowd”, just themselves. What you said is lovely and I think if what you did was what you wanted it’s just fine, but not all people think this way. You may ask me, do you have pierced ears now ? Yes I do mainly because most of the jewlry is for pierced ears and for know other reason.

  118. Bobbie G says

    Thanks for the reminder and sharing that we are all humble servants of our Lord and that also means we are faithful to our husbands and families. Would be fun to win the toe ring. I need some fun in my life.

  119. Judy Fuemmeler says

    I love this story you shared! It was very inspiring! May we all live out God’s design for our life and be true women of the word!

  120. connie says

    I would love to win these fun prizes. I also love the message and the words you shared. Thanks a lot.

  121. Megan says

    I have heard that scripture preached on years ago about prayer and listening to the Lord by having your ear to the doorpost of your spirit, where the Holy Spirit dwells. It was a great message, thank you for reminding me!

  122. AJ says

    I really like the fact that it is on the toe. Part of the feet. Feet make me think servant. I am a servant to God and my family. A couple of years ago I had friends tell me that I had every right to chuck my family and start over because of my husband’s affair. I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to them and instead turned to God. He told me to stay and I’m still here reaping the benefits of doing what God wanted of me. Forgiveness; Obedience. I’ve never been more in love with my husband, or closer to God. It all comes from letting Him lead.

  123. says

    I thnk your reason for wearing a toe ring is AWESOME! What a great reminder of a fun time and a Godly reminder as well. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  124. Christene Catlin says

    This is a great idea and my feet would probably get more attention if I bought my self one and used it for that purpose. I unfortunately neglect my feet and only slap a little polish on when I wear flip flops. Now where to find a toe ring – I have never shopped for one.

  125. Susan K says

    What an insightful post! I never knew about that verse. I love the practicality. Thanks for sharing.

  126. Rosemarie says

    My HEART belongs to YOU FOREVER – What a wonderful idea. When I became a Christian 3 1/2 years ago I sent away for a silver ring that is inscribed “My Heart Belongs To You Forever.” that I wear around my neck (closest to my heart) that reminds me everyday that I belong to HIM.

  127. Amy says

    What a refreshing summer reflection. I will always think of this passage in a different light and I am going to start wearing a toe ring too!! Blessings to everyone!

  128. Janelle K says

    Thank you for the inspirational message. I am a new mom, and had to go back to work recently. Now I’m learning my ‘new’ role as a working wife & mother. This is difficult but your message encourages me to keep moving forward, and reminds me who I am doing this for.
    I now want to find somthing symbolic to remind me daily. I like the toe-ring idea! (when I can get out, I hope to find one)

  129. amy says

    I have a faint scar on the palm of my hand, I don’t remember how I got it, that is a constant reminder, to me, of Jesus’ sacrifice for me, and my eternal debt to him. I will gladly be a slave to him, because he is the sacrificial Lamb to me that freed me from sin.

  130. Cynthia says

    I totally LOVE this idea!!. A bond servant to God!! Oh, I so want to fill this role… Here I sat, mentally praying for a word from God on some personal issues, and I get this in my inbox!!! Thank you Karen for sharing!

  131. Heather V says

    I wore a toe ring for years but sadly it wore out and I never replaced it! Looks it’s time to replace it!

  132. Melissa says

    Your words spoke directly to my heart. I want to be God’s slave, but it’s not an easy thing. You gave us such a wonderful way to wrap our heart and mind around being SOLD OUT to Christ. Thank you for a fresh perspective!

  133. Pam says

    Thanks, Karen for stories that warm our hearts and give us something to think about. I’ve had a similar experience. At one time, our Pastor gave each of us a small black bead and asked that we wear it in our shoe everyday (it wasn’t summertime!) to remind us of a lost person we knew. For six weeks, each time the small bead was felt, we were to pray for that person. As you might guess, that’s a lot of prayers going up for that one person. That really made an impression on me. I pray the recipient of the prayers felt it too.
    What a fun way to be ever mindful of God’s place in our hearts and lives. I would imagine it would present many opportunities for a witness. Who would have thought? A toe ring! Thanks for sharing.

  134. June H says

    Karen, Thank you so much for sharing from your heart! What a beautiful way to share our love for Jesus when others’ see a toe ring!

  135. Jessica says

    I needed this so much today! It’s so easy to forget that we’re voluntary slaves to Christ and fall into the “I can’t/shouldn’t ________ because I’m a Christian” hole that a lot of media and non-Christians put out there. To know I CAN go to the bar and have some drinks but CHOOSE not to because it doesn’t bring glory to Him, makes those things that I did in younger years all that much easier to walk away from. Thank you for sharing!

  136. Sarah M says

    Love the visual reminder of my commitment to be a servant. Life gets so busy and I am easily distracted. Not sure about a toe ring, I can not wear earrings and bracelets tend to break, so maybe a toe ring would be best.

  137. Rachael says

    This is amazing. I’ve never heard these verses before, and I definitely am in need of a constant reminder. I got my ear double pierced on one side for the simple cool of it, but I could repurpose it…I haven’t worn an earring there for years.

    I so wish that people would really really really think before running after that greener grass. The only reason it’s greener over there is because they’re choosing to tend to it more than what’s on their side.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  138. Teresa says

    Karen, I love reading your posts…you have such neat, fresh ideas!!! Blessings to you for sharing this to all of us “slaves of the Lord”!

  139. Mary Hayes says

    wow, what a neat way to apply jewerly & fashion to scripture ~ loved the story & enlightened me to how things can become reminders of our role in Christ. Love the subtle idea of a toe ring or a thorn of crowns ring to wear. Thanks for sharing your story & scripture applications. :) The giveaway sounds mighty cool!!!

  140. says

    I have a toe ring that I too bought during a women’s retreat. I didn’t buy it for the same reason, but it is a reminder of something special the Lord did in me on that trip. I love your reason for wearing one. I remember the ear piercing “slave thing.”

  141. Cherie G says

    I am thinking about the 2nd hole, but love the idea of the toe ring – commitment without pain…but I appreciate that you take the time to write and help us to have different ways to look at the the same topic!

  142. Jo C says

    My middle daughter will be heading off to college in August and I found out this week that it is tradition for the freshman girls to get a piercing — usually on their face. (I’m not sure if this is the campus ministry tradition or just freshman girls in general.) I hate the thought of her doing this because I don’t want her to be a follower and I know that in the not too distant future she won’t like it anymore and then she will have a scar(s). I am going to suggest that she show her individuality and witness about her commitment to the Lord by wearing a toe ring instead. I always enjoy what you have to say, Karen.

  143. Cleta says

    I like the toe ring reminder. I also like the idea of a large clunky bracelet on my right wrist to remind me that if I keep my eyes always on the Lord, He is at my right hand and I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8. Thank you for this post today.

  144. says

    That’s awesome! I had my ears double pierced at age 16-they were pierced the first time at age 5. I have since stopped wearing earrings in the second holes because I can’t sleep in earrings and I only wore studs in those. My husband gave me a gold toe ring a few years back that needs to be re-adjusted as it’s more triangular shaped than circle shaped. I LOVE the idea of wearing a toe ring for God. I might just have to go find a nice, inexpensive one this weekend! 😀

  145. Rosey says

    Love the toe ring symbolism!! I also like the symbolism of your friends piercing…such an awesome outward showing of inner (and outer) devotion. I am really moved by this, thank you. My family is a divine aftermath. I say this because I am married to a man who was married before. His divorce was a product of the grass is greener mentality from his first wife. Fortunately for me, he stayed focused on God through the whole ordeal and we met later at a church function. His devotion to our Lord has always inspired me. Along this road of healing from his divorce, my (now) husband led his three year old son through the path of healing through Jesus. I am now blessed with a young man who calls me mom and relies on me to lead and teach him The Way from a motherly perspective. Watching his pain and struggles currently that stem from a broken family so many years ago is a blessing that God has given me. I see how satans lie of the grass being greener on the other side can destroy so many people and fracture their faith so easily. It’s a lasting pain, especially for children. Our son, now 11 is a faithful baptized believer and an inspiration to me. He has his struggles just like the rest of us, and the divorce will always be a stumbling block for him, but he has overcome so much through Jesus. One of our families favorite quotes it this “if you think the grass is greener on the other side, water your own lawn!” God bless!!!

  146. says

    I haven’t thought about wearing jewelry as a reminder until lately. And yes, I have wanted to run away :) It happens. Of course, I come from a background where my mom did run away and it was devastating so that little reminder is enough to snap me out of my bad attitude. I know many folks who have tattoos to remind them of who they belong to.

  147. Heather C says

    I got my left ear pierced twice in college too. However, I have never heard of a piercing being linked up with a Bible passage, thanks for the thought provoking post!

  148. Amy Montera says

    My husband left and I am in the process of a divorce. I contemplated tattooing a verse on my ring finger to remind me that the Lord is my husband and provider, but I am a wimp :) After this post I thought I might just buy a ring and have a verse engraved on it to remind me who I belong to!

  149. Kelly Galambus says

    I love your idea for the toe ring! I’ve been wanting one for awhile; now I have a good reason to get one:) Thank you for sharing this with us.

  150. Veronica says

    I have been a slave to trends, friends, vanity and pride-all have left me broken. I’ve never thought of myself as a willing slave to my Lord and Savior., but I am. I have found my way home after many years searching for what I already knew to be true and faithful. Thank you for the reminder to continue walking the path with my Lord willingly and forever his slave.

  151. Annie Miller-Assam says

    Your story totally cracks me up! My mother used to tell me the EXACT same thing. “If God wanted holes in your ears, he would have put them there”…. ……..Everytime I asked to get my ears pierced (for 21 years) she and my dad would say the same thing!!! SUPER CONSERVATIVE NAZARENE parents, I used to tell my Dad “Well, if God gave you hair on your face, that must mean that you shouldn’t shave.” I love them so much!!! God gave me great parents. But I finally snuck off by myself at the age of 21 …….went to Claire’s Boutique…….and got my ears pierced.
    I grew up on the east side of Michigan…..so I am totally familiar with Meijer Thrifty Acres!!! too!!!!! hahaha…… I am now 50……a very healthy happy, young 50!!! AND I am totally aware of what it means to be a slave for God my master!!! Sometimes we as parents, as friend, as a Christian have to “go against the waves”……..and stand up for and continue to believe in what Jesus Christ wants for our lives……what is best for our lives…..at all costs!!! And if that means being a slave for my master……..That is who I want to be!!!!

  152. Mary Jo says

    That’s a great story. I love the idea of a toe ring reminder to help me refocus and turn to the Lord instead of being frustrated and giving up or doing something I would regret.

  153. says

    Karen! I love all your posts, but this one was “especially special”! Couldn’t wait to see WHY you wear a toe ring! :) I smiled all the way through at your unique, entertaining…..yet enlightening…..style used in expressing the “truth”. Thanks for the reminder that we are slaves to Christ…..willing servants who love Him “because He first loved us”.

  154. Andrea H says

    Thanks for sharing, Karen. I find it good to attach spiritual significance to everyday things to remind us of God’s truth throughout the day.

  155. Denise says

    What a beautiful reminder……even for a 54 year old! Thank you for considering me in this giveaway.

  156. Adonia says

    Just last night I stumbled onto a website about hating to be a mom and a wife. Woman after woman complained about how much it took away from them to serve there families. The level of hatred towards motherhood and the desire to have never had children broke my heart. I literally “hungered” to be with my own children. I saw this posted on facebook and it restored my hope in moms and reminded me why we do what we do. Even if we feel like running God gives us a greater purpose and thank you for the reminder that we serve him above anyone else. A toe ring is a wonderful idea to take the focus off our own selfishness and turn our eyes to God.

  157. Stephanie says

    What a great idea! I have worn toe rings in the past just to be cute. Now they take on a whole new meaning. I will share this with my teen daughter too. What a neat way we can be reminded who we belong to! Thank you for your thoughts today. :)

  158. Kristy Bartlett says

    I love this! God has been teaching me so much over this season of life, and part of it is putting aside my type A personality (actually type AAA!!!***) and just be content to be His little girl.

  159. says


    What a cool idea! The funny thing is when I had babies, I used to run out of door the minute my husband arrived home in his car, and I said, “They are yours! Here is their spoon!” I would just run and run away to bookstore, anywhere to get my sanity back.

    Now I run to my bathroom and lock myself there when I feel like the “chucking family.” I would stay there for a few minutes then feel ready to start over.

    Besides hard work is only temporary on earth.

  160. Jolene says

    Love this idea! I am doing a study on Proverbs 31 with some other ladies and may suggest we all get toe rings as a reminder of what we have studied!

  161. D. Smith says

    Now I know what to do with the tarnished silver toe ring that’s been languishing in my jewelry box for several years now – polish it up and put it on as a beautiful daily reminder of the privilege it is to serve my family and my Lord and King. Karen, thank you for being such an inspiration to wives and mothers! Love your blog!

  162. Lisa Henderson says

    What a great reminder. As a mother it is so easy sometimes to forget who we serve and want to run as far away as possible! I had just been thinking recently about some sort of reminder for myself such as a necklace or bracelet that when I look at it I would be reminded of all that my God has done for me. But now a toe ring, hmmmm….great idea.

  163. AmyB says

    I love this reflection, reminds me of a song we often sing at church that says, “Majesty, I bow before you and lay everything at Your feet. With royal clothing that I don’t deserve, I live to serve Your Majesty”. It always reminds me of everything I have or don’t have is because the Lord has allowed it in my life — He is God, not me; He has everything under control, not me. What can I do but serve him? I am his slave and am so blessed to have this privilege. Thanks for all you share — you’re a blessing Karen! God bless!

  164. says

    I’m 65 years old. Being a young adult in the early ’60s gave me “license” to make unwise choices and I did. Now years later, I can say that those scarlet sins are white as snow — God waited patiently for me to come home. There are times that I shake my head as I recall my actions-I cannot believe that was me. Oh, what an idea – a toe ring to remind me of my true bridegroom and His grace and mercy for me – a lost & found sheep.

  165. april tindall says

    thank you sooooo much! i was feeling stuck today and struggling to find some motivation to do some tough things I need to do… thank you for the REFRESHINGLY honest look at being a willing slave to Christ.
    My sweet six-year-old daughter spontaneously prayed for Jesus to be her Lord on the way home Monday night… after months of questions. I was so excited… and now I get to help her see — as an insider– what that looks like!

  166. Kathi says

    Love…Love…Love your post! What a great visual reminder as to who’s we are! I need to go shopping!

  167. Wanda says

    Karen…thank you for your post today. I would definitely opt for the toe ring over a second ear-piercing as well!! I think that no one can really prepare or explain all that is entailed in becoming a bride/wife/mom/homemaker until we find ourselves navigating those years. I was an ‘older’ bride, which made me an ‘older’ Mom when we started our family. The Lord’s timing was perfect in my life and He has given me countless opportunities to grow and learn how to live out the fruits of the spirit beyond what I ever knew I could as I minister to my husband and our two children as a wife, mom, and keeper of our home. Thank you Lord!

  168. says

    Thanks for sharing the touching devotional today. You are so wonderful to make simple things in our lives mean so much more when we look at it from God’s perspective. Blessings to you!

  169. Edie Clavelli says

    You Rock Karen!
    I just love how you perfectly describe what is really happening around us and how God is so present in all of our choices-even our ear piercing days- moms included!!! Mine was the same! However, a toe ring would be another way to “shine” God’s presence for all to see-most importantly for me! Living in the present is the way to go and abiding in him warms my heart – God Bless You for staying so REAL!

  170. Beth says

    I loved this and really needed this today. I’m having a rough week where I feel stuck and not focused on Christ. I want to be His slave and love the idea of finding something that always reminds me of this. Thank you.

  171. cammih says

    I LOVE toe rings! I used to have a little silver one .. need to see if I can find it! Great message and reminder! Thank you!

  172. Jacki says

    I’m new to your blog, but so far I’m really enjoying your refreshing combination of faith, inspiration, and dedication to the Lord, along with a little fun. Thanks for sharing what’s important to you. Hope I win the prize!

  173. Lora C says

    I loved this!! It reminded me of my own begging for pierced ears and getting them when I was a little girl!! I also loved the reminder of being a voluntary slave and the caution about growing weary. The toe ring is a great visual reminder!!!

  174. Lora C says

    I forgot to mention that I love the fact that you got your toe ring while you were in Georgia!! I am a Georgia Peach!!

  175. Robin Still says

    My dear Karen…How on time your devotion is today. As our family is having some really rough times right now…it seems all is falling apart. I spend a great deal of my time looking down instead of upward. I had never thought of a toe ring in the way you described. It would a constant reminder (as I am looking down) that I should look up and know that I am a slave to my blessed Lord. He is the one that is in control of all things….

    Thank you for your time and words…they provide such uplifting spirits when I need them most. May you be blessed and I look forward to your new book too!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  176. Elaine says

    You are so honest, Karen. Thank you for letting so many women know that they are not wack-o (sp?) when they feel like running away. It’s wonderful how you weave the Christiaan messages that we need to be reminded about – that Christ is the answer – as you share real life experiences. We are all blessed by the gifts God has given you. I was pleasantly surprised by the message a toe ring can convey. How wonderful! And what a great opportunity to witness when someone compliments you on the toe ring, and you can share its meaning.

  177. Mary Baker says

    Thank you for the different perspective. I was not familiar with the verses you quoted, but I will definitely research them now.

    I love the idea of the reminder that I am a slave to Christ and a willing servant to those He has blessed me with. Thank you!

  178. says

    A daily reminder of that very fact is important. I love jewlery and also wear a toe ring. I had three poppys tattooed on my right foot. One in bud form, one starting to bloom, and one in full bloom. Below it is written “be transformed” Romans 12:2. I need reminded often that I am to live in this world but not be “of this world”.

    Thank you for sharing your visual reminder of whose you are.

  179. Diane says

    Wow! I was just thinking today as I was driving our van full of children home from town, how I love Jesus, and that is why I serve my husband and children to the best of my ability! Of course, I love them, too, but there are times when I need to remind myself why I do the things I do. Right now, I am wearing one of those rubbery wrist bands that says, “He lives!”, and another one from a motivational speaker that reminds me to live each day to the fullest. I pray to live and walk in forgiveness and love each day.

  180. Miranda says

    Karen I love this story about getting your ears priced. I had laugh at what your my said about if God wanted you to have holes there he would have made them.My dad would say the same thing .I got mine pirced to. I just loved what you said about going to school with no close that was a great come back. We joked alot in my family too. Just to funny.

  181. kathy says

    I have had plans for a tattoo on the bottom of my foot that says “Adonai” for years! I always thought of it with the idea that I am signed by my creator, but I love even the idea of being “branded” – I am God’s. I really need to do that soon!

  182. Crystal says

    Dear Karen,
    When my husband and I were going through a very rough patch, every day I would wear the earrings he had given me for our 10th anniversary. It took awhile before I could wear any other pair because they reminded me of his love for me and gave me hope for our future together. We got through it, and I wear lots of different types of earrings now, but I like the idea of wearing something that reminds me of my voluntary commitment to both my husband and my Lord.

  183. Mitzi Stambaugh says

    What a nice reminder and, yes, a painfree one as well. Now that it is sandal season, it is a great time to start wearing a toe ring as we walk along His bright path!

  184. Tammy says

    I LOVED your idea of the toe ring! We are called to be “brides of Christ” so we should wear a ring for our Lord! what a great concrete reminder of that idea. thanks for sharing.

  185. Sherry Smith says

    I got my toe ring out earlier this week and put it on. At the time I put it on because I like wearing it, I like the way it looks and it makes me feel pretty. Now I have a whole new reason to wear my toe ring. Thank you.

  186. Sue Reutzel says

    I love the idea of jewelry meaning something special…When our son started dating a non Christian I found a sterling silver pinky ring when we were at a Craft Fair…it reminds me to pray for her…she has yet to give her life to our Lord but I think her heart is softening…..

  187. Pam Ricklefsen says

    Thanks! I had my ears pierced when I was younger & as I have gotten older, I’ve wondered how God felt about me doing that to the body he gave me! I have never read that scripture in the bible. I think I feel better now! LOL!

  188. Holly says

    What a neat idea. I hadn’t heard anything like using a toe ring (or earring) to remind me of being a voluntary slave to Jesus. I have a dove ring my mom gave me when my third child was born (Three children, 3 yrs and under). She said it was to remind me of God’s peace. I wore it a lot the first year. I still wear it occasionally and it help to remind me to rely on God and not myself.

  189. Bobbi says

    Karen, I love this post. I’ve always wondered about wearing a toe ring – what a great reason to try it out – and to help remind me to have the heart of a servant! Even if I don’t win – I’m going to buy one!

    (I do have to echo an earlier comment though – do you wear it in the winter with shoes? Probably a silly question, but I’m a toe ring novice!) :) Thanks for the post! Blessings to you!!

  190. says

    I love this idea. I used to have one ear pierced very high and had to take out the earring because my hair was long and wrapped around it,., because of this post (and my hair being very short) I am considering wearing it again!

  191. Martha says

    For most of my growing up years, I dreamed of a ring….one that would go on my left hand. At 37-years-old, that hand is still bare. But after reading this post, I am reminded that, not only am I a slave to Christ, but I am Christ’s bride–left hand ring or not. I used to wear a toe ring (sometimes two!) but stopped wearing them a long time ago–not sure why. Perhaps I need to get a new one and look at it as my “real” wedding ring. :)

  192. LindaAnn says

    never thought I’d want a toe ring. Now I do ! My husband and I will be celebrating our 44th anniversary this week. He will ask me what I want and I will say a TOE RING …. from Kohls!

  193. Nancy says

    Shalom Karon thanks for your thoughts, they mean so much to me. Right now I am visiting my husbands family in the Holy Land. I am thrilled to be here, as you can imagine. My husband is jewish as is his family. My two young daughters and I are the only two believers in the household. We have been participating in their rituals and friday nite meals, we watch them pray from their prayerbooks and recite different prayers. Observing this, I pray to Jesus and thank him for my personal relationship with Him He is my King and only to Him will I be a slave. Thank you Lord for your saving grace!!!!!

  194. Joanna Warren says

    What a fabulous idea! I do have a tendency to look down, at my feet, when I am becoming frustrated, so a great visual reminder would be an awesome complement to the Truths in my mind. Karen, you may have just started a new trend :)

  195. says

    My Dad was the one who wouldn’t let us get our ears pierced. Same idea. He just thought it was barbaric. But that was back when girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school. Oh my, I’ve lived lots of years now. I have been very convicted lately of how I like to run away…escape things that are challenging or sad. I didn’t realize this was what I was doing. I thought I was just taking advantage of every wonderful opportunity. But my youngest and only one still in the nest has recently made it very clear, “You’re gone all the time.” While it’s not exactly true, clearly she needs me home more than I am…even if she’s out! Hmmmmm…maybe I’ll get a toe ring to remind me that I have chosen to be committed to God first, family second…and all else third!

  196. Margaret says

    I saw the title a few times yesterday but I had a birthday party with 16 8 years olds so I didn’t get to read it.. So glad I did this morning, yesterday I saw something that made me want to quit. Thank you for the encouragement.

  197. Jacquie says

    Karen, thanks so much for sharing! I so feel like running away, but remembering that I’m a slave to Christ is a reminder that I need!

  198. Lisa Crabtree says

    I use to wear a toe ring. Love your idea for wearing one. I can always use a reminder that I am a slave to Christ. That you for the post.

  199. Staci says

    Karen, Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading what you have to say. It is very inspirational.!!! Thank You!!!

  200. New June says

    Marriage, mothering, and now, sole care-taking of grandchildren is very challenging when trying to do it God’s way. At my age, I need many reminders to get anything done. The toe ring is a great reminder that I am a voluntary slave of Christ. Thanks for the encouragement.

  201. says

    WOW, what a flashback to my own parents! My Dad always said the same thing. My Mom however saw my side but it took until I was 16 to get my ears pierced. Then of course when I was married I had to get another hole in my ear because I was all grown up. I love the toe ring reminding me I am a slave to the Lord and only Him!!!!!

  202. Mfon Augustus says

    Thank for sharing such wonderful thoughts. I believe that being a wife and a mother is the greatest gift and ministry God gives to a woman, and i appreciate that by His mercies, i received this gift. Serving your family can be a great way of serving the Lord, if you do all things as UNTO the LORD.

  203. Brenda S. says

    Karen, I think this is a fantastic idea! We all need daily/hourly reminders of who we belong to. It is so easy to get caught up in this world, and neglect what is truly important to us. God wants us to be His 24/7, and not just for a couple of hours on Sunday morning! Thanks for sharing your story!

  204. Brooke says

    That is such a great reminder…I never would have thought that a simple tiny toe ring could have such a great significance. That’s awesome!

  205. says

    I still remember when a friend of mine’s BF proposed, he gave her a diamond ring for her finger and a diamond stud for her double piercing, to remind her of her commitment to the Lord and to him. Still think that’s one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard of! As for me, no holes in my body I wasn’t born with, but I do wear clothes LOL I’d love the summer set!

  206. says

    Yeah, I was told that piercing for earrings did not hurt. Well, it did — and since I am someone who faints at needles I still cannot figure out why I got my ears pierced. :) A friend at work wore a toe ring, and I thought of her in reading your post. She was a lovely person inside and out. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

  207. Susan says

    I love the idea of the piercing but am a wimp too. Toe ring sounds great. Thank you for reminding us all that we are willing servants of the Lord.

  208. Kimberly says

    Thank you for your inspiring post. I too have my ears pierced and have worn a toe ring before but have never given thought to any symbolism there might be with wearing my toe ring or other forms of jewelry. The only jewelry that I have worn that was symbolic for me is my wedding ring and my cross necklace. After reading your post I was reminded of Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Thanks for the encouragement and for reminding us that all parts of our life should be shared with God, even our toe ring….no part of our life is separate from God since He is everywhere. Thanks Karen!

  209. Marlene says

    I LOVE this idea and reminder. I think I may need to go out and get myself a toe ring. I was inspired by you several years ago at the HAH conference. I have gone to all of your sessions and then one year you showed up skinny! I loved your testimony and this year have started my journey. To date I have lost 104 pounds and feel great! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  210. ThankyouJesus says

    Love it!!!

    I wear 2 rings on my right hand: my wedding ring to my husband in it’s customary place, and one on my index finger that says “Jesus”. Like I tell people, “One because I am married to Gerry, the other is because I am married to my Lord”.

    That’s what the Bible says!

    …….and my friends always tease me that I take things “too literal”~

  211. Mythyl says

    Thanks for posting this. I love the idea of wearing a toe ring for this purpose. It would be nice to look for a toe ring next time I shop. I will definitely share this page with my bestfriend and go shopping with her. :)

  212. says

    I was a wimp and mom bribed me with hot chocolate to get my 2nd ear pierced after I went home with only one done. I was 3 but chocolate is still a weakness.

  213. Sarah says

    Karen, this idea is COOL! A physical reminder that I am a slave to the Lord and he is doing a huge work in me…

  214. Valerie Hohenberger says

    Karen, thanks for sharing! I have two sets of ear piercings and although the first set went swimmingly, the second set was painful for over a year! If I had known that, I would never have had them done! I don’t often wear more than one pair of earrings, but I did one day recently and was suprized the find that the second holes had not closed up. I have never had a toe ring, and I am too much a chicken (as well as too conservative) to get a tatoo. I love the idea that something so simple can be a reminder of the high price that was paid for my salvation! I would love to be a recipient of your largess! Blessings to you and your ministry!

  215. says

    I was five too when I sat on the high stool at Roses to get my ears pierced. I also remember my Mom buying me an orange necklace that day because I did so well. In college, I got my cart ledge and my belly button pierced (I know “TMI,” and both places only have scars to prove that something was there). As an African-American, the first Scripture you used is what I was taught as to why African-American males were not to wear earrings because it was a sign of slavery. I had never looked at jewelry as a way to be a slave for our Savior. I’m being transformed by the renewing of my mind. Thank you for sharing this revelation, and I look forward to hearing more from you at the She Speaks Conference.

  216. rick h says

    Hi Karen.
    Here’s a little story for you.
    i’m a male and i wear 2 toe rings.Why????. i’m not homosexual.
    my girl friend has deformed toes,and has always been ashamed of her feet.I actually find them bueatiful.I actually convinced her to start wearing flip-flops:).but she thought that people were staring at her toes.So i put on a toe ring.i would rather have someone look at me and wonder ,then her feel uncomfortable about herself.
    I know wear 2 toe rings. 24/7.and am comfortable about it.In front of her and my folks.Still not so much infront of some people.(fellow employees)male)
    Iam a christian,but never thought of this a commitment to christ,just to my love of a girl
    is it one in the same

  217. Cecilia says

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for sharing. I too wear a toe ring on n off but really like ur insight on this. I recently put an end to a 6 years relationship that I was trapped in. My family and my church family are very pleased. I took this decision after a lot of prayers and as a step of obedience toward God. With the help of, you can say my support group my friend who is a youth pastors wife :) I prayed for the soul tie to be broken, she also mentioned that I could wear a ring as a sign of Jesus’s love for me n me Him, making Him my all in all and submit myself to Him n trust in Him to find the right man He will’s me to be with.

    I’m really happy to have visited your site. My prayer everyday is for God to make me the woman of Proverbs 31 and for God to bless me with a man of Psalms 1 :)
    I had intended to get married on 12.12.12 and so tomorrow is the day I would be wearing my ring on my left ring finger as my dedication to my Lord n Saviour Jesus. He will forever remain the Lover of my soul!!

    Bless you and love you with the love of Christ,


  218. MaryQueen says

    Dear karen, this is wonderful , am so pleased to read this, I am a lover of rings entirely but each time I want to put on a toe ring, something tells me I need a strong reason to put a ring on my toe, reading this has given me a strong reason and a defence for wearing a toe ring not just for fashion but for that reason in which christ is involved. Thank you for this.

  219. ProudAtheist says

    What a gigantic load of bullshit…You all worship this “christ” in the hope that he’s gona come and save the world. Guess what, people have been waiting for centuries, they have been born and died, wars, murders, natural cataclysms have passed and guess what? No christ! How low of an IQ do you need to have to understand that Christ was NOTHING more than an ordinary man with flesh and blood and who slept with prostitutes by the way.

    • InLoveWithHim says

      Love the idea! Thanks for sharing! …and to the “ProudAtheist” when God reveals Himself to you, I pray that you have the courage to accept the truth and the willingness to come back and share with us just how He did it. His love, divine understanding and revelation be with you.

  220. InLoveWithHim says

    Love the idea! Thanks for sharing! …and to the “ProudAtheist” when God reveals Himself to you, I pray that you have the courage to accept the truth and the willingness to come back and share with us just how He did it. His love, divine understanding and revelation be with you.

  221. Malarma cooper says

    I looked up the meaning of a toe ring and found your site, I had a dream someone stole my crown/head piece it was beautiful and had gold gems and a pearl. Not only that they stole this beautiful gold toe ring with what looked like diamonds. I felt it was spiritual and wanted to know the mean.
    When I read why you wore one it tucked at my heart, I feel beaten everyday I’m divorced raising two teenagers on my own and feel so beaten at every turn. I know God is good and gas plans that I know nothing of. But I thank you for what you wrote I truly appreciate it. Cheers Malarma

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