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Make sure to pop in on Friday when I’ll have another giveaway in conjunction with my Proverbs 31 devotion that will be running! :-)


No profound musings today. Just an old-fashioned picture show & a giveaway!

I love getting new ideas for decorating, especially around the holidays. So, here are a few of my ideas and a glimpse into our humble home. (Be sure to read until the end where there is a giveaway.)

The front of our house :-)

Hubby's childhood sled rescued from his parents' garage & Kenna's old skates
Our front door. I got the trees 75% off last year the morning after Christmas & I actually made the swag about 15 years ago.
Todd's bike from about 1973 & an old wagon from my friend Lori.
Dining room table. I love gold & wood together!
Door to laundry room. Garland $1 from a yard sale. "For Unto Us a Child is Born" sign made by my friend & co-author Trish.
Antique school desk with garage sale finds. Snowman runner made again by Trish.
Stacking Snowmen made & given to me one year guessed it! Trish! I know you're jealous you don't have a Trish! Two of the noses have gotten lost over the years but this is still one of my favorite Christmas items!
Bone china nativity given to us by my in-laws for our first Christmas in 1986.
View out our back slider door.
Snow began to fall just hours before our neighborhood open house.
Speaking of open is the food!
...and the folks!
...and the fun!
Kids playing pool.
Little ones decorating cookies :-)
Teens hanging out...what else?

Here is our tree. It is hard to see but the ornaments are either handmade by the kids or sugared fruits & candies. Underneath is my kids' favorite decoration, the ballroom dancers that glide.
And our fireplace. I waited 22 years to get a fireplace!!!
All these toys were either mine, Todd's or our kids'.
A close-up of the mantle. Most items from garage sales. Gingerbread cookie jar from my mom. Heart box has anscestor pics on it.

Well…our quaint cyber tour is done! How I wish you all could have stopped by in person.

However, since you couldn’t, here is a decorating giveaway I will be sending shortly to one of you!

It includes:

~Three signs from At Home America (a company I LOVE!). My friend Tammy was a consultant for years & I have many of their products in my house (most bought on clearance , of course!) The signs say “Simplify”  “Imagine” & “Family”.

~ A box of six apple-cinnamon votive candles from Pier One.

~ A signed copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart & Home to Others (full of simple decorating short-cuts!) If you want info about getting any of my books tax & shipping-free for Christmas gifts, click here.

Simply leave a comment today and you’ll be entered. I know you are all busy as we hit the Christmas homestretch, so the comment today is simple.

White lights or colored?

What’s on your tree?

As you can see, we have huge old-fashioned colored lights. My kids won’t have it any other way. :-) Nor will my husband, who is quite quiet about Christmas decor, until it comes to the lights on the tree!

Winner announced Friday when the next giveaway kicks off!

Bright-Light Blessings,

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