Unglued Giveaway

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I’ve had a few situations that have tempted me to become unglued emotionally this week.

My stove top isn’t working properly and needs to be repaired.

My dishwasher is on the fritz.

Oh, and when it went on the fritz, it flooded the kitchen. I woke up to a lake one morning with my kitchen island floating in the center.

While waiting for the appliances to be fixed, I must light the gas stove top by hand (no biggie) and do all of our dishes by hand (a biggie!).

Last night, the kitchen was clean when I retired. This morning, after my 17 year old son had two friends over who decided to bake a cake, it looks like this:


And, the tasty cake they made—orange cream with cream cheese frosting—is a sweet—-something I am trying NOT to eat.

Unglued again.

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

Leave a comment with your unglued situtaion and you just might win one of three copies of Lysa TerKeurt’s new book Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.

It has only been out since August 7th and is already a New York Times bestseller!

I read an advanced copy and it is FABULOUS!!!!

In fact, reading it helped me reign in my emotions when my kitchen appliances (and my kids) didn’t cooperate.

It just might help you keep your cool too when your situations are spinning out of control.

Winner announced Monday. :-)


  1. Kathryn says

    My “high anxiety” oldest started school yesterday and it is his first year in junior high – oh the adjustment and the drama. My house is trashed…our 4 year old refuses to poop on the pot, and my hubby has a broken vertebrae in his neck and is refusing to do what the doctors tell him. Unglued…that is definitely how I feel right now!

    • Meg says

      Unglued is the state of my life in so many ways. Being pulled in so many directions and the school year and sports have not even yet begun! Counting the things that go wrong is so much easier than the things that go right-but it is so counterproductive! Let us pray for one another to find the good in things-it changes the outlook ever so much!

    • karen anderson says

      I find myself coming unglued when I have to deal with drama addicts. You know those people who make a crisis out of every challenge – like putting on a punch and cookie reception after church. If they can’t manufacture their
      own crisis they’ll feed on someone else’s with the “Oh my isn’t it awful” gossip.

      I also come unglued with adult step-children who won’t take resposibity for the financial and life-style messes they have made of their lives and only give lip service to making the necessary changes to improve their situations.

      The Serenity Prayer is my “mantra”. That and “Thy will be done.”

  2. says

    This morning’s unglued moment? Trouble sleeping all night, ended up hopping out of bed before alarm went off. 8-month old began crying/waking up 1 hour early and right as I was getting into the shower. Quick shower. Gather fussy 8-month old and begin the morning routine. 8-month old not pleased with breakfast choices. New kittens hiss at 8-month old and proceed to knock over bowl of kitten food (that 8-year-old daughter filled too full last night). While stepping over the spilled food, realize that time is running short and grab two pieces of white bread and consider that my breakfast. Also realize freezer packs were not put back in freezer… so lunch today can’t require refrigeration. Coax sweet hubby and 8-year-old daughter downstairs to get ready to carpool and drop me off at work. 8-year-old rolls eyes when asked to hold 8-month old for 2 minutes while I grab my stuff and put on shoes. Walk outside and realize trash and recycling still haven’t been taken to street for today’s pickup. Somehow, all of this in about 90 minutes and I’m Unglued!

  3. Elizabeth Heironimus says

    I am taking a quick break from packing for a long weekend trip for our family of eight. Five days + eight people= 40 pairs of underwear!!!!! And the gluten-free, sugar-free meals to figure out. No one seems to understand the magnitude but me!!! A day in the city (Chicago) and day in the suburbs with extended family, two travel days. I just needed to sit down for a minute.
    I know, in light of all of the tragedies in the world, I am whining about packing for a trip that will be a blessing. That makes me feel worse. Trying to hold it together while feeling guilty. Great! Just to have the funds for the trip is something that I need to stop taking for granted.
    Your post has helped me get a grip and keep it together. Thank you! I am feeling very grateful for my wonderful family and the opportunities that we have.
    The children have been banned (mostly nicely 😉 from the house until lunch and I am back to my task
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  4. says

    It’s always the little things that build up. We have broken appliances over here and then I needed an emergency root canal. We have a tree that needs to come down and it seems like we never have enough money to pay for everything that needs money to fix it. On top of that, there are always emotional stresses and my husband’s lack of communication. It seems like He never hears me. Despite the fact that God has heaped blessings in my life for me, my selfishness ALWAYS seems to be my focus and it takes a lot of time for me to actually listen. Unfortunately, I’ve usually done serious damage to the relationships closest to me that needs a lot of apologizing in the time it takes me to listen to God. I’m planning on focusing on becoming selfless (like my husband seems to do so well) and allow God to change me. I’m certain this will only lead to more opportunities where I will get discouraged about blowing my top and wonder if I will EVER get to the point where I make the choices that honor God. I’m certain this book is a good one and it is on my list!

    • Susan says

      Read Lysa’s book. It is wonderful. Lysa calls it “imperfect progress” and we are all capable. Have faith, Sweet Sisters!!

  5. Kim Mora says

    Well, I got up- split my coffee, rear-ended another car at a traffic light, the lady got out of the car and screamed at me that her neck hurt, was late to work, then didn’t have time for lunch and had a blood sugar attack, was in a traffic jam for over an hour trying to get home after work, and finally went to gym class only to realiaze that my shorts were inside out….

  6. Judy says

    I’ll see you’re broken dishwasher and raise you a hole in the sink. So not only do I have to do dishes by hand, but can only use one side of the sink to do it in. I found the hole while running water to test out the new faucet I had to install because the other one went bad. If I ever get my kitchen fixed, I still need to get in my attic and fix the hole in my roof. Nothing makes me come more unglued that fixing one thing around the house, only to have two more things break. UGH!!!!!

  7. Darlene says

    My moment of unglued was similar to yours – went to bed with a clean kitchen, so proud of myself that all was done and put away and this morning dirty dishes all over countertop. Blessings to you and hope your kitchen is back in order soon.

  8. says

    My biggest unglued situation lately is EVERYTIME I am busy doing something the “mom, Mom, MOM…….” starts. Seriously, be patient and leave me alone for 5 minutes already! I can’t wait to read this book! I love Lysa and am excited about the chance to NOT have to buy it :)

  9. says

    My kids decided to make a little invention in the bathroom today. It involved lots of water, 3/4 of a bottle of handsoap and an entire roll of toilet paper… all over the counter and dripping onto the floor. I had a minor Unglued moment.

  10. JoEllen says

    So far today I’m good. That said, there’s a library and grocery store trip with my 3 little darlings in my immediate future. Will prayerfully hope to remain glued through those outings!

  11. says

    My unglued moment happened when I entered the kitchen this morning to slip on floor look down and see that somehow my $9.00 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was leaking out of bottle all down side of the cupboard and all underneath fridge and so on…….. oh and I must mention it was a BRAND new bottle :(

  12. says

    My unglued high point this week–because we know that unglued moments come daily–is looking out at my recently planted Cranberry Hibiscus bush and the orange tree beside it. After screening the Hibiscus from the rabbits and admiring its growth, both trees were leafless this morning. Even the fruit had fallen from the orange tree. It appears that the culprit was both my husband and the rock salt from the softener that he had strewn along the side of his shop–not realizing that it might seep into the ground and kill anything within six feeet of it. But I still love him. :)

  13. Abigail Schoeff says

    My husband and I had set up a STRICT budget to pay down our debt about a month ago. This week I opened a credit card statement that showed he made 2 MAJOR purchases without discussing it over with me first. I checked thed date of the purchases against the first budget meeting. Sure enough, both purchases were made after the budget meeting. I had a very bad Unglued Moment concerning credit cards and trust! Things have been worked out, the items are being returned and my hubby is placing the credit cards in a drawer here at home so he won’t have them in his wallet for temptation.

  14. says

    Isn’t funny how the things that can leave us feeling so unglued are woven into the people we love the most! All the more reason to “get a grip”. Our days with our loved ones at home are short and sweet, even when they don’t feel like it. I look back on countless moments of frustration, trials, and tears, and wish I’d had the presence of mind to pull back and see the hidden blessings. Because they are there…amidst the broken appliances, messy kids, and everything else that drives us crazy at times. “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

  15. Kellie says

    I’m trying to pack for a soccer tournament this weekend for two kids , myself and my husband. But, I first had to go to the doctor to get medicine for pick eye (where did that come from).
    I come home only to find that I still need to finish packing and clean the kitchen before leaving. Oh, and did I mention that I had to work 4 ten hour days this week just so I could take today off. PHEW! UNGLUED!

  16. GLENDA says

    my moments of being ‘unglued’ are when a time like this happens……..
    my stepson is at his girlfreinds, and his dad will be picking him up after work, i am at the grocery getting something for dinner, after driving in traffic and rainy weather from a day at work, my husband calls one hour before he is to get off work and says the floor cleaners are coming (unscheduled) and he will have to stay late (he is now ‘unglued’) and i will have to pick up my stepson, ok…speed shopping now to get dinner and make pickup, 5 min later stepson calls…he will have girlfreind mom bring him home, ok good slow back down, 5 min later husband calls….the floor cleaners have back into his car and he may need ride cause bumper is preventing the tire to move…ok, speed shopping again….get to checkout no problems (yeah) husband calls back he has used forklift to move bumper so he can drive home…ok, deep breath, get home to fix dinner….forgot the meat…..not ok…’UNGLUED’….everyone is home with the grace of God……..and its cheese sandwhiches for dinner…………………oh how i need a copy of Lysa’s book!! thanks so much for the oppurtunity to win one :)

  17. Kim says

    We have two foster boys living with us right now and every morning I want to come “unglued” when I am treated like a waitress at the local Bob Evans with their breakfast orders. My husband is upstairs getting ready and I am in the kitchen with 3 boys trying to feed them and pack my lunch at the same time. I need a chef to help.

  18. Trudy says

    Unglued for me is when I’m trying to homeschool my kids and they don’t cooperate with my schedule. Trying to stay on track and on top of it all has me a bit frazzled today when everything isn’t going as planned.

  19. karla says

    Mine was yesterday when my grandson & I were playing in the sandbox. I decided to move a little mulch around while he was playing & while raking I stirred up a wasp nest. I got stung! I ran the 2 feet to get him & we went into the house where we played inside for the rest of the day! My leg is still sore today! Grrrrrr!

  20. Jan Stiggins says

    Just finished reading “Unglued” and now am very aware of when I do come unglued – which is way to often! I am praying for “imperfect progress”. I am so, so grateful that God is full of grace!

  21. Dawn B. says

    Oh goodness….thought I had school supplies all purchase, then realized I had looked at LAST year’s supply lists on the website. Hosting baby shower tomorrow….purchased incorrect item needed for a craft item!!! Sprained ankle from vacation almost three weeks ago is still bothering me….could it be because I have been walking around on it WAY TO MUCH ??!! God is good…everything will get done :)

  22. Dee says

    Son leaving for college in the morning, husband recovering from a concussion and accident….I was a hobbit and ate second breakfast, which consisted of chips and chocolate chip cookies…aauuuggghhh.

  23. Beckie D says

    Perspective. Trying to keep it. Small things in a grand life in which GOD has blessed me daily! Husband woke me up snoring loudly in my ear 1 1/2 hours early this morning! Couldn’t go back to sleep, so got up to take a shower. Somehow, water leaked from my bathroom shower into the kitchen floor. Where 1/2 the tiles in the kitchen are already gone due to front bathroom flooding previously. Now, we have more. Dog decided it must be the spot the pee this morning and added his puddle to the already large puddle under the stove and under the fridge and under the cabinets and on the rug, etc…… Husband and boys were in charge of putting up dinner last night, but didn’t do it. Had to clean out the dried crockpot and of course my work clothes ended up spattered. Had to change before leaving the house. Now running 1/2 late even though I was up so early. Perspective LORD, please help me to keep it!

  24. NATALIE says

    Oh my, I have been running on UNGLUED all week! I am back to work, my house is a disaster, son wants to drop out of college, hubby has a 102 temp. with the flu, praying God will give me peace and patience to deal with stufff this weekend.

  25. Dana says

    Just had an unglued moment at work! It seems like all the simple little things that I brush off as no big deal, just keep piling up until one silly thing sends me over the edge. I feel like a real bozo for lack of a better term. Overwhelmed at work, at home, feeling very down on myself…. I know it all adds to it….

  26. Susan S says

    I started a lengthy comment about what has me unglued and it ended up sounding whiny, selfish and unservantlike. As usual, the words of a child – my 9 year old informed me this morning that I am never home (not true, but feels true since I leave before they do and get home after they do and have too much to do in too little time when I am home). Same child also asked if I was happy. When asked why – responded that I never smile any more. I guess I’m unglued because my priority and my heart is at home with my family – but I’m not.

  27. Kellie says

    I’ve been coming unglued for over 3years now. I was in a car accident back in 2009….I was rear ended on the expressway. It was the same year my husband lost his job due to cutbacks. So we had no health insurance at the time. I suffered with injuries to my back and neck. After trying everything to avoid surgery, nothing was working so I had a neck fusion in October 2011. I was finally feeling like my old self again and so happy that the surgery had helped. Then in April 2012, I was rear ended again and this time it totaled our SUV., So I had another neck fusion surgery last month. Then last week, my husband was in a car accident….a lady pulled out in front of him and totaled our car. He now has injuries to his neck and back. To top things off, his job is trying to fire him for missing work and we lost our health insurance last month. I’m trying to hold on, believing God has a plan….but its so hard. I just want my life back…our lives back! Thank you for listening…and your prayers for my family would be so appreciated!

    • Susan says

      You’ve got it Kellie, You are my stranger tonight. Have you read the book, “Praying for Strangers” by River Jordan. Maybe you could pick it up at your local library. Anyway, I will be praying for you tonight. Praying that the Lord will heal you body, mind, and spirit. May the Lord bless you and your husband and give you strength and and wisdom. Keep your chin up. He never leaves us and sends trials to increase our perseverance. Hang on. Cling to your husband. Pray together.

  28. Amy Lee says

    We have been strained the last few weeks as my husband has started a new job, has not received a his last paycheck with the old job, and my 15 yr old son had a $1000+ medical expense. Ready to pull out my hair! Completely unglued!!

  29. Margaret says

    Packing for vacation, enough said. while waiting for test results to see if my youngest has mono – or lyme disease. Trying to plan a trip with my husband who is crazy busy with work. Arranging for sign ups for Fall Ladies Bible Study at church. Getting oldest ready for middle school, trying to have him finish his summer reading assignments. Busy blessings:)

  30. Deborah says

    My unglued moment was at work when I get asked questions that people are well capable of answering themselves and are getting paid well to do it but just don’t want to take the responsibility. I really need to take a deep breath and keep calm when addressing them. Thanks for all you do. Love your site.

  31. Yvonne says

    I struggle to have proper reactions to my children- three of them five and under! There are so many times in a day that I raise my voice and speak to them in ways I wish I didn’t!

  32. diki b. says

    Oh my lately my computer is driving me nuts! Stupid internet explorer 9, have had nothing but trouble with it. No money to go get it checked out or use a tech service and it is slowing me down big time and always when i’m in a hurry. Last night i wanted to just throw it out the window! but i didn’t and here i am today fighting with it again – it is enough to make a girl come unglued for sure! I’m trying not to though it’s getting harder and harder each day…..

  33. Cathy says

    My biggest “unglued” moment lately? When my secretary quit, while the boss was on vacation, and right before 2 major projects were due. Boss comes back and we’re “too busy” to hire someone else right now…. so guess who gets to pick up the slack?

  34. Jo C says

    My husband lost his job 22 months ago. Seven months after that, he suffered a near fatal accident and brain injury. One of my daughter’s friends was over last week and they were doing nails in our family room when a nail-polish-remover-soaked cottonball was laid on one of our tables. You know what happened! I came “unglued” after the friend left. If you can get more than unglued, that’s where I was! With things adding up that already needed repaired or replaced, I was beside myself that my table had been ruined needlessly and that I was disrespected because rules of no finger nail polish remover in our family room had not been followed. Yep, I cried with disappointment and ranted about not having anything nice. I read about 4 devotions last week on choosing our words wisely, and then on Sunday, our Pastor even preached about it. I got the message, Lord!

  35. Marla says

    Took youngest child to college four hours away….oldest child just moved home from graduating from college until he finds a job….had to put my mom in assisted living. All these changes within two months have left me slightly “unglued”!!!

  36. meka yarbrough says

    I have been unglued for about a yr now. I have never dealt with depression before until now. God has shown himself faithful to me while I’m unglued daily.

  37. Brenda Schiesser says

    Unglued……………………a word that no one likes to admit to becoming yet at some point in our life, we all do. I have had some unglued moments and some unglued years. I thank God that by His grace they are few and far between now. I spent about 5 years unglued……..taking care of my Mom, my daughter had a stroke a week after having her 4th child, my Mom falling and needing to be put in a nursing home for rehab care to heal, my daughter having to have open heart surgery to fix the hole in her heart (we didn’t know she had one!!) that allowed her to have the stroke and the death of my younger brother at the young age of 50. All of this occurred within 9 months. Yep, I was a bit unglued.

    Thanks for the chance to win Lysa’s book.

  38. brooke says

    Oh my! We started school this week and just that alone makes me unglued in the mornings… then we add that my 4th grader is now in a class without his friends… mommy heart starts breaking when he tells me he hates school and never wants to go back. Meanwhile twin 14 month old babies are beyond mobile and my 4 year old explodes wherever she goes… Does this qualify??? I feel unglued for sure!

  39. Gwen says

    Unglued when there is toooooooo much going on. House guests, lessons for school to prepare, child who needs attention, Ladies meeting to prepare for, husband calls and needs food made for a party, finding out that I worked hard for something only to not be included or even mentioned in the yearly report(very selfish of me I know). Really trusting God to help me through. Would love to receive Lysa’s book. THANKS for the giveaway.

  40. Amanda R. says

    As a working mom, there are always a number of “unglued” moments — but I won’t go into details. Would love to read Lysa’s book. Thank you fo the chance to win it!

  41. Caroline Grossman says

    I seem to become unglued near that time of the month. I can get upset about the silliest of things. At any time of the month my schedule can get me unglued and the feeling of being overwhelmed can cause me to come unglued!

  42. Chantielle says

    I have twin girls who I have just found out have lice for the 3rd time this summer! On top of that I have a baby, and I now have to do all the fun shampooing and combing out of hair again, I am totally unglued, I hope I win.

  43. Becky says

    It’s amazing to me how unique our individual “unglued” situations are! Mine is that we have no income, are trying to raise support for a new ministry, and are losing our house in about 2 months. There are so many question marks in my life right now, and yet God reassures me that He IS in control. I reaffirm my trust in His power and wisdom often,. but sometimes (like yesterday) I really do just come unglued. Would love to read this book!

  44. says

    On Monday morning, there will be a giant hole in my Dining Room (the central hub of my home) where the hardwood floor will be taken up and the floor replaced after joists are replaced/repaired because the DR is sinking down. That’s a 3-day fix. From there we move to remodeling the guest bath which will involve the attached bedroom as well and finally, we will then move to the master bath, where the floor is sinking in so many places (oh yes, we have wondered whether or not we would end up ‘falling’ through to the crawspace beneath on several occasions), as well as getting rid of a 300 lb. cast iron tub to a stand up shower to accommodate a handicapped 6’6″ defensive line sized husband.

    So perhaps I’m not unglued yet…..but I will be.

  45. Beth says

    My unglued moment was this morning when trying to print bank statements from online for my husband. He had meetings this morning pertaining to the account we manage.
    I became quickly unglued when the computer was moving way too slow and didn’t seem to want to let me log into the account. I started loudly saying unpleasant things to my computer (like it would make a difference in it responding.)
    And, snapped at my husband by saying I should be getting ready for work instead. Oh how I hate those moments.
    Would really love your book.

  46. Nancy L. says

    First week of school for my kiddos. Today my son’s tantrum started off the day with a bang & 8-year-old daughter had attitude also. Got the property tax notice today & our home’s value continues to drop. It’s worth roughly half of what we owe on it. I’m unglued.

  47. Michelle says

    I have a 6 year old with Cystic Fibrosis and she has to do 30 minutes of therapy to clear her lungs in the morning and in the evening. This makes mornings and evenings even more hectic. It is amazing what planning for an extra hour every day can do. Throw in the days she doesn’t want to do her therapy or take her meds and I have some unglued moments. Dad travels for his job more frequently than I would like so that means some days and nights it is just me. I also work full time outside the home. I try to do as much as possible the night before so our mornings can go smoothly but they just don’t always go as anticipated. We are also in the process of building a new home which can always add to the drama. Because even good stress is still stress:)

  48. Jennifer O says

    I packed up our 8 yr, 6 yr, and 10 month old girls and we headed 6 hours away to help my mom while she started chemo. Hubby stayed here by himself. When we got in early Monday morning I was completely shocked by the state of the house! YIKES!! I’ve spent most of the week just cleaning the kitchen and catching up on laundry.

  49. Staci says

    My kitchen looks like that picture most of the time. I think my teenagers have forgotten how to help. Don’t even look in my living room. My 3 yr olds favorite toys are Squinkies and they are EVERYWHERE. Many things there to make me come Unglued.

  50. Karen DeSantis says

    Honestly, I don’t want to say why I’m unglued. I feel like I’ve already over shared with some people I recently met. Let’s just say I’ve been extremely frustrated with situations beyond my control for a long time and when I started talking about it the other day, it was like a flood. I felt awful afterward because I don’t even really know these people and it’s not their problem anyway. That said, I would love to read the book and it might help me next time around.

    • Luz says

      May God bless you and strengthen you. I know the feelings you are experiencing. If god has allowed this season, He will see you through this.

  51. says

    Oh I can’t wait to read this book. I’ve been listening to Lysa this week on KLove and have gleaned much just from that – can’t imagine the book! My unglued situations occur daily with my 2 strong-willed children.

  52. Mitzi says

    Unglued…that is pretty much how I describe myself all the time! I am just back from a 3 day work conference followed by a 7 day family vacation and have less than 2 weeks to get two kiddos all “shopped” and ready to start school. My high anxiety, ADHD, ODD 8 year old is having trouble adjusting to being back home and routine after vacation and causing “friction” around the home. My house and yard are a disaster after being ignored for a couple weeks. And…I am trying to close down one home business and launch another and am buried in paper and planning and phone calls. Ugh!

  53. Christie L. says

    Facebook unglued me yesterday. Some friendships (or lack of friendships) are too complicated for social networking.

  54. Lori says

    My unglued moment happened just yesterday morning. I don’t even want to admit it, although I already did to my family.

    I was leaving the local soup kitchen and all of the exits were blocked due to road construction. I turned into the alley thinking that the other end of the alley would be open. As I got closer, I realized that it was also blocked. I asked a couple of the workers how I could get out. One of the men asked me how I got in. He definitely was not happy with me, because he had to move one of the cones. Well, after telling me three different times that they have it blocked because they are working, I told him to have a nice day. I don’t even remember what he said at that point, because his response is what lead to me becoming unglued. Let’s just say that as I drove over part of the curb, I was convicted because of my one-word response. I don’t think the man heard me, but God did. Ouch!

    To add insult to injury, I was actually heading to Sam’s Club to see if they had gotten “Unglued” in stock yet. It was while I was in the store, I was telling my husband about my interaction with the construction guy. I started laughing as I told him what I was at the store to buy. Guess I definitely need to read this book.

    This whole scenario was a wakeup call for me. I was helping at the local soup kitchen, I have a cross hanging from my rear view mirror, I was wearing a cross necklace, and I was on my way to buy a Christian book for the Online Bible Study. I was not a good reflection of God’s love yesterday morning. Epic fail! And to top it off, the store did not have the book.

    Hope I am reminded of this the next time I have an encounter with someone so that I pass the test.

  55. Stephanie todd says

    All I have are 3 little words all rolled into 1……….MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Holly H says

    My stuff seems petty compared to others. Realize my worst unglued moments tend to be when the pain is worse & I haven’t been sleeping, but not sure how to cope extra at those times. I currently live with my Daddy. Right now he is the only one who can handle my wheelchair. He is now looking at knee surgery himself. In a selfish way there is a silver lining in now he understands some what is it is like dealing with constant pain. Daddy still works full time, and very seldom takes time off, except to take me to appointments that can’t be scheduled after he gets off work works 0500 – 1330). After almost a year without a “helper, company finally hired an assistant, however, he works slower than manager likes. Even though she has been in and out with backproblems, she is going to fire DAddy’s assistant right when he is going to be off work for a while. Just one more thing on top of all my other stressors (finances – no income, family, physical limitations, etc).

  57. Deanna Thompson says

    I am in an “unglued” situation every day now because of perimenopause. I feel like I am falling apart emotionally, mentally and physically. It has become an overwhelming challenge that was unexpected. Never knew it would be like this. One funny thing…I had this really real dream last night that I was walking through a crowd of people and met Lysa Terkeurst in the midst of the crowd and she knew me! We somehow found two chairs in the midst of all these people moving around us and sat down and talked about menopause., haha! It was like we were old friends or something and she somehow knew what I was going through even though I know she is a little younger than me. It was so real.

    • Susan says

      That is so funny. Don’t you know Lysa is just that “Real”. I feel like that every time I read her devotions/book/blogs. I wish she lived next door!!!

  58. Linda G says

    well it’s canning season again. i’m thankful our garden has done so well this year with the drought, etc. but now that i’m 66 i have short panic attacks when it comes to canning.
    thankful for my husband, bill, of 49 yrs for his help. he just screws on the lids and gets whatever i need, like hot water, spoon, etc. but that little help is enough to calm me down so it is a wonderful together experience.
    sometimes i know i sound ungrateful, but i’m not. i just get unglued for a moment but thanks to a very loving God and my loving husband, i’m ready to go again.
    i’m just waiting for the waterbath for the pizza sauce then i can start on something new.
    God bless proverbs 31 ministry. it has made my life so much better. just finished the Made to Crave study and am at my healthiest i’ve ever been. after taking 6 prescription pills a day, i’m now off all of them. going to begin the “action” part monday.
    i would love to have the unglued to dig into.

    thank you so much for all you and the team does for us,

  59. nancys1128 says

    I came unglued when I saw your kitchen! I’ve walked into my kitchen looking like that on occasion and it’s at those times being more of a stuffer than an exploder has it advantages for family members. Aside from your kitchen, my most recent ungluing was yesterday after work while driving to pick my daughter up from horse camp. Being in southeast MI, it is of course contruction season, and it had finally struck my driving route. As I was making my way through the best alternative, another driver decided she was tired of waiting at her stop sign for traffic to totally clear so she inched her way out until I had no choice but to stop. Lots of horn noise met her waving thanks to me. From within the confince of my car I shouted “like you gave me a choice!” I was very glad when she turned into a subdivision so I no longer had to be behind her. I knew I had overreacted, and her presence in front of me for miles did nothing to help me get over it. I need to remind myself that I probably make others come unglued with my driving so grace needs to be my first response, not my last (and begrudging) one.

  60. jackie s says

    3 full days of meetings (3 i had to run) – meetings mean more work; new students on Monday – next textbook, new online programs – syllabus isn’t even written. Taking online courses online. Overextended everywhere and have no desire or strength to start the laundry now that i’ve gotten home. It’s a “Calgon, take me away” moment!

  61. Gina says

    I am often unglued! As a full-time working mom with two small children, I struggle to keep my cool. Between the 4 yo son who can’t go #2 on the toilet and a 2 yo daughter who has a meltdown before going to bed, I wonder if I ever make wise decisions! This book would be very helpful!

  62. Bobbie Gillette says

    My daughter said she would call us last week-end to get together with the her and the two grandkids. Did she call? No, but she did post on FB that she and the boys went to six flags over the week-end. How about a phone call at least to say Mom we are going to go to six flags, this week-end would you like to meet us there or we can make plans for next week-end.

  63. Lisa Waters says

    My two grown boys live with their Dad which is hard enough on me. I sure miss them. (Divorced for 2 1/2 yrs now) Sometimes I come “unglued” because I feel robbed of time with them. I know they’re boys but……… It’s just so stinkin’ hard!

  64. Jenny C. says

    Wow, how I’d love to win a copy. I feel like I am on the brink of unglued about every day (often multiple times) due to my crazy family!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but all their craziness can drive me up a wall or worse sometimes (husband who thinks life is a constant joke, teen daughter who is often the drama queen, really “relaxed” son, and extended family with regular “traumas”). Trying to seek the Lord’s help! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Julia says

    I just came unglued when my middle child refused to load in the car while simultaneously refusing to let anyone past him so that no one else could load either. So there I am calmly trying to diffuse the situation while 11 people stand there, waiting to get into the van. When the “reason” he (and no one else) was explained to be that his littlest sister got the lollipop he wanted at the train museum we were leaving – well, my seems started popping, just a little, and exposing the not-so-little idolatry hiding inside. After all, how can I expect him to handle his “I wanted the pink lollipop” idol appropriately if I am worshipping my, “I want my kids to load without incident” idol instead of God!

  66. says

    So many ‘unglued’ moments made me finally stop and say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!” :-) I am learning to be the woman with purpose that God intended, and to trust that the things that might “unglue” me can instead help me to stick closer to HIM.
    I would really love to win this book…I need help with my journey. And the picture on the front is far too familiar, lol!

  67. Flora says

    My unglued moment this week was any day that ended with “Y”!! I hate a full weeks of Mondays,but then you have to look your self in the eye and say “you can do this!” and try,try,try again.

  68. says

    Hi Karen. I am 65 and I have lived most all of my life in an unglued state! All these years wasted in anger, frustration, humiliation, and more. The relationships I have harmed over the years has filled me with deep regret and sorrow. The results was a great deal of angst for those I love the most. I am excited to become involved with the Unglued Study with Lysa Terkeurst and just last night downloaded the book to my Android, I pray God will break thru this stubborn wall I put up from the pain of change! A new hard copy would be nice to have for notes, but certainly not a necessity. I pray every person who takes up this challenge will become a new creation of God once again. It is truly a moment by moment walk to becoming more like Him and less like me.


  69. Linda says

    Certainly CAN relate…..it’s been an unglued kind of week…….hubby’s job went AWOL (again) last Thursday….with no prior warning……5 minutes after returning home to THAT news, 3 (count them….yes THREE) surprise (!!!) guests arrived unannounced on my doorstep….hadn’t seen one of them in over 5 years, had met another one of them once before….and was meeting the other for the very fist time right then!!!, got through that thank you Lord for your grace, had very disappointing news from family member re: upcoming visit, am currently packing for a 9hour road trip to drop off youngest child at University….and on and on……would really like some help in how to keep it together when much in my life right now seems as if it is becoming unglued…..looking forward to reading Lysa’s new book !

  70. says

    I became unglued this week when my car wouldn’t start. It had already been running on the grace of God! I am inbetween pay days. And actually my budget doesn’t allow for a mechanic bill anytime soon!

  71. Diane Fetter says

    I would love to win Lysa’s new book Unglued. After reading many of the comments above, I realize that I need to be thanking God for His grace and many Blessings.

  72. Kristy says

    My 7 year old had her semi annual cardiology appt this week. And it is the full on echocardiogram, ekg etc before seeing the cardiologist. Medically speaking it is just a question of when will she need a second open heart surgery (first she was 4.5 years old). It leaves us completely unglued.

  73. Kathleen says

    I so enjoyed your email as well as some of the comments. Some were sad, but others helped me laugh because we, as women, share so much in common and I can see myself in many of those situations. Have been there and done that. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness.

  74. Karyn says

    One of my unglued moments happened this week. After taking my daughter shopping and finding the “perfect” swim suit for her, 24 hours later she decided that she no longer liked the suit. Considering the fact that this happens often as it relates to clothing for my teenage daughter, I became “unglued”. The next day we made the 20 mile trip to the mall to return the adorable, but now disliked swimsuit. Funny thing was, we found a different suit, at a different store, for 1/5 of the cost! :)

  75. Christina Burrell says

    I have a five year old and one year old and I find myself having so many “unglued” moments :-(.

  76. Jana Payne says

    I’m having a hard time isolating one event! I am on my 2nd treatment of chemo(they took me off all my herbal supplements, that help me naturally deal with stress), my grandmother wants to go home(which I thought where she is at a assisted living was home), my dad(her son), calls & said he is not taking his Alzheimer’s meds anymore & school is about to start! I think I could come unglued with the drop of a feather, agh!

  77. Marci says

    I grew up like an only child, so I don’t understand sibling fighting at all. So when my 9 and 5 year old boys fight, I unfortunately become “unglued”!

  78. LaVonna says

    My unglued ‘moment’ is like a lingering toothache – and it’s a tooth I can’t pull! A week ago, I opened up my email to discover correspondence from an individual who is not supposed to be contacting me or my family. THIS is on top of not being able to say “no” to a disabled neighbour’s guilt-inducing, no boundaries respected, thrice per week request for assistance and family members who treat my home like a storage facility. YARGHHH! What’s a Jesus-Girl to do?

  79. susie says

    Karen, amen! This has been such an “Unglued” type of week!!!! Crazy weird things have been happening!! I can’t wait to read this book!! Now on to PEACE that only God can give!! What a GREAT GOD WE SERVE!! Thanks for ALL you do!!

  80. Konni Taylor says

    My unglued moment started when my 16 year old attempted to wake my 2 year old niece for a dentist appointment that was actually for her 5 year old sister. Then the twin of the two year old awoke demanding milk & TV. This alll occurred while there mother slept. To top it off said 16 decides she needs to cook a hot lunch rather than have a sandwich even though our apartment is already 90 degrees inside.. The final straw was when the twins threw there lunch all over the floor.

  81. Rebecca Hahn says

    Reading some of the comments, my unglued moment doesn’t seem like much however, looking at our September calendar and trying to figure out how I am going to get my kiddos to all of their activities alone ( my husband will be gone for 9 days) is wielding me out. We have also been gone a lot this month and I have many things to get accomplished before school starts for me and the kids.

  82. Julie says

    I became unglued at my 23 yr old daughter when she cut up a whole watermelon in my kitchen and juices ran down the counter into the drawers and onto the floor, her and her boyfriend laughed at me, they cleaned it up thank goodness, YEP, I become unglued at stupid things……………….she moves out this weekend.

  83. says

    The past two years I have been walking a new path…the grief journey after the passing of our 7 year old son. In my sadness, I am finding I get angry more easily, and this can spill over to my husband and son. And then I deal with the guilt. So an unglued moment for me is when I feel overwhelmed with housework. When the house is messy, I’m unglued and not happy! This book sounds like the breath of fresh air I need to lean on my Saviour and gleen wisdon from a sister in Christ. :) Thank you, Karen!

    • Susan says

      Oh Shannon, I can’t imagine the grief. You and your husband are in my prayers. Since the Lord has allowed this into your life, He will certainly see you through it. Lean on Him. And that housework will get done, too!!

  84. Kim says

    Unglued…78 year old Mother who lives with us and has dementia, husband high stress job, 16 year old daughter, need I say more!, and 7 year old strong willed and very independent! And they all need me at one time!!!! Makes me wonder sometimes if there ever was any glue at all!!

  85. Maria W. says

    I come unglued when I’m wake up, shot out of a cannon, and forget to get into God’s word. It’s the perfect setup for the enemy. God is waiting for us in the morning, ladies!! He wants control of our day.

  86. Nikki says

    I’m visiting my husband overseas for a month. Brought along 1 of my 3 kids. Of course, it’s the kid that stresses me out the most. Unglued….trying real hard not too!

  87. says

    My husband, who is dealing with some severe mental illness and won’t acknowledge it as that and therefore is making some very devastating choices, informed me yesterday he’d like a divorce. And I just found out today that I’m pregnant … how is that for unglued?

    • Tina B. says

      Jade, I am so sorry you are going through this. Even though we have never met I have prayed for you in this unglued situation. I prayed for your husband to recognize and acknowledge his mental illness. I also pray this pregnancy will bring the two of you together. May you feel the Lord’s presence as he walks with you in the season. God Bless you dear one!

    • Valerie Hohenberger says

      Dear Jade, please know that you and your husband are in my prayers. God will see you through this season!

  88. Christene Catlin says

    My 2 year old never stops asking questions the 6month old puppy likes to chew up toys the old dog got run over by a scooter my husband was on. My husband just bought a saw mill that I am not sure how we are going to pay for and I feel like my walls are closing in.

  89. Sherri B. says

    My unglued moment is going to last all year, and maybe longer. I teach middle school, and we started construction on a new building just before school started (our first day was this past Wed., Aug. 15). The portables were put into place days before the first day of school. We got to get in to them for the first time late Monday afternoon, had all day Tues. to get them put together for our first day on Wed. The problem? Phones, packed at the end of last year in anticipation of the old building coming down, couldn’t be found on Tues. and they had to be in place and working for us to meet fire and other emergency code; boxes we’d packed with all our teacherly worldly goods in them were either outright missing or in someone else’s room; although we all labeled our furniture with our names and room numbers before leaving last year, my room was filled with all the furniture of another teacher whose portable was 3 yards from mine; when they finally got her furniture moved out, they couldn’t find any of mine except my chair; when they finally found my desk around noon, it took them hours to get it into my room because they were still trying to unload the trucks (I finally got my desk at 5 p.m…..and 90% of what I needed to unpack went in my desk); I am sharing 1/2 of a portable with the drama teacher (I teach speech and debate, creative writing, and recreational reading); there are still teachers who have things missing (I still don’t have my filing cabinet). Add to that my ADD son who, as a sophomore, is still developing his frontal cortex; my daughter, who leaves for college tomorrow; my husband, who is the director of our local day-care, is having difficulty finding enough workers. Unglued? It’s a constant battle to stayed glued together right now.

  90. says

    Trying to figure out how to balance work, ministry and a personal life when my body doesn’t want to cooperate is making me come a little unglued at the moment. Would love to win the book!

  91. Jenny Anderson says

    It is so so good to see that I am not alone. Funny, but the times when I am feeling the most unglued end up as good memories. Friday at the bus stop with 3 day care kids and my 2 schoolagers. It’s raining, but not lightning. I pack the babies in the stroller after I ask the girls the list: breakfast, hair, teeth, shoes, snack, water bottle, lunch, milk money… The girls come to the sidewalk and join me and I notice that one doesn’t have her glasses and then the other mentions that library books are due. Then I hear a boom in the distance and its not the bus……unglued but I knew that klove radio and a cup of coffee were inside waiting for me and took a breath. Thankfully the bus came right as we were back on the sidewalk.. Kisses goodbye!

  92. Elaine Diggs says

    The start of the week wasn’t too bad, then on Tues I woke up with no voice and went to the drs and I have bronchitis which put me out of commission for 2 days and trying to take care of a 3 yr old and get him to daycare because I need to rest. (he wanted to stay home and take care of Grandma) Those were some unglued moments, but I am trusting God for my healing. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  93. Angie Hite says

    I am the mother of 2 very stubborn children. I come unglued most days. Everything I ask my kids to do they don’t think they have to do it. It takes an act of congress to get them to do anything. Our house is always a mess and in need of cleaning, but I would rather not deal with the arguing to get it done.. They have had a troubled past and we adopted them when they were 10 and 4. I felt sorry for them. I should have put my foot down more than I did. The past is just that, the past. We need to move on and start new. Each day is a new day. Thanks to God His mercy and grace are new everyday too.

  94. kristen says

    I had an unglued moment this week. I won’t give the details but I was very mad and hurt. Someone in my family had started to criticise the fact that I had been reading the bible yet something I was doing was not being done in a Christian way. It really hurt me. But I did not blow up which is a change for me. So i am learning. This book is so awesome!

  95. June Horne says

    Unglued? I have been that way for 3 months from knee surgery. Yesterday my hubby came inside and actually said he was sorry for leaving more dirt on the kitchen floor for me to sweep up. The bigger problem is that I can’t walk without assistance.

  96. Heidi forward-Kraft says

    I have been coming “unglued” all week it seems like. My kids are constantly fighting and arguing and I’m going crazy. I can’t wait to read this book!!

  97. Bev says

    I had an unglued moment at work this past week and I said a few words that I hardly ever use. I will apologize to the nurse that heard me. Work has become a place of such unrealistic expectations placed on employees. Many of us have had to double up on jobs. Very stressful, extremely fast paced, and no hope of it changing in sight. Add in seeing the ex with his new girlfriend and my grandchildren living with me…it can get a little unglued. Thankful that we have the Lord to hold on to.

  98. Amy A says

    “Unglued” hits the nail on the head right now! Trying to have a house for sale that’s show-ready with 3 children is a nightmare. The oldest of those 3 is having some serious emotional/anger challenges that drive me to tears almost daily. Sounds like a great read!

  99. Amy says

    Does lashing out at your hubby and son for talking to each other and making you feel ignored count as unglued? I thought so. BTW- can’t your son wash those dishes? They are his mess. Just sayin.

  100. Elaine Segstro says

    Wow – I get “unglued” when I look into my son’s bedroom (I now leave the door closed). No carpet to be seen (covered with dirty laundry and clean laundry that I have folded for him). Desk completely covered (including empty drink cans) and coins all over. He went away for a week and I said he would bless me so much if I could clean his room. I actually found $40.00. Oh, he said he knew he had that…. hmmm really??

  101. April W says

    I feel your pain! Our dishwasher died a few months ago and we haven’t had the $$$ to replace it, so we’ve been doing dishes the old fashioned way. My least favorite job! Honestly, I’d rather clean the bathroom :) Yesterday I came home to my 16 year old making a spectacular birthday cake for her cousin and my kitchen was covered from one corner to the other with dishes, frosting and sprinkles………I could have easily come unglued and probably would have walking into that 9 times out of 10, but I took a deep breath, complimented her on the cake decorations and offered to help clean up.

  102. christina g says

    love it when people dump there dishes and walk away and i have to hand wash them.
    i think whoever made the mess should help clean. or whoever enjoyed the meal..could wash. because the person who cooked did alot of work.

  103. says

    My problem is when I come unglued I retreat into myself and fight all the crazy thoughts that go along with being unglued ALONE! Never good. Would love to read the book!

  104. Robin Still says

    Unglued…what a funny word. I am unglued more often than not…I don’t think they make enough super glue to hold me together some days. I am a mother of 4…the oldest is a senior…college visits, SAT test, senior pictures, senior ads for yearbook, 8th grader who is a teen with her own issues and a MESSY room that drives me to the brink, an 11 year old that is getting bullied at school, the 8 year old that is so smart that I can’t help him with his homework…then there is working full time, football practice, soccer practice, chorus practice, the cars breaking down, the construction in the neighborhood….I can keep going and I haven’t even mentioned the hubby yet…WOW…I am so glad that God loves me no matter what or how many times I become unglued. I am looking foward to this book and all it can offer….May your day be a blessing….

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  105. Rosey says

    Anytime my husband and I try to have a conversation or deal in any way with his ex wife regarding (their) our son that we have custody of. My husband and I have been raising him since he was four. He is now 12. It’s amazing the things that conflict arises over, along with the obvious stuff!!! Plus, I want to teach our son how to deal with conflict in a healthy, Godly way, especially in the struggles he faces with his mom. Thank you

  106. Anna says

    My basement has me unglued!! It is totally unorganized and a complete mess, not to mention the giant mountain of laundry that awaits me.

  107. Marisa says

    I have been struggling with year long illnesses, off and on. Today I had sinus surgery. Might come unglued but God is loving and He’ll see me through

  108. Michelle Sauerwein says

    My last 4 1/2 years have left me seriously unglued! Here’s the condesned version… After being married for 8 years, my hubby and I decided to put our long time plan of adoption into motion and 4 weeks after going on the waiting list, were chosen by birthmom. Hubby had just switched jobs, then 5 weeks later, TWIN boys arrived (6 weeks early, with some health issues) and I quit my full time job that day. 2 months later, decided to move 5 states to the east. 1 month later, found out I was preggo (wasn’t planning on that to happen for another 3 years). About that time 2 of our grandparents passed away. After the funerals, I began packing for the move, we finalized our adoption, and moved cross-country and away from family and long-time friends (hormonal and pregnant) with our 7 month old twins. We moved into our new house, barely got settled and then our daughter was born one month early. So 3 babies, 11 months apart. (Closest family was 14 hours away!) 5 months later, hubby started doctorate program while teaching at a college. I was not able to leave the house by myself over the winter months (not enough hands), so I was trapped in the house with the noise and chaos of 3 crying babies! We had a few years of PURE SURVIVAL MODE, and anything that kids can possibly do, they found a way to do it. Then my husband took another job accross the country – 2300 miles to the west! I again packed up the house, juggling 2 – 4 year olds and a 3 year old while hubby was still working on doctorate and doing premarital counseling then officiating 3 weddings. We took a 3 week journey accross the US visiting family and friends on our move and arrived on the west coast, where I had to again juggle 3 wound up kids, while husband left for doctorate program, again. We are now settled and love our new home. Having 3 kids essentially the same age has made for some crazy days, and nights. And as the days progress, I find that I am constantly in a state of total impatience, complete exhaustion, and pure irritation. It is by the grace of God that we all survived 4 years of Groundhog Day (the movie – same thing over and over and over and….)!! Each day I feel I plead with God for peace over my home. For my frazzled brain to understand the crazy mind of 3 and 4 year olds, (who are marching and loudly blowing their recorders in the background right now), and for me to see my little weirdos through His eyes! He has blessed me with 3 AMAZING kids, whom I love dearly, and I am so greatful for the gift of each one of them, given in HIS perfect timing. But most days, there isn’t enough sanity to go around! I try to hold it together until at least 10:30 in the morning because starting the day crazy and unglued at 8:00 is not a good way to start the day…! :)

  109. says

    Trying to get both kids out the door for a playdate at a pool an hour away – and we were driving. Loading everything, moving car seats, packing lunches, sunscreen, sunglasses, being late – being late makes everything worse. Drives me absolutely crazy.

  110. Melinda T says

    Some days I feel so unglued! I don’t have enough hours in the day (or hands) to do what I need to do for our family to function! We’ve been hit hard these past couple of months financially and have been devastated with the unexpected loss of our grandpa earlier this summer. My girls are unfortunately feeling the brunt of it. When I feel at a loss, I try to count my blessings and thank God for what we do have.

  111. says

    I have been wanting to read this! I am becoming and began with my family a more simple lifestyle. A more intentional life, I am writing about on my blog too.

    So would help me learn more about becoming unglued!

  112. Anne Alexander says

    every time i go to the dr. lately, they find something else wrong. I ‘m looking at two surgeries now and maybe 3.
    Anne Alexander
    whres the elmers?

  113. Karen T. says

    Lately I feel “unglued” with the direction of my life right now. I am stepping back from some responsibilities, but am still waiting to figure out what I need to step into. Praying daily for the answers!

  114. Daina says

    Pastor’s wife, mother of 3, homeschool, work part time, furthering my education, and just signed on to lead a Bible study this fall. I know better, way too much! Unglued!!

  115. says

    A recent misunderstanding has two of my best friends angry with me and unwilling to meet and work it out. I’m trying to NOT stuff it inside and be miserable as well as to NOT explode and make everyone else miserable. I can’t wait to receive biblical and practical advice from Unglued!

  116. Robin King says

    Within the last year our family has lost my mother in law my 23 yr old niece and her baby boy and recently my granny. It seems all I can do each day to not come unglued as I try to help everyone thru this and the healing we all need so badly as we mourn again and again . On top of all this my sister in law has turned against me and has been telling friends and family awful lies about me this doesn’t help me as I have had depression and anxiety thru all this loss and tragedy. I would love to have Lysas book to help me and my family deal with it all

  117. Lynnette Johnson says

    Wow, my unglued moments thus week have been the last two days. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia yesterday after dealing with chronic migraines 2 to 3 times a week for the past 12 years. But the hardest moment for me just happened 30 min ago when our daughter told us that our son who just entered high school is being bullied. The football team, tried to shove him in the locker tonight and flush his head in the toilet. His love is football and since he started this year, he hates it. Now we know why. They are doing things like this everyday. As a mom all I saw was red. I was coming unglued and thankfully it was 11:30 at night so I could have time to calm down.

  118. Bridgette says

    Unglued happened as my daughter kicked me out of her apartment where I had come to clean. She,trying to set boundaries, and I,trying to show her I didn’t need them,collided head-on with deadly results. At first, I thought she joked as she coldly told me to leave and asked for the return of her key. When reality struck, I raged. Help!

  119. says

    In the process of fundraising for an 11 month long mission trip to do various ministry in 11 different countries. It is going great! But, occasionally I get the negative responses such as ‘Why don’t you help your own country?’ -Makes me want to come UNGLUED! Though they just say that because they don’t understand the poverty of the world.

  120. says

    My entire life has been unglued since my husbans death 4years ago. I dont know where I would be without the strengthof the Lord! My family is of no help in helping me out. (Grown kids) Thanks for the opportunity to win your book, q God Bless You

  121. says

    Humbled by reading these comments and the unglued situations so many dear sisters have. Mine is simply a continual struggle with following a call into a dry situation – feel so ‘unglued’ that I am beginning to spin off into space!

  122. elizabeth says

    i severly sprained my ankle on june 7th. just got off crutches 2 weeks ago. school had just finished and now it is 3 weeks from starting. i missed spending the summer with my family the way i wanted to. as summer has been winding down, i am just beginning to walk on sprained ankle and in the last 3 weeks 2 family members have passed away (my grandmother and one of my cousins. 3 weeks apart). i though i was unglued when i hurt my ankle worse than anticipated. but the last 3 weeks of loss and sadness has done me in. trying to figure out how to be strong and how to grieve at the same time.

  123. shelley says

    I teach public school, 6th-8th grade and I am a single mom of a seven year old girl and a nine year old girl. Nonstop drama at work and home! And I have spent ten minutes typing this because my phone is acting up…arrrgh!!

  124. Jesus Girl says

    I just found my ceiling is my floor and my floor is my ceiling. Hope is a rare comodity these days, if you would be willing to share…I would be willing to learn.

    Just a Jesus girl trying to make her way through life.

  125. says

    So many unglued comments above show we all experience similar problems even on opposite sides of the world. I am saddened and unglued at a virus that attacked my laptop on Thursday. Now rebuilt my laptop works but so much was lost including childrens’ photos,videos and documents I had saved :(

  126. Colleen G. says

    I have been becoming a little “unglued” due to tring to cloes out summer, and right into a new school year (kids started yesterday). All good, but at times I set my bar to high on what I would like to accomplish with the kids and life in general. Never enough hours in the day, right ; )
    -Colleen G.

  127. Tracy says

    I recently found out that I’m diabetic and have come unglued several times when dealing with things that I should not be eating (like when everyone around me has ice cream!).

  128. jennifer says

    Homeschooling 7 children, keeping the house looking half way presentable, being a pastor’s wife……..the list goes on!

  129. says

    I never thought that my unglued moment would hit me right in the face the way it did! It happened just last night. As I was heading to bed, I stopped in front of one of my daughters to give her a hug good-night. She shot me out of the sky when she walked right passed me and barely mumbled, “good night.”. I’ve never felt such rejection in my life! I said something to her that as it was coming out of my mouth I knew was the wrong thing, “Well, from now on, if you want a hug, you’re gonna have to be the one to give it first.” and slumped off to bed….

  130. says

    We just got back from vacation last night and my little guys both had meltdowns and were really difficult to get to bed. I was also exhausted, which lead to a rough night. Hate for vacation to end that way!

  131. Joanna says

    My unglued moment has been on going for about a year and a half now. I am going through a divorce and lets just say this man is being very difficult. We have a 6 yr old son and we live in the same town not even 2 miles from each other, yet the time he has our son leaves something to be desired. I had my second brain surgery a few months ago and he wouldn’t even keep our son during that, I had a friend I work with that rearranged her schedule to stay with my son and get him back and forth to school while I was in hospital. I could go on and on but I know that God is working in this situation!

  132. Mary Colton says

    My “Unglued” moment came yesterday. My husband gave me money to pay the car payment. So I went and bought the money order to pay it, placed it in the payment envelope with a stamp, and promptly got so busy running the kids and getting groceries that I forgot to mail it. When I remembered, the envelope was no where to be found. I tore up the car, the house, even my trash looking for it. Panicking, I retraced my steps everywhere I’d been that day. I even went to the store where I purchased the money order and tried to put a stop on it only to be told I had to wait 24 hours. All this time my husband and I are arguing about. My oldest son missed the pre-game dinner with his high school football team. I’m sitting in my car in tears when I noticed a corner of white sticking out of a crevice behind the slide-out cup holders. There was the envelope! Needless to say I went immediately to the post office and mailed it.

  133. says

    I delivered twins in December. They were 9.5 weeks early and suffered from Twin to Twin Transfusion. One baby was very sick and died in my arms after two days. My other spent twelve weeks in the NICU. I also have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I feel my whole life is unglued these days. I am having quite the time getting it together. I have heard great things about this book.

  134. Gloria says

    I frequently become unglued when my husband asks me the same computer-related question over & over & over & over.

  135. Celine says

    Unglued… I Think I am living in a permently Unglued state.

    The biggest thing right now is dealing with kids who can’t help you out and do simple things like follow directions when your going out of your way to make sure that they are getting to do fun things even though you are in extreme pain and it hurts to even move.

  136. says

    We just moved into a new house and had our second baby a little earlier than expected. This has created lots of unglued moments, but God is good. I love Lysa’s other books and can’t wait to read this one! :)

  137. Kristin says

    This whole year has been unglued…my boyfriend and I broke up after 4 1/2 years, my job contract is not being renewed, my brother got married for the second time and his new bride has breast cancer, and somewhere in there, I managed to get involved with a married man who pursued me, which is something that I never thought I would get caught up in. This year has been a definite roller coaster.

  138. Kimberlee says

    Not sure where to start. I think I’m going to become unglued bc we’re trying to find a new place to live & the home we’re in now has a leaky roof. I love it when it rains, but putting out buckets kind of takes away the peace. And I need to find a job with hours that work around homeschooling. Looking at all the jobs posted I get anxious & think maybe I should put the kids in school so I can get good hours. Thankfully I know God’s calling & am trusting Him in all things.

  139. says

    I’ve been emptying the glue bottle for the last eight years, which is when my husband and I adopted a precious little girl who came with a trunkload of troublesome issues that haven only gotten worse with the passing of time. If not for the glue bottle, I would have fallen into irreparable pieces long ago. My motto is from that beautiful hymn, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” ~ strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow.

    I would love to read this book by Lysa Terkuerst.

  140. says

    My kids’ constant fighting causes me to come unglued! I understand that it’s hard for an 8 yr old and a 4 yr old to always get along, but their bickering often drives me to taking hour long mommy timeouts in my room…if I don’t, i can get ugly really quickly! :(

  141. Terri Hinshaw says

    Oh Kathryn I feel you pain. We also have a 4 y.o. who refuses to poop in the potty and one starting jr. high this coming Monday. What makes me come unglued is our 4 y.o. has a communication disorder-we are getting her evaluated now but there are times when instead of talking she yells. Then there’s my mother who has everything wrong w/ her and depends on me-talk about feeling like a sandwich.

  142. AmyW says

    My problem is I don’t come ‘unglued’ enough. And then I explode! Yeah not good. Last time was on my dad. Poor dad didn’t know what to do. He had never seen me lose it and was in total shock. I have been through alot but I need to find ways to vent so I don’t do that again. Was not a pretty side to me. My daughter heard it too and got upset. Ugh.

  143. Stephanie O says

    My unglued house, you can hardly walk through the garage, Tripping on stuff as you good. Stacks of books sit piled on the bedroom floor waiting for a new home.

  144. Phyllis Gardner says

    God has blessed me greatly this week; I only had one day that I thought I might come unglued. My husband had a back surgery in 2007 that left him with bowel incontinence and a paralyzed bladder which resulted in having a super pubic catheter with a belly bag to catch his urine. Life hasn’t been easy for him or myself but I pray a lot for strength and Praise God He gives it to me. I get up this am and find that Billy has had an accident in bed and I’ll need to clean it up before I go to work; which means I’ll be late. I pick up the phone and call them to tell them I’ll be late and then I start my clean up. I thank God that I was able to keep my mouth shut and just do what I needed to do. It wasn’t Billy’s fault; so there was not any need to make him feel bad about the situation. I love my husband and I pray that I will always be able to keep my composure in situations like this. Pray with me. I’m off and running….

  145. Rachel says

    I start student teaching in 3 weeks and I have to learn how ti balance that with being a mom to 3 kids, keeping the house clean, being a wife, cooking, and loving the Lord. The rest of my family seems to have checked out and I’m not sure how ti get everyone back. It takes all my dependence on God to keep it together. And sometimes my flesh shows through, ok daily, and I come unglued!

  146. Sheila Bard says

    Iam sending my daughter and I were just talking about a moment in her unglued life. At the time she had a 3 and 4 year old boys and she was nursing a infant. When she heard giggles coming from the living room. She was only in the other room when she walked out and saw each boy with Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles dancing and spilling them all over the living room while in underwear and a cowboy hats smashing them into the carpet, she said boy I was “Unglued” at the time!!!!
    Fast forward those boys are now 11 and 10 and the baby at that time is 7, we now have a 4 year old precious girl that all three boys prayed for.. Needless to say with school staring Monday, My daughter said the 7 year old said Iam not going to school I want to stay home, my little girl doesnt want her boys to go, and with new bus driver and bus routes, she is already starting to become “Unglued” would love for her to be able to win Lysa’s book!!! Blessings to all!

  147. D'ana Heinlein says

    Unglued…. until I heard about this new book, that was not a word I would have used to describe my crazy life. But doesn’t it give the perfect picture?? Sure does for this momma, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, granddaughter, niece, friend, school nurse, praise team singer, Wednesday night kids worship leader, decorator, coaches wife, perfectionist!! I read something today that struck me….. He must become greater, I must become less – I’m positive if I’d relinquish control that by Him become greater – my nutiness would dissipate!!??

  148. Suzie says

    My recent unglued moment…this morning. After my daughter drove my mother-in-law back home (about a 10 hr drive) I get the phone call that some how feelings were hurt and yelling insued, rudeness popped up and ugliness was everywhere. But to make it sooo much worse, my husband blamed it ON ME!!! I am home, trying to sleep (being 6 mos pregnant) and somehow this became my fault. Never mind I was not in the car since 8 last night, did not hear or participate in any of this mornings rantings hundreds of miles away. It is still my fault. I went to the Lord in prayer and reminded myself that no matter what people of this world try to tell me, I am His creation and I have mercy and forgiveness on my side. I do not need to believe lies of the enemy, even when they come from the mouths of loved ones!

  149. says

    I’m coming out of a season where I often woke up to a kitchen that looked like that, thanks to my (grown and still here) kids, and entering an “empty nest” season where the stress and ungluing is from all three kids recently moving out, and yet a lot of their stuff is still here “for now” and my husband and I are trying to arrange things around it all. Another stressor is my 87 yo dad, who lives in a lovely assisted living home but wants to move in here, which (if it happens) will require some major (and expensive) remodeling. Plus, school starts Monday and as of now, I will have no aides to help me in the library. I sure need the encouragement to remember God is all I need, in the midst of all this.

  150. says

    Having three special needs children, it seems like all I am doing is running to and from doctor and therapy appointments. Then over the last six to nine months things with my daughter with mood disorder kept getting worse and worse. The stress has been unbearable. We endured two acute psychiatric hospitalizations in five weeks and then on August 9th she was admitted to a residential treatment facility three hours from our home for a minimum of six months. Since then I have been on edge with everyone and I am just so frustrated with myself for being that way.

    I definitely need this right now! I have ordered the set and if I were to win, I would pass this book on to a friend who is in a very similar situation as I am.

  151. Sherri says

    ooooo and i thought it was just me…as my young adult children like to cook….while i’m trying to cook supper…and then they leave their mess as well…..uuuuggghhhhh don’t you love it…..but, rememeber he gave us these lives ….it’s that sweet of him to share such joy! it’s our job to train them in the way they should go…it’s gets hard somedays but i wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  152. Lanee says

    Unglued ‘moment’?? How about unglued WAY OF LIFE! As a tween my mom used to call me ‘huffy’. As a young adult I was a ‘bitch’. My first marriage ended after 5 years to my college sweetheart at the age of 28 because my common response to most everything was ‘but I’m not mad at YOU…it’s not about YOU…I’m just annoyed!’ My 2nd marriage was on the rocks after 2 years because my general mood was ‘irritated’. Thank the Lord he threw it right back in my face to ‘just be nice…don’t talk to me that way…do you hear how you’re talking to me…’ Even using the word ‘asshole’ to describe me!. Then I had a panic attack, sought help and am now on an antidepressant (runs in the family but affects me as agitated, my father as emotionally blue and unmotivated), went to counseling, later studied Beth Moore’s ‘Breaking Free’ immediately followed by Lysa’s ‘More than a Good Bible Study Girl’ and, by the Lord’s mercy and grace, I’m on a better path. Today as an at-home mom of 2 under 5 and my marriage going on 8 years, I am in a better place — but I still struggle with losing it and fall prey to my sinful agitated and exasperated nature. I am so hopeful that this new Unglued book and study may be another excellent tool to take Jesus and I to the next level in my healing. Would absolutely love and be blessed to be 1 of the 3 lucky winners of UNGLUED! I also feel called to use it as I work on our women’s ministry planning team at church. Thanks so much!

    • says

      Lanee…Your story is a great encouragement. Anger is a poison many of us struggle with. I love reading how with Jesus you have made progress and continue to be an overcomer. Praying that your marriage will last forever…and you will hold on tight to Jesus from victory to victory. Appreciate your transparency.

  153. says

    My unglued moment: On vacation with my husband’s family (without my husband because he had to start his new job), I was grocery shopping for the week with 2 of my 4 kids in tow. My mother-in-law was done with her shopping and waiting in the front of the store for me. I still had a good 20 minutes of shopping left. I couldn’t find anything in this foreign store. My 10 year old kept asking me questions. I couldn’t remember what my 8 year old asked for. I couldn’t let go of the wondering how I would manage the rest of the vacation with no husband and children and in-laws who were going in all different directions! It manifested in a complete lack of ability to grocery shop and a mini panic attack!

  154. says

    Wow. Clearly this post struck a chord…and once again, Lysa has written a book that obviously many of us can relate to. Oh yeah, I had an extended unglued moment with my 22 year old daughter, who will surely call me if she needs $omething. I know she’s under a lot of stress starting out with her new job, new home, out of the wonderful coccoon of college, but I had become so frustrated with her lack of communication. When she came home, I had been nurturing a stew of anger and it boiled over onto her very quickly. And while I was at it, I let every other frustration take over so that she was the recipient of triple ungluing that had nothing to do with her. If you want the whole story, come on over to my blog http://www.ourstoriesgodsglory.blogspot.com and read “The Thing I Do Not Want to Do.” Not a pretty tale, but then came Grace!!

  155. Sheri says

    My Unglued moments seem very mild compared to some,. My office is usually one of the unglued areas where my world comes crashing., although my kitchen takes a pretty close second to that. Thank you Karen for all you do! Blessings.

  156. Un LUckY AKA* Suzi B says

    Well, went with my husband to do this for his side business and every thing went wrong, after going to 3 different places finally ending up at dmv and every form we had was wrong. Husband said from now on he was going to go by himself because I was bad luck… we have been married for 28 years, he has been a christian for 4 /5 years now. and having issues with him self.. *** a whole new post for that one.!!** I am tired….

    I would love to win the book so I can respond better..

    trying to have faith

  157. Jennifer says

    So i travel a little for work. On last Wednesday, I went to Augusta for the day, only about 2.5 hours from my house. There all day, driving back I got a ticket, which stunk. No matter how I begged and pleaded, there was no talking the officer down. Get home ~6:30pm and my dear husband has not done one single thing to help get dinner ready. No child has started homework and the house is messier than when I left at 0800 that morning. Ahhhh. Calgon!

  158. Becca says

    My unglued moment: Well, I read your email thi morning and was thinking, “hmmm…it’s been a while since my last “unglued” moment. At least a couple days. So, I spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen top to bottom. Just before dinner, my husband found a baby turtle and brought it in for the kids to see. They asked to keep it do I said sure. (good mom,right?!?) I got out a bucket and put some lettuce leaves in it. The kids went back out to find sticks and that’s when it happened… My husband had been spraying the dogs in the yard and the kids left the door open. There were a couple of Tupperware pieces on the floor and the dogs ran right in, traipsed around the kitchen island, over the tupperware, and back out the door. I came unglued!!!! My kitchen which I had spent hours cleaning had muddy footprints everywhere!!!! The Tupperware had been stepped on which meant more dishes to clean. The kids just stood and stared as I insisted the back door be shut!! Oh my, mama had lost it!! My husband came in and took the blame and calmed me down. A time that should have been fun and exciting had become an unglued moment. I went and apologized to my children and my husband. They freely offered forgiveness and Mama learned another lesson about taking a step back before coming unglued. The good news is the turtle has a Tupperware home and he gets to stay in the kitchen…for a while :)

  159. says

    Is it too late to reply?? Cause I was wondering if you heard me come unglued? I mean, I think it’s possible the gentle sound of my unglued voice may have been heard around the USA at least…anyone hear it? Fortunately, I think the neighbors weren’t home at the time, so they won’t report me to social services…praying to do better tomorrow.

  160. Janet says

    Thank you for this giveaway! I was unglued last Sunday but healing tears ran down my face and God has lifted me through it-PRAISE GOD!!

  161. JoAnne says

    When I don’t get my sleep–that really makes my day come unglued. Why? Becuase the next day, I am so unreasonable in my family relatonships. I don’t have patience and things that normally wouldn’t bother me — do. I have to make amends because they are the ones that are so close to me. And they are the ones I hurt the most when I come unglued.

  162. Kandis says

    My life was just starting to go along sweetly after I had been obedient to the Lord in a serious career change/family change, which unglued me, then wham my husband lost his job, my children 10 & 8 decide that when I speak they can’t hear me and our dog starts to have anxiety!! There is something about a Golden Retriever running around panting with fear/panick in her eyes at the sound of fire works or thunder that reallly unglues you! Especially with the dog breath! Anyway if I don’t win the contest please pray for me! Ask God to give me His wisdom in another way! Thanks

  163. DeeR in OKC says

    So hate to say this, but my unglued moments come with my 87 yr old mother, who is fiercely independent, legally blind, completely deaf, narcissistic and must have everything her own way. Still tells me how to drive, how to cook, how to do everything, because she simply knows better than anyone else. I know; Honor your father and mother! Boy does my tongue ever have huge holes. I just spent my entire 40th wedding anniversary weekend, catering to her needs, driving her over 200 miles to a granddaughters baby shower and now taking her back home. Thank you Lord that I have a most understand husband. I continually pray for patience and calm. Not looking forward to the 100 mile drive back to her house and then 100 miles back to my house today. UNGLUED really doesn’t describe my attitude sometimes.

  164. Debbie says

    Would love to win this. I have new daily unglued moments always…..such a human!

    Latest was coming back from visiting my darling daughter……and remembered an item that was no longer with me. It is so hard to remember that we are NOT alone and that we are all works in progress. I love Lysa…really wish this was in an audio form too….(as I need to make these messages ‘automatic’ instead of after my unglued self-tirade of berating myself and my loved ones. Thanks for the opportunity!

  165. Marcia says

    My son and his family live with me and sometimes we all come unglued. It is really hard for me to listen to the girls whine. I raised boys…who did not whine…just duked it out and it was over.

  166. Amy S says

    It seems like I always come unglued when I think I “have it all together and can do it all!” My husband was gone this weekend chaperoning a youth group trip and so I was feeling good about handing life. I went out to mow the yard, but kept getting interrupted by children fighting about making tents in the house and who could be in them. I have a love/hate relationship with tents from blankets to begin with. I love the memories they make, but hate the mess! So, after finally getting them situated and making them share, I went to mow the yard. There I saw that a moose had visited our yard and used it for a bathroom in two spots and I would have to clean that up before mowing. Then I saw that the moose had used our bushes as a salad bar and trimmed them quite a bit. I no longer had it altogether!

  167. Kendra says

    Wow! I have been feeling unglued today – in tears as I drove away from the Goodwill after dropping off some no longer needed belongings from another lifetime (how sad is that!?). But after reading through some of the above comments, I just feel blessed. My thoughts and prayers to all who are feeling unglued today.

  168. Song says

    My in-laws are visiting, and I’ve been doing the cooking…. dinner time comes along – and I’ve bought the wrong peppers (which is the main dish)…. un-glued!

  169. Sandra says

    I see many situations far worse than mine, but … I am unglued almost daily late.ly. Battling depression and diabetes and obesity. I have a 19 yr old, a 16 yr old and a very, VERY strong willed 5 yr old who tries my patience hourly. 19 yr old has a 1 yr old and they are back living at home, which makes things a little crowded as we had given her room to the 16 yr old when she moved out… didn’t feel it was fair to make him back in with the 5 yr old, so daughter is now sleeping in the front room on a futon. She is supposed to keep it neat and fold the futon into a sofa every morning. Instead, she leaves it as as, along with clothing strewn all over, empty cups and plates, etc. So just walking into my house raises blood pressure and anxiety. She doesn’t help with anything around the house and tries to take advantage of living here by making plans and just announcing when she will be gone and that I will have my granddaughter (whom I love to bits, but … where’s the respect?). Your kitchen looks spotless compared to mine right now, my computer area is so cluttered you almost can’t find the computer and I could go on and on and on. My husband just finished directing a play, both teens were in it which left me with the 5 yr old and 1 yr old all day and all evening with no break and no adult interaction. This didn’t play well into my anxieties and depression. The 16 yr old, once again, didn’t tell us we were getting low on cat litter … so we are out with no money to buy more until payday … so kitties are now doing their business outside of the litter box. Lovely. Saturday I went to see the closing performance of the play and we had a sitter. Mortifying …. teenagers had tasks they were supposed to do before then and they didn’t do them . I had to be the one here that greeted her and apologize profusely for the dump that is my house. :( Definitely unglued! There is more, but again … I do realize that I am not so bad off as others … I just can’t seem to breathe and keep myself from giving in to the stress of it all and becoming UNGLUED. (And when I am unglued, I yell and go crazy … not fun for my family to be around)

  170. Kathy S says

    The day to day busy-ness that comes with 3 kids in activities, school starting, working, etc., etc., etc — LIFE!

  171. Teresa` says

    In the last 3 months I have been phyically, emotionally and spiritually drained. My “ungluing” started in May with a Bible study that rocked my world on some personal situations. I had a miscommunication with son and d-i-l in June that resulted in me being yelled at by my son; I was already dealing with stuff from past and the crying was uncontrollable. In the meantime our washing machine went out, car and truck needed fixed and all within a span of about 2 weeks. Our dog, Max started “screaming” and having back problems that led to no sleep for me trip to vet on pain meds and muscle relaxants said he would need to heal and could take 2-3 months. In three weeks Max was getting worse and found a holistic vet and was given chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and laser treatment doing great. Had to go out and buy a new water softener this weekend, which hubby installed while I was visiting my mom and talking with her on things in my past that I needed to get resolved. Not resolved yet but God is giving me grace to keep on plugging away even though at times I feel like everything around me is falling apart. God is great and He is with me through all of these trying times and I know the top of the mountain is coming!!

  172. Lisa C. says

    Our church voted yesterday to purchase a older home for our church parsonage and to sell the current parsonage. I am chairman of the committee that with be in charge of the remodel of the home we are purchasing. I am feeling a little unglued as this project begins. Sure I will have several unglued moments in the months to come.

  173. Kara says

    My unplugged moment is when I feel life is in chaos, but I have to force myself to remember that as long as I do all I do to the glorify God, all is well. But it still feels like chaos between our 3yr old, my husband’s military career, my duties as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister and student. I still give thanks for the bountiful blessings that God has provided us.

  174. says

    Well, I have many unglued moments. I try daily to hold it all together but just yesterday did come unglued thankfully only to an awesome friend who was willing to listen to me pour out my heart. I have boys and they many many “girl” cousins who for some reason think they can be MEAN and hurtful to my boys because they are boys. Well this momma has had enough of that because no one messes with my kids. :)

  175. Cindy says

    Let’s see… my daughter just moved back to college…my bathroom floor is very weak and needs to be replaced before the toilet falls through… I am dealing with multiple medical issues and am constantly in pain while I wait for my first appointment with a specialist… I am about to have to start using a CPAP machine to sleep… and I’m not all that happy with my job right now. And that doesn’t even cover it all. Trying to not become unglued… and looking forward to the online study using Unglued with Melissa Ross Taylor next month, but I don’t have the book yet.

  176. Kelly Anderson says

    I am unglued for Jade, after reading her ‘unglued-ness’ I will be praying for you Jade…my unglued is nothing….compared to others :) Thank you Lord and bless these amazing ladies in their journeys to you…

  177. says

    Getting prepared for the arrival of our first baby has been causing both my husband and I to come a little unglued lately. There’s just so much to get ready for! While it’s exciting, it’s also a little overwhelming at times! Love Lysa’s books and can’t wait to read Unglued. :)

  178. Jacklyn C. says

    Unglued…describes how I’m feeling on mornings that my boys decide to play sword fight or wrestly instead of eating their breakfast and getting ready for school. This morning was one of those mornings.

  179. Cindy Maynard says

    Yep unglued……..been there and have stayed there sometimes for a day or so. Car repairs seem to be what unglues me. And we’ve had lots of them in the past few weeks. So I need help in keeping my reactions calm, God-pleasing and loving.

  180. Lori says

    I have had many unglued moments in the last four months in particular. My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April and died the end of May. Then my Father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is currently is hospice.

  181. says

    My 16 year old daughter Savannah passed away unexpectedly four weeks today. She had a stomach virus. We are very much in shock at this time. God has been helping us through each day. I have enjoyed hearing Lisa talk about her book “Unglued”. I would have to say I have never felt so “unglued” in my life. We have three boys besides Savannah. She has 2 older brothers and one younger brother. We would appreciate your prayers at this time. Thank you for your ministry. Hanging on to God,
    Angie Posey

  182. says

    My teen daughter rides to school with me since she is a senior where I work. The morning tends to get rushed and the traffic is a dead grid-lock. My unglued moment usually hits in front of the high school trying to get turned in the parking lot. The flow of traffic is steady which blocks the entrance and causes me to want to cry.
    Sometimes, I yell.

    My teenager says…I make her stressed out!

  183. Doris Burd says

    I have unglued moments everyday! I will have them until my daughter starts back to school and when my husband finds a full time job! Everyday in my house some dramatic thing always happens! Whether its doing dishes, making supper, laundry, cleaning toilets or what! It is turned into an unglued moment! My anxiety level is always at a 10! I’m afraid to admit this, but I am on medication for it! I think once things settle down and get a little bit back to normal, my unglued ness will be a little better!

    • Jena says

      I can totally relate. My husband was out of work for 6months and my youngest was 4 at the time. Add in three dogs and it gets crazy. Fortunately, it too has passed.

  184. Jolene says

    With being very pregnant and hormonal. I have several unglued moments every day. I really look forward to reading Lysa’s book!

  185. Mary McAlister says

    Karen: I’m trying to juggle working at home with two home-schooled teenagers, slow internet, a new cellphone and non-communicative colleagues who don’t fill me in on office communications and assignments.

  186. says

    Oh unglued…that kitchen looks familiar! lol. I feel welcome at home and empathetic! I am drowning in paper clutter. We can’t find anything important when we need it…My credit card is missing (the one that goes directly to our checking account) and if I get one more list of school supplies to buy I will IMPLODE. We are squeezing the funds and they keep coming up dry. But we are blessed…hard-pressed, buried and surely UNGLUED! Thanks for the chance and a smile!

  187. says

    Definitely feeling unglued. Just got back from vacation, and must have an allergic reaction because my lip is swollen, part of my face is numb, and tummy is not happy. Today we unpack: camp gear, clothing, and apparently bad attitudes from all the junk food. Where is the super glue?

  188. Brittany miller says

    I’m homeschooling my two daughters. Trying to stay ‘glued’ while they become ‘unglued’ over their work is quite the challenge some days.

  189. michelle h says

    I keep thinking I don’t need this book, I don’t have unglued issues and then the kids . . . thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  190. says

    I’ve lost it when my twins are having a “I will not listen to you no matter what!” day. I hate it that I can’t stay June Cleaver like lol but I’m working on it.

  191. Lucy Sanguinetti says

    Are you SURE you are not posting about MY life, and MY situation? Lightening struck my house, causing me to lose all of the food in my outdoor freezer (meat!!!), it zapped my oven, microwave, dishwasher and overhead light…..then my engine block on my car cracked from overheating, and my son wrecked his car! Calgon, take me away! Yes, unglued definitely describes my life right now!!!! I need to feel God’s hand holding me up at every moment!

  192. Kimberly says

    Our son (9yrs old with Autism) decided to decorate the bathroom in poo just as we were heading out the door to a church function and date night Friday. Oh boy was that an Unglued moment but we tried to handle it with lots of patience and grace but that doesn’t always happen!! :) I would love to read Lisa’s book! I really enjoyed reading Made to Crave so I can’t wait to see what this one has in store!!

  193. Kari Hunt says

    We are starting a business, I am in 3 different PTA boards, team mom for drill team and an feeling a little unglued!


  194. cheryl osborne says

    I have all the usual “stuff”: broken appliances, things that need to be fixed, too much to do. The most recent thing that “unglued” me was my 14 year old daughter having a meltdown. I won’t go into all the details, but the short version is our water softener isn’t working so we have rust in our shower (that I clean several times a week) and because we have rust in our shower, she has no friends. :)

  195. Christina says

    Rushing around in the mornings trying to get out the door to school and work on time make me come unglued. Especially when one of my children forgets something that should have been done the night before or over the weekend.

  196. Natasha d says

    My unglued moment this morning – trying to get my young girls out the door for a summer camp. One is all nerves with something new ahead of her adn the younger likes to get on her nerves, so complete frustration between the two of them sends me going crazy trying to hurry and get out of the house!! Should I have signed them up for a half day, one week summer camp?????

  197. Tracey Mehrer says

    School is starting in a few weeks. I work in the administrative office of a large school district. We also are re-arranging offices, got a new superintendent and my homelife is crazy. Unglued does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. Plus we met my son’s future (to-be) inlaws this past weekend. I am feeling a bit frazzled as a mom. It is just life but at times it feels a little overwhelming and my “mom’s” heart is a bit fragile right now!

  198. melanie shannon says

    Trying not to come unglued but my son is leaving for college 6 1/2 hours away on Sunday, my daughter starts middle school on Monday so my mother is coming to stay with her, my house is a mess and I have to work all week with 2 meetings at church – Monday & Tuesday plus Wednesday night service……my mom knows I am not a good housekeeper but still I don’t like her seeing it messy., My son hasn’t packed and I still need to get him some things for his dorm room with a low bank account. Aaaghghh!! Turning it over to God and taping my mouth with duct tape! I will get done what I can and we can live with what doesn’t get done. Right??!???!!!

  199. Cindy F. says

    Unglued now! I have a tween son and teen daughter and somedays I think they exist to drive me crazy. They fight with each other and me. One more week before school starts back. I hope it gets here soon.

  200. Joan says

    Having lost our jobs one week apart, my husband, our teenage daughter and myself moved in with our married daughter and her family and I sometimes come “unglued” by the many changes in our lives at this late stage in our lives (60’s). But God is faithful to speak comfort and hope to me often through your words.

  201. Debb says

    I just spent time on the phone with a loved one who is coming ungluded–I need to read this book so I can give better advise.

  202. says

    For me, it’s balancing the spinning plates. I can get my act together for homeschool, but the house goes down the tubes. I can have the house tidy and meals planned and prepared, but the finances are out of control. Finances dealt with? Hubby’s business books are behind. It never ends. There is no balance and it definitely causes me to become unglued.

  203. Kim Leach says

    I have just changed career paths after 9 years in retail. I am excited what God has instore for me as I have always enjoyed working in the Business Office. I am beyond extcited that a group of ladies have asked me to join their bible study on Tuesdays. They will be studying your new book and I can’t wait to dive into it. I just need to take the time to get it first. May God bless your every moment!

  204. Julie Spearing says

    Oh my goodness! I have SO been wanting this book! I have been dealing with these issues lately in my life and could really use some help! With a certain person in our family who says things sometimes that really upset me to dealing with 3 girls ages 7 months, 4 yrs, and 8 1’/2 yrs, I can use ALL the help I can get! WHEW! Thank you for your ministry and for this book! God Bless!

  205. says

    Unfortunately, I come unglued most often with my kiddos… ages 13 and 9. I need Christ to help me keep it together! (And this book would help, too!)

  206. Lisa Roberson says

    Wow! The new school year has begun. First day with students and quite honestly distracted with life situations. My husband resigned from our church of 4 years. The search is on to find a new place of worship. My goal-look at this as an adventure that God is taking us on. My anxiety-I’m not enjoying this and the people from the past ministry are still dependent upon him to keep in touch. I love them and care about them but I’m just ready for a break. Sometimes I just want to scream. Instead, I’m crying and praying. Completely, emotionally drained. God is my refuge and my strong tower.

  207. says

    I am constantly feeling Unglued, I get wrap my head around things. I was diagnosed with depression in the spring, so everyday is an effort. Now with school about to begin, I’m trying to hold tight to God and His hand to guide me along, I’ll admit that’s a struggle, I like to think I am in control LOL!! Ya right!
    I’ve been enjoying what other have had to share, and it’s good to know I am NOT alone!

  208. Heather Bireley says

    I have many unglued moments. I was raised in a loud family and for a long time have thought that it is okay to be loud and to yell. Now at 41, I am learning to control my emotions and to temper my responses., but I would really like to win this book for my mother who wants to this book for herself so we can both learn together.

  209. Tammy says

    We just celebrated the 2 year mark of my hubby’s stroke at age 57. Four days later he has a seizure two hours before I am leaving on my first weekend getaway in 2 years. I was instructed to start CPR until the medics arrived. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, he has a major heart attack totally unrelated to the seizure. They whisk him off and insert a stent in his right artery.

    He tests positive fir the MRSA virus, so he is in isolation. Our youngest daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and has compromised health so MRSA is a really big deal…

    And to top it off, the dog is moping around and won’t eat because of all the stress and chaos.
    I think I have been unglued for the past two years…

  210. Natalie says

    While you are on Day 17 of no stove (I feel for you!) we are on Day 17 of ants!!! We have had them almost every day in some area of our house. We have tried traps, sprays, etc. and they just keep coming. We live in Arizona, and I think they are trying to get some relief inside from the high temperatures outside. When my hubby went back to the home improvement store(again!) to buy some more ant repellent, the lady he spoke with said they will probably be around until October. October??? Are you kidding me? Another six weeks of this? Aggggghhhhh!!!!! It’s amazing how something so small can be so annoying!

  211. Crystal says

    When thinking about an “unglued” moment to post, my car is what came to mind. Following the Dave Ramsey approach, we sold and paid off my vehicle with a payment and paid cash for a cute wagon car — all great in theory,
    Living in Florida during the summer, I was a little unglued when the air conditioner went out and then a little unglued when I realized the back windows don’t open, and then even a little more unglued when the passenger window motor went out leaving me with just the driver’s side window and the sunroof for relief from the summer heat. Yeah, for a sunroof : ) However, on Saturday the driver’s side window motor was making noises which would lead me with just the sunroof window, and it’s still summer outside. I’m not sure that these things would be cost prohibitive to fix, but those aren’t the only things wrong with the car so we’re hesitant to spend money on her :(

  212. Kerri Simpson says

    I’d love to win a copy. My unglued moments come when I’m ankle deep in toys all over the house, it’s time for supper to be prepared and I have 4 little ones begging for either a snack, a drink, or whining because someone looked at then wrong. And then the phone rings. Lol…as always. Nobody ever calls when I’m really not doing anything.

  213. Karen S says

    My unglued moments seem trivial compared to the ones that I have read! My refrigerator also has gone on the fritz, going to take over two weeks to get the part and the repairman back to get it fixed. (inconvienent to say the least), having issues with my family and this is the 4th year that I have been without my dear beloved husband who passed Aug 2008 and his birthday is the 25th of this month.

    Had foot surgery and it is not healing right and it goes on and on! I know that the Good Lord has something in all this that he wants me to see and do.

    Thank You for the chance to win your book. God Bless You for guiding those of us that need it and accept your help by reading what the Lord has directed you to write.

  214. Mary Kay says

    My husband just had reversal surgery done and we just got results that he has no “swimmers” — that unglued me for sure. But we are praying that God will still work His magic. :-)

  215. Cici says

    I work in a church office and sadly there are many times I could come unglued. I need this book to reinforce why I shouldn’t and for ways to handle the times when I want to.

  216. Julie H. says

    Have you ever gotten a “whatever” from a pre-teen child? Yea, that is my unglued moment. Not one of my favorite situations at all!!! Of course, there are many more, but that is this mama’s #1!

  217. Jen says

    My husband started a house project over the weekend. He pulled apart some walls in the bathroom to fix a leak.

    And hasn’t gone back since.

    It’s a bit of a recurring theme. lol

    • christina g says

      i been there. i bugged him for 2 years or more to fix leaking toilet. then floor got wet and it dipped down. so on easter sunday this year, he pulls up floor and toilet. we had no real toilet for 3 months. we used a camp potty and he had to empty when i said. lots of things in disrepear and just this 15 mins working on it not working. now i have a solid floor and a toilet thats solid… so no more leaks in the bathroom. now we have a big lowes credit card to pay off. and the kitchen floor has that same dip, right in front of the stove. fun!!

  218. Laurie Lett says

    No matter how hard I try to keep our home cozy, comfortable, clean, clutter free- does not work well when I am the only lady in the house! That is when I become unglued!

  219. Lisa F says

    Everything is happening at once. My husband is having hr issues at work for to a difficult coworker, I found out some devastating news about 2 of my girls So now i am dealing with court cases and social services. and I’m desperately trying to work full time and get my graduate degree. How I’m still holding it together I have no idea.

  220. Mandi says

    I am a mother to a 4 year old and 2 – 2 year olds (all very independent girls who like to do things their way and get very easily frustrated because they don’t know how yet to communicate what they are feeling). I fill like I am constantly playing catch up with house and life all why trying to potty train two at the same time.

  221. Shari W. says

    I can relate to the appliance issue. My husband just installed a brand new dishwasher that didn’t work. (The day he installed it was the day the A/C went out. It was >90 degrees in the house!) After several weeks of waiting for the correct part (the wrong one had been ordered twice), it was finally repaired a month later. Washing the dishes by hand was complicated further by the broken garbage disposal that wouldn’t drain the putrid water on the left side. My two oldest kids (6 & 9) fight constantly and my youngest (3) has developmental delays. He is in the midst of potty training and he throws uncontrollable tantrums daily. He’s like a time bomb waiting to explode whihc makes it difficult to go out in public. To add to the mix, I just found out I’m expecting our fourth. Surprise! (looking back I now realize why I was so moody during the dishwasher ordeal athey hormones were really out of whack). We just got rid of our all of baby stuff last year as we were done having children. I guess God has different plans for us, but talk about coming “unglued”. I’m there.

  222. Kathy Kinney says

    Homeschooling my 3rd grader for the first time! How do I balance my day, while still being patient with him? At the same time, one of our businesses just went under. We were using that to pay off our debt. One day at a time…sometimes hour by hour!

  223. Anna Smith says

    I am a 27-year-old widowed single mom, I homeschool my little, and live with a highly toxic relationship daily. My to-do list is longer than my lifespan. My future is absolutely, 100% uncertain, and I am on the brink of being unglued every second of every day! I desperately want to read this book, but cannot afford it even a little bit, so would LOVE the opportunity to win one!

  224. Kate Semer says

    I am having knee surgery on September 18th and am coming unglued with all I need to have done before that time. It’s harvest and canning season in my Ohio garden, the flowers need watered, the dog had surgery, and on and on just like you all!

  225. christina g says

    live in unglued most of the time. im always irritated about something i cant change or someone who said something to me that was rude. often the husband because hes tired and grouchy. so mean words begets more mean words and unglued moments. tired of it all.

  226. Carrie says

    I have become unglued all too often this summer with the kids home from school. All they do is argue, fight, and whine back and forth. They torment each other, as well as me – and I fall apart each time. I so need HELP!!!!

  227. Beth D says

    Unglued! My blessings are beating me up! 3 kids 9,7,1 going crazy trying to keep up with them and give them the time they need while living in one house and trying to keep it cleaned and organized and trying to finish other house and get it sold before we are broke. No time to do it all and everything seems to go wrong. Had house sold, but obviously trusted them too much becuase they pulled out just before closing. Trying so hard to see God working in our lives right now, but bombarded by so many things going wrong…and the guilt of unraveling and becoming unglued just when my kids need me. Dont want to wish for school to start, but I know it will help get us back on a schedule, again, frustrated that this summer didn’t turn out to be what we had hoped. If unglued is feeling completly defeated and wondering just where God is in our lives…I am certainly there.

  228. Jenny Mabe says

    The past weeks I have been completely unglued. Everything that could go wrong did and still have not gotten much better. I would like to be apart of this study. Nothing seems to be going right in my life right now.

  229. Melissa says

    Many times in my life I have come unglued. I am looking forward to getting the book. I don’t want to be unglued anymore! I hope this book will give me the tools to stay glued together!

  230. says

    I find myself sitting on the floor in my crying room at work too often these days…everyone else just calls it the bathroom. My shoulders are straining from the financial burdens. I didn’t get the company in this situation, but they all expect me to fix it. I’m in over my head. I am not sleeping. My migraines are worse. And I feel all alone in the midst of it all. Unglued? Yep, that’s me!

  231. Sharon says

    I am trying to get homeschool stuff and house ready for another year of homeschooling. I’m coming unglued!!!!!!!

  232. Valerie Hohenberger says

    Karen, My husband is waiting on a heart transplant list and has just been downgraded to a “1B” status, from “1A”. All that means is that he is no longer on the top of the list. He is very discouraged, despite having the pleasure of coming home after a mere 46 days in the hospital!

  233. Darleen says

    My unglued moment…I babysit little ones all day and they test me everyday!! I have started a bible study with them and its going to be so rewarding!! I am a single mom and I don’t have much free time and I am trying to study the bible. I have so many questions that need answers. I love my kids just trying to make my home the way God wants it to be!! Thank you

  234. Jacquie says

    I love my job as a daycare provider, but I often become unglued when I need to be nurturing to my children in the evening after I have been giving to kids all day long.

  235. Jessica says

    My unglued moments are a little different from most of what’s been posted. I hold things together pretty well on the outside, around friends, etc., but emotionally is where I come unglued. Past hurt that has left emotional wounds (that I know, with God’s help, will eventually heal) is what causes me to come “unglued”. My husband and I let God begin a healing process in our marraige a year ago, we endured 10 yrs of struggling after marrying very young, and it all hit the fan when an affair between my “best friend” and my husband was exposed. You want to talk about unglued, I fell apart. Long story short, God did a HUGE work in our lives and we stayed together, but now a year later, trying to keep those emotions in the past is a challenge. I am a homeschool mom with 2 precious girls, ages 4 &6. My husband is now a wonderful Christian man, but it’s a challenge not to come “unglued” on the days Satan dangles the past in front of me, and reminds me of the hurt I’m trying so hard to heal from, while trying to keep it all together during a chaotic day, whether the chaos stems from kids who “aren’t tired” at resttime, housework that’s piled up, or bills that I feel guilty for no longer contributing financially too. I know that my life is wonderfully blessed by God above, but sometimes it would just be nice to sit down and be encouraged by someone elses stories when emotionally I feel “unglued”.

  236. Christina says

    I have been trying to work on two houses since last August. First we were cleaning out and fixing one so that my daughter and family could move in. I’m working at the other house packing and moving boxes one truckl;oad at a time by myself for months while painting and cleaning the other house so my husband and i can move in to it. Then there is the unbearable 100+ heat and the the air conditioner at the new house goes out…Of course it takes a week to get the new part back and installed. I one truckload in the early morning over to the new house, drop it off and head to my daughters to babysit her children for the day. Go home and start all over the next day. Son in law comes home and asks, how much I had gotten done at the house, was the painting done so we could start moving in…This goes on for months. In May the new house is officially ours. We are going non stop trying to get things moved in and cleaned up. At the same time I am trying to paint, and fix thing in the old house to get it ready for daughter and her family to move in. two months. As I am getting one room ready, they decide to bring things in and store them in the basement and one bedroom. Now I am done to the last few things and it is getting close (6 weeks) to their having to move out. Now they come to help occasionally on a day off or for a few minutes after work. Again comes the questions on how much have I gotten done….I’m thinking excuse me, I have been going non stop since May trying to get this done without any help, plus watch your children and try to keep up with what I have to do at the new house. I don;t see you trying to help me very much. When I do have a few days free, I’m usually called to help you My house is so full of boxes we can hardly turn around because I do not have the time to put anything away yet. My grand daughter can not come over to play, because it is too cluttered. My husband is aboutto crazy because we just have a path from one area to another and wants to know when it will get cleaned up….I can go on and on, but all I can say right now is let me finish one house please and stop giving me greif because things are not the way you want them to be right now. iF YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO HELP, THEN COME HELP. Don’t just say you are going to then not show up and ask later how much I got done. Thankfully I will be in one house soon. Yes, I will still have a few things in the basement to sort and move, but I will be able to focus on one house.

  237. Vickey Stamps says

    profound comment from a book I am reading, which I have a love/hate relationship with, which is what may have been intended by the writer.

    2 mothers are discussing their almost grown kids. One admits she GAVE UP on her son, who early on became sullen and hard to deal with for years, before making a ‘turnabout’. She loved him so much but it got her nothing all those years, till he changed.

    The other woman replied “Sometimes people are like vessels with leaks. All the love in the world (or whatever is put in the vessel) will keep leaking out, until the vessel is repaired

    I think those that reach out a helping and sincere hand help to plug up the leaks or seal them over.

    I like thinking that. Bet the give away book is wonderful and not something I’d have a love/hate relationship with.

    The book title I read was ANGRY HOUSEWIFES EATING BON-BON’s, and while i am unlike those (TO A BIG EXTENT) I also see myself and fellow folks I know in them and can reach out in a type of understanding on what brings us all to different points in life, knowing we are all vessels (all created by the Lord)


  238. says

    My entire disaster of a house (don’t you dare look!), finances (or lack of), and my oldest leaving for college 8 hours away in 38 hours (where did the years go) is stressing me out and leaving me unglued.

  239. Paula says

    All of my three children are home for the first time in over a week and the last one to come home after a visit with Grandma, is driving me crazy. I am trying not to come unglued.

  240. A. Smith says

    Can’t wait to get my copy! Today I started home-schooling four of my children from Kindergarten through grade 12…. all while trying to keep two toddlers from disturbing them. Not the worst trial I’ve been through, but frustrating, nonetheless! :)

  241. Shannon says

    I have a new puppy and my whole life is different now. I don’t sleep a full night, I can’t work on my laptop without the puppy bothering me, my carpet is ruined from chewing and moreso from bathroom accidents! My whole life feels unglued!

  242. Paula Lloyd says

    I have discovered that it is easy for me to come unglued. I have been working and praying on this imperfection of mine. I must say that it really rears it’s ugly head when I am dealing with my son’s paternal grandparents. I actually had a run in with his grandfather when he told my son that a dear family friend he calls Meme, that he couldn’t call her Meme anymore, he only has one Mimi and it was his wife. I can let a lot of things pass but telling my son what and who he can call someone is stepping over the lines and into my property. I work in a public place so it is easy to let the customers come in and ruin your day but I pray every morning to help me through and with God’s help I am able to not come unglued on our customers! Woohoo! It is the people in my personal life who I get irritated with and want to lash out at. I can’t wait to be able to get my book so I can start reading it!

  243. Anna says

    This week I am trying to get everything done to get the kids ready for school while my husband is stressing about finishing a new course he is writing and having to attend meetings.. Need to make a trip to see my in-laws who are housebound. Trying very hard to hold my tongue and not get unglued so we can enjoy our anniversary today – 24 years.

  244. sherrii says

    i have been living in in a perpetual unglued state for the past 7.5 years. the circumstances are all wonderful, but i have yet to find a realistic normal for myself. i am married to a man who owns his own business, i work outside the home, we have two wonderful children (ages 17 and 5) who have completely different activity and social schedules. My husband is also a deacon, which at my church makes me a deaconness and I’m a youth advisor at church as well. I’m a run coordinator for an affiliate of a national run group and the president of the high school booster club! In reading this, you may say, “just drop something and you won’t be unglued.” Unfortunately, I have dropped things SEVERAL times and it seems things are worse when I’m doing nothing, AND somehow things creep back onto my schedule! Every now and again, I take little mini-sabbaticals to help gain my composure, but I find myself getting irritated with people and while I’ve gotten better with not blurting out the quick, snappy comebacks, they’re there.

  245. Mandie Kellerman says

    Oh ya. Especially when my husband is supposed to take care of this dishes and he doesn’t. I am so looking forward to reading your book. I am pretty sure I actually need “re-glued” as I often feel like I am only ever unglued!! Lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

  246. robyn j says

    I become
    unglued when I let my emtions control me when my thoughts overwhelm me about my 24 year d daughter who is a prodigal right now living a lifestyle that goes against our biblical beliefs. She also has a daughter who is 5 and she has begged me to live with us…that totally unglues me. Her mom won’t even let us see her.

  247. Renee Melius says

    School starts in a week. My baby will be a senior. I’m the only one in the office. Need to go to town which is 100 miles away for haircuts and pick up glasses. Been going somewhere every weekend this month for someone. Out of time, out of money, and so very tired….I’m sure I’ll come unglued alot this year.

  248. Laura says

    The current thing that makes me unglued is my son’s LOUD LOUD voice!!! He has no concept of an inside voice and no, he doesn’t have any hearing problems, been checked! Someday I’ll miss the loud, right??

  249. says

    My worst ever unglued moment happened on a Monday, of course! I had to get to a nearby town for a very important doctor’s appointment.

    To start it off the alarm didn’t go off on time so I overslept. I spilled juice on my jeans and had to change, and kept dropping things on my way to the car. I got into the car, and of course it wouldn’t start, the battery was dead. My friend finally made it out to the house and jump-started the car, only to get down the road a few miles to be stoped by road construction! Luckily, I barely made it to my appointment.

    If that won’t make you come unglued, what wouldn’t?

  250. Melissa Fordyce says

    With 9 children( which includes 3 teens & a 1 & 2 yeao old) I pray every day I don’t come unglued! There is never a dull moment & it’s a constant juggle .

  251. carolyn says

    My unglued moment? I had a litany of problems and troubles that make me feel unglued. Then I started reading others comments and realized for the most part we all have the same moments that make us go bonkers. I wish we could all win this book.

  252. Diane says

    When you are hurt by another person, and know you need to forgive so you take steps towards that,, but they completely ignore you, do not even acknowledge you exist.. Praise God we make the choice and He works it out… I still feel unglued..

  253. sarah Hualde says

    When am I not unglued? I really do have a wonderful life….if only I’d stop screeching enough to live it.

  254. Karen says

    My unglued summer: I was summoned for two months of federal jury duty, so I could make no plans, but had to call in each Monday to hear my instructions. I just called in today and found I am released from serving. Actually, I only had to go one day and was not placed on a jury, but still, I couldn’t make plans! Glad that’s done!

  255. Lacey S says

    I have 2 kids that I feel like I yell at every morning as we are trying to get out of the house to go to school. I have read the first 2 chapters of this book. I feel like it would be a great help in our house. I would love to win.

  256. jackie s says

    you are so generous! would love one of those books – some days i need much more than super glue to hold me together! (Praising God that He is always there – no matter what)

  257. says

    Unglued in ways I never thought I’d have to face…

    And unglued in something I knew was coming…our daughter starting college in another STATE and our son in another state as well.

    Prayers for God’s blessings on everyone who is unglued today!

  258. says

    I come unglued at my office daily when I hear some of our employees complain that they have so much work to do and can’t meet their deadlines (tax returns, of all things!); yet, they visit for hours on end, take long lunch hours together, and leave early to go work out at the gym! What are they thinking? Where are our ethics and integrity?

  259. Mel says

    Just daily life raising kids- specifically grocery store behavior today. So trivial, but often it’s the little things that get me. I’m told that strong willed children make great adults. Let’s hope so!

  260. misty says

    I am currently under construction and am not allowing myself to speak negatively! I am getting a kick out of some of the comments only because I am often in those shoes. Some of the posts are just plain heartbreaking. Jade, I am in a similar boat. God will never give us more than we can handle. Let Him work on your husband. I will keep you in my prayers.
    I would love to win this book. My husband and I are in counseling and my outbursts have been brought up many times. I have promised myself and my family that I will get it under control, by the grace of God.

  261. Arlene Caldwell says

    unglued moment, you go to work and find you have a flat tire, husband comes to get car and have it repaired, all four tires are replaced, no lunch waiting for new tires on car, finally done. now your rushing back to work, and get a FLAT TIRE on the way back, unglued, lets pray.

  262. Darlene Dunlap says

    This past month I have become unglued to
    Many times to count . Each time asking
    God to forgive me and my husband. The
    Problem is I live in a small 2 bedroom house
    With 1 small bath and my stepdaughter and
    Her two children moved in with us. I really want
    To be nice and christ like. Needless to say I haven’t
    Been either. Lately I stay unglued

  263. yvette says

    I almost came unglued this evening. It back to school night for my youngest son. I am running on 3 hrs sleep. I have worked all weekend, helped my friend scrubbed her house thursday. My oldest son wants to be inconsiderate and not allow me to get a cat nap. He decided to blare his radio. Oh my gosh. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. I just wanted an hour sleep before we had to leave. Ubfortunate, I couldnt scream I had no energy. If it werent for the grace and mercy of God. I would of come unglued with my oldest son.

  264. Katrina C. says

    Keeping a clean house with 3 little ones and one on the way can make a unglued situation for me especially when company comes unexpected!

  265. Lela says

    I don’t really have a specific unglued moment to write about…I guess just as life is happening I am more aware of the moments I come unglued at my children or my husband or my mom or whatever is happening and I would love to read the book to have some guidance on how to better handle those moments!

  266. Carrie says

    I really need to read this book right now. It seems like life just pulls me in so many directions! I guess I felt unglued yesterday when I just started feeling so bad with my aches and pains and coming down with a cold, I just curled up in my bed feeling down. Sometimes you just have days that you need to take a mental break and take care of you.

  267. says

    I have been through every season within the past few years with finance issues, depression and health challenges. But lately at this point in my life I feel unglued each day when it comes to work and family. I try so hard to keep in control of my emotions, but even the best of me gives into my faults. I want to learn how to work on this area in my life, so I can build a good foundation that will show my daughter how to deal it pressures in life without coming unglued.

  268. Kristin says

    I know that I become unglued on pretty much a daily basis but apparently my memory is unglued as well since i can’t think of a specific example at the moment. In general though getting my kids to school or other places is a time that I come unglued. Whenever we get somewhere my kids are always hungry–why can’t they be hungry at meal time?

  269. Shelly says

    I most often come unglued over the little things done or left undone by those I love. My life is so blessed, easy, and comfortable compared to others, that my unglued moments are actually quite embarrasing. But, we all have our buttons, our stressors, the things that just totally drive us crazy that I have to forgive myself and those who pushed & pulled until I fell apart, and move on and Up! Sometimes that is easier said than done and I find myself unglued again and again. Thank goodness God never grows weary of how long it takes for me to learn and grow. Setting the example that I should follow with my loved ones, of not growing weary for how long it takes them to learn and grow.

  270. says

    Yesterday i was helping out with free supper for the single moms in my area,wheni got stung by a bee…..Alsoi was putting out the garbage last night around 10pmwheni threw my door keys in the dumpster withmy garbage Thank God i got them out with a flashlight and a long stick That was my unglued day…….

  271. Teresa Gierhart says

    My unglued moment was this morning trying to help manage my 16 yr. old and 13 yr. old daughters to get moving for the first day of school. I need to let them do it on their own, but after so many years of – come let’s go – – I need to let them go and that is hard and leads to becoming unglued !

  272. Sara says

    Unglued: My parents live off of the $700 SSI my dad receives… My parents have to help my sister and I get through college;. thankfully I graduate next May and my sister just started her freshman year at college. It’s just stressful watching my immigrant parents struggle financially and have such high hopes and expectations for me and my sister. I keep praying that God will lead me towards the right career and help me get on my feet so that I can pay off the loans quickly and help my parents out.

  273. Vicky Jones says

    My parenting season of life has brought me many joys and test. I believe each day I learn something new including a reminder that I can not raise my girls without My walk with God.  I have three daughters 24, 4 and 7 months old.  I am dealing with detaching with love with my adult child who is expecting my first grandchild in October, My strong-willed 4 year old and my newest edition my 7 month old.  I know that I am human and that when I am tested I can come unglued however; in every situation I know there are others out there with more obstacles than I can imagine so, I seek God daily through staying in the word and reaching out to others and remind myself I don’t have to do this alone. 

  274. says

    oh man, I know the feeling. I have been 4 years without a stove or oven now. Amazing what you can do with a BBQ, Microwave and a toaster oven. (We are waiting to remodel)
    This weekend while feeling ready to become Unglued….I decided to search the Provb. 31 speakers on Youtube. Lysa 1st Unglued made me check my cell phone a dozen times today to make sure no one had heard what I just said.
    I am so thankful for all or you at Provb. 31 and the “Hat’s” mom’s wear skit you did, was just what I needed to loosen the tightness around my mouth.

  275. Karen C. says

    My only son is leaving for college, and I’m starting a new job. I was at my previous job for 23 years. Unglued is being anxious about the changes and yet feeling excited about the changes, and still trying to prioritize so that my husband doesn’t feel left out!

  276. Sharon Serrano says

    my home situation. My husband, our 6 children and I have been out of our house for almost 2 years due to financial difficulty. After going over our goals we came to the conclusion that we will not be able to be able to get our own home til June of next year, I was really hoping for Feb, March. Living with family is a blessing but difficult when you have 6 children and they are limited in space. Knowing that we aren’t going to be able to move til June has me unglued and my emotions are a rec. I Am really looking forward to this study, realllllly need it :)

  277. Heather V says

    So many things can set me to unglued. My most recent one…coming back from a 2 week vacation at 9:30 pm the night before school started added to the fact that I was asked to sub in a long term position beginning the first day of school…with no plans!!

  278. says

    I come unglued at the sheer magnitude of the fact that I am fully responsible for my Mom, 87 years young, until she goes home to Heaven and the knowledge that the only thing I should be feeling is grateful to our Father that I have this time with her.

  279. Ann : ) says

    Trying to get church library items entered into the computer program and the computer is on the fritz. Had to stop and wait for repairs or replace. Program I need isn’t on this computer — this is borrowed time.

  280. Bobbi says

    Somedays I think my job of managing 70+ women in the workplace, getting my 19 year old off to college, getting my 7 yr old ready for another school year (becoming her brownie scout leader – what was I thinking?) and trying to find time for my husband, 2 adult children & grandson are overwhelming. Then I read some of the previous posts and decide I need to count my blessings instead of becoming unglued. I will be praying for many of the women who have already posted.
    Thank you Karen for this forum to bring women together and give us the opportunity to lift each other up in prayer. God bless you!

  281. Sharon says

    My unglued story has to do with my husband and I being at odds lately. It seems like we cannot agree on anything these days. And some of the decisions we need to make are time sensitive. It’s not like we can just wait for the other person to come around. It is exhausting to be at odds with your spouse.

  282. Holly A says

    Husband working crazy hours at work (which means I work overtime at home). A little stressed trying to get an early dinner on the table for three small souls and myself so we can do swim lessons afterwards. Turned my back, and my busy toddler pulls a chair over to the counter, stands on the countertop and proceeds to play with the ice and water dispenser on the fridge, spraying water all over the hardwood floors.

  283. Shannon says

    Well, I was going to leave an unglued comment until I started reading the posts! Lol! If I don’t win the book, I think I’ll just stop by these comments and immediately feel better about my not “as unglued life” as I once thought! :)

  284. Sara M. says

    My husband was the target of my unglued-ness. After I reminded him what a killer job I was doing and that I had pre-arranged 3 babaysitters and juggled a crazy schedule all week so that he could rest while he was sick at home and I had to work….I got flowers! Who apologizes for being sick? Poor guy:)

  285. Carol.k.leatherman says

    I’m excited to join the Unglued Book study. Thrilled that Unglued made the bet seller list. love the authors down to earth examples of her unglued episodes. I want to overcome not just read.

  286. Elizabeth says

    Unglued… first child deployed for the 2nd time… second son…hmmm comes home with gauged ears… lip pierced and tatoos galore! I thougth he was off to determine what college to go to… he decided NONE! Did I mention work also brings new unglued moments… new boss- new work load no, well that too!

  287. Karen says

    After homeschooling for three years, my children returned to public school last week. Doing my best to not “lose it” when my dd wants to sleep and it is 5 minutes before the bus comes. Returning to work outside the home after being a SAH mom for over 10 yrs due to husband not working in 3 years due to an injury. This book is just what I need for wisdom to handle all the challenging moments in my life with grace and mercy.

  288. Crystal says

    My most memorable unglued moment happened within days of moving into our new kitchen. We had been living in a cottage with one great room that contained one wall of kitchen appliances separated by a small counter space. The living area and dining area were all within mere steps of this “kitchen.” But, as our family grew, since we loved the location of our home, we added on. One of the rooms we added one was a “real kitchen.” After months of living in a demolition, washing dishes in the bathtub, cooking with only a microwave or using the grill, we finally moved into our new kitchen. Every part of it felt precious, as we have added (yes, still doing it!) onto our home with our own sweat and tears, and as we have saved money to do so.
    My most memorable unglued moment arrived when my oldest daughter, who was 12 years old at the time, climbed onto our new ceramic stove top and stood on it to reach something in a cabinet above the stove. As she stepped, the ceramic made a noise that I could hear from another part of the house. It cracked completely across the whole thing! The worst part of this was that we had given her specific instructions against climbing to get things – a bad habit of hers and part of her desire to be independent. So, not only was the stovetop broken but she had disobeyed!

  289. Bernadette Black says

    Just glanced through some of the situations of our sisters in Christ~ praying for all of you and gaining perspective, yes I become unglued frequently but Praise God life is good now and I’m will keep my eyes on the Lord to prevent and survive ‘unglued’ moments. I know we are blessed by Karen and Lysa’s willingness to share their daily walk with Christ.
    God Bless,

  290. says

    I always struggled with coming Unglued. Most recently, the kids were supposed to be getting ready for school and I found them playing Legos with no thought to the bus or my asking if they were ready to go. I ran to the bathroom for some Tylenol since it was going to be one of those days, and my husband had rearranged the medicine cabinet that’ hangs over the toilet so a slew of medications fell into the toilet (where my son had forgotten to flush). Yep, it’s a struggle every day.

  291. Marilyn says

    My UNGLUED comes almost daily!! Does that happen to anyone else? I think most of them happen in my job, dealing with the public. Some come from a co-worker who nearly drives me crazy with her antics. And then there is my husband, who refused to asknowledge he can’t hear anything and won’t help himself. Oh yes. and mom, who I love to peices, but is on my last nerve most of the time. WHEWWWW…..Lord help me glue myself together!! And TY Jesus for helping me through!!

  292. Marilyn says

    I have a lot of UNGLUED issues. A lot stem from my job working with the public and a co-worker whose mindlessness drives me nuts. Then there is my husband, who has physical issues he won’t get taken care of because he is stubborn. Then there is my mom…..God love her, who can almost totally drive me crazy each and every day. But, Praise God I have Jesus to help pull m e through each of these issues on any fiven day!

  293. ConnieH says

    My youngest has just gone off to college and I am finding myself a bit unglued. An empty house may sound like heaven to some, but after it being full of noise and activity for 22 years, it’s just a bit too quiet around here. And trying to manage my emotions so my husband doesn’t think I’ve lost my mind has me unglued at the most inopportune times!

  294. KB says

    My unglued is not a moment it has been most of this year. My Mother and Sister had an auto accident on Christmas Day. My Mother was sent to UAB tramuma unit and died on January 8th. My sister is still dealing with her injuries but is back at work. My sister lived with my Mother and I’m learning what a hand full my sister really was. She is not saved and I’ve tried to step in and help only to deal with attitude time and time again. This last time was the end of the road for me (I say, my daughter laughed and said “right mom” you’ll still help). In the mean time my son-in-law ask my daughter for a seperation and she is now living with us. I think I really need to purchase this book just to try to keep my head on. Please pray for situation. KB

  295. Emily P says

    Yesterday as I was trying to plan meals and get a grocery list together and collect the library books we had 5 poops between my 3 children. seriously. my not very productive morning was frustrating, but in the end what was truly important got done and I am thankful for that!

  296. Ellen B says

    Unglued? It’s the little things, not the big things. The big things are SO big they are constant reminders to put my trust and reliance in Him. It’s the little things that I overlook, that I forget to turn over to Him… those are the things that trip me up, tie me up, make me come unglued!

  297. says

    I too feel unglued at times. My family and I have lived in our current home for 4 years now and for the entire 4 years we have been slowly renovating. Which means, my house is never in order like I want it to be. It’s very cluttered at times. I asked my husband just a couple of days ago is we would ever live in a clutter free, renovation free home and you know what he told me. ‘No.’ Oh how I’m just going to have to see this is as our normal somehow.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to read this book!

  298. Stephanie says

    I wanted to share my “unglued” story and then I saw Jade’s post! Please give that gal a copy, she deserves it far more than me!

    Jade, you are in my prayers!

  299. says

    I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have TOO many unglued moments when I take my two year old triplets to Disneyworld in Sept – talk about a recipe for being unglued :)

  300. Chris says

    I come unglued too often in my daily routines. I pray daily for the Lords wisdom in handling my emotions in all circumstances.

  301. Rebecca Sagen says

    My unglued moment….being a single parent to a hormonal 10 year old daughter. I have days when I wonder how am I ever going to make it. I run myself ragged to find things still aren’t complete, things are not good enough. I am ungluded daily….. :) But, I am blessed with a healthy, storng- willed child, without her where would I be?

  302. Kathy Green says

    My most recent “unglued” situation was about a month ago. I had surgery a couple of weeks before. I felt like eating breakfast out. My husband and I enjoyed breakfast and then decided to go to the store afterwards. After shopping we found our car with a flat tire. I had just gotten 4 new tires a month before my surgery. As luck would have it it was Saturday 4pm. We drove around to the service center to find that they were closed. However the guys were still there so one of them tried to help us. He said it looked like someone just slashed our tire. He and my husband tried to locate the spare tire in our van. They couldn’t find it. I had just talked to my car insurance agent a couple of weeks before, and he had given me the number of our emergency road service since it wasn’t on our card yet. I tried calling the number and you guessed it! It was the wrong number! I tried to look it up on my iPhone, but with no luck. Before we had found the flat tire I had started feeling bad. My husband realized that we needed to get home! We decided to drive home with the tire as it was! I think we drove 10 mph all the way home. We lived about 15 minutes away. Drivers behind us were getting mad, etc. We were praying more earnestly than we had in awhile to try to make it home! We started hearing horrible sounds as we got to our street! We barely made it! Thank God! Everything turned out great! The van got towed on Monday morning with no problems, and the dealership replaced my tire for free! I was feeling better as well. During all of the problems I have to admit that I became unglued! My poor husband! I would love to win your book! I think my husband would love for me to win it too!

  303. Connie C says

    Sending a 13 yo to 8th grade in a few weeks, hoping his “engage brain before mouth” skills have improved…sigh….

  304. Lisa F says

    I thought I had already posted but it looks like its gone :(

    My whole life is unglued right now. My husband is having job related issues, my daughter had to drop out of the school she has always wanted to go to because her father refuses to help her financially and we cant afford to do anymore for her, my youngest and oldest daughters are having some tremendous emotional and legal issues and meanwhile I am supposed to be everyones rock while working full time and trying to obtain my masters degree.

  305. Marie says

    In 2010, I was unglued. I had a separation from my husband that turned ugly quickly. We fought so badly that I ran away to a shelter. For three months I cried out to God wondering how I got to this place in my life with my three year old, 18 month old and one on the way. By 2011 we had paperwork for divorce and were going through a custody battle. Finally, we both surrendered our lives to God and reconciled in October of 2011. We are one year to the anniversary. We are humble about our struggle and fight everyday to never become unglued in our faith, marriage and family. We have put Him first. It has been a hard road to forgiveness for me and for my husband – we could have never been able to do it with out Him there helping us learn how to pray for each other and love each other again.

  306. Joyce says

    Unglued…..usually it is one little thing that causes the bomb to go off…..the real cause is little incidents throughout the weeks that smoulder….you know, the day that all I got done is a few loads of laundry and filling the bin with notebook paper. That’s it! Yes, everyone got fed–all 10 of us–But as I look back on that particular day, I got to read books and play games with my little ones. I got to visit and joke with my older children. As I look back on other peoples’ comments, I have NOTHING to become unglued about! Seriously, NOTHING! I have a family and friends who love me and a Jesus who died for me–warts and all!!

  307. Mythyl T. says

    Unglued moments? got a lot of that with a 4 year old girl, a 2 year old boy and an 8 month old baby boy. mostly those kind of moments come when my girl and toddler fight over a toy, nobody would give in, they’re both screaming and mommy is already stressed from all the chores and taking care of baby. most of the time, i’m fast to ask God for help but there are times that i just lost it… screaming at my kids. then regret what i did. i’m still under construction and i praise the Lord for His mercy and grace.

  308. Julie says

    Ah, my sweet little 4YO had to have a tooth pulled yesterday. I am still an emotional wreck after having to hold her down while they did this. The thing that got me was her asking about the kids at school “They won’t say I look funny, will they?” I feel like when I am stretched to the max emotionally like I am now, the smallest thing just sets me into a tailspin. I hate not feeling in control!

  309. Mary B says

    I work 3rd shift part-time at a nursing home. 3 kids (10, 13 & 16) and a husband who works alot. Not much glue in my life :/ I’ve seen so many great reviews for this book.!

  310. Courtney says

    Unemployment = unglued.
    College advisors that are no help at all = unglued.
    Family drama = unglued.
    My best friend got married and moved away = happy for her, unglued for me.
    It’s an unglued life, but it’s also a good life. :)

  311. says

    I’ve had several unglued moments in the last few weeks, but I’ll tell you about the most recent. This past Sunday, my husband and I had been invited to a neighborhood dessert party — how fun! Except that I’m trying to stay away from sweets (so I can totally relate to how you felt about your son baking a scrumptious cake) and I have an egg allergy, to boot. I’m not much of a baker, but I decided to make a Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread (yes, from a box mix), complete with egg replacer so I wouldn’t look like anti-social going to a dessert party and eating nothing. I even got all fancy and whipped up a cream cheese frosting with pumpkin pie spice mixed in. As I was taking the cake out of the oven, it decided to slip out of the oven mitts and fall top first onto the floor, complete with a dramatic splat to ensure I couldn’t salvage any of it. I came unglued. And I went to the party empty-handed, but my husband helped make light of it, and I know it’s comical now (especially in light of the heart-rending accounts from others here). I clearly need help staying glued together in life’s little comedies so I can stay glued together in the larger, more serious challenges life sends my way.

  312. Sharon says

    Just dropped oldest daughter off at college, sniff, sniff! Husband finally has a job (2 years without one); of course in another state (3 hour drive away). Need to sell house so we can be with husband! House has been for sale 5 months, no one has even called to look at it. My job just outsourced to India. Two teens trying to homeschool and get them ready for college. Put in DVD while cleaning for some worship music time, DVD player flaked out. Found out on facebook that my brother has Stage IV melanoma of the lung?! Well, you get the picture! Trying to trust the Lord and believe all things work together for good! Whew! Glory to Him in all things! Unglued?

  313. Crystal G says

    I only wish I could narrow it down to just one time that I became unglued. The unfortunate truth is that I become unglued far too often. I recently started a journey to rediscover God, Jesus and fill the void that has become my heart after years of walking away from Him. Doing this has opened my eyes to some behavior that I cringe at remembering and I’m sure God was disappointed in seeing in one of His children. Maybe is book will help me stop and recognize those ‘unglued’ moments in my life.

  314. Nancy Jensen says

    Oh, my! You are experiencing a trial by kitchen right now, aren’t you?

    I can only shamefully imagine what my totally unglued response would have been to having my kitchen look like yours did. Hoping your response was much more gracious.

    Totally looking forward to this new Lysa TerKeurst book. She is such a gift.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  315. Cass says

    We’ve been living for a long time (I’m embarrassed to even say how long…just trust me) without a shower in our home. It’s an extremely long DIY process. I come “unglued” about once a month when I look around and think, “What have we gotten into?!” God reminds me that He provides everything I need, usually after I’ve unloaded on my husband.

  316. says

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