What’s That Smell?

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1. a distinctive usually pleasant smell, esp of spices, wines, and plants

2. a subtle pervasive quality or atmosphere

[via Latin from Greek: spice]


Of all our our senses, smell is the most connected to memory.

Even now, when I stand next to a woman in line at the grocery store wearing White Shoulders perfume, I miss my Aunt Patty.

When I smell leaves burning, I am transported back to high school and it is suddenly football season and my friends and I are walking to the game after having a burger at the A & W.

When I smell cinnamon, I think of canning applesauce with my friend Carmen the one fall we used to much of the spice and the entire house smelled of it.

And I will forever associate Lilly of the Valley with my mom. I can’t even remember why. I don’t know if her Avon perfume smelled like that or she grew them in her flower garden.

Smells have  a strength that creates lasting memories.

In my Bible this morning, I came across this:

But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” 2 Corinthians 2:14

Are we spreading His fragrance? Does the ‘smell’ we emit to others match His?

Unfortunately, many times I know my actions downright stink. And they don’t always reflect Christ. Oh yes, maybe I hold it together when the dry cleaners ruin my favorite sweater, but when one of my kids or the husband ticks me off?

Oh, buddy…..

If we are to spread the fragrance of knowledge of Him EVERYWHERE, that means even in our homes.

And our cubicles.

And at the intersection when someone cuts us off.

This week, let’s watch our aroma. Others are watching.

And even sniffing.

Does our aroma match His?

One of you who leaves a comment on this post will win the following aromatic giveaway:

~A Bath & Body Works green tea & white pear candle

~ Some simmering wax bars from At Home America in Fruit Smoothie scents

~ A copy of the New testament in the English Standard Version. Perfect to keep in your purse or car.

Just leave a comment telling us a scent that you associate with something or someone from your past.

Winner announced Tuesday.

Yep. I’m unplugging until then.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!










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  • I associate the smell of freshly baked Peach Cobbler with my mother. She was a GREAT cook and you always knew, no question about it, that it was going to taste DELICIOUS!

    I just read “My Triple-Braided Cord” and it definitely spoke to my heart. I too, can identify with your struggles. But what a mighty God we serve! Thank you for sharing.

    God Bless!

  • Gardenias remind me of my grandmother because she had a couple of huge bushes in her yard when I was a kid. I’d pick them whenever I came to visit too. Now I have my own gardenias!

  • The smell of fresh baked bread reminds me of my grandma. She didn’t bake it often because it was an all day, manual process. But she always made a loaf for us, which we’d pick up from her as she lived just a mile or so away. The best thing was that the smell came from her house to ours with the bread. I should pull out my bread maker one day soon……

  • smells … so many to choose from … Tabu reminds me of my Mimi. Vitalis and Old Spice of my dad. Gasoline and saw dust of my once tree surgeon husband. Love, love, love the smell of farms! dirt, manure :] and animals!!

  • Great post! There are alot of smells that can take me back, way back to my “younger” years. But whenever I smell wood burning I think of my parents’ campsite. It was a place of laughter with family and friends, along with swimming on hot days in a pond that my dad so proudly cared for. Thanks for the revisit! :)