Habits (And I’m Not Talkin’ Healthy Ones)

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There are healthy ones: flossing your teeth daily; looking both ways before crossing the street; taking your vitamins.

And there are not so healthy ones too.

Sorry to say, but my week brought habits of the latter kind.

Bad, bad habits.

Most of you know I have been sick; really sick. The kind of sick where I laid on the couch feverish & achy for days.

Once those symptoms left, I felt better for a few days. Enough so that I went to North Carolina for 48 hours. (Transported safely via the prayers of many of you!)

When I got home, I started having lung trouble. The “feels-like-someone-is-squeezing-the-life-and-breath-outta-me” kind of lung trouble.

I coughed like there’s no tomorrow.

So I was hauled off by the hubster to ER where they diagnosed me with bronchitis, gave me an inhaler and wonderful drugs.

Those who know me well know I am usually anti-drugs, but I was sick y’all!! (Oops—my P31 southern side is showing!)

The weird thing is, through all of this sickness, I have had no appetite.

That was great for the first week-and-a-half. I hardly ate.

Then, doc told me to eat to regain my strength. The trouble was, nothing sounded good.

So, I went from salty to sweet to savory, all the while trying to get something to taste good.

Nothing did.

I kept eating.

Then I noticed I was beginning to eat out of habit alone. Seriously! My taste-buds were gone and I had no cravings for anything, I just ate out of habit.

It was breakfast so I thought….“Hmmmm… I made the boys homemade oatmeal-whole wheat-buttermilk waffles, I’ll have one. With real maple syrup, please. No, make that two!”

It was afternoon. Maybe something sweet will do. Nope. Now I’ll try something salty.

Trouble was–there were no food choices that were both healthy & salty around–only teenage-boy snacks like chips and such.

I ate some, even though I really couldn’t taste them.

For the love of Pete–I even tried sour gummie worms!!

Again…no taste.

Once I began to feel better, I started cooking & baking again: peanut-butter apple crisp for my boys one night; strawberry-cream cheese pretzel dessert for our son’s birthday another.

Usually I can resist these treats. I opt for some berries and Greek yogurt instead or a little dark chocolate and a cup of something hot & calorie-free.

But this last week I just kept tasting & eating— both hoping to get my taste-buds to respond and (mainly) out of habit.

A very unhealthy habit.

How about the rest of you?

Are there any foods you are tempted to eat simply out of habit?

Do they taunt you at work?

Cry out to you at your church’s coffee hour?

Beckon you at breakfast?

Lure you at lunch?

Search you out at suppertime?

Beseech you at bedtime?

What are some food you eat simply because they are there, whether you find yourself at home or on the road?

Let us know.

Also, how was YOUR week! We want to know so we can pray for you.

So comment away.

I am vowing to do better. After this post, I will step on the scale (though I REALLY don’t want to) Next week I will tell you if I gained or lost.

We are in this together!

Habit-busting Blessings,

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  • I crave dark chocolate, but last week, I had a cold and couldn’t taste a thing, so I tried my hardest to avoid eating empty calories. I thought, what is the point in eating it if I can’t really enjoy it? I am just now starting to get my taste back, so I am liking that. I have another reason to eat healthier too…I am 25 weeks pregnant with my husband’s and my second child (another daughter)! I tried making a green smoothie (fruit and greens blended together) one day, and it didn’t sit well with me, so I haven’t tried another one since. I know I really should because they are so healthy and good tasting too, but I haven’t had the nerve to try one again. Maybe, I will this week. I will let you know if and when I do. LOL

  • Hi, this is Nita Sullivan, I can’t go to proverbs 31. You can mail my book to 2131 deerwood rd.pensacola florida 32526 Thank you s much I can’t wait to read my book!!!!!

  • Just got over the “crud” here at my house too…that’s what we call it in South Mississippi. I completely lost my sense of smell and taste! I had to ask my husband if what I was eating tasted good. He assured me it did, so I ate it. The only thing that seemed to register for my taste buds was chocolate. I’d almost broken my dependency on that daily chocolate habit and now the only thing that remotely tasted good was chocolate. Feeling much better now….but now I’ve got that nasty chocolate habit to break again. Maybe.

  • Sweets and nuts!! Once I put a nut in my mouth I am a goner unless someone moves the can at least 1 mile from me. Sweets are just as bad, one bite and I lose all rational. Some things I have learned I JUST CAN NOT have them in my house.

    Been a wonderful week for me and absolutely beautiful weather here in North Georgia.

    Pray for me and my husband to be able to reach some financial stability as it is taking it’s toll both physically and mentally on both of us. Being 66 and 73 yrs old, it is not good to live in such stress. All prayers would be appreciated.

  • Kylie….I have been to your beautiful city, one of my most favorite places on my New Zealand trip. So sorry to hear about the quake. Blessings to you and your city as you recover.

  • Karen, this is definitely what I do! I was feeling great after reading ‘Made to Crave’ and looking at my eating and sacrificing of unhealthy food as a way to grow my relationship with God. In fact, for a while it almost seemed too easy! (I knew that it couldn’t last forever!)
    On Tuesday, at about 12.50pm (New Zealand time) my home city of Christchurch had a massive earthquake (although 6.3M doesn’t sound too big, and wasn’t as big as the one we had in Sept of 7.1M, it was only 5 kilometres deep) and we have had huge amounts of damage to our once picturesque city and more sadly, loss of life. Praise God that my family and friends and house are safe although there were some close calls. Talking about my eating seems insignificant next to this, suffice to say that I riverted back to my old eating habits.
    Please pray for our city, that we will not get more large earthquakes and that God will be seen and His love will be shown in this disaster and draw more to Him.
    I’m off to have a shower now for the first time since Tuesday morning as we now have our waste water back up and running :-)
    For more info check out http://www.stuff.co.nz
    Thanks ladies, for being there to support, listen and pray.