Dec 13

12th Day of Christmas with Lisa Jacobson

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Lisa_Jacobson_Small_Bio_Pic It is our final day of Christmas and you are in for a treat! My friend Lisa Jacobson from Club 31 Women.

Lisa is the happily-ever-after wife of Matt Jacobson and together they enjoy raising and home-educating their 8 children. She’s also rather fond of dark chocolate, French press coffee, and deep friendships (though not necessarily in that order).

She encourages women to embrace the rich life of loving relationships and the high calling of being a wife and mother. You can find her sharing her passion for husband, home, and family over at and on Facebook.

And now, meet Lisa!

What’s the Best Way to Celebrate Christmas?

What’s your favorite part about Christmas?

A good question. So I don’t know why we didn’t think to ask the children this before.

Our family had been on a long journey, trying to find the “right” way to celebrate Christmas. (It’s okay, you can laugh – we think it’s funny too.)

It began years earlier when we were convicted on not bringing “commercialism” into our Christmas. Our first solution was to swing so far in the other direction that we did almost nothing. We just sat at home and stared at each other. But somehow that didn’t feel right either.

So back to the drawing board. What traditions do we keep and which ones do we ditch?

Gifts…or not? A tree…or not? Stockings…or not? Cards, cookies, crafts….?

What's_the_Best_way_to_Celebrate_Christmas We wanted to know what would add meaning to our Christmas celebration and what would merely detract. So after wrestling with it for a while, we asked the children what stood out to them? And their answers somewhat surprised us.

  • Waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.
  • Playing games with Grandpa and Grandma on Christmas Day.
  • And the excitement of finding baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning.

Simple things, really.

I can’t say how that last tradition began. But every year we set up our humble Nativity Scene with everyone attending – including the poor shepherd who has lost both his feet and the angel who is missing a hand. Yes, everyone’s there…except for the baby Jesus. He remains hidden because, as we all know, He doesn’t arrive until Christmas morning.

But the children anticipate that on that day when they come downstairs and find baby Jesus in the manger – that’s the signal it’s time to celebrate. That Christmas is finally here!

And isn’t that just how it should be? Not only for the children, but for me and for you. Because that’s the most exciting and joyous part of Christmas. Realizing that the Christ-Child has come. That He is right where He is supposed to be. In the right place at the right time. Bringing joy to the world.

I think the children got it “right” with this one, don’t you?

Joy to the World, the Lord has Come!

I hope this Christmas is full of love and joy in your home too.

In His grace,




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TO BE ENTERED simply leave us a comment about your Christmas shopping. Are you done? Half-way finished? Haven’t even started yet?

I am 3/4 done and was planning to finish tomorrow but it is calling for a snow advisory in Michigan tomorrow so I might need to wait a day or two.

And you?


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  1. I am about half way done with my Christmas shopping. Trying to be more practical this year!

  2. Donna Hogue says:

    I have to buy Gift cards for my mom and dad and make something good for my Sunday School Class and then I will be done!

  3. I am done! Just need to pick up some stocking candy. Almost everything is wrapped too. Now I have time to bake! And maybe even actually enjoy doing so since the shopping is done!

  4. A little shopping is completed. We don’t buy much, so we’re able to knock it out in one evening. Our kids love stocking stuffers, and those things I pick up throughout the year as I see something small they would like.

  5. I haven’t started :( It’s hard to buy with very very limited money & besides I what do you get teenagers that already have so much “stuff”… lol

  6. I am about halfway done…just need a little final inspiration! ha

  7. I have a few gift cards left and a quickntripnto hobby lobby is needed for me to be all done! Yay!!!! I did mostly online shopping this year , and I have LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  8. Jalynn Patterson says:

    I am done with mine! PTL!

  9. I might be 3/4 done . . . to know for sure I just have to go through my “gift closet” to see what is stashed away from sales throughout the year!

  10. I am only 1/4 finished. The late Thanksgiving made it come so quickly… Hope to finish this week. I better anyway :)

  11. lorie cecil says:

    Almost done just need some stocking stutters and mom and dads. They are the hardest to buy for I really need to get theirs a lot earlier!

  12. I haven’t even started. Gifts aren’t very important to our family, it’s more about being together. Our family really enjoys our tradition of having birthday cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus. :-)

  13. Betty Bennett says:

    I think I am done…ok not quite…I want to be done lol
    I have a few more stocking stuffers to get and small gifts for a couple friends.
    But still need to wrap wrap wrap…..

  14. Jessica Combs says:

    Everything is purchased for the children, just need to run out and get 1 more present for hubby. I should be able to get to wrapping this weekend! Merry Christmas to all!

  15. I am almost done, hopefully will finish today!!!

  16. We are 99% done and do most of our shopping on line. Leaves more time to spend as a family with young children, and is safer than being out on icy roads (we live in Mi.) or in crowded stores. God bless!

  17. Denise White says:

    I’m sad to say I haven’t done any of my shopping yet! Things have been tight this year, so I’ve had to wait for today’s paycheck to start. It was difficult at first as I thought about all the great deals I missed, but through it God has been teaching me to wait upon Him and His provision. I really appreciate this message about how to truly celebrate Christmas because Jesus is all we really need! God bless you! I’ve enjoyed your messages so very much.

  18. I am about half done shopping and trying not to stress out about that. I’m usually finished by this time! I’m trying to enjoy each moment with my three children and focus on the worship of the One the season is about!

  19. Christine Wadleigh says:

    I’m mostly done but I didn’t shop much this year. A lot of gifts are made this year.

  20. Laurie Lett says:

    I am not even sure if I am done!!!

  21. I haven’t started shopping yet and don’t think I will get to but that’s okay Christmas isn’t about shopping anyway but I’d like to have a tree. I’m a newlywed and this is our first Christmas together but we can’t afford anything not even a tree so this year I’ll be his present and he’ll be mine and the roof over our heads and breath in our lungs will be our gifts from God. Be blessed all and enjoy your shopping.
    Johnetta Renae Atkins

  22. I am nearly done – just finishing up stocking stuffers and a few homemade gifts! :-)

  23. I haven’t started shopping yet, but hopefully within the next week.

  24. I’m not quite finished. Finances are tight so we are waiting for his next paycheck to send packages and to purchase more gifts. Its difficult with one paycheck but I know our Gosd provides. God will see us through!

  25. Jennifer Rae says:

    I am done shopping and am VERY thankful for online shopping this year. We have had a lot of bad weather this December making it hard to get out and about.

  26. All done except for the goodies I need to bake to share in the neighborhood and with our church families! That will come next week when my kiddos are done with classes and can help out this Momma…What joy! Our Savior is born! Thank you for the thoughtful comments on finding what Christmas celebrations work best- we are navigating those waters with our family {immediate and extended}. Oh for joy that the gift and joy of Jesus and His presence are for every day of every year! Merry Christmas one and all! And thank you for the gorgeous gift giveaway – WOW!

  27. I’m about 1/2 way done. Maybe more, not sure! I also pick up specific things throughout the year during sales and put them various places……only where?? Lol! Gotta begin hunting this weekend!

  28. I haven’t even started yet. It’s going to be a very simple & humble Christmas :)

  29. Almost finished shopping!!! Just have to find the right gift for my fabulous father-in-law and my future brother-in-law.

  30. I have a few items left. We also have a snow advisory for tomorrow.

  31. Just a few more stocking stuffers for the grandchildren, and I will be finished. Like many who have commented here, I have also cut way back on the gift giving. Focusing on the birth of Jesus brings peace to my heart.

  32. we have started our Christmas shopping…but still have a bit more to go! i’m a last-minute shopper :D blessings to you and yours! thank you for these sweet daily reminders about what Christmas is truly all about! xoxo

  33. Tammy Placr says:

    I am pretty much done…maybe a few stocking stuffers. I tried to keep it simple this year

  34. I am almost done and that’s an awesome feeling!

  35. Erin Hoekstra says:

    After reading everyone’s answers, it seems to be that we are all in the same boat, 1/2 way done and waiting for the next paycheck. Thankfully Christmas is about Celebrating Jesus’ Birth and being with family, oh the gift buying will come but with patience. Enjoy each moment and wait on the Lord.

  36. It seems like Christmas snuck up on me this year – my tree is up, but not decorated!! :o(
    I’m kind of a “shop year round” type of girl – now I just have to remember where I hid all those presents! LOL!!

  37. I am about 3/4ths the way done!

  38. I am done but I am always looking for something that would be better for my mother in law who has everything and needs nothing.

  39. Only 3 more to go!!! Praise the Lord!

  40. All shopping is done. Just waiting for one more delivery to arrive and wrap.
    Waiting for bread to rise to bake and deliver to neighbors .

  41. These last few weeks have been crazy, so I haven’t even started. My husband was in the hospital and my dog has just had 14 Golden Doodle puppies, so we have been very busy. I hope to start this weekend and get everything bought and wrapped by next weekend!!

  42. Good question! I do hope to find a few more little things, but I am trying to avoid getting carried away by buying unneeded stuff. Thanks for the giveaway & Merry Christmas.

  43. My last gift is on its way! Now I just have to wrap them all.

  44. Nancy Silvers (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    We don’t do a lot of Christmas shopping. I have my mom’s gift, sent my secret sister her gift, my husband and I fill each others stockings and that’s our gift to each other. There used to be alot of stress over gifts and it ruined the true meaning of Christmas. Now, because we are not guarenteed tomorrow, when we see something the other would really like, we get it and give it right away.
    Since our very first Christmas together in 2001 we have put out our manger with all the various parts EXCEPT Jesus and on Christmas Day I wake up and he is there. Like magic and then I know Christmas has really arrived. The rest is icing on the cake :) I do think there might be some freshly baked cinnamon rolls this Christmas morning, though, I can smell them baking as I write this :) Merry CHRISTmas :)

  45. I’m halfway done with my shopping and really trying to keep my focus on Jesus, despite being overwhelmed by all the things I “need” to do. The gift of Jesus is peace-giving: an important thing to remember at this time of year. Blessings!

  46. I’m done, unless I see something along the way to put in my Hubble’ s stocking!

  47. Melody Byrum says:

    i am all done with the kids (5 gifts each) and my hubby. Now all i have to do is buy gift cards for the family. I was done with my kids back in October. But that is because I buy items from consignment sales and not from stores (usually). My kids don’t care that they aren’t brand new. It’s new to them. Everyone else just gets gift cards this year. Next year, it will be an actual gift that is well thought out and personal or handmade. This year Christmas snuck up on me. I can’t beleive it’s almost here.

  48. Almost done. Still have stocking stuffers for my two boys and to buy for my Mom and finish up AWANA kids and Youth – maybe I’m not as close as I thought! YIKES!

  49. Good morning! I have only a few things left to get-plan to finish up tomorrow! ;) We’ve really tried to slow things down the last few years and get the grandkids more focused on what Christmas is really all about! This is one of several posts I’ve read this Season that speak of putting Baby Jesus in the Manger sometime during the night-I dearly LOVE this idea-so I’m definately going to be on the look out for a new Nativity Scene or at bare minimum a Baby Jesus that matches my current set that is not all one piece! God Bless everyone and have a Merry Christmas! Susie

  50. I”m about 80% done but really, are we ever truly finished? Love you guys!

  51. hopefully will be done this evening, yahoo!

  52. Deborah Heath says:

    Almost done!!!

  53. 2/3 done, hoping to finish up by next Wednesday!

  54. I am about half done- almost all online. I want to buy a few sweaters and toiletries and little cute things. Still have to do Christmas cards, decorate,put up tree and wrap gifts.
    I would love ot be able to take a whole week off from my job but can’t.

  55. I am so close! Just stocking stuffers for my husband and pups and one more relative left!! I can’t wait to be done!

  56. i don’t do a lot of shopping and when i do its pretty close to christmas – so I haven’t started yet.

  57. I am done except for stocking stuffers, really.

  58. I know this is terrible, but I haven’t even started because of my husband’s job, but I hope to be able to start this weekend.

  59. It is always interesting to see what children think of as traditions. It is usually not what you think.

  60. I only have to buy 2 people gifts. I need to purchase picture frames for everyone else and finish making the quilts for my nieces. That’s it. With our church choir musical this weekend, I am hoping to get finished purchasing tomorrow before dress rehearsal.

  61. I should be done….but I keep seeing little things….things I don’t need to get, but kind caught up in the shopping thing. I guess I’m done ;)

  62. shopping for bought gifts done, still need some “home-aide” supplies for gifts for neighbors, family/teachers etc.

  63. Rhonda Funk says:

    Do the two bags from Black Friday count? Ummmm, I still have some shopping to do!!!!

  64. Completely done my Christmas shopping. I found some really awesome clearance sales back in January so managed to by my girls’ gifts then. Finished shopping for the rest of the regular people on my list in November and early December. Finished stockings last week. :) This year preschool teachers were also added to the list and those gifts were bought this week.

  65. I have barely got started!! Yikes!

  66. We are half way done .. with traveling we just have to wait till we get where we need to be and then get something there rather pack all the gifts in the suitcase .. too much to carry in the plane. Thanks for the chance.

  67. I’m only partially done…we were socked in by ice all last weekend and I’ve been sick this week. I was able to complete several homemade items while home though! Hope to get out with my sweetheart this week and do a bit of shopping.

  68. I am over half way done. I still have all the stockings for my grandchildren to fill. I am not stressing over it this year and I am trying to stay on budget. I want this Christmas to be filled with his peace….

  69. I AM SO EXCITED……to finally venture into the online shopping world! My husband and I NEVER have shopped on line! Ikr?? So 1980′s! But we have never felt comfortable having so much private info out in cyber world! This year , here in Missouri , we’ve had so much snow and ice already; our waiting until Christmas Eve to shop could be! My husband has us set up as safe as possible for online shopping and told me to “go for” . So here I go………..

  70. I’m about half done. I’m a working Mom, & grandmother. I have the privilege of purchasing gifts for my 13 precious grandblessings! It’s fun, and tiring all at the same time! I fit the shopping task into my busy evenings & weekends. My husband of 41 yrs., & I are very excited to have our family gathering on Christmas Eve. Thanks for your Godly devotionals!

  71. Janet Haigler says:

    I believe am done, but I have barely started wrapping!!!

  72. I’m done! :)

  73. I’d like to think I’m halfway done but then I’d also like to think I’m Cinderella!

  74. I haven’t begun Christmas shopping because there is very little money to use for shopping. We’re barely making it each month. Our hearts are grateful to God for His Son, Jesus, and we will celebrate but probably not with too many new things under the tree. We’re planning on having our family over for one meal and to pray with them while we’re all together. God bless everyone!!

  75. My shopping is done, now if I can just get it all wrapped up.

  76. I’m about 83% finished :-) I have some things I’m making that aren’t finished yet, and one more gift to buy. I’d love to be all done by this weekend!

  77. I’m 100% finished shopping. I finished all my shopping on Black Friday, but now I have to wrap everything and I am only about 25% done with the wrapping.

  78. We are pretty close to being done shopping for one of our kids & still trying to figure out what that “one thing” is for the other one. Don’t ask about wrapping…????????????????

  79. Not really started

  80. Almost done.
    Planned early and not too get out of hand with gifts this year .
    - Colleen G.

  81. I am about 1/2 way done. My kids just told us what they each wanted.

  82. Nearly finished, but still have the wrapping to do!!!

  83. Barely started!!!

  84. Elsa Turner says:

    3/4 of the way done. I typically make projects for our family members…so those are in the works!

  85. Almost finished! A few last minute gifts to pick up this weekend. :)

  86. We have been done since November. If we see little things we will pick up for add ons like puzzles, coloring books thing like that.

  87. I Haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet :-) I’m still throwing ideas around. However, I have found some lovely wrapping paper that’s so cute! I’m hoping to make Christmas more meaningful and Christ centered this year; after all, He is the reason for the season :)

  88. I would say I’m 1/3 to 1/2 done and hope to finish up this weekend – Now to get them wrapped and sent… : )

  89. We have decided to “not do” much Christmas this year. My partner and I are extremely busy with our new jobs that have is away from each other about 60 hours per week. So, to try and focus more on each other, rather than commercialism and the way Christmas is “supposed to be,” we just decided to not get each other anything. As usual, though, I will be making some goodies and a great Christmas Eve dinner (bacon-wrapped scallops anyone?) and we are just going to try to soak up the time together. Thank you for the reminder that there should be at least one more “person” present in our alone-time Christmas!

  90. Michelle Breon says:

    I’m half done. We have my family’s Christmas this weekend since we’ll be with my in-laws over Christmas day. Hoping to finish up next week!

  91. rayraycartucci says:

    I am half way done. It’s been harder this year. I’m hoping to get the rest of my shopping done next week. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

  92. All done, I think, but I still need to wrap everything!

  93. We don’t do a lot of presents, so I am done. Unless I see a little thing or two to add ;)

  94. Tiffany Light says:

    We unfortunately had some unexpected expense come up this time of the year and won’t be able to buy gifts for our family. We are in the middle of a transition from moving from NC to TN for my husband to help a church out. My husband, our little boy, and I live about 400 miles away from tour family so the expensive of getting home for Christmas is also hurting us. Our family understands and just wants us home for Christmas. So they told us not to worry about the gifts. That us just being home for Christmas was enough. I think this is the first year I have never bought any gifts. Kind of sad, but also puts things in perspective.

  95. Just barely started.due to the weather here lately and the funds to do it with.

  96. For my husband and I, our gifts to each other are attending concerts and special events that focus on the Reason for the Season. So this is on-going until Christmas day!

  97. Got off to a good early start, but now am stuck trying to find inexpensive, but meaningful gifts for close family members.

  98. I am practically done shopping for Christmas! However, I still have those few small gifts to still find for family. My last task before Christmas is to get all the packages out in the mail, especially the ones for the soldiers overseas! How beautiful it is that we can be blessed with giving gifts to others, all because God gave the best gift to us wrapped in swaddling clothes!

  99. I shop throughout the year. We only have to get something for my father in law. Then we are done.

  100. I do all my shopping online at Amazon. I limit who I give monetary gifts to, and I make a foodie gifts for others. I limit my child to 3 gifts – one from Santa, one in the stocking, and one under the tree. Grandparents, friends, relative buy the fancy gifts. I stick to something to read, something to wear, and something to eat. The day after Christmas, we box up our old clothes and toys and give to charity. This makes way for the new.

  101. I have only bought one or two items so far and we have decided not to exchange gifts with many people but to do donations instead to honor each person.

  102. I’ve purchased a few items and will purchase a couple more, but this year we don’t have the money to do much Christmas shopping, so we are trying to focus on the true meaning of Christmas…Christ’s birth instead.

  103. darla leatherman says:

    Just started. Felt good ti just start.

  104. Jennifer Pritts says:

    I could be done shopping, but will probably try to go again one more time. But, I’m not stressing this year and I have cut back. We have the most important gift of life!

  105. I have way more shopping left to do that I would like!! Hoping to get it done next week.

  106. Well I thought I was more than half way done but then I came across my son’s Christmas list and saw that I am missing a few more things! LOL Some are easy enough, while others won’t make the cut (What is Mini Marshmallow Raiders?). Thanks for the chance to try something new!

  107. Jessica M. says:

    I haven’t begun my Christmas shopping this year. It’s been hard because this is the question that everyone asks, from your closest friends to the people at the grocery store or at the gas station. I know people are just being friendly but it saddens me that this question replaces “how are you?” in most instances. For people like me, it can be overbearing on my heart as I’m barely putting food on the table right now. I plan on getting my shopping done this weekend by going to some local consignment shops and picking up frames to place a family picture in for my loved ones. I love these blog stories as they always bring a smile to my face. Thank you and keep up the good work! Merry Christmas!!!

  108. I think I’m more than halfway done. Trying to keep things simple. Definitely not enough time to do all the handmade I would love to do. Thanks for the challenges and words of encouragement! Merry Christmas!

  109. I am about halfway there! I have not wrapped so I think I will spend sometime doing that tomorrow and hope that I discover I am more than halfway there!

  110. I’ve done most of it online. but still have a few more gifts to buy.

  111. Gifts: done (I don’t buy for many people) Cards: Not even close :)

  112. Ordered and picked up our Christmas cards the other day and planning to get them made out this weekend so we can mail them Monday. As far as shopping, not even a clue what to get people. Trying to finish a blanket I’m making for my son is even stressing me out. I’m honestly not in the spirit of the season at all.

  113. Susan yeiter says:

    Almost done. Just looking for a few more things to round out my kids!! Thanks for the chance!

  114. I think I am mostly done…need to regroup and list the things I have bought and find the gaps! :) I still have a quilt to finish and stockings to make!

  115. Cindy H in Texas says:

    I’m not even close to being finished with Christmas shopping!! It’s taking me a lot longer this year and I cannot figure out why :)

    This gift basket sounds divine!!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  116. I’m halfway finished with my shopping with out-of-town guests coming this weekend along with a snow advisory. Feeling overwhelmed!!!

  117. Teresa Manucy says:

    I am 90% finished shopping. I will get the last few Monday and then wrap away.

  118. I’m almost done! I tried to get a jump on things this year since last year seemed to catch me unprepared. I just have a few things for stockings to do. I love getting gifts for people but I definitely like clearing it all away so we can relax and enjoy the celebrations leading up to Christmas.

  119. With 26 in our immediate family (9 kids & spouses, 12 grandkids, and three parents as well as each other) I start shopping in November and continue until a couple of days before Christmas. Fortunately, I am through with the grandchildren and just have the
    the men left (except for 2 birthday presents due next week)!!

  120. Almost done!!!

  121. Very small Christmas this year… Shopping throughout the year made it easier and focusing on the REAL meaning, makes it less. Finished :)!

  122. Still have a little shopping/ planning/ making to do. The hardest part is coming up with ideas!

  123. Rachelle Dickie says:

    Almost done! A few last minute stocking stuffers and small gifts, but I know where I need to go to get them. :) Thanks for this post!

  124. I don’t buy Christmas presents anymore! I committ to spending time with friends and family during the year. So, we schedule a lunch, dinner, visit that is just me and that person for quality time during the new year.

  125. I am finished with my Christmas shopping since I tend to do most of mine online. I even bought some nice gifts for some less fortunate families through my church this year. I prefer to avoid the shopping malls and centers this time of year due to all the crowds and long lines. I guess I love the convenience of having my packages delivered to me directly at my door. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  126. I LOVE online shopping! Most of our shopping is finished, thanks that that wonderful convenience! A tradition in our family is for a girls after-Christmas shopping adventure. We give our daughter some gift cards to various places at the mall, and after Christmas, we both go shopping together. We love the bonding time, and there are lots of sales! My husband does the same with the boys.

  127. Tracy Hawkins says:

    I’m done shopping for my family!! I just need to find one more thing for our “Angel Tree Child” and then I’m completely finished!

  128. I’m done with the shopping! This has been the latest I have been on getting my gifts and still have one more gift that needs to be wrapped before shipping out on Mon.

  129. I just finished today! What a great feeling! I am even caught up withmy wrapping. Now I will concentrate on baking for family and friends…one of my favorite parts of Christmas. We love to give baked goods to our family and church family and friends. Keeping it simple and focused on Jesus.

  130. Janet Carson says:

    Almost done except for one son who can’t decide what he wants!

  131. UGH. Haven’t even started yet!! Had big plans to start back in October but money got tight and hasn’t loosened up yet.

  132. Joann Noll says:

    Havnt started yet. Waiting for my husbands work comissions to come.

  133. only halfway done! :/

  134. I am 75% done with my Christmas shopping. I just need to buy the rest of the supplies for the gift I am putting together for my nieces and nephews.

  135. I think, I hope, I pray I’m finished.

  136. I only started today..have been delaying. Christmastime can be a rough time of year…

  137. Whew… I am done…. I started in July this year and I am happy that I did because I lost my job in October. So, now the wrapping must commence! Does anyone want to help?

  138. I have NO shopping done, and likely will do none. Not that I don’t love to give, but all we have to offer this year is love for our friends, family, and each other. We have had a difficult year, and have come to realize material things, gifts quickly forgotten, are not really what Christmas is about.
    We have each other, are able to tell our Lord, our children, family and friends, we love them daily. We have a roof over our head, food, empty bank account, but that doesn’t really matter. I put out our Nativity Set, listen to carols, and remember the words to a Four Him song…. All I really need, I already have..,, Jesus! ????

  139. I still need to Christmas shop…we are very very tight on money and husband gets paid on December 19 and will prob try to do shopping then! :)

  140. Linda Matthews says:

    My husband and I are making all of our Christmas gifts that we are giving to our family and friends this year.

    Homemade gifts…. We are almost done, too. It is nice to work together in these projects that we have planned. Great bonding time. :)

  141. Only 1 gift left to get. I aam so excited to be this far ahead of the game!

  142. Done and wrapped…ready to spend time making treats and baking w/the kids.

  143. I haven’t begun! This would make a great gift for someone on my list!

  144. I am done. I would like to get a few more gifts, but the money has run out

  145. Christmas this year will be small. It’s our first Christmas together without any kids. None of them can make it home :( . Oh, well. I’ll just pray God gives them a blessing anyway. We will be enjoying the day simply and gifts will come when the paycheck comes at the end of the month :D

  146. Melissa Barnes says:

    My family and I decided to ditch shopping and make all of our gifts. We are about 3/4 of the way done!

  147. Jennifer O says:

    Haven’t bought anything. I have several items in my Amazon cart waiting for final decision.

  148. I love Christmas shopping. I try to start early enough in the year to not be stressed come December, but not too early that I can’t wait (I’ve given many a Christmas presents before Christmas :/ lol). This year’s gifts are all bought and wrapped under the Christmas tree. Just waiting for the family to arrive! :)

  149. We’ve not started. We’re doing one present per child this year. Christmas isn’t about presents and we all have too much stuff anyway. If I thought I could get by without doing the one present, I surely would:)

  150. I am just about done shopping but have a whole lot of wrapping to do yet. My oldest son and I will be making teacher gifts on Sunday afternoon.

  151. Jane Ippoliti says:

    Done! We keep the buying of gifts to a 3-4 very nice items.
    I hand paint gifts for my husband’s family and my siblings and I decided years ago
    that we would not exchange gifts. Let the money be spent on their children .
    We have daughters in different states so this year it is with the oldest ( new baby) and the youngest
    will celebrate with us before we leave.
    Making special dinners and playing games and working on a 1000 pc. Puzzle
    have become traditions we enjoy.

  152. Esther Bailey says:

    Ive only just begun. I love the rush of the last minute shopping….deals deals deals!!!!

  153. Husband and kids have presents. Some extended family will be getting some gift cards so I will need to pick them up soon. Thinking of getting gc from outback so I can get the $20 bonus card. :D

  154. Janet Worthy says:

    90% completed. I’m hosting a brunch for my Community Bible Study Ladies’ Class in the morning at my home, then plan to hit the Mall and finish up ALL my shopping! That leaves me with 10 days to wrap and bake and pray and truly Celebrate the Reason for the Season:)

  155. I have been trying to make lots of gifts this year, so we can afford to give everyone a little something. I knit, crochet and bead.

  156. tammi mitchell says:

    Haven’t even began! Kids are grown…hubbys parents have everything a petson needs. Si gift cards all around this year!

  157. I’m in the home stretch and nearly done!

  158. I have one thing left to buy! Whoot! Now to get them wrapped. ;)

  159. I tend to shop all year long looking for the right gift at a bargain price. Even so I’ve still got a couple of gifts to buy before Christmas. I’m slowly but surely going to all homemade gifts. Hopefully by next year.

  160. possibly halfway done…was hoping to spend the day shopping with my son and 4 month old grandson tomorrow however there is a snow storm coming. If not tomorrow then hoping for Sunday afternoon.

  161. Tanya Scalf says:

    Almost finished! Love the idea about baby Jesus. Will be starting that one!

  162. I have to decorate the jars that contain gifts and wrap a few things, but everything is purchased!

  163. Not finished and not worried either! For the main part, we’re taking kids and grands to the coast for two days later next year. We enjoy giving experiences rather than so much ‘stuff’!

  164. I’m almost half done. Usually by this time I’m nearly done, but there have been Christmas activities and grandchildren’s performances to attend. I’m just relaxing and enjoying it all.

  165. I am almost done, need to get a gift for my aunty and then I will be.

  166. I’m COMPLETELY DONE my Christmas shopping :D WOOHOO

  167. Done with exception of baking for our baking for each family basket. We actually only buy for anyone under 18 in our families & there was only 1 this year! All families do receive a basket from us that includes homemade gifts made by myhusband & myself.

  168. I am done:-) I like to start early so that we can enjoy making cookies together.

  169. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    Except for my son and his girlfriend – who live in Oregon (across the country from me) and who have not sent me a wish list – I AM DONE! I don’t buy all that much – and that helps a lot. Ready to stay home tomorrow when the big storm hits Pennsylvania.

  170. Mostly done…

  171. Carolyn Combs says:

    I am about 1/3 done. I have everything picked out, just waiting for my swagbucks gift cards to be processed before I finish shopping.

  172. I’m about 3/4 done. I plan to finish up on Monday. :)

  173. We are all done, just making some handmade gifts now..

  174. I’m completely done shopping and wrapping gifts EXCEPT for something special for our sweet and amazing next door neighbors. Still wracking my brain on what to get/do for them.

  175. I haven’t got much done; hoping to get more done this weekend if the weather doesn’t get too bad.

  176. We have only picked up a few gifts. Will make a short list and finish up next week. Trying to clean up the clutter and dust this week in preparation for kids coming home from out-of-state.
    Seems we’re always trying to find our way with presents: nobody much needs anything (thank you, God, for many blessings!). But that tradition of “having something to open” lingers. Like others, some years we adopt a family or charity in lieu of many presents under our tree.

  177. Jane Smith says:

    I am finished shopping and have already given everyone their gifts! LOL I can never wait for someone to have their gift on any holiday or birthday! I get too excited. My favorite part of any holiday is having my kids with me even tho they are grown. They are the air I breathe. :) My second favorite part is STAYING HOME and not having to kill myself trying to get to all the family, in-laws and outlaws.

  178. I’m almost done!!! …and almost done the wrapping!!! …and have a hosted a few Christmas celebrations already!! I love the family gatherings of Christmas!

  179. We are simplifying this year, and I have yet to start!

  180. I have about a little half way done with my Christmas shopping. I really enjoy your website and your encouragement. Keep up the great work ‘=_

  181. I am 4% done…and no that isn’t a typo!! This is a one of those years that I am not sure how it is all going to get done! Thank goodness for Amazon!

  182. I started…am about half way.

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com
    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy

  183. Rachel Thomas says:

    I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow or maybe Monday :). God bless! And Merry Christmas!

  184. Heather Carlson says:

    Almost done!

  185. Elaine Segstro says:

    Basically we’re done because we celebrate St. Nicholas Day (eve of 5 Dec, but we did it 6 Dec. this year). We give our gifts then, and 25 Dec. is the time to celebrate Jesus’s birth.

  186. awesome!!

  187. Our tradition is that we shop leading up to Christmas. This weekend my husband and I will inventory what we have and he “picks up the slack” and goes out to finish. That’s why I call him Wonderful Husband!

  188. Haven’t even started shopping yet!

  189. We shop from Jan-Nov so we are finished. Sometimes we go day after Christmas and find things for next year. We have all of Dec to enjoy lights, music and friends and family.

  190. I have not done anything at this point. We don’t even have a tree up yet!!!

  191. I am rather embarrassed to say this but I am probably around 1/2 way done. I’m in a mini limbo because we are going to my mom’s next week, and I do not know what relatives are joining us so I am still at a loss for gifts. We do a Yankee gift swap and knowing who is coming helps me because I make gift baskets. :)

  192. Only have one more gift to buy and 12 coffeecakes to bake andall our gifts still need wrapped…good thing there is time yet.

  193. I just started on Wednesday. With Thanksgiving being so late this year, it’s really thrown me off schedule. I’m only about a quarter of the way done and also need to get stocking stuffers. I should have started sooner!

  194. I am 9/10 done!!!! I have 3 young grandchildren and it was a joy to get them gifts…. mostly online shopping this year :) I would love this gift basket!!!!

  195. I have one more gift to get…but a few more things to finish making!! :) I love being able to make gifts with love for people I care for.

  196. I have just barely begun my Chritmas shopping. I’m planning a major Amazon session this weekend to take care of much of it. Then evenings this week will be busy, to say the least.

  197. I’m done with the shopping, but I still have a few things to make!

  198. Gifts for the children have been purchased. I need to buy gifts for the adults in my life.

  199. We are done – only bought a few things for the grandkids this year! And – we’ve just had one celebration tonight so some of the presents are already opened!

  200. I am almost done. I was going to finish up tomorrow, but the weather’s not supposed to be much better in my neck of the woods either.

  201. We are half way done with our shopping. We will finishing up next week. :) I love goat milk lotion,milk,and cheese,oh and soap! Our 2 oldest boys actually drank goat milk since I was not able to nurse them.

  202. We are mostly done. I just have to order a gift card online and write a check and we are done. So grateful.

  203. Orlinda Delk says:

    I haven’t even started yet. Looks like i need to find a nativity with a removable Jesus now too. :0)

  204. Shopping? Was there to be shopping? :) Just kidding! To be truthful though, I do not know how far I am along. Our sons are all finished since we have a trip planned and went light on them. It is the others…the FAMILY, the inlaws and outlaws that I am not sure about. Tomorrow I need to go through everything and find out for sure! :) Happy snow day!

  205. Mostly done…. but enjoying the journey!!

  206. I am getting close to finish shopping!

  207. Cynthia Quiroga says:

    Haven’t started yet. We usually start Christmas Eve. My husband prefers the excitement. Ha. I follow his lead. Ha.

  208. Almost finished!!! Wrapping here we come! Looking forward to our church Christmas cantata and enjoying time with family :)

  209. Karen and Lisa, I have not even started shopping yet and I am not sad nor worried about it! I have been focusing on Jesus and cherishing Advent, the waiting… seeking the babe in the manger. Loved this post Lisa! It is another way of celebrating the true reason for the season!

  210. We are just about done. My husband and I still have some shopping to do for each other and a few small things for our youngest daughter. With 4 kids, money can be really tight, but I love that our kids always assure us that our time together is more valuable than anything we could put under the tree.

  211. I am done! And mostly wrapped too. It feels wonderful.

  212. alesha o l says:

    We are done. In a family w 6, my husband being the only one able to work as I am disabled, @a young age, we live in a mobile home that is too small, + have rescued 3 meows that help keep me sane, it is do very tight. By the Grace of God, my son & mom-in-law survived a car crash 2 wks ago, so we are dealing w that, our stove had to be replaced, our floors need fixed, we have med bills out the has just been stressing. My faith has been tested, but seen me through.

  213. I am done (unless I see something else for my daughter).

  214. I am pretty much done. I have downsized a lot of what I spend and I try to get “outings” for the kids to go on rather than just buy “stuff” For instance, for my sister I bought her and her spouse and son tickets to a hockey game with a coupon for free babysitting from me for the baby.

  215. Two more and to print photos. Now to wrap them!

  216. Joanna Warren says:

    Done! Thank you Amazon!

  217. I’m finished shopping, just need to finish the gifts I’m making and wrap them.

  218. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I am done. Just need to finish wrapping. Now it is time for baking.
    Also planning to spend from now until the New Year with family and friends. Inviting friends who are alone to share time at my home with family and other friends. Nothing better than sharing Christ’s love with others this time of year and all year long.

  219. Almost done shopping! Snowing right now and a great day to stay inside and wrap presents. This is the best gift basket ever! I adore goat’s milk products and would absolutely love to win this one! Marry Christmas!

  220. Almost done shopping! Wrapping is next (but I love that part).

  221. I am done!

  222. I spent most of yesterday getting my remaining shopping MOSTLY done. I will still have a couple of odds and ends to complete. We have a winter storm heading our way today, so I thought it would be a perfect excuse to stay home and wrap. This plan meant that I had to run around yesterday like a crazy elf so that I have all the presents TO wrap….but today, it’s worth it. Today, I can light balsam candles and play Christmas music and stay in my jammies all day!! Woohoo!

  223. Kim Thompson says:

    Done :)

  224. Susan Holman says:

    I am done with the “main” shopping. Just going to enjoy all the the festivities and pick up some fun stocking stuffers!

  225. Katie Thieman says:

    Almost done, did it all mostly online and at our local artisan craft fair and local stores. Just need to get a few more special things and this basket would make a beautiful gift for my very special mother in law.

  226. I have made a list for the children and husband but haven’t made the purchases yet. For extended family, we made photo calendars and have already mailed them off.

  227. Kim Campbell says:

    I am about a 1/4 of the way finished. I am glad our family has cut back on Christmas spending. But some of these prizes would make great gifts!

  228. I think I’m getting there in regard to shopping. I still need to get a few more small things for the stockings (for husband and our boys). Some of the gifts were bought via Amazon and have been shipped but not delivered I would say the wrapping is the biggest job yet to be done. I live in Michigan also, so depending on weather I may or may not get out today:)

  229. Almost done, just finishing the homemade gift for hubby!

  230. Merry Christmas! thanks for your work

  231. I am done with my immediate family, but still need to get baking for our neighbors, my daughter’s teachers, and friends.

  232. Almost done!!

  233. I’ve just done maybe half of my shopping? I’m always trying to pay the bills and shop with anything left, so it’s been slow going, but making progress!

  234. the shopping is complete

  235. I just have to figure out what to get my mother and step father. They are always the hardest to buy for and sometimes I pass over them.

  236. I am just about finished. I just have a couple of friends to buy for.

  237. Megan Dowell says:

    I haven’t even started!!! I’m a late bug this year!!

  238. I would LOVE to be done right now, but I’m barely half way there!!!

  239. Danielle I says:

    I am 3/4 of the way done!

  240. I’m so not done! Eeee!

  241. I am almost done shopping. I’d say 75% finished! (Wish I could say 100%!!)

  242. Stephanie Moore says:

    Ok, so I am done, except for the little things. I shop starting the day after Christmas and store it year long.

  243. I haven’t even started! Yikes.

  244. Micayla Hinds says:

    I’m done with the exception of my charity shopping.

  245. Jennifer L. says:

    I’m pretty much finished except the stockings… Maybe today!????

  246. Diane Fetter says:

    Just a few gift cards to buy. So looking forward to start baking!

  247. I’m pretty much done, thank the Lord!

  248. Thankfully, I am almost completely done! I have to pick up one gift card for my parents. They are siding their house next summer and just want Menard’s gift cards to help pay for the materials. Now, on to the wrapping!

  249. Miranda Roskamp says:

    I am almost finished – was working on wrapping presents today but I have a little last minute shopping trip planned for something for the other gals in my bible study group. I got the idea off pinterest and cannot wait :) ((sssshhhh….it’s a little bottle of 7-Up that contains 7 Up-lifting bible messages on a paper that could then be used as a book mark.

  250. We are DONE! All that is left is for some of the items to arrive so we can wrap them :)

  251. Judy Durham says:

    I only had a few gifts to buy, so I am done….financially tough year.

  252. Kathy Smith says:

    Shopping is almost done! Just need to hit the grocery store for some food items to fill up stockings!

  253. A gift for hubby , mail packages and I’m done. Merry Christmas!

  254. Marianne Gill says:

    I’m about 1/2 way finished with my shopping but plan to be finished next week :-)

  255. Stephanie Cohrac says:

    I got done super early this year! This is our first year away from home and I spent the first week of December baking and making gifts for our family back home :-) 7 packages later! All done! My hubby and lil girl has been done since nov. Super simple and low budget this year :-)

  256. About 3/4 the way done plus still have to wrap – ugh!

  257. Latrelle Cyree says:

    I shopped a little along during the year. But this year I’m planning to give my two adult children a gift card, because it is for what THEY want, NOT what I want for them. Plus their wants are more expensive than when they were small, so now it’s not the whole refrigerator for example, it’s one payments worth—But my REAL gift to them is love and time. That’s also what I want.

  258. I am finishing the last of 3 vests I am knitting for my grandsons. Got the rest of the knitting finished. Have not even started on buying anything. Funds are extremely limited this year so there wont be much to buy…..

  259. Well, i keep thinking I’m done and then I remember something/someone I forgot. thx

  260. Teal Lockard says:

    I always wait until the last minute! The only gift I’ve bought so far is for my husband.

  261. Christy Spurlock says:

    I’m about half way finished. Just wish I could be with my son who is serving our great country in the US Air Force.

  262. Jada Smith says:

    Almost done but still have a few things like stocking stuffers! :)

  263. I just finished my online shopping today, but I still have a couple of things to get in person SOON!

  264. I am also almost 3/4 done, I think. I like to start shopping early and then put things aside, so it would not stress me out that much in the last days when everyone else is running around.
    The gift basket sounds simply AMAZING! :)

  265. I just have stocking stuffers left to buy.

  266. Ashley Howerton says:

    I have to pick up my son’s Bible (waiting for his Daddy to get home and go with me) and then I’m done! :)

  267. Laurie Williams says:

    I am about 75% done…

  268. I’m about 1/2 done.

  269. Connie Douty says:

    I am done. Our family does not exhange or feel we have to give gifts wrapped up. We give to needy, hungry familes, we give love and books of memories with pictures to each other. The postman, the church, missionaries here and abroad receive donations. If I give a gift it is usually a quilt to a special friend or shurt-in. I am a shut -in and shoppinh is difficult and is a waste of my days at this time in life. I leave a legacy.. Never do I receive a bevy of gifts, only love.

  270. I am mostly finished but actually considering returning items to keep it simpler! Making my life a little more hectic but trying as a family to change our focus!

  271. I am just about finished shopping – just a couple of things – stocking stuffers, small gift for daycare and work and then I need to food shop – Everyone is coming to my house this year – all the grown children and they are even spending the night on Christimas Eve
    which is such a blessing.

  272. I am 3/4 way done and haven’t even been to one store yet. Trying to save money this year and make homemade gifts. Some of which includes favorite family cookie dough recipes for easy baking later :)

  273. I’m probably about halfway done, maybe more like a third. Yikes!

  274. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    Thanks to Amazon–I am almost done!! I will pick up a few more things on Friday.


    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  275. I’m about half way done

  276. Ruth Orozco says:

    I am just about done! The Unemployed Philosopher’s Club had some zany gifts for the “people who (seem to) have it all”!

  277. Mostly done, need to pick up a few more stocking items and one gift for my husband from us all.

  278. Pretty much done…now for the wrapping!

  279. Terri Weidner says:

    Nope..haven’t even started.

  280. 3/4 of the way finished – thankfully:)!

  281. I should be done! But as always I am not! Maybe I will do better next year! :)

  282. We are mostly done. Few odds and ends to finish up but family celebrations begin this weekend.

  283. Karla Huey says:

    I have the one gift that will “make” someone’s Christmas and a few little itemsn

  284. Great message. As a mother of 3 young girls I have been struggling with fighting the materialism of this time of year.

  285. I think I’m done…..Maybe just some candy for the stockings……

  286. I shopped a lot on line this year because of a broken foot. However, I’m thankful for the “break”! I’ve tried to live this year living in the moment of the day and I think that the injury help me to continue to do this during a very potential busy time of the year! I was able to take my time and really think of how I wanted to bless those I love with gifts that mean something to me and them.

  287. Laureen E. says:

    one gift to go for my father in law, hoping hubby handles that one

  288. Bridget Cunningham says:

    Just my husband and stocking stuffers to go!

  289. I’m 3/4 of the way done. I think I just have my mom and my boss and the stockings.

  290. I’m very close to being done Christmas shopping.

  291. Gifts are almost all purchased, but nothing has been wrapped or mailed yet! I am very behind!

  292. I’m all finished!

  293. I’m not quite all finished but almost. Most everything has been done online. So i haven’t felt rushed at all.

  294. Thank goodness!!!

  295. I am half done. The rest should be easy to pickup.

  296. I’m done!

  297. Almost done my Christmas shopping and getting so excited for Christmas!

  298. I have barely done any Christmas shopping! I need to get it in gear.

  299. Done except for the stockings. But am also watching sales for good items to stockpile for birthdays.

  300. Yes, I’m done! :)

  301. Christmas shopping is DONE!!!

  302. Nicole Reeves says:

    We actually won’t be able to buy any gifts this year. So does that count me as finished?! :)

  303. amy sennick says:

    I try and keep it simple……gift cards for all the grandchildren. Just about completely done.

  304. Melissa Fordyce says:

    With 6 birthdays of out 11 before Christmas it’s very hard to keep on top of it all. I’m never done ! Lol

  305. We finished most of our shopping the week before Thanksgiving. Then, we snagged a few last minute items on Black Friday. I was certain I was finished with all of the shopping, yet I truly wanted to give my mother and my husband something more. We are small gift givers, and my small gifts just never seem to express what I feel in my heart. So…I wanted to give more. Now, I’m making my mother a bracelet and I need to wrap one last gift for my husband that I snagged on sale last week via Amazon. And then…done.

  306. I am 1/4 of the way started lol …thank you for this post

  307. Debbie Campbell says:

    Christmas shopping hasn’t even begun because I am the only one working and money is tight. Hoping to find some last minute bargains…my son is the only one who benefits from Christmas the past few years. It’s still good – we have each other.

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