Dec 11

10th Day of Christmas with Jennifer Smith of Unveiled Wife

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Unveiled-wife-portrait Welcome to the 10th Day of Christmas with Jennifer Smith from Unveiled Wife. Jennifer is a Christian, a wife and a mother of one.  These are her three most important priorities in life, in that order.

Unveiled Wife launched in March of 2011.  Jennifer first began this blog to share with other wives the struggles and the healing she encountered in her first few years of marriage.  By God’s grace it has grown into much more than Jennifer could ever have imagined, reaching women from all around the world joined together in community.

And now, let’s hear from Jennifer:

The sounds of holiday cheer spread joy throughout the house.  The Christmas tree was decorated colorfully from trunk to tip with interesting ornaments ranging over decades. I had traveled with husband and son to see friends of ours who had recently welcomed their first sweet child into the world.  It also happened to be their families annual Christmas party celebration and they kindly invited us to join.

Aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters began filling every room in the house.  The chatter of hello’s and reminiscing with one another was a joy to hear.  I didn’t know any of the family who came that day so I sat comfortably playing with my son in the living room.  The front door opened and another guest had arrived, it was my friend’s grandparents who have been married 60 years.

family couple in a winter clothes With smiles beaming on their faces they also made their way to the living room.  Although this couple was older, it seemed like their love for each other was as fresh as when it first bloomed.  The grandpa was wearing a beige suit with a red sweater vest and a nice comb-over.  The grandma sat nestled in a wheelchair with dark hair, fair skin and a smile that never seemed to leave her beautiful face.

Distracted by my son’s play I only heard bits and pieces of the party conversations.  However, there was something specific I kept hearing repeated by Grandpa,

“She made it for me for our first Christmas together!”

After hearing this over and over again I eavesdropped over his next conversation.  A cousin came in to say hello and acknowledged the red bow tie that adorned Grandpa’s neck. Then I heard him say again,

“Thank you! Bobbi made it for me for our first Christmas together.”

I turned my head around to see the bow tie and chuckled a little by its appearance.  It was made of red and white felt that had barely worn over the years.  It was a very out-dated portrait of Santa Claus around Grandpa’s collar.  Regardless of what it looked like, Grandpa was proud to flaunt it.  He told every person at the party that his bride made it just for him.  Grandpa was genuinely and unabashedly in love with his wife and he made it known to everyone.  It was precious to see his wife blush every time he drew attention to the gift she gave him all those years ago.  Such a dashing couple.

This Christmas experience made me realize the value I have in my husband and the passion I desire to have 60 years from now, which will only happen if I preserve our love and protect it, just like Grandpa did with the bowtie.

Marriage is important and I want others to be inspired by the love I share with my husband.  I hope this story inspires you as well!  May Christmas and our marriage be filled with genuine and unabashed love for one another.


wife-after-god-30-day-devotional-unveiled-wife1-1 Jennifer is giving away a copy of her devotional book Wife After God and a $25 Visa gift card to go on a date with your spouse. To enter, leave a comment telling us the best gift you ever got from or gave to a loved one. Or one with a touching story attached.

Mine would be the time my husband got me a leather journal and had written in it and had each of the kids also write in it. I use it to record Bible verses I have memorized.

And you?

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  1. Mine would be the casserole dishes with carrier. He has actually gotten me a lot of kitchen stuff for Christmas gifts and I have loved them all.

  2. Donna Larue says:

    Last year, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. During the year, his wedding band had gotten too small, and we had to cut it off. So, I surprised him at Christmas with a new wedding band, very similar to the one I had place on his hand a little over 25 years earlier. I was hoping and praying that I had guessed the right size that he needed. My daughter helped me wrap it up to disguise it, and when we opened Christmas presents that morning, we both cried when we opened that present. The joy in his expression was well worth the sacrifice of the $250 I spent on it.

  3. The best gift I ever got for Christmas was my husband and his family,as we were married on Christmas Eve three years ago. It was a small wedding, but it was beautiful with the Christmas trees decorated on each side of us as we said our vows at the alter with all the white pointsettia’s on the alter.

  4. Mine would be when my husband gave me 3 kitchen towels, and as I unwrapped them, found the emerald ring he had worked overtime to buy me!

  5. Over the years my husband has had some help in selecting Christmas gifts for me. He never had time to shop during the holidays (he worked at FEDEX – enough said). The first year that we were official empty-nesters for Christmas, he totally surprised me with diamond earrings! I guess all of those deliveries into the mall paid off (for me!)

  6. For my 23rd birthday, my husband gave me my engagement ring….. I was clueless!! He had placed it at the end of a ribbon tied to a balloon and stuck it in a great big gift sack. As I slowly pulled the balloon out, up came this beautiful engagement ring that he’d so cleverly picked out and planned with his mom! Precious!!!!

  7. My best gift ever was my new wedding ring. After 8 years of marriage we came
    To a cross roads in our marriage, we had to decide to fight for the marriage or walk away.
    The ring was his way of saying lets fight! That was 7 years ago. That moment was a turning point
    For us and we have been fighting for our marrriage ever since!

  8. One of the most creative gifts from my husband was for valentine’s day. I had talked wanting to work on the yard and plant more flowers. He got me a garden cart, new gloves, a very nice garden kit, and a beautiful flower. I loved it!! I guess he really does listen sometimes. :-)

  9. Our first Christmas together living overseas my husband gave me beautiful earrings. Simple. But precious. We had no money and we were living in a small dilapidated apartment above a store front. Our tree was only a foot and a half talk and we curled up on the floor where the heater was. I was so blessed by this beautiful and simple expression of his love. I knew that we didn’t have the money, which meant that he went without to buy them. He wanted me to feel pretty even in our ugly surroundings. And I still wear the earrings today

  10. Beverlee Hammer says:

    One year for Christmas, my husband bought me a copy machine. We had been married for several years and he wasn’t fond of the time I spent after school preparing for the next school day. (I was an elementary school teacher for 30 years) He thought if he bought me the copy machine, I would spend more time at home with him instead of spending so much time at school. The copy machine has certainly been used over the years, but it taught me an important lesson about priorities and spending more time with my thoughtful husband.

  11. For our anniversaries, my husband looks at the “list” for each year and picks something out that goes with it. For example, the year for pottery, I received a planter and a Harry Potter movie. :)

  12. Jennifer Rae says:

    We moved from Oregon to Wisconsin in January several year ago. The weather was a bit of an adjustment but my biggest struggle was that I had to get out of my car in the freezing, blowing snow to pump gas at the gas station. You see, in Oregon customers cannot pump their own gas. Being a novice at the gas pump, my sweet husband gave me a gift that year for my birthday that he would keep my car filled with gas for one whole year. The thoughtfulness of that gift was enjoyed throughout the whole year!

    • So true! I’m doing the opposite of you and moving from Wisconsin to Oregon this year. I’m amazed that I won’t have to pump my own gas anymore, especially in the sub-zero weather with whipping winds and snow. Blessings!

  13. One gift that comes to mind is one my brother gave me. I love Lucy and peanuts gang have been two items I collect and there was a Lucy doll that came with Ricky it was the one that celebrated when she was exoecting. The folks were 100 dollars and we didn’t have the money. During Christmas it’s the miracle time if the year we are looking for deals. Well I remember watching a pbs show. They were giving away different items if you pledged money. Well would you believe they were giving the doll set. My brother pledge 25.00 and they sent him the dolls. It was my Christmas miracle. I still have the dolls but the beauty of the gift is that when we give to others we always benefit from the experience. There is joy in giving.

  14. The best gift is my husband, we were married on Christmas Eve in a small, intimate ceremony and this year we will celebrate 20 years! Every year like someone else posted we go by the traditional list of anniversary gifts and so likewise gift based on that. We have been very creative over the years. Example one year it was willow and I gave him the movie Willow.

  15. The best gift from my husband was our 1st Christmas together in the Bahamas on the beach for our honeymoon. We got married on Decemeber 20th. So we were on the beach on Christmas sipping egg nog. Christmas has aalways been so special to me and then getting married a few days before make it even more special.

  16. Mary Lou Kleveland says:

    For my first Christmas with my husband, I gave him a children’s Christmas book that he had as a child but had lost. The book was out of print and hard to find and even though he mentioned wanting the book, he stated there was no way he would ever get it. The look on his face was priceless when he realized that the gift he opened was the book he had longed for. It gave me such joy to see his surprise and gratitude for such a special gift. It is one of my favorite memories of him and I and one I will always treasure.

  17. Husband gave me all our family and children’s videos transferred to DVDs .Precious lifelong gift that would be very hard to replace.

  18. The best gift I have received from my husband was on a Valentine’s day he surprised me with my camera so I can take better pictures of our family. He knows pictures are precious to me because they capture our lives in that moment. I received the zoom lens for that camera a year later for our anniversary.

  19. Erin Hoekstra says:

    Our first “married” Christmas together he bought me a sketch pencil drawing framed picture of “Edwards Mansion” which is where we got married in Redlands CA. Best gift ever!!!

  20. Last year I gave my husband a flip calendar I had made with quotes from a book on praying big for our children. I personalized it with our girls names and made all the pronouns feminine. My husband isn’t a big reader and really has very little time to read anyhow so this has allowed him to get little bits of it each day. I also put pictures of them in the background in different places reminding him of how fast they grow.

  21. The best gift I ever gave was a large cross stitch that I made over many months that had the names of my parent’s grandchildren and their birth dates surrounded by beautiful flowers. My whole family was amazed that I honored them this way. I was delighted that my parents hung it in a prominent place in their living room. I come from a very large family!

  22. The best gift my husband has given me isn’t only his unconditional love for all the times I have been on the couch with my pregnancies and the problem births and my illness’s. Keep in mind he hasn’t always understood the pain that I have gone through but he has stood by me FAT/THIN/DEPRESSED/ILL through it all he has been there for me and not walked away from me for all! Praise God for this gift he has given me. This past year we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a vow renewal on the beach at North Topsail NC. What a true joy it is to have a husband that has stood by me through thick and thin and celebrated the most joyous renewal on the beach.

  23. The best gift I received was on mine and my husbands first Christmas as husband and wife. I had made a comment not long after we were married that I would love to have a sewing machine of my own one day. To my surprise he bought me a sewing machine and gave it to me for Christmas. That was 18 years ago and I am still using that sewing machine.

  24. I believe my favorite gift from my husband of 31 years now is the tiny little silver heart necklace he gave to me our first Christmas together as a dating couple. We were only 17 yrs old and he worked after school and on Saturdays at the local grain elevator to buy gas to drive the 30 minutes each Sunday to go to church services with me. I know this gift wasn’t costly but it means so much to me even to this day. God is currently bringing us through a very trying time as my husband has taken his eyes off Christ for a very short time and had an extramarital affair that lasted only two months. Satin has tried to destroy our marriage and our family. Even though this lasted a short time it hurts many people very deeply. We are praying for complete healing from our Lord and maybe I will wear my necklace the year we celebrate our 60th anniversary.

    • We have very similar gifts that we adore, and we are both going through the same trying time. Although you have been married far longer than we have it still hurts and it does hurt many people very deeply. I just wanted to let you know that I will pray for you and your marriage. Just like I have been praying for mine. I know what your going through.

  25. The best gift my husband has given me at christmas was a camera I had been wanting.

  26. My favorite gift that I have gotten was a necklace that was a heart and it said “I love you” in the middle of it. It was the first gift I ever received from my now husband. He wrapped it in a small box, with tons of ribbon, and lots of wrapping paper to make sure I had a hard time opening it. Once I was finally there, I was speechless when I opened it and read what it said. I still have it after 7 years. It’s something I hold close to me because I knew he meant it then, and even though we have been going through some hard times now, I know what that necklace says still rings true after all these years.

  27. Melody Byrum says:

    I don’t care much for jewelry, but one year for Christmas, my husband slipped a beautiful filligree cross necklace in my stocking. He refuses to admit that he got it for me, claims it was really Santa. And then he gave me a simpler cross that I wear all the time. The most important thing is spending time with my family. I love to see my kids faces light up when they open their gifts. But I struggle with telling people what I want, because I don’t want or need anything. My husband always comes up with the sweetest gifts despite the fact.

  28. I appreciate that my husband takes the time to take our two boys shopping for me-mom-:) ,I have received some interesting gifts over the over the years but seeing the excitement on my boys faces is priceless and knowing my husband cares enough to teach our boys about giving and in this case respecting and loving mom is a gift all its own. I also am thankful for the Bible my husband gave to me on our first Christmas after we were married. I still have the Bible and it is very special to me per he took the time to write a message and inscribe my name inside.

  29. My son made me little cards that were good for free hugs. What is great about it is I told him that right now he gives me all the hugs I want so I am going to hold on to them till he becomes a teenager and no longer wants to hug his Mom! He just smiled and said that will never happen. I really hope he is right!

  30. My husband and my first Christmas was quite memorable. While driving home from the Christmas Tree Farm our christmas tree blew out of the back of the truck on the highway. We turned around just in time to see a semi run over our tree. Too poor to buy another one we picked up the pieces and was able to salvage about 2 feet of the top part of the tree. (we laugh about it now!!) That year my husband cashed in quarters to buy me a new Bible and a Tea maker. (I still have both.) that was 22 years ago.

  31. I am racking my brain here. I guess the time I got a turntable (yes, I loved record players) so I could play my hundreds of records is something I remember quite fondly. as a child.

  32. Jodi Howell says:

    The best gift I have ever received has been my husband. He is so perfect for me. he reminds me to laugh and let go and stop taking things so seriously. If it weren’t for him I would be an incredible grouch.
    We have been some pretty low valleys but we stick together. I hope our kids see the importance of sticking together no matter what. and how to be a gift to each other.

  33. Fun question:) &although I truly have been blessed w/ many fun gifts I would say the very first and most surprising came from my husband years ago on Valentines Day. A white stretch limo pulled down the driveway -as I headed out the door with him excited for a fun night out I was even more excited when opening the limo door to see many of our friends inside ready to join us on what was a great night out! :)

  34. My husband took a job several states away from us a couple of years ago…much sadness occurred on both fronts, us at home and my man alone in Texas. It was a very difficult time for our family. I surprised him with an iPad and also my kids with iPods so they could Facetime each other. The look on all their faces was priceless.

  35. Skye Fister says:

    The best Christmas present ever from my husband is from this year. He has been working 20 hours of overtime for the past two weeks so that we can have a special Christmas. It’s an extra special Christmas because we are reconciling after a long period of struggling in our marriage. So he’s the best gift ever!

  36. Michelle Breon says:

    My husband took me on a completely surprise weekend away for my birthday last year. He put together envelopes with information on each place we were going and I couldn’t have the next one until we had done the last thing. We ended up in NYC for a show and a run through Central Park the next morning. It was so thoughtful and special.

  37. I am remembering two occasions. The Christmas, as a child, that my Dad gave me the set of books, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Little House on the Prairie”. The other memory is of the Christmas that my husband came home, handed me a small box and said, “Will you marry me again?” He then walked off. I opened the box to see an engagement ring that was larger than my original engagement ring. :)

  38. Cammi waggoner says:

    The best christmas present I have ever gotten was from my husband. He gave me a homemade feeder he made. I still use it today and it has been 10 years ago!

  39. The ornament he bought me with a house and the year we purchased our first home engraved on it….we have raised our 2 daughters in this house and every year I find a special place on the tree for it.

  40. Marcy Wells says:

    The most touching gift I ever got was the first Christmas after my Grandpa Willie passed. He and I were so close. He was a simple man, a farmer, who liked to fish, smoke his pipe and fish. He didn’t go to the Baptist church with my grandma but he told me he worshipped God better outdoors in God’s nature. He was a quiet gentle man that in the evening would sit down in his easy chair and after he had smoked his pipe a little would pull out his harmonica and play it for me. I loved spending time with him whether it was doing chores feeding the animals or riding on the tractor, he never said I couldn’t go with him. After he died, I asked my mom if I could have one of his harmonicas and she said my Uncle Bill took both of them. I was slightly disappointed but I had one of his pipes and I was glad Uncle Bill (who I also adored) wanted them. Well, that Christmas when we got together, there was a present under the tree labeled To: “the pill” From Uncle Bill….when I was little he labeled all my presents that way and frequently called me “The Pill”…it never bothered me, I knew he loved me…but he hadn’t used that term in years. I opened it up and yes it was one of the harmonicas. Of course we all cried. A few years later, when Uncle Bill passed ( and came to Jesus before he died Praise God) my aunt gave me the other harmonica telling me he told her I had to have it!

  41. Kristina Jory says:

    Last year my Grandpa passed away. It was a very hard time for our family as we had seen him struggle for over 10 years with failing health. My Grandma was a dedicated wife. She never left his side for 10 years. The days leading up to his passing My mom, aunt, Grandma and myself stayed by his side day and night. I sang hymns and read scriptures of comfort to him.
    He passed through the night and I had to break the news to them. Everyone in disbelief. My Grandma threw herself on me sobbing repeating the phrase ” Now who is going to keep me warm at night?”
    Over the next couple of months I visited her and each time I took a couple articles of clothing that was his favorite home. I started to make a quilt.
    On Christmas morning I let her unwrap the sewn work. Whispering in her ear now he can keep you warm. All the memories you have are on this blanket. The shirt he wore to your 50th anniversary party, the tie from your wedding… its all there.

  42. My best present was an English riding saddle from my husband after we were newly married. It was so sweet that I overlooked the fact that I ride Western, not English.

  43. My two sons gave me a sterling silver double heart necklace. My best gift ever!

  44. Janet Worthy says:

    My most special gift was a “heart within a heart” gold and diamond necklace from my husband for Christmas 6 days after we buried our seven-month old grandson. I don’t share this to bring anyone down, but it was a horrible holiday season for us and this very special necklace that still hangs around my neck and has never been removed (except to clean) is a wonderful reminder that my grandson sits at the table with the Guest of Honor every Christmas!!!

  45. Kristin Musacchio says:

    The best gift I ever received was having my husband home for Christmas. My husband was gone for five months due to Basic Training and AIT in the United States Army. Over those 5 months I sent him hundreds of letters and we got a four minute phone call each Sunday. It was the hardest 5 months for both of us, but the day I got to pick him up at the airport made all the waiting well worth it. He proposed on Christmas Eve and having a him home that year was the best gift I could have ever received. This year we’re celebrating our first Christmas as Husband and Wife and I am so blessed that he’ll be home to celebrate with our families.

  46. My husband surprised me with an i-pad when they first came out. I didn’t think he listened to me when I wished for it and I was shocked that he paid that much for a “toy”. I didn’t realize how much I would love it.

  47. One of my favorite gifts wasn’t for Christmas. Actually, it wasn’t for my birthday or anniversary either. It was just because which is part of why it’s my favorite. He brought me into our bedroom and on the bed he had laid out plane tickets, a rental car booking and booked hotel confirmation. He had a planned a weekend getaway to FL for him and I. No prompting and for no reason other than for us to spend time together. This was my favorite because he took the planning into his own hands which is usually not in his character. That was over 10 years ago and I hold it dearer than any jewelry he has ever gotten me…super special.

  48. Ammie Gillatt says:

    The best gift I recieved was a silver love bird necklace with my husbands and my initials on the leaves. My husband has never really given me jewlery so this was a special moment and I was so excited!

  49. The best gift I got from my husband was actually after our first Valentines Day together. Valentines Day was on a Sunday that year and after church I gave my, then boyfriend, my gift I got for him, a pocket knife. We went to dinner and spent the day together, and still no gift from him to me. I thought it was a little weird beings it was our first Valentines together. Anyways, a month passed and he asked me if I would like to go out for dinner if he got off at a decent time (he’s a rancher so his hours are not set, you work until the job’s done.) So March 16th rolls around and he got off early and we went out to eat, then he asks if I would like to go for a walk. So we take a walk through our park and when we get to the middle of the park he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring!! Of course I said yes! Anyways, turns out he had my ring custom made and it was supposed to be done by Valentines Day but the jeweler had not gotten it done and that’s why he had no gift on Valentines Day. Needless to say I forgave him :) and we will be celebrating 3 years of marriage in March!

  50. A special gift given: A Christmas Eve tradition was started while my husband and I were dating. I prepared a dish that has become known as Christmas Pizza, by the next Christmas we were married. And now have shared 20 of them (this year will make 21)! The special gift received: Even though we didn’t meet or get married at Christmas time, my husband is my most special earthly gift from God!

  51. One of the best and funniest gifts I ever received was a small sapphire ring from my loving husband for Christmas. He had learned over the years that you don’t just wrap SOME things in the box that they come in so the recipient can’t guess what it is. Well, he gave me this HUGE box. Inside the box was all of this tissue paper, a smaller box (which contained another box with the wrapped ring box in it), and a BRICK! Yes, a brick to make the present heavy. My family and I, all laughed our heads off. It was just hilarious. I will never forget his thoughtfulness and his creativity.

    Blessings to all during this wonderful time of year, and to those of you struggling within your marriage, I pray that you receive peace and love.

  52. I love this story! This year will mine and my husbands first Christmas together as a married couple. We dated for 5 years, but being married makes it feel so more amazing. I started feeling the Christmas spirit even before Thanksgiving so I just know that this Christmas, with my husband is just going to melt my heart. I hope it’s the same with other newlyweds! God has truly shown up in our marriage! I am so thankful that God put my husband in my life 5 years ago.

  53. My husband proposed to me on Christmas 12 years ago. That was, and he still is, the best gift God’s ever given me.

  54. The best gift I ever received was actually a “series” of gifts. The first Christmas after becoming a widow, someone (or a group of someones) blessed my daughter and me with our own 12 Days of Christmas. Each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas, a basket of goodies (always with a theme) would arrive on our doorstep with the culmination of presents arriving Christmas morning. I tried hard to find out who was behind such a blessing, but to this day…I’ve never discovered their identities. I know that’s how God wants it too. Without a doubt, it was the most memorable, precious gift I ever received for Christmas!

  55. One year my husband gave me two angels to go with my nativity set – the “names” on the boxes of the angel figures (per the manufacturer) were the names of our two children! So special!!!

  56. My Grandma gave me her used bible with all her hand written notes in it. She is now in heaven but I love to read her insight on many verses and plan on leaving it for my son.

    • Oh my! I received my Grandmother’s Bible when she went to a nursing home about ten years ago. She passed away three years ago, and I cherish those hand written notes in her Bible too. Precious memories!


  57. Katie Thieman says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was from my husband our first year dating. It was a picture he drew of my dog and had framed. I didn’t even know he had such talent. And know he spent a lot of time drawing it.

  58. Vicki Boyer says:

    My favorite moment and gift from my husband was our very first date. We spent a large amount of our date driving around looking at light displays -the main one we went to is no longer there, that time we went was their last year doing lights – and talking. It was so perfect and so special being about to spend such a good amount of time with someone who truly cared for me from the start. We eventually made it to dinner, but the gift of time was the best gift of all!

  59. Best gift ever? The love notes written by my husband- especially after his car accident which caused a severely broken neck. God, in His mercy, has kept my beloved husband…his tenderly written words of love, by his own dear hand are PRICELESS to me! Merry Christmas, one and all!

  60. Jennifer fujimori says:

    I gave my husband a new acoustic guitar to use for leasing worship at our church. I remembered the one he liked when we went to a music store last year and arranged to get it with my Christmas bonus. He was so surprised and happy!

  61. we had just moved into our new house, my family was visiting and it was hectic. My husband wrote me a beautiful note for our anniversary, and that has been my greatest treasure!

  62. Last year my Christmas gift was a treasure hunt carefully planned by my husband that led me to different sweet clues, that eventually landed me in our kitchen to discover that he had recovered all of my dining chairs secretively for me. I loved that he had not just bought me something, but took the time to do something special for me.

  63. Brooke Mcberty says:

    My husband proposed to me 11 years ago on Christmas Eve! He gave me the engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother. It’s the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received! :)

  64. One year my husband got me a new laptop because I was struggling with my old one. I had not asked but he noticed and wanted to make homeschooling easier for me.

  65. Christmas before my 99 year old grandma passed away, she was unable to get out to get presents for Christmas. So she went through her house and handed out items that meant something to her. She gave me my grandpa’s family Bible that had been in the family over 100 years! That was my best gift ever. Something that meant a lot to my grandma and grandpa. And you can’t get better than getting the gift of God’s word!

  66. The best gift one of my best friends gave me was a date night kit to help my husband and I get into the habit of taking special time together even with little ones and a tight budget. She made us dinner, prepared a cd of romantic songs, and created a little chest full of questions to get some dialogue going. It was so thoughtful and helpful!

  67. For our first Valentine’s Day, Hubby gave me a vase and a single silk, red rose. His card said that he would fill the vase with silk red roses: one each year of future marriage (we were not yet married on our first Valentines) and he has. Each Valentines Day I find a new silk red rose somewhere throughout my day! 13 roses and counting!! :)

  68. For a our anniversary my husband gave me a pair of earrings with stones for the month of our anniversary. He put a lot of thought into them and I loved them.

  69. Jocelyn Lewis says:

    My husband does not like shopping unless it’s computer/electronics related. After we had been married only a few years, and the only time he has done this, he went clothes shopping for me and bought me several outfits. They were all beautiful and fit wonderfully and I was so blessed. He is a very thoughtful man, and truth be told, I didn’t like shopping until recently! :-)

  70. michelle h says:

    the first year we were married, my husband secretly built a huge bookshelf for me. I had no idea he was spending his spare time taking the bus to my mom’s house to work on it!

  71. The first Christmas without my dad, my mom gave my husband and I a gift certificate for FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember along with the hotel room for the weekend along with a letter about her relationship with my dad. It’s a gift I treasure to this day.

  72. The best gift I received was a sewing machine from my husband. Even as a child, I was a bit of a crafter…my grandma taught me how to chain stitch (crochet) when I was five. I’ve tried many different types of crafts over the years. My favorite thing to do is “gift” my creations to others. It’s a way to give others a part of me by giving them something I made with love and with them in mind. My husband recognized this love in me and he surprised me one year with my very first sewing machine that he purchased all on his own. It touched me so! I still use that sewing machine and made Christmas gifts for loved ones just this year. That sewing machine truly was (and is) a gift that keeps on giving…

  73. Sandi Colwell says:

    My favorite gift is a collage of photos that my husband put together from when we were dating and from our honeymoon. I love that it represents the two of us even before our 3 kids came along. I would love to read your book, hope I win!

  74. I am blessed to have a thoughtful, creative husband when it comes to gifts so it’s hard to pick just one. I will go with the one I am wearing today… last Christmas he surprised me with a CRAZY bright neon orange Nike running shirt for cold weather running. He knows I love to run but I hate to be cold and he got the brightest top he could find because he wants drivers to see me from a mile away. LOL!

  75. My late Mom had a Shirley Temple doll when she was a little girl. I spent a year looking and finally found one like her doll and gave it to her for Christmas many years ago. The expression and tears of joy on Mom’s face when she opened up her present to see her “old friend” was PRICELESS. If only I could relive that day again! When Mom passed away, Shirley was returned to me per Mom’s wishes and that PERFECT Christmas Day and Mom’s doll will always hold special memories for me.

  76. Andie Terry says:

    One of my prized gifts was the nativity set that used to sit on our hearth every Christmas as I was growing up, given by my mom before she passed away. That was 21 years ago and it is still is in the same box with ” place on the left side if hearth” in my Mom’s handwriting – priceless..

  77. I recently received a C. S. Lewis book, an answer to a prayer. I was so touched.

  78. Two years ago, my loving husband gave me a leather bound Bible with my name engraved on it and a sweet message from him written inside. He even gave me a Bible cover to take care of my Bible.

  79. Okay, so I’m not a gifts person and haven’t traded gifts for many years now. I would say my greatest gift is my daughter (after trying for years!). What can beat that?!

  80. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    The sweet metal necklace my son picked out for Mother’s Day. It has a small heart cut out of the middle of what looks like a metal washer. It has “love is patient” engraved on it. It is the first thing my 4 year old picked out for Mommy.

    Simple can be lovely!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  81. I have two that come to mind right away…one from my Mom and one from my grandmother, both of whom have gone to be with our Lord. My grandmother gave me a knitted pillow casing that I didn’t apprecite at first because it was pink and green, but then I realized how hard it must have been for her to make because she could only see out of one eye, and even then, very poorly. It was also the last thing she knitted before she died. I cherish it today.

  82. My husband and I were able to give my in-laws tickets to see my brother and sister-in-law’s family across the country for Christmas a few years ago. My father-in-law had been recently unemployed and the family moved away, and they weren’t sure when they were going to get to see their grand kids. It was one of the most wonderful experiences, and they didn’t quite believe it when they figured out the clues :)

  83. Stephanie Cohrac says:

    My story is a gift from my husband. There are SO many!! I am one blessed woman! The most recent blessing from him has to do with a broken wedding that was around 50 years old. It was the ring my husband asked me to marry him and I loved it! His grandma gave it to him to give to me and it was her first wedding ring! It was so special especially since my husband’s beloved grandpa had past. It was so different and simple and sweet and beautiful! However, on our honeymoon one if the lil diamonds fell out :( I cried! But we replaced it soon after! However again! When I was pregnant with our first baby the same diamond fell out :-( I I was so sad! And when we went we got it looked at the jeweler said it would cost a lot to fix it so it wouldn’t loose the same diamond and it was just so old! So my hubby worked hard that Christmas season and for our anniversary which is in December he completely surprised me and got me a new ring that he picked out by himself!! It was our 5 year anniversary and my new ring has 5 lil diamonds to represent our 5 years married! It was so meaningful bc we really didn’t have the funds for it and he made a way without causing debt! <3

  84. I love the camera my husband got me when we were expecting our first child to take good quality pictures of the kids :)

  85. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    My husband is wonderful at gift-giving, so it’s hard to pick just one. Probably I would have say that the most meaningful was the scarf he gave me when he proposed. He got down on one knee and placed a beautiful purple scarf around my neck as he asked the question. The scarf is imprinted in gold and in Hebrew – with Song of Solomon 2:16 – “My beloved is mine and I am his.” I then chose a poesy ring for my wedding band with that same scripture.

  86. Hands down this year is the best gift ever. Grace. Recently , through conviction of the holy spirit as well as an excellent sermon during our Ten Commandments series at Mars Hill, I confessed to my husband of almost 9 years that I had committed adultery about five years ago, before we had met Jesus. The grace he has shown me as we’ve worked through the process of reconciliation has astounded me. To have such a visceral reminder of God’s love for his bride the church and to see my husband walk through this living gospel has been profoundly inspiring and comforting.

  87. I actually love every kitchen item my husband and kids have gotten me over the years! They love to eat and they know I love to cook!! :)

  88. My grandmother gave my siblings and I a hand crocheted snowflake for Christmas. She said she gave us that because she didn’t “have anything anyone would want”. She was an extremely talented quiltmaker as well as the christian anchor in our family, so she gave more to us that she will ever know! I treasure that snow flake and plan to have it framed.

  89. I will always treasure the music box I received from my husband while he was deployed overseas in Iraq.

  90. A trip from my husband for my 9 year old daughter and I to bond together!! Lovely!!

  91. One year when I was in college and had come home for the holidays, I went shopping with my Dad for my Mom’s gifts. We found some really cute PJs that I loved along the way and I remarked how much I liked them. Dad went back and got them and they were under the tree that year. To some that may not be extra special, but he NEVER bought my presents through the years, so that was by far the most memorable gift that I got.

  92. I was seven months pregnant with our second child one Christmas and my husband surprised me with a new headboard/footboard for our bed. He knew I wanted a to finish our wedding set and used his bonus for it. He even gave me a new comforter duvet and pillows. It had been a hard pregnancy and this showed his love greatly!

  93. Barbara Rivera says:

    My husband surprised me with a beautiful Ragdoll Flame point kitten for our anniversary. I’ve never been much for rings and such, but this kitten meant so much to me. He had to work out all the details to get him from NJ to my home in NC. It was a wonderful memory.

  94. Brooke Dean says:

    Though I have many special treasures one of most special is that of my wedding ring. My husband chose it all by himself and worked extra hours to pay for it. I on the other hand had no idea until the day he proposed. I’m glad he kept that gift such a special secret until that moment

  95. For the last eighteen years, my husband buys me Victoria Secret panties. My body isn’t quite like it was 18 years ago, but in his eyes I am still that young, sexy woman. I never said a word. Needless to say, I have quite a collection of sexy panties. Have never figured out what to do with them. Bless him..

  96. Kassidey Harger says:

    Last year was my first Christmas with my husbands family, everything I got is special to me. I loved the way they just accepted me into their family. I was 3 months pregnant and they never once said a hurtful word. They are the reason I know God is real and he truly loves each of us! My favorite Christmas present from them was my prayer journal, because of that little book, that is now filled, I have come to know who my savior is and I love Him completely and deeply!

  97. alesha o l says:

    3 yrs ago my husband participated in my baptism.. @ age 37, 11 mo.. I have always been a believer, it just took a lifetime of experience, circumstances to get to the event. How awesome it was..

  98. The best gift I’ve received is spending time together. My husband and I usually don’t get each other gifts, but we take the money to go somewhere and spend the time together to create a fun and memorable experience.

  99. The best gift I received was my camera. I really wanted one, but it wasn’t in our budget. My husband surprised me on Christmas morning 3 years ago. He had recycled, sold some things and searched for a sale. He purchased from a camera store, and the purchase included a free photography class.

  100. Nicole Daniel says:

    whenI met my fiancee we had both lost someone special to us, his first gift to me was a ticket to a concertof an artist that would allow us to listen to the music and truly mourn those loved ones…it was an amazing experience to share with him.

  101. Leigh Anne says:

    My gift wasn’t given at Christmas…we have such a tight budget we normally just skip giving each other gifts…but in September of this year, my husband and I were out on a date, at the mall, which he never takes me to for dates anymore…he snuck away from me to the perfume counter and bought me a new perfume that is devine!!!! It was so meaningful because we had turned a corner in our marriage. I had been perilously close to unfaithfulness, and his Christ-like love and forgiveness was/is overwhelming!!!!!

  102. I list my Dad when I was 16. My best friend at the time write a poem about my Dad and also had a picture of me and my Dad when I was 2 of him rocking me. She had it blown up and put in a fancy wood frame. I cried and cried it was such an awesome thing for her to do and I’m not a crier by nature.

  103. One of the most precious gifts my hubster has given me over the years would be two homemade picture frames (he was a custom cabinet maker). He filled the frames with pictures of the kids and had them draw a picture ad sign their names on a card which is centered on each frame. We were dating then, and he was building a relationship with my kids, which I am happy to say he has raised with unconditional love and now we are blessed with a new grandson. He is the most Godly man I know and I feel incredibly blessed.

  104. My favorite Christmas gift was a new puppy. I was 12 at the time, and it was completely unexpected but greatly desired : )

  105. Elaine Segstro says:

    A very special gift was the day we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. It started with my husband asking me to look out our bedroom window where he cut in the grass “20″. Our neighbours wondered what was going on! The whole day was spent going to tea houses for morning and afternoon tea, and a restaurant for lunch. We drove around the province where we live – my husband taking care to choose places that I would like. We also had lovely walks together. We’re now looking forward to our 35th wedding anniversary in July of 2014!

  106. The best gifts I’ve ever gotten have to be a little garnet ring my Mom gave me as a sweet sixteen gift (she couldn’t wait to give it to me so I got it a week early; she’s gone now so it is even more precious); my engagement ring when my hubby proposed; and a bound book of fun memories from my best friend.

  107. Megan Linsenbigler says:

    After we got married, our wedding video footage was lost before we ever got to view it. We moved recently and my husband found the footage and didn’tt tell me! He surprised me by having it made into a beautiful video! I was so surprised and delighted to see our wedding video after 5 years! It was a joy to relive and the best gift !!

  108. One of the best presents my husband gave me was a personalized beaded bracelet with my three kids names on it. It was absolutely beautiful! I lost it 2 years ago and miss it like crazy!

  109. I asked every Christmas for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, but I knew it was a fairly expensive gift and we rarely had any extra money. Years went by and, in early December 2006, my husband called me to the living room and said that I had to open an early Christmas present. I protested…this was WAY out of the ordinary for us! He insisted and had me close my eyes and called our nephew Chris (who we raised after his mother’s death) to bring it in. I opened my eyes and found a large, wrapped package in front of me. My husband assured me that he had a really good reason to ask me to open it early. I was stunned when I unwrapped it and found a Professional series Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer! I looked at him…knowing that we couldn’t afford it. He said, “I told Chris this morning that I had decided, since we’ve had such a challenging year, that I was going to figure out a way to get you your mixer this year.” My mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer the previous year. We’d taken care of her and brought her to live with us until her death in September. My husband continued, “As soon as I said it, Chris said…’No! You can’t!’ and he took me up to his room and pulled this out from the back of his closet. Your mom bought it for you before she died. She asked Chris to hold on to it.” Of course we cried, while they explained that they didn’t feel like they wanted to have me open it ON Christmas…it would be too emotional. We laughed when they continued…”PLUS…we thought you could really test it out by making some Christmas cookies!” I think of Mom every time I use it.

  110. A few years ago, I knew my parents had been saving to buy a new computer. It was Christmas time and God kept telling me to buy a computer for them. I couldn’t understand why he kept persisting that I should buy that computer when my Mom and Dad had been saving to do it themselves. After wrestling for several days, I ordered a nice Dell computer and just hoped that they did not go out before Christmas and buy one for themselves. When they opened the box, my Mom just about dropped to her knees and both were crying. I couldn’t quite understand their reaction until they explained that they had given all of the money they had saved for the computer to a mission sponsored by the church. That mission had not received the funding needed by the end of the year and they both agreed that the money they had saved should go toward spreading the word of Jesus and their computer needs could wait. I quickly understood why God had persisted and wrestled with me and I finally said Yes to God. It was an amazing experience.

  111. Marianne Gill says:

    The best Christmas present I ever got was actually 2 days after Christmas when my son was born! Oh what joy he has brought to our lives :-) Now, I love seeing him being a wonderful husband and father to his 4 children… precious grandbabies!!

  112. My greatest gift was not one, but two puppies at Christmas-time. Our childhood dog was very sick and my parents didn’t us to be without a dog at Christmas, knowing how much we love our pets and want to share that time with our dog. Once we got the two puppies, it perked up our childhood dog and she lived for a few more years after that! Thankful to my parents for their selflessness.

  113. Criztina Jean says:

    I gave my inlaws a scrapbook with comments and sweet memories of their wedding 50+ years ago. Their friend sent handwritten notes and photos from the past 50 years to add…I compiled it all as a momento.

  114. A couple of Christmas’ ago, I put together a DVD to music about the history of my Great Grandmother along with our geneology. It was a really neat putting it altogether and then seeing it finished. She was a wonderful woman and lived to 100 1/2!

  115. My husband has gotten me so many thoughtful gifts over the years. My favorite was the Kindle HD he surprised me with one Christmas because he wanted me to have a way to keep a book and email when I was nursing our third child.

  116. My iPad! I told my husband I didn’t need one–didn’t even WANT one–and he got me one anyway. That was two years ago, and I don’t know what I’d do without it! From using it to hold my piano music for church services to research to reading to listening to Pandora, it has been so fun and so useful!

  117. One of the most touching gifts I have received was from my daughter about three years after my mother died. The gift was a small, beautiful photo of my mom that my daughter captured with her camera, and I had never seen that photo. The photo was in a small pewter round-frame. Words engraved around the frame said: “God saw her getting tired, a cure not meant to be, so He wrapped His arms around her, and whispered ‘Come with Me.’” It brought tears of joy and comfort to me. It was such a touching surprise.

  118. The first Christmas my husband and I were dating he gave me a Journey necklace, we had only been dating several months but we were both in love. He said it was to mark the start of our journey. Two months later, he referenced the necklace when he proposed, he wanted to move further on our journey. When I wear the necklace it always brings me back to the night he gave it to me, to the moment he proposed. I’m thankful for the Godly husband I was given to travel along this journey.

  119. The best gift my husband ever gave me was a letter he wrote telling me that he loved me.

  120. A picnic lunch from the heart – cheese cut in shapes, fruit, sparkling juice. Sweet and from the heart.

  121. Jennifer D says:

    I’ve never been into jewelry, but my husband got me a wrap to go around my engagement and wedding ring after we had been married 8 years. He had spent a lot of time picking it out and loved giving it to me. I definitely enjoyed getting it!

  122. my husband and I have been married for 12 years but together for 22 and we have been up and down and in and out ….he is my best friend and my confidant…he has thrown me surprise birthday parties and given me sweet gifts but there is one gift for Mother’s Day I will always remember. He went shopping with our three children and my middle child picked up a bible and journal , they discussed this and bought it. It has been such a blessing and it was a blessing that they knew my walk with God was important enough to me to spend money on a new bible and journal, I have used it just about every day since. I am so blessed and even in a really tough time financially God keeps showing us we have each other thanks to him and our children fill up our lives even more. I pray we make it to 60 years , what a testimony to God’s grace and love. thanks for sharing

  123. My favorite gift I ever received from my husband is the pair of birthstone earrings he gave me with birthstones of our then 3 children. We both lost our jobs that year and had to temporarily cram into very tight living quarters with our 3 young children. To this day I still don’t know how he paid for them since we were living so financially poor at the time but I know this gift truly came from his heart and love for me and our kids.

  124. Melissa Barnes says:

    The most precious gift I got after tht of the gift God gave in Jesus is a ruby ring that was given to me by my mother, this ring has been passed down as a Christmas present for 4 generations!

  125. It is difficult to choose…24 years ago our daughter was born two weeks before Christmas after 10 years of marriage and infertility. Then 18 years ago I had been in ICU for one month following a motor vehicle accident in which we lost two children. Our three other children had not seen me since the first night when they were instructed to tell me good bye because I could not survive my injuries and they were struggling. My husband persistently argued with medical staff that our children should see me Christmas morning and finally they capitulated and we were able to share a visit together in ICU. These were not gifts in the traditional sense but they were very special gifts to me.

  126. I think it would be last year on my 40th birthday when he took us all away for Christmas festivities, a Scrooge play and lots of good times and memories with those I love most. I got to decide what I wanted and we all loved it!

  127. I believe this Christmas will be my best one so far…my husband, children (including my son-in-law!) and my two grandkids all under one roof celebrating the birth of our Lord! Oh praise Him! xoxo

  128. Debbie Campbell says:

    My husband got my mother’s old china and gave it to me as a present. She had two sets and was going to get rid of one. He talked to her and got it from her. It was quite a surprise since I didn’t even know she was getting rid of it! She was saving the other for me, but to have both sets (eventually) will be special!

  129. A few years ago my husband and I surprised my parents and showed up at their house in CO on Christmas Eve. We drove thru a blizzard from OK to get there and several times I thought we would have to turn around but my husband just kept going. It was one of those priceless gifts for all involved.

  130. Jennifer Hallenbeck says:

    My mother-in-law can be quite difficult at times, putting a strain on our relationship. Several years ago she told me that she was cleaning out her kitchen and, knowing I am a baker, told me to take a few things. I love antique kitchen gadgets and one of the things I wanted was an old hand crank egg beater. She got quite upset when I asked for it and told me the story behind it. My Father-in-law had given it to her their first Christmas together. She wanted a mixer and this was what he put under the tree. The regular mixer was hiding in the garage! I told her I completely understood why she wouldn’t want to part with it, my father-in-law had recently passed away.. I told her that if she ever did want to pass it on I would cherish it and tell the story. Well, that Christmas when I opened my gift from her, it was the egg beater. I know it was hard for her to give that gift to me, but I have stayed true to my word and shared the story of the egg beater many times over the years.

  131. My mother had always loved toy trains and thought they looked so pretty around the base of a Christmas tree, but she had never owned one. So one Christmas my dad gave my mom a Lionel train. It was definitely her most favorite gift ever. Dad celebrates Christmas with Jesus in heaven now, and Mom hasn’t put the train out in years (She didn’t want curious, excited grandchildren to break it.). But just seeing the train in its box still brings a smile to Mom’s face.

  132. It sounds awful but my husband got me a set of pots and pans one year. I had asked for them and I wanted a certain kind, not a certain brand but a certain kind. He was afraid I wouldn’t like them or that our friends would think he was awful. However, I asked for that set, I loved it, and I still use it every day.

  133. This year I received what I wanted for my birthday…tickets to a show and date with my hubby. Memories together are so much better than new things.

  134. Teresa Crosby says:

    The best gift I received is him being allowed to go to a replacement company instead of being deployed. I was very thankful as a new wife to spend our first Christmas together.

  135. Kim Thompson says:

    Last year we gave my mother-in-law money take her old real family films and transfer them to DVD. It’s awesome to have them available to watch over and over again.

  136. Sarai Hansen says:

    Mine would be a poem that dad wrote for me on the 16th birthday. This poem is really special to me and hangs in my office to remind me of my Father’s love for me.

  137. Our very first Christmas together, with no money and not expecting anything, on Christmas morning I found a tiny little bottle of lotion hiding behind our table top tree, wrapped with a bow and a sweet note from my love. Best gift ever.

  138. While my husband was stationed overseas 22 years ago, he became a believer, When he came home in November, he still had not told me. For Christmas that year, he gave me a necklace with a beautiful cross, a Bible, and an Amy Grant Christmas CD. The greatest gift was learning that he had received the gift of salvation, but I will never forget those 3 gifts!

  139. My husband recorded videos of all our children telling me why they love me. It was precious!

  140. It is the little things that I have received over the years. Cermanic clay hands painted by then 5 yr old (he is 42 now) hand made Christimas ornaments that still adorn my tree made by the other 4 children and grandchildren. I hold each thing close to by heart. When I open the Christmas boxes each year to decorate the tree and the house I have precious memories from Christimas’ past. Those things mean more to me than anything store bought. I thank God daily for my blessings.

  141. Emily Ricketts says:

    A beautiful heart necklace from my husband.

  142. I gave my cousins “In Loving Memory” ornaments the year they lost their parent.

  143. Paula Draper says:

    My mom passed away two months before Christmas, two years ago. She was the mom that remembered everything and made us all feel special with her thoughtfulness. We have a little system for stockings, but as I am the only other mom in the family, she and I took special care to make sure that each other’s stockings had a little extra attention. She’d always put in a tube of my favorite lotion, a bar of decadent chocolate, or other items that while not expensive, were very personal and meaningful. That first Christmas without her, I knew looking in my stocking just wouldn’t be the same. I was surprised however, when I found not only chocolates, and lotion, but also a couple of movie passes. No one owned up to it, but I’m pretty sure my 22 year old daughter might’ve had something to do with it.

  144. We don’t give presents to one another. Instead we take trips. With two kids under two, we are cherishing our memories from our two European cruise, and Thailand! Looking forward to next October for our first vacation sans kids!

  145. Mine would be getting my health back, after being very ill for a couple of years, all i wanted was to be healthy again. After a few years, I regained that health, so there’s nothing else I want.

  146. I know, it is the ‘expected’ response, but I love gifts from kids! The handmade ones from the littles, and the well-thought-out ones from my adult children are the gifts that touch my heart the most. Last year for example, my 22 year old son got me a signed Guy Fieri book – he knows I love to cook and we often watch triple D together. My 20 year old son who loves music, in particular Jazz Music, as much as I, remembered a story I had told of some Christian Jazz Cds from a group Koininia that I used to own that had been stolen from my car. He researched, found a CD and got it for me! Love that boy’s heart! My 17 year old sweet girl heard me complain that my calphalon pans were losing their life so she saved up babysitting money to get me 2 new ones! And, my little guy — 7-years old — made me a calendar. Each month I get to display one of his masterpieces to everyone who walks into my kitchen. (This month it’s the Nutcracker!) Gifts from my gifts-of-God are the best!

  147. My husband and I were homeless until September 9th of this year and we were married on October 6th, he worked so hard to put a roof over our heads so the greatest gift I’ve ever received is a shelter to call home, I thank both God and my Husband for that.

  148. Denise White says:

    The best gift…hmmm the best Christmas gift would be the Christmas my husband proposed to me. He was very secretive and devised a “fruit of the Spirit” treasure hunt. He gave me clues which were poems that he wrote and a Scripture verse highlighting each fruit. Then he spread them all over town at different family member’s homes . Each spot had a different colored rose and sometimes a small gift. At the end, most of my family came together and suddenly my future husband appeared with 50 roses. He got down on bended knee, professed his love for me and proposed!

  149. The painting I had done of a picture my husband took on a mission trip to Brazil. I think I cherish it as much as he does.

  150. My husband and I decided this year to forgo Christmas gifts for ourselves and give a gift to someone in need instead. Our son also joined but he still get presents from his grandparents. I want to teach our son the true meaning of Christmas, it;s not about getting gift but about giving .. the way God gave His only Son for us on quiet Christmas day. Thanks for the chance.

  151. Shawna McMinn says:

    My favorite gifts are those that he buys for me because he knows what I like. Not when our girls he’ll him and tell him what to get. I love for him to pick out things for me. He doesn’t like to because it’s harder that way I guess but I love it!!

  152. I’m a very sentimental person so I always try to give my best friends gifts that come from my heart. The year I gave the three of them an angel was one of my favorites. They are angels in my life. Any time I give them a gift whether it’s bought or made I feel so much love.

  153. The best gift I got was a new wedding ring. Nothing was wrong with the old but the new one came after a very rough patch in our marriage. We almost ended in divorce but with God’s love and help we made it through. My husband just didn’t give me a new ring, he gave me a new him in Christ, and asked me to stay married to him. I will forever cherish the ring and that moment.

  154. Rachelle Dickie says:

    The Christmas before we were married, my husband bought me a beautiful cedar hope chest. He told me after that he was a little nervous I might find the thought of it a little cheesy or outdated, but I absolutely loved it and even more so the gesture behind it. I immediately began filling it with quilts and linens and things to use in our marriage. :) We were engaged about 5 months later, and married 6 months after that. :)

  155. Wow…this is a hard one because my husband gives me the most precious gifts, but my favorites of all are the little notes he leaves for me in places where he knows I’ll find them, and the notes always tell me of his love for me, and more importantly of how much I’m valued and loved by our Savior. I am very blessed.

  156. I cried like a little bitty girl!!! Everytime my grown-up daughter & I watched a Christmas movie, & Santa had to prove he was the real Santa, by giving someone a gift they’d wanted as a child, & never rec’d. I would tell my daughter, “that would be me getting my Thumbalina doll that I always wanted, but my parents couldn’t afford.” She’d heard me say it so many times, she put a plan in action, & found an original on ebay. The next Christmas she wrapped it in brown paper, marked it up to look very old, & put my maiden name on it, with markings displaying ‘return to sender’ ‘moved’ ‘no forwarding address’, rips here & there, etc. At our family Christmas celebration, my son pulled it out from under the tree after everyone had finished opening their gifts, (they all knew about it) & said ‘what’s this..?.’ They handed it to me, while cameras were rolling… I began to open it, and saw the thumbalina box (even now, telling it I’m tearing up), I looked up & said ‘is this real?’ I began to cry & opened it. The grandchildren said ‘what is it Mamaw?’ I cried as I removed her from the box, & felt that little young girl deep inside me rise up with excitement, & strong emotions… I said, while crying… ‘it’s my Thumbalina doll!’ I cried, and they all cried. I never would have imagined my response to this gift at the ripe old age of 50! But, that was such a special gift from my little baby girl!!! It meant so much to me, and still does. This is a treasured memory. Thank you sweet Carla!!! My angel!

  157. White Christmas DVD to replace my worn VHS that I watch every year.

  158. The best gift I ever received was a plane ticket to see my newborn nephew!

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  159. Heather Carlson says:

    A necklace from my dad with a diamond from my moms wedding ring (she is in heaven now)

  160. One of the best gifts I ever received was when my son was six years old. I was a struggling single mom with a little boy whose birthday is two days after Christmas. Having limited funds meant that I Christmas shopped at yard sales long before Christmas came around. As I shopped I would always look for a sewing machine but I never found one I could afford. I would buy sewing books and scissors or whatever else I would find. That Christmas my son’s school had a student shop with donations from local businesses. The kids would take in their allowances and pick up gifts for their siblings and parents. That Christmas, after opening his gifts, my son brought me his gift. It was a sweet little box wrapped in Christmas paper. When I opened it I found a cute little travel sewing kit. You know the kind with a couple of buttons, thread, a mini scissor and needles? It was the coolest gift ever. :)

  161. I made my brother and his new wife a pair of dating notebooks filled with one date for every month of the upcoming year. it was my favorite git ever.

  162. One of the best gifts I got was a piano.

  163. The bible my husband gave me. It showed me that he honored and cared about my relationship with God.

  164. A wooden jewelry box in 1994 from my then boyfriend, now husband. Inside he had placed an engagement ring and proposed marriage on Christmas Eve.

  165. The best gift I’ve ever received was a photo album made by my 3 kids. I absolutely love it!

  166. The best gift I (and my family) ever got was 2 years ago. My Mom had just finished up cancer treatments and was declared cancer-free! We were so thankful that she was still with us and that she was on the road to recovery!! What a gift that was!!! God truly blessed us!!!

  167. Kim Campbell says:

    My best Christmas gift was the year my mom had her mastectomy and was out of the hospital and home in time for Christmas. 22 years cancer free!

  168. My husband gave me an extravagant vacation several years ago and we traveled to several countries and spent 15 wonderful days together alone!

  169. My favorite Christmas gift was my husband’s marriage proposal.

  170. I loved last year when my girls surprised me with a necklace they picked out for me with Daddy. I wasn’t expecting it and it was perfect!

  171. It was a beautiful sapphire necklace! I love it!

  172. I don’t really have one particular gift that I’ve received that stands out above the rest. I treasure them all because it’s the thought that counts that makes each one special to me.

  173. My husband of 22 years got me a beautiful ring for Christmas, a dainty diamond ring with pretty vines around it on either side. I love it! It’s so special because he picked it out himself and made a perfect choice. Usually, he just lets me shop for something and I know ahead of time what I’m getting, but that time he surprised me.

  174. my most favorite gift is from 5 years ago, my husband bought me a new camera and I have enjoyed using it so much to capture memories of the kids and photos for our friends.

  175. Megan Dowell says:

    My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 Christmases ago. I didn’t have a chance to go Christmas shopping for anyone including my two small boys. My dear friend took it upon herself to shop for everyone in my family. She even got a gift for my dog. That is the best gift to come home after an exhausting day at the hospital to find tons of gifts under our tree!

  176. Danielle I says:

    The best gift I have ever gotten is a collage of pictures of my husband and I with many other important people in our life. I was homesick because we had moved away and this was a beautiful surprise since I didn’t know when he had the time to do this without me knowing in our small 1 bedroom apartment.

  177. My husband is always getting me little somethings perfect for that moment in time. This year for Mother’s Day he bought me my perfect house. :)

  178. A Christmas gift I made for the ladies in my Bible study. I gave them personalized promises from Scripture, placed in a mason jar, tied with twine and a cute tag. They loved them and it brought me joy giving them something from my heart and God’s Word.

  179. Stephanie Moore says:

    Last year, my mom gave me my baby necklaces. They were stolen years ago and they were recovered and I never knew it.

  180. Micayla Hinds says:

    My favorite gift is one I got from my sister last year. I’m a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and have been going to games since I was little. Now I live about 3,000 miles away from home on the east coast. I had been looking for a particular jersey of a retired player who was my favorite but was having a really hard time finding it. On Christmas morning, I opened my gift to find the jersey and a gift card to hobby lobby for framing it.

  181. My husband is a fireman so we don’t get to spend every Christmas together. Honestly, the best gift is every Christmas Eve/Day we get to spend together.

  182. Nancy Silvers (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    When I was with my first husband every Christmas we would make sure to fill each others stockings. The first Christms after my husband and I separated on Christmas morning my daughter saw that my stocking was empty. She asked me why and I said I must have been bad that year. She dissappeared into her room while I made breakfast, then came running into the kitchen with my stocking. She exclaimed “Mommy Santa came back and filled your stocking!!” It was full of her treasured toys.She was six years old. This was an amazing gift because it showed me at six years old my daughter had a giving heart that was willing to sacrifice her own belongings to make someone else happy. It was a priceless gesture and I’ll never forget it.

  183. Diane Fetter says:

    a very special gift, was tickest to a special ice show, because something I had never done and really out of our budget. He wanted the gift to be special for me.

  184. Jennifer L. says:

    Our youngest son was extremely ill a few years ago and literally died but was resuscitated 3 times on 12-15. Our best Christmas gift was getting to bring him home from the hospital for Christmas that year and still having our whole family here each year since. Thankful and blessed daily!

  185. Miranda Roskamp says:

    My favorite gift I’ve ever given was a beautiful butterfly necklace to my mom. It’s special because it was made/designed by a women who lost a courageous fight with cancer. Our family is plagued with various types of cancers, and all of us that have been tested have the breast cancer gene mutation that tested positive. Cancer survivors number 3 so far in our very immediate family, and it’s a special bond to remind each other of our love for each other. It also was the first big, expensive gift I gave my mom as an adult and she was moved to tears. Me too ;)

  186. I am a runner and my husband knows how much I agonize over spending money on running things. This year, he asked me ahead of time if he could give me a bonus “running budget” for Christmas! I am THRILLED!! No more stress about buying that cute top for long runs or signing up for one extra race :-) He is the most amazing man and such a blessing!

  187. I know, it’s cliche (and I can’t figure out how to get the funny mark over the “e”) – but when my then-boyfriend (and now husband of 17 years) asked me to marry him, that was the best gift.

  188. My best Christmas gift from my hubby came 3 years ago, when he was able to come home after 4 months in the hospital following a stroke. His presence Christas morning was beyond any other gift I could have imagined!

  189. Latrelle Cyree says:

    Oh, very very hard to choose !! Impoissible to narrow it down….my Mama, my husband, my kids, homemade, sentimental, etc. I guess good memories are the BEST—of times together with loved ones.

  190. Too difficult but I absolutely loved the things the. Children would buy at “the Christmas store”. Some were touching, some made me wonder, but all thrilled me because it showed what the child thought I liked at that time

  191. Elsa Turner says:

    My husband surprised me with a necklace last year that I was not expecting at all. I wear it a lot and think of him all day when I wear it!

  192. The best gift is my children…every Christmas I thank God for them!

  193. Christy Spurlock says:

    I received a beautiful roll-topped desk from my parents when I was sixteen. Still have 34 years later.

  194. Jada Smith says:

    Mine is a beautiful charm bracelet with a new charm each year! :)

  195. My best Christmas gifts every year are the cards that my children hand-make for me. :)

  196. Ashley Howerton says:

    The best gift for me was actually this year’s Christmas present for my husband and I, a trip to a cabin in the mountains so that we can have a couple days together after the three months he has been gone for the Army. Nothing better than just spending time reconnecting.

  197. Laurie Williams says:

    My favorite gifts are the ones the kids picked out by themselves. Or that were handmade. Those are also the ones I like to give the most. I made calendars for the grandparents and the loved them.

  198. Gray Norris says:

    When my husband and I were dating, he surprised me with my first gift of our relationship, a confederate jasmine plant with a homemade trellis. It was and still is the best gift I’ve ever received! We have moved around a bit through the years and because of that I have never planted it but carry it with us! We hopefully are in the final stages of purchasing the home we will settle down in and in doing that I will finally be able to plant it and let it grow where it will serve a a daily reminder of what a loving husband God blessed me with!

  199. My husband gave me a small silver cross for Mothers Day this past year! He is always good with giving me gifts that show he cares and hears me but this was the best. He had noticed almost a year prior me commenting about the necklaces some other women had and thought to get me one. I wear it every day & LOVE it & him! 20 years & going strong!

  200. Our first Christmas after moving to a new state my husband bought an airline ticket for one of my best friends. He gave it to me for Christmas and she flew in a week later for my birthday.

  201. Ruth Orozco says:

    My favorite gift memory is the time my brother turned 40. I went to Kmart and bought anything that had the number 40 on it. Envelopes, a 40 inch bungee cord, push pins, etc. For each gift I wrote a card about life: for the bungee cord, something like, “when life pulls hard against you, with faith you can bounce right back. The best part was the loooong silence as he tried to figure out the connection among all the gifts. Once he saw it, it seemed so obvious, and he was so amazed it took him that long to notice.

  202. The first gift I ever received from my spouse, a heart-shaped soapstone box.

  203. Terri Weidner says:

    The best gift was the Christmas of 2010. The love of my life asked me to be his wife and his 3 sons asked me to be their mom!

  204. It would be impossible for me to name just one “best” gift my husband has given me or I him over 25 years together (10 years dating and 15 married). But I will say he has given me the gift of his patience, kindness, compromise, and unconditional love since I was 15 years old.

  205. I surprised my husband with a grill. I saved up and he was so shocked! It was great!

  206. Karla Huey says:

    My favorite gift that I gave to family members was a collection of my grandma’s recipes and a few of the newer family favorites. Some of those were in grandma’s handwriting which was very cool.

  207. As a child, I loved the gifts my grandma would sew for us. Now I love my moms crochet gifts and the gifts that the kids make. My youngest also got me a special Christmas shirt. He knows I love Christmas and snowmen so he picked out a shirt that had 5 snowmen just like our family!

  208. The best gift I have ever given was 2 years ago when my dad was dying of cancer. He struggled with God’s sovereignty, goodness, grace, etc… through it. I made him a book of promises from God’s Word, complete with pictures of his grandkids. He keep it by his bed for awhile.

  209. Just the other day my friend gave me a glass food-grade medicine dropper so I can get the right amount of peppermint exact for my homemade mocha. She just listened watched and saw how I never could get the right amount…then came up with a creative and loving way to solve this not-so-big but annoying problem. My husband has been working in another state and being a single mom to three is wearing on me. This brighten my day!!

  210. My husband and I were married on Dec. 23. So, our anniversary is very close to Christmas. The most memorable and meaningful gift that he gave me was for our 7th anniversary. We had very little money to spend on anything that wasn’t needed for our home with three little boys but he came home with a water globe with a rose inside that plays music! It sits on my bedroom dresser! We are coming up on our 24th anniversary.

  211. Laureen E. says:

    well all I wanted for Christmas this year was to get my wedding ring fixed, both my anniversary ring and wedding ring have been worn down over 26+ yrs. of wearing daily and need new prongs or they are in danger of losing their stones, so about 6 mos. ago when I found out I quit wearing. We found out it’s not worth replacing the anniv. ring as there are too many prongs? so we opted to just fix the wedding ring and hang on to the anniv. ring till we can save up some $$ to trade it in. I feel lost without it all this time, it is so special to me, never thought I’d be so attached to something, but knowing hubby picked it out and had it styled all those years ago makes it so special.

  212. Bridget Cunningham says:

    My most memorable and cherished gift was my mothers necklace. Have been wearing it for 7 years!

  213. I lost my husband 12 1/2 years ago after being togher for 3 years, the one gift I remember becuse we were careful with money, was a pair of diamond earrings. they were the smallest things ever but so precious because he and my oldest child had picked them out together.

  214. The year I got my husband 2 sawhorses that he really wanted but didn’t want to spend the money.

  215. The best gift I ever gave was to my husband. I went through the entire Love Dare challenge and wrote in the journal every day for him. At the end of the challenge, I wrapped the completed journal and presented it as a gift.

  216. My wedding ring…..My husband bought me a replacement wedding ring after loosing mine, I took it off while sick and pregnant and one of my smaller children took it because it was sparkly, I was so happy to have a ring on my finger again but missing my original one, almost a year later while moving my daughter found it in the bottom of the toy box. I was so thankful to have my original one back. That was my best gift!!

  217. My favorite gift was from my husband a few years ago….a plane ticket to go see my friend cross-country in Washington State. (I’m in Virginia.) It was a surprise and WONDERFUL!! i so loved seeing my friend.

  218. My husband gave me a wooden key to his heart that he made out of wood and wood burned hearts into and a week later he proposed!

  219. My favorite Christmas memory from my childhood. My daddy was a truck driver so Christmas was always when he could get home. He came in one night 2 days before Christmas for a very short time. We all got up and watched him give my mom a gift. He brought her home a beautiful coat and surprised her because her old one was falling apart. I will never forget the look on her face and the tears. That was the only gift I remember him giving her because they had 6 children to buy for.

  220. It was a rocking chair

  221. My husband is very good at giving thoughtful gifts. One year he gave me beautiful white gold and sapphire earrings on Valentine’s day Then on my birthday he gave me a beautiful white gold and sapphire necklace. Finally, on our anniversary he gave me a gorgeous white gold and sapphire tennis bracelet. Then for our anniversary he took us to get our pictures taken together, and we have a beautiful collage of that day in our room.

  222. I cross-stitched 62 Christmon ornaments for my now husband the first year he was out of college to hang on the tree in his apartment. They are our entire family’s favorite ornaments and our favorite Christmas tradition. My kids each want me to make them a set for their first Christmases away as well.

  223. Too many to name, but my mom has given me some of the sweetest things, like a handwritten recipe from my grandmother who passed away years ago.

  224. The best gifts can’t be bought. When my sons were little they got together and made me a gift book with coupons good for a hug or a kiss and one was ever for a foot rub. That has always been my favorite gift.

  225. I’ve been given so many wonderful gifts over the years, but the best are those things handmade or purchased with hard-earned quarters from my children when they were young. The best gift I’ve given may be time given when I was busy and didn’t see how I could fit in yet one more task; I always received much more back than I ever gave.

  226. Nicole Reeves says:

    I think the best present I have given was to my mom for her 50th birthday. I put together a scrapbook for her (it was from all of her children, I just put it together) filled with letters from each of us and pictures of fond memories. I think the gifts that aren’t straight from a store always mean the most.

  227. Melissa Fordyce says:

    An old key from my husband when we first met – the key to his heart he said .

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