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The First Day of Christmas with Liz Curtis Higgs

chaos.calmPsst…before we get to our 12 Days of Christmas series.

Got Christmas?

Then you’ve also got gifts to buy and wrap, halls to deck, goodies to make and parties to host. Don’t forget the cleaning and shuffling of kids. Oh, and the teacher gifts. And cards to address and mail.

And it all must be done whilst donning a seasonal smile and making fond memories with your adoring family.

Its enough to make you simply give up and flop on the couch drowning your sorrow in a peppermint mocha.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Announcing From Chaos to Calm: The LET. IT. GO. Christmas Challenge!

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From unrealistic expectations to traditions to your screaming schedule as well as those annual holiday encounters with the in-laws and outlaws, this tool will allow your holidays to go from chaos to calm.

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{Read my Proverbs 31 devotion yet today called Search Carefully for the Child? Click here to do so.}

12 days graphicWelcome to the 1st Day of Christmas!! Twelve days of guests and GIVEAWAYS!!! Our guest is Liz Curtis Higgs, a favorite recipe and her great Christmas book giveaway.!

Liz_beside_red_door_DOOR_CROPPED_300_SquareLiz Curtis Higgs is the author of more than 30 books, with 4.5 million copies in print, including her nonfiction bestseller, Bad Girls of the Bible: And What We Can Learn from Them.

Liz has also presented more than 1,700 inspirational programs in all 50 United States and 14 foreign countries, including New Zealand, Thailand, and South Africa.

This fall she’s been honored to be a speaker with Women of Faith, bringing a message of hope from her newest book, The Women of Christmas: Experience the Season Afresh with Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna.

Now, here’s Lizzie!

As a woman who adores Scotland (, I’ve nibbled on Walker’s Shortbread for years, and still reach for it when I don’t have time to bake. But when I find an hour to spare, nothing beats Scottish shortbread fresh from the oven. Here’s my favorite, foolproof recipe:

shortbread2Scottish Shortbread


1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar

1/2 cup cornstarch

1 cup all-purpose flour

3/4 cup butter, softened

1 tablespoon granulated sugar


Sift confectioners’ sugar, cornstarch, and flour together in a bowl. Add softened butter, using your hands to knead the mixture into dough. Wrap dough in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for no longer than 30 minutes.

Press cold dough into the bottom of a greased 8 x 8 pan (round or square; glass is best). Bake at 325 for 30 minutes or until the edges are very lightly browned.

Sprinkle granulated sugar across the top. Cool completely, then cut into 8 servings.

This shortbread is absolutely delicious with a steaming cup of tea on a snowy afternoon.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?



Wreath of Snow_cvr.inddLeave a comment telling us and you’ll be entered to win my  giveaway of books: 1) my new nonfiction, The Women of Christmas, 2) my Scottish Victorian novella, A Wreath of Snow, and 3) my children’s picture book, The Pine Tree Parable.

Blessings of this holy season to you and yours!

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  1. I want to search for Him everyday and I want to be found by him

    • Kelly Robertson Tice says:

      I love rugelach! Hazelnut and spice filling is my favorite.

      • Nancy Criss says:

        My favorite is homemade big right from the oven sugar cookies that have been dipped in cinnamon and sugar before they are baked. yummy!

    • Great reminder of Who & why we celebrate Christmas! My 2 favorite cookies are peanut butter blossoms & decorated soft sugar cookies. The kids love decorating the first 1/2, then get bored & we adults finish them up!

  2. Laura,

    If you want to search for Him, you have already been found by HIm. “Seek and you shall find”. “Knock and the door will be opened unto you”.

    Blessings to you this Christmas and always.


  3. Bobbie Ayers says:

    Help me to keep Christ in christmas, find others to serve this year and keep God in the foreground of my mind.

  4. My favorite cookie is a decorated sugar cookie. They are delicious and each is unique.
    God bless you!

    • My family’s favorite Christmas cookies are double chocolate crinkles. I bake several batches and send to friends each year.

  5. Favorite Christmas cookie–Rolled Sugar Cookies

  6. I absolutely adore peanut butter blossoms. The peanut butter cookies with the Hersey kisses in the middle. I eat all around the kiss first leaving it for last. There’s really no other way to eat those cookies!

  7. My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones I get to make with my grandma. Watching her roll out the dough is a memory I’ve had since childhood. I’m blessed to be able to pass this tradition on to my kids. Their favorite part is the decorating!

  8. My favorite cookies are snowballs, or Russian Teacakes. When I was little, my grandmother made them and I thought she called them “brush your teeth” cakes! Anyway, they’re the best! Thank you for the chance to snag your books!

  9. Favorite cookie – soft sugar cookies made from a recipe from my grandmother

  10. darla leatherman says:

    Peppermint shortnread cookies.

  11. My favorite cookie is a decorated sugar cookie – my late mother’s recipe!

  12. Deanna Dickson says:

    I have two favorite “Christ”mas cookies…Forgotten Cookies (whipped egg whites, sugar and chocolate chips….melts in your mouth) and most definitely decorated Gingerbread Men (and Women)!

  13. My favorite cookie is an old fashioned gingersnapp recipe.The smell and the crunch are wonderfull and so inviting with a good cup of tea or coffee!

  14. My favorite is a sugar cookie with anise. However, a runner-up and so easy to make is sour cream cookies frosted with cream cheese frosting & sprinkled with the colored sugars.
    Thank you for your little tidbits for the Christmas Month!

  15. Julia Tidd says:

    My favorite is not a cookie but is million dollar fudge. It is the one consistent treat in our kitchen at Christmas time. :-)

  16. My favorite one will be shortbread cookies!!!

  17. Cut out sugar cookies with homemade icing& sprinkles. Looking forward to your devotion the next 5 days! Thank you.

  18. My favorite Christmas cookies are the cutout ones my sister and I bake from my Grandma’s recipe. She has been gone for over twenty years,, but every Christmas season we have her with us. It’s funny though because try as we might, following her recipe to the letter, they never are quite as good as they were when she made them <3

  19. Christina Evans says:

    My favorite cookie used to be peanut butter with hershey kisses, but alas I had a sweet girl who has a peanut allergy, so now we love sugar cookies decorated with a carefree abandon of a mess :)

  20. This shortbread cookie looks delicious! My favorite Christmas cookies are gingerbread men though. . .with a cup of English Breakfast of course!

  21. Nancy marsh says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the almond flavored spritz and easy to make! Thank u for the devotional today reminding us to look for Jesus in our days of business and chaos and especially to share Him with others!Blessed holidays to all!

    • Pearl Watson says:

      I used to have a great almond spritz recipe as a young lady, but lost it in many moves. Could you, please, point me to a good recipe?

  22. My favorite Christmas cookie to EAT is chocolate chip. I’m boring like that. But my favorite cookie to MAKE is sandtarts. When I was a kid, Mom, my sister, and I would make them all together. It would take a good part of the day, and I was in charge of flipping the records, watching the cookies through the oven door, and eventually decorating them with an egg wash and sprinkles. It was so much fun!

  23. My favorite All-Time (especially at Christmas) is the shortbread type that has dozens of names… Crescent Cookies, Wedding cookies, Italian Cookies, with butter, Conf.sugar and flour! Usually we shape in crescents.

  24. I pray to be aware of Christ’s presence each and every day and be open to how I can shine His Light to others. Favorite cookies are decorated sugar cookies and a new recipe, cranberry and pistachio biscotti.

  25. Melissa Barnes says:

    I so love Christmas! This book on the women of Christmas, will I am sure bring so much insight! As Christians we must put Christ back in Christmas and remove the monetary from Christmas! Peace, Grace, and Serenity!

  26. Favorite Christmas cookie the traditional sugar cookies. But I love shortbread so thanks for the shortbread recipe going to try it out.
    Merry Christmas!

  27. Favorite Christmas cookie? Gingerbread!!! Yum!
    Thank you for your generosity. I would absolutely love the Children’s book :)

  28. Leigh Anne says:

    Peanut butter with Reese cup middles!!!!

  29. My favorite cookie is my Grandmother’s cocoons. Cookie rolled in powered sugar.
    Merry Christmas

  30. Thank you for helping us stay focused on the true Reason for the season! Merry Christmas!

  31. My favorite Christmas cookie is my husbands oatmeal cookies. They are delicious!

  32. My favorite Christmas cookie to make is Cinderella Crisps. It reminds me of the fun Mom and I had making these easy yummy treats!

  33. I have not seen shortbread made with cornstarch…must give it a try…thank you…

  34. My favorite cookie at Christmas is probably my mom’s deluxe sugar cookies – for sentimental reasons more than anything (though they are delicious!). My aunt recently made peanut butter cookies with a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup in the middle – those are good too!

  35. Gaylene Carpenter says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are kisses cookies- either drop a Hershey’s kiss in the center of peanut butter or sugar cookies (does not matter which). I love it when the chocolate melts just a little.

  36. Jennifer Hallenbeck says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookie is Russian Tea Cakes. They remind me of Christmases growing up, when i would help my mom make them for our Christmas celebrations with family.

  37. My favorite Christmas cookie is the peanutbutter blossoms with the kisses in the middle. All around favorite would be chocolate chip cookies though. :)

  38. Jewish pinwheel cookies that I’ve made every Christmas for 36 years! Not too sweet but very yummy for the season.

  39. Kristina Stout says:

    Our family has a few favorite cookies: the famous peanut butter blossoms, decorated sugar cookies and wedding cookies. Next year our favorites will look a little different because this year I have to make allergy free cookies. Two of our children were diagnosed with severe food allergies. Thank you for a chance to win these amazing books. Merry Christmas!

  40. Favorite cookies are magic cookie bars. Luckily, I have found a gluten-free version of it called Hello Dolly’s. We’ll see if those become my new favorite since I can no longer do gluten.

  41. My desire is to truly worship the King of Kings while being open to
    Being His hands and feet.

  42. I love the Moravian ginger cookies. My mom makes them every year but I have never quite mastered them. They are SO THIN…but delicious.

  43. Deborah Heath says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie were Snowball cookies that I started making when I was young out of a children’s cookbook. It’s very simple (& fattening!) but oh, so good! The only ingredients are butter, sugar, cocoa, vanilla & confectioner’s sugar.

  44. Butterscotch haystack cookies

  45. Melody Byrum says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie? my daughter and I make sugar cookie cut outs every year. It’s a family recipe that is about 55 years old or so. And then my daughter decorates them and we give them to neighbors. I love sugar cookies, but I hate sugar cookies with icing of any kind. So we leave a few plain so that I can eat them. The rest get decorated and we give them away along with Banana nut bread and pumpkin bread. My sister in law makes the most delicious cream cheese cookies though that are not friendly to the waist line at all, so I eat just a couple each year.

  46. Karen Hall says:

    My favorite cookie is decorated sugar cookies. I remember making them with my mom and grandma, and now have the same tradition with my granddaughters. :)

  47. Karen Hall says:

    My favorite cookie is decorated sugar cookies. I remember making them with my mom and grandma, and now have the same tradition with my granddaughters

  48. My favorite cookie is a potato chip cookie that my mom makes .. and of course, the dough is even better!! :)

  49. Traditional sugar cookies- decorating them each in a unique way with friends and family is always the best part!

  50. Lisa Wight says:


  51. Tami Alvis says:

    Just found you via Liz Curtis Higgs FB post. I can’t wait to try the shortbread recipe and to look around on your site!

  52. Laurie Lundberg says:

    Cream cheese cookies

  53. My favorite Christmas cookie is an apricot bar, it is made with oatmeal and brown sugar and ver delicios.

  54. Jess Egolf says:

    My favorite is an almond flavored cookie shaped like a mouse with almond sliver ears, raisin eyes, and a licorice tail! Whimsical and delicious!

  55. LOVE and old sugar cookie recipe that I have. Soft and butter.

  56. My favorite is a spice cookie that my grandma used to make. She would roll the dough into a perfect ball, roll the ball in sugar and bake a masterpiece that would fit PERFECTLY into a pringles can to be shipped across the miles to our house. And just seeing that box arrive meant Christmas to me.

    And now I want one!!!

  57. Chandi Robberstad says:

    So many favorites!! One of my favorites are cream cheese spritz cookies! My mom always made them every year when we were little and now my kids love them too! :)

  58. Carol Reid says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a snicker doodle love the cinnamon and brown sugar. I am currently doing the Women’s Bible Cafe bible study using Liz’s book “The Women of Christmas”. The book is so special and I am reading it on my kindle app, I have highlighted and bookmarked a lots of places! It is a wonderful book and gives you a women’s perspective of our great God and women’s relationships.

  59. Cindy Adams says:

    I love peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss on top…any old time! ;)

  60. My favorite Christmas cookie is my sister’s Peanut Butter Balls. This will be her first Christmas with Jesus and I will miss her and her cookies dearly!

  61. Debra Beach says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies, are the homemade sugar cookies with homemade icing decorations. Every year, my Grandmother would have a large plate of them waiting for us on Christmas day. She put tender love and care into each one, and they are a special memory. Merry Christmas to you!

  62. Krista Carver says:

    We still get together at Mom’s for a cookie making adventure. It’s just not Christmas without our Mudballs.

  63. Julie Turner says:

    m&m cookies, made w/ the green and red-coated candies

  64. So hard to pick a favorite cookie….I love peanut butter blossoms, spritz cookies, 7 layer bars…..thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  65. My favorite Christmas cookie is a snickerdoodle. We used to make them.growing up.

  66. Ret Kosiba says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are “Russian Tea Cakes.”

  67. My favorite cookie is hard to choose, but Ricotta cheese cookies are a fav in our house and the Italian “thadols” are a family tradition ; making cookies is one of our favorite traditions at Christmas time

  68. My favorite Christmas cookie is the Sugar cookie my friend makes each year and she invites me over to decorate them with her. I didn’t do this as a kid but it’s now one of my favorite things to do at Christmas with my friend Dianne. I feel like a kid again and I like it.

  69. Bonnie Traher says:

    Will try to save recipe so I can check it out later. Your three books look like must reads. Would love to win.

  70. oohh-la-la I love shortbread and would love to win these books to read. I appreciate Liz and her storytelling.

  71. My favorite christmas cookie-candy cane cookies

  72. Jessica Weber says:

    My favorite has to be chocolate crinkle or the oatmeal raisin my grandma would make with applesauce and they are so soft! Haven’t tried shortbread, but it looks yummy!

  73. Heather Lovelace says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would have to be chocolate chip with walnuts. Because that’s my dad’s favorite and what we always made for Santa when we were kids. It always makes me think of Christmas Eve.

  74. Jackie Slagle says:

    Liz so grateful for all you do in helping us to understand his word in a way we all can apply to our everyday life!

  75. My favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie recipe that was printed in a 1953 woman’s magazine. Every year my mom would pull out that increasingly dog-eared, spilled upon magazine and we’d make triple or quadruple batches of sugar cookies, so there’d be plenty for all of us to paint with confectioners sugar icing!

  76. My favorite Christmas cookie is a monster cookie made with red and green M&M’s, but I love Scottish shortbread ANY time of the year!

  77. Diona Rodgers says:

    Russian tea cakes (A.K.A. wedding snowballs or mexican wedsing cake cookies). I only eat these during the Christmas season.

  78. My favorite Christmas cookie would be a sugar cookie – cut into the shape of a Christmas tree with an abundance of frosting, and green sugar sprinkled on top, of course! But I also like…… buckeyes, peanut butter cookies w/ the kisses on top, caramel walnut bars, haystack cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, well – you get the picture!!!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  79. Jacqueline says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a peanut butter cookie that my mother use to make. I just can’t make them like she did. Recipe below.

    Peanut Butter Cookie
    1 cup butter
    1 cup brown sugar
    1 cup white sugar
    2 eggs, well beaten
    1 cup peanut butter
    3 cups flour
    2 teaspoons soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    Cream butter and sugar
    Add eggs and peanut butter, mix.
    Add rest of the ingredients, mix.
    Shape into balls, the size of a walnut, flatten with fork.
    Bake until brown at 400 degrees F. about 9 min.

  80. Bob Bons. I have never been able to duplicate the ones my mother made!

  81. Marisa Wagner says:

    The traditional Christmas sugar cookie is my favorite! When I eat one, childhood memories flood my mind!

  82. my food to eat at Christmas is sugar cookies. after i decorate it. Merry Christmas everyone.

  83. Shannon McNear says:

    Russian teacakes!! They’re basically also shortbread with the addition of finely chopped nuts, shaped into balls and rolled in powdered sugar when done.

  84. Mrs. Lopez says:

    My favorite cookie type is peanut butter cookied with chocolate kisses…yym!

  85. We love cookie of all kinds in my house but My personal Christmas favorite is molasses spice.

  86. For me Christmas is a manger, sheep, cattle and a tiny baby that died on a cross to save me from my sins. And I don’t deserve it but I am greatful for Him.

  87. Dawn Phelps says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Candy Cane cookies. Love the pepperminty goodness!

  88. Cindy Gile says:

    My favorite are chocolate peppermint cookies

  89. After 2 terrible Christmas holidays, no tree, no gifts, lots of sadness, both of you are helping me find the Christ of Christmas anew and fresh. The tree is up. The wonder of it all is filling my heart with the hope & healing that little manger baby brought the world. Thank you for using your gifts of words to minister Christ’s love & peace. My favorite cookie is old fashioned sugar cookie cut outs…..with a cup of tea! I’m smiling just thinking of it. God bless your season with the fruits of His spirit.

  90. Italian spumoni cookies..three layer bar cookie that my mom always makes.

  91. My favorite cookie to make is tea cakes. My grandmother always made hearts but I have around 50 cookie cutters I use for different occasions. Merry Christmas!

  92. Cheryl Mansell says:

    An heirloom recipe . . . Cut-Out Sugar Cookies bar none! It is so much more than a cookie . . . it is generations of memories and love that consume your thoughts with every motion of creating them, every bite while slowly, thoughtfully, consuming them. And then, to be able to gift them to others who “always” come back and ask for the recipe . . . makes my heart smile!

  93. Tiffany Blair says:

    My favorite is always peanut butter buckeyes! Which is technically a cookie, ask any Midwesterner :)

  94. Judith Canterbury says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the Thumbprint Cookie–maple-flavored goodies, rolled in finely chopped pecans, with the thumb indentations filled with Christmasy jewel tones of thick confectioner’s glaze!

  95. We love to make frosted sugar cookies and decorate with sprinkles and other fun decorations. Throughout the year we look for special cookie cutters to use, like a train engine for Jadon and a teacup for Keely….a tradition for Grammy to make them with the grandkids…so much fun! lots of great memories.

  96. I love Christmas baking with my mom!!! ….and we have to have shortbread….my husband loves oatmeal/dark chocolate macaroons, and Nanaimo bars remind me of Christmas to!!!!

  97. Old fashioned sugar cookies…cut out in shapes and iced or decorated

  98. LaNell Dobyns says:


  99. Cynthia Hogan says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Oatmeal raisin and Pecan/Chocolate chip cookies. With a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea they surely warm the soul. This year I am resolved to focus less on “shopping, hustle/bustle of things” and more on “relationship with the Lord”. When we look at the perfect gift of His Son, he shows us why giving is so important and the most important gift we can give others is the gift of ourselves, our prayers, our time, our talents and our love. Finding that perfect stillness in HIm quiets our soul and lifts our spirits. God Bless you all.– Cindi Hogan

  100. Love a recipe that doesn’t make so much! Love shortbread! Looking up for a peaceful Christmas in spite of many life challenges in our family this year.

  101. My favorite Christmas cookie has to be the ones that I make on Christmas Eve with my children for Santa. It’s not really about the flavor of the cookie, but we always make white chocolate chip because that’s Santa’s favorite ;), but about the time that I get to spend with my kids who are 9 and 4 this year. I love seeing the joy on their faces getting to bake with me and then their excitement when placing them under the tree. I bet that is the same feeling that God has for us. The pure joy of seeing us excited and happy.

  102. My favorite cookie for Christmas is a butter cookie that my mother in law made called Melt aways.

  103. Karla McElroy says:

    Decorated sugar cookies. I use several colors of frosting for lots of detail. I even use tooth picks to paint faves on the angels. It’s all about “doing” as a love gift for family in honor of The Gift.

  104. My favorite cookie is any cookie I make with my children. My son is 11 and my daughter is 8 and I can’t wait to bake for Christmas with them. I have special memories of baking with them over the years, especially the rolled out sugar cookies. It doesn’t matter what the recipe is, as long as we are together and enjoying each other.

  105. I love shortbread. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I don’t have a name for my favorite Christmas cookie, we just called them Chocolate Covered Cornflakes. The recipe came from my great-aunt who baked at least 20 different types of Christmas cookies every year, amounting to 500 or more cookies.

  106. I love the candy cane cookie! Sentimental and minty ;)

  107. Sherri Baker says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the frosted sugar cookies that we always made before Christmas. It is still a family tradition that has been carried down to many generations!

  108. My favorite Christmas cookie is sugar cookies cut in shapes and decorated beautifully. My daughter-in-law does them the best I’ve ever had in my life! Baking takes time, love and patience.

  109. I love Springerle cookies. I have my Grandmother’s recipe from Germany. They used anise, so they have a licorice taste. I hated them when I was little, but love them now!

  110. Amanda Pankey says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies were always the ones my grandpa made. He passed away a few years ago, and no one has been able to duplicate the recipe. They were cutout cookies with icing, but none I have had taste quite the same.

  111. I’m looking forward to reading these devotions. My favorite Christmas cookie is called Sweet Dreams.

  112. Linda Wirkkala says:

    I love cut-out and decirated sugar cookies!

  113. Sugar cookie cutouts are out favorite!

  114. Heather Gary says:

    Fave Christmas cookie are no-bake chocolate-peanutbutter-oatmeal cookies :)

  115. Gina Stewart says:

    Walkers–the best shortbread cookies ever! I have tried many times to imitate the recipe–will give this one a go and see how close i can get.
    Liz Curtis Higgs–just as Walkers shortbread cookie brings sweet memories and a comfort, so does Liz’ devotionals, books and her testimony brings encouragement, hope and energy to continue serving Jesus even then things are tough.

  116. One of my favorite cookies is rice krispie treats, becuase you can customize them to fit any season by using different flavored marshmellows or adding different flavored chocolate morsals. I remember growing up and helping my dad make them to hand out to all of our neighbors and friends every year at Christmas time.

  117. I don’t really like sweets but I do adore shortbread, I just have never in my life thought of making my own, which is crazy as I am known for my love of baking. I bake and give it away, which is so very fun, but seriously, how have I never thought to make my own shortbread? So I will jump on the bandwagon and say shortbread cookies.

  118. My favorite cookie is shortbread cookies with a little bit of icing on top!

  119. Laura Gail says:

    My favorite Christmas is molasses crinkles!

  120. Susan Mills says:

    melting moments. A special cookie my mom makes.

  121. Vera Masters says:

    My favorite cookies to make at Christmas are Snickerdoodles I love the smell of cinnamon through out the house and it is one of my kids favorites!! I am looking foward to making the Scottish Shortbreads for my husband !! Have a blessed Christmas!!

  122. Favorite Christmas cookie…have way too many. Spritz growing up. Only tried them a couple of times since i’ve been an adult. One cookie (can’t remember the name) from a cookbook Aleene’s (the glue/craft lady) put out 2 decades ago nearly? uses an icing bag and tip, makes shell like cookies. just pretty with colored sugar.
    love shortbread, Have not found my fav recipe (probably the first time i made in it college) so glad to have this recipe to try.
    love my sisters sugar cookies. They somehow never taste the same when I make them though.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway, it’s AWESOME!!

  123. Susan Snodgrass says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a pecan cookie I’ve been making for over 20 years. It’s so good and keeps for several months in a tin.
    By the way, I’ve been making that shortbread for years and it’s delicious!

  124. My favorite Christmas cookie has to be the ice box cookies my mom always makes. Yum!

  125. Judi Brinegar says:

    Scottish shortbread with a mug of warm cider please…………..

  126. Soft sugar cookies that my mom made. She passed away just a few days ago and I’m really trying to honor her memory with keeping Christ and our family traditions alive in this Christmas. I am an only child, my dad is 92. I feel like a toddler taking her first steps and trying to not wobble so much. If it were not for Christ’s strength in my weakness.. I just wouldn’t know what to do. God is good, true and faithful to HIS Word and promises.

  127. Carolyn Kidder says:

    All Christmas Cookies are delicious — and my favorites are Ginger Snaps. I remember my Great Grandma Pete making them — her’s have been unmatched for generations, however my Mother’s family recipe is delicious!

  128. Peppermint shortbread cookies!

  129. Lorri Shaw says:

    My favorite christmas cookie is what we call Haystacks. Made with choc. chips, butterscotch chips and chow mein noodles. Learn to make these years ago when I was a teenager and our youth leaders wife made these for us.

  130. Diana Wilson says:

    Cookies, Cookies, Cookies…is there anything better? And how do I pick just one favorite? Hmmmm…guess I would choose a cut-out sugar cookie recipe that I got from a friend years ago. I baked it with her kids when I babysat and with my daughter and now with my grandkids – for Easter, Valentines and Christmas. Big job, but the fun makes memories to treasure forever!

  131. Shirley Bruce says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. However, any cookie is good when you’re curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. :-)

  132. one of my favorite Christmas cookie is peanut butter blossoms.yum!

  133. My favorite cookie is a cut-out, using my mother’s grandmother’s recipe. However we don’t make them with lard anymore!

  134. I think I have two favorite Christmas cookies. The Peanut Butter cookie with the Hershey’s kiss on top and the no-bake chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Have to limit my portions now, though. :)

  135. Jan Martin says:

    Favorite Christmas cookie is Santa’s Whiskers. A butter cookie with chopped maraschino cherries that are rolled in coconut after the dough is shaped into a log, so that the cookie when sliced has a ring of coconut around the edge. Like most of the posts above, this cookie has a family history.

  136. My favorite Christmas cookies are the sugar cookies that the kids decorate — those are the ones made with the most love! (Well, and mess! ;))

  137. Theresa rypstra says:

    Spekulaas are my favorite Christmas cookie.
    31 years ago I married into a Dutch family. I adopted some of the Dutch traditions, including celebrating Sinterkaas day on Dec. 5.

  138. Susan Holman says:

    Christmas cookie baking is quite a tradition in our home. I always start with Snickerdoodles which are one of my husband’s favorites. But my family’s favorite is a rolled sugar cookie recipe that I learned to bake from a friend’s mother, back in college, in her farmhouse kitchen.

  139. I love Christmas and making it special for my family. My two girls are grown up now and actually found out on thanksgiving I’m going to be a grandmother!! I’m so excited! But in April we adopted into our family a young man from Columbia he is 14 and then in May we took in a young man from Guyana he is 16 and then in Sept. We took in a young man from Ecuador he is 17. Wow, I’m still over whelmed with writing it. lol Good over whelmed. They are such a blessing. As I thought I was going to be empty nesting God had another plan. So This is the first American Christmas and I want it to be special showing Christ love all the way through. So my favorite cookie is snowballs. You know with the kiss covered in cookie dough and then rolled in powdered sugar. We shall see what the boys like. Can’t wait. Hope I win the books would love to share with them. God bless Tina

  140. My favorite Christmas cookie is a chocolate raspberry thumbprint cookie made by a sweet lady in my Sunday school class. I’m hoping she’ll share the recipe this year.

  141. Michelle Petersen says:

    My favorite are thumbprint cookies – my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

  142. Russian Teaballs, or Snowballs. Loved them since I was a child!

  143. My favorite cookie is called french wafer wrapped around a spoon. It’s a cylinder shaped french wafer dipped in butter icing on either side and then rolled in nuts. Its absolutely delicious! Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway and for the devotional!

  144. Gloria wise says:

    One of my favorite christmas cookies is Ice Cream Kolaches. Yummy! It’s a Polish cookie made with vanilla ice cream. May God’s presence so fill each and everyone of you throughout this entire season! For unto us a child was born and his name shall be called Emmanuel, Prince of peace everlasting Father!

  145. My absolute cookie is the Gingerbread Cookie. My mother in law makes the best ones. I love a hot cup of cider or coffee and a warm pair of socks and some cookies and I am set. I am approaching Christmas in a very different fashion than in Christmas’ past. I am reading The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp and have been following Liz on her blog with the online study of The Women of Christmas. I need to feel Christmas in my heart. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. Remaining hopeful for a win. Whoever wins will be blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Gwendoline Rodgers says:

    My favourite cookie is my Grandmother’s homemade gingerbread!

  147. Stephanie Warneck says:

    I have two favorites, chocolate chip cookies and shortbread cookies, yum!! I love this time of year and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

  148. Here is a site for the recipe for my favorite Christmas cookie recipe, kringla:

  149. Jennifer Pritts says:

    My favorite christmas cookies are iced sugar cookies. The best part is to spend time with my kids and nephews decorating them for Santa on Christmas Eve.

  150. I vote for the classic chocolate chip cookie any time of year. But… with tea, always love some shortbread!

  151. My mother in laws Christmas cookies. They are are cross between sugar cookies and snicker doodles with buttercream icing. They are always everyone’s favorite that I make for the holidays. Thank you for the chance to win the books

  152. Julie Miller says:

    My Favorite Christmas cookie is a raisin filled cookie, you grind the raisins and mix sugar and few other things and then use your favorite sugar cookie dough cut in circles and filled. Yummy!!

  153. Reading these comments is making me hungry… ;)

    My favorite Christmas cookies is our family’s Italian recipe cookie. It’s kind of like a sugar cookie, but has an anise taste to it too (and is topped with sprinkles, of course). Great with tea, coffee, or on their own! :)

  154. My favorite Christmas cookies are pizzelles! I bought a pizzelle maker so I can make them at home. Even though they take a while to make, I simply adore them. They especially remind me of Christmas since that is the only time I ever make them :-)

  155. My favorite Christmas Cookie is a chocolate chip cherry cookie that has dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and dried cherries from my area, Traverse City, Michigan which is the National Cherry Capital.

  156. My favorite cookies are sugar cookies with frosting.

  157. Linda Siert says:

    As I sit here battling my annual Christms upper respiratory infection, I love the reminder of why we are doing what we do, and reminder to seek Him. Thank you! Going to go get into my Bible study after I make ( and eat some!) a batch of the shortbread, thanking God for you and for my Scottish ancestors and how God has used the above in my life. A day for contemplating and rejoicing! And am going to go sign up for the Christmas study with Ann and Liz! I need that!

  158. Kathy Binns says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are ones my mom makes every year called Globs. They are two chocolate cookies on the outside with a white cooked filling spread between them. Big globs! The recipe came from my paternal grandmother. These are sooo good and so worth looking forward to all year!

  159. Marilyn Lisenbee says:

    I love shortbreads and am going to be trying this recipe this year.

    I would love to win the books.

  160. Jean Roedel says:

    My favorite all time cookie is the Mexican wedding cake or also called Russian Teacake and probably has other names also.

  161. Polly Schneider says:

    My favorite cookie is one I make simply titled “Christmas Cookies ” They are like thumbprints with strawberry jam in the middle and rolled in walnuts. Delicious!

  162. My favorite is a peanut butter cookie with a Hershey’s kiss in the middle. Reminds me of the sweetness of the love of Jesus from birth until He died on the cross for all our sins!
    Merry Christmas!

  163. My favorite to make…and the ones that scream Christmas are spritz. But my favorite to eat are 7 layer bars. Yummy and decadent.

  164. Favorite Christmas cookies are decorated sugar cookies.

  165. Sandy Gulso says:

    My favorite cookie for the holiday season is the 5 layer bar cookie. They don’t last long!

  166. My favorite Christmas cookie is the Peanut Blossom (peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss in the middle).

    Thank you for reminding us to focus our Christmas preparations where they should be focused…Jesus!

  167. Desiree Knemeyer says:

    Oh, how Christmas Cookies lighten the soul!!!! My favorite are sugar cookies made at home with the family. A great cookie and a fun memory made, yum!

  168. Ladyfingers! Can’t wait!

  169. Gosh, I bake SO MANY COOKIES! I think it’s probably a cream cheese sugar cookie cutout with a cookie icing that’s not a royal but not a buttercream, either. :D
    Thanks for your generous giveaway – LOVE Liz!

  170. I love Magic Cookie Bars!

  171. My favorite is the traditional sugar cookie. I love to make these with my kids and see what great creations they come up with. God bless.

  172. Liz is one of my very favorite authors & speakers. I am working on getting her to Arizona some day!! Love every book I have read and been inspired to be a better woman of God. Scottish Shortbread cookies have long been my favorite; and because my husband only wants cookies with chocolate in them, I get to eat all of them:-) Of course, I make them last by only eating one or two a day. Thanks so much for the recipe. Oh, and I would be “pumped” beyond belief to win all three books!!!!!!!

  173. Peppernuts. They are a delicious small crunchy cookie. The recipe I use came from my great grandma.

  174. My favorite cookies are pudding cookies because you can make all flavors just by changing the instant pudding you use…decorate with nuts, candied fruits, etc.

    Remiinder: Jesus is the reason for the season!!

  175. My favorite Christmas cookie is what we call Russian Teacakes, sprinkled with red or green sugar. They are also my favorite wedding cookie sprinkled with the wedding colors. See a pattern, here? ;)

  176. At Christmas and any other time of the year my favorite cookie is and always will be chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I’m a chocoholic and I love the combination.

  177. My all time favorite is sour cream date dreams but to go with tea, any cookie, sandwich etc. I enjoy tea anytime even several different flavors :) <3

  178. My mother’s thumbprints filled with her homemade icing are something I looked forward to every Christmas season.

  179. Maya Sieminski-Posvancz says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a freshly decorated gingerbread man! It’s been a family tradition… my Mom and I used to do it, and now I’ve roped my new husband into it, too! We all love getting creative. Last year we even took scraps of dough and formed a little gingerbread kitten for our newly adopted family member!

    I have to say though, delectables from the Fudge Kitchen in Edinburgh are the BEST! :P

    Love this blog, and love Ms. Higgs!

  180. My favorite Christmas cookie is the sugar cookies that have been cut into Christmas shapes and decorated. It reminds me of how I used to make cookies with my grandmothers.

  181. Spring adams says:

    My would be homemade chewy chocolate chip

  182. Cherry Bing Bars are a definite Christmas cookie tradition in our family! Iit’s harder to make over here in Austria but when we’re home in the U.S.A with family for holidays, I definitely try a Cherry Bing Bar!

  183. My favorite Christmas cookie is my 99 year old grandmothers’ tea cakes! They are made with love. No other sweet surpasses that!

  184. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip, followed very closely by peanut butter.

  185. I love a good peanut butter and Hershey kiss cookie for the holidays. When they are still arm and the chocolate melts in my mouth I feel like a kid again in Grammy’s kitchen.

  186. I so missed the ‘w’ in warm :)

  187. Melissa Hicks says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip!!! Soooo yummy

  188. I used to bake a lot when the kids were younger. I now enjoy eating what they bake. :0) I love Liz…and will be going to Scotland with her in May-so excited!!!!! Ill make these Scottish cookies in her honor!!

  189. Vicki Warner says:

    It’s a toss up between my daughter’s decorated sugar cookies and Betty Crocker’s molasses crinkles. Bring on the tea and coffee!

  190. Brenda Emgleking says:

    You just can’t beat a warm chocolate chip cookie.

  191. Eleanor 'Mac' Davis says:

    I love the Rum Balls that my Mother used to make at Christmas time. Guess this is my favorite cookie and my memories of my Mother.

  192. Favorite Christmas cookie is Peanut butter.Thanks for your giveaway.

  193. Barbara Cole says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie has always been snickerdoodles. I love the smell of cinnamon filling the house with an aroma reminiscent of Christmases past. As I bake them now with my grandchildren, I pray that this will be a Christmas tradition passed on to future generations. Baking with my grandchildren also provides precious time to converse about looking for Christ in the Christmas season.

  194. My favorite Christmas cookies are my Mom’s Mexican Wedding Cakes & Hoosier Cookies. The Hoosier Cookies recipe is my great-grandmother’s recipe & are made with sorghum. It is probably the whole family’s favorite cookie.

  195. Adeline Petross says:

    My family’s favorite Christmas cookie are peppermint cookies.

  196. Peanut butter balls!!

  197. Christine LaValle says:

    My grandmother’s traditional sugar cookies were so tender and buttery! The best accents were ground nuts with cinnamon sugar dusting them :)

  198. Helen Watson says:

    I love Lebkuchen. They are little mouthfuls of gooey, spicy cookie with a crisp sugar shell – totally delectable Christmas cookies!!

  199. Mary Lee Gaddis says:

    My favorite cookie anytime is the oatmeal lace cookie. I used to bake extra because I would eat the dough before they were baked! My mother always made them for me when I was sick. I LOVE Liz Curtis Higgs
    and her books. I’ve heard her speak a couple of times and she’s hilarious!! I would love to win these books!!!

  200. Michelle Maynard says:

    I’d have to say my favorite Christmas cookie came from my grandma. The French waffle cookie.

  201. My favorite Christmas cookie is a chocolate espresso cookie. But really, I don’t think I’ve met a cookie I didn’t like.

  202. Suanne Salley says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie would be Molasses cookies – although I do make short bread a lot!

  203. My favorite cookie has to be the no-bake cookie made with green-colored corn flake concoction shaped into wreaths. It is my favorite because my son loves it so! Thanks to you two ladies for helping us to keep Christ in our Christmas.

  204. My favorite cookie is my mother’s soft sugar cookies dusted with fine white sugar – simple and not too sweet.

  205. I love my mom’s almond filled cookies!

  206. michelle h says:

    almond paste dutch cookies that melt in your mouth!

  207. Megan Wilson says:

    Truth be told, I don’t do Christmas cookies… *GASP* I know, terrible of me. However, my Aunt makes these mint chocolate ones that I adore! Seriously, I have to avoid her house when she makes them otherwise I risk gaining a million pounds. Lol. My all-time favorite Christmas dessert is homemade apple pie. Just thinking about it makes me giddy. :)

  208. I hosted a cookie bake Saturday for the teen girls at the church. We had a great time. I was surprised that some of the girls (and some moms) had never baked Cut out sugar cookies.

  209. Carole Chapman says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are iced sugar cookies. I love the creativity of decorating them with family as well as the taste.

  210. Florence Knowlton says:

    I love making gingerbread cookies with my children and now with my grandchildren. Would love to win Liz’s books so I can read them and pass them on to my 3 girls and they will pass them on to the other 10 granddaughters.

  211. Elsa Turner says:

    Although its not really a cookie, I love Peppermint Bark!!

  212. madisen besper-lesan says:

    I love gingerbread cookies !!! Thank you for your recipe!!!

  213. My favorite Christmas cookies…it’s a toss up between rolled sugar cookies & spritz :)

  214. My favorite Christmas Cookie is homemade Gingerbread Man!! Yum!

  215. My favorite Christmas treat I make each year is chocolate fudge, a recipe given to me from a dear friend.

  216. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I love shortbread cookies!

  217. I’ve never turned a cookie down, but my favorite is snickerdoodles! I’ve made them for my dad every year since I was 12 :)

  218. My favorite is rugelach. It is a flaky cream cheese dough spread with apricot preserves, pecans and cinnamon, and rolled up. So good!

  219. Speculaas cookies- from the recipe my great-grandmother brought from the Netherlands.

  220. Cathy Gross says:

    Favorite cookie has to be a big, fat, soft, sugar cookie. Pair it with a glass of milk and eat ‘em warm and life is good. Growing up poor, we seldom got gifts at Christmas or very little. We lied to the kids at school about what we got, telling them we were not allowed to bring our things to school. Shame. At sixteen I got a job and we had Christmas at our house. But did we? We didn’t have Jesus. Gifts for twelve were under the tree to open but no real love to share. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found the real reason for celebrating. This year I can barely come up with a Christmas list for my husband. I already have the greatest, everything else is just stuff!

  221. Gail Moore says:

    I love sugar cookies decorated by the kids.

  222. Pat Castle says:

    Did not have to search very far as I found Him many years ago. He lives in my heart.
    Thank you for being so generous to share these books with us.
    I love Liz Curtis Higgs and would be so blessed to wing them.

  223. My favorite cookie is. Anisette Cookies. Always reminds me of baking with mom at Christmas time.

  224. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    Love making spritz cookies since they’re my son’s favorite. Also love to do cut-out sugar cookies – with icing and sprinkles. The grandkids have a great time with these!

  225. Jo McKibben says:

    My favorite cookie is a butter cream wafer found in an old Betty Crocker cookie cookbook.

  226. My favorite Christmas cookie is old fashioned crispy sugar cookies. Love them with a glass of milk or coffee.

  227. My favorite cookie is an Armenian Butter cookie (ghoorabia), and no Armenian Christmas would be complete without Baklava (Armenian style). I love sharing the traditions I learned from my Grandmother/mother with my daughter knowing that she will keep this tradition going!

  228. Susan Johnson says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie. I’m not sure if this is what they are called, but I like the “spritz” cookies that you put through a cookie press. I haven’t had them in years. I have my mother’s press. Maybe I should try to find a recipe. Your shortbread recipe sounds great, also.

  229. Donna Godfrey says:

    Our family must have whoopie pies. I was raised Mennonite and we would double the recipe. For you that may not know they are soft chocolate cookies that you make a filling to sandwich them with. We love them!

  230. My family and I eat cookies only on occasion, but white chocolate macadamia nut is a definite favorite! May God deeply and dearly bless you, Mrs. Ehman and Mrs. Higgs, with a truly joyful CHRISTmas!

  231. Kathy Davis says:

    Iced sugar cookies are my favorite cookies. I love to bake them and eat them!

  232. Nancy Singelyn says:

    Has to be the almond spritz cookies my mom would make. The pink flowers dotted with a chocolate chip were the best!

  233. Hey there and Blessingsto the beginning of the Holiday season. Mine is not a cookie but old fashioned peanut butter fudge and not made with marshamallow cream and it is soooo… good. Yes and Jesus is the only reason for the Season……..God bless you all.

  234. My fav is shortbread but have not had any since we became gluten free. I would love to find a tried and true gluten free recipe though! In the meantime I make gluten free sugar cookies for the kids with icing made with natural dyes. They are quite happy with them.

  235. My favorite Christmas cookies are any cookies made with the children! it’s such fun to help them decorate the cookies…and make a mess at the same time! Such wonderful memories!!!

  236. alison nash says:

    My mother has a basic sugar cookie recipe that she’s made since before I was adopted (at 6 weeks old, I’m 34 now). The special part is the icing. Confectioners sugar and food color. It sounds so simple, yet they are amazing. Love, sugar and tradition baked in every one! ;)

  237. Thoroughly enjoy Liz’s books – we use the children’s books with the little ones at our church every year. My favorite cookie is the Austrian apple twist, a yeast crescent filled with apple bits, cinnamon & sugar. They are yummy for tea or breakfast.

  238. My favorite cookie is rolled sugar cookies that can be decorated. Love the taste and oh so much fun to make with children!

  239. Alisha Bennett says:

    My favorite cookie is cream cheese cookies. They are super yummy and very easy to make. My boys love to help make them and the kitchen doesn’t seem to be completely destroyed afterward. :)

  240. My favorite Christmas cookie would be gingerbread…no sugar cookies…no spritz butter cookies..,no Scottish shortbread…wait, I really like lace cookies; umm peanut butter cookies, Yikes, I almost forgot…COCONUT macaroons..Well, it’s hard to make up my mind. I never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like. Merry Christmas.

  241. My favorite cookie is a super-thin sugar cookie. They are a super secret family recipe…unfortunatly from a family not my own! I hope one day they will choose to share the secret.

    Thank you Liz, for sharing the secret of your favorite shortbread!

  242. Katie Thieman says:

    My favorite cookie for Christmas time are snickerdoodles! YUM!!!

  243. Crystal Scott says:

    My favorite Christmas Cookie is decorated sugar cookies..

  244. We love sugar cookies at my house! Decorated or not, they are an all time favorite. We also love Lemon Meltaways and shortbread. Cookies are such a tradition at Christmastime. In a world that moves way too fast, it is always a blessing to slow down and cook special meals and desserts with your family at Christmastime.
    Bless you all!

  245. Jodi Howell says:

    My favorite cookie is snickerdoodles. For Christmas though any cookie that I am able to make with my kids and us all have a good time is the best. Making memories to share and enjoy instead of all the hustle and bustle.

  246. Brenda Pennington says:

    We have an old recipe, that we make every Chocolate chip, pecan, oatmeal. They are good any time of the year but are special because we make them as a family.

  247. Claudia Thompson says:

    My favorite cookie is an iced sugar cookie. Second favorite is what we called in my growing up years a crescent; have heard it referred to as a Mexican wedding cookie, snowball, etc. In high school home ec for a project, I had to make 12 different kinds of Christmas cookies. My 3 siblings really liked that!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  248. I have so many favorites, but I think my all time favorite Christmas cookies are ones that my mom used to make. They were Mexican wedding Cookies. Also, cream cheese wreath cookies.

  249. joanna mclaughlin says:

    My favorite cookie is the church windows. 1 Bag of chocolate chips, 1 stick of butter melt together. Fold in miniature marshmallows. Roll into a roll and roll into the coconut. refrigerate for an hour. Then slice. When you slice them you will see the colored marshmallows and they look like stained glass windows. And they are delicious.

  250. I enjoy “Santa’s Whiskers,” a blend of butter cookie with cherries and coconut, yummmmmm. God bless!

  251. Crystal Blair says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is homemade peanut butter cookies because of all the memories of my mom and I baking them together. I imagine she’s having them with Jesus this time of year. These books would be an amazing blessing for my home and my church.

  252. That’s a hard one – I guess it would have to be the rolled sugar cookies because I make them with the kids. :-)

  253. Cris-Annette says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are ones that my childhood best friend’s Mom used to make all the time and on occasion (when I have all the ingredients) I will make them as well. They are called Church Windows. My second favorite that I make for cookie swaps are Snowballs.

  254. Karen Anne says:

    I love Spritz cookies, made with a cookie press.

  255. I enjoyed Liz and Ann on the webcast–Christmas on the Farm. I would love to read her book! Thanks for posting this blog page, Karen.

  256. Louise Rochon says:

    My favorite cookie is Baby Bunting Kolachi, with Poppy seed , or Raspberry Jam filling , a Christmas and Easter tradition my son helps make each year. The Scottish shortbread looks wonderful too, We’ll make this soon!

  257. Anise cookies with sprinkles- The bakery that made these went out of business so I haven’t had them for a few years.

  258. I am not sure if it’s peanut butter balls or Hungarian ice box cookies.

  259. Kim Terrazas says:

    Bring our Christmas memories back !!! Making all kinds of assorted cookies withy former Mother in Law. Christmas Spirit in the air and listening to the Christmas carols while baking cookies. My favorite Christmas cookies are Russian Tea Balls, Gingerbread cookies and Peanut Butter Blossoms. We saved the best dessert last – baking a birthday cake for our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas has a very special meaning – to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s what Christmas is all about. Christmas is Love !!!

  260. My grandfather is from Scotland and each Christmas we make the family shortbread and read a wonderful Christmas book. Liz has always been a favorite! Thank you for sharing.

  261. My favorite Christmas cookie is the decorated sugar cookie. I loved making those with my Mother when I was a child. Today, I make them with my grandchildren. I especially enjoy making them and sharing them with friends who are no longer able to stand in their kitchens and do their Christmas baking.

  262. Stephanie says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the sugar cookie with colorful holiday sprinkles!

  263. Kathy Welch says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie: Candied Cherry Cookies. I’ve been making them for years. You make the dough ahead of time and just slice and bake when you’re ready for fresh baked cookies. Yum!

  264. Amelia Yust says:

    I love Sugar Cookies :) I love just about every cookie but have to admit sugar cookies are closest to the top :)

  265. My favorite cookie is gingerbread men. Loved when mom would let us kids help make them and decorate them. Carried this over with my girls. It makes for a nice Christmas tradition.

  266. Shortbread! Because of my Scottish heritage. Can’t wait to try Liz’s recipe!!

  267. My favorite Christmas cookie is the white snowball cookies with the nuts. Yum!

  268. My favorite Christmas cookies are Date balls rolled in coconut! YUMMY!

  269. Karla Powrie says:

    Shortbread and homemade frosted sugar cookies! Love to make them with the kids…who aren’t so little any more!

  270. My mom’s decorated gingerbread men, um um good!!

  271. Sandy Maloney says:

    My favorite is chocolate chip cookies – Toll House. Always!!!
    But right now I’m enjoying any that my husband chooses to bake! He has made sugar cookies & chocolate chip & the best part is I didn’t have to make them. He’s a good cook.

  272. My favorite Christmas cookie is Sugar Cookies. Growing up, we only got them at Christmas and it was something we looked forward to as a family to cut out the shapes and to sprinkle with sugar. This year, I’m hoping to make my own with my new husband in our new home!

  273. May favorite cookies are called “Aunt Helen’s Cookies” ( because my Aunt Helen made them!!!). Graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, mini chocolate chips – roll in a ball & roll in coconut. Reminds me of Christmas!!

  274. Marlene Shaw says:

    We have one more week to go on the Women of Christmas study that we are doing in my home. I know I can say how blessed we all have been to read and study together. I am using the video “The Nativity Story” as you have suggested Liz. It also has added tremendously to our time together. Thank you for writing this beautiful little book that has opened up new possibilities in our own lives because of what God has done in Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna as well as the men in their lives.

  275. My favorite Christmas cookie are the ones we call “Logs”. They are a chocolate chip cookie rolled into a log shape. After baking, the ends are dipped in melted chocolate and nuts. Yum! Thanks for the chance and God bless both of your ministries!

  276. Jessica Budd says:

    Wedding Cakes!!!!

  277. My family loves the cutout cookies. I’m more of a bar cookie type person. The layered bars with sweetened condensed milk are my favorite! Merry Christmas!!

  278. Marlene Shaw says:

    Sorry, I forgot my cookie suggestion – today we snacked on Molasses Krinkles, yum, with ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

  279. Yum! How exciting!

  280. I’m having to try to find new wheat-free recipes this year. I love traditional Scottish shortbread and hate that it’s off the menu for me. I will, however, make it for the rest of the family.

  281. My favorite Christmas cookie was/is my mom’s receipe for M & M sugar cookies. It always makes me feel as if she is still here with us when I eat one.

  282. Susan Seagroves says:

    I loved all of my mother’s cookies/cakes/pies/etc for Christmas. I guess my favorite was her Thick, soft, sugar cookies. She made them from scratch and we would roll the dough out and cut them in Christmas shapes.

  283. I love shortbread and frosted sugar cookies. I still bake them for our neighborhood cookie exchange.

  284. Lisa Zenero says:

    My favorite cookie at Christmas time is toll house cookies with M & M’s instead of chocolate chips.
    They are my favorite, because they are the only thing my Mom ever made from scratch. She wasn’t much of a cook and our birthday cakes were always store bought, so I always loved these toll house m & m cookies. I think it’s been about 40 years since she made them, but I can still taste them in my memories.
    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  285. My favorite Christmas cookie is a teacake cookie. My mother-in-law made the best and she would hold out the perfect cookies for Christmas day. We enjoyed the “seconds” just as much. They wee crispy and not too sweet.
    Merry Christmas and happy cooking to all.

  286. My favorite Christmas cookie is the rolled out sugar cookie! Our Christmas tradition is to let the grandchildren come over to decorate them; and of course, eat them with hot chocolate!

  287. Cindy Andrews says:

    I love shortbread too and often buy Walkers. A close second would be Thumbprints.

  288. Favorite cookie is shortbread….sometimes I will add almond flavoring for a twist….can’t wait to try this recipe!

  289. I love snickerdoodles for Christmas!

  290. Lisa Gill says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie recipe that was handed down to my mom from her mother. One of the ingredients in this recipe is sour cream. When I was a child I always helped my mom make these cookies by rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes. Ever since I was married which has been 33 years now I have always used this sugar cookie recipe for my sugar cookies and it never fails me! They always turn out and anyone who eats them really likes them! A lot of friends have asked me for the recipe so that they could make them also. I have tried other sugar cookie recipes but none ever turned out as good as the sugar cookie recipe with the sour cream in that was handed down to me by my grandmother!

  291. Selina Gonzalez says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is gingerbread! I get gingerbread cravings all the time starting right around Thanksgiving. My second favorite is shortbread, though!

  292. Looking to slow down and seek Him this Christmas. Can’t wait to read the books – whether I win or not!

  293. Angelique Jones says:

    My favorite cookie happens to be shortbread. Thank you for the recipe. And also for your sweet blogs that make my days. Since my morning hours are dedicated to the Lord I really get a kick out of your blogs.

  294. Kim Thompson says:

    Peanut butter balls are my favorite.

  295. I have to say my grandma’s 7 Layer Cookies are the best at Christmas.

  296. Melinda Mayeur says:

    My favorite cookies is white chocolate macadamia nut

  297. My favorite Christmas cookies are spritz cookies made with a cookie press. They are a family favorite recipe from my Mom and her Mom. I look forward to your 5-day challenge!

  298. Jeannette Ragan says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones I can make with my children. Making memories with them is what is special to me and passes on memories for them to pass on to their children.

  299. Cut out sugar cookies are my favorite. I always get together with my friend and her girls and we make about 12 dozen of these every year

  300. Kimberly Jaques says:

    Definitely anything GINGERBREAD!!!

  301. Deboran Everist says:

    My favorite cookie are the gingermen bread….I love dressing them up and they are oh so good with a hot cup of anything, coffee, cocoa, cider, milk!!! Thanks for the shortbread recipe…my old recipe was equal parts of sugar, flour and butter. A bit dry but did the trick…I’m off to the kitchen to try yours. Merry Cristmas Liz and friends.

  302. excited to be involved with the 12 days of Christmas :) I think i’d have to go with the chocolate no-bake cookies as a favorite. I got the recipe some 40 or so years ago!

  303. Pat Saltzgaber says:

    My favorite cookie is also shortbreads. My mother who was of Scottish heritage made these every Christmas. My daughter has taken over this tradition.

  304. I love shortbread and hot tea!!

  305. Kris Konick says:

    My FAVORITE CHRISTMAS COOKIES are iced sugar cookies!! You know just the awesome sugar cookies with the powdered sugar icing, LOTS of sugary goodness!!!!

  306. Marsha Elliott says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the peanut butter coconut bars my mom always made for Christmas. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I make these cookies.

  307. I love not only spending the Christmas season with my family but with my church family. Second only to reading a great book!

  308. Davinna Beale says:

    I love the date pinwheel cookies my Grandmother Bradshaw made. My father still makes them each year. I don’t love them for the taste as much as the memories of family and a loving Christian home.

  309. Favorite Christmas cookie/treat is a toss up between gingersnaps (I make them soft and
    chewy, not hard) and peanut butter bon bons. YUM!

  310. Pecan crescents every Christmas for us/

  311. Our favorite cookie is between Chocolate Crinkles and Rosettes.

  312. I have three favorite Christmas cookies (can’t decide which I like the best): Mexican wedding cakes, decorated cut-out sugar cookies and “Hello Dollies,” which are very rich with chocolate and butterscotch chips, coconut, condensed milk and a layer of graham cracker crumbs. Yum!

  313. My favorite Christmas cookie is “Aunt Dale’s Sugar Cookies” -they have an amazing, melt-in-your-mouth texture (due to the confectioner’s sugar in the recipe.) One can eat literally a dozen in the blink of an eye, so they can be a bit “dangerous” to have around! :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  314. Mary Lou Kleveland says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a bar cookie called Merry Morsels. It has a buttery graham cracker base, marshmallow cream and mini m and ms. It is so yummy that we often make it for birthdays or other celebrations instead of cake because my children like it better.

  315. My sister-in-law makes the best almond star cookies. They are second only to my momma’s old fashion tea cakes. Love both of these cookies with hot chocolate in the winter.

  316. Melissa Farra says:

    We would spend a day making cookies and my favorite was a sugar cookie that we dashed with cinnamon and sugar like a snickerdoodle and then we would dip one end in chocolate. The memories that the smell of cookies bring tears to my eyes even now.

  317. My favorite Christmas cookie is gingerbread pinwheels…. simply store bought sugar cookie dough and store bought gingerbread dough rolled out, stacked on top of each other, rolled up, and sliced and baked.

  318. Susan Brannock says:

    Many years ago I was part of a large family with many Christmas traditions and that included baking holiday cookies together. One year I found a new recipe to try and everyone teased me because this recipe included bacon fat. We had lots of laughs over it, and the cookies ended up a hit with everyone. The years have passed and much of my family is now gone. One Christmas I wanted to make the cookies again just because they were associated with a wonderful memory, but I couldn’t locate the recipe. I searched my books and online, but after a few years sadly gave up. I was telling the story to a friend while we were in a second hand store and was even able to describe what the book looked like even though it had been 20 years since that day with my family. She got a funny look on her face, ran to another area of the store and came back with the exact book that contained the recipe. I bought the book and now have the recipe. Swedish Ginger Cookies! It’s my favorite holiday cookie because of the memories of a wonderful day with loved ones.

  319. Sheila H. says:

    My favorite is baklava when I get a chance to make it from scratch. Next would be a good old fashion homemade chocolate chip cookie. My daughters loves forme to make buckeyes every year, now she will even help me make them.

  320. Donna Sakabu says:

    I am half Greek, so at Christmas and Easter I love to cook Greek specialties (some of the recipes are long time family ones). My favorite Christmas cookie is Kourambiethes-made with flour, powdered sugar, and lots of butter, with a walnut pressed in the center, then completely covered in powdered sugar. Melt in your mouth type of cookies (but don’t choke on the powdered sugar!)

  321. My favorite Christmas cookies are no bake cookies. My Moma always made them for us when we were growing up. They are a special memory for me

  322. My favorite is an old recipe called glazed pumpkin. Spicy cake-like cookie with brown sugar glaze on top. Super yummy! God bless you & Merry Christmas!

  323. my favorite is snikerdoodles

  324. my favorite Christmas cookie is church windows

  325. My favorite is Molasses Spice cookies.

  326. Soft gingerbread iced. So glad Liz lead me to your site. Calm is what I need for Christmas!

  327. I love popcorn balls, but since I have done diet therapy I do my brown rice syrup over popcorn a great treat with little sugar.
    I love Liz’s Books they great when days were rough.
    Thanks Kathy

  328. Not sure that I could choose a favorite —- perhaps homemade speculoos, my great aunt’s cut-out sugar cookies, my mother’s butter balls (aka snowballs or wedding cookies), great-grandma’s brown sugar cookies, shortbread, gingersnaps, and peanut butter fudge bonbons. Other favorite treats: cream cheese mints and butterscotch haystacks.

  329. Carla Lewis says:

    My favorite cookies are any cookies that my mother used to bake because of the love she put in them. Now I often spend time in my heart with my memories of my mother and the cookies she always made me….and I still feel her love.

  330. My favorite is chocolate chip

  331. I have to say I love Liz’s books!!! I just started reading her books and I have read like 3 in a week. My favorite Christmas cookie are the butter cut out cookies!!! Blessings! Mandy

  332. I love these types of cookies- and Liz Curtis Higgs! I can’t pick a favorite cookie- have too many I love. I am listening to her on podcast right now!

  333. Iced Sugar Cookies in Christmas shaped!

  334. Old fashioned tea cakes with sprinkles. We let the kids help. Each child gets to decorate an entire batch.My mom used to let one grandchild in the kitchen at a time! Precious memories!

  335. Libby Wiggins says:

    I love the Danish Butter cookies that comes in the blue tin…And of course, with a spot ot tea!

  336. I just love Lizzie’s books. I remember fondly making cookies with my Mom. My favorite
    cookie is Ginger cookies. Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season<3

  337. My Mother’s recipe for Canadian Four Roses Chocolate Drop Cookies. Especially now that I’ve lost both my parents. Also, a Molasses Crisp Cookie. These were cookies she made for we spent time with family/friends in Prince Edward Island as I grew up. Loved those days and memories. You could feel and see the love with everyone!

  338. Almond press cookies

  339. One of my favorite cookies is the date nut pinwheels that my Grandma used to make, and only at Christmas.

  340. Pat Williams says:

    Chocolate Italian Cookies for sure! Would LOVE to win this!!! Loving the Women of CHRISTmss! ? Blessings Liz!!!

  341. Carol Ann Freed says:

    Favorite Cookies are Date Nut Pinwheels, I’ve been making them for years, my mothers recipe. She is now with the Lord.

  342. definitely walnut crescents. they melt in your mouth.

  343. Snowball cookies!!

  344. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    My grandma’s experiment turned tradition–teenage teasers. They have a flour and ground nut bottom topped with melted semiseet chocolate… YUM!! :)

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  345. I absolutely love Lizzy’s shortbread recipe! I, too, make it for a great snack with tea! Love you, Liz! ~Betsy

  346. Miss Liz, my favorite Christmas cookie is my Grandma’s Sour Cream Cookies. They are like Sugar cookies but better. Santa always got them and he liked 7up with them. :-)

  347. What we call Whoopie Pies. I rarely eat them now because of trying to lose some weight. Its a soft chocolate cookie with a creamy filling and at Christmas time they are really yummy with candy canes crushed and added to the filling!

  348. Cindy Sudderth says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is homemade ginger cookies! Can’t wait to try Liz’s recipe! I may have a new favorite!

  349. Dawn Venneberg says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is the Stained Glass cookie with the colored marshmallows. Very good!!

  350. Patti Iverson says:

    1 c. pean;ut butter + 1c. sugar + 1 egg. 350 for 14 min. Top with lots of sugar! YUMMO! I’d love to win Liz’s books!

  351. Janet Andrews says:

    My all time favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip. I remember as a child making them with my older sister. After baking them, she would hide them until Christmas to share with the family. My older brothers tried many times to get me to show them the hiding place. However; my sister was smart enough to never let me see her hiding place.

  352. My favorite cookie for Christmas time is the butter cookie recipe I received from my grandma. Every year she made little Christmas tree shapes with her cookie press and tinted them green, then sprinkled red sugar on them. Now that Grandma has been in heaven for many years, I make them and my adult daughter also makes them every year!

  353. Sugar cookies cut with our nativity cookie cutters because I can never get enough of the sheer delight they encourage in my children! Plus they are delicious.

  354. My favorite cookie is molasses or gingerbread at Christmas. It just goes with the holliday! Of course, anything with chocolate chips is good anytime of the year!

  355. My favorite cookie is my angel kiss cookie recipe. It is a cookie made with egg whites, little salt, vanilla, cream of tartar and sugar. I sprinkle sprinkles on top to make them festive. Wishing you a blessed holiday.

  356. Janet Worthy says:

    It’s a tie between orange-cranberry-white chocolate and a German iced honey cookie my momma used to make!

  357. I love sugar cookies shaped like stars, christmas trees and reindeers.

  358. Always love sugar cookies with frosting. :)

  359. My favorite is sugar cookies with frosting & the sprinkles!

  360. My favorite cookie is a turtle cookie…butter cookie base, with a toasted pecan and homemade caramel topping on top…YUM! :) Merry Christmas sisters in Christ!

  361. Chocolate Crinkles can’t be beat!

  362. My favorite cookie to enjoy for Christmas would be homemade peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses in the middle. These remind me of my dad who passed away several years ago because the homemade peanut butter cookies were always his favorite, and with the Hershey candy in the center, it reminds me of a kiss sent from him for Christmas.

  363. Margaret Holahan says:

    It’s not really a cookie, rather it’s a slice, but my mother always made White Christmas for us when we were kids. I especially liked it because it’s name after my favourite Christmas movie!

  364. Elizabeth says:

    I’m in love with Pecan Sandies at Christmas time… well, maybe all year;) But a hot latte in front of the fire with family and friends make them so much more memorable!!

  365. My favorite has to be Butter Pecan cookies. I’ve had my mother-in-law’s recipe for almost 40 years and still make them every year.

  366. I love all cookies but love sugar cookies, gingerbread, Mexican wedding cookies and of course chocolate chip. :)

  367. Melanie Pike says:

    My all-time favorite cookie is a homemade cut-out sugar cookie with vanilla frosting. I learned to make them with my mom (who was a terrific baker) and she always allowed me to be creative in decorating them; the kitchen became mine once the cookies were all baked. Haven’t made them in years, so my new fave became Snickerdoodles. I have no idea what I will do this year because now I’m gluten-free and refined sugar-free. *pout* ;-)

    BTW, love Scottish shortbread! One year we had to keep buying the BIG tins of Walker’s from BJ’s because I kept getting into them. *drool*

    Blessings, and Merry Christmas!

  368. My mom always made these butter cookies around Christmas. She used a cake frosting tube to form them into a wreath, then drizzled homemade frosting and sprinkled green sprinkles on top. I always steal a couple bags when I go home to visit.

  369. My favorite Christmas cookie is Russian Teacakes, although I LOVE genuine shortbread and was thrilled to see your recipe! I like the nuts and the powdered sugar in the Russian Teacakes – the latter of which makes me feel like a kid every time I eat one, as I try not to wear the powdered sugar and have to laugh at the mess I make.

  370. Julie Bonafice says:

    My favorite cookie is all of them, but if I have to choose, then it’s a glazed sugar cookie

  371. My favorite cookies are snowballs!

  372. I will definitely be trying the shortbread recipe. I try to make sure that our Christmas celebrations are Christ centred and will definitely aimed to spend more time In his presence this year.

  373. Candy Cane Cookies, shaped like candy canes.
    My mom made them every year, and now I make them for my kids.

  374. My favorite cookie is Pfeffernüsse

  375. stepahnie Cohrac says:

    My favorite is to make persimmon cookies for my hubby! its his favorite!

  376. Denise Warweg says:

    I absolutely love “The Women of Christmas”. It’s a great way to prepare your heart for the Christmas season!

  377. Susan Fletcher says:

    Hard question to answer, but I’d have to say sausage balls if that can count as a cookie! I’m not into sweets too much, but a soft slightly undercooked sausage ball just hits the spot with a cup of extra hot coffee! Thanks for this giveaway!

  378. Colleen G. says:

    Merry Christmas!
    My favorite Christmas cookie is an old time favorite – my mothers chocolate chip cookie.
    They are absolutely amazing!
    I have tried to make them “her way” but can’t even come close.
    -Colleen G.

  379. I love peanut butter cookies with a Wilbur Bud in the middle!

  380. My favorite Christmas cookies are the ones my Ma-ma made
    every year and that I now make each year. They are called
    Icebox cookies. They must be chilled in the fridge and then sliced
    Ma-ma made hers with hickory nuts, but mine are made with pecans.
    It’s Christmas when the cookies are in the oven baking and
    I am remembering the many happy Christmas memories on
    my grandparent’s farm.

  381. Reba Harvey says:

    I love ooey, gooey cookies with a nice cup of coffee. My favorite would be my chocolate chip, with walnuts. Sitting at the kitchen table with my grandkids and kids while the cookies are baking, bring back memories of Christmases past, and hopefully give my little ones pleasant memories in the years to come.

  382. Judy Weeks says:

    Thank you for the Scottish shortbread cookie recipe. I think I will make them for my granddaughter, McKenzie, who is turning 13 this Sunday. She will love them with her hot tea! Sweet Blessings!

  383. Sheryl Thaxton says:

    My family’s favorite Christmas (or anytime!) cookie would have to be Lemon Cookies. So light and fluffy! They never last more than a day or two in our house! :-)

  384. I love crispy thin sugar cookies cut out and sugar sprinkled like my Grandmother made. Have never mastered the art of rolling them out as thin as she did. Am reading the Women of Christmas now -love it. Merry Christmas to you.

  385. Anything covered in powdered sugar!

  386. Excited to try this recipe! And would love to read these books!

  387. Love my mother’s recipe for sugar cookies, although no one makes as good as she did. My kids and grandkids expect that my fudge will be present at all holidays.

  388. Shannon Seidt says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is a simple, thin, crispy Gingersnap. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

  389. Barbara Wolf says:

    My favorite are the spritz cookies. I used to bake them with my mom when I was younger. She would let me use the cookie spritizing gun. Now days it is me and my 6 year old daughter that make them and send pictures of them to my mom. I love adding peppermint to the dough.

  390. I love butter cookies!

  391. Soft decorated sugar cookies. Looking forward to making sugar cookies with my grand kids ages 6, 3, 2, 1.

  392. Norma Nelson says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is called Mocha Walnut Christmas Cookie. It is chocolaty, gooey and delicious. I love it so much I make it year round!

  393. Bonnie Roof says:

    Hi, Liz, & Karen!

    I make numerous kinds of cookies, candies, & other baked goods at Christmas, but two family/friend favorites are chess bars, & no-bake chocolate oatmeal – & I always have to make peanut butter fudge, I love ANYTHING peanut butter (buckeyes are the best form of peanut butter candy, but more time consuming).

    Will certainly be trying the shortbread recipe – this week, & keeping it handy to make all during the year – to eat with all that tea I drink! Planned to make it last Christmas, but never got around to it, & forgot about it, afterwards. Making it a point, this year!

    I have LOVED every one of your bible studies, Liz, & so appreciate your leaving them on your blog – to refer to during the year, especially helpful if I have a particularly busy season with the elderly ill members in my family, & don’t have time to access them as they are posted. Love, also, your transparency in relating your faults & “boo-boo’s” – right along with your readers – makes it easier for us to acknowledge ours!

    Love you, too, my sister-in-Christ – I SO appreciate you!! Thanks for ALL you do – sending a hug to warm your heart, & a prayer for your ministry & travels!

  394. kelly wiley says:

    peanut butter with chocolate kiss in middle

  395. Kathy Smith says:


  396. Helene Wegmann says:

    Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies are one on my favorites from childhood. Haven’t had one for years.

  397. I love my Great Grandmother’s cookie made with cream cheese. We have to make it by hand because that’s the recipe she left us.

  398. My favorite Christmas cookie is a type of fruit cake cookie.Have a Blessed Christmas.

  399. My favorite Christmas cookie(s) … I have more than one… Sugar cookies that you roll out and cut…then put frosting on (of course)! Oatmeal butterscotch cookies. And a new favorite the past couple of years are Oatmeal-white chocolate chip-cranberry-pecan. Oh how yummy! No wonder we diet in January!! ;-]

  400. My favorite are the Sugar cookies my neighbor bakes in all kinds of Christmas Shapes then brings a huge tin to our home. She does this so the kids and I can have a great time decorating them. SInce I work full time, by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is bake cookies then decorate them. So she does the baking and my children and I do the decorating. She is a blessing from above for sure!

  401. Peanut…wait…Frosted Sugar Cookies…no…Russian Teacakes….

    I have a problem!!

    Thanks for the shortbread recipe! I have a recipe given me by a Welsh relatives and it calls for so many ounces of caster sugar, etc. etc. This one will be easier to follow.

  402. What’s Christmas without good cookies and some books to cuddle up with the family? :)
    It’s just pure bliss. Thank you for the early Christmas gift and for sharing the recipe. We’re all blessed to have found your website. :)

  403. Mary Geisen says:

    I honestly can say I love all cookies but my most favorite are peanut butter blossoms or as I call them- peanut butter kisses!

  404. Angela Clevenger says:

    7-layer Cookies- I’ve had this recipe for over 30 years which means all of you probably do too! Way too easy and I don’t even like coconut!
    1/2 stick butter
    1c. crushed graham crackers
    1/2 . coconut
    6 oz. choc. chips- dark makes it healthy hahaha
    6 oz. butterscotch chips
    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    1 c. chopped pecans
    Melt butter in pan. Add ingredients in order listed. Bake at preheated 325 x 30 min. Cool, cut, and Bon Appetit!!

  405. My favorite cookie is the regular sugar cookie with colored sugar on top…. I can almost smell them baking now!
    I am looking forward to the devotions to make my time less stress and more blessed! Thank You!

  406. When we were young, my mother spent many hours baking in the kitchen and filling tins with all kinds of cookies. I remember her using a very old pizzelle maker, the kind where you only made one at a time, and you used it over the stove. Of all the cookies that my mom made, my very favorite was the simple but wonderfully delicious chocolate chip. Warm and soft from the oven! Yum!

  407. That recipe looks delicious! We love Christmas cookies. We eat many batches of the peanut butter blossoms during the holiday season.

  408. I love cookies! One of my favorites is Walnut Frosties.

  409. Harriet Smith says:

    Oh so hard to choose! I am a classic chocolate chip cookie lover…also love rolled sugar cookies, or sugar cookies iced with a hard icing. Of course all have to have a big tall glass of milk. Ummmmm. Ummmmm. Good!

  410. I love white chocolate chip and dried cranberry cookies!

  411. Thank you Liz for the shortbread recipe, I will be trying that this holiday. I love so many holiday cookies, but Candy-Cane cookies top the list, yum with a hot cup of cocoa. Have a blessed holiday!
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season……Anna

  412. Patricia C Hays says:

    Walker’s Shortbread are my all time favorite, even above my home made varieties. I will be trying Liz’s recipe this week and maybe I won’t buy that big tin of Walker’s this year.

  413. Kamara Davis says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is called a spice cookie. My best friend’s mother made them for us each year as we grew up together. Here we are 25 years later, still best friends and still looking forward to her mom’s spice cookies! God is so good to give us good friends and memories!

  414. Jennifer D says:

    My favorite cookie is my grandmother’s homemade sugar cookies with homemade icing!!

  415. My favorite cookie is a sugar cookie out of the Betty Crocker cookie cookbook from the 1950s or 60s.

  416. Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookie Bar!

  417. Easy is best with red & green M & M candies!

  418. Shari Tolliver says:

    Russian Tea Cakes and Hazelnut Drops are my favorites. Cookies, mug of tea and a good book make my day! God bless!

  419. My favorite is actually a candy but we make them when we make cookies. The BUCKEYE! Of course- I’m from Ohio! ;-)

  420. I love cookies, any kind will do!!! My all time favorite Christmas cookies are ginger crinkle or wedding snowball cookies. Yum yum! Thanks Karen and Liz for this opportunity to win!

  421. Wow! So many cookies, so little time! My favorite cookies are Raleigh Tavern Gingerbread Cookies. My mom coaxed the recipe from the Raleigh Tavern at Williamsburg when I was 8. She made gingerbread cookies in all shapes and sizes and thicknesses every year for Christmas, and she sent them to me wherever the Air Force decided I would call home. Now, I make them… in all shapes and sizes and thicknesses…and remember the magic of Christmas and the blessings of the Christ Child.

  422. Cookies sound scrumptious!! I can’t wait to make them!!!

  423. Julie Maxwell says:

    My favorite cookie is my daughter’s (Lindy is her name) secret sugar cookie recipe.

  424. Although it’s not technically a cookie I’d have to say my Mother’s banquet. So yummy!!!

  425. My favorite Christmas cookie is my sister’s cranberry bliss bar! I have been known to eat a 9×13 pan by myself!

  426. Buckeyes are a family favorite.

  427. My favorite Christmas cookie is the Butterhorn that my Mom made every year!! It crumbles in your mouth! Now I make the recipe and share it with the women I walk with in faith here in Mexico City! I will be having a Cookie Bake Day with the “Bad Girls” from my Bible study group this month, too!

  428. Edie Ridenour says:

    My favorite cookie is a sugar cookie made from a recipe I found on a piece of wrapping paper that was dated 1747. It was a pound of this and a teacup of that……

  429. My favorite Christmas cookie is our family’s pepper nuts. We also have New Years Fritters which are yummy too but made for New Years Day.

  430. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Yum!

  431. Monster cookies are my family’s favorite!

  432. A new no bake favorite is an Oreo truffle. Love Christmas sugar cookies too.

  433. Rhonda Castle says:

    Peanut butter blossoms at our house :)

  434. cynthia fernstaedt says:

    Favorite cookie this time of year is gingerbread cookies or pfeffernusse

  435. Lori L. Campbell says:

    Cookies fly fast and furious with a teenage boy in the house so just about ANY cookie is our favorite! But I love making my special dark cherry drops with chocolate drizzle, soft gingerbread cookies dipped in sugar, and chocolate toffee crunch shortbread squares.

  436. Kathy Kelley says:

    I have to have date pinwheel cookies from my mom’s recipe. They are the absolute best.

  437. Laura Feistel says:

    My favorite Christmas cookies are Snowballs, or Russian Teacakes, or Mexican Wedding Cakes, or whatever you may call them with the ground nuts and powdered sugar that rains on down when you take a bite!

  438. My favorite Christmas cookies are my mom;s Rum Balls…and also her Pecan Crescents!

  439. wWe have a recipe handed down from many generations for peppermint molasses cookies. They taste delicious and remind us of all the family blessings we have received from God over the years.

  440. Nancy Silvers (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I love Christmas crackers–melt in your mouth goodness :)-Gingerbread cookies are a close second. My absolute favorite, though, is my mom’s fruitcake–she makes it and mails it to me every year. The best way to eat it is to heat it up and then put a little butter on it.

  441. Any cookie with chocolate is my favorite!

  442. Biscochitos, a wonderful Southwestern Christmas cookie from our beautiful state of New Mexico!

  443. Cindy Rogers says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is called pecan delights, I love making them, and love eating them.

  444. Love the shortbread cookies my aunt used to make, but since mine never turn out like hers did, I’ve had to replace them with Russian tea balls. Hoping I can try today’s recipe very soon!

  445. I love date and walnut delights.

  446. Peanut butter blossoms

  447. I love my mom’s Chocolate Quick Oat cookies (lots of dark chocolate rolled in powdered sugar!). I also like decorated cookies.

    Thanks for the Scottish Shortbread recipe!

  448. Virginia Rice says:

    Homemade snickerdoodles can’t be beat! Or, is my favorite nut balls, double dipped in powder sugar right out of the oven?? So hard to decide!!

  449. Dutch Almond Thins. Wafer-like cookie bars with almonds and an egg glaze. Thanks for the giveaway!

  450. Thanks ladies for sharing your hearts, and the shortbread recipe! I cannot wait to try it! I love gingersnaps with a cup of coffee. Thanks Ladies!!

  451. I will admit that I’ve never met a Christmas cookie that I didn’t like…. but my favorite would probably have to be Giant Ginger Cookies…fresh from the oven. Not only are they amazing with a cup of tea, but they make the house smell like Christmas! Lovely! :)

  452. Meg Thornton says:

    I love iced sugar cookies and wedding cookies! :)

  453. My favorite cookie of all is a fresh baked snickerdoodle!!

  454. I fix several hundred cookies every year to give as gifts, I love to bake. They are all my favorites, but I am on a diet this year so just baking for others. I would love to win the copies of your books, I am always looking for new ideas. Happy Holidays, God bless you and your family.

  455. my favorite Christmas cookie is Gingerbread cut out cookies………

  456. Alicia Herrera says:

    One of my favorites is Scottish Shortbread, and anything with cinnamon!

  457. Buck-eyes!

  458. Lynne Cawker says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie are spicy Christmas hermits, with red and green cherries added to the raisins, currants and walnuts. Merry Christmas!

  459. My favorite Christmas cookie is Springerle.

  460. I make this delicious chocolate mocha cookie with peppermint frosting sprinkled with crushed candy canes! Oh yummy!!

  461. Bonnie Root says:

    I love Scottish Shortbread and gingersnaps, Christmas is not complete without these cookies warm from the oven for my family at least once!

  462. Sand cookies- kinda like shortbread and mollases sugar cookies. Yum!

  463. Hmmm…I’m a little upset that I ought to have a FAVORITE Christmas cookie! :) Cookies of any description (well, almost any!) are wonderful. Chocolate in any cookie makes it better. But, since I have to pick–I do like shortbread. Dipped in chocolate? Yes!

  464. Erica Smith says:

    My favorite cookie is called “Pan De Polvo” which is basically a variation of mexican shortbread cookie (flavored with cinnamon and anise tea) that is rolled in cinnamon sugar as soon as it gets out of the oven. It literally melts on the pallet as soon as it hits your mouth. They are irresistible!!

  465. My favorite cookie is called 100 cookie they are so good :-)

  466. Joanna Warren says:

    Chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled Ritz crackers. So they aren’t technically a cookie, but the memories that go with them are sweet as well!

  467. Julee McCamey says:

    My favorite cookie is Snickerdoodle. My niece and I bake every year on the Saturday before Christmas, and we have to bake those last, or there wouldn’t be any to give as presents!

  468. Heather V says:

    I love Buckeyes- peanut butter/chocolate together! Though in the last few years a cookie called “Swedish No Names” is starting to creep up on the Buckeyes as my most favored.

  469. Susan Sines says:

    My favorite cookie is Scottish Shortbread, but my recipe is for cookies that are rolled in balls, pressed with a cookie stamp, baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar. They melt in your mouth. My great aunt made them every year and thankful shared her recipe. She is residing in Heaven but many memories are alive about her blessing on our lives.

  470. Jan W in TX says:

    My favorite is thumbprints! Love that I can fill them with different flavors. I will try out your recipe for Scottish Shortbread…looks yummy! Look forward to reading another one of your books.

  471. My favorite cookies are the peanut butter blossoms (with the Hershey kiss.) I am looking forward to this daily posts to get my heart and mind in the spirit of Christmas.

  472. This recipe really hits home because my favorite Christmas cookie was my mom’s shortbread. This year will be her fifth Christmas in heaven. My mom’s paternal great grandparents immigrated from Scotland as well as some of her maternal relatives. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I can’t wait to try it!

  473. My favorite are iced sugar cookies.
    I wanted to say that I attended my very first Women of Faith conference in Louisville this past November and saw Liz speak. AMAZING!!! Her message spoke right to my core.

  474. My favorite is my sister’s sugar cookies! She makes the best and decorates them so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them! Almost!

  475. Kathleen Johnson says:

    I love thumbprints and snowballs (Russian Tea Cakes). But I really like them all! I would love to get Liz’s books. I have done a couple of her studies and am now doing The Girl’s Got It Right. I love the way she makes everything so easy to understand yet touches my heart deeply. She’s amazing, with an amazing God to share!!

  476. Jana Payne says:

    My favorite ChristmS cookie is the rolled out sugar cookie, made with cookie cutters and iced and decorAted! Mmm.. Yum yum!!!!!!!!

  477. Benda Williams says:

    Hi Liz,
    I printed your recipe and I’m off work today so I’m going to make some! Thanks so much.

  478. My favorite Christmas cookie (actually anytime-of-the-year-cookie) is Snickerdoodle!

  479. I have to say I don’t have the name of this cookie I love but it’s a sugar cookie my sister makes..I have tried making it following her recipe but it never turns out the same as hers!! It’s light and crunchy but very yummy!! Brings back great Christmas memories every time!!

  480. Good ole sugar cookies.

  481. peanut butter blossoms

  482. I love fresh naked soft gingerbread cookies! Smells and tastes like Christmas!

  483. Sue Schwabauer says:

    Our family favorite Christmas cookie is a Dutch pastry called banket(not sure if that is the correct spelling). It is a pastry with an almond paste filling. We do love Walkers shortbread…so I can’t wait to try Liz’s shortbread recipe. Above all we try to keep the focus on Christ throughout the Christmas season.

  484. I love a good mincemeat cookie!

  485. Helen Starkey says:

    My favorite cookie is a Chocolate Dream Bar; very rich with a brown sugar crust and a top that has chocolate chips. I am so thankful to have my husband of 54 years, our decent health and happiness. God has blessed us and we will keep Christ in Christmas.

  486. I have to pick just one?!! I guess it would have to be my mom’s Russian Tea Cakes – made with pecans instead of walnuts. Yum!

  487. Oh I definitely need to be STILL and LISTEN this Christmas season !!

  488. My favorite were sugar cookie cut outs that we would decorate when I was growing up. We would even get to eat them for breakfast during the holidays!!!

  489. Marilyn Rideout says:

    My favourite is snowballs !!
    Jesus is the reason for the season !

  490. My fav are peppermint candy cane sugar cookies!!

  491. Leslie Houvenagle says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie are snowballs. My great grandmother always used to make them. I looked forward to the box coming from Florida every year. I have her recipe but they don’t taste the same.

  492. Carrie Palmer says:

    Gingersnaps! Not only do I love the taste, they remind me of Christmases spent at my Grandparents house as a child.

  493. What kind of cookie *don’t* I like? :) Shortbread, sugar, `gingersnap, root beer, Mmmmm

  494. Brenda S. says:

    Russian Tea Cakes are a favorite in our family.

  495. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie are the Sugar cookie cut outs

  496. Glenda Logsdon says:

    I love Scotland and Scottish shortbread too.

  497. Diane Fetter says:

    My favorite is a pecan tassie. I love cookies and baking them to give away as gifts.

  498. I enjoyed hearing Liz Curtis Higgs speak at Women of Faith in Louisville, KY.

  499. Filled Sandwich Cream cookies are my favorite. In fact, I’m not making them this year because I’d be too tempted to eat them ALL!!!

  500. We always buy Walker’s Shortbread at Christmas! I’ll have to give your recipe for homemade a try! My favorite cookie to bake at Christmas is gingersnaps.

  501. Your recipe for the Scottish Shortbread looks like a MUST TRY! My favorite Christmas cookie is a “Gingerbreadman” cookie. Love to read all the different versions of the book, decorate the cookies and snap them up just like the fox! Lol! A tradition at home with the grandkids and at school with my students as well! Your books also look to be Must Reads! Thx for the chance to win!

  502. My favorite cookie is gingersnap dipped in white chocolate.

  503. Jeanette A says:

    Christmas wreaths

  504. Christene says:

    Cream Cheese sugar cookie cut outs. I love that they never get hard and that the kids love to decorate them

    • @Christene: I LOVE cream cheese and almost any recipe with it ooh s so yummy:) I don’t have a cookie recipe with cream cheese though-I’d love to get your recipe especially since chewy and soft are a big hit at my house! Please do post!!!

  505. My two newest favorites are rolo cookies and cranberry blondies :) The rolo cookies scream delish, and the cranberry blondies not only a scrumptious compliment to any cup of hot tea, but look beautiful with their splash of cranberry red!

  506. Jennifer Rae says:

    I love to make, decorate and eat sugar cookie cut-outs! I made them with my mom as a child and now I continue the tradition with my four kiddos.

  507. Peanut Butter Blossoms!! We love homemade Chocolate Chip also!

  508. my favorite cookie is Snickerdoodle!

  509. So I just now sent through my emails and found this fun post and will try to read all 12 :) I hope it’s not to late to enter since I LOVE reading and have read some of her books before and they were great. I also love reading to my boys. We read a lot at our house-curl u poo on the couch with my boys and a book-good times:) Favorite cookie is hard to say -there are a lot! But I do love my grandmas soft delicious chocolate chip cookies-not a true Christmas cookie but her special recipe is so delicious and its great to have them any time of year. I also have a to die for, recipe for gingerbread ookies and they are big chewy and oh so naughty:) Anything with chocolate is usually ok in my book as well:) the shortbread you posted looks like something I could make and I have the I ingredients on hand!!! They would be great with coffee or tea!

  510. My favorite cookies are sugar cookies!

  511. Your Scottish shortbread sounds delicious. My favorite Christmas cookie is what we call No Bake Cookies that are made with oatmeal, chocolate, and peanut butter : )

  512. My favorite Christmas cookie is a toss up between Raspberry Thumb Print cookies which I discovered and incorporated into our annual tradition and the other cookie is a classic Sugar Cookie that my husband grew up eating. Thin and crispy with colored sugar sprinkled on top. We make a triple batch of this favorite and munch on them throughout the season. Yummy!

  513. My favorite Christmas treat/cookie is a “Buckeye”. It’s a peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate and looks like a buckeye nut. :) They are KILLER!

  514. My favorite Christmas cookies lately have been Oatmeal raisin. :-) Not only do they taste delicious, but I also love that I can try to convince myself that they’re “healthy” with oatmeal and raisins in them LOL

  515. My favorite Christmas cookie is sugar with frosting

  516. Rebekah M. says:

    There are so many favorite Christmas cookies but I think I’d have to say Peanut Butter Ritz and Gingerbread cookies (with red hots :) ).

  517. Ashley Howerton says:

    I absolutely adore apricot jewels and raisin spice drops!

  518. Definitely snickerdoodle! Although it’s not technically just a Christmas cookie, that’s when I have them the most. I let my 2 little ones help me roll the dough in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. We keep some and share the others. Now I can’t wait to get started!!

  519. I love a traditional gingerbread cookie.

  520. I could definitely use some encouragement this holiday season…so behind on everything.

  521. Love to bake, but haven’t made anything yet!

  522. Crispy Oatmeal Cookies are my favorite…but I’ve never had a good Shortbread recipe, so this might change as soon as I get into the kitchen with the ingredients listed above! ;)

  523. Almond fingers! Almond flavoured shortbread type cookies rolled in sugar just out of the oven.

  524. Melissa Childs says:

    I love these cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies, they are wonderful.

  525. Scottish Shortbread is the eng cookie i always buy when going to M@ S here in Amsterdam.Thanks for the recipie.Have a great and blessed Advent!

  526. Molasses and russian tea cakes!

  527. Elaine Segstro says:

    Marzipan cookies for sure. Sugar cookies with marzipan filling and apricot jam. Lots of work but definitely worth it!

  528. Sara Sanders says:

    I really like just plain old chocolate chip cookies – I usually try to find a holiday bag of chocolate chips so they look a little more festive. I also make these chocolate cookies that I roll in powdered sugar. I can’t remember that they are called. Yum.

  529. we love to make cheesecake, new this year on Thanksgiving; we have made cookies of all types every year; ricotta cheese , choc chip, peanut butter, chocolate kisses, and of course anis cut outs

  530. Favorite cookie is your plain old chocolate chip. I also love shortbread. I will have to try out this recipe.

  531. Donna Larue says:

    My favorite Christmas cookie is Dishpan Cookies. They have a brown sugar base, with oats and corn flakes and taste the best, when they are cold. Yummy!

  532. Santa’s Surprise… peanut butter dough wrapped around a small snickers bar, baked and then drizzled with dove chocolate. They don’t last long.

  533. Simply—Sugar Cookies !

  534. My favorite is sugar cookies!

  535. My favorite are chocolate crinkles.

  536. I love Peanut Butter Blossoms and Sour Cream Sugar Cookies! Yum!

  537. I am definitely making this! Thank you for sharing the wonderful recipe! It looks fairly simple too which is what I need. My usual Christmas cookie was once the simple Pilsubry log of sugar cookie dough just cut and baked. Not that I didn’t have imagination, I just totally lacked skill. What I do make now that is absolutely my favorite is pecan butterballs. Oh my word are the tasty!!! And easy too. :) Thanks!

  538. Kimberly Lessig says:

    thumbprint jelly cookie

  539. Balish

  540. Christmas Sugar Cookies!

  541. My favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin, though I do love decorated sugar cookies!

  542. Hmmmm not sure if it’s a Christmas cookie or not, but I love scuffles:)

  543. My favorite holiday cookie this season has been the gingerbread cookies from Hillside Farm!

  544. peanut butter blossoms! Oh how I want to read one of your books!

  545. My favorites are buckeyes, decorated sugar cookies, the layer ones with the coconut and sweet condensed milk. I’m a cookie monster at heart!

  546. My favorite cookie has to be gingerbread ! I love making goodies to give as gifts over Christmastime!

  547. Snickerdoodles and molasses cookies are my favorite

  548. White chocolate cranberry cookies

  549. Sara Wilson says:

    Swedish Angels are my favorite Christmas treat. Those sugar cookies have been my favorite since I was a little girl.

  550. Teresa Crosby says:

    Chocolate Chip

  551. Peppermint surprise. Like a Russian tea cake cookie with peppermint cream cheese filling inside.

  552. Heather Carlson says:

    Peanut butter kisses!

  553. We just love cookies and trying new recipes! For our house, it wouldn’t be Christmas without fudge!

  554. Thumb Print shortbread cookies with rasberry jam and almond icing

  555. Rachelle Dickie says:

    Definitely sugar cookies! Yum! :)

  556. Rasberry thumbprint cookies are GREAT! They’ve become my very favorite! Also, making cookies with my precious grandchildren has become a special holiday activity!

  557. gingerbread man

  558. Definitely the sugar cookies the kids make and decorate! Too much frosting and too many sprinkles, but, oh, SO MUCH LOVE!

  559. My favorite cookies are called Icebox Cookies.

  560. Our favorite cookie is plain old chocolate chip, on Christmas and every day of the year. We love it!

  561. Poundcake cookies and peanut butter bars.

  562. I would have to say spritz cookies or peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss on top. Love them!

  563. Kim Campbell says:

    The green Christmas trees with sprinkles and the ones that look like logs. Yum!

  564. Favorite cookies are traditional sugar and a recent fav is cranberry pistachio biscotti dipped in white chocolate.

  565. Erin Hoekstra says:

    Russian Tea Cakes by far.

  566. Pound cake is my family favorite

  567. My great grandmother’s spritz cookies and my mom’s orange sugar cookies!!

  568. cream cheese cookie cutouts

  569. My favorite Christmas cookies are strawberry jammies (a strawberry roll up cookie) and snowballs. Making them brings back happy childhood memories of baking for friends and neighbors.

  570. My mother in laws butter cookies!

  571. Micayla Hinds says:

    White chocolate and cranberry cookies

  572. I stick with my chocolate chip cookies or preacher cookies

  573. Megan Dowell says:

    I love a Greek cookie called Kaloudia. It is like a shortbread that is braided and delicious!

  574. My favorite is roll out/cut out sugar cookies with icing!! Yum!!!

  575. Snickerdoodles and fudge.

  576. Kristin Steen says:

    Sugar cookies, but now, they have to be gluten free.

  577. alesha o l says:

    Butterscotch Blondies, with chocolate chips, my mom wouldn’t make them that often, but when she did.. & I have never been able to make them the same!!

  578. Miranda Roskamp says:

    My favorite cookie is the peanut butter cookie with the chocolate star in the center. :)

  579. I love the no bake chocolate/peanut butter/ oatmeal cookies!

  580. Stephanie Moore says:

    Christmas sugar cookies.

  581. Lebkuchen. It was a cookie I would eat in Germany when I was a kid. I found a recipe for it a few years ago and now it is a staple at Christmastime.

  582. My top two favorites are Peanut Butter Blossoms and gingerbread. Yum!!

  583. Jennifer L. says:

    Homemade sugar cookies with icing are our favorite cookie in our household. Sadly, they rarely gets made anytime but Christmas. But maybe that’s what makes them such a joy! Blessings! Have a Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!

  584. My favorite Christmas cookie is lemon snowflake cookies, that are made by using a lemon cake mix with pudding in the mix, and stirring that with an egg and tub of cool whip, then rolling spoonfuls of sticky batter in powdered sugar and then baking them for 10 minutes. Easy!

  585. Hard to choose just one… I love those chocolate minty soft ones that are dusted with powdered sugar. I don’t know what they’re called!

  586. Cranberry bliss bars that my sister makes!

  587. I love Pfernneusse (spelling???) with a cup of hot tea!!

  588. Most definately Chocolate Mint Mountains! Has two of my favorite flavors and powdered sugar coating….yum! !

  589. My favorite cookie is a butter cookie I used to make with my mom. No recipe for it anymore. So, chocolate chip cookies, now. thx

  590. Christy Spurlock says:

    I love mini pecan pie muffins.

  591. Gingerbread cookies

  592. Cinnamon-Chocolate-Chip Cookies! :)

  593. Jada Smith says:

    Chocolate chip :)

  594. My mom makes THE BEST peanut butter blossoms!

  595. Laurie Williams says:

    Hard to pick one but sugar cookies are always good !

  596. Cynthia Quiroga says:

    Butter cookies/shortbread thumbprint….I just tried a batch of maple for a Christmas Tea that is a new favorite. Will try your recipe now :) thank you for sharing!

  597. my favorite cookies are giant ginger molasses

  598. Ruth Orozco says:

    I am very weak-kneed when it comes to something with butterscotch chips…

  599. Any cookie with mint in it!

  600. Terri Weidner says:

    Minnesota Munchers

  601. Karla Huey says:

    My favorite cookies are thumbprint with homemade apple cinnamon jelly.

  602. hmmm .. i have to say the pecan cookie balls :-)

  603. I love the peanut butter with snicker bar inside cookie.

  604. plain ole sugar cookies!

  605. Chocolate peanut butter blossoms

  606. Laureen E. says:

    red velvet crinkles

  607. I love spice cookies. My friend made some one year and gave me the recipe. They are so soft and delicious.

  608. Bridget Cunningham says:

    Creme wafers

  609. sugar cookies

  610. Sugar cookie

  611. Either peanut butter cookies or italian Christmas knots.

  612. My favorite Christmas cookies are Cream Cheese Dainties.

  613. Buckeyes are good, but I tend to gravitate back to old-fashioned M & M cookies.

  614. Sugar cookies!

  615. The sugar cookies we made every year. :)

  616. Old fashioned sugar cookies. Reminds me of my mom.

  617. Short Bread and Sugar cookies

  618. Melissa Fordyce says:

    Mint chocolate chip

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