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Due to her desire to live her priorities (which means God, Todd, kiddos, extended family, and then friends, including the cyber-sort), Karen cannot respond to private messages, although she will try to read them all. The best way to connect with her is on Facebook or Twitter :-)

Full Disclosure

When I began my website in 2007, I did it only to help and encourage others trying to live their priorities and love their life.

After seven years of blogging, I have decided to become an Amazon Affiliate to help cover the costs of running my ministry.

Being an affiliate costs you, as a buyer, nothing and simply means that if you make a purchase on Amazon following one of my links, Amazon will give me a slight percentage of commission for sending you over to their website.  100% of the small income that I will receive from this will be used to pay for the cost of running this website.

If you desire to be a part of my team by supporting this ministry then I encourage you to use this link whenever you make a purchase on Amazon. You will be helping to fund this website and help other women to live their priorities and love their lives.