Freakin’ Out Update :-)

Hi all—Just checking in for a minute to thank you all for your comments. To see how many out there are praying for our family and for the upcoming Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference makes my heart swell and my eyes well up with tears!!!

Speaking of swelling….an update on Spencer’s foot. The doctor was puzzled as to why the infection still seems to be there after 3 weeks and already one go-round of antibiotics. So he—who is very cautious about unnecessary antibiotics, as are we—ordered another round. X-ray looked fine. Hopefully all will be well soon. Mitch’s creeping crud is getting better. I caught a modified version of it. No fever, but stuffy nose and nasal passages swollen shut so I sound like I could sing base!!! (And, I had a live radio interview last hour. Probably sounded like a man talking!!!) Prayers appreciated for my sinuses to heal. I am severely allergic to cold medicine so I’ll have to ride it out. Saline nose spray flushes are helping. (I know, more info than you wanted to know!!!)

Now, as for my “not-freakin’-out” mission. Well, those who know me well are standing in wonder and amazement. I am calm. I am quietly doing the next thing. I am trusting God that the time to finish what He needs me to finish will be given. And….it is all because of the Lord and you!!!! Please keep the prayers coming!!!

No word on when we will close on the houses. The loan officer is shooting for Tuesday before Kenzie and I leave Wednesday for She Speaks. It needs to close by Friday the 20th in order not to lose our interest rate lock. If it closes Wednesday thru Friday, Todd will have to close without me. Please pray that God shows us what is best.

Now….on to the next thing. For me it will be to straighten the house before the appraiser comes. For you it will be to make yourself a note to check back in next Monday. I will be posting an interview with Mari Helms from Tea and Traditions—that thankfully was done a few weeks ago, so all I’ll have to do is hit the “publish” button!!!! Yeah!!!! Check out her wonderful website and pop back in next week to leave a comment and possibly win a prize!

Do-the-next-thing blessings,


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  • Hi Karen!

    Life can be crazy at times, yet that seems to be when God does His best work, when we have nothing left in our tanks, that anything else can be nothing BUT all Him. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be praying for you and for She Speaks attendees. I had the privilege of watching your hilarious drama and your daughter’s signing last year – so memorable. I know the Lord has BIG plans, and he wants to carry them out through you. Have a wonderful time!

  • It is so neat to hear how God is blessing you with peace and calm through so much stress. The part about you “quietly doing the next thing” really spoke to me. It’s about Lordship isn’t it? Letting God be God and meekly going about doing only what we’re given to do and only one thing at a time.

    I am so looking forward to She Speaks and seeing you there. In the meantime I’m going to be focusing on quietly doing the next thing too.

    Praying for you,

  • So sorry that you are having such an interesting life right now–on the other hand, you’ll have lots to speak and write about!?! I’m praying for you to have peace in the midst of all the storms. I know God will work out all of the house details, the sick germs, the infected foot, and She Speaks prep. May God bless you mightily!


  • Hey Karen!
    Just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you! God is mighty and He has a plan and purpose for all things! See you at She Speaks!