The Mended Heart giveaway by Suzanne Eller

I’m super excited to introduce my friend, Suzanne and she is our guest posting today on mending the heart. Be sure to leave a comment on today’s post for a  downloadable chapter from her book, The Mended Heart and a chance to win a giveaway book.

Now meet my friend Suzanne.

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Suzie is an International Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and author, former radio co-host, and Bible Gateway blogger. She’s a woman who believes that our past shapes us, but does not limit us! (Read Suzie’s story).  She has been featured on programs such as Focus on the Family, Aspiring Women, The Harvest Show, KLOVE, It’s a Miracle, MidDay Connection, DayStar, and hundreds of other radio and television programs.  She served as co-host of the syndicated radio show, Encouragement Cafe with host Luann Prater.

Recently I was interviewed on a radio station. In the midst of the interview, the host asked:Suzie, what is the Jesus’ factor? This was my response.

The Jesus Factor is that not only did He come to release us from our sin, but to release us from the hold of other’s sin upon our hearts and lives. 

Suddenly, on live radio, the host wasn’t able to speak. When she finally did, she said that she had been molested as a young girl by a respected community member. She had taken steps to heal, but she said, “I have always felt marked by his actions.”

For the first time she understood the power of the cross. It wasn’t just about her sin, but the healing power Jesus held out for her for the damage upon her young heart by another’s sin.

That sums up why I am so grateful that you are helping me to get the word out. Whether 1000 books sell or 100,000, my prayer is that women will grab hold of Jesus’ mission statement in Luke 4:18-19: I have come to heal the brokenhearted.

And that truth will transform them from broken to whole, forever changed by an encounter with Christ.

Now for the giveaway.The-Mended-Heart book by Suzi

All will be able to download and read Sample Chapters: The Mended Heart Sample  (Actual download link is:

One lucky winner will receive a copy of Suzanne’s The Mended Heart. Please leave a comment  how the healing of Jesus’ love mended your heart.




  1. Cathy says

    When I went through a divorce after leaving an abusive marriage it was the healing touch of Jesus that got me through and helped me thrive now.

    • says

      Hi Cathy, I love to hear your faith in this comment. So honest about the hard part of going through a divorce, of an abusive marriage, and yet of healing and thriving. You are a woman of courage, and I’m so glad to get to know you. ~ Suzie Eller

  2. Bonnie says

    My relationship with my mother was strained when she passed. The love of Jesus has carried me through the grieving process and has washed the guilt I attached to myself upon her passing.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of The Mended Heart.

    • says

      Hi Bonnie, I pray that God continues to walk with you as you grieve, and heal. I’m so sorry for the hard place you were both in when your mom passed away. I pray that peace fills that place.

  3. Christy Spurlock says

    I have dealt with issues in regards to my “looks and physical appearance”. I’ve lived with people who have always been very negative and critical of my looks which has caused many difficulties with me accepting who I am. I’m learning to accept who I am by spending time in the Bible and Prayer. God is mending my heart to accept myself as a child of God. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome book.

    • says

      I see a beautiful strong woman in that picture. A woman loved by God. A woman of worth and value in His sight. I understand how words can cause us to see ourselves differently than God does, but you are beautiful and treasured by Him. ~ Suzie Eller

    • says

      Father, today I pray for Jill. What an honest comment, and what a treasured daughter. I pray that she understands that you meet us where we are. Though we feel lost, we are always in your sight. Though we feel too far from you, you are close. Though we feel as if we’ll never be whole, you came so that we would be free. I stand with Jill today, holding up hands and a heart for all that you have for her. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

  4. amber grant says

    I saw your book and thought…that’s what I need after the pat few years. I need Him to heal my heart. I don’t want to stay broken. Thank you for writing a book based on the Word and His character. Hope I win! :)

    • says

      Hi Amber, He came to heal your heart. He came to open our eyes to His love and to who we are in Him. He came so that we’d have peace. He came so that you could rest in Him and find the change you desire so much. I’m so glad you came by today, and so thankful for a God who loves us completely.

  5. Cindy says

    We can’t have children so we did foster care for a while. Last year, we got a 5 wk old girl and kept her for 5 months. We were led to believe that we would get to adopt her but then after 5 months, they gave her to a family member. It broke our hearts and felt like we lost a child to death. Our faith in Jesus is what helped us through the grieving process so that we can move toward domestic adoption. We are now 12th on the waiting list.

    • says

      Hi Cindy, I’m the grandma of two adopted little ones and they light up my world. I am so grateful for the 5 months that you poured into a little one whose whole sense of identity was being shaped. Years from now that 5 months will still be a part of her, and your love for her was such a gift. I pray that right now that a child will be in your home and arms soon. I pray that they bring you as much joy as Luke and Josiah bring our family. You are a treasure, and I’m so grateful that you shared your story. ~Suzie Eller

  6. Andee Henry says

    I’m currently walking the path of healing from emotional pain in my family. I’m also on a path learning to be able to help other women to heal also.

  7. Courtney J says

    God is mending my heart and allowing me to forgive my ex-husband after a bitter and unwanted divorce.

  8. Melody Byrum says

    I was mentally and verbally abused by a controlling man in my first marriage. I got divorced from him and me and my young daughter moved in with my parents and younger brother and sister. During the divorce, I met a man who helped me learn to trust again and later I married this man. at the time, i wasn’t a follower of Christ. I knew who he was and beleived in him, but didn’t really know about him and what it entailed. But even through this tough difficult time, he was guiding me the whole time. He has taken my hand and led me to my husband and even through the horrible first marriage, I got a wonderful daughter out of it and I have forgiven my ex husband for what he did. He has now remarried also and changed his ways and is trying to be a better father to his daughter. But my daughter also has a wonderful stepfather and now a 2 year old brother who adores her. My life while far from perfect, is wonderful because God has washed away my sins and the sins of others. He is truly an amazing God.

  9. Kelly Clossin says

    Would love to read this book to continue with my own healing. Thwn to pass it on to my church counseling center to use.

  10. Adriana says

    God’s healing power has been amazing and continues to be a constant in my life. He’s provided healing from the aftermath of an abusive church experience, the loss of my dearly loved father, and the healing from emotional pain in my family and marriage. Can’t imagine life without God. He is good…all the time.

  11. Grace says

    After the passing of my oldest 17 year old son, the Lord has led me to read his Bible, especially the highlighted verses that spoke to my son. They have been comforting and healing to my heart as each day goes by without him. I continue to lean on the One who heals and understands me. I prayed that as a family we would not depart from Him and continue to draw closer to Him and to each other. All praise and glory to our Father in Heaven.

  12. Deb says

    I’m in the midst of the storms. To be honest I don’t know how to rely on Christ to mend me. Most of the time I don’t even know if he really wants to help me. I know he cares and that some have seen his power. I can’t see how this storm will ever end or how to receive mending in the process.

    • says

      Father, there have been times I’ve not known how to pray and you led others to speak the words I could not find. Today I thank you for Deb. I pray that she senses and feels you close to her. I pray that she rests in you, and that she knows that you are with her. I thank you her faith, the words that “I know he cares” is a huge step of faith for her, and words that are strong and bring you joy. Lord, I pray that you will guide her, give her wisdom, fill her heart with peace, and lead her step by step to healing. In the name of Jesus, amen.

  13. Maria W. says

    Our son died when he was a teenager and the Lord came very close to me to let me know He loved me. He rescued me from going into the pit of depression and I’ve been very grateful to Him for that. So, I know that He comes close to the brokenhearted. I’m moved, in my spirit, to read the hardships of others on the blog comments and I will pray for these women. God bless the efforts of Suzanne Eller’s book!

  14. Heidi Menges says

    My mom and my relationship is very strained. I try to make up and she doesn’t want too. I would love to read this

  15. Mitzi Limburg says

    God continues to fill my heart when my mom isn’t the mom I want or need her to be. I know she loves me, but unless God intervenes in a big way, we will never have that sweet momma/daughter relationship that I have with my own daughter and desire so much! It hurts a lot at times, but God is big enough to heal it all! :)

  16. Jennifer says

    I would love to read this book to continue with my own healing. My mother and I have always had a strained relationship and has become much harder since I’ve had my precious children. My friends and I pass books along to each other to read and share good news about what we’ve learned and how it helps us with our walk with Christ. I would be honored to be chosen for this book.

  17. Chris says

    I grew up with a mother that was/is bi-polar manic and became the mother at age 10. Since that time I have been trying to be all that she needed only to find out I was enabling her. I’ve recently moved her closer to me and contine to help but not without a broken soul from her temper and manic rage. Finding Christ in my life has meant a long life of healing and putting the past behind to be able to help without the constant hurt and anger from that verbal abuse. God is my reason for being strong. He lifts me up and guides me daily to try to live a better and forgiving life.

  18. Bobbie G says

    Jesus is awesome, he knows everything I have been through and all I will go through. I have had some mending done, but know there is room for more mending in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book. Blessings

  19. Mandy P says

    I have been through so many things in my life. I know it is a fairly recent divorce that God mended my heart and by his grace has made me stronger and wiser! I am dealing with two sick parents as their primary caregiver at this time and I know through his strength he will continue to show me mercy and grace and somehow mend my heart from this pain of dealing with my life (as it is now)

  20. Deborah says

    I have faced a lot of rejection in the past & still do today. But Jesus continually comes to me & assures me that I am wanted & desired by Him & that’s all that matters.

  21. Nicci Ramirez says

    Between my father dying when I was 17 and my mother dying when I was 27….Jesus is still working in my heart… healing and mending…..Would love to read this book….

  22. Jo Ellen says

    My son who was 20 became involved with someone he had been warned about because of her lifestyle. One night after an argument he came home, got a gun and took his life. I was very angry with her because she was much older and knew better. I was very gracious to her through his funeral but angry on the inside my anger lasted quite a while after his death. Then one day, I began to feel sorry for her and realize that my anger was hurting me because she had moved away and moved on. I realized I had to forgive her and a burden was lifted from my heart.

  23. Anna says

    For many years I had this dream, and saw a shadow, but nothing more….while doing a bible study on Proverbs 31, I remembered and saw the shadow of my past, and saw the person who hurt me. I sobbed for what seemed hours. My Savior knew that doing the bible study would help me remember, but what the most amazing part of remembering was that Jesus was also there to help me forgive the person, and heal my heart. It wasn’t instant….but no matter, it happened and I live free from the shadow and the dream since that day.
    This verse is the truth my friends: Luke 4:18-19 I have come to heal the broken hearted…AMEN.

  24. Mippy/Sabrina says

    *wipes tears away* Idk how to let him heal the hurt parts. Idk how to find me again. I still feel at times like I am 2 yrs old. The pain is still there,much of it hidden because I’m scared of the truth. Idk how to let Him heal meh.

  25. Jeanie Kelley says

    When 2012 hit for us I thought my life was done so to speak. My husband lost his job and I really felt that God had forgotten about us. I was living, but was not living in Jesus. I was here, but not here. When Jesus mended my heart, and my husband’s heart he completely has put a new season into our lives. We are not there yet, but it will happen and I praise God that he has mended my heart in such a special way. Amen.

  26. Diane Fetter says

    Jesus worked first in my heart to show me He loved me no matter what bad choices I had made, His forgiveness allowed me to carry on in life. When our 23 year old son was killed in an accident, Jesus was there to love us, comfort us, give us peace. He was amazing!
    Thanks for giving a book away.

    • says

      Diane, from one mom to another I’m reaching with a huge hug. I’m so very sorry for your loss. You are so loved, and so brave. I hear the heart of a woman of faith and courage. <3 ~Suzie Eller

  27. Juli Vrotney says

    It is a work in progress. The first several years of my marriage were difficult both because of adjusting to marriage and because we moved far from family and friends. Thankfully The Lord has been gracious and I know that I am not alone. I have His word and can feel His presence in my life. Grateful for encouraging friends, blogs, music and prayerful warriors who encourager to hang in there and be strong in Him.

  28. AmyBr says

    I am a single mom who has been divorced twice. I have had alot of past verbal and emotional abuse to get past. When I finally gave it ALL to God He was finally able to start mending me back together. It is still a journey but I am doing so much better now and my relationship with my Lord Jesus has grown in.leaps and bounds!!

  29. says

    I’m so glad that I learned about the power of Jesus when I was in college. I was able to forgive those that had hurt me and myself for the numerous bad choices that I had made. Now as a mother to a child with special needs, it is his love and strength that gets me through the hard days. ‘Cause some days are just not easy.

  30. Mona says

    I lived in an abusive marriage for nearly 33 years. Through it all, Jesus helped me to understand how much He loves me, and then He carried me through until I was strong enough to walk down a new path with Him. It was a very painful time, but the blessing in it for me, was that it brought me closer to the Lord.

  31. Jada Smith says

    God continues to heal my heart from a divorce from my children’s father. It’s been such a struggle to turn it all over to Him and to grieve the loss of our future.

  32. Mary T says

    Karen and Suzie, although I have never experienced the shame and sorrow of another’s actions against me in such a horrific way, I struggled in my youth with substance abuse and promiscuity. I was raised by parents of great faith, hope and love, but I continuously sought and validated myself in behaviors that could have harmed me and others. As a young adult, the Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl and my spiritual journey with God began. I still sought validation from others but my interactions were positive, promising, hopeful…over the years, I prayed and sought to fill the emptiness and in a moment of despair, there was Jesus! The rest is not only history as they say but my herstory as my journey with God has brought me to a relationship of love and intimacy with my Lord God, my Abba Father, my Jesus and my Counselor and Guide, the Holy Spirit! Thanks for my walk along memory lane…Praise God!

  33. Danice says

    God is teaching me to forgive those who hurt me. I’m also learning to trust God in that he wants the best for me.

  34. Tiffany says

    I allow/allowed myself to become defeated, destroyed, and deflated when someone I wanted love from didnt behave lovingly towards me. I still struggle with it but I am stronger now than I was just a year ago. This past fall I did a bible study about Gideon called 300…it was a HUGE turning point for me because it helped me to view the heartache I had gone through and was going through differently, to view it as an opportunity for my God and to take refuge in that and finds strength in focusing on my relationship with Him rather than on the treatment from others. It is a work in progress, but I finally feel for the first time that if all of man fails to love me I will be okay in my God.

  35. Vijay Murugan says

    When my mum passed away I thought I’d never be able to go on living because she was my everything, the light of our home. I wasn’t even a Christian at that point but I knew about Jesus. However He was my comforter during that hard time and He filled that hole in my heart…that is when I gave my life to Him. He is my refuge, my comforter, my strength and my everything. I would love to read this book and then pass it on to my cousin who is going through issues regarding her childhood and I believe this book will be perfect for her…it will mend her heart….I would love to win it especially for her….

  36. says

    God continues to stitch up my broken heart and restore my marriage. My husband confessed to being unfaithful with a co-worker on an international business trip several years ago. He lost his job and our four young adult children had a very hard time accepting that their Dad didn’t honor his vows…(it was the 2nd time in our 31 years of marriage.) Our family is all learning about forgiveness and God has been so kind in restoring our relationship. Your book sounds wonderful and I know I could pass it on as I minister to some MOPS mommies who have been through difficult things.

  37. Deb P says

    God has been my source of healing in my relationship with my father. Before my father passed away, I resented the fact that I was never his “Princess” or “Kitten”. My brother always defended him to me and I couldn’t let go of the hurt that my daddy didn’t love me the way I wanted him to.
    After his passing five years ago, while cleaning out his house, we found a collector’s Oreo tin. Inside the tin was photos of me, my family, my home, every letter and card I ever gave him, and even my high school graduation announcement with a post it note on it that read “This is my Littlest Angel. See her shine!”
    Since then Jesus has worked on my heart to heal my guilt and shame. He has helped me to accept love from others as they CAN give it rather than how I want it. This journey has been a really tough one, but well worth it. God is Good ALL THE TIME!

  38. Laura says

    My absent father just passed away and with that some responsibilities for his funeral arrangements because he was single and had no other children. I had issues because of his absence as a young woman that is until I met my Father! When I received Jesus as my Savior I clung to the idea He was a Father that would never leave me!! Through that I was able to forgive my earthly father for abandoning me and not just forgive but to use that experience to teach my children that I honor him for his position not because he was an honorable man. I am not left with what could of been thoughts because Jesus “mended” that hole with His love and forgiveness.

  39. says

    Jesus has mended my heart in so many ways towards my relationship with men. I was badly abused by several men in my life and abandoned. I feel safer and more secure because Jesus has not left me at all. I am blessed.

  40. Cindy says

    Wow! In your Jesus factor statement, I forget that I need to forgive those that have hurt me and give it to Jesus and he will set me free. I know that I could be a better person if I could just let some of those things go.

  41. Abby says

    God mended my heart through an outpouring of
    Love and grace from my husband and church family. I fell into sin and was called out of it, but it became public and was humiliating. The grace shown to me by my husband and church friends was a balm for my wounded soul, and it was Jesus’ grace for my heart through them.

  42. Katt Miller says

    He stooped for me, when I was younger but not a Christian, I now know he was there when I didn’t understand very well what that meant, after losing my son in 2011, he has helped me “mend” my heart and as he does this work in me it is beginning to show in other areas of my life. My husband is not a believer but slowly, he is also coming to realize that Jesus was with him along the way. We can only grow from here and I hope our lives can be a testimony to others. Thank you for your blog.

  43. JulieW says

    My relationship with my father was strained as a child, but when the love of the Lord entered my heart, I was able to forgive him and love him with Jesus’ love and to see him with my Father’s eyes, as broken and hurting. That gave me such compassion for him.

  44. Jennifer says

    When I discovered I couldn’t have children, I walked through a long period of darkness until Jesus snatched me up and called me to Himself. I am secure in knowing that He has a great plan for my life, it is just different from what Ii envisioned.

  45. BrendaKS says

    Before I started walking closely with Jesus, I had horrible panic attacks. Those were some very dark days of my life. For a long time I took medication to help control my crazy thoughts and fears but I knew that was not the long term answer. Slowly, with the help of my husband, we worked through the pain and fear and discovered the source of the panic………a 5 yr old little girl who felt abandoned. That was the beginning of the healing and when I would turn to God in my time of fear, speaking out loud to satan, who attacks our weakest areas………” I am a child of God! There is no room in my life for your lies! Go away and leave me alone!” Some days I had to do this several times a day. It wasn’t long before the attacks were fewer and shorter in duration and then they were gone. No more drugs, just Jesus.

  46. says

    My husband is a pastor and he is currently preaching a series called “Under Armor.” His series is based on Eph 6:10-20. He spoke about the shield of Faith and mentioned exactly what we as in the Devo about immersing ourselves in God’s Word. I was recently challenged again by Kingdom Woman to pray and claim God’s Word. As a pastor’s wife our family so often feels the fire as my husband preaches on a specific topic and/or the counseling hours rev up from the spiritual battle. Bible Gateway is going to become a great friend of mine as I always seem to be in need of specific verses for our family or sisters in our church. Thank you!

  47. says

    First, let me say, I’m a ‘work in progress.’ Every time I become content, reveling in God’s power and healing, something happens to let me know I am “not there yet”!

    One of the biggest emotional healing that God has given me was the restoration of my mother’s faith and respect in me– she always loved me, but we were two very different people. Often I felt she despised me because I could not pursue the same dreams she had. I longed for her to hug me and tell me how proud she was of me! I graduated from college in 1996 at the ripe old age of 46, and she finally did! What a blessing to hear those words come out of her mouth!

  48. Nadia McIntosh says

    For years, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem, self rejection, insecurities, and just blinded… I faced sexual abuse as a child by a family member, and other horrible things….. and in my adult life, I struggled to find my self worth through sleeping with me. All I wanted to be was LOVED. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 18 after leaving an abusive relationship, and as a babe in Christ I experienced church abuse. Backslid, did some things, and Jesus pulled at me….so years later, at 29 years old I’m JUST learning how to walk in grace. I’ve been through depression, suicide attempt, but the ENTIRE time JEsus was there with me. The ENTIRE time. When I tried to take a bottle of pills, He was there. When I sat in my room and just cried in the middle of the night, he was there. When no one called me or checked up on me in my depressed state, He was there the WHOLE time. One day, He gave me the strength to rise up from my ashes and make a new beginning for myself. Each day, He’s pushing me towards purpose. I can’t say that it’s been an easy ride, but I rest in His grace and His love and I know that He is constantly renewing me. All I wanted was love and my need for love and the abuse I’ve endured had me blinded to the fact that I had love–Jesus. He WAS there…despite of my bad childhood, despite of the fact that I defiled myself time and time again to numb the pain I was feeling, the broken relationships. Through His word, He redeems me, saves me, delivers me, renews me, washes me, cleanses me, and makes me whole. And now I know that He loves me and I have no need to look for another. He IS LOVE..

  49. Gretchen Scoleri says

    Knowing how much He loves me healed my heart knowing that I don’t have to perform for Him to love me. My heart never knew this and I had always felt the need to perform for God and others to gain their love

  50. Bridgette says

    This devotion touched me intensely as I am constantly praying to God perhaps like so many others to heal my broken heart. Sometime of often times my heart is tethered from emotional struggles. I intend to go with # 1 – Goggle it ! Using Bible gate way to find various bible verses relating to my situation. I would so much appreciate winning
    your book “Let it Go!” These 3 words I’ve for some time now have planted into my being
    and constantly recited same to myself. Once I have fully come to the point of FULLY letting go and trusting God, I truly feel my fragile heart will then be more at peace.

  51. says

    There are so many days that I feel defeated. There are many days that I don’t feel loved by those around me, or feel that I have let them down. Being reminded that God has agape love for us all is something that blows me away daily. No matter how I may struggle or fail in my daily life, he will always be there to pick me up and mend the broken pieces.

  52. says

    My twin-sister and I were adopted at age two. As a result I always had difficulty trusting others and opening up my heart – not until I re-dedicated my life to Jesus and begin finding my worth and comfort in the Word did I start to be healed.

  53. Grace says

    The Lord continues to heal me, as He wants me to share the testimony of the passing of my son with others. How He continues to comfort me, embrace me with His love, overwhelms me with His peace, blesses me by revealing His gifts to me (whether it be a beautiful sunset in the sky, a warm breeze, playing my son’s favorite song on the radio…….and more).

  54. Diane says

    The Lord is continuing to heal my heart in such specific ways. It’s amazing how a song, a message, a book, a friend is used to speak truth into those hidden away places in my heart.

  55. Angela Cruz says

    Hello Suzie and Karen.

    Your post from June 30th blessed me so much that I had to go buy the Mended Hearts book (so don’t enter me in the contest).

    I am facing marital separation and divorce after my husband’s adultery and abandonment. This is the most difficult trial I have been through in my life but through it all God is teaching me so much and I am learning to lean on Him like never before.

    I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your book has been to me as I’ve been reading it the past two weeks.

    God bless you!

  56. Paula Lloyd says

    When I went through my divorce my father in law was very mean and hurtful. I was fortunate not to have to deal with him after the divorce, but then my sons father passed away and I knew I would have to deal with Larry again. I knew I couldn’t keep Mason from his dad’s family because of one mean man, I pray daily for this relationship. I see progress. I have forgiven Larry all the mean and hurtful things he has said to and about me.

  57. sam says

    There’s a song that has these lines”Looking back Jesus thru’ my life you were everywhere, picking up the pieces i scattered there ,holding them for me till my heart could care”. The pieces He is picking up now is my broken heart, I have not mended as yet but I know the broken pieces are safely held in the palms of His hands until that day.Despite my broken heart, I feel His love enfolding me.

  58. says

    I am so new to this writing on a blog. I had been sent the proverbs 31 Ministries that had your message on it. I was so inspired especially at this time.
    It is late and I am just thanking you for being YOU and will follow you.
    Tomorrow morning my husband of 56 years will be walking out our door. He has found and apt. and has said he does not love me nore has he loved me for yrs. That one hurt.
    I warned him of his vow he made to me and the Lord of staying together in sickness and health till death parts us. He was even told by his minister (he does not want me to go to his church) to go back home and 2 other people told him the same. He said he has chosen to leave and will worry about it later.
    He left last yr for 6 months but found out he could not pay two rents. I let him back with the promise he would not leave until I died and he PROMISED.
    Well so much for promise He leaves again tomorrow and has found a room mate (male) to share expenses so he wont be backl and I don’t think I could go through him leaving again.. Sorry for the pity party. I am not a well woman and can use the help that he gave when here.
    I will go slow and try to figure this out. Family is saying they do not want to talk about it and that they love us both. hummm IF not for JESUS who do I lean on? Thank GOD for him and his Son. I have bad habit of trying to fix things myself. I hope I know better this time and turn it over to GOD>
    Thanks for listen to my poor self. going to be 75 in SEPT and never thought I would be where I am now. One more thing is we have NO family closer than over 2 hours away that is a little scaryl.

  59. Nikki Wise says

    I have spent my whole life feeling like I have no idea who I really am. I used to see this as a burden but know I see it as a beautiful blessing. I only want and need to know who I am in Him. I can be free to let go and follow Him.

  60. Diane Fetter says

    God has mended my heart at least twice in very huge ways. First He loved me and forgave me from unfaithfulness and years of quilt. He drew me to Him and He became my Savior. He also loved me so dearly He walked with me when our son was killed in an accident at the age of 23. His peace and presence was amazing!

  61. Amber Chapais says

    Is it too late to enter? .. I hope not. I sure hope I have a chance at a great book by a great writer.

  62. Nohemi says

    i never thought a christian women could ever be heart broken until I had a still birth and i was so hurt i could not even pray, talk to God like I used to. I know he has been with me because he has show me he is with me even if i did not had the strength or the desire to seek him.

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