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Hey all.

Have you ever known someone with whom you hit it off instantly? Someone that, although you’d only known them for a few hours, you felt as if you were already lifelong friends?

About 7 years ago in the fall, I met such a person. She was a college student visiting a huge, annual event that takes place in our circle of friends: The Davis Harvest Party.

Hay rides.

Donuts and cider.

A hot dog roast and old-fashioned square dance.

Many couples have begun their “courtin’ days” at the Harvest Party.

That year, my friend Eileen (mother of 11!) and I chatted while the dance was beginning. Her son Josh had brought home a group of friends from college. In the group was a young woman with the most contagious smile ever. Her name was Lindsey.

I joked with Eileen about this gal being Josh’s ‘girlfriend”. She insisted she was just his friend.

I knew better. College guys don’t wipe their hands on their jeans before holding hands to square dance with a ‘friend’. I knew he had his eye on little Miss Lindsey.

By spring they were engaged.

They got married late that summer.

Fast forward to the present. Lindsey and Josh are now the proud parents of three young girls. Lindsey has a knack for writing about motherhood and musings and finding God in the midst of the mundane. Thus far, her readers have consisted of  family and a few friends who get her weekly family email update.

I’ve decided to ask her to periodically share her thoughts with you.

I was fortunate enough to have a few mentors help get me started speaking and writing. I have never forgotten their kindness.

And I determined that whenever I came across a friend who needed some help or a forum or a blog to chat in (while I took a little breather) I’d happily help her too.

Today will be Lindsey’s first post.

Can I ask you to hop on and leave a comment welcoming her? I’m sure you’ll come to love her as much as I do…..


Hi all! My name is Lindsey Feldpausch.

If your wondering how to pronounce my last name, don’t worry, I was thinking the same thing when I first met my husband. It is said “feld-posh” Like “this party is so posh!” Except that I don’t think I have ever been to a posh party or could really be described by the word posh in any way. Well, I do own some pretty posh salt and pepper shakers that are from France.

Anyway, I am the stay at home mother of three girls ages 4, 3, and 1. So, It’s a barrel of chimpanzees around here (“monkeys” sound much too tame.) I have been married to the most amazing man for 51/2 years.  I love God with all my heart and am continuously surprised at the power of His word, the freedom that He offers and the sovereignty of His plans.

I’m originally from the suburbs of Detroit, but after my husband graduated from Grand Valley State University last spring, God laid it on his heart to come to the Houston area for a teaching job, which is where we are now.

I had never been to Texas until moving here. You can imagine what kind of funny things I find myself getting into and/ or observing.

I’ve taken notice of an interesting food-on-wheels attraction here in Texas. They look like beefed up ice cream trucks (minus the weird music) and sell hot tortilla, cheese, and meat creations. You can find these type of vehicles in Michigan at carnivals. Except down here, they show up without the carnival.

I haven’t sampled anything yet, but I applaud the concept. Why wait for the fair when an “authentic” Mexican food truck could pull right up outside the grocery store? I’m still making up my mind as I stare at the driver wondering if he is the cook as well. I’m tempted to roll down my window and say “I don’t know what that smell is, but just give me whatever fried flour sensation that’s creating that delicious Tex-Mex food incense.” Of course that would go against every frugal and health conscious bone in my body, so I don’t.

The most obvious difference between Texas and Michigan is, predictably, the weather. It is winter, but much sunnier and warmer than any Michigan winter.

Here‘s the interesting part… I still act like it’s winter. You would think that I would be out with my stroller enjoying the weather, but I find myself inside for several days in a row wearing my hoodie and fuzzy socks. If it were in the 60’s during February or March in Michigan, you better know that I would be running around in my bare feet wondering if we could bust out the hose and slip and slide.

Here, though, I just keep doing what I did up in Michigan. I stay inside and have hot tea as if I were snowed in.

Isn’t this what happens in our Christian walk? Just when God lifts us up, transplants us, heals us, or sets us free, we end up doing what we always did because we haven’t known any other way.

It’s like when Jesus healed those who could not walk. Wouldn’t it be absurd of them to have the ability to walk, but just go back to sitting on their mat and begging?

In the same way, God has given me the privilege to enjoy the sunshine, but I keep telling my kids that it is “a little chilly out there”. Either I have acclimated way too fast to the warmer weather or I just need to get up off my mat and stretch my legs.

Mark my words, I am getting out of this apartment tomorrow and if I do see one of those Mexican meals-on-wheels vans, I am at least going to see how much they’re charging. If I’m going to be embracing my new life as a Texan, I better get out, enjoy the sunshine and try something new.

I shall trade my hot tea for a hot tortilla and my mat for the stroller.

Here’s to making the most of the new life and new opportunities God gives us!


Lindsey Feldpausch

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  • Welcome to Houston Lindsey!! It is a great city and the people are its’ best asset. I am a native Houstonian and I still can’t get use to the hot summers and humidity. Good luck with your blog and I look forward to reading it. You be careful with the Mexican food on wheels. I agree with another reader—you might do better at a restaurant like Pico”s, Ninfa’s, Papasito’s,or Lupe Tortillas!! Good Luck and God Bless you and your precious family!

  • Nice job Lindsey! You’re first blog was easy to read and very entertaining. It’s obvious you’re walking with the Lord. Yay for your family!! About being acclimated to the Texas weather already: I think you are! My in-laws used to live in Arizona. When we’d go out to visit over the holidays, people could always tell we were “tourists”. While everyone was wearing jeans and jackets, my family would be in shorts and t-shirts sporting our white, pre-tanned legs :-) I look forward to hearing more from you!