If All the Moms….. (and a giveaway)

Nineteen years ago, I had high hopes that I’d be a mom by Mother’s Day.

The year before, my heart was heavy on Mother’s Day as Todd and I had lost our first child when I was just entering my second trimester.

Then our second child was due on April 30th that next year and was I ever excited! I hoped I could bring my new bundle of baby joy to church on Mother’s Day and sport myself a pastelΒ corsage like all of the other ‘real’ mothers.

However, that special Sunday came on May 12th.

It came.

And it went.

Still no baby.

While our first child had come too soon to live on earth (and we’ll have to wait until heaven to meet him or her) this baby decided that even though everyone told us she’d be here in late April—the doctors, the charts, the ultra-sound, my own little “count back three months and add one week” way of figuring out when the baby would come–she decided to take her sweet time.

She arrived May 14th!! Two weeks late!!!

And this will be my first Mother’s Day without her. :-(

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d reprint here an essay that baby-turned-little-girl-turned-almost-19-year-old-woman wrote when she was seven for our local paper. The subject was : Why I Love My Mom. Out of over 300 entries, hers was chosen as the grand prize winner. As a result, she and I won all kinds of mother and daughter items from local businesses including my first (and only) manicure and pedicure. It was such fun!

Here is her winning essay and a pic of her today.

Why I Love My Mom

If all the moms were lined up in a row from here to the town of Westphalia and they all had on pretty party dresses with their hair in a bun and tap shoes on and my mom had on old sweats with baby burp-up on it……I’d still pick her.

My mom is a fun mom. She lets me bake cookies with her. She makes me chickin and dumplin’s. She lets me play with her lipstick and real scissors and craft stuff. She reads to me every night and teaches me about Jesus.

And even though she gets very sick when she is pregnant she still gave me two baby brothers to play with.

That’s why I love my mom.

Mackenzie, age 7

Okay, now…..why do you love your mom?

One winner will be chosen to receive a personalized copy of my book Homespun Memories for the Heart: More Than 200 Ideas to Make Unforgettable Moments It provides simple, doable ideas for celebrating with the children in your life be they your kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews or school children. It covers holidays, holy days, and even daily days, like the first day of school, when they lose their first tooth of get their driver’s license. There are also many party ideas for showers, birthdays, reunions and retirement. It is chock full of recipes, gift ideas and even re-producable invitations and such. You can check it out here.

Mother’s Day Blessings,

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  • Why do I love my mom? She has given so much of herself for me….for my whole family. I remember one conversation we had right after my first daughter was born. I was talking about how much I love my little ladybug, I told her that I just can’t imagine the days I know will come, when someone will hurt my little girl’s feelings. I looked at my mom and asked, how did you not cry when I would come home from school crying because so-and-so didn’t like me or the boys called me fat? Mom looked at me and asked how do you know I didn’t cry? I realized then and saw clearly how much she did love me, she feels about me the way I feel about my dearest daughters. I am a lucky lucky girl and my girls are lucky to have her as their nana!

  • I love my Mom because she’s set a wonderful example of how to be faithful her entire life and she’ll be 70 in a few days! She and my Dad made church a priority even when I whined about going as a teenager. She encouraged me all through college and my young married life to find a church home and GO! Now that I’ve found an awesome church home, I feel the responsibility to take my four young kids no matter how much else is going on. If she hadn’t set the example, I probably would only go when other worldly stuff didn’t interfere. Thank you Mom for setting the example for me.

  • My mom is a wonderful woman who did the best she could with the resources she had. Even though her life has not been easy, she has always been there for me and my brothers.

    Today is her day. Two thousand miles separate us but I know she loves me and she knows I love her. I thank the Lord for the gift of MY MOM.

  • Funny to think about what I love best about my mom. We are completely different individuals and her long, drawn out horrible divorce with my dad left me with a few scars and some baggage, baggage that Jesus has been trying to tell me to leave in baggage claim and move on with my life. I purposely parented different than my mom, choosing to play with my kids and not clean the house all the time, take my kids to their events and be team mom or school volunteer. My mom never did these things and I never understood why, perhaps it was the pain and heartache she was going through with her marriage. But, the one thing my mom gave me that has made all the difference is the wings to fly. When I got on a bus 5 days after graduating college and moved to another part of the country, she never uttered a word. When I took off with my backpack and girlfriends for Europe or Australia, again, no guilt, condemnation, no lectures. When I got engaged to a man she had never met because we were separated by 3,000 miles she talked to him on the phone and said he sounded wonderful and to this day is his #1 fan. As a mom myself, I don’t think I have this in me. I am too controlling and too judgemental at times but I will remember that my mom gave me the wings to be me, someone different than her yet she never criticized me for my different choices. She always loved me and that is a lesson I need to learn and show to my own children. It is the difference between pushing your kids away or drawing them in. I guess if I had my choice between a mom who played when I was young or a mom who gave me wings to fly when I was older, I would take the latter, it really has made all the difference in my life and I thank God for that, and her.

  • My mom is amazing. She is always there for me, my sister and our kids. She has been through some major heartache in her life. But with God’s unconditional love has forgiven and pulled right though.