5 Ways to Tether Your Heart to God’s Word {and a giveaway to help you do just that!}

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d7.14If you have found your way here after reading my  Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, Tethered or Tattered, Welcome!. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

Here are five ways I have found that help me to tether my heart to God’s word, especially during the trying times of life. I pray they help you too. {Don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway at the end of this post}

1. Google it. {well, sorta}

Is there a particular area of struggle you have where, in order to experience calm, you need to rub the truth of God’s word into your tattered heart? Hop on Bible Gateway and do a search. You can search for scripture verses by typing in a key word to the search bar. So, if fear of the future grips you, search for the words “fear” or “afraid. If you have a hard time trusting God, type in “trust”. Worry messing with your mind? You can search for verses about worry or faith. Then you can type or handwrite these verses and place them on notecards that you can display in prominent places where you are sure to see them often. {kitchen sink, dashboard of your vehicle, night stand, work desk, etc…} Or, you may want to use them along with this next idea:

2. Get it on your phone and into your heart.

Take the verses you have discovered and use an online free audio recorder such as audacity to record your self saying the verses out loud. Store them on your smart phone, if you have one, and then you can listen to the file with a pair of headphones as you go about doing housework or taking a walk around your neighborhood. Hearing the verses out loud in your own voice can help you to memorize them and then recall them in the future when your heart starts to fret.

3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past.

Get a hold of a book about brave and faithful Christians of the past who faced awful trials and hardships, yet somehow remained steadfast in their faith in God. Reading about these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ can help give us courage when we face tough times and trials too. {You might want to check out this book for starters}

4. Recruit a faithful friend.

Do you have a faithful friend that you can call when fear or dread start to overtake your heart? Having one such friend can be such an asset as week seek to settle our hearts. Of course you don’t want this person to be someone you run to instead of running to God, but they can be at times “Jesus with skin on” when you need someone to stop and pray with you or to talk you down off of an emotional ledge when you feel defeated or beaten down by life. If you don’t have such a friend yet, begin to pray that God will bring you one.

5. Write a book.

One of the absolute best ways I have found for remaining faithful and calm during trying periods in my life is to go back and read in my own handwriting about times that God took care of me or answered what I thought at the time was an impossible prayer. This doesn’t have to be an expensive and fancy journal, even a spiral notebook from the department store will do! Begin to write down the stories of when God answers prayers or meets your needs or encourages your heart through someone. Then, in the future when you begin to feel your heart get rattled, pick up the book and re-read about His faithfulness in your own journey. You can trust that he will once again come through.

I pray these tips will help you to tether your heart to the very words of God and keep it from becoming tattered instead.

Now, for the giveaway! {Worth over $75!} NOTE: Giveaway now over

41dDazjb6DLOn winner will be randomly chosen to win a copy of the Holman Christian Standard reference Bible in a personal size, brown leather touch, and thumb indexed version.

This very user-friendly Bible has easy to read type, the words of Jesus in red and great full-color maps. There is also a topical concordance to help you quickly find verses you are looking for.

I love the look and feel of the leather touch cover and the thumb indexing makes it a snap to find the book of the Bible you are looking for. This translation of the Bible is my new very favorite to use while studying.

letitgobundle_largeAlong with the Bible, the winner will also receive a bundle from me of products from my latest book LET. IT. GO.: How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith.

It is all about learning to stop trying to control things {or people!} and start trusting God instead. 

This is a bundle of the LET. IT. GO. book, the DVD with me teaching a six-week Bible study on the book’s topic, and also one Bible study workbook. You can do the study alone or with a groups of friends or women from your church.

To be entered in the giveaway, let me know which of the five ideas above you might like to try or what you do to keep your heart from getting rattled and tether it to God’s word instead. Winner announced Tuesday {along with winners from these posts where there is still time to enter: The Mended Heart Giveaway,  Prayer Gifts While You Wait, and 7 Simple Outreach Ideas }.


  1. says

    I all ready use biblegateway and i use a journal to write my prayers out, but i really like the idea of going back and recording how God has answered those prauers.

    • Kay Kent says

      Bible Gateway and journaling are part of my daily routine For me, writing down what’s on my heart helps me remember what God has helped me with and also what I need to pray for. I’m blessed to have several “prayer partners” and one very special one. She and I share our prayer requests and keep each other updated on the people or things we’re praying for.

    • katie sexton says

      My heart is currently being pulled and my faith tested, My husband’s recent illness, the sudden death of my sister-in-law, anxious about the future. I host a women’s Bible study and feel very unworthy right now because of my fears. Thank you so much for your ideas. I plan to focus on writing a “book”. There have been many times in my past that I have felt desperate and alone and I know God was there to see me through what a great way to remind myself that He will always be there. I would love to have your Let it Go bundle and reference Bible not only for me but for the percious ladies I meet with that are struggling with their own problems right now.
      Thank you so much

    • Kathy says

      I don’t have a smart phone but reading the scripture out loud helps me to gain perspective and not let my fears run away with me.

  2. Halona says

    I have You version but I will do Bible gateway and all the above as I am a major mess and need all the help I can get. Suffering physically, mentally, and financially.

    • Emma says

      Hi Halona. I pray the Lord will bring you His peace. I have been where you are many times in the past, but my God has never forsaken me. He is with, even if you can’t feel it. Ask Him for His peace which passes all understanding… He will respond. God bless you. Proverbs 3:5-6

      • Kay Kent says

        Hi Halona, when my husband (childhood sweetheart and husband for 38 years) was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I rediscovered Isaiah 43. God promises that when we “walk thru the waters, He will not leave us, the floods will not overtake us, and when we walk thru the fire we will not be burned.” My husband has been with the Lord for five years now and while my heart still hurts, I rejoice in knowing and claiming God’s faithfulness to me.

  3. Nadia McIntosh says

    As someone who has always struggled with many issues (low self esteem, worrying, lack of self control when it comes to my temper, insecurities), I got to the point where I was tired, you know? The two outlets that have helped me tremendously is my journal and index cards. My journal is my own personal book/love letter to God. As I’m writing about a particular situation, the Holy Spirit will say Nadia my word says…..and I’d look up the exact scripture and write it long hand in my journal. As far as issues is concerned, to deal with those rattling feelings I take index cards, write at the top of the index card a heading for the scripture (i.e. I am righteous in Christ Jesus), then write below that I write the scripture reference and the scripture longhand. Then I take colored markers and mark what words stand out to me (since I’m visual and I love color). After I make my little index card book I simply punch a hole at the top and loop a book ring in the hold. That way I have my own personal concordance to run to.

    • Kim Bieri says

      I, too, struggle greatly with the issues you listed. I love the idea of how you use index cards. I am also a visual learner so the color idea is wonderful! Thank you for mentioning this!

  4. Michelle Holden says

    I have been seeing a counselor for the past year for many reasons, but it has much to do with anxiety, depression, trust issues and control. I knew growing up my strength came from God and all I need to do is trust Him. As I’ve grown older, through many trials~ it seems harder to do. I woke up in the middle of the night tonight with anxiety and then I opened my email and it lead me to the devotion today and ultimately here. I’m needing a new bible and would love the “let it go pack!”
    I remember in many bible studies I’ve done to post versus around on things you’re struggling with, so I’ll will use #2. I also loved #5. I have been journaling and it does help to see how God has healed, loved and encouraged me through these past years.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others!

  5. June says

    Thank you for the reminder. I’m going to take your advice and diligently pray for a godly friend.
    Thanks Karen.

  6. Bobby says

    I use the “Google it” fairly regularly. It makes I t easy when I can only remember part of a particular verse to just type it in and also helps me discover new, similar verses.

  7. Shannon Chambers says

    I have several Christian friends that I go to & one being my Pastors wife. When I get frazzled & start doubting or become fearful I can always turn to my friends and of course to God’s word.

  8. Emma says

    I recite my favourite verse: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart an do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths’. I also write in a journal, which helps also to get it out of my head…. where things tend to churn on and on! But I know I need to read more scriptures… There is so much treasure within!

  9. Denise says

    The past week has been terrible. I’ve cried my heart out every single day with worry about my son who has turned away from God. I keep trying to pray and give it to God, and then I take it back and I’m sick and crying again feeling hopeless and like a failure as a mom. Both number one and number 4 spoke to me.

  10. Renate Jurden says

    Thank you for your devotional today. I find myself many times with “richocheting emotions” and your words “why do we think He can’t handle our day to day problems” really connected with me. I was in the middle of reading your devotional and had just finished reading some verses about God’s power, faithfulness, and His greatness, and it all just connected with your devotional. What I usually do when I let my emotions get out of line is google/search for scripture verses that deal directly with my issue. Today I will remember that The Lord is my strength and my (imprenetrable) shield, my heart will trust in, rely on and confidently lean on HIm and he will help me. Thank you for your devotional.

  11. April says

    I love writing in my journals. When I was young I frequently referred to my journal writing as “free counseling”. The Holy Spirit is the best counselor and great conversations with God get recorded in the pages of precious journals. This is an awesome way to see God make Himself real in your life as you thumb through your life and see how He was oh so very present and faithful to answer, encourage and uphold you through many different circumstances. Keep communing with Him!

  12. Heather says

    Thank you for these encouraging words! When I read a verse that speaks to my heart, I set it on my phone as a reminder and every day at the same time, it goes off and reminds me to stay focused on that scripture. I like the idea of recording it and also writing it down.

  13. Traci says

    I love your idea about writing a book. I never thought of journaling as being a book about my life so thank you for the reminder.

    • Anna says

      I started journaling daily about 6 weeks ago, instead of just once in awhile and it has really helped me, I go back and read my notes, verses prayers, and yeah I never thought about it as writing a book… Happy journaling 😉 Anna

  14. Nanci says

    Thank you, Karen! I like the idea of recording bible verses on my phone and listening to them throughout the day. I’m going to do that! I spend time each morning reading the bible. But, then I go on with my day and those verses rarely come to mind as I encounter struggles and temptations throughout the day. This seems like a perfect way to keep them front and center so I can use God’s Word as he intended. Great idea!

  15. Jeanette Costello says

    What a wonderful message to wake up to!!! Thank you so much!!! I like the idea of writing a book…so to speak. I have already been keeping a very detailed prayer journal with my prayers and requests, along with any bible verses that touch my heart so that I can easily go back and call on them as well as working to memorize so they are in my heart. But to add to that the writing down of His responses to me would be a wonderful addition and would help me to go back and see the work He has been doing when I am having a hard day or time.

    Thank you again!

  16. Kathy says

    I have a Smartphone and like the idea of recording verses to play over when I’m in the car or doing house work. All the suggestions are practical. Thank you Karen for a great devotional today.

  17. Jackie says

    Good morning! Thank you for this article on ways to remind ourselves of God’s Word. I’ve journaled in the past which is a wonderful way to see how far God has brought us and how far we’ve come. Recording yourself reading God’s Word as a tool to memorize His promises is a method I’ve used to tuck His Word in my heart. I would love to have this gift pack to include in my library. God bless you! :-)

  18. says

    Thanks for the great encouragement this morning. I definitely experience the emotional flip flops, sometimes multiple times a day. I like to hear Gods word and often use the audio feature on the Bible Gateway iPhone app to listen to scripture. I like your suggestion of recording myself reading verses too, it would help me to memorize more of the Word.

  19. Erika Sifford says

    Thank you for these practical ideas! I want to research verses that apply to my struggle and post them all around the house. I really like the idea of recording myself reading them. I have a wipe off board above my kitchen sink and write certain verses there.

  20. Deb says

    Wow, what a great devotion. Such a good reminder & helpful hints to trust God ,even when our emotions are running wild. I already have a close friend that I can talk to & she sometimes gives me scripture & prayer. I like to put scripture verses on post it notes & put them around as reminders . I like the journal idea you gave & looking back & seeing how faithful & trustworthy God has been in my past,I think would help a great deal when going through a trial today. Still haven’t gotten Let it Go,so maybe I can win it.

  21. Melody says

    Hi Karen! I am going to try the recording my own voice so I can hear the Word of God on my phone! Our pastor just spoke on 2 Timothy 3:16-17 yesterday about the importance of God’s Word so this is a very practical way for me to saturate my heart and mind with it! Thanks! :)

  22. Jilynn Parmly says

    I love your idea about recording verses in my own voice to listen to later. Have to rush to a meeting right now, but I plan to figure out how to do this once my day slows down.

  23. Charla says

    I love the idea of recording my voice speaking the Word! I have used index cards before but hearing the specific scriptures that I need in that season will add to the saturation of my heart, mind and spirit….and increase my faith by hearing the word of God. What an awesome article on Proverbs 31. It has really set my mind towards VICTORY. Thank you for obediently sharing your gift, it has changed my life today and pointed me towards Christ!

  24. Sally says

    Thank you for this devotion. I just got my first smartphone this past week. I am going to try to use my phone to record the verses and listen to them. I do have a prayer journal that I have used for several years. I love going back to read this and see how God has answered my prayers along the way. Maybe not how I envisioned but I know I need to trust that” His ways are higher than my ways”.

  25. says

    I write down encouraging verses on a 3×5 and slip into a pocket. When worry or fear starts sneaking into my heart, I pull out the by now mangled card and start reading. It does help.

  26. Marie F. says

    I would like to start journaling again and being able to look back and see how much I have grown in Christ and how he has helped me and answered my prayers. I also like the idea of recording the verses and listening to them throughout the day. Thank you for your devotion – I really needed it today.

  27. Suzanne W. says

    I’m already doing 1-4, but had certainly never thought of 5. This is a battle, so that’s my new tactic! Thanks!

  28. patricia says

    I love the idea of recording the verses and playing them back. I have found it the past to turn on the audio alien doing devotionals on line instead of just reading I get more out of the verses.

  29. Rae says

    I love the idea of recording the verses and playing them back while I go about life. A wonderful idea. Thank you!

  30. says

    I actually use all these ideas, except for #2 since I don’t have a smart phone! I just recently started recording God’s faithfulness in my life the past few months since dealing with a chronic illness and it really does help to go back and see how He answered prayer and carried me through during my times of fear and uncertainty about my healing. He has blessed me with a sister in Christ that I can turn to when I need someone to talk to and pray with, and has led me to Bible studies on characters who persevered in their faith despite hardships. I also love searching words on Bible Gateway and just did that recently to see what God’s word has to say about health and healing. Thanks for your devotional today, it really spoke to me, and the opportunity to win the Bible and book! :)

  31. Heather says

    I have a dear friend who I call whenever I need to have things put I perspective. Life has thrown a lot at both of us and we have found strength in our Lord and each other. We don’t live near each other anymore, but we are just a phone call away. We are prayer warriors for each other. I thank God every day He placed her in my life. I also write verses down and put them in my wallet, but journaling would be a good idea too. I’ll try that as well. Thank you for sharing your heart! God bless!

  32. Teresa says

    Karen, thanks so much for your devotion today. Driving into work & before starting this morning, I prayed for God to lead me to what my heart needed to hear today. I am a Christian but have been struggling with giving my problems to God. Instead I keep a hold and worry. It seems that everytime I turn around the devil is trying to use what he can to take away my joy & I have let him succeed. In the past 4 years I have struggled with the passing of my mother, confessions from my husband (clearing his mind when we became christians) and added to the many more difficulties my husband was laid off June 2 – this would have normally devastated us (since my paycheck does not cover our house & car payment much less utility and credit card bills). God has been faithful and supplied what we need and I praise him for that. I thank him for leading me today to your devotion. I have not been to your site for quite sometime (I apologize for that) but today your blog hit home. I have never thought about keeping a journal so it can help us through the bad times. God has blessed me so much and in the storms of our life – we forget all of the things along the way he has done for us. Thank you for your blog and your ideas. Please keep us in your prayers – we know God will lead us in the path we are meant to be.

  33. Sandi Colwell says

    I like the Bible Gateway idea. I feel my husband is the person to balance my fears. He’s been doing it for 20 years!

  34. Jessica says

    My heart ping-pongs back and forth constantly, and I most often “phone a friend”:) I believe in the power of wise Christian counsel. They can help you see through the fog and be your #2 when praying with God.

  35. Melinda says

    Just this morning God’s Word has greatly encouraged me, as well as your devotion. I need to be more diligent with journaling. Thanks for the reminder!

  36. Christina says

    I try to find a little “nugget” in Scripture or a devotional , and put it on a sticky note, or even write it as a post on FB. The act of writing it out keeps in my mind all day and God is faithful to remind me of it when I need it.

  37. Patricia Heard-Hopson says

    This was so on time. I have been struggling with something that I can’t share even with my closest friend. Number 2 sticks out for me because I know I have not been in the word like I need to be. The other four I do and they are a great help. Thank You Karen.

  38. says

    Thanks for the encouragement to get into the Word. I need to do this more consistently–going through a rather dry spell of late.
    I do use http://www.biblestudytools.com online. You have your own “Bible” and can highlight passages, make notes, share with other members, etc. It’s a good tool.

  39. Cristy Spencer says

    Beyond timely, I have been struggling for peace and gotten so far from the word of God. I KNOW in my heart and mind that I need to return to Him, to open my Bible again and just drench myself in His word. And yet, I still stay consumed in my daily busy life too distracted by what I think is a priority to read, pray, spend time with HIm. I felt like today, at a brink of overload of stress and emotions, that I would take the time to read Proverbs 31 instead of just looking at it as I scroll through the emails……AGAIN, SO TIMELY. As always. I am encourage, uplifted and again energized by God working through you!!!!! The voice recording will by far rock my world!!! I didn’t even know you could do that, cannot wait to charge my phone, get the app, and have at it. THANK YOU for your devotion to spreading His love and helping so many. God Bless.

  40. Kirsten says

    Thank you for this encouraging word-it was exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. Thank you for your ministry and for letting God speak through you to me today!

  41. Danica says

    Thank you for the great suggestions. I have fallen out of the habit of writing down my prayers and keeping track of answers since my kids were born but you’ve reminded me about how incredibly encouraging it is to have that record. Like our own personalized version of the Old Testimate (a record of God rescuing his people and keeping promises). I need to get back to writing things down. Now I have prayers for me and my family to track. Thanks.

  42. Robin says

    I have been meaning to get back to journaling prayer requests and love your tip #5. Looking back over the answers to prayer I know will. Help me to build my faith.
    Thank you for the encouragement!

  43. Katt Miller says

    Hello Karen, I am trying to use tip #1, technology is great but once I find a verse that helps me trust God I tend to write it down and place it where I can see it everyday. Thank you for your tips, they are great.

  44. Karen C. says

    I would like to record scriptures I am seeking to memorize so, the audacity, free online audio recorder, sounds really interesting to me. I don’t have a smart phone yet. That will be my next investment – a wonderful tool to help me to hide God’s word into my heart.

  45. Cathy McCoy says

    I would use Write a Book and also the “Google it”. For the last several months I’ve been battling a severe attack from the enemy and it’s pushed me into a very dark place where all I’ve been able to see is a light at the top of the hole that I’m striving for. That light is God and while I’m severely broken my faith is not crushed. All I’ve been able to do is read my devotionals, read and memorize scripture, and especially cry out to God. I’ve never felt such darkness before.
    I will say that over the last couple of weeks or so it is getting better and the darkness is lifting some and the light is growing stronger. I know I am coming out of this place a much stronger woman and closer to God than ever before but it’s still a daily battle sometimes..
    God has never left me and I want to put so much down on paper of my journey.

  46. Laura Goral says

    I can attest that the friend that is “Jesus with skin on,” is a phenomenal way to deal with this challenge of being doers not only hearers…I have wanted for years now to write a book…have a bunch of writings complete, but nothing big enough to call a book. :) May have to start seriously pursuing it.

  47. Ragan McDerment says

    In addition to having a few verses on hand to anchor me during a stretching or trying time,I like to have a few worship songs loaded on my phone as well. A garment of praise lifts a burden of heaviness, so I find having a few song to worship with are so encouraging for me.
    I love the idea of recording myself reading the Scriptures on my phone. I am gonna borrow this idea for sure.
    Thanks so much!

  48. Claudia says

    I love the audacity suggestion! I often listen to the Bible on my smartphone but I think it would be great to have particular verses in my own voice to remind me what I’ve studied out and hidden in my heart! Thanks!!

  49. Robin says

    I will be using Bible Gateway. So glad to hear about this site. I also like the idea of recording verses on my smartphone.

  50. Jenny C. says

    I love the idea of recording myself saying verses – I have had a desire to memorize scripture & I think this idea really might help me! Thanks Karen :)

  51. Kay Nice says

    I try to utilize all of the things Karen mentioned and I love having a stylus on my phone so I can write down things immediately. I refer to Bible Gateway and other Bible apps that are an immediate reference when I don’t have a “physical” Bible with me. It also helps to write everything down in a notebook when I am able to do so – I then have a reference. All these things work in conjunction but I most utilize tip #4, as turning to fellow strong Christians, gives me the extra “push” to keep me heading in the right direction.

  52. Marlo says

    Number 1 I already do and have done over the last year when I realized that I was wearing down my friends and nothing was changing, I just got tired of balling like a pitiful baby to my friends about my blended family issues. Lost fairytale marriage accompanied with a short tempered husband who is very structured who married me and my 3 girls who I single parented for 18 years and life wad always about a party, girls night out every night. So yeah it got ugly. With that I’m thinking seriously about #5. Just concerned my hand and fingers my get tired. Thank you for starting my day off right. When I first started reading I’m thinking this doesn’t apply to me what’s a tethered heart, but I read further and realized I’m not the only bag of emotions in this world. Thank you for your wisdom.

  53. JulieW says

    I love to read the encouraging stories of people who have been through difficult times, yet have remained steadfast in their faith and trust in the Lord! I need to read these stories more often. Thanks for your devotional this morning!

  54. Lynn says

    I’ve journaled since 2001 when my then 26 year marriage ended. To go back and be reminded of how my Father carried my children and me is always comforting. I’ve neglected this important communication tool of faith lately and will begin anew, along with the awesome idea of recording Scripture on my phone!

  55. Cheryl C. says

    What a fabulous (and timely) reminder to cleanse ourselves with the washing of water by the Word! I use the Bible Gateway alot when studying or looking up Scripture passages, but it never occurred to me to record and play back the Word to put it into my heart! Thank you so much, Karen, for this tip. Faith comes by hearing (and hearing it over and over again), and hearing by the Word of God. Thank you for this encouragement…I really need it!

  56. Linda says

    I love the idea of recording God’s Word and listening to it as I go about my day…..what a wonderful way to really tether the Word to our hearts!!

  57. BrendaKS says

    I have gotten better about writing in my journal. There have been many losses lately that I have had to put my thoughts down on paper to keep the pain from being just too much. When times get hard, I have found that just resting in the truth that God is in control, I can’t change anything and I wouldn’t because He knows better than I do the what’s and why’s of the things that happen and He knows what our future holds. When I have questions I go to my concordance or other resource material/options for help with the answers.

    Thank you for your generous giveaway. I would be very happy to be the recipient.
    God Bless

  58. Elise says

    These are all great ideas! I post notes and scripture on my bathroom mirror for frequent reminders. Sometimes I will take pictures of them and text to several friends so I am more accountable for living out The Word. I also find comfort in prayer and listening to inspirational music, just taking the time out to be still and listen to what God has to say.

  59. Elaine Segstro says

    I like the idea of “google it” (sort of). I want to arm myself with the word. I am still working on memorizing the book of James, as suggested by Beth Moore, in her Bible study.

  60. Martha says

    Thank you, Karen. Your devotion on P31 needs to run everyday,7 days a week. It truly spoke to me. I know I will receive email today from small group members and prayer team members that have joined me in daily devotion from P31. I journaled two parts….info on how soldiers cared for their shields with oil(love) and water (God’s Word). I also had to copy the part of what to do with God’s Word. I added “journal” to it, as that is my “good read” when times are tough. Can’t wait to check out the Holman Bible. Again, thanks for your encouragement.

  61. Susan says

    I like all these ideas; however, I have not thought about recording the scriptures and I really think that would work well for me. I am always on the go, so listening to the scriptures over and over is great for me. Thanks!

  62. heather says

    I am going to restart using a journal. I have done it before, but seem to lose the desire to continue.

  63. Sharon says

    Your devotion was perfect for me this morning…….Thank you……
    #1 is one I am going back to……I’m constantly in prayer mode, but have let my
    Bible Study and learning go on the back burner. Worry for my husband’s health…..he had a severe brain injury and is really struggling again…….has had me fearful for our
    future….and I need to put my tattered heart back together and KNOW GOD will take
    care of us and our needs. GOD BLESS

  64. Stephanie says

    I write in a journal daily too. I like to go back the next year and re-read what I wrote the year before. Lots of times I am experiencing the same issues as the year before at that same time. Reading that I made it through and the Lord never left my side gives me encouragement to continue down the road he has planned for me and my family.

  65. Pam says

    Thank you for your post today. I just went through
    one of those nights where my heart and mind have
    been fretful. I can relate so much to what you posted
    today. I can be doing just fine, rejoicing in The Lord
    and then something happens and I begin to fret, etc.
    I have some verses memorized but I really need to
    and want to memorize more. I also like the idea of
    writing down how God had provided in the past to
    remember what He has done! Thank you!

  66. Jane G says

    Thanks for the reminder that a book about another’s struggle and then triumph through Christ can help us. Also, I will take time to reach out to the faithful friends God has blessed me with so we can encourage and help one another. I appreciate your devotion today. I found it when I went to Biblegateway and looked up Devotions.

  67. Martha says

    I enjoyed your message and think I will start using Bible Gateway when I need to be tethered to The Lord. I would really find it helpful for my specific need and I really want to start memorizing verses. Writing seems to help me the most. Thank you for such an uplifting, helpful message!

  68. Stephanie Foster says

    I already use BibleGateway and my Bible Appto search when I am in need of a specific type of God’s Word for encouragement.

    However, writing in a journal is something that I used to do (pre-saved life) and something I could go back to doing. It makes sense to remind myself of all the times God has helped me through the hardest parts of life.

  69. Mary says

    All of these tips are wonderful. I have not been spending as much time in my journal writing about the things I am thankful for, and this has allowed me to become more fearful and the darts to get through my shield. I have used Biblegateway before and it is an excellent resource. I do not have a smart phone so the app idea won’t work for me, but I learned many verses years ago from my mother and I just need to write some of them out and work on memorizing them again. God’s Word is so full of good verses to encourage my heart. I love Joshua’s story in Joshua 1. Psalm 37 is another of my favorites, along with Philippians 4. I would love to win this package so I could not only use it myself but share it with others. Thank you for the offer.

  70. Pam Schaeffer says

    Wow, Karen, your devotional today was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I had just been walking and praying, and your devotional was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing from your own personal experiences. I already wrote the verse Psalm 28:7 on a card to focus on today. I appreciated your tips and would like to get another journal to write down praises. I was reminded today how quickly we can forget God’s benefits and help to us in the past when we are going through challenges in the present. Having those things recorded can be such an encouragement as we rely on God’s strength and help. and also how important singing and praising is to God and to our spirits. Praying you have a day of blessing. Looking forward to reading your new book, also.

  71. Kelly says

    Thanks for all the ideas, I am struggling with keeping my time in His presence a priority. I usually use You Version and writing in a journal to keep me tethered. As always these devotionals are just what I needed.

  72. Lori says

    As I was driving to work this morning, tattered is exactly what i was feeling. I was already admonishing myself for being so quickly affected by the things of this world. You’re exactly right – they are arrows of the enemy and what I plan to do to shield myself is to emerse myself in His word. Thanks so much for the reminder and helpful hints!!

  73. Pam Gardner says

    I have journaled a lot in the past, but more to express negative emotions. Now I want to do it in a positive way to remember how faithful and merciful The Lord is to me. It will be encouraging to look back at my experiences of His tender mercies and care when tough times cloud my memory.

  74. Robin V says

    2 is a new twist for me. While I write down verses, I really like recording them in my own voice to her on my walks.

  75. Melany Blinson says

    I journal and it really does help to go back and read what
    God has done in the past. We do tend to forget how He has gotten us through prior challenges and get overwhelmed with the present. I am also praying for a friend I can confide in. I do need Jesus “with skin on” sometimes.

  76. Aimee Phillips says

    I used to record my notes from biology class in college and listen to them over and over as I fell asleep at night or spent time in my car. (I commuted, so that gave me 20-30 minutes one way each day) I never thought to record Bible verses and listen to those. There is something about speaking the words and then listening to them in my voice that really helps it stick. I plan to try this with verses that will lead my heart from tattered to tethered! (Love that word picture!)

  77. Elizabeth says

    The audio recorder on the phone is a wonderful idea – love it! Never thought of that. Ready for instant play. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Stephanie Foster says

    I already use BibleGateway and my Bible App on my phone when I need specific encouragement from God’s Word.

    Before I was saved, I would write in a journal and I loved writing. I have forgotten that it was one of my stronger abilities. I think I will start taking up writing in one again. It makes sense to write down all the times God has been there through my struggles. It would be encouraging to look back and see how He has always had a hand in my life.

  79. Sharon says

    Thank you for your timely devotion! I plan to use Bible Gateway (I’ve not heard of it before. Thanks!) and continue to use a journal to write out my prayers.

  80. Erin says

    Thankfully, I have a trusted friend I can recruit, and I do so regularly! I’d also like to try the ideas from “Get it on Your Phone.” I use my phone to find and store verses, but I like the idea of reading them aloud and recording it. That seems like it would be more personal.
    Thank you for today’s devotion. It was exactly what I needed!

  81. Mary Ann Martin says

    Writing it out is what sticks with me. Old fashioned pen & paper =) I also mark in my Bible a lot! Underlining phrases, whole verses, brackets around paragraphs, etc, along with the date so I know when I was impacted by it!
    Thanks for the giveaway. So encouraging!

  82. Kathy says

    I will begin to journal again. It was part of my daily devotion years ago, but I have since strayed from it. I can still remember the strength I received from watching GOD answer my prayers and work miracles in my life. Thanks for reminding me that I need to tether my heart daily.

  83. Kari Taylor says

    Your devotions are always so helpful and insightful! I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful and faithful group of sisters in Christ who I know I can depend on to lift up my needs in prayer. We each bear one another’s burdens, celebrate and rejoice in answered prayers and laugh and cry together as we study God’s Word in our ladies bible study. We have studied and learned most recently the importance of bringing not just the big needs before the Lord, but the little needs too (instead of trying to handle them on our own). Also, the importance of spiritual discernment in knowing God’s Will for our lives – that can only come from time spent in God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit who resides within us as Christians. I have recently been writing my prayers requests and needs down in a journal so that I can visually see how God has faithfully answered them. It is very encouraging and helps my faith and trust in Him to grow during those difficult times where my heart tries to take control and lead me, rather than turning to the Lord for dependence. Thank you for this much needed devotion and the Bible Gateway resource that we can use for topical help when searching the scriptures! I love how we can use technology for good things!! :-) That is going to be my newly found friend, I know! Thanks again and God bless! ?

    • Kari Taylor says

      That was supposed to be a heart at the end! Not a question mark! I guess the symbol didn’t translate – An example of how technology fails! 😉

  84. Lorraine says

    Thank you so much for your devotional today. God’s timing in impeccable. I worry and fret too much. I just had a wakeful night worrying about things i can’t handle. I love the thought that God created lightening and thunder yet I can’t trust him to handle my worries. I am praying for a faithful friend so that we can support each other in tough times and encourage each other in good times. However, I will also check out audacity. Listening to my voice speaking Scripture sounds like a great way to memorize Scripture.

  85. Mary Weiss says

    I would like to start doing the “write a book”
    So often I find myself dwelling on all that is wrong so this would be a great way to help me remember all of the good things God has done in my life!
    Thank you for all of these great ideas.

  86. Crystal says

    God is so great! I needed this today. I am going with my mother-in-law this morning to see an oncologist. She was diagnosed last week with liver cancer. I use Bible gateway and blue letter bible for my Bible study. I love the journaling idea and am going to start doing it. Sometimes I find it hard to focus during my prayer time and if I am writing, it helps me stay focused. It is hard to turn off the “to do list” that is constantly running through my brain. I love the idea of recording my voice saying scripture and I am definitely going to try it. Thank you so much for your real life inspiration!

  87. Elizabeth says

    I am going to embrace the bible & search for verses on faith which I will place in locations to remind myself not to fear. God is in control!

  88. Erin says

    I have never used bible gateway before, I will have try that. I love looking up scripture with pictures on pinterest and making that the background on my phone. Then every time I look at my phone, I am encouraged by the verse, and it helps with memorization too.

  89. Wendy says

    I will check out Bible Gateway to search out more verses and keep journaling as it is amazing to look back at 1 or 2 years ago and see God’s work in our lives, big stuff and even the day to day stuff. Thank you for your blog post today!

  90. Cindy says

    I love the idea of recording and listening to verses – I am in the car a lot, and keep index cards with verses on them. But I can’t read them while driving obviously – so listening to myself saying them outloud would be great – thanks for the idea!!

  91. Gretchen Scoleri says

    I need to go back and write a book. I hate to journal, but I think writing reminders of Gods faithfulness will remind me if His attributes and what He will do for me this time around (because He has always been faithful).

  92. Jeannine says

    This devotional really spoke to me today! I’ve been letting outside influences direct how I feel lately – how my kids behave, what my friends are doing or not doing – and I’m feeling the effects. Driving in to work this morning, I turned off the radio & poured out my heart and hurts to God. He reminded me of 3 simple things I need to do – Hear Him, Trust Him and Follow His Direction. I want to start writing/journaling more, something I keep telling myself to do but not following through. I’m using this as another reminder that this is one way I can keep in more constant communication with my Father. Thank you!!!

  93. Angie Smith says

    I really like the idea of having that “Jesus with skin on” person in my life. I know quite a few women in my church that fit that bill. I will begin praying for God to direct me to the one that I should connect with for that little extra support when needed.

    Thank you for the suggestion!

  94. Heather S. says

    Writing in a journal is something I try and do but definitely needed this reminder to go back to it again. I also write down verses i come across in my devotions and take them with me to work and have them pinned all over my cubicle or resting against the bottom of the computer screen. I wouldn’t mind having the scripture on a recording but I can’t stand listening to my own voice on recordings…not sure I could find someone to do that for me 😉 Thanks for the encouragement today!

  95. Sherry S. says

    Writing…I was just reading some old journal entries last night. I want to become more regular in my journaling. I think it helps me process my life.

  96. Jennifer Arden says

    I am not consistent with journaling, but it is one of my favorite ways to remember what God has done for me and my family. I have also recently started writing petitions to God when there are specific things that I need. It is amazing how my faith has grown since I started doing this. He is faithful and always there; it is us who have to turn our hearts and heads toward Him!

  97. Amy S. says

    A Godly friend. In the past I have had one but at this season in my life I don’t feel like i have a friend I can pick up the phone and call or get together and pray with.

    • Keri T. says

      You are not alone! I feel that way often! And my best friend is most definitely not a Christian. She doesn’t make me feel bad about my faith, in fact she often days she is in awe of it. So when I’m looking for faith filled encouragnent, even though she says all the right things, I know they don’t have the same conviction.

  98. Jackie B says

    3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past.
    I love to read and reading stories like such always inspires me :)

  99. says

    Having verses throughout our home – subway art type stuff, as part of the decor, etc; Praise and Worship Music – the Psalms set to music; and Journaling all help me! Although I need to get back to the last one! Also keeping a gratitude list helps turn my thoughts back to Him which often brings memorized verses to mind. Love Bible Gateway and Bible Study Tools 😀 and I need a new Bible!

  100. Keri T. says

    I have loved the easy access we now have via the Internet to look up verses! I’ve done exactly what you suggested many times. The one thing that I keep wanting to try is a prayer journal. I think I keep getting stuck on what it should look like. I just need to do it though!

  101. Anne says

    This weekend I attended the memorial service for one of my son’s friends. They read form his journal and I was thinking I should do that. Matt was only 35 but what a gift of words he had and what a treasure he left his grieving parents. What a testimony he left behind. I hope that by writing down what God has done in my life it will help my kids see God’s faithfulness in the good and bad times.

  102. Mary says

    Thank you for allowing God to work through you to touch so many of our hearts today. I’m choosing the FRIEND as my most touching comment today. My dearest friend that I ran to with everything was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the young age of 57. It breaks my heart that all the conversations and fun times we’ve had together are gone to her now. I pray for her daily and also pray God will bless me with another friend that I can share with. My husband remains my best friend but sometimes it’s so comforting to have that woman friend who knows what we’re going through. I also deal with a lot of stress between work and having 2 college kids so I really need to get better at Letting It Go. I also plan to use the Bible Gateway – hadn’t heard of it before so I’m excited to be able to utilize that as well. May God continue to bless you in your writings.

  103. Kathi says

    I like to call a friend and read blogs that encourage me. I do have You Version on my phone and sometimes will look through the devotions on something that I am going through and choose that particular devotion to read for however long it is. I too have been wanting to keep a prayer journal but it seems like every time I start something comes up.

  104. Sue says

    Googling it with Bible Gateway and journaling work for me. Being able to see things in writing helps me know where I have gotten the path.

  105. Nicole says

    I am going to try the “Write a Book!” I do think that writing can help a heavy heart. Thank you for all of these suggestions. I also need to write out more scripture verses to post throughout the house.

  106. Jeanie Kelley says

    For me, I will most and likely do one of everything, but focus more on journaling what and how God is interacting with me and the people around me. Love the suggestions you had. Also to be connected to God in the evening, I have been meditating and seeking God to give me a peaceful nights slumber.

  107. Paige T says

    I love the idea of the recording app. I walk in the morning and this would be a great way to hide God’s word in my heart everyday. Thanks for the suggestions.

  108. Ashley says

    I am going to try to keep a journal. I like the idea of having examples of God’s love when times are hard and I’m not so sure. Thank you!

  109. Crystal Bunts says

    I have been wanting to write a book about God’s faithfulness for a while now. This is further encouragement to do so!

  110. Debbie says

    thank you for this word and your devotion on Proverbs 31. I have at different times used 4 of the 5 ideas listed above. Have not tried voice recording on my phone yet as I am a new smart phone owner. God has brought to me different friends at different times of my life to be an encouragement to me and I also to them. I recently have begun printing scriptures in a pretty font with color and putting them in picture frames throughout my house, it is pretty and it also keeps God’s word in my sight daily.

  111. Rebecca says

    I love googling the topic, then I write out the verses that really stabd out to me on 3×5 cards and put in my kitchen window.

    • Anna says

      I also use the 3×5 cards, and I have a little vase my oldest son gave me for mothers day years ago and I place the cards in there and pull them out periodically. I use google, biblegateway, my bible. I also do the “verse mapping” on the cards and then write what the verse spoke to me on the back or a prayer. So many good ideas…Blessings Anna

  112. JR says

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate #2 about using your phone to record/play Scripture. I use my phone to play encouraging hymns and I think I will add some recorded Scriptures. I appreciate your heart and encouraging so many women and marriages. I am putting the Let It Go Bible study on my list to do…

  113. Karen says

    I really like the idea of recording scripture on my phone & playing it back. I am going through a season of doubt & fear & this will help me to stay focused & grounded. Thanks for the idea.

  114. Barbs says

    I like numbers 1 & 2 actually. Having specific verses relating to areas of difficulty that I can glance at every now and then would be great fAs encouraging me throughout the days, weeks, months. As for number 2, I listen to music off my phone all the time. I could use some of that time to listen to personalized verses that I’ve recorded.

  115. Polly Schneider says

    I like to use biblegateway for comparing versions of the Bible. Looking up verses to help me find promises is a great idea. Also I love the idea of recording verses to listen to. Thanks, Karen for the great ideas and this giveaway.

  116. Ellen says

    I like the idea of post it notes around the house. It seems that I get to busy in my daily life and drowned in my to-do list that I forget to go to God when I need to. Reminders around the house will be so helpful! Thank you!

  117. Anne says

    I needed your post today. We said yes to a foster child who came to us on Friday. My heart was in tatters last night as I shed tears and expressed doubt. I will lean on faithful friends as we attempt to work through the difficult transition period. Please know that your post did wonders to help settle my heart and soul. Thank you.

  118. Michelle S. says

    I love the Bible Gateway idea to search on a particular struggle such as fear, trust, faith, etc. I’ve heard of Bible Gateway, but never think to search for Bible scripture related to whatever I am struggling with at that moment. I’m going to try and do that and do some journaling. I purchased a journal quite some time ago, but never used it. I wanted to start a prayer journal. Now, I think I will. Thanks, Karen for the great ideas.

  119. Stacy Fortenberry says

    Journaling is the best to keep Gods personal answers to me on my mind. I want to add the verses in my phone also! Thank you! Your devo was just right for me this morning!

  120. says

    Hi Karen
    This was a wonderful message to my heart today. I do journal daily so I will continue to do that but I really li,ec the idea of writing verses down on sticky notes or cards to.carry with me. I will try that. Thanls for blessing me today.

  121. Doris says

    I would love to win the Bible. I plan to immerse myself in the Word of God to write it on my mind & my heart.even more

  122. Leighanne says

    Karen; thank you so much for your encouragement & advice on keeping God’s word hidden in our hearts to help us through trying times. Lately; I have felt like I’ve had more than normal. Thankful that God has gotten me back to the point of knowing & trusting that His plans for me are the “best” for me & I know He will take care of me & the things that are happening in my life. I also keep a prayer journal & I have been able to look back & see where He has heard my cry & He has stepped in even though it wasn’t what I would have wanted or expected; but I do know it’s where I need to be right now. I would love to have your book & study on Let. It. Go. I am always blessed by your devotionals so I’m sure your book would be great also. God Bless you!!

  123. Jenny says

    I use the faithful friend (my mom) she will always pray for me or give me an encouraging scripture. I love the idea of recording a verse to listen to on the iPhone. Thanks for the great devotional

  124. Connie says

    I go to Bible Gateway and “google” it. I also journa and read blogs such as you. It seems God often uses these blogs to encourage me along the way. One other thing I do, is listen to messages from sermonaudio.net.

  125. Carissa Niemi says

    I like the idea of journaling, though I’m not good at it. I always struggle to take the time to journal. There have been seasons of my life when I’ve been better about doing it though, and it’s worth the time it takes. I need to remember that! Thank you for the good devotional! The reminder to keep God’s Word close at hand, however one might do that, is always worth hearing!

  126. says

    I love Bible Gateway! And now that I have a ‘smart phone’ I can get it most any time.
    I just recently used an app called Smart Record to record myself dictating Scripture, and when I feel like I’m ‘going around the bend’ i can pull it up and listen to it!
    I’ve never been good at journaling and might try it again, but I think I’m going to recruit a Christian friend to help me and become an ‘accountability partner’.
    Thanks so much for your tips!

  127. Flora G-R says

    3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past. Especially Esther.
    “For such a time as this”. Always inspires me that if she could put her life on the line I should be able to keep my life in line!

  128. Chelsea says

    I already use a journal to write my experiences in, and I love referring back to it! And I’ve usually used Google itself to do searches, but I just checked out bible gateway and I’m so excited to start using that. It seems much more helpful in some ways! :) thank you for the wonderful thoughts and ideas, they truly are a blessing in my life!

  129. Robin Boston says

    I would so love to win this. I am in what I feel is a tough situation right now, I have a husband with Crohns on infusions, one son that is 10 hours away at college, one that is 21 and moved back in with us but he and his dad fight constantly and they both seem to want to throw me in the middle of it and I cant win either way. I have a 6 year old that I want to try and be a better mom to him in the areas I may have not done so well with the older two but between all of the above and living paycheck to paycheck barely it is hard. I just got a text from my husband this morning complaining about my son and saying if he didnt fix what he had broken today that he needed to find another place to live today. I had also with in 5 minutes of the text had a call from my son he was referring to, I did not answer as I am at work, I knew it would probably be my son complaining about his dad. For working full time outside the home and the fulltime job of trying to keep the peace at home, Im exhausted. Thanks for your blogs and posts fingers crossed to win. Blessings to you!

  130. Margaret says

    I should write a book. I am dealing with a trial now. Coincidentally (I mean God working), I have had several conversations recently where I had the opportunity to speak to people about how the Lord has taken care of me during previous trials. It has been such a blessing to recall God’s protection and provision.

  131. Karen B. says

    Thank you! I love the Bible Gateway and audacity app ideas. As of late I have had a huge desire to know more about scriptures or a word. Still need to improve my journaling to have everything in one spot. Right now I’m writing all over margins of the bible study I’m currently doing. Makes it difficult to go back and revisit a topic though. Writing things down really helps unscramble thoughts. Thank you again!!

  132. Caroline L. says

    I love the idea of recording myself reading scripture and then listening to it later. I actually used that method in high school and college to study! Why didn’t I think of that? It would be so easy to listen to the scripture recordings while I’m working or cleaning a bathroom. Thank you!

  133. Melody Byrum says

    I will definitly write a book. I love to write and I love to read so I will be combining my two favorite things while helping myself grow in faith and trusting God. Can’t wait to do this. Thanks!!!

  134. Kim says

    I can tell you EXACTLY which one I’m going to start doing! (I already do a couple of these things.) My mother-in-law has a wonderful friend who is about 10 years older than she is. This woman, Maryanne, has been her prayer warrior, her advice giver, her confidant, her motherly ear, among many other things over the last 30 years. And my MIL and I have been talking about how I need to find my “Maryanne!!” I think I have been just waiting for this person to be revealed to me…but have never prayed about it!! So, that is something that I will add to my prayer list! I would love to have a “Maryanne” in my life to help give my godly wisdom and pray for my family and me when I am having trouble reaching the Lord on my own!

  135. Missy says

    Great ideas Karen, thanks! I’m a google concordance girl. I love looking topics up in different t formats.

  136. Sarah Goode says

    Well- I LOVE the audacity idea! I am going to add that one to my list today. My book is a journal of prayers and gratitude to God. It is my way of sharing my heart with my Savior and writing the worries of my life away to the one who can calm my fears and help me manage this life on earth. Just found your website from P31 and love it. God Bless

  137. Terri Girt says

    Hi! I access the Holy Bible app for the daily verse or to search. I also like to journal- I will journal daily and go back to these notes (I also have an app called the Mobile Knee for prayer requests that I refer to). I definitely have trouble letting go and want desperately to stop fretting so much over things I know God has but I don’t have a very good way of showing that I believe this from the very depths of my soul. thank you for your thoughts from your heart. :)

  138. Cindy Feldman says

    Audacity is a new idea I’ve not heard about! I’ll be giving that a try. What helps me to stay tethered is being an “early bird”. On the days I am up before the rest of my noisy little family, I find I am better equipped for the day.. Spending time with God before the day begins always helps me to tackle the days challenges with a full and refreshed heart. I would love to own a new bible with references and the Let. It. Go.. book has been on my book list for a while. I struggle with control and worry, affecting my relationship iwth my husband, family and friends. Ugh. I hate even admitting it. Again! I am thankful for Proverbs 31 and the many bloggers who share their stories and insights. God uses their words to bless so many. Thank you.

  139. Kim Wright says

    I have been journaling for about 6 months and it has really helped. I really like the notecards around your home and googling certain verses at Bible Gateway. Thanks for the tip!

  140. Ardis Rivera says

    I currently write devotionals that go out to a limited group in the US but to a larger group in the Spanish-speaking world as well as working on a book of my years working with churches in Mexico and what God has taught me. I read all I can about Christians from years past and these readings inspire me. Of course the most important thing is to stay grounded in God’s word.

  141. Janice says

    Thank you for your devotion today. I am going to try the recording app. on my iphone. I always have it with me so this would be great to listen to when I am driving or have some time. I want to be able to take up my shield at all times….Thank you for your encouragement.

  142. Evelyn says

    I use the first one, looking up verses, to help me when I need it. I especially rely on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Philippians 4:6-8 because not only are they so true but they apply to everything that comes my way.

  143. Stacey wilson says

    These are all great ideas! I like the bible gateway search idea and would like to make a point of utilizing it regularly. I already have a few faithful friends but should turn to them more in those times of struggle.

  144. Ramona Martin says

    I have several key verses that I keep posted either on my wrist and neck via jewelry, on my mirror’s, walls of my home etc… I have some life threatening illnesses and helps to keep the fear out, as does saying The Lord’s Prayer, the Serenity prayer and when it’s really tough I sing Jesus loves me to myself. I use and love Bible Gateway, have a faithful prayer partner and try to find an encouraging word each day that I can post on facebook..

  145. Ellen says

    I love the Bible Gateway search idea. Sometimes, I just need the quick fix. I need to type in “worry” and get the verse which will speak to that right this second!

  146. Teresa Bowser says

    I have been using a journal for my devos for quite a few years now and love it. Keeping one specifically for prayer is one that I wish I had done also, because, alas, I don’t remember things like I used to. From your list of ideas for being tethered to God’s Word, searching out verses and writing them on cards and memorizing them have helped me the MOST. That way, when Satan comes at me, I have a weapon to fight back with it. Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement.

  147. Kim Bieri says

    I woke up this morning with a joyful heart and then several different events happened that rocked my heart. I was in tears several times and I had only been up for a few hours. I came across this devotion and it reminded me to prepare my shield for battle! I’m tired of feeling I”m on shifting sand. I am going to utilize the Bible Gateway and get the audacity app. I am also going to use an idea another someone listed above. It is such a blessing to have found this today!

  148. Kimberly Foster says

    Thank you!
    I do need to Let It Go!
    I have used Bible Gateway in the past and love that you can type in a word and BAM!, there are many references at your fingertips. Usually I find several that apply. I learned the index card trick from my husband. He is always quoting scripture and leaving them in unique places around the house. Too bad his handwriting is similar to chicken scratch. LOL However, I’m going to use the journaling technique you mentioned. I think writing down my anxieties, worries, fears, praises and prayers along with using P31 daily devotional and Bible Gateway, I’ll be on path wish will bring me closer to God.
    Thank you! You’ve made a difference!

  149. Leigh Ellen says

    I thank God for your words on the Proverbs 31 devotion today. Truly, they spoke to my heart and offered me the spiritual encouragement I needed for today. I like the idea of “tethering my heart to God’s Word.” For me, the idea of writing a book speaks most to myself heart. I enjoy writing and find release in letting my emotions flow through the end of my pen.

  150. Megan says

    Your post reminded me how powerful journaling can be. When I was on a mission trip, I journaled every single day and it’s such a precious gift to look back on all that God did during that time and all the blessings He poured out over our struggles. I got away from doing it on a daily basis, but I’m going to start it up again thanks to your prompting! Thank you!

  151. Marisha says

    Hi Karen, I think all of your suggestions are great! I probably alternate b/w half of them usually. I also listen to worship music and find it helpful (and there is a lot of it that is based on exact Psalm verses- so in a way it is 2 in one: listening to worship songs and learning God’s Word at the same time in a fun way). Sometimes when I am in the midst of ‘troubled times’ I find it soothing, but I also like to listen to it as a ‘preventive mechanism’…the way my brain works is that if I load up on worship music in my head, when need be my mind tends to give out the right song right when I need it and if I am away from a ‘music device’…as (I think) Joyce Meyer put it ‘our job is to plant, and what we plant will sprout right when we need it’.

  152. says

    I’m thankful that God speaks! I needed Him to help me this morning. Saturday I was out of order, out of character, and out of the way because I didn’t know how to handle a certain situation. This morning I decided that when I get off of work I will write down all of my thoughts and feelings in my journal because I don’t believe I’ll ever say them to the persons that they’re about. I know that I need to let some things go. I actually that I had let them go quite some time ago, but I’ve let my emotions and present circumstances overrule and voluntarily went into a pit.

  153. Amanda says

    I already write out scripture verses that speak encouragement to me. Hadn’t thought about recording them. I can play those recordings during my exercise walks. Thanks.

  154. Bethany says

    I already use Bible Gateway and it is SO helpful! I think I’m going to try writing a story. I’ve wanted to start a prayer journal and this may be just the thing because I’ve had things happening lately that could very well have shredded my heart up! Memorizing verses has helped greatly in those moments, too. I loved this devotional and look forward to more!

  155. Cheistina says

    Today’s blog opened my eyes and reminded me that “why oh why” do we (me) think God can’t handle the little stuff. I like to journal becuase it clears my head, helps me to get outside myself and it also documents answer to prayer for me to go back and look in! I am interested in this book, it seems like it is just what I need at this moment.

  156. Heather says

    I have Bible Gateway on my phone and love using the different bible plans to stay in the Word. I also plan on writing more scripture on notecards to put around my house as I go about my day. I need those reminders!

  157. Sister in Christ says

    I think I want to use my phone and record bible verses or even these blogs so I can here them over and over. That would be helpful during my commute back and forth from work. Great idea! Thanks!

  158. Telia Carman says

    I have learned to Google everything! I also keep Bible apps on my phone and iPad. These are great for when I have questions or jut need help with an area of my life.

  159. april says

    I use Bible Gateway a lot! I even have the app on my smart phone. I also have the YouVersion Bible app on my phone that helps me by allowing me to mediate on certain topics through their Bible devotion plans.

  160. Dale Garrett says

    I love all the ideas. First I ordered the book you recommended, 50 people all Christians should know. Can’t wait to dive into it. Secondly, I have journaled in the past when I was going through a deep valley after the death of my son. I don’t know why I stopped other than the excuse of allowing “busyness” to get in my way? But I want to restart this very powerful tool. It really works and I need to do this!! Thank you so much for reminding me!! I appreciate your emails!! God Bless!!

  161. Brittany says

    I will definitely be trying #2!! This sounds like a wonderful way to memorize scripture and place it in the depths of my heart.

    Thanks Karen!

  162. Tawni says

    While all five ideas are full ways to draw closer to our creator, I believe that I will be trying to audibly speak scripture and nuggets of truth into my iPhone. There are two things that I love about this idea: one, it (hopefully) will finally assist me in memorizing God’s word. There are times and will be times were we don’t have access to our bibles. Hiding God’s infallible word in my heart will be priceless. That way when calamity comes knocking at my door, I can open the door of my heart and give fear and doubt a “no soliciting sign” with memorized scripture, readily available to give me peace. The other benefit of hearing your own voice speaking the word of God is that it becomes personal and one can claim these promises as their own. I look forward to this new resource to keep my eyes and heart close to my King.

  163. says

    Thank you so much for today’s devotion. God knew exactly what I needed this morning and used you to speak directly to my heart. My husband and I finally felt like we were settled, everything was going great, we were all set to start fertility treatments, we were looking at property to buy, everything was peaches and cream and then bam, he was forced to resign and we lost our housing. We are down to just my income and we are truly struggling financially. I am frustrated and stressed and even angry because yet again, my dreams have been placed on the back burner.
    I do journal my thoughts and prayers, but I’m not consistent like I need to be. That is definitely an area that I need to work on my. I have used bible gateway a few times and definitely need to access it more often – especially when I don’t have my Bible handy.
    Thank you so much for allowing God to use you!!

  164. says

    I love the idea of recording yourself reading verses to listen to while doing things around the house. I love to listen to podcasts of old recordings from my local church, but love the idea of recording them in my own voice. I also plan to write more notecards to place around my house, in my car, in my office, etc.

    I have decided to also keep up with my friend and have her as an accountability partner for my daily time with Him. There are so many times that I fall short of committing to that time daily in the word, I think having her as my accountability partner will help tremendously!

    Great devotional today, by the way :)

  165. says

    Thank you for creating a doable list of ways to “press on” through fear. The idea of recording scripture on my phone is one I haven’t tried, and I love the idea! Currently waiting; for surgery & results, two boys headed overseas, and house-moving news. Wish I’d read this email when I woke up again in the middle of the night, mind racing! I would LOVE the bible~no need for reading glasses, yet manageable size. Fingers crossed.

  166. Candie Amos says

    I love suggestion # 1. i will write scriptures on colorful note cards and post them on my bathroom mirror, over my kitchen sink, and on my bedside lamp.

    I have a job interview Wed. morning. I want to go in with confidence that God is with me and will work things out for the good.

    Love your lists! Thank you!

  167. Bernadette says

    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I often find myself on an emotional roller coaster with various aspects of my life. I have often looked for ways to commit Bible verses to memory and I would like to try the audacity suggestion. Maybe hearing the verse in my own voice will help me remember it.

  168. LisaIshioka says

    Your message hit me square in the heart today. I am consistently assaulted with several emotions from work & family. I had just talked to a colleague about this on Friday. She reminded me I am a daughter of the King – what harm can happen to me? I often use Bible Gateway or Logos for scripture and I do discuss many circumstances with my sister who is also my best friend & a passionate Christian. With that said, I was lead to download book from Fanny Crosby. I am gaining such insight from her life. I’ve also learned much about prayer from readying about the life of George Mueller. Thank you for your tips. They are certainly helpful & I look forward to journaling again, as I did in my youth. Blessings to you!

  169. Taylor says

    This devotion hit so close to home to me this morning and was exactly what I needed to read. After going to bed with a heavy heart and praying for The Lord to help me, he has proven faithful once again by reassuring me that He is with me always. I am pregnant with my first child and the father is not in my life. He is on a path that I want my child no where near. When I think about what he may do when the baby is born or hear rumors of him taking me to court it sends me into a panic that I have never experienced before. I feel such a strong protection over by baby that I get eat up with fear and anxiety. During these times I have to frequently remind myself that God is in control and He is with both the baby and myself. To help during the times of fear, anxiety, and sadness I am going to search for scriptures that will help me through these types of situation and write them on notecards to keep near me. I also have a friend and many wonderful family members that I can call to pray with me and help to remind me that God is with me and in control. Today I feel strong knowing that God has healed my heart once again and is protecting myself and my sweet unborn child.

  170. Dottie says

    Thank you for the Five tips. I love the one suggesting we record our verses and play them back to us as we try to memorize. What a great idea. I have been struggling with my past. Seems like I can’t let it go so then I worry that I depend on myself instead of on God. I have no peace so I guess your first suggestion would be to find verses about trust and peace. Thank you for your help.

  171. JanefromSC says

    I have a friend that when I need prayer or encouragement I just text her and she does me the same. Also, I have journaled my prayers for years and when a prayer is answered I go back and put the date it was answered. Awesome to see how mighty God is and sometimes how quickly He works!! I love the one abour recording our voice reciting scriptures and am going to try that one too. I travel a lot and it would be great to listen to scripture. Thanks for the devotion and all these suggestions!

  172. Jessica Allen says

    I have a dear friend who is “Jesus with skin” to me. She is my voice of reason when my heart screams otherwise. I have kept a journal for years now and find that looking back at all the blessings God has given is really uplifting in the times of doubt.

  173. Stephanie says

    I am definitely going to use the “Google it” idea. I never know where to go to look for answers when I am in a worry phase or just feeling down, but I really like the idea of using Bible Gateway.
    I already like to write down scriptures that have encouraged me, but I will also start using the recording idea; memorizing those verses that I find comfort in will be tremendously helpful.
    Thank you for a wonderful devotion this morning and for the 5 tips. They were both exactly what I needed today.

  174. Cindy says

    Greetings in Jesus’ name! Thank you for what you have shared at Proverbs 31 Ministries today, “Tethered or Tattered.” I think I will try to remember biblegateway and I really like reading others’ stories. Just yesterday, I came across GODwinks on the Gaither’s Homecoming Magazine website site. These are great short stories of God’s intervention, perhaps surprising interventions, too, in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God! God continue to bless you richly!

  175. Wendy says

    I love the idea of recording verses to help memorization. I’ve wondered why that voice recording app is on my phone. :-)

  176. Diana says

    Thank you for your insight! I’m looking forward to incorporating two of your ideas:
    1) Learn more about others that have persevered through faith
    2) Write it down; what a great way to see how God is working through your own life events. Sometimes you can’t see it until you write it down and look back.

    Blessings to you!

  177. Janet L says

    On Monday I choose a verse for the week and write it at the top of my weekly calendar. I also use your sticky note idea, putting a verse on my computer screen at work.

  178. Lisa Wollard says

    I like the idea of recording it on my phone and I can have it whenever and wherever I need it, and I really need to work on letting go.

  179. Mary Ellen says

    I have verses that I have found that speak to my heart when not all is calm, or stable and fixed. I have them written on small cards and tacked to my bedroom wall, and in a small box on my bed-to grab at night, when things can get dark in my heart as well as outside. To remember what God has said-and what I should be saying along with Him.

    I also have a very special gal friend to whom I can tell it all, and vice versa. We pray and hold each other before God. I celebrate that gift of God!

  180. scarlett allen says

    I have several Christian women that I can call up when I need some advice or when I need prayers or when I need to be held accountable for something. But I also am plugged into my church’s daily devo newsletter and have the YouVersion Bible App on my phone, which helps me with a daily devo plan as well.

  181. Ronda Jean says

    I like the idea of saying the verses out loud and recording them for playback. In times of fear and stress it’s hard to bring particular verses to mind, so being able to listen to them would be a huge blessing.

  182. Jolene says

    I love these ideas and how modern technology makes so many things available to us. I also have found that reading stories about how other Christians have prevailed in hardship is very encouraging.

  183. Sharon W says

    I would like to use Audacity to record my voice speaking the scriptures over my life. I am having alot of health issues right now and Im finding myself doubting and anxious about everything. I need God to center me and help me hear him and what I need to do for this season in my life. I am really trying to hang on by a thread right now. Please pray for healing and direction for me during this trying time in my and my husbands life.


  184. Amy Lavoie says

    I have fallen in love with the Old Testament Characters and love studying them. It makes the New Testament more relevant. I also have a couple faithful friends who keep me accountable and I can ask them for prayer at anytime.

  185. Claudia says

    This is the 3rd time in 1 week that “writing” has been brought to my attention-think I better get a notebook!

  186. Courtney J says

    I need to recruit a faithful friend! I need someone that I can read and share the word with. Also, someone to hold me accountable and challenge me to keep reading and journaling, even when I want to give up. :)

  187. Esmeralda says

    I am going to definitely try looking up and recording bible verses on my phone and listen to them as I walk to class. :) And I’ve been working on writing down my answered prayers to keep me calm and faithful!

  188. says

    I love the suggestion to record your voice reading scripture – this idea is so powerful for me. You can also do it with your camera on you computer and you have a visual and audio version of it!

  189. Laurie Lett says

    It has to be number 3. The reading part of stories of past Christians!!! I absolutely love reading biographies, and I like those who are “real” about their struggles.

  190. Mary Kay says

    I have done most of these ideas in the past, but I really needed the reminder! Thank you! I have a few index cards that I have verses written on that I want to place in areas that I’ll see at random… in my wallet, in a drawer, between towels in the linen closet, etc. I think I’m going to look up some verses to write down and hide away in my stepson’s room as well.

  191. Roz says

    Thank you Karen! Today’s devotional and tips are right on time. The Audacity tip caught my attention. Currently, I journal, use the internet for research and use others’ stories of faith to encourage me in my walk with Jesus. I still struggle with going to others, even loved ones with my deepest fears and challenges. The more I learn and cling to God’s word, the more I release control and become more transparent. I am so thankful to serve a loving God, who knows my ever need and hears my every moan. Blessings.

  192. Sandy says

    Of these tips, I already use Bible Gateway and love to read stories of strong christians and the way God intertwines throughout their lives. I think now I will try recording verses, this is a great idea!

  193. Krista says

    I think I need to get back into journaling, particularly prayers that God has answered. I also am contemplating the recording idea. Thanks!

  194. Amy says

    I LOVE the idea of recording Scripture in my own voice to listen to on my phone! Thank you for sharing this idea and the audacity app…I did not know it existed. I am excited to check it out. Learning to “Let. It. Go” and relinquish control is an on-going battle for me. Thank you for the opportunity for one blessed winner to receive these resources. I pray they are encouraged by them!

  195. Jo C says

    I can’t narrow it down to just one, so I would say my favorite ideas on staying tethered to the Lord is using the Audacity recorder and reading the stories of courageous Christians. I have never heard of Audacity but it sounds awesome and would also help in scriputure memory. I love the idea of the Warren Weirsbe book as it sounds really interesting. I have read children’s books of well-known missionaries with our kids and enjoyed them so much. I’m going to try to read this book as well. Thank you, Karen, for your suggestions. As always, their practical and yet oh, so helpful!

  196. Cassandra says

    My life is completely upside down right now. I have been completely brokenhearted and have cried out to God over and over, but it just doesn’t seem like He is listening. I mean, I know He is, by faith, but I am not feeling any relief. I came across your lesson for today, and frankly, did not want to read it. But I did, and it has helped me some. I feel so alone right now.
    So I am going to start going on the Bible Gateway and see which verses may help what I am feeling right now. I appreciate what you are doing, today and all the days before. If you ever wonder if your devotionals help people, they do, I promise you that.

  197. Anna says

    I like the five ideas. I already journal and include notes from the devotions (Proverbs 31) that I read daily, and will incorporate one or all the rest of your ideas. I really like the idea of listening to the bible, but have not looked for an app to download to my tablet and phone (I can listen while I walk!!), listening to my own notes is awesome idea too!!!!!!!!!! I pulled out your book again and I’m going to start to read it again TODAY! … God spoke those words to me yesterday during service “LET IT GO”, concerning anxiety, frustration with family issues. Reading your book again would be appropriate at this time 😉
    I would love for my daughters to have a copy of your book, they could both use it…

  198. Amanda says

    I find that most of the time, I “Google it.” I have recently started in a new bible study, so I am also beginning to journal as I go and I’m meeting some new “faithful friends.”

  199. Lana Lyday says

    I love the idea of recording myself saying the scripture, so that I can listen to it while driving, housecleaning, etc. I’ve written down tons of scriptures that help me, but they get stuffed into my purse, and I normally need them when I’m not able to dig through and find them. Having scriptures on my phone should help immensely!

  200. Julie masters says

    I have started a trust journal that has turned into a book for my children to read on how God used trials for good and met our needs. I am going to begin reading books of Christians from the past that share how they learned to trust God completely.

  201. Jessie F says

    Thank you so very much for today’s devotion! God’s timing is perfect! I love all your suggestions! I have used Bible Gateway before but I love this idea of reading the verses out loud and recording them for future reference! I will definitely be doing this! I have also longed for a special Christian friend for years!! I’m going to pray for that friend fervently and not get discouraged. I know I need to be patient and rest in God’s perfect timing!
    I have been looking for a new Bible for some time now. This HCSB sounds like it would be perfect and I would love to win. The Let.It.Go bundle sounds amazing too! Thank you again for all you do!!

  202. Lisa C. says

    I love the idea of recording verses on my smartphone in my own voice to play while I going about my day!

  203. Lenita says

    Well I can honestly say that I do all the things above just not all very consistently. I think journaling is what I do best although since needing a new journal that has fallen off quite a bit. I definitely need to consciously go back and add when He has answered my prayers.Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  204. Linda says

    Thanks so much for your P31 Devo today! I really needed to hear that as at times I let my fears immobilize me. My thoughts and worries consume me and freeze me. I really need to remember to let it go and give it to God. I would like to try both #3 and #5 – reading stories about how other Christians have faced their fears as well as journaling my own stories for me to read later. Then I can see how foolish I was to worry about things instead of trusting God.
    Thanks so much!

  205. Carol says

    I love the idea of recording favorite and useful scripture verses on Audacity on my phone. I plan to do this right away to listen to as I walk and work around the house. I’m going to share this idea with my Bible study group when we meet Wednesday.

    I love to write and so journaling prayer requests, as well as answered prayers is a part of my time with God almost daily. Such a peace I receive when I read my past entries.

  206. Sally says

    Great ideas! I will definitely use the audacity tip- I already have it on my computer but did not think to use it that way! Thank you! I really want to learn two LET GO and LET GOD and am currently trying to find the delicate glance between letting go and being responsible! Would Love your insight!

  207. Rachel Smith says

    I like the idea of writing a book. I like keeping a journal, but never thought about writing stories of God’s answers! Great ideas!

  208. Dee says

    I was so blessed in the very early hour of today by this devotional. Thank you! I have used index cards and find that having scripture verses all around helps w memorizing and with linking my heart. Its a daily or make that hourly battle but ….I choose Gods way, not my flesh out emotion. The victory is His!

  209. Kathy says

    I ma thankful that God has giving me a good friend that helps me keep my focus and attitude where God wants me to be.

  210. Jules says

    No. 2 I’ve never tried this but I think I need too. Try this. I really think if I can hear write and read the scriptures they will become a part of me.

  211. Ali says

    I love all of your tips. I like to keep a note card with verses that I am learning in my pocket. ( I have quite the stack, behind my phone in the kitchen.)

  212. Kathryn Carpenter says

    Hi Karen, I love the idea of recording favorite verses on my smartphone! I will give that a try. Thank you for all the tips!

  213. Kelli says

    I like idea number 2. Hearing scripture out loud an allowing it to soak it to your mind and heart to be a source of strength and guidance. :)

  214. Grace says

    I love these ideas. I would have to say my sister-in-law is one I can’t count on (God first) to share my concerns with, back it up with scripture and pray. And I do need to get back on journaling. Thank you for these blessings of giveaways.

  215. Janet says

    I LOVE the idea of recording myself saying the passage on my IPhone … how clever! I currently pull up whatever passage I’m working on memorizing, take a picture and then upload the photo as my screensaver on my IPhone … I see it several hundred times a day and am constantly reminded to work on repeating and memorizing it! Now I can’t wait to add recording it in my own voice to listen to, especially driving back and forth to work!

  216. says

    I like the idea of recording my voice quoting scripture and playing it to help me memorize God’s word. This will help when I wake up during the night with a scared heart. I also plan to use bible gateway. Hope to get your book soon too! Trusting God with wayward children gets hard sometimes.

  217. Courtney Slemp says

    I’ve been working at memorizing scripture this year, so the idea of recording myself saying verses with audacity really stood out to me. I’m going to give it a try. Thank you for the great idea!

  218. Diane says

    I love your ideas. One thing that I do to keep connected with God is by praying on Facebook – totally God’s idea. Sometimes He has me pray for a person on their timeline and mostly He has me pray every night before I sign off – sometimes very specific, sometimes generic but always with Scripture ending the post so I use Bible Gateway for that.

    I also helped type a devotional Today Is… A Gift From God by Tony Casson. He wrote this while in prison!

    My desire has always been to keep a journal of prayers and answers which I usually start but never seem to be able to keep it going. Maybe this time :)

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Blessings, Diane

  219. Sylvie says

    I use biblegateway and love it. You can look up things in so many different ways and in so many different translations. I also like to read the devotional called Jesus Calling. Thanks so much for the article.

  220. Chris says

    I know that journaling examples of Gods faithfulness to me works. I have done this in the past and just need to be disciplined enough to do this regularly. It’s great to be able to look back and see it. Helps me to look to Him instead of letting my fears/feelings take hold. Thanks for the good reminder!

  221. Angela Cruz says

    I love the idea of recording myself speaking God’s word. I have a difficult time memorizing scripture and I am hoping this will help. I am currently facing marital separation and pending divorce after my husband’s adultery and abandonment. This has been the most difficult struggle of my life. I know men and women go through these struggles everyday and it’s heartbreaking and devastating. I hope that as God brings me out of this trial that I can help and give comfort to others that are hurting.

    I also use the Bible Gateway search…LOVE IT!!! And I also keep a prayer journal. I work full time and have a three year old and many times I don’t get to spend the time with God that I’d like to. But I have a desk job and often times I can take a moment to jot down my prayers to God. I’ve also been know to go to the restroom and pray…hahahahah. Hallelujah, God meets us where we are.

    God bless you and the Proverbs 31 ministries. I look forward to my daily encouragement.

  222. Laurel says

    I love the idea of recording scripture verses on my smart phone! While walking or just working around the house what a fabulous way to memorize Gods word to tether my tattered heart!:)

  223. Linda N says

    I use a couple of things from your list. Biblegateway is such a great resource. I use it a lot to look up different translations of a specific verse when I’m memorizing it to find the one that resonates with me. I also journal (on & off but regularly) & love to read about other Christians. Right now I’m reading Through Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot which is excellent. Would love to entered in the drawing. Thanks for all you do to promote God’s kingdom.

  224. Nedrea Haley says

    I am becoming an empty-nester this year and I am finding it very difficult to “Let.It.Go.” or rather to “Let.THEM.Go.” It just seemed so much easier when I put the boys in their cribs and knew that in an hour I could go back to their crib and they would still be there! :) With all the changes, I am quickly realizing that I have to let go of the control and trust God with all the things I am not a part of anymore. I want to begin a journal where I can claim verses to help with the feelings of anxiousness that come with giving up control.

  225. Paula Lloyd says

    Love love love these! I want to do all of them but especially the writing the book!!! Thanks for all you do and fir stepping up mag sharing!

  226. sam says

    I find i cant remember the scriptures. dont know why despite having a very good memory for other facts and figures,events etc.
    Going to try a number of ideas, sticky note ,write a book,bible gateway.My heart needs to hide more verses in it to withstand the roller coaster effect.

  227. says

    I have done a couple of your suggestions. When I got sick I had to take a step back and I started reading through my Amplified Bible. I started in the gospels. Reading it and hearing the stories about struggle and things helped me through some difficult medical procedures. I am going through one on July 24th and I know that everything will be great.

  228. Donna Torrado says

    I love using Bible Gateway. One of my favorite places to go when I am search. I also like to talk with God & be honest about how I am feeling. (After all, He already knows.). Then I ask Him to guide me. I may find an answer in my devotional, or my readings for the day. (Sarah Young Devotionals – I do all 5. Jesus Calling, Jesus Today, Jesus Lives, Dear Jesus and Nearer to Jesus)
    I am always finding a nugget to think on to help with something I am struggling with.

  229. Jennie says

    Wonderful list! Love them all, I use my appendix in my Bible and have googled, but have always wanted a reference book!

  230. Kelly Walker says

    Thank you so much! Your devotion/blog post is EXACTLY what I needed today! I am reaching out to a friend for some accountability. I’d also like to write the book and try out audacity.

  231. Elaine says

    My heart and mind are so fickle. I continually second guess myself and my decisions. I need to find ways to let things go. I’ve started using my iPhone notes app to copy down verses so I can easily refer to them, however I need to get more organized. I like the idea of recording the verses. And then going back and listening to them. I use bible gateway sometimes.

  232. Carolyn Hamilton says

    I’d like to try recording myself saying verses. I used to memorize using 3 x 5 notecards posted all over my house, but since I have not been able to be a stay-at-home mom for the last three years (I work two jobs to make ends meet) having an audio of myself talking TRUTH to myself will be an amazing way of practicing God’s constant presence and speaking his TRUTH into everything I do. Thank you for the great idea!

  233. Tricia says

    I absolutely love the idea of recording scripture using my phone; I’ll definitely be doing this.

  234. Angela Harvey says

    I set a reminder on my phone for every 90 min. The reminder says “Connect with God”. Depending on what I am doing at that time, I may read a devotional, recite scripture out loud (usually one of the many promises of God), journal or read or study scripture. I love the idea of recording verses in my own voice, then I can listen if I am somewhere I cannot talk out loud and I think it will help me to add some new scriptures to my arsenal. For me, there is something very powerful about hearing the Word of God in my own voice. It seems to go out from my mouth, through my ears and straight into my spirit and soul.

  235. Lawrie says

    I already do or have done some of these but a new one was recording scripture in my own voice. Going to check out ways to do that now

  236. Susan says

    I would like to try the Bible gateway research with writung down on a card. I think it will give
    me a visual reminder of the lesson and Scripture and help me commit it to heart and mind.

  237. Christi says

    I really like the idea of a book. Just yesterday I was trying to remember a specific incident that showed God was right beside me taking care of me. Then I remembered it wasn’t the only time He had used the same situation. I just can’t remember how many times it’s happened this way. A book will help me track these.

  238. says

    I love the idea of speaking the scripture it into the smart phone then replaying it as I clean! What a practical idea to get God’s Word in my memory and in my heart! Thank you!

  239. Heather says

    Thank you for your message. My heart does seem to bounce all over the place emotionally. I like the picture of tethering our hearts to God and His Word. I do google and use Bible gateway on my phone. I also use you version Bible and read Proverbs 31 devotional on my phone. I love your suggestion of reading about other people’s experiences. I already looked at the book you suggested. I love reading stories of great faith and being reminded about God’s faithfulness. On my things to read list:)

  240. DeeDee says

    I do keep a Blessings Journal, although I have been a bit sporadic lately. It helps me intentionally focus on the good that God blesses me with every day. It is too easy to whine about my problems and forget to be thankful. Thanks for the suggestions.

  241. Me says

    Having recently left my husband and fled to a domestic violence shelter with my little ones I really appreciated your Prov 31 devotional today and am glad it led me here to your blog. With 200+ posts I feel so validated to read & know other sisters struggle with “casting that care” just like I do. Waking up at 3 a.m. and worrying about what he could still do to hurt me, worrying that I’m not doing enough for my little ones, or just being angry at him or at myself for letting it get this far and keeping it under wraps for appearances and because I couldn’t help but hope it would get better… It eats away at your soul & your energy level. I am trying the FRIEND method – for accountability as much as prayer. I have been steeping in Gateway at those midnight hours now with an earphone to wash in the Word and purify my mind of those nasty thoughts & worries. He made me burn my journals years ago so I’m out of luck there, but have recently started journaling again for the very reasons you mention. Finally, I have been capturing verses from Gateway on my phone Notes so it is interesting to go back through that daily “journal” and see how He has been leading me through this whole ordeal and supporting me whether I feel Him or not. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  242. Krista says

    I think all are great ideas. i like to write the scripture I read that day or the verses that stand out to me the most in a journal, so that i can go back and look at it. I may write down what it means to me during that time and other quotes from that day. It is interesting to go back and see where I was and what I was going through and how He helped me through it.

  243. Leah says

    I like the phone idea. I’m a visual learner, so if I find a way to put them in front of my eyes more often, then maybe I can write them deeper into my heart!

  244. Nikki Wise says

    I really like the idea of recording versus in your own voice and then listening to help memorize. Thanks for the great idea!

  245. Laura says

    I love the idea of “Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past”. What a great way to put the issues of life into perspective!

  246. Sharon Gingerich says

    I like your audacity idea! I might have to use that. I’ve journaled a lot in the past but as a mom of preschoolers, very little. Verses committed to memory earlier, or my favorites underlined have been very comforting to me.

  247. Kelly says

    I have a notebook (a cheap spiral one) that I write scriptures in. I also use it to write down pieces of Proverbs 31 daily devotions that really touch my heart. I read a few pages out of it everyday. I title each page: faith, trust, God’s word, worry, thoughts, etc so I can flip through and find a certain topic if I am struggling with it. I love my notebook and use it daily to help me grow closer to God.

  248. Mollie C says

    I am going to try and google verses that really speak to me and my burdens. Writing them in my own hand and posting for me to see seems like a very personal and constant reminder of God’s protection and constant presence.

  249. Tania S. says

    Write a book is the one that I would be interested in doing. I have a notebook and pen, now I just need to get busy writing. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  250. Tammie says

    Love them all! I use some of them but I’m going to try to do more. Going through health problems as well as unemployment so He is my rock more than ever!!! ?? My favorite thing to do is listen to contemporary Christian music. It always lifts my spirit!

  251. Karen Wheeler says

    I have never Googled it before – I found that every interesting and something I can do at work during trying moments! I like that one alot!

  252. Colleen says

    Recently we were asked in a Bible study what treasure from this earth would we take if we say were in a fire, etc. My friend replied that she would take her prayer journals from the last 20 years. I was convicted. It’s time for me to start writing down my prayers/thoughts in a book.

  253. Teri says

    I use the online post it notes on my HP for work. I will go back and do this more. It really grounds me. Thank you for reminding me to stay close. It is do easy to get busy and stray.

  254. says

    I like the idea of writing a book. I LOVE to write and I have many journals recounting the trials and the triumphs God has walked me through. Thank you for this message. It was quite timely.

  255. Amy Parra says

    Write a book! I recently started journaling at the encouragement of a friend. It’s been great, and I am intent on spending more time writing. Thank you. I enjoyed your post.

  256. Emily says

    I just started using Bible Gateway and keeping a Prayer Journal this summer. I also like the idea of recording a verse to play back later.

  257. Andrea says

    I use the biblegateway already. I read someone else’s comment about a bible app. I need to look into that. I like the idea of the voice recording. I have one on my phone and have used it to create reminder when I’m driving in the car and can’t write things down. That would be a great thing for me to listen to on my way to work in the morning to get my day started off with God.

  258. Ruth says

    Hi there. That was a brilliant devotional. Many thanks.
    I’ve already started making a note of verses that really encourage me not to be afraid and to trust God steadfastly. Using Biblegateway to search for key verses was a great suggestion too, so I’ll definitely be doing that as well now. The next step will then be to write my favourite verses down on colourful paper and stick them all over my bedroom door.

  259. Angela says

    I like all of them but #5 is a big one. After my husband and mom died in less than 6 months I really felt God tell me to write it all down and after I did that I had so much peace. Now when I go back and reread those words it reminds me of how God healed me and brought me through. Blessings, Angela

  260. Sara says

    Why didn’t I think of the recording the verse to my phone?! That would be very useful in many instances. My worries have been so great the past few days. This blog today helped so much. Love how God uses you to touch lives.

  261. Heidi says

    I already do some of these, but I like the idea of reading further about courageous and trusting Christians of the past.

  262. Bobbie G says

    I love to read books about others and how their faith has sustained them. Thank you for this opportunity to win the study bible.

  263. Donna Harvey says

    Great devotional! I needed those reminders. Especially # 3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past, and #5 Write a book. The stories from the Bible are so encourging to situations we are going through, and then when we look back in a journal to remind us what God has done for us. It builds my faith, and I need all those reminders, especially when I am in the middle of a trial.

  264. Diane N says

    I often go back through my Bible and read the highlighted Scriptures. Since they are underlined because they spoke to me once, they often help me when I reread them. I also have several friends I can call when I need to talk to someone. Love this post!!

  265. says

    I love the idea of tethering God’s Word to my heart. My favorite way is to recall stories of God’s previous faithfulness. As I remember how He has seen me through in the past, I feel peace God will see me through this too. And as I read the words in my own handwriting, I am reminded how God is faithful and I can have peace in the middle of whatever life brings my way : )

  266. valerie w. says

    I really loved the Psalm 28:7 verse. It has helped me get through a very difficult time. Thank you for putting that in your blog because I truly needed it today.

  267. Linda H says

    I want to use the write a book suggestion. I think writing down the ways I see God moving in my life will be helpful. There are times I feel God is not doing anything in my life. I feel this would be a way to see that I am wrong, because God is always working in my life. Whether I think He is or not.

  268. Karen Phlieger says

    I am going to read “50 people every Christian should know. I am struggling with prayer and finding quiet time with my bible. I was recently baptized and feel so inadequate as a Christian. I also am using Bible Gateway… thank you!

  269. Da Kim says

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Recently, I’ve found myself in a spiritual low. As I’m about to finish college, I’ve been way too focused on my own plans and worrying about the future when I should be trusting God. He always provides and protects me, but I’ve been way too selfish lately to remember all that He’s done for me. I love the idea of recording myself speaking a verse to help memorize it. Sometimes I forget that equipping ourselves with the word of God is truly powerful. I also love the idea of writing down how the good Lord is always faithful to me. At times, especially now, I just can’t see that God has everything planned out for me and that I shouldn’t worry and be afraid about what the future holds. Journaling my prayers and how God has answered them will be a good reminder for me.

    What I do to tether my heart to God is that I take a walk around my neighborhood and thank the Lord for everything I see. I thank Him for the strong legs to walk, for the warm sunshine, the beautiful colors. It’s a good reminder that nothing in my life would be possible without the Lord.

  270. Carolyn Gildberg says

    I loved the book A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers, proof that God’s Love is there for us before or without us knowing and willing to transform a willing soul to a place they could never imagine. I will try Writing a Book if only to Thank Him for the myriad of times he has protected me including right know when I have been ill for 3 months and lost 60 #’s, my FMLA ran out, my job remains intact- though our $$’s are minimal we are so very blessed . I will start recording His words to tether me closer and closer to my Precious Lord.

  271. Karla Huey says

    I really like bible gateway for helping to focus on a particular topic. Journaling is something I tend to do haphazardly but need to really start doing again. It is really encouraging and helpful in reminding me just how near God is in the everyday stuff of life.

  272. Carolann says

    I would love to “Write a book”. Journaling has always helped me in the past and I often wonder why I got away from it. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to take time to get into the word, write it down, and keep reading it for the encouragement I need so much every day.

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