Weekend Giveaway & a Little Teaser

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I’m updating this from the lovely home of my friend Jonni McCoy.

From where I sit I can see breath-taking mountains.

And stunning blue skies.

And all kinds of wildlife.

And, best of all, her hubby Beau out in the kitchen making me morning coffee.

The McCoy’s are the picture of hospitality and offer to let me crash at their place each time I come to Colorado Springs. Since I’m gone for a few days with mind mind on other things (like appearing here and speaking there.) I am going to offer a weekend giveaway based on hospitality.

So leave a comment to enter. Then, come back Monday to see if you won. AND to see a fun announcement that my friend LeAnn Rice of She Cooks.org and I have.

Oh…I can hardly wait!

In the mean time— I am giving away three signed copies of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others. each with a $10 Target gift card. Then, you can purchase something fall-ish & fun for your home—a new table runner, apple pie scented candle, or cute pumpkin-themed knick-knack. Here is the description of the book:

When it comes to hospitality it doesn’t matter what size your house is, how it’s decorated, whether or not it’s spotless, or what you cook or don’t cook. The secret to making guests feel comfortable is more about the condition of your heart than the condition of your home.

A Life That Says Welcome helps you make others feel refreshed, rather than impressed, in your presence. It’s packed with inspiring tips on how to:

  • decorate well on a budget
  • make the most of your space (no matter how small)
  • be prepared for unexpected company
  • create delicious, simple dishes your guests will enjoy

You’ll be encouraged to not only open your home but to open your life as an avenue for God’s love everywhere you go.

Okay. Here is the dealio: leave a comment on this post telling me either your favorite aspect of fall OR giving a guess as to what LeAnn and my big announcement is about. (If you are a friend who already knows and you spill the beans you are in BIG trouble sister! I just might un-friend you on Facebook!)

Happy weekend!

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  • Karen, this book sounds like just the book I really need to read and I want to get Untangling Christmas as well. Can I get it for my kindle so I can read it on the bus?

    Thanks for your contributions to those of us who can really use such wonderful learning tools in our lives. I live in a small condo (975 sq ft) and would love to have more people over including the neighbors in my building. I’m contemplating opening my door to whoever would like to come eat a meal with me probably on a Sunday as I work all week. Any good suggestions would be appreciated and I look forward to getting your books to read.