5 Ways to Scatter Kindness Giveaway

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Welcome to those of you who are joining us after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, No, After You. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

As mentioned in the devotion, here are five ways to scatter kindness and a giveaway based on my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.


5 Ways to Scatter Kindness

1.Look within your own four walls.

Start with and those who are closest to you. Perhaps even in your very home. What could you do today to make them feel loved and to put them before yourself? Could you do a child’s chore for them? Could you whip up your husband favorite main dish or dessert for supper? Could you lighten someone’s load? Look for tangible ways to put someone in your home before yourself.

2. Look throughout your day.

As you go throughout the day, be on the lookout for people who could use a good dose of kindness. Especially since today is Memorial Day in America, could you bless a veteran? If you run into one at a parade or see one dining in a restaurant, go up and thank them for serving our country. But don’t just thank them, elaborate. Rather than just saying, “Thank you for serving our country” tell them what their service buys you. “Thank you for serving our country so my family and I can sleep in peace.” (or can enjoy a baseball game or worship where and how we want, etc…) Then, buy them something. Pay for their meal or slip them a ten dollar bill so that they can treat themselves and someone they love to ice cream today.

3. Peek into your past.

Is there someone from your past who helped you get to where you are in the present? Call or write to thank to them for the contribution they made to your life. Or post a picture of the two of you, along with a message of gratitude, on their Facebook wall. Be specific. Name a memory you have of what they did that encouraged you. Then encourage them in return.

4. Think about the future.

Is there someone you know who has hopes and dreams for the future? Your kind and encouraging words can help them reach their goal. Tell them you believe in them. Point out aspects of their personality and character qualities they possess that will perfectly position them to reach their dream. Then ask them if there is anything you can do to help and tell them you are going to commit to pray for them as they pursue future plans.

5. Notice the one who least expects to be noticed.

Is there a widow who lives on your street? A shy teenager who buses tables at the local restaurant where your family often eats? A single mom from your kids sports team who is barely making ends meet and rarely gets a day to herself? Surprise them with a gift card to a store, restaurant or business they’d enjoy. {I’ll bet it has been ages since that single mom treated herself to a pedicure!} Tuck it inside a note telling them that God sees them and loves them. Do not sign the card but give or send it anonymously. (If it is an employee, ask for the store’s manager and have then deliver it in secret)

Now for the giveaway:

photo-45Includes a retro apron, some note cards, a cube of scrap paper, a five dollar Target gift card, some Bath and Bodyworks coconut lotion, some salted caramel coffee and a copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.

Simply leave us a comment telling us someone you would like to sprinkle kindness on today.


  1. Sharon Gingerich says

    I’d like to share a kindness with my 5 year old son who is going through a “I just don’t feel like you love me” she disciplined stage.

  2. Colleen says

    I’ve known my friend, Bobbi, for 25 years now. Although life and circumstances have put us in different states for many of those years, we have kept in touch. She is a single mama to 3 kids and just graduated college last week while working full-time. I couldn’t be more proud of her perseverance. I’ve been looking for a way to let her know.

  3. Chrissy says

    My teenage son’s laundry has been piling up lately, while he studies like mad for his algebra final. I think I’ll take care of that load for him today!

  4. says

    Wow! I have decided that you are my soul sister in Christ & have even told my children that I found you! I love reading the devotions written by you & I have loved watching your videos. I can’t wait to purchase some of your books.

    I love today’s devotion about putting someone else and their needs first. I am off of work today because of Memorial Day, so I have thought of a sweet widow lady that I would like to visit & see what her needs are. Hey, I didn’t really want to clean all of my windows anyway, so thank you!

    God bless you!

  5. Amanda says

    I like to do the unexpected act of kindness. It may be making a special breakfast treat for my family, instead of the usual cold cereal. The biggest thing I ever did was pay for the person’s purchases in line in front of me at Dollar General. She was a young mother with a toddler and apparently no cash for her purchases, so after her debit card didn’t work I paid for her $5 purchase. I hope she went home feeling blessed that day because I know I did.

  6. Kim says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my 13 year old daughter today. She is trying to clean and organize her room, so I will help her today, and maybe we’ll celebrate (it would be quite the achievement ;)) over smoothies and some shopping.

  7. Michelle says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my best friend Marjorie. She is always willing to help you or someone out and never asks for anything in return. She’s a beautiful person inside and out !

  8. says

    To a fellow school teacher who is drowning. Not only because it’s the end of the year, but because of her life situation. I would want her to know God knows. To pamper her because she does not do for herself. She is a single mom with 4 children. My heart thinks of her and how could I help? This would be a beautiful gesture.

  9. Penelope says

    I would like to let my third daughter know how much I love and appreciate her. I think she often feels left out, whether it be by me or her sisters.

  10. Melissa Austin says

    My friend from church, Mesha. She is a single Mom and is always doing the kindest things for me and I am trying to think of ways to return her kindness. I do not have a lot of extra money so I’ve invited her over for dinner a few times but she has not been over in a while as we live about an hour apart. I feel like I need to do something for her!

  11. Carol Love says

    Back in the day before Mad Cow disease and living in Europe rendered me ineligible to donate, I donated blood and platelets. I have a rare blood type and immature platelets so my blood always went to preemies and infants. So sad that I can no longer do that. It was something that I could never get thanked for and was such a blessing to do. I used sick leave time to get away from the office since I would need the remainder of the day when I did the platelets. I love to find ways to bless others. Thanks for the reminder. I get a bit dense when life gets busy like it has been recently!

  12. Michaela says

    Great post Karen! Thanks for sharing and encouraging me to spread kindness to those around me! :-) This week I’m focused on spreading kindness to my neighbors. I want to get to know them better so that I can share Jesus with them!!! Pray for me?

    I cannot wait to read your book!


  13. Shanamarie Harville says

    To honor Memorial Day I am going to sprinkle kindness by donating to the Battle Buddy Foundation, a wonderful non profit agency that provides service dogs to disabled veterans. Tomorrow I will look within my four walls!!

  14. Tami says

    My husband lost his job 2 months ago. Today I will purpose to speak only words of encouragement and affirmation to him. He relentlessly searches each day to find a way to again be our family’s sole provider.

  15. Marcia Halverson says

    My daughter is a single mom of a 5 year old. A little black cloud has been following her around. She has had car, computer,appliance, and financial problems the last few months. We are taking her & my granddaughter to a MLB baseball game this afternoon.They are so excited! And so are we! Thank you for today’s message!

  16. Jasmine Smith says

    I would like to share kindness today with my mother, who’s always busy doing for others.

  17. Jennifer says

    I am going to bless a lady who has been widowed for a week. She mentioned yesterday that the call and texts have almost stopped and how weird and lonely that is for. Today, some flowers, a homemade card from my kids, and a few small items to pamper herself will be delivered.

  18. Patti says

    My sister is my best friend. She is always there for me and I don’t know what I would ever do without her in my life. My nephew has been with me this weekend because my sister and brother-in-law have been out of town. I am going to sprinkle some kindness on my sister today by cleaning her house before she gets home from her trip.

  19. suzanne says

    What wonderful ideas of ways to show kindness. To be honest, I seem to always be in a hurry and I don’t take time to look around me at others who are crossing my path. Beginning today, I am going to try to be more intentional about giving out a smile, helping someone who appears to be struggling, speaking kind, caring words to a store clerk,and truly putting others ahead of myself. Thank you, Karen, for stirring up my heart.

  20. Tina says

    I am going to lavish kindness on my mother today. She is 84 years old and last Tuesday
    she had a stroke. She is in the hospital and is scared. I am going to be spending this Memorial Day with her.

  21. says

    Hi Karen,
    I’m currently reading Let. It. Go. Loving it!
    I am going to focus today on sprinkling kindness at a get together we are going to where no one is Christian. Not sure yet how that will look but going to pray right now that the Spirit will guide me!!

  22. Susan says

    I loved the devotional reading and admit that I’ve never looked at that verse in the way you mentioned. I’d like to do a kindness for my husband who is going through a difficult time right now. Please remember him in prayer as I know God is dealing with his heart. Thank you for sharing your insight and God’s Word. God bless you.

  23. Erin says

    Today I want to sprinkle some extra kindness on my husband. He works so hard and does so much for our family. I want him to know how much we love and appreciate everything he does for us. Thank you for your devotional today. Blessings to you and your family.

  24. Sarah says

    Today I’m going to take my kids to do something fun instead of telling them we’ll have to do it another day because Mommy needs to clean the house!

  25. Becky says

    I am going to sprinkle kindness on those within my four walls. Its easy to take those we love for granted, they need to know they are loved and appreciated. Thank you for your practical challenges in your devotionals!

  26. Debbie says

    I would like to sprinkle some kindness today on my daughter. She has asked for some help in organizing her art closet. She doesn’t really need my help organizing, she just needs my time & attention. Today , I will be all in for her.

  27. Giovana says

    My Mom, she helps us out all the time! I am hoping we can pull off something special for her today!

  28. Vicki says

    My sister, Laurie, who will drop anything to help her 3 grown daughters and their families whenever needed. This includes watching 7 young grandchildren. She is also always there for anyone in need, whether it be a ride to the doctor, a note of encouragement, a meal to someone on the mend, or even a listening ear to anyone who needs it. She is a wonderful sister who also my dearest friend.

  29. says

    Thank you for your devotional and give away offer! This is our last week of preschool so I made a birthday card for our preschool students to sign and give to the teacher I have been working with for the past 4 years. I also made her a package of greeting cards for her birthday, using pieces of card stock she gave me last year for my birthday.

  30. Elaine Segstro says

    I would love to shower kindness on my husband who is dealing with back and mobility issues. Hopefully he can rest while I am “his feet”. I would LOVE to bless my son by doing his laundry and cleaning up his room, but he won’t let me :(

  31. Amy S. says

    I am going to sprinkle kindness on my family. My husband has been working many hours and I am going to speak words of encouragement to him. Also I will give my daughter ,who is studying for finals ,a small gift.

  32. Nicole says

    My sister Lisa who has always stepped up when needed for anyone in the family. She never complains and always puts others first. My Dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and she immediately was there for all his appointments and then some. She is a blessing to our family.

  33. Melissa Graves says

    I have a dear friend Bro. Brice Oldham he is 98 years old he is a very dear member in our church. He is a veteran and I think he deserves this act of kindness because he has served our country and lost his dear wife who meant so very much to him. He comes to church every Sunday with a warm smile and is humbled each time he is called on to pray. He is a dear friend and amazing witness to all of God’s grace and mercy.
    Melissa Graves

  34. Charlene G says

    I want to sprinkle kindness on a dear friend who is ALWAYs going the extra mile to encourage me, pray for me and texts me a daily devotion every day! She’s the kind of friend who is always doing for others and not herself! I’m going to make her favorite dessert and drop it by with a note! She works at an Elementry School and they are wrapping up the school year and it’s been stressful the last few days!

  35. Denise Stull says

    I will be sending a Facebook encouragement to a teacher I worked with overseas who is now serving in a difficult field.

  36. Judith Hayes says

    I would like to thank my husband; he is a good man working so hard for his family. His compassion and dedication can be easily seen and felt. I am fortunate to have had my life touched by his.
    Thank you for your devotions!

  37. Margaret says

    I’d like to sprinkle some kindness on my graduating senior, Grace. In her early years, she overcame two open heart surgeries. She overcame many obstacles and while one chapter of her life ends, another one begins! I’m one proud mom.

  38. Kelle Keigley says

    My 17 almost 18 year old daughter could use some extra kindness. She has been sick most of her life. A few years ago she was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency. She has to get infusions every three weeks for the rest of her life. Along with this disease comes many other problems. She has GERD, gastritis, asthma, chronic sinusitis, fibromyalgia, allergies to many medications that could help her, along with allergies to most shampoos, soaps, and we have to make our own laundry detergent. The tapes they use to access her port rip some of her skin off each time she has to get IVs or her infusion. She still gets sick a lot although not as much as she used to. She has had to see all of her friends go to proms and graduate high school but her high school made her drop out from missing too many days. She is working to get her GED now. She deserves some extra kindness.

  39. Julie S says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on the widow across the street who has to move away from her home of the last 27 years because she can no longer afford to live there. She is moving six hours away from here to be near her children but she is apprehensive about it because she has to leave all her friends here.

  40. loraine says

    I know of a widow with a pile of mulch in her driveway…I’m going to help her with her garden.

  41. Sandy Diaz says

    I’d like to practice kindness first at home. I’m not airways sure my children airways see the gentler, kinder mama.

  42. Heidi menges says

    I would like to show kindness to my son. He has a new house and it is stressful as he is making sure his family is being taken care of and loved.

  43. Tammy P says

    It is often easy to be kind to strangers or friends, but it can be more challenging to be kind to your family. I am going to purpose today to extend kindness to my husband and children, not just today, but every day. Thank you for this giveaway. God bless you!

  44. Claudia says

    I would love to give this to my sweet friend Kim. We’ve been friends since our 14 year olds were babies, but we became sisters when she walked step by step with me through my husband’s cancer fight and death. She and her husband have been the biggest supporters we have, even more attentive than family. They have loved my son and me selflessly. She is Lucy and I am Ethel!!

  45. Diane N says

    My husband is a veteran, a pastor, and works a full-time job. Since he is off today, I’ll be doing my best to pamper him a bit while I also help our daughter clean her disaster of a room on her day off from work.

  46. Lisa Lloyd says

    Last week my friend lost her 3 1/2 year old daughter in an accidental drowning . She lives so far from me (in another state). I would like to send her a gift card to help with her groceries and various needs for the family. She also has a 5 month old son. To call her each week or so to check in especially as time passes on is something I plan to do as well.

  47. Cindy says

    I have tried to teach this and instill this concept in my children and grandchildren since birth. Recently I met a storyteller at a local elementary school where I was subbing and his response during our conversation still . Look at the eyes; the eyes speak and say I know I won’t be picked;; for whatever reason that still resonates with me. Look for the eyes that are tired; discouraged; I would love to win this and share between many people. Thank You for doing this. Cindy

  48. Linda Carducci says

    Today I extend the kindness of appreciation to those who fought in the jungles of Vietnam and have been fighting since that time for the respect and gratitude they earned through their service.

  49. Rhnee O'Brien says

    I appreciate this challenge. There are so many people who to whom I would love to show kindness. Today, I would choose to focus on my husband. Tomorrow is our 21st wedding anniversary and there has not been one day that has gone by where he has not been a living example of Christ’s love to me. He loves me unconditionally. He sacrifices daily for our family and those around him. I am not certain what I have done to deserve this man, but I thank God for him on a daily basis.

  50. says

    I love how you’ve said “sprinkle kindness” on someone!! What a great way to think of it.
    My husband had back surgery 3/28. He’s not recovering as quickly as he’d like. I’m going to take every opportunity today to be kind to him.
    I’m going to act like his fairy of kindness!! Thanks for the encouraging words!

  51. Vickie says

    Today it will be kindness for my husband. We’ve been with family – kids and grands all weekend, and he’s just finished three rounds of antibiotics for a very strong ‘bug’. Seems every Sunday when he preaches, it comes on strong again. So prayers and some kindness today are what he needs!
    Praying the fruits of the Spirit for our family this year and this month’s is ‘kindness’!

  52. Paula Lloyd says

    I will be sprinkling kindness on my Mom. She is transforming a spare room into a craft room and instead of going out of town I’m going to help her get organized and start painting the room.

  53. sue cross says

    I am so proud of my youngest son .. I am visiting him at his first real apartment 2 hours from home where he is going to school .. He has been so kind to me .. Treated me like a guest, not a mom .. I will look for a way to show kindness today, not just mom-love

  54. Sharon says

    My husband, he normally works 1st shift but this morning completed a 4 day run of 3rd shift for a coworker who is on vacation. He’s tired, but I realize how much I love him and miss our regular schedule. He needs some extra love and kindness today.

  55. Michelle says

    I’d like to sprinkle kindness on one of my prayer partners who is currently overwhelmed with family issues, is working full time and over time, and is a mom of two active boys. She could use some extra love!

  56. Arlene says

    I am going to sprinkle love and kindness on my family today and make a nice meal since I have the day off instead of serving the leftovers I had planned. Thank you for your message today!

  57. Beccy says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my friend, Amy. She is a military mom
    who does so much for her family but little for herself!
    God bless you and your ministry!

  58. nancys1128 says

    I’ll be sprinkling kindness on the mom of my daughter’s BFF. Her co-worker died suddenly over the weekend, and I know she’d love some extra TLC right now.

  59. Kristi Norment says

    My nine-year-old daughter and a few of her friends plan to have a “Random acts of kindness club” this summer. Each week they will meet to “sprinkle kindness” to a few people through cards, food and other creative ways. The girls will think of the recipients and this will be done anonymously. I appreciate your words of encouragement and ideas. I will share some of your words with them when we start next week. I am praying we will all learn much about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

  60. adena says

    I want to stop complaining to and start being more intentionally kind and loving to my amazing, selfless husband who provides for our family and helps with the children with never a word of complaint

  61. Teresa Harrell says

    I would love to bless my friend who has believed in me all through thick and thin.
    She just needs to be blessed.

  62. linda s. says

    I think I will sprinkle some kindness on my daughter’s boyfriend… a Marine… what a special day to do this! (every day is a great day for sprinkling kindness… Thanks, Karen)

  63. Catherine says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my mom, Beverly. She does so much to inspire others I would like her to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. She leads music, teaches toddlers on Sunday, and leads our women’s class on Wednesday. She never goes to church where she doesn’t have a job. She does this faithfully and cheerfully each time.

  64. Brenda Jones says

    I love your book!!! I purchased a copy last year and could not put it down until I read every page. I gave a devotional to a group of young mothers last fall and decided to give it away as a door prize. I am 63 and am raising a granddaughter, so I’m always looking for ways to say welcome to friends, family members and others. Today, we will be having family over for a Memorial Day cookout.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas and amazing ways to spread kindness to others.

  65. Valerie says

    I’m going to sprinkle kindness on my neighbor, a recently widowed woman who is such a blessing to me. I only moved here in November and she has been so welcoming. She truly cares for me and has proven it by sharing meals with me(widowed also and cooking for one is a challenge) and with calls and visits. Yesterday, I helped my son-in-law with supper and watching my four grandkids as my daughter is down in her back. We had so much food leftover. My plan to go over and eat today. Now, I’m going to bring my dear neighbor a plate also and give of my self. It’s great that I read your post on Encouragement for Today, because I recently made a decision to be more conscious of my actions. I’ve gotten into a routine of thinking of self as I’ve been widowed and living alone for 16 years. I want to break free from this pattern. I believe your book could be just the ticket for me. Thanks for the post and for your 5 tips. Happy Memorial Day!

  66. Karen Kramp says

    Funny as this sounds, this is actually a hard question. I feel like I put everyone else first over my self daily. My son asks for whatever I am eating or drinking and even though I really wanted it, I give it to him. My husband needs something for work or around the house, I make sure I get whatever he needs. I’m in line at the grocery store and the person behind me has a while lot less than I do, I offer for them to go ahead of me. I’m in a drive thru lane and I pay for the person behind me. My mom calls and needs me to do something, I do it. My son’s school needs something or something needs to be done, I am the one they can call upon to get it done. So, today I have decided I am going to do something extra special for…the one person who is least expecting anything…the one who needs a little encouraging…when I find that person today, I will let you all know.

  67. Mary T says

    Good morning Karen! I have a friend who I know is in need of some items he just cannot afford to buy, I am going to go buy them and leave them for him. Before I read this post I actually bad been thinking king about how blessed I am and then there this post was. Thanks for the call to action!

  68. Emily says

    The person that has helped me most in a very tying time of my life was my sister-in-law’s mom. She recently passed away due to her own trials in life. Despite her own battles she was so comforting and encouraging throughout a very hard time in my life. Though I can not tell her how much of a blessing she was to me in my life, I’m going to write her husband and tell him how wonderful she was and how much she is missed even by those who are not her family.

  69. val says

    I am going to help my grown daughter with several errands that she doesn’t like to do so that they will be complete and give her time to do tasks she prefers. I would share this basket with her.

  70. Judy B says

    just sprinkled some kindness on an immigrant family with furniture at a nominal fee. (they insisted on paying) Kindness does not injure another person’s pride.

  71. Brenda Oatman says

    Reminds me that ACTIONS speak louder than words.
    Today I will seek out random acts of kindness and not pass the opportunity. I will take time to put others first before myself

  72. Kelly Lake says

    I would love to sprinkle kindness today on my husband who has a tough work situation going on right now, and I would also like to take some time today to pray about doing something special for a few of my close friends, maybe send them a little card in the mail with a Starbucks gift card just to tell them I am so thankful for their friendship!

  73. Barb Metreyeon says

    I loooooved your inspiring words…perfect for today. I passed them on to my 58 ” prayer buddies” that I send devotionals to in the mornings. I wanna be a ” No, You first!” kinda girl. Thanks for your 5 ways to be & do that! blessings!

  74. Joanie F says

    My neighbor is a single male who is hopeless when it comes to yardwork. His passion is fixing cars, not grass! I’m going to mow and fertilize his lawn for him today.

  75. marge michulsky says

    My Dad’s legacy was “to be kind”. :)
    I am going to send a text message to my nephew who has taken a leave of absence to take care of his mom (my sister) while she is sick right now.

  76. Joy says

    I would love to sprinkle kindness on my dear friend who teaches Reading Recovery to elementary children and who cares for both of her ailing parents. Each morning she goes to help her parents before going to teach. She is a prayer warrior who sees each child she teaches as a beloved child of God and she loves and prays over each one. Then, in the evening she returns to her parent’s home to put them to bed. At the same time, she maintains her household and cares for the needs of her husband. She is a blessing and encouragement to me.

  77. Ashley says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my son’s teacher. She teaches children with special needs with amazing patience and grace.

  78. Ellen Kendall says

    I wish to sprinkle some kindness on my husband today.
    He is a patient and caring man. We just spent our weekend going to our daughter’s graduation. We live in Indiana and drove to North Carolina with him doing the majority of the driving. It was a wonderful weekend but it was exhausting. I would like to show him just how much he is appreciated. Please pray I do a good job of doing that today and really everyday. We have a tendency to take our loved ones for granted.
    Thank you!

  79. Chrissy Huffman says

    I love this!! I’m going to focus on spreading kindness in general. To my own four walls & beyond.

  80. Therese says

    I need to show kindness today by helping my son clean up his room. It has been a source of discourse for awhile. He is raising his young daughter and learning to be a dad. They live with us and many times the state of the room causes arguments, so today I want to help and not let this be such an issue in the future. He is a young man with a lot of heart who is trying to find his way.

  81. Patti O'Leary says

    Enjoyed your message. Interesting twist on that verse which always spoke of death to me. I love the idea of laying down a bit of my life daily! It makes good sense. Please give your friend Tami a hug from me. Her son was a hero and is surely with God. Today the country honors him!

  82. Debi says

    I am going to sprinkle kindness on my daughter today by helping her in ways that will allow her to accomplish what she needs to today. Changing a diaper. Fixing her a treat. I think I’ll even do a pedicure for her. Thanks for this post. Motivating.

  83. Sonia says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on my neighbor. She herself is a kind and thoughtful person. This last year she & her family had a car accident wrecking their new car and numerous medica issues amongst all of them.

  84. Christy Spurlock says

    I would love to sprinkle kindness on the widow women of my church. They truly are the foundation of our church.

  85. says

    My husband, Jim, suffered a traumatic brain injury after a fall in January. Weekends are nice, but long weekends with the kids and having family over tax him. Today I’m taking the kids to the Memorial Day service at the park to give him some quiet time home alone.

  86. Debbie says

    I would like to spread a little (a lot actually) kindness to my husband who so selflessly has cared for me while I’ve been layed up with a blood clot. He has taken over every duty with a smile and waits on me continuously. He gets the medal of honor!

  87. Staci says

    I will look for ways to ecourage my 13-year old daughter today instead of finding a problem with what she isn’t quite doing right.

  88. Kim j says

    I am sprinkling kindness today by having a cookout for my family, just so we can be together and enjoy one another’s company.

  89. Heather says

    I’d like to sprinkle kindness on my mother in law today. She has been through a lot of tough things in her life but remains strong in her trust in the Lord. She has lost a sister in early adulthood, dealt with the news that her 4 year old child (now my husband) has a severe case of muscular dystrophy, and has lost her husband 3 months ago to cancer. Through it all she praises the Lord and shares with us verses from her quiet time that the Lord has comforted her with.

  90. Tareasa says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness to my daughter today. Her family is trying to buy a home for the first time. They have been renting for 7 years in a small 3 bedroom house with 3 children. They have decided to move in with a family member for 6 months to save the money for the down payment. I know this was a hard decision but will be good for their family in the end.

  91. Reg says

    My daughter who is 17! At a very awkward time in her life. Too serious, always studying, does like her looks(but is beautiful), doesn’t take the time for herself, and the list goes on. Would like to give special attention today…even had to go to school. Let her know how special she is and most importantly that God loves her and she is special to Him! Thanks for this blog today.

  92. Jenny C. says

    I’d like to sprinkle kindness on my husband & kids today – life has been ” complicated” lately and I want them all to know how deeply loved and special they are despite all our circumstances…

  93. Martha T. says

    I told some friends I would pray for them as they get together with several people who do not know Jesus yet.

  94. Donna Torrado says

    I am learning to sprinkle kindness especially when I am not feeling so kind. I might say thank you to someone for no reason or sometimes it is just being kind to myself when I feel like a failure. I found if I can’t be kind to me I really can’t be kind to others.
    When I do this I find I am much happier and it is easier to be kind.

  95. Jeanie Kelley says

    I am sprinkling kindness everywhere I go especially on social media. However, who I would love to shower some kindness on is my son and husband. They need this every day and that is who I can shower on. Whether it is making cookies or a pudding ribbon pie. There are small things that we all can do.

  96. Carol V says

    My daughter Julie. She just finished her first year of teaching – and had to move several states away as there are no jobs in Michigan. I am proud of her – moving away from all family and not knowing anyone!

  97. Lynn says

    I would love to encourage my son who has been so busy at school and soccer. I’m going to clean his room and get up extra early tomorrow and make his breakfast

  98. Erin says

    I’d love to sprinkle some kindness on my 17 year old daughter who graduated from high school Saturday. I’ve had a hard time letting go of her knowing that as her mom, I have very little molding and shaping to do and fewer life lessons to teach her. I need to celebrate her becoming a woman in God’s image and how she is unique.

  99. Elaine says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on a relative (and the relative’s family) whose father is dying and is only expected to live a few more days. I have already spoken words of compassion to them, but I want to do more.

  100. Joyce C. says

    I’m going to sprinkle kindness on a former Sunday school teacher. She constantly encouraged me through letters and notes.

  101. Karen Sweeney-Ryall says

    I want to sprinkle kindness on my mother today. She has lived with us for the past year and it can be trying at times. I often get irritated so today I am going to try to swallow any irritation and be as kind as I can be

  102. Sherry says

    I’m going to sprinkle kindness on my husband today and let him know how proud I am of him and how thankful I am that he works so hard for our family.

  103. liz says

    Selfishness is one of the greatest challenges I face as a Christian. Which is completely backwards considering the emence sacrifice Christ made for us! Thanks for your thoughts : )

  104. says

    I would love to share kindness with a couple of moms who have been greatly helping me with a homeschooling event–big work, big help! :)

  105. Halona Luna says

    I would love to spread some kindness to my daughter. She so much my strength helping when others won’t and beyond.

  106. Tina says

    Thank you for this reminder to look for opportunities to encourage others! As a mother of 2 teenage boys, I find myself criticizing much more than encouraging. Today I will find ways to encourage them each for being who God created them to be.

  107. Rachel says

    I am going to paint my 6 year old daughter’s toe nails today :). Something we rarely do, and is special for us. I hope to run into a veteran today to thank. And I will try to bless the widows who live by me this week.

    • Luz says

      I’m so sorry for your loss of your daddy. May the Lord strengthen you in your time of sorrow. Thanks to your daddy and countless others who have sacrificed so much for the benefit of future generations. God bless you!

  108. Cris says

    I would love to shower my mom with kindness. As a child I would watch her giving to our family and and to others selflessly all while working full time. Now she’s retired but still constantly gives -her time, money, gifts…. whatever the need someone has, she will find a way to meet it. She is a true example of His love and I aspire to be more like her every day.

  109. says

    I had minor surgery on my foot so my family has been serving me all week. Today, I’d like to turn the tables and do the chores no one chose to do as I recover; laundry and cleaning bathrooms!

  110. Laurie Lett says

    Sprinkling love on a dog who I am taking care for a single mom of three kids so she can have peace of mind while away on beach trip with her kids! And send her picture of her dog!

  111. Tammie Stiles says

    I’m not going to be out about today, but I always stop and talk to the workers at the store I’m in….. I smile at everyone……. I try to interact with people a lot…. I’ve bought a soda for a worker that couldn’t leave their post, but they were really hot…… I’m always looking for a way to bless someone :)

  112. Sarah says

    Today, I want to sprinkle kindness on my dear friend, Rebekah, and her family who are on furlough after a busy and exhausting four years on the mission field in Southeast Asia. They selfless serve in a spiritually depleting context and are beautifully making Christ known. But, they are tired and need folks to just love on them!

  113. Carmen says

    I would like to show more kindness to my mom. She is from a family of 9 who were raised on a cotton farm. All she has known is working hard and she never gives up. She has put myself and my brother before her countless times making sure that we have the best. She takes care of us all and I’m glad I have her to look up to. I thank God every day for blessing me with such a wonderful mother!

  114. Melissa Burford says

    I’m going to sprinkle some kindness on my parents by cleaning their house and helping to declutter.

  115. Karen R says

    I’d like to sprinkle kindness on my only daughter today; because more often than not, I point out her shortcomings rather than praise her efforts.

  116. Shelley says

    I plan to sprinkle kindness on the mother of one of the students I teach. She is a single mom, very little money, and has two challenging young sons…. She is exhausted in every way. One the second to last day of school, my student told me they had no food in the house. I quickly walked him over to our family resource specialist, who was able to send home some food and information about food banks, but I have been wanting to send them (anonymously) a grocery store gift card. And, I love the idea of sending mom out for a pedicure, so I’m going to send a gift card for that too! Thank you for the inspiration!

  117. Tiffany says

    I would like to sprinkle some kindness on my husband. He works two jobs so that I can stay home with our little boy. He works a full-time corporate job then is the Student Pastor at our church. He works long hours. More like 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But he still has time for his family. We may not get to see him much but when we do, he is totally focused on us. He needs a time where he can just relax!

  118. Sarah Gillaspie says

    Thank you for great reminders in this post. You have reminded me how I need to be intentional to thank people. Today I will get a card ready to mail thanking a family member for serving in the military.

  119. Carol Elburg says

    I would like to give this to my mom who has given to me unconditionally all my life as a single mom.

  120. Jenna says

    My wonderful, hard working husband….I’m going to make his favorite dessert tonight just to bless him!

  121. Terri says

    My best friend – Marlene – whose husband just found that he has a brain tumor. Would love to bless her with kindness today.

    Thank you.

  122. Kristi Edwards says

    Since it is just me and my husband home today, I will try and sprinkle some kindness on him with encouraging words and helping with what I can while he is cooking our dinner on the grill! I in general do try to be kind to whoever I come in contact with each day, but sometimes at my job I have problems with trying to be kind to certain people just because they are always talking about others and putting others down. My pastor just did a sermon a couple of weeks ago about slander. You should always lift others up and make the people that are talking about others leave with thinking higher of that person that they are talking about. I have been working on this, but some days it is hard listening to others and their negative talking. So I would love to have this book to try and spread more kindness to others around me.

  123. Luz says

    Our neighbor who is so sweet and always going out of her way to think of her children. She lives with her husband who is well into his eighties and has numerous health problems. although she lives with him, there’s always a sense that she feels alone. we will be going over with a cake to surprise her for a belated birthday.

  124. Lisa Vaillancourt says

    I’m going to sprinkle my sister with a kind gesture in a few minutes when she comes to visit. She is my best friend and helps me every chance she gets. I am going to fix her dinner.????

  125. Bekki Pestar says

    I want to share kindness with my mother-in-law. She has been such a blessing to me these past couple years. She lost her husband suddenly in 2012, and since then has opened her home to us so I could continue to be a stay home mom. Recently her youngest daughter has moved in with her as well, and things have been strained, with the end result being my mother in law feels under appreciated in her own home. She’s also under enormous amounts of pressure as her brother has health issues and her roof is falling apart and leaking. I do what I can to help her, but I would love to give her extra love and kindness now.

  126. Gail says

    I am going to sprinkle kindness on my husband who works very hard at providing a nice home for us and who is a loving husband to me and wonderful father to our children and their spouses and a great grandfather to our grandchilren.

  127. Dawnn says

    My next door neighbor. She is a single mom to the best kid ever & she has done an amazing job with him. She works full-time but is always there to offer a helping hand, take my kids to give ME a break, or just be an ear. She is so deserving!

  128. K says

    My friend “T” could use some kindness. He’s always thinking if other people even though he has a rare cancer.

    If I was a better person, I would do a kindness for a co-worker (“D”). I have never liked “D” as he is very insensitive, likes to laugh at people and is always bragging. A couple of says ago, I discovered he had done something behind my back that (to my mind) was cheap, underhanded and just mean. He really made me look bad and it’s very insulting. I’m praying for him rather half-heartedly, because I know I should. Maybe I can bring myself to turn the other cheek and so him a kindness.

  129. Courtney J says

    I would love to sprinkle some kindness on my dear sweet friend Dawana who is helping me rebild my life after my divorce.

  130. LRF says

    I need to start by being ,alot, more kind to my husband and children . I need look for ways to speak and show more kindness. Thank you for this devotional-definitely gave me a push in the right direction .

  131. Victoria says

    Little acts of kindness may go unnoticed, but its the blessings one receives when they reach out to a friend, family, or a stranger. These come as: an unexpected, surprise look when a friend, who has been really down, finds a little gift in their mailbox, being able to see a little girl hug her favorite doll after it got broken & didn’t think it could ever be fixed, my daughter coming home from work & seeing the wedding dress she fell in love with but couldn’t afford, hanging on her bedroom door, my mother’s tears of joy, when her first great-grandson was placed in her arms & hear her say “I thank my Lord that He allowed me not only to see my children grow up, but my grandchildren, & now to hold my great-grandbaby”. 5mos later she went home. I would love to do another act of kindness by giving this gift to Doris, my son-in-laws mother, who, after working all night, came to my home to take care of me while I was bedridden for 8mos from a battle with cancer, so my daughter and son-in-law could go to work.
    Your inspirational books have been & still are such a blessing to so many.

  132. Susan says

    I am encouraged to do an act of kindness for a teacher at my child’s school who has encouraged him when he needed it most <3

  133. Phyllis Gardner says

    I showed kindness to my husband and step son today, I packed their coolers and supplied snacks for their fishing trip. I also made breakfast and dinner. I spoke to strangers in the pharmacy and asked how they were and I listen to their reply. I have found that sometimes people just need to know you care and are not just saying “hi, how are you?” I tried to teach my boys to never ask a question if they were not going to listen to the answer. I like the list and my plan is to go forward with kindness. Thank you for sharing with us.

  134. Pat Parker says

    I need to take a minute right now, and give my 10 year old daughter a hug. She is putting away dishes to help me get ready for our 39th showing on our house tomorrow. And although she hates showings, because we have to clean and put away all our clutter, she is willingly doing it, and WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING!!! We have been learning about the fruits of the spirit in home school the last couple weeks. I think she’s demonstrating. So I am getting off the computer and going to spend some quality time and take some TIME OUT from cleaning to love on her. thanks for the reminder!!!

  135. Tiffany Clark says

    I want to bless my brother in law who served in Afghanistan several years ago. He was in active combat and has told me many stories that would break anyone’s heart. His faith in Jesus Christ was the only thing that kept him going for months and months of fire fights. He is truly a hero.

    Thanks for encouraging us to encourage others!!

  136. Dawn says

    Just this weekend we brought our troubled teenage niece home with us to spend the weekend. This gave both her parents and her a break from one another. It was a nice weekend.

  137. DebK says

    I’d pick my 86 year old mom who lives with us. Sometimes it’s easy to get a little frustrated with older people, but she never seems to get frustrated with me and does everything she can to make sure she’s not a bother. In fact, sometimes a little too much. I’d rather do things for her and love to do them. So…I’d sprinkle some kindness on my mom instead of a short-temper.

  138. Carol says

    I’d like to sprinkle more love & kindness on my 7 & 9 year olds. My son & I have the same personalities & we tend to butt heads quite a bit. I also am planning on treating my friend to lunch or dinner.

  139. Wendy says

    We went to a parade today and clapped the entire time! It made me get a little choked up thinking of the ultimate sacrifice brave men and women have made for not only myself but my dear family! I was able to bless my little family as well as three nieces and one nephew! My husband and I must have been a sight with eight ducklings between us! God is so good! I want to strive to put others beforehand each and every day! Thank you for your devotional!

  140. Mary says

    My husband is in an Acute Care facility recovering from a partially collapsed lung. The man who is his roommate is not easy to be with due to frequent outbursts and constant demands. This morning we heard the nurse explaining to him that he would soon be transferred to a Hospice facility where they will discontinue treatment. As I read your column, I realized God put him there for us to be Jesus for him in word and deed. Thank you …I needed a reminder that “as long as you do it for the least of these, you do it for Me”.

  141. Cindy says

    I have a friend whose son has been very ill and fighting for his life after complications from back surgery. She has spent the better part of the past six months in the hospital with him, always putting her son’s needs ahead of her own. I would love to find a way to scatter some kindness in her life, even though she lives on the opposite coast from me. Thanks for this opportunity, Karen!

  142. Tiffany Spede says

    A mother in my community (whom I never met) tragically lost her 7 year old daughter over the weekend in a freak accident. I would like to bless her and her family by bringing them a hot meal.

  143. Jill says

    Thanks for the image of “scattering” kindness! I would like to do that so much more often, especially in my own house. My husband and 2 sons often get the frazzled wife/mom who has a hard time scattering kindness. I pray for the reminder to do this tomorrow!

  144. Karen says

    I would like to scatter kindness on so many people. But I think my family at home deserves it so much for putting up with me when I’m overwhelmed, discouraged, etc. My husband and daughter are so loving and kind to me even when I’m in a not-so-good mood.
    Love them so much!

  145. Kristin Clinkinbeard says

    A woman that goes to my church! She is the pictured kindness! She is always looking at how’s he can bless everyone. 3 years ago I was in the hospital after having my son. She was everything to my kids, my husband, and to me. She made sure we had visitors, babysitters, and visitors. She wrote out bible verses for me, downloaded Christian music, prayed with me everyday, and was always there with a smile! She blessed me and continues to bless everyone with nothing asked in return. She takes care of her adult special needs sister with love and compassion! I could go on and on but there is not enough room!

  146. Kim says

    My mom. She has done so much for me and has gone through a rough health time. I need to make sure she knows how much I appreciate everything she does.

  147. Carol says

    I would like to be able to be kind to everyone I come in contact with. I ask the Lord to show me ways that I can show His glory to others.

  148. Rita says

    I have five sisters and we each live in different states across the US. We have all been together only three times in the past 40 years. I would like to sprinkle kindness their way by staying in contact and asking God to help them each with the struggles in their lives. Maybe even send them some flowers with a note, “just because.”

  149. says

    As far as immigrant criminality goes this is a misunderstanding of the nature of immigration. People who are doing well in their own countries do not leave it would be nice for the Swiss if all their immigrants were doctors, rocket scientists and nuclear physicists,API Publ 4772 PDF, but they are not. If you thought oversized convertibles were reserved for the auto department,API Spec 12F PDF, think again; convertible totes are the lifesavers that turn from a shoulder bag and carryall to a simpl

  150. Nancy Cadieux says

    Karen, I just discovered your blog and want to say thank you for sprinkling a little kindness on me today, i needed that. I would like to sprinkly kindness on my daughter, Gabrielle. She has epilepsy and has been having a difficult time lately. I wish I could do more than I already do.

  151. Mythyl T. says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness to a neighbor who has a daycare, two small children of her own and is 17 weeks pregnant. I’m thinking to gove her some break or a time just for her and her husband (like a date night).I believe she will be delighted.

  152. Rebecca Clarke says

    I would love for this gift basket to go to my friend, a loving and supportive single mother, who is about to see her last child graduate from high school and go off to college (only by courtesy of their mostly absent father who has not helped her one step of the way except to contribute to their college tuition). She has had no financial assistance from her ex-husband who left them when the children were young and fled the country to avoid child support. She has held down 2 jobs and simultaneously fought to become a US citizen so she could provide a good life for them here in the US. On top of it all, she completed her teaching certification in special education and goes to work everyday caring for children who often don’t have a good home environment. And though she sometimes doesn’t like what she sees or hears, she smiles and continues to love unconditionally those that are entrusted to her care, both in school and at church, where she has served for 10+ years. I love her dearly for her devotion to humanity and to God!

  153. Rebecca says

    There are so many wonderful stories here. I would love to help send a special package to someone else here. Is there a way for me to send to someone who has been mentioned in this comment section? Please email me directly to let me know where I can contribute? Thank you!

  154. Debi Schuhow says

    I’d like to sprinkle some kindness on my co-leader in our community group at (in)courage.

  155. Bonnie says

    I’d like to sprinkle kindness on my friend,church friend who is going through cancer & pneumonia , she is homebound & I’d like to be her friend that is close at this time

  156. Sarah says

    I need to focus more on kindness within my home. After giving kindess to all of my patients and all of.my coworkers and everyone else I encounter throughout the workday I often find myself exhausted, short on patience and at times less than kind to my family.

  157. Kimberly A Burry says

    My pastors wife. He has been pastoring 2 churches….his own and filling in at ours until we find a new pastor. She’s very gracious and I appreciate them both.

  158. Debbie says

    My son’s ex-biology teacher! She quit her teaching position at his school, but has continued to work with the students to help them pass their end-of-year tests! She takes times out of her day and doesn’t ask for anything in return. She deserves a great reward!!

  159. Christy says

    Thank you for this post. I will be seeking out ways to spread kindness all day to everyone I come in contact with and I hope to continue it every day!

  160. Julie says

    This is a terrific reminder to be selfless and live out Christ’s love every day. I’d like to bless the international students at my church. Many of them are in our city for only a couple of years and once they receive their degrees, they move on to other cities/countries. They come to church with reservations but I pray that they’ll change as they receive God’s love. Many do grow to be bold Christians, even in the face of unrelenting families, friends, and significant others. But God’s love is worth it and I just pray that I can demonstrate that to them each and every day.

  161. Laura says

    I would like to do something kind within my four walls for my husband who has been feeling stressed lately with too many outside commitments. He is working on paring back and I want him to feel supported by me instead of the frustration I sometimes communicate.

  162. Olivia says

    A 3 year old that I babysit. I know how hard it is for her mama to leave her everyday, and I want her to rest assured knowing I treat her baby with the same loving kindness that I treat my own babies.

  163. Melody Byrum says

    Pam and I have been friends for years now. Even though there is a huge age gap (I am the same age as her youngest daughter, 32), she is not only like a mother to me, but a dear friend. I can tell her anything and she will listen and not even give advice unless I ask her. She was with me through my first marriage and through my year as a single mom and has been a great friend to me and my second husband. She loves my children as though they were her grandchildren. But lately she has been very sick. So I intend to write her a note and send a gift card to her to let her know how much she means to me and my family. I know that it will at least put a smile on her face.

  164. Holly L says

    There’s a younger kid that I know, he has three kids and is going through a divorce. He is keeping the kids. I know it takes a lot for him to make ends meet, but he’s making his children his priority. He doesn’t know Christ, but I’d love to find a way to show him that Jesus loves him and that he’s doing the right thing!

  165. says

    My best friend could really use a pick me up! She and her husband are struggling with adult children who are addicted to drugs and are causing lots of problems! We keep them in our prayers and try to spend at least one night a week with them just so they can get things off their chests.

  166. says

    I would like to sprinkle kindness on a friend who is always giving of her time, love, kindness and she does it unselfishly. She is now going through a rough time with a family member’s recent diagnosis of cancer. I’ve thought about writing her a little note to let her know her acts do not go unnoticed by people around her, she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. I thought Icould add a baked goody too. Thank you Karen for encouraging me to take the time to focus on others. I am new to your Facebook page and am looking forward to your devotionals and watching your videos too.

  167. Chris says

    Sending out 3 cards today. One birthday and 2 thinking of you. I like to get surprises in my mail sometimes. I hope they feel extra loved.

  168. Phyllis says

    I think I will sprinkle some kindness on my husband today! Some Tuesday’s I have to work late and we usually keep our grand kids on Tuesday’s. So that he can enjoy some time with them tonight – I am going home at lunch and put something in the crock pot for them for dinner and set the table with paper place mats for the kids to color and put out a movie for them to watch together when they come inside from playing. I may even try to think of a scavenger hunt for them to do together! Thanks for making this a possibility!

  169. Christine says

    I am going to shower my wonderful hubby with love and kindness today! His parents just visited us from Iowa this past weekend and we had an amazing time with them. That made saying goodbye today really hard on him. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like to, which makes goodbyes extra hard. Today is also his birthday so it is my priority and goal to do everything I can to make him feel loved and appreciated today. Thank you for your blog and for inspiring me!! :)

  170. Marisha says

    Thank you very much, Karen, for the inspiration to be kind-er to people.
    First and foremost, I will try to be nicer within the ‘4 walls’ (your suggestion #1). Be quick to listen but slower to speak my mind, as at times everyone wants to lead and not really everyone wants to compromise, so I’ll try to be the softer one.- such a tough one to have self-control over, and I know you’ve addressed it in your posts a number of times.
    Also, in the neighbourhood where I live there are several homeless, so I’ll try to think of something to them…or even a smile when I pass them, as most of the people just act as they are invisible- I guess we all are uncomfortable with this sad reality.

  171. Melissa K. says

    I REALLY need to be kinder within my 4 walls. I guess because I feel so secure in my own home, I let my family have the brunt of my stress. I would also like to show a co-worker some kindsness today. His mother passed away suddenly last week and I know he’s troubled.

  172. Nila says

    This weekend my daughter was selfless and “laid down her life”. Even though she has a couple papers and a presentation due for school this week, she helped clean the garage and pool cover, make dinner and plant flowers,vacuum the pool and did her usual chores. Some of it she did without being asked and she did it all with a good attitude! Her love language is gifts so I’m going to buy her earrings when I’m at the store today and also put a vase of flowers in her room.

    Thanks, Karen, for the ideas and the reminder to model Christ in this way :)

  173. Judy L. says

    I’ve always been one to keep to myself in my neighborhood. I want to meet all of my neighbors an be friends with them but I just end up keeping to myself. in the last couple of months I have made a stronger effort in getting out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to a few of my neighbors. With some of your ideas I will make even a stronger in effort in reaching out to my neighbors and people I come across wherever I may be.

  174. Connie C. says

    I would like to share a big helping of kindness to a daughter who is battling that overwhelming feeling of having too much to deal with. She already gives more of herself to everyone, from her husband who is battling cancer, to her patients who often are battling end-of-life diseases, to her kids that she always puts first anyway, to other family members that she would love to see turn their lives around, and to me, for whom she has always found special ways to show her love for me. She is a perfect example of someone who gives kindness to others unselfishly.

  175. Lori A. says

    I would like to show extra kindness to my Dad who is going through recovery after a knee replacement.

  176. Dorean T says

    My husband…I have not been in the best of moods lately due to pregnancy. My pregnancy is going extremely great this time around, but I’m not sleeping well and my body hurts and I just get aggravated easily because I still have to work full time and work a 12 hour day (including my commute) and keep up with groceries, house cleaning, our 7-year-old, etc. anyway, I know I can be nicer to him, so I will!!

  177. Karla Fore says

    I am in charge of my Aunt who doesn’t have any children and she has recently been put in a nursing home. I visit her weekly and there is a little lady that is very shy but who faithfully does her job that I’ve noticed and would like to reach out to. Love this idea!!!

  178. Connie Boyd says

    I would love to bless my family… as we get busy with spring shores and to-do lists, I want them to know I love them so much.

  179. Ehrin H. says

    I would like ot sprinkle kindness on my mom, now widowed 1 1/2 years. She devotes herself to her son and nephew who are autistic and helps me so so much with my children, She does all this while holding a full time job. I just LOVE her. <3

  180. Maya C says

    I would LOVE to share this with a young mom and wife in my small group who is struggling with a strong-willed child while her husband is deployed.

  181. Niki says

    thank you for the ideas! wow! to be able to sprinkle something good upon someone who needs it and God knows who. so with that, I hope to be obedient to Him.

  182. Anna says

    I would love to sprinkle kindness on my older daughter. Her husband is overseas again, and she is home with our 8 year old grandson. We are 4 hours away, but her and I talk everyday. There are days of cheer and days of tears, on the days of tears I wish I could just put my arms through the phone lines and hold her. I feel joy in my heart though because I know our Savior is holding and protecting all three of them.
    Thank you for this devotion.
    Blessings Anna

  183. Sarah K. says

    I would love to sprinkle kindness on my cousin’s wife and 2 young daughters. My cousin moved back to Wisconsin for work and left his family in Idaho to get the house ready to rent out and for his oldest to finish kindergarten. His wife is on an emotional roller coaster right now. She’s dreading saying goodbye to friends, but is pulling her daughter from school early and moving 2 weeks sooner than planned because she can’t stand their family not feeling whole.

  184. says

    I think I’m going to sprinkle some kindness on my co-workers today. We’re swamped at work and everyone is really working hard. I think I’ll bring in a sweet treat for everyone after lunch today! This was a really great post, thanks for writing it!

  185. Adriana U says

    My brother just took his medial exams and he is awaiting the results. I think I’ll drop him a note of encouragement.

  186. Courtney L. says

    I would like to sprinkle a little kindness on my friend, B. She is always doing things for others, whether it’s sending a card just to say she cares, gifting something fun that she knows the recipient would enjoy, or just being a good listener.

  187. Mylan says

    I would like to sprinkle some kindness on my big sister. She had never been as talented or skilled as our younger sister and me, so she felt very insecure growing up. Nevertheless, she worked very hard to try to meet our parents’ expectations and I still see that determination and diligence today. I love her so much <3

  188. Cindi Sikora says

    I’d like to show kindness to my cousin Janice who is always down on herself and her child-rearing skills. She feels that no one wants to be her friend. I just keep trying to encourage her.

  189. says

    My husbands 91 year old grandmother lives next door, I went in with some of her favorite snacks and tidied her place up a bit. And stay and visited and looked at old photos. (which is her favorite thing to do,) It’s hard making/taking the time to do these things.

  190. Christin says

    There are a lot of people I would like to show kindness to, but if I had to pick just one it would be my dear friend who lost her mom to cancer. The first anniversary of her passing is coming up next week. I would love to show her some extra kindness just so she has some extra love and strength to hold on to during what is going to be a very difficult day. If you would, please say a prayer for her comfort.

  191. Cathy says

    I would love to be able to do something special for my two friends, Pam and Marilyn. They have both been there for me through all my sadness and hardships. When my seventeen year old son died and when my husband walked out and left me with nothing. They both were there cryin, laughing, encouraging and helping me move forward.

  192. Su says

    I would like to “sprinkle” kindness to all four of my children. They are so awesome and I feel like I just am not enough for them most days. thx

  193. Julie E. says

    i would like to sprinkle some kindness to my Dad and my two sons. My Dad has been going through severe depression for the last 5 years and he and my mother are having a really tough time dealing with it. Also, my two sons, ages 29 and 25 need spiritual guidance and a way to turn their lives around. They have both had a really hard time over the last several years. They all could use some kindness!

  194. says

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    This is actually a terrific site.

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