Hey Weight Loss Wednesday gals! Hope your week was fabulous.

Mine was exhaustingly Holy.

Is exhaustingly even a word? It has a little red squiggly line under it telling me it is not. However, there isn’t any other way to describe the last week I spent in North Carolina. It was exhausting. And holy.

I got to spend two solid days with my Proverbs 31 sisters in  our annual team time training, which I was in charge of this year. Then, 608 women (as our Queen says, “that’s 1216 high heels!”) came in for our writers, speakers and womens ministry conference.

Also, I got to spend time with old friends like her and her and her.  We heard  a surprise message (just to the attendees, not to us, we knew it was happening ) via video from none other than her.  On main stage, our own president Lysa spoke and then, special guest her.  They both knocked it outta the park.

I was the last scheduled main speaker on stage. My knees were knocking at the thought of batting clean-up after three fabulous speakers, but our God showed up big.

And, best of all, I got to spend time with my daughter Kenna who lives in Charlotte.

Truly the best week of my year.

However, I was also faced with 6 days of the most fattening food of my life. The food served to us at the conference was fancy and decadent. The rest of the time, I was on the road, except for the night I spent at her house. She may know her fashion, but her man knows how to cook! Two fabulous meals there were out of this world!

So I was met with a challenge. How to stay on track in the face of such yummy food. No scales to weigh out portions. No calorie count on the back of the box. No fruit to grab while I passed on the cheesecake or fudge-laden brownie. No salad to order instead.

I only relied on one thing.

God’s whisper.

Yes, it may sound strange, especially if one is not used to two-way communication with God and instead only visits Him Sunday mornings while parked in a pew or auditorium seat. But I heard Him loud and clear.

So, did I eat any of the decadent food?


All that was put before me?


Were there times I passed things up completely without a bite?


Were their times I just took one or two bites and called it good?

Oh yeah….and good it was!

I relied on the whisper of God. I knew when He was saying, “Go right ahead sweetie. You have lots of duties this weekend and you need some nourishment.”

And, I knew when he was saying, “Whoa now sister. You’ve had plenty. Put down the fork and trust in Me.”

James 4:17 says, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” (ESV)

I saw that verse in a whole new light this past weekend.

Is it a sin to eat a decadent dessert? Yes and no.

Is it a sin to enjoy a sourdough roll with butter? Yes and no.

To answer those questions, you’d need to know the circumstances, the last time food was eaten, whether or not God had prompted you to fast from food that day or that meal. It just isn’t a black and white or yes or no answer.

It is a whisper answer.

And it works.

It even allows us to lose weight while living in the land of fattening food for a week.

I know :-)

Now, how was your week? Or if you are new today, leave a comment letting us know why you are here?

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Congrats to: Linda; timestamp July 24,2010 at 7:28 a.m. You are the winner of the fashion package giveaway with Shari Braendel. Please send me your home address at  karen@proverbs31.org!

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  • Hi Karen,
    I loved your message on Sunday at She Speaks. Thank you for speaking from your heart. I was very touched and motivated. I am going to work on memorizing and reviewing verses I’ve learned in the past. My verse this week is 2 Timothy 1: 6 – 7 “For this reason remember to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of hands. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of love, of power, and of self-dicipline.”

    This was my first time at She Speaks, and I loved it! I plan to come next year and bring more friends.

  • Hi All,
    It has been several weeks since I have posted. I have been struggling big time with the whole weight loss thing and had gained back over 4 kilos that I had previously lost. I had been trying to listen to the Voice but not really listening and if I did I would behave like a spoilt child and stamp my feet and whine and eat it all anyway!! Finally God has shown me that my problem has been thinking that I can do this in my own strength, rather than realising how weak I actually am and that I need HIM to carry me through this because of my weakness. It has lead me to a more personal relationship with Him and I guess that that is what it is all really about.
    However, another of my weaknesses, pride, will probably lead me back to the thinking I am able to do it by myself situation again and that’s what really bugs me!!!
    Have a great week. O, lost 1 kilo this week.

  • Karen, so glad you had a wonderful time! Todays P31 devotional was about modeling ourselves after Jesus, helps put the light on not trying to be like other people, maybe it will help me not try so hard to be something I am not, and relax,…..so I can hear the whisper!

  • Karen,

    Oh how I have missed you and all the weight loss Wednesday ladies! I had an accident last May and broke both my arms! Needed surgery on my right wrist (I am right-handed!) and was on disability. I was recovering down at my parents’ home, about 50 miles away from my bookmarked computer, and just couldn’t find you to get the encouragement I needed.

    You would think that with 2 broken arms I wouldn’t be able to eat and therefore weight loss would be easy, right? Wrong! All my family did was feed me and encourage me to sit around and relax. My jeans are tighter but not too badly so. I will weigh in on the 14th and then know all the damage done.

    However, once I finally returned home I sorted out my closet and donated all the clothes I wore before I lost weight earlier this year. Now I have to re-lose the disability weight and get back on track with my weight loss. I have no excuses (and no money for new clothes).

    God has been whispering to me, too. Away from my loving parents I can now exercise again. Away from my loving parents I can return to my healthy eating habits. Away from my loving parents I can really hear His whispers. Ah, ah, ah… doyou really want to eat that? Ahem, I know the vicodin makes you sleepy but wouldn’t you rather take a brisk walk? Thank you, Lord, I know with your guidence I will listen to Your whispers and be able to take action.

    Thanks for being here ladies, I caught up on all the posts I missed and its just like coming home. :) I know I will be back on track soon with all the support and encouragement you give.

  • I’ve been listening to the whispers and I have to say it really does pay off! I spent 3 relaxing, restful days in San Diego this past weekend (I live in PA) with my sister. The food was all around-junk food, restaurants, airport food etc, but I have to say, I’m very, very proud of myself-I lost 1 pound over the 4 days, 2 pounds for the whole week! Whoop whoop! I’m trying to set smaller goals for smaller time periods, it seems to work better for me. The farther out I stretch my goals, the worse I seem to do-it’s the old ‘I have time’ struggle. Before I know it, the kids will be heading back to school, so my goal this week is to develop a daily exercise routine for the fall!

  • Karen – this is my first visit to your site – I just wanted to tell you that YOU knocked it out of the park on Sunday morning! The whole conference was fabulous but your message is the one that drove me to my knees. Thank you.