Fashion & Compassion Bracelet Giveaway

Welcome to those of you who read my Proverbs 31 devotion called Home Shaping. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to catch up with the rest of us}

As mentioned in the devotion, I am giving away a bracelet from Fashion and Compassion.

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We at Proverbs 31 Ministries are partnering with Fashion & Compassion to support at-risk women and youth, while offering a unique handmade product.

Semi-precious gemstone beads have been hand-strung using dark brown leather cords, while a stunning hammered brass button featuring the words “Psalm 62:7″ completes the bracelet. The button is handmade and is the centerpiece of this trendy, wrap-style bracelet. The bracelet includes two adjustable closures measuring 14″ and 15” in length.

Fashion & Compassion is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome poverty and injustice through Christ-centered economic empowerment. This bracelet was made by exploited and at-risk women and youth in Charlotte, NC and Mexico. A portion of the proceeds benefit programs fighting sex-trafficking and serving at-risk youth in Charlotte, NC.

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A tag with the product story, autographed by the artisan, is attached to the bracelet. Please join us in prayer for these artisans in their struggle to find salvation, refuge and freedom in our Mighty God.

If you’d like to purchase this bracelet, click here for ordering instructions. And if you would like to enter to win a free one I am giving away, leave a comment here telling us your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why. Winner announced Wednesday.

On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is in God. Psalm 62:7


  1. Ronda Ceynar says

    I have a favorite piece of jewelry-it’s my wedding ring! It signifies the almost 30 years that my best friend, an amazing and loving man have been together! Forever in Christ!

    • Mary Michell says

      This past Christmas my friend on the east coast of the US gave me a pair of cross earrings , I love them ,they are my reminder of Jesus Christ’s Birth ,Death and Ressurection. He Loves Me!

    • Angela says

      Blessings my sister….I have a favorite heart I wear it is a favorite photo of my precious mom and I at Christmas together….such love such a blessing from GOD….my mom passed away suddenly too soon…..I know it was from a heart broken… dad cheated…my older brother took his kids away from us… I came through cancer….& this past Christmas eve b’day my other brother did not even sing happy b’day to me nor have a cupcake with a candle….it is a forgotten entitlement generation… I cling to this photo and the love my mom & I had for one another…..bless u!

      • Pam says

        Dear Angela, your story breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Please know that i am praying for you for God’s strength and peace and that He will soften hearts and reunite you with your family. I am so sorry that you have lost your loving mother. Hang onto Jesus. He wants to be your best friend. God bless you.

  2. A Hayes says

    I have a simple silver band I wear on my finger. It was my grandmother’s that my mother wore when she passed away. I now wear it in remembrance of my mother, who passed away as well. It reminds me of her…she’s still with me.

  3. Elaine Segstro says

    I love my simple gold wedding band from my husband almost 35 years ago, and older than that is a simple gold chain with 5 pearls that he gave me for a birthday gift.

  4. Sandy Moore says

    I gave a silver bracelet with her favorite Bible verse to my daughter. It is her favorite bracelet. I would like this bead bracelet with the Psalm reference to give my daughter-in-law. I think she would love the ministry it serves.

  5. Suzanne Harden says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a very small diamond necklace. The reason it is my favorite is that it is identical to the first piece of jewelry my husband bought me, way back when we were first dating. Early in our married years our home was broken into & the original necklace was one of several things precious things stolen. About 15 years ago, my husband surprised me with this necklace. When I opened it, I was immediately flooded with all the very special memories of the original gift. Every time I wear it I think of how very much my husband loves me.

  6. Jean Glovacz says

    I would love the bracelet as an anchor for times of trouble to take that second look at it and remember the importance of God in our lives. I had one bracelet that I never took off like that until it broke.

  7. laurie says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pearl necklace that was my mom’s. It was a gift to her from my dad on their wedding day. I in turn gave it to my eldest daughter on her wedding day!

  8. Bridget says

    I actually have 2 favorite pieces of jewelry. One is, of course, my wedding set. It’s a reminder of my 24 years with the man of my dreams. I also have a silver bracelet with Psalms 46:10 engraved on it. “Be still…and know that I am God” is our family verse.

  9. Jenn says

    My fav is my wedding ring for what it symbolizes and also a necklace with that represents in charms, my children, husband, and faith.

  10. Vicki says

    Wow, I have many favorites. One that comes to mind is a necklace my husband gave me for our anniversary. It is very special to me because I know all of the thought he put into it. Jewelry is not his thing so it meant a lot.

  11. Olivia says

    I have a ladybug necklace that my grandmother bought for me over twenty years ago. She doesn’t wear jewlery nor would she spend so much money on something. But her love for me is amazing! I told her that it was pretty but not worth the price at all. She snuck back in the store and bought it. She bought it all because she loved me n that necklace made her think of me.

  12. Michaela Gates says

    My favorite jewelry would be my wedding rings and a cute bracelet made by orphans that reminds me to pray for them. :-)

  13. Dana Y. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my son’s class ring. He died in 2008 and I still wear his ring during tough times and special family occasions.

  14. Maria W. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. I lived in Illinois and I had just met a man at the USO in Chicago that was in Navy boot camp at Great Lakes Base. We wrote to one another. One day, I received an engagement ring, through the mail, while he was stationed in California. I said I’d marry him at 19 and now, I’m 62 and he’s 63–married for almost 43 years!! God has truly blessed us!!

  15. Sonia says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. Above and beyond what it symbolizes, my diamond fell out of its prongs while I was sitting and eating lunch at Chick-fil-a. There was an employee sweeping up and I’m very lucky to have discovered it missing and find it before he swept our table area. I would have been heartbroken knowing how my hubby worked hard and saved for it before he asked me to marry him.

  16. Linda says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my charm bracelet that my husband bought for me in May of 2010. It was for our 20th “going out together date.” We had just purchased a house in October of 2009 and were getting ready to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in June. He had bought a house charm and a bride and groom charm. It has since grown and has many other charms on it, most that he has bought for me. Lots of great memories on that bracelet!

  17. Angela Mabe says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a gold cross with a very tiny diamond chip in the center. It was my grandma’s, she gave it to me before she passed away.

  18. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. My husband had it made just for me and fashioned it after my great-grandmother’s engagement ring. I was very close to her as a kid and love knowing both that her legacy is living on AND that my husband cared enough about our relationship and my dream of wearing her ring to have one designed like it.

  19. Karis Hiebert says

    My favorite jewelry is my wedding ring and 2 hand stamped pendants with my sons names that I wear on a necklace.

  20. Katrina says

    I only have a few pieces of jewelry, but a favorite has to be a very simple chain with a silver disc, stamped with “raising generations” – it helps me remember what I am doing as a mom.

  21. Karen M says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring! My husband picked out the diamond and designed the band himself. He also designed a matching wedding band. They’ve been on my hand for several years now, and I still admire them every day.

  22. Becca Jensen says

    It would seem that my favorite pieces of jewelry (I cannot name just one!) are the ones still in my head awaiting creation….and awaiting a recipient. Yes, those are the best–the ones-that I can’t wait to give away. However, upon deeper reflection, there is one piece that pushes its way to mind. Its delicate, tiny blue hearts nestled in fine silver chain work find their way to the forefront of my thoughts because they always remind me of the love of the dear friend who sent them my way one fine birthday eons ago–a friend that I am estranged from. Immediately I am convicted. I had forgotten her love in the middle of our present painful issue. God has worked through your question, through the little blue and silver bracelet, Isn’t it remarkable they way he can find a way to speak right to our hearts? Thank you for your question. I signed on hoping that I might win the bracelet you’ve offered, but I’ve won something of dearer value. Thank You for your blog entry today and for your heart for God. If you should choose my entry, I will send it to my friend (her birthday was yesterday!) and if not, may the woman who receives it always be warmed by the love with which it was sent :). Blessings to you and your blog readers. I’m off to make amends.

  23. says

    My two favorite pieces of jewelry are my wedding band and my college class necklace (which I got instead of a class ring), because of what both represent: Love, Education, Hard-Work, Legacy, Truth.

  24. kristen says

    My fav piece of jewelry other than my wedding ring is a necklace (simple heart penda t) my husband gave me while we were dating. We didn’t have a lot or money and was a sacrifice for him to get for me. I still have it almost 9 years later.

  25. Julie says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my hand stamped charm necklace with all my kids names on it! Simple but timeless! Love it!

  26. Donna says

    I have two faves. One is my wedding ring and the other is a very old ladies pocket watch that my great grandmother was given when she turned 18. How special and loved I felt when I received each of these gifts.

  27. Cynthia l. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace with a charm for each of my three children. The discs have their names stamped on them.
    When I put it on, I am reminded to lift them up in prayer throughout the day. Many times I hear from one of them about a particular
    Challenge they faced on a day I chose to be reminded of them. God is so good.

  28. Deenak says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet that was my great grandmothers. It has coins from the late 1800’s that have the initials of her friends on them. It makes me think about her life during that time.

  29. Cynthia Kleckner says

    I too have many favorites given to me over the years by my husband and my children. One of them is a bracelet my daughter gave me that has all our family’s birthstones set in silver. When I look at it I remember how blessed we are and say prayers for each one of them as I go through the beautiful colors.

  30. Dawn says

    As a mom to two small children, my favorite jewelry piece is always changing. Last year, it was the handmade necklace of paper flowers my son made for Mother’s Day and now it is (as with most mothers of 6-12 year olds!!) my rainbow loom bracelet from my daughter. My daughter checks my wrist everyday to see if I am wearing it and her face lights up each time. It’s the simple things we do sometimes that can make a big impact in others lives. I’d love to share this mission and cause with her through a beautiful thing. Thank you for supporting and introducing this mission!

  31. Alix says

    It’s a silver ring that has Song of Solomon 2:16 pressed into it. Although, from wearing it so much, the impressions are worn down, but I know what it says and that’s enough. :)

  32. Jackie says

    My favorite is a locket with my grandparents picture in it. My grandmother is still living she will be 96 in March. Every bride in our family has carried this tiny locket, somewhere on her as she has walked down the isle. Before caring it we were given the ‘talk’ about how this was forever and what the Lord expected for marriage. I am the keeper of the locket and it stays locked in our safe. Although the monetary value is little the sentiment is great. We have some great examples of marriage in our family and this is also a reminder that we are also brides preparing for another marriage!!!

  33. Cathie Lester says

    My very treasured piece of jewelry is my moms engagement ring. It is 66 years old and still has a brilliant sparkle. I had it resized so I could wear it. I also wear my dads thin gold wedding band on my thumb.

  34. Jeanie Kelley says

    For me, I guess it would have to be the Indian Head penny necklace given to me by my Uncle Dean a long time ago. i wear it all the time. But you know, I have to honest, I like wearing the necklace, but I do not wear a whole lot of jewelry unless my husband says to go and put a piece on. It is a reluctance that I do all the time. But out of all of my pieces that would be my favorite.

  35. Cammi Hevener says

    Love this!! I always try to find a gift for my sister that supports a good cause so this would be perfect for her next gift!! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Tarah Schmidt says

    My favorite piece of jewelry Is a petite bracelet I bought from tiffanys. This bracelet was a symbol of hope and strength for my upcoming new life with me and my children. I went through divorce after going through so much in my marriage that was the ultimate betrayal to my children and I. God brought me through so much that is unspeakable. So this piece of jewelry is something I bought that was not tarnished. This was the beginning of my journey that I look back now and am so thankful to god he brought us through. As it says in Esther ” such a time as this”.

  37. Cammi Hevener says

    Oh.. and my favorite piece of jewelry I own is my wedding ring .. Because my husband picked it out himself and if I could only keep one piece of jewelry, that would be it.

  38. Dawn says

    My necklace. Just a gold chain with the letters MOM on a pendant. A daily reminder of who I am and a gift from my children years ago when they saved their allowance and bought it for me for Mother’s Day.

  39. Shauna G says

    My favorite pair of earrings are a pair of my grandmother’s clip-on costume earrings. They remind me of magnolia blossoms, which are my favorite. My grandmother passed away when I was only six, so I have held onto these earrings for almost three decades so I could pass them on to one of my girls (I have three) and share with them the story of my sweet-spirited grandmother.

  40. Lisa says

    I wear a cross with a heart on the same chain. Explaining why I wear them together has allowed me to share the good news of Christ with many.

  41. Karen Anderson says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. Although we have been married for almost 30 years, I’ve only had this ring since Dec. 1, 2013, when we renewed our vows. I lost my original ring shortly after our 29th anniversary on our way home from a mission trip to Mexico. God is good!

  42. Louann McIntyre says

    My favorite jewelry is the jewelry my father has bought me over the years. He personally goes & picks out each piece. Normally, he is not the gift buyer in my family. That is my mother’s job. I’m very excited when people comment on my jewelry & I can say that my father picked it out for me!

  43. Carol Junga says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. I haven’t been able to wear it for a few years because it needs repaired. My husband picked it out without my knowledge. It’s the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own.

  44. Heidi says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet my parents gave me. It is a simple silver c-band with “a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend” inscribed across the top.

  45. Joy Richardson says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that has an emerald in the middle and diamonds around it. It is the first piece of jewelry that my husband gave me whenever we were dating. He knew that I liked emeralds which is his birthstone so whenever he was in NC for work he used all of his expense money that week to buy it for me. We had only known each other a few months. He passed away unexpectedly about 4 months ago so it is even more precious to me now along with my wedding set. We had almost 20 years together.

  46. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set that my mother gave me. My grandfather brought it back from Korea when he came back from war. After my grandmother passed away, my mom gave it to me as a wedding gift. I was then able to give my engagement ring to a young couple who could not afford one. My grandmother’s set was a perfect fit for me and the engagement ring was perfect size for the young lady. God is so good.

  47. Tonya says

    My favorite piece of jewelry was made by my sweet best friend. A year ago our youngest son was diagnosed with brain cancer at age nine. I have been encouraging my friend for over ten years put to use her amazing creative and artistic talents. This past year she did it! She started making jewelry and is hoping to connect it with an organization for sex trafficking. God’s timing was perfect. I received beautiful package in the mail last spring after returning home from two months of radiation with my son. It was perfect. A silver beaded necklace with two ceramic tile charms. Each tile boasts the first letter of our boys’ name. I wear it all the time remembering the honor it is to be the mother of two of God’s most precious gifts!

  48. Lisa Wine says

    I know it’s corny but my wedding ring. It signifies my love for my husband and our walk together praising and honoring God.

  49. Brenda G says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a 3 stone diamond ring that is sometimes called a Past, Present, and Future ring. It has 3 meanings for me – one stone represents God, the other Jesus, and the 3rd the Holy Spirit. Secondly it reminds me that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thirdly, my husband was with me when we bought it together and has special memories attached with that and I still wear it on my left hand, even though I am a recent widow.

  50. Angela Hogan says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet from Africa. My friend, Faith, went to Africa on a mission trip. She bought herself a bracelet as a reminder of her trip. When she got back, she gave a presentation of her trip at church. Afterwards, I complimented her on the bracelet & she immediately took it off and gave it to me!

  51. says

    My favorite piece if jewelry is my wedding and engagement ring which I have wore for almost 34 years. I also wear my husbands old band which has 3 small diamonds. Who knew, but God, that we would have 3 beautiful daughters. I like to think each little diamond stands for one of our promised miracles God gave us after loosing 3. God is so good!

  52. Beccy says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet a friend made for me after I had a miscarriage. It has blue stones for hope. That’s what I needed at the time and so often still do today!

  53. Donna says

    My husband gave me a pearl necklace and earring set as a gift when our first son was born. The pearls are a baby pink color and they’re spaced out about 2 inches apart on a silver necklace. It’s very simple and beautiful. We didn’t have alot of money at the time so I was really surprised with this special gift.

  54. Colleen G. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Grandmas wedding band that was given to me many years ago.
    The ring is from 1927 and was worn by her everyday of her married life of over 50 years. She wore it in celebrations and in tragedies and was a woman of great Love and Faith. Someone I adored.
    It is an honor to have this ring and brings me great joy to know I can now pass it down to my daughter. Thanks for allowing me to share – Colleen G.

  55. Lisa Spies says

    Of course I LOVE my wedding ring. But my favorite piece is a bracelet that my husband bought me for Mother’s Day in ’06. It is a James Avery Mother’s bracelet with silhouettes representing our children. We had to add a third one in ’07 when we had our last baby. They have their names and date of birth on them. I absolutely LOVE it….

  56. Cheryl Kennedy says

    Like many others have shared, my wedding set is my favorite. When my husband and I were dating, we bought “purity” rings since although we were both older and previously married, we wanted to remain pure until our marriage to each other. Those purity rings became our wedding rings. Also my husband gave me a posey ring to wear with my wedding band. It contains the verse from Song of Solomon – “My beloved is Mine & I am His.” At our wedding ceremony I also wore a purple scarf (my favorite color) which is decorated with that same verse in Hebrew.

  57. Lindsay says

    I have a sterling silver cross necklace that I received during a very tough time in my life. Every time I look at it or hold it, I’m reminded of how safe and loved I am.

  58. Shelly In IL says

    I own very little jewelry, but my favorite piece is definitely my wedding ring. It was my grandmother’s wedding ring. She gave me and my husband-to-be my deceased’s grandfather’s and her wedding rings to use for ours. Neither one had to be resized and 25 years later, it’s still my favorite piece.

  59. Teresa says

    I love the watch my husband gave me for my birthday while we were in Jamaica. A few years ago it accidently went through the washer and dryer… the beautiful band is warped and I can not find another one like it. Sigh!!!!

  60. Charree says

    My favorite two pieces of jewelry are my wedding ring and a charm bracelet my parents started for me when I was in high school. My husband has added charms to it now for our children and special events.

  61. Charity says

    My favorite jewelry is probably rubber band bracelets that my five year old son makes me. He is very artistic (love to draw and paint) and crafty (loves any craft activity, making things) so the bracelet/loom is right up his alley, and he is so proud for people to wear the things he makes them. Love that kid!

  62. Traci says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace with my three children’s names engraved on it with a pearl in the middle.

  63. Amanda Nelson says

    My favorite ring (besides my wedding ring) is a garnet cluster ring. The center stone is badly cracked and one of the stones that encircle it is missing. But I love wearing it because my Grandfather found it when he was a 6 year boy working on an ice truck in NYC in 1919. The story goes that he was working to help support his siblings – he was the oldest of 5 at that time (2 sets of twins) – the family later grew to 11 siblings! He spotted the ring after it had been run over by his horse drawn ice truck in a gravel parking lot it was cracked and missing it’s shank (the part that encircles your finger). He picked it up and put it in his pocket. He then kept it in a little box for many years. When my mom was a teenager in the 50’s she was looking through her dad’s box of memories and found it. He then took it to a jeweler in town and had a shank put on it and gave it to her. I then found it in my mom’s jewelry box when I was a teenager. She told me the story and let me keep it. I wear it often – even though it’s cracked, it reminds me of this wonderful man – who even as a boy found beauty in everything around him.

  64. Lacey says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. It belonged to my grandmother. She and my grandfather were married over 50 years and I never remember seeing it off her finger. She died 3 years before I met my husband but my parents said I could have her ring if I wanted it. My husband and I met in seminary and money for an engagement ring was scarce so having her ring was a double blessing.

  65. Dana says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my wedding ring and engagement ring. They are beautiful, and represent the love my husband and I share. After that, my husband has given me a couple of necklaces & ear ring sets that are so beautiful and special because he picked them out especially for me. That makes them even more beautiful to me! Thanks for the chance to win! Dana

  66. Missy says

    My most favorite is my wedding ring as it reminds me how my my husband and God loves me. The second would be a ring I purchased about 5 years ago. The youth ministry at our church invited The Silver Ring Thing to come to and speak and hold a concert for our youth. The entire evenly was amazing. That night my son along with several other kids made the decision to wait on their wife to have sex. They made the decision to remain holy and honorable until their wedding night. The event allows the students to purchase silver rings with the verse Thessalonians 4:3-4 inscribed on the outside of the ring. They are to wear this ring until they wed and then remove it. The parents are also allowed to purchase a ring as a reminder to prayer for their child. I put my ring on every morning and prayer for my son and the other students that took that oath that very same evening. I love it !!!!

  67. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my watch (if you can consider that jewelry!). :) Of course, it’s used every day and lots of times each day, including in the middle of the night when I click the light-up button on it to check the time. It’s only taken off when I shower…now that’s getting a lot of use out of one piece of jewelry! Thanks for your giveaway!

  68. April says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a handmade, glass bead necklace made with colors representing each of my sons’ birth months and their initials.

  69. Kelly says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would definitely be my wedding ring. Fourteen years ago in May,on Mother’s Day, my husband proposed to me in front of our entire church family. His mom ,who is not a believer, attended the service that day. He chose the ring on his own and asked my dad in advance for permission to marry me. Of course I said, yes! Although many people chose to “upgrade” their rings over the years, it’s simply unthinkable to replace a ring of such meaning and a day of such significant memories!

  70. Teresa says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my white gold wedding band! It is plain & simple, however, it is how we live our life & we reflect that.
    The bracelet that you are giving away would be a birthday present to my-sister-in-love. She would love this!

  71. kristi says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mothers ring. The four different colored stones in the ring, honestly, are not colors that I would have chosen….the colors simply do not look good next to each other. But in my eyes, those colors that represent my four children, make my ring absolutely beautiful. I wear it every day!

  72. Sherrie says

    Interestingly when we look at the Bible we see that the number 7 represents perfection and completeness in God’s eyes.

    When the LORD led my Husband and I to marry, we had both been through tragic first marriages. So we selected an anniversary band with 7 diamonds to represent our marriage.

    The never ending circle to represent the Love and the absolute completeness we have in CHRIST and and that HE is building in us and though our marriage.

    This wedding band reminds me that I am the BRIDE OF CHRIST and to always seek HIM keeping my lamp lit for HIS triumphal return.

    Come quickly LORD JESUS.

    “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

  73. Peggy Divine says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross that my brother gave me years ago. I wear it often. It is a gentle reminder for me to live and reflect that I am a Christian. I have other pieces of jewelry inscribed with Scripture verses and they are my favorite pieces of jewelry because they remind me that the Lord is with me each and every day.

  74. Suzy Negrette says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It reminds me of the beautiful earthly gift The Lord gave to me. It reminds me of His faithfulness, which is unending, like the circle of my ring.

  75. Anne Campbell says

    My favorite piece is a necklace my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago. It is a gold open heart, with my 3 children’s birthstones floating in the center.

  76. Erica says

    My favorite piece is a blue beaded bracelet with my “birthday verse” Titus 3:5 on it. My stepmother gave it to me for my birthday 2 years before she died.

  77. Anne B says

    My mother’s engagement and wedding ring that is 63 years old. My father is no longer living and it brings me comfort thinking about him buying and giving it to her so many years ago!

  78. Christy Aday says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would be my necklace with crystal beads that represent my three sons and my adorable grandson. My wonderful husband purchased this for me after God brought my oldest son, whom I gave up for adoption 26 years ago, back into my life. My family finally felt complete then 2 years ago this son made me a grandmother to a precious boy. We are one big family where the words like half and step never come across our lips. We may have spend 24 years apart but God knew when we were truly ready to be a family! I thank God everyday for this piece of jewelry that symbolizes a complete showcase of my children and grandson.

  79. Christen says

    I have two favorite pieces of jewelry. One is a ring my husband gave me the first Christmas after we had our first baby and the second is a bracelet with all my kids names and birthstones and it includes my birthstone and my husband’s birthstone with a cross in between on the clasp. :)

  80. Robyn Wentz says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Origami Owl locket that houses my moms wedding ring. She passed away in 1992 of ovarian cancer and this way I can keep it in a safe place and close to my heart. Very special to me!!! Thanks!!

  81. Stephanie Woods says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace my husband bought me last year for my birthday. It is simple and inexpensive but it means the world to me. My husband and I spend much of our time fly fishing together. By much of the time I mean, almost everyday in the spring/summer/fall! So the necklace has two stamped buttons similar to the one on this bracelet. One is engraved with our initials. And the othersays “Forever Hooked On You”. Also on the necklace is a mini message bottle with a fly hook inside!!! I think it is so sweet and personalized just for us! <3

  82. Ruth says


  83. Debbie A says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a diamond ring that I found and fell in love with about 1 year after my husband’s passing away in a car accident. At the time I wasn’t sure if wearing my wedding band was the right thing to do anymore and I just loved this ring that is a cluster of several small diamonds in a circle. The ring has been on my finger since the day that I bought it about 9 years ago. I gave the large center diamond from my wedding ring to my daughter’s husband a few years ago, to put in her wedding set when they got married. I have also given both of my daughters some of the jewelry that my husband gave to me over our 21 years of marriage. I wanted them to have something from us that had meaning and memories.

  84. nancys1128 says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the heart-shaped blue topaz ring that I wear with my wedding band. The stone was purchased on the first cruise my husband and I took, and set into a simple white gold setting by the jeweler who made my engagement ring and our wedding bands. Since popping the diamond out of my engagement ring, and not having had it repaired yet, this ring nestles into the wedding band very nicely. If people don’t know that there was a different ring there in the past, it looks like the two go together.

  85. Connie says

    I had a band made after being baptized that says “I am with you always.” It’s my promise ring from God. He is with me always.

  86. Donna Larue says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band. It represents almost 27 years of marriage to my wonderful husband and reminds me daily of our wedding vows and our commitment to each other. My second favorite piece of jewelry is my family ring, that has a birthstone for each member of my family. Everytime I see it on my hand, I am reminded of my children and how much joy they have brought to us.

  87. Jessica W says

    My favorites are my wedding & engagement rings and a bird’s nest necklace with pearl “eggs” that represent my 3 blessings/children. :)

  88. J Pheps says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. It will be 100 years old this year. It belonged to my Great Grandma, given to my Grandma on her wedding day, my Mom on her wedding day and me on my wedding day. I plan to pass it on to my daughter when she get married someday. It reminds me of the Christian women that have come before me and the example they have been of God’s love, grace and strength.

  89. Robin says

    I love the bracelet my husband brought me when he returned from a missions trip to Guatemala. The black and gray stones are polished volcanic rock. He bought it from an elderly lady sitting by the road. I love to hear him tell the story.

  90. Jenna W says

    It’s a tie between my wedding band & my Proverbs 31 – Woman of God band that has a cut-out cross. It’s a tie because it’s important to be a woman of God & try my hardest everyday to follow God’s descriptionof a Godly woman from Proverbs 31 to be a good & best wife I can possibly be. God blessed me with my husband & our life together so I need to work hard to honor God .

  91. Sarah T says

    My husband bought me a pair of white gold little hoop earrings when we were dating, for valentines day. He had heard me say I needed a new pair of hoops. I had always bought cheap ones that tarnished after awhile, I treasure these because they’ve lasted & because he listened & totally surprised me with them!

  92. Janice says

    My favorite piece is my wedding ring. My husband picked it out for me when he asked me to marry him 41 years ago. I still love it and what it represents. He is my gift from God..

  93. Wanda says

    There was a season in my life when I was uncertain that God would fulfill my desire to marry. My engagement ring/wedding band set remind me that God’s promises are true as I remember a ‘word’ a former pastor shared with me after he had prayed and felt impressed to share that the Lord was preparing a man to bring into my life….seven years after that ‘word’ I met the man who became my husband. We have been married since 1994…he is truly everything I asked God for in a husband.

  94. Angela says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an inexpensive flower ring my son gave me for Mother’s day seven years ago. He was just six years old at the time, and picked it out himself. He still gets a big smile on his face when I wear it. It’s just been the two of us for the past eleven years, so I treasure all of his gifts.

  95. Rebecca Ann says

    My husband gave me a mother and child necklace and besides my wedding ring, that is my favorite because it reminds me of my precious gifts.

  96. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would be my necklace that says “MOM” on it. It was a gift from my husband and my son. We had trouble conceiving and after lots of prayers from family,friend and a great church family…we have a wonderful little man who will be 3 years old next month. I am so blessed and give thanks to God everyday. :)

  97. heather cook says

    My favorITE piece is my mothers ring …it symbolizes my three blessings from.God but also the blessing of a wonderful e Raul husband and father that my husband is to our family …a God fearing leader that God is blessing us through …every time I look at that ring I thank God for him and our children

  98. CoraVee says

    My favorite piece would have to be a locket my dear hubby, now in Glory, bought for me at a fair while we were dating 60 years ago. It is rectangular, with an oval glass under which a butterfly wing provides the sunset for a little scene. Inside are photos of my mom and dad. So in it I have reminders of my 3 favorite people, who loved me so much.

  99. Terri says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set – my husband who struggles to buy gifts got it perfect and unique – pear shaped stone with sapphires that wrap around on my wedding band — three years later our son, John was born in September and that made the sapphires all the more important — amazing how things come together :)

  100. Aimee Beltran says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a tree charm that has signifigance relating to being rooted in God’s truths. The charm reminds me of who I was before I established everlasting roots.

  101. Ellen says

    I don’t own a lot of jewelry, but wear what I own. By far, my favorite piece of jewelry is my pearl necklace. My parents bought it for me when I graduated from college. I was the first in my family to attend college. I’d always wanted pearls, but owning them was never in our family’s budget. When I opened the gift, I knew that I now owned real pearls…while my mother was still wearing imitation pearls. That was 30+ years ago and I miss my parents every day, but I wear their gift frequently and feel like I’m wrapping their arms around me every time I put it on.

  102. says

    When my grandmother and grandfather married in the early 1900’s, he did not have the money to buy her a wedding ring. A traveling salesman came through the mountains of Virginia during the Great Depression and he finally bought her a gold band nad paid twenty-five cents a month to the salesman until it was paid for. I treasure this ring not only because it was hers, but because of the grit and determination it represents that still runs rampant in my family.

  103. Elaine says

    A necklace that my dad brought back from Germany after World War II is my favorite piece of jewelry. It has a tiny enameled-type of angel face on it.

  104. Jillian says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is one I wear everyday 24/7: it is my silver ring with my birthstone. My mother gave me this ring because she believes everyone should have a piece of jewelry with their birthstone. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of my mother and all of her sacrifices for me. She truly represents a Proverbs 31 woman!

  105. mariann marchand says

    My favourite piece of jewellery is my mothers engagement ring. My mom and dad fell in love right before my dad was sent over sees to fight in world war II, They wanted to get married but my moms dad would not let them. My dad gave my mom the ring and then left to fight. My dad was gone 4 years, he was a gunner on the front lines. Thanks to God he returned and they were married. My mother passed away 10 years ago and my dad 7 months ago. The ring is a reminder for me of their love, their strength and most of all their trust in God. I wear it when I need a reminder to trust God and be strong.

  106. Lisa Michelle Tobler Campbell says

    My favorite is my wedding ring. The band represents the “family” commitment we made in front of God in Destin, barefoot. Two people, who met in a city neither one lived. My husband took on my special needs daughter the pear shaped diamond above the band represents my two children, thus a blended ring, but one blessed by God. Family married family. Both of came with baggage but as God as the Supreme Head of our household, my husband, a gentleman and gentle man is the head of our household, we have truly blessed. Our relationship with Jesus Christ has grown, multiplied and while we have faced our share of blended family issues, God has used them to not only strengthen our faith but help others. This beautiful bracelet symbolizes what so many Christians sometimes forget. It’s not about receiving but more about GIving To Others. God Bless All Of You! I Love This Ministry!

  107. Kristin Redfield says

    This is a really tough choice, because probably my favorite piece of jewelry is one that I don’t wear often. It is a pendant made from the stone from a ring that my grandfather bought on his honeymoon. After his death, I had it reset. It’s just too fancy to wear on everyday occasions, but I love it.

    My favorite everyday piece of jewelry is a stamped circle necklace with the initials of my husband and sons that my college roommate made. It is simple, yet treasured.

  108. brooke says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. Not only is it unique and beautiful, but the significance of it is priceless. :)

  109. says

    Favorite . . . such a word to put on some very special pieces but I have to claim 3
    1. my engagement/wedding ring – shines with such brilliance, a ever-present reminder of the man who pursued me with such a godly heart and shares this spiritual journey with me each and every day.
    2. a necklace with 3 charms (2 boys/1 girl) and their birthstones . . . given many Mother’s day ago, but always a sweet precious reminder of 3 miracle babies.
    3. a cuff bracelet given to me by my 2nd born son – he bought it on a mission trip years ago. Today he is a prodigal and I wear the bracelet everyday as a reminder of the boy God created and to pray for his heart to return, for eyes to see, ears to hear how much he is loved by God and by his mom.

  110. Hope C says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set (now molded together). The diamond engagement ring was given to me 26 years ago by my beloved husband to be. It was too large because it hadn’t been sized yet, so I had to hold out my hand to accept it. Nine months later we completed the set with the addition of the wedding band. The rings have been resized several times and the shank had to be replaced, but the love it represents remains strong through the good times and the tough ones.

  111. Clarice says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my gold cross necklace my husband gave me after the death of our infant son. It was a very difficult time losing our infant, but through our strong faith, we knew God would help us through it.

  112. Marsha says

    I am sure many of us can say our wedding bands, to signify the one we are yoked with for life. :-) I received a Origami Owel bracelet from a dear friend for my 34th birthday. This bracelet includes an anchor, a cross, the word Hope and a hear with the word Faith. To pull this all together this verse is quoted:
    “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain”
    -Hebrews 6:19
    Love using this as many folks comment on it and I can use it as a testimony and a way to witness. Love the bracelet you are giving away and whomever receives it can share the faith of the one who created as well as their own testimony.

  113. Marisha says

    for me it is a ring that my mom let me pick on my own in a jewelry store when I was about 5y.o. but my parents gave it to me officially on my 16th later. Once it was even stolen but then miraculously recovered, so I cherish it now even more. It has a ruby in it, so at times it serves me as a great reminder to be or strive to be a Prov.31 woman and wife :).

  114. says

    I have 2 favorite pieces, one is my Grandmother’s wedding band that I wear on my left thumb. It is a reminder of the strength and faith in God that she demonstrated to me! My other favorite piece is my wedding band that daily reminds me of the covenant that my husband and I made before God. Even when the going gets tough (and it sure does some days!), my ring is a reminder that God brought us together and God will see us through! :) (p.s. LOVE the bracelet and would be honored to win it and wear it!) :)

  115. Susan Spina says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my wedding band and engagement . It is a symbol of the one relationship God has blessed me with 23 years ago!

  116. Heather Butler says

    My most treasured piece of jewelry is a necklace & was given to me by my mom. It’s a single mustard seed held inside heart shaped glass. I saw it at a Christian bookstore when I was 12 & asked for it for my 13th birthday. I was so drawn to it because even at that going age, it was a powerful reminder that I could move mountains if I just had faith the size of a mustard seed! It impacted me greatly, so I will always love that necklace.

  117. Deb says

    Can’t choose one, both my sons bought me rings. There’s more to this story, but let me say those two boys put more thought and heart into it than any other ring I’ve ever worn.

  118. Rachel L says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would be a locket my mother-in-law gave me after my first son was born. The locket had two slots to insert their finger print into and both slots are filled with those of my two boys. I did their fingerprints at 6 months old. The chain that holds the locket belonged to my mother-in-law’s sister. My mother-in-law passed away last year after a mighty fight with cancer. She was my example of how a Christian women is to be and live. Every time I wear my necklace I am reminded of not only my boys but of my dear mother-in-law.

  119. Tracie Wheeler says

    I have two, of course my wedding ring, but my two boys out there money together last Christmas and bought me a simple silver ring and I just adore it and always will.

  120. Gloria says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. Several years ago my original wedding ring broke and a jeweler said it was not repairable. My husband secretly went shopping for another ring for me which is what I am wearing today. We have been married 25 years and have had many ups and downs, but that ring represents, to me, the willingness to hold on even after brokenness.

  121. Dawnette M says

    My favorite piece of jewelry (like so many others) is my wedding set. It is a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness and the power of prayer. So thankful.

  122. Kara Lawler says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is first owl necklace my husband got me. He said that when he saw it, it reminded him of me and how intelligent I am. Every time I wear it, I think of how wonderful he is and how blessed I am to have a my of God that leads our household. As well, he started my love for all things owl jewelry related. I am so thankful to have him. And, I am blesse to be apart of the Proverbs31 community!

  123. says

    It was my engagement ring–but sadly it was stolen a year and a half after my sweet husband Steve went home. I know it was just a material thing but it brought me fond memories of my wonderful husband. Thank you, Barb

  124. Deb H. says

    I have many meaningful pieces of jewelry. Some were inherited, some gifts, some I bought or were “found”.
    I got a lovely locket type necklace from my d-i-l and grandkiddos for Christmas. The charms inside are
    hand picked and each has a very special meaning to me. I also bought a silver ring that I wear all the time
    that has the Lord;s prayer etched all around it., I wear it all the time and is a wonderful constant reminder
    of my Lord and Savior.

  125. Lisa says

    I have a few favorites in my collection, but especially like my elk ivory earrings that we had custom made from ivories I got from the elk taken on a hunting trip with my husband a handful of years ago – they remind me of the treasured time spent in God’s creation w/ the wonderful man he planned for me!

  126. Allison says

    I love my wedding ring, but my favorite piece of jewelry is a princess ring that my Daddy gave me when I turned 16. He said that he wanted to be the one to give me my first diamond. My Dad passed away 16 years ago and I’m so glad to have this tangible reminder of his love.

  127. Elaine says

    My wedding rings are very dear to me because of the love I share with my husband. I also have my mother’s wedding rings. She passed away 13 years ago.

  128. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver band my husband bought me in Hawaii. It is so features inlaid blue opal hearts. I love it because it reminds me not only of the constant beauty we enjoyed while visiting the Big Island, but also of my husband’s constant love.

  129. Sherri J says

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are earrings that my daughter made for me. Very special from a special young lady.

  130. Sherry says

    My husband gave me my two favorite pieces of jewelry; first my wedding ring, 38 years ago; then last Summer we went through a most troubling time in our marriage. Praise God we made it through intact. In November he gave me a diamond journey necklace signifying the journey of our love.

  131. Linda P. says

    hmmm. I have a cross that my husband gave me when we were dating. It is simple gold but the cross bar is made of pilot’s wings – my husband is a pilot in the Navy. It is beautiful and representative of both my God and my husband – both of whom I love.

  132. Bernadette says

    Absolutely my wedding band is my favorite piece of jewelry! My most special piece of jewelry is my mom’s silver bracelet with a guardian angel charm, teal stone charm, mom charm, and hope charm! Mom is safely home now after a 5 year battle with ovarian cancer. Teal is OC ribbon color. Mom was the strongest person always letting God be her rock and refuge. Love the teal beads it would be the perfect reminder of how she always lived her life especially when days were hardest! Quote from her cancer journey ~ “it’s raining, but I feel good!” <3

  133. Gail says

    My absolute favorite piece of jewelry is my Grandfather’s locket. It was originally part of Grandpa’s watch fob, and was refashioned to accommodate a chair to be worn as a necklace. It is probably about 75 years old and has a very vintage look about it. I inherited it from my mom, and every time I wear it I can’t help but remember both Grandpa and Mom with love.

  134. candy1945 says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set. My husband and I have been married 50 years in Nov. 2013. My ring reminds me every day if the promise we made to God and each other. God Blesses us each and every day. I am not saying we don’t have any upsets or problems but nothing we can’t handle with God walking with us on our journey.

  135. Bobbi S says

    A cross pendant that my husband gave me the day we got married.This was not a first marriage for either one of us, but it one founded and lived with a strong Christian faith! He had given me a smaller cross when we were dating. This one was just like it – diamond encrusted – but much larger. I wore it when we got married. It’s there in all our wedding photos. Love it.

  136. grace says

    My engagement and wedding ring from DH and also this valentine necklace my son gave me when he was 4! So sweet, precious jewelry from my sweet boys :-)

  137. Suzanne says

    My favourite piece of jewellery is a pair of small gold stud earrings that have a small diamond and small pearl sitting on a tiny wing. They belonged to my Mom and after she died in 2007, my Dad gave them to me. I wear them everyday.

  138. says

    My favorite, My birthstone necklace for each of my five children. Yesterday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and I continue to say a prayer for those hurting. God Bless you!

  139. Elaine says

    I have two very special pieces of Jewelry purchased by my husband. For our 28th wedding anniversary we went to the Mall. It was after my husband’s first stroke and it was part of his physical therapy (or so I thought). On that day we were looking in the Jewelry store windows and he saw something at a National Store and wanted to look closer. We went to the food court and he disappeared for a bit. He came back totally downhearted because the salesman at this establishment told him she could not help him fill out some paperwork. He had some shakiness and it was difficult to read his writing. I offered to fill it out but he refused and said I will figure something else out. I had my original wedding ring on and one of the small diamonds was loose. So we took it to Whitehall’s to see if they could fix it. While I was being kept busy by the young woman working on my ring, my husband was talking at the other end of the counter with another young man. The next thing I know the young lady returns my ring and asks me if I will please go and get her a smoothy at the food court. Well I was glad to. She had sent me to the farthest eatery from the store. Her friend also had trouble making the smoothy and had to start over a couple of times. (they were still keeping me busy). Looking back it was so sweet. The two sales folks took my husband to a desk and proceeded to fill out the paper work for him using his drivers license and a credit site online. He was looking at a wedding set that was a one of a kind design being clearanced, and really did not think he could afford it. But they told him that was ok they would know shortly and however it turned out they would work something out so he could get me a gift that day. When the paper work came back the young man said what is her size. He told them and this set was a perfect fit and when everything was said and done, he was able to get the set and have money to spare. These 2 young people took service and caring to an entire new level. When I returned to the shop the young man and Johnny were grinning and the young lady had tears in her eyes. They had wrapped it but Johnny wanted to make sure it fit so I opened it and the only time it has been off my hands since was when they soldered the pieces together. These rings not only symbolize the love and caring of a marriage that is almost 37 years strong, but a true show of grace and God’s love from two strangers. This was one of my sweet turning points in understanding Grace and how it comes from unexpected places from our Eternal Father, These two will never know how much they touched a couple and many others as this story has been repeated. Oh btw I did not see the rings until after the sale was done!

  140. Kathryn B says

    I have a Family circle necklace depicting 2 parents and four children. My friend gave it to me on my youngest son’s (4th child ) birthday. He had passed away 6 months prior. I cherish it.

  141. Vickie says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a diamond solitaire necklace that my husband gave me on our 25th anniversary (almost 18 years ago now). I almost lost it a few years ago when the rabbit holding the diamond wore through on one prong. Fortunately, my daughter saw what was happening and I had it reset and saved the diamond!
    The giveaway bracelet is beautiful! Blessings.

  142. Karen Smith says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the last necklace and bracelet my husband gave me before he died! It does and always will hold a special place in my heart!

  143. Amanda R says

    I have several pieces of jewelry that are my favorites. But, top of the list is an antique ring that belonged to my late grandmother. I wear it daily and get compliments on it often. I have fond memories of her and can still see her with this ring on her hand. She was truly one of a kind – just like this ring.

  144. Tammy Wallace says

    On our 21st anniversary my sweet hubby had me take him to the jewelry store. 8 months prior, he suffered a stroke and I was and continue to care for him. He bought me a beautiful pair of diamond studs that I have never removed since that day!

  145. Nickie says

    My engagement ring…..the diamond in it was my husbands gran,others and mothers. It’s amazing to have something that has been apart of his family for so long

  146. Lori Turner says

    My great grandmother’s wedding ring. It is small and petite just like she was and reminds me every time I look at it what true love looks like. My own wedding ring too :)

  147. Kelly says

    I have several pieces of jewelry that are very special, though the one that I feel is the most precious to me is a white gold ring with a tangerine colored cameo. It belonged to my Mom’s mom who passed away when my Mom was just 9 years old, from ovarian cancer. My Mom always wore it everyday and there was always a warm tenderness as she looked at it on her hand when she spoke of her in a loving and tender way of the generosity and kindness that her mother possessed. My Mother had this same character- A Proverbs 31 woman. We lost my Mother 9 years ago this past Saturday to ovarian cancer as well. She is my role model- she was a Proverbs 31 woman in every way. I strive to have the spiritual closeness to God that she did. I miss her so. Having this ring is a special gift of two very special women in my life who loved God and his ways and put him first and reflected this to all who knew them.

  148. Judy says

    My engagement/wedding ring and my husband’s wedding ring are my favorite pieces of jewelry. In addition to them being symbols of our vows to one another, the diamond in my engagement ring and the diamond chips in his wedding band, belonged to my grandmother, so they are family heirlooms as well.

  149. Kristen says

    My favorite piece of jewelry would be my opal and diamond ring from my great-grandmother, Oma. She lived with my family when I was young, and I would always put it on when I would play dress-up. She never got mad about it, and she always let me play with it. She was my best friend growing up, and even though she died almost 15 years ago, I can still feel close to her through the memories attached to the ring. :)

  150. Danice lee says

    A diamond heart necklace my ex fiancé gave me. It was intended as a valentines present, but that was also the day I found out my baby is a girl. She’s two now and he’s gone, but the necklace reminds me of the first time I saw her.

  151. Martha T. says

    My favorite jewerly item is a heart necklace. I like it so much because it is really easy to put on(no clasps to mess with). A second favorite would be any of the pins(brooches)that were my mother’s. They remind me of her.

  152. Carolyn says

    I have a sterling silver ring with the word Christ on it. Every time I glance at it during the day I am reminded of my Savior.

  153. Lori says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace made of assorted colored beads and noodles. It was the first necklace my daughter made me when she was in kindergarten. It is beautiful!

  154. Lori says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace made of assorted colored beads and noodles. It was the first necklace my daughter made me when she was in kindergarten. It is beautiful, and I feel loved every time I look at it.

  155. Carol says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my necklace which says “Grandmas Kids.” Below this is a half circle which displays the charms (boy or girl and ‘gemstone’ of the month in which they were born) of 17 of our 21 grandchildren. They are literally very close to my heart when I am wearing it and I feel especially blessed!

  156. Courtney says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my mother’s engagement ring and wedding band. It is especially meaningful because she passed away 20 years ago and it is the only thing I have of hers.

  157. carolyn rogers says

    My wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewelry because it represents the second greatest gift God gave me, my husband, who is my example and best friend.

  158. Jen says

    My favourite is a charm bracelet given to me by my husband – over the 15 years we’ve been married, he’s added charms to celebrate various life events – new babies, our little angel gone from us too soon, musical notes to remind me to sing every day and a heart to remind me of his love for me. So precious to be reminded daily of my many many blessings in life x

  159. Alene Schlange says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross in tones of blue and turquoise. It has a beautiful glow to it, and it is always comforting to wear the cross.

  160. Char says

    Besides my wedding ring, I have a sterling silver bracelet that my husband gave me when we were first dating..some 20 years ago! Like my wedding ring, I am never without it! It is my favorite piece of jewlery! It has such special meaning to me!

  161. Laurie Williams says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band. It is very simple piece with several small diamonds. The reason it means so very much to me is that this ring was my grandfather’s wedding band. I can still picture his hand wearing that ring. It symbolizes the long marriage between my grandparents and the hope that my own marriage will follow their example. It is always the story behind the piece of jewelry that means the most to me. Whenever I wear something, I smile thinking of the person that gave it to me and why they chose that piece for me.

  162. Allison Morrison says

    I do not have a lot of jewelry. I have a wedding/engagement ring and a few pieces of costume things. My favorite by far is the Redeemed bracelet I have that was part of a fundraiser for Village of Hope Guatemala :)

  163. Marianne Gill says

    My favorite piece of jewelry and the one I never take off is my wedding band :-) It represents almost 35 years of a committed marriage and our devotion to each other.

  164. Christy Spurlock says

    I received a “pearl and diamond” necklace, earrings and bracelet for Christmas from my grandson. He told me “It must be worth a thousand dollars”. Price didn’t matter because he picked it out and was so proud that he got his MeMe some jewelry for Christmas. Priceless!

  165. Maria S says

    I wanted an anniversary band that would incorporate the birthstones of my family. I was struggling with how I wanted it to look, when my daughter went to our friend (who is a jeweler) and demanded he make a ring for me. He immediately dropped his current projects and helped her find a mold and stones for the ring. She picked out the birthstone for hers and her sister’s birthdays. It was the most unexpected gift I’ve ever received.

  166. Jenny says

    My antique never been worn wedding ring that my husband found after I showed him my grandmother’s ring. It is unique and remind me every day what Godblessed me with! :)

  167. says

    My favourite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. We have been married for four years but I feel like our journey began when my hubby proposed. Because he is a builder everyone made jokes that I would proposed to with a rusty nail bent into a ring! I had a great fun showing off my beautiful diamond ring 😉

  168. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross necklace. I was in a domestic violence shelter that God hand picked for me. I never thought I would in that kind of situation, God put Christian woman all around me! When it was time for me to move out the woman who had held me, prayed for/with me, and helped me get my life back together gave be a cross necklace. That was 2009, I wear it everyday, it reminds me of what God can and will do when you stop trying to do it all yourself and rely on Him! I have since remarried a wonderful Christian man, I thank God for his grace and forgiveness. If not for the cross we wouldn’t have them.

  169. Lisa Smith says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace with a pendant honoring St. Jude. Last year was one of the most difficult of my life. My husband and I both were suffering from depression (which is a bit of an understatement), and our marriage of 22 years nearly ended. He was hospitalized in September, we separated in October, and fortunately by Thanksgiving we were on the path to reconciliation. I ended up in an outpatient psychiatric day treatment program to help me recover from a long history of past hurts, depression, and codependent behaviors. During those months I prayed not only to God, but to St. Jude to ask for help and intercession for myself, my husband, and our marriage. The program I attended was a faith based program, which I desperately needed as I had all but lost my faith.
    During that 2 week program, I ordered the necklace because God had already answered prayers about my marriage and He continued to do so during my treatment. I wanted to honor St Jude for being an advocate for my “hopeless” situation. As a result of my treatment, I have regained my faith in God, and now put him before anyone else. I know He is my strength and my rock, and that He is all I need. My husband and I are rebuilding our marriage and I feel like a new person who has hope and joy. That necklace serves as a daily reminder of healing.

  170. Joyce C. says

    My wedding ring set I’ve been honored and blessed to wear for 20 years and a necklace I received on my first Mother’s Day.

  171. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says

    An amethyst signet ring that was my late husband’s when he was a little boy. It is bent and beaten up, but I love it.

  172. Michelle says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver locket that my husband gave me. It holds his photo as well as my son’s. A little treasure where I am able to keep them both near me.

  173. Kris says

    My wedding band for sure. But my boys have gotten me one of those charm bracelets and they get me a new charm for different occasions. Love it!

  174. Tiffany Light says

    Other than my wedding band, my “Nathan” ring is my favorite. It reminds me everyday that God has given me a special little miracle. We can’t have kids through pregnancy, but God blessed us with a son through adoption. I am eternally grateful for this. I treasure this ring as much as my wedding band.

  175. Stephenie H says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding set. To me it is a symbol that my husband will love me forever, it tonds me of the vow we spoke as encourages me to fight for our marriage every day. It also reminds me that I am not only his bride but the bride of Christ and he will never forsake me.
    Thank you for doing this!

  176. Mylan says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the brooch my mother gave me when I was young :) She told me that whenever I felt inadequate, to remember her and the errors we all make in life. I miss her so much :)

  177. Natalie says

    My wedding ring and my necklace with a cross…they are both from my husband. We have been married for 23 yrs. I love my husband very much. The two pieces remain with me always. :)

  178. Amber M. says

    WHAT AN AWESOME WAY TO HELP OUR SISTERS IN CHRIST. MY HEART SWELLS TO KNOW WHAT THE PROGRAM AND ORGANIZATION IS DOING FOR THEM. GOD IS TRULY AT WORK HERE! thank you for sharing the story and the awesome work that is being done for these ladies. how thankful they must be to all of you, I THANK YOU for making changes in this broken world that matter to the people who are all blessed by this. You are making us all very proud :)

  179. Abigail says

    What an amazing and wonderful ministry opportunity you have through Proverbs 31 Ministries! My favorite piece of jewelry is a sapphire cross necklace that my brother gave me for my 15th birthday. It is so special to me because he passed away just four months after giving it to me. It helps me remember that no matter what we go through, God is always there for us! It is also a reminder that I will see my brother again someday and I am so looking forward to that day :-).

  180. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the string of pearls that my husband bought for me while on a mission trip to Jamaica. He knew that it was hard for me while he was gone and this was a wonderful surprise when he returned.

  181. Sheila says

    My grandmothers original wedding ring. He mailed it to her from Hawaii when he was stationed there during the war.
    I love the story behind it. And my grandparents were my first strong example of loving God and living joyfully in him. My grandmother is still my favorite person to talk with about our Lord!

  182. Jennifer says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace my husband and both sons gave me. It is a silver pendant in the shape of four people hugging – a mother, father, and two children. This necklace symbolizes the love and bond between the most precious people in my life that God has given me. My husband is my best friend, and I am honored and humbled that God has entrusted me to be the momma of two precious boys. Ultimately, this necklace reminds me of the love of Christ – because without Him, our little family would not have the bond and love that we do!

  183. Courtney Lindsey says

    My favorite pieces of jewelry are my wedding set & my eternity rings (Birthstones – 1 for each of my 2 children) They remind me of the most important people in my life!

  184. Staci says

    The first thing, when you say favorite, is my grandmothers gold love knot earrings, she loved those things and wore them all the time, always very simple in her jewelry. As she got older it was hard for her to put them in and I was one of the only few that could do it for her. She passed on my birthday, 2yrs ago. She was a women of God, not afraid to tell you and asked me every Sunday, when she’d see me for lunch, did y’all go to church today. :) Memories cherished! I love those earrings, always did, now I get to wear them, very simple.

  185. Robin Still says

    My favorite piece of jewelry (other than my wedding ring) is my cross necklace. It is simple and plain like me. However, it is a door opener for conversation about my faith and the love I have for Jesus. May you have a blessed day!

    Smiles & Blessings, Robin :)

  186. Corrina says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pearl necklace my mother gave me years ago. It means more to me now that she is gone. Yesterday was her one year anniversary that she has departed from us. My mom was a treasure just like the pearls are. She was 96 yrs. young when she passed. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had them here on earth for a long while, you still miss your loved ones. I will treasure this necklace forever its a reminder of her love for us. I will pass it on to my daughter that I love a lot.

  187. Pat says

    I love wearing my pink rubber bracelet. It looks like nothing more than a thick pink rubber band.. I wear it to show my love and support tor soooooo many women (and one gentleman friend) I know who have survived breast cancer. Very few lost the battle. This is my favorite piece to wear around my arm.

  188. Dawnn says

    The ring my grandfather gave my grandmother on their 50th wedding anniversary. I received it when she died. I broke my wrist last year, and my wedding band is now too small to wear, so I wear my Grandmother’s ring in it’s place.

  189. Sandy says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my great-grandmother’s wedding ring that was given to me by my grandmother. I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money. My great-grandparents were married on January 1, 1905, It is a little worn from being worn my a woman who worked very hard to raise her children back over a hundred years ago. It symbolizes to me a generation who worked so hard to overcome many obstacles to raise their family and raise them as Christians which has passed down to each generation since then. I am going to give the ring to my daughter for her 40th birthday in May.

  190. Catherine E says

    My favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring. When we got engaged we did not have money to purchase a ring so my Mother gave me my Grandmother’s engagement ring. I feel very blessed and ever since I received the ring I have been looking for a piece of jewellery to give to my Mother as a thank you. I know that she would love the bracelet because of what it symbolizes.
    Thank you Karen for the blessings I have received from your book’s and contribution to Prov 31. Bless you heaps

  191. CarmeN says

    My favorite piece of jewellery is a ring that I have received at my last birthday. I saw it, I laved it and somebody saw me trying it and told my husband that I loved it. He bought it and gave it to me, it was such a big and nice surprise.

  192. amanda says

    My fav piece of jewelry would have to be a toss up between my engagement ring and my daughters ring. They both mean so much to me. F2both symbols of love and who I love the most, my engagement ring means so much to me because I know i will be marrying a man of God God and get to spend the rest of my life with him.

  193. sharon says

    My most priced jewellery is my wedding band which signifies God’s grace, mercies and favour for our union and this year will mark the tenth anniversary of our marriage. 2014 the year of perfection.

  194. Suzanne Gore says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a wooden cross on a string of beads that was handmade by a woman in Zambia South Africa. I purchased the necklace in exchange for my worn socks and an ink pen. That is what the woman asked for. I was in Zambia helping with the building of an orphanage. The necklace was not all that I bought but it is so special to me. God sent me on that trip and I wasn’t sure why. But I was trying to be obedient so I went. It is becoming very clear now why I was sent, but that is another story. The necklace symbolizes many things for me. The people of Zambia where I was located only had to look forward to meeting The Lord . They had to walk for hours everyday just to get water.their hope and their future was when they meet their Savior. So, my necklace is a reminder to me of just what is the most important thing in life. You can see pictures of the orphanage at Agapevillagefoundation. It’s an amazing story.

  195. JenniferB says

    My favorite jewelry would have to be a pair of white gold and diamond earrings that my son gave to me 8 years ago- he was murdered 6 years ago at the age of 24. I wear these earrings everyday.

  196. says

    Every Christmas I wear these enormous night weight Christmas tree earrings. They are painted bright green and the cheap ear wires make my ears sore. But I wear them anyway. Every year on Christmas Eve. Do people stare. Yes. Do they comment. Sometimes. But they were a gift from my son when he was very little, maybe six or seven. I love them and it embarrases him when I wear them today as he married and has a child of his own. I always tell folks to not judge a woman’s jewelry because there is nearly always a story behind it.

  197. Ramona Mayo says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a gift I just received from my husband on my birthday. He bought me a charm necklace. It is similar to a locket, but instead of pictures, you fill it with floating charms. More important than the necklace is the care he took in choosing charms that would mean something to me. I love the time and effort he took in making it just right.

  198. Sharon says

    I have two favorite pieces of jewelry. The first is my wedding ring (we will celebrate 31 years of marriage in May). My husband bought us matching wedding bands while stationed in Turkey right after I had lost the diamond in my original engagement ring. I had been shopping at a mall and when I looked at my hand while driving, I saw the diamond was gone. I went back, but was not able to find it. The rings he purchased were white gold engraved with interlocked circles with yellow gold bands on both sides. The other piece is also a ring. My two daughters and I were shopping for my youngest’s purity ring (we had purchased each child one when they turned 16) and they bought me a beautiful opal ring with pink sapphires. I had admired it, but couldn’t get it for myself, so they went together and bought it for me.

  199. Laura says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a glass pink ribbon necklace. It reminds me of my grandmother, Laura Mae. I was named after her as I came along while she was in the end stages of losing her fight with breast cancer.

  200. Melody Byrum says

    My favorite peice of jewelry is a plain and simple silver cross. I have other crosses that I love also and those are from my husband. But this cross was my first cross ever and before me, it was my mothers. It was given to her when she was baptized by her mom. It was given to me as a teenager even though I was not baptized until i was 28. But that cross, though simple and plain reminds me that God’s love is plain and simple and he gives it regardless of what we do. It’s not the most expensive jewelry I own, and I don’t wear it often, but it serves as a reminder all the same and it means a lot to me.

  201. Lisa Waters says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of silver cross earrings. I have lost one of these earrings on two different occasions and found them in the oddest of places. It makes me think that even though we feel lost in this world sometimes, God’s love always brings us safely back to Him.

  202. natalie says

    Our 13 year old daughter was killed in a car accident awhile back. On what would have been Malorie’s 16th Birthday,I bought my other daughter and I a silver band with the inside engraved 1 Thes. 4:13, which is the verse about God wiping away all tears and us being together again one day. I think this and my wedding ring are my faves.

  203. Virginia Walter says

    I have a heart charm that is lined with little cubic zirconia chips on one side and has my two babies birth stones on the other. It was the last gift my husband gave me before I found out he was having an affair… It is a reminder for me that, even though my world, at times, feels as though it is falling apart, there is always something to be thankful for!

  204. says

    My husband gave me a beautiful gold cross pendant on a gold chain for my birthday on Christmas Eve. I love it! I found out that he searched every store in the mall, and kept on looking to find just the right one! It means the world to me that he spent that time.

  205. Kathy says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring that is a heirloom from my husband’s mother. She passed away before I could meet her and I value it for the beauty and brilliant shining light. My other piece is my gold watch my husband gave me on our first anniversary. Both are on my person every day reminding me of the love my husband has for me.

  206. Carol says

    When my girls were in high school and college, I returned to school to work on my Master’s of Education degree, taking one or two classes at a time while I taught full-time. The day I finally graduated, my husband gave me a gold pendant with the university clock tower engraved on it. The pendant hangs on its chain by my initials; the year of graduation and my degree are engraved at the bottom. My husband designed this piece, and a jeweler friend constructed it. It reminds me of my husband’s love and constant support, and God’s strength that allowed me to finish my degree.

  207. Stacy says

    I own maybe 2 or 3 pieces if jewelry but my favorite is definitely my wedding. It’s a constant reminder of my wonderful husband and the commitment I have made to him

  208. Anna says

    my favorite piece of jewelry is wedding ring set. It is a symbol of the promise my spouse and best friend made to me and I to him to share our life together and be here for each other no matter what comes our way. When things seem bleak seeing these rings always with me reminds me we can get through anything together.

  209. Bobbie G says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding rings. David and I have been married for 46 years. When his Mom passed away four years ago I received his Mother’s wedding rings. My husband took the small diamonds in my original set and had a pair of earrings made. I now wear his Mother’s wedding rings. So very special.

  210. Sandi C. says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is the necklace that my husband bought me for our Anniversary. It is a Sterling silver cross with two hearts in the center. I love that necklace because it represents the love we have for Jesus and for the love that we have together for each other. We have been through so much together and gone through some hard times, but God has always been our refuge and our Rock that we have built our marriage on.

  211. says

    I have a Brighton necklace with a heart on one side and a cross on the other side that I wear a lot. I got it in memory of my two children up in Heaven with God. So it holds a special place in my heart because I love them and know they are safe in God’s arms up in Heaven.

  212. leslie kaiser says

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my cross necklace; times are tough but it reminds me that no matter what Jesus loves me so much that He died for me.

  213. Denise says

    I thank God for my daughters birth mother. She let go of her baby, knowing she could not raise her, praying for the family that would raise her. May God bless her!

  214. Jean says

    I have a pair of rose earrings and necklace my 5 year old grandson pick out for me for Christmas 4 years ago. He is so proud when he sees me wear them.

  215. Pam says

    I have several pieces of jewelry that aren’t worth much financially, but are priceless to me:
    The first is a necklace that was a Christmas gift from my grandmother. My mom & aunt had a charm bracelet made for my grandmother when my oldest sister (her 1st grandchild) was born that had a baby shoe charm with the baby’s name & date of birth engraved on the bottom of the shoe. Whenever a new grandbaby was born, a new charm was added. One Christmas, my grandmother wasn’t able to afford gifts for all of us, so she took the charm bracelet apart and gave us each our charms on chains from her own necklaces.

    The second is my mom’s high school class ring with her initials engraved inside. She gave it to me when I graduated from HS, and when my daughter graduated, I had my initials & my daughter’s initials added & passed it on to her. .It was made even more special by the fact that my daughter graduated exactly 50 yrs after my mom & just a few months after she passed away.

    The third is my sisters Air Force ring. She was killed in a military plane crash, but she loved to fly & the Air Force gave her so much self confidence, strength, & courage. Her ring helps me keep things in perspective when times get rough.

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