Happy Valentines Giveaway– Times Two!

Sweet cyber sisters–

How I hope this pre-scheduled post finds me happily in Charlotte, NC and ready to appear on Monday evening’s Made to Crave webcast. The webcast is free so log onto www.madetocrave.org at 8:00 pm EST to catch the last installment in Lysa TerKeusrt’s fabulousΒ  and motivating series.

Oh, and if ‘ya wanted to whisper a prayer that I don’t cough or sneeze live on the air after a long week with the flu, why that would just be so greatly appreciated!! Your prayers have seen me through and I don’t want them to stop now!!!!

In the mean time, I have two fun Valentines Day giveaways for you–one for you married women and one for the single gals. I guess this is my equivalent of taking treats to school for my friends. :-)

Oh and speaking of treats…..hop on over to my dear friend LeAnn Rice’s site SheCooks.org where I am sharing a favorite treat recipe for Valentines Day–homemade peanut butter cups!

LeAnn is also a guest on this week’s Made to Crave webcast. (Where we will try to encourage you to crave God, not homemade peanut butter cups! But hey…a tiny treat is okay now & then, right?)

Enough chit-chat. Now, for the giveaways:

First, for the married women. A Red Hot monogamy giveaway. It includes:

~ A pack of red hot cinnamon tea light candles

~ Some dark chocolate-covered espresso beans

~ A bright red silicone kitchen hot pad

~ A totally rockin’ retro kitchen apron (Yes…the way to his heart at times is through his stomach. Other times its with a little old fashioned ‘horizontal fellowship’ if ya know what I mean!)

~ A signed copy of my friend (and fabulous speaker & author) Pam Farrel’s marriage book Red Hot Monogamy .

IF YOU ARE MARRIED and want to be entered to win this fun giveaway, simply leave a comment telling us your favorite romantic memory with your hubby.

It can be from yesterday or yesteryear. It doesn’t matter. Just let us know what you consider to be the most romantic thing the two of you have done. (Rated G of course!!!)

And…for now for my single friends. Here is your giveaway:

~ A jumbo milk chocolate bar fit for a Queen (or a prince, as long as he’s charming!)

~ Some P.S. I Love You Spring Fling scented lotion from Bath & Bodyworks

~ A bag of Lindt milk chocolates with white chocolate centers–simply divine!

~ A pretty pair of sterling silver earrings from Kohl’s

~ A copy of LeAnn Rice’s fabulous e-book Sharing Grace. LeAnn is a single, widowed mom with a love for others that is totally contagious!! Her book is full of recipes for blessing your friends & family– both around your table and through your life.

NOW FOR YOU SINGLE GALS: leave us a comment letting us know your favorite way to spend time with your friends. What do you do? Where do you go?

And for those of you who have a suggestion, what are some creative ways married women can make their single friends feel included? That is an area where I’d like some new ideas.

Okay now….leave your comments. I’ll be back on Wednesday to announce the winners.

Speaking of winners….the winner to the weekend’s Sweet Dreams giveaway is:

Ayla; time stamp February 11; 9:44 am


See you all on Wednesday!

Loved-by-Him Blessings,

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  • Other than our honeymoon, the most romantic thing we have done, is when my husband planned an anniversary trip for the two of us. He took me to Maine (we are from Florida). We had a great time there, visited lighthouses, seal watching and had some much needed alone time.

  • When my husband proposed to me – he just said pick the date. With him being 10 years my senior, and I was already married once, when we met, we knew – after 3 weeks of dating he “proposed” and 3 weeks later we eloped. The week before he proposed, he used an onion ring and put it on my finger – so now when we do eat onion rings, we see if any can fit on my finger and we just laugh at it!