Happy New Year!!!!!

Okay….so here is my New Year’s resolution…………..worry less, pray more.

It is gonna be hard as I am a card carrying member of worriers anonymous and a self-confessed control freak. But with hubby out of work from General Motors and our first one wanting to head off to college without having all the funds to do so, I figure this is as good a year as any to start!

How about you? What is your New Year’s resolution?

Out With the Old and in With the New Blessings,


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  • Good plan, because He already knows the answers, He will be part of what ever comes and you can not even imagine what He has planned—SO MUCH GOOD—may not be what you think you need but PRAISE GOD, it will be His best for you all! By the way, He knows more than you also. While you don’t know me you now know the discussion I have in my head with myself.

  • Hi Karen, Your resolution is a good reminder to all of us. My focus this year, brought on by the gentle nudging of the Lord, is to REJOICE. Be happy, determine to find the joy in everyday life. It is a challenge sometimes when the negative around us is so defeating. When I start to feel down, like our old stuff (which keeps breaking down, falling apart or whatever) I keep finding ways to look at it differently and be GLAD about it in someway. The only thing I have some control over is my state of mind and how I react to things. That is what I want to work on this year.
    Hugs to you my friend. God always provides and always has a plan.
    Sarah Lewis

  • Hi Karen,

    You and your husband are in our prayers. God has brought you too far to let go now. He has a plan for you and in due time a door of opportunity will open that you never expected and it will propel your family into the next phase of your destiny. Watch for it and know He is watching out for you.

    BTW, I received your book Teh Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized as a Christmas present. I am really enjoying it.

  • I have resolved to be more thankful this year. I complained way too often last year and I forgot to thank the Lord for all of His awesome blessings. So, to help me, my husband and our two children do this I purchased each of us inexpensive 2009 date books. I named them our TYGF Journals…Thank You God For…We are writing one thing we are thankful for everyday, using these to help us recognize how God is at work in our lives and to tell Him how grateful we are…so we don’t forget!
    You are in my prayers, Karen!

  • I feel like I have a whole list of resolutions! But while some of them are resolutions, like stick to my budget and eat out less, I have several goals, too. These goals include spending more “date” time with hubby, start a new Bible study, start working out more. Yet, with all of these in mind, I have one solid theme running behind it all—HAVE UNWAVERING FAITH IN GOD NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!