On the 13th Day of CHRISTmas….the winners were announced!!!!

And the winners are…………

Do I feel like St. Nicholas or what?!?!? The big day is finally here and twelve of you will receive a wonderful gift from one of my sweet sisters from the Proverbs31 Ministries speaking team.

Thanks to all who left their comments. I really appreciate you making this a fun and creative series of posts. I simply LOVED reading all of the comments, at times crying and at others laughing ’til I snorted, and will certainly try some of the ideas and recipes you left. Yum!!!!

Please, if you are new to my site, I’d love for you to stop back by often and comment. I don’t always post Monday-Friday, but I try. My rule is to live my priorities, so if my time with God isn’t in order or my hubby or kiddos require my time, I don’t post. (So I guess if you hop on and I have been silent, you can pray for me!!!!!) But I PROMISE– (thanks for the reminder Stephenie) to tell the story soon of how God called us to downsize and sell our dream home on 8 acres of woods and move to a smaller house.

But enough chit-chat already….here are the winners along with the speakers’ email addresses for you to claim your prize and give them your home address:

  • Day One: Winner of a copy of His Princess and a Starbucks card from Zoe Elmore- 
  • Nicole (comment left on 12/3 at 4:49 am–Contact Zoe at zoeelmore@gmail.com)
  • Day Two: Winner of Recipe for Christmas Joy e-book from Marybeth Whalen-
  • Jessica (comment left on 12/9 at 1:54 am–Contact Marybeth at marybeth6@gmail.com)
  • Day Three: Winner of Bath & BodyWorks gift set from Whitney Capps-
  • Tera (comment left on 12/9 at 8:37 pm–Contact Whitney at wpcapps@bellsouth.net)
  • Day Four: Winner of Birds in My Mustard Tree from Susanne Scheppmann-
  • Julie (comment left on 12/12 at 3:52 am–Contact Susanne at susanne@cox.net)
  • Day Five: Winner of set of decorative file folders from Glynnis Whitwer-
  • Sarah Lewis (comment left on 12/5 at 7:16 am–Contact Glynnis at editor@proverbs31.org)
  • Day Six: Winner of two copies of From the Pound to the Palace from Van Walton-
  • Heather (comment left on 12/7 at 12:36 am–Contact Van at CVanGo1@aol.com)
  • Day Seven: Winner of a cd set on Facing Your Fears from Micca Campbell-
  • Julianna (comment left on 12/9 at 2:05 pm–Contact Micca at MiccaCampbell@comcast.net)
  • Day Eight:  Winner of the P 31 Devotional book and a $15 Starbucks card from Charlene Kidd- 
  • Kim Thompson (comment left on 12/11 at 9:48 am–Contact Charlene at charkidd@comporium.net)
  • Day Nine: Winner of an Embracing the Call cd and a box of herbal fruit teas from Tracie Miles-
  • Joy (comment left on 12/9 at 4:15 pm–Contact Tracie at traciemiles@carolina.rr.com)
  • Day Ten: Winner of The New Living Translation Chronological Bible from Wendy Pope-
  • Shelley (comment left on 12/10 at 4:37 pm–Contact Wendy at wendypope67@alltel.net)
  • Day Eleven: Winner of a $25 customizable Starbucks card from Rachel Olsen-
  • Casey (comment left on 12/11 at 1:23 pm–Contact Rachel at Rachel@proverbs31.org)
  • Day Twelve: Winner of Unwrapping His Presence cd  & a Bath & BodyWorks vanilla candle from Renee Swope-
  • Darla (comment left on 12/12 at 11:46 am–Contact Renee at rmswope@earthlink.net)
Thanks again, everyone. This was sooooooooo fun and really helped me to focus on giving at Christmas. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me to let me know you are praying about my husband and his coming job loss from General Motors. I will certainly keep you posted on what happens with our family. We are praying very hard that he gets a job locally so we don’t have to move three times in three years!!!
God bless you all and see you on Monday! (I still have a few more Christmas give aways up my sleeve so tune in!!!)
Partridge-in-a-pear-tree Blessings,
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  • Thanks so much for all this fun. I’m so glad to have come across your wonderful blog and enjoy reading all the posts. They are all so inspirational.
    God Bless and Have A Very Merry Christmas!!