Keeping Hearts at Home


Welcome to all of you who stopped by because you were part of the wonderful Hearts at Home Conference this weekend! I hope you laughed, cried and learned lots at “Mommy School” and that you left refreshed, renewed and ready to return to your life as a mom with a fresh new perspective!

For those of you who attended my workshops on getting organized and wanted to purchase on of the Mom’s Brain in a Binder systems that my boys put together, we should have more ready by the first of the week. We’ll purchase everything on our way home from Illinois today and since we are taking spring break this week, Mitch and Spence should have time to put them together on Monday. Just keep checking my site and as soon as they are finished, I’ll post ordering instructions.

Well, I’m still at the hotel trying to get settled in with my entire family of five so we can get some sleep after an exhausting yet exhilarating few days. So, I think I’ll sign off now and try to drift off to sleep. However, if you aren’t too tired and are one of the Hearts at Home attendees who is visiting this blog for the first time, I’d love for you to leave a comment letting us know what your favorite part of the conference was. Or perhaps what God taught you about being a mom to your delightful and unique children. Or what changes you are hoping to make in your life due to something you learned this weekend. Let’s encourage each other in the mission of motherhood!

Sweet Blessings,


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