What Does Prayer Smell Like? Giveaway with Rachel Wojarnowski

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Do you struggle with prayer?

I don’t mean that you, as a follower of Christ,  think it isn’t important.

I mean things I sometimes ponder like, if God is gonna do what He is gonna do anyway—being that He is all omniscient and all—then why pray in the first place? Or why at times do I pray continually only to continually get no obvious response? Is He busy? Or ignoring me? Or is He just slow? Have I done something wrong so He is refusing to answer?

If you’ve too ever wondered about the mysteries of prayer, you are gonna LOVE the new ebook by my friend Rachel Wojnarowski.

Seriously love it.

I was honored to get a sneak preview of it. (It releases tomorrow) and even more thrilled to be asked to write the forward! Now, before I ask Rachel to tell you about the book, let me tell you about Rachel.

Rachel is originally a small town country girl who converted to a suburban mother of seven by way of life happening.

She and her husband, Matt, enjoy caring for their busy family, whose ages span 9 months to 21 years and includes a special needs daughter.

Rachel leads community ladies’ Bible studies in central Ohio and serves as an event planner and speaker for special needs parenting groups.

She is a member of the Ohio Writers’ Guild and the National MPS Society; and loves to inspire others through her blog by sharing faith, family, and fun.   Wife, mom, reader, writer, speaker and dreamer, you can find Rachel on Twitter and Facebook.

Hear her heart now:

Thank you for having me over, Karen! And thank you for writing the foreword for my ebook, “The Sensational Scent of Prayer,” releasing tomorrow, May 8th!  I am thrilled to share a little about this ebook with you and your readers today.

Sometimes a book begins years before the idea of writing a book ever exists.  In this case, God began to stir my heart to write a Bible study about Hannah, the mother of Samuel, about five years ago.

Many of us know her story; after all, it takes up less than two chapters of the Bible (I Samuel 1&2).  But the miraculous power of Hannah’s prayer resonates with us because of the answer God gave her in the form of a son.  Honestly, the fact that Hannah is the only woman in the Bible to have two recorded prayers had escaped my memory when I first began to study.  And how did I miss that Hannah’s second prayer was ten verses long?

After studying Hannah’s story for almost a year, I had the privilege of teaching a summer Bible study and sharing the lessons God taught me with other women.  I cannot begin to tell you the ways God provided confirmation to me through the women that His timing is impeccable and His plan is perfect.  This study launched me into a more regular writing ministry through blogging in October 2009 and after writing out much of the study, I still felt a hunger to share more on Hannah and prayer.

On January 5, 2009, a portion of what I wrote in my prayer journal reads:

“I believe that God wants the Hannah study to be continued.”

Fast-forward to several weeks ago, more than three years later. I went out for a run and when I returned home, I told my husband that I felt the Holy Spirit impressing me that now is the time to release an ebook about Hannah. So there is the backstory to “The Sensational Scent of Prayer.”

What does prayer smell like?  How is prayer related to the sense of smell?

Without revealing all the secrets of the book, I just want to encourage you to open your heart to prayer like you never have before, allowing the tangible concepts of this earthly world to transmit a heavenly message. A message that conveys just how much God loves to communicate with His children; this is why He loves “the sensational scent of prayer.”

Ok cyber friends. Rachel has generously agreed to giveaway 5 copies to 5 women who comment on this post.

So, tell us this. What do you most struggle with when it comes to prayer?

Any of the aspects I mentioned above? What else?

Don’t be afraid to be honest. We’re a safe gang of gals here. :-)

Winners announced tomorrow.

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  • I can think of a hundred things to pray about during the busy day, and then when things settle down, I can remember a few but the words don`t come easy. I think it has to be formal or something. And I too, wonder if God is going to do His will, then why do we pray? If I would remember to pray then and there when something enters my thoughts, maybe that would help. But then there`s all the interruptions…. I think your book would answer some questions in my muddled mind!

  • I struggle with praying on a regular basis. I find myself getting “busy” and forgetting to talk to my Heavenly Father. I let other things get in my way and take up my time.

  • Oh how I struggle with not feeling full or satisified during and after prayer. I think that I am giving Him my best but the 3 kids under 5 struggle to not interrupt, my coffee hasn’t really taken hold yet and I am wandering through my “quiet” time almost aimlessly wondering if I am doing enough… Reading and praying the “right” things, worrying that the effort isn’t enough to cover the multitude of sin I have incurred with being tired and short tempered with the kids and almost dreading being done with the prayer time because I know that I am about 30 seconds away from being annoyed with those kids. Obviously I know that I cannot do a thing to cover my sin, that debt has already been paid, but I struggle to know if this faithful attempt to walk in Grace will really make a difference in my day to day parenting. I struggle to really feel filled, covered, holy and acceptable. In my heart I know it, but in my daily walk I wonder.

  • My biggest struggle with prayer is having consistent time praying. I pray during the day but to set aside time and pray is hard for me

  • I have read about several different “formulas” for prayer, acronyms like P.R.A.I.S.E. in which each letter represents a portion of a prayer and puts one’s prayers in order. I feel like when I don’t necessarily follow this that I’ve left something out or have done it “incorrectly.” When I try to write my prayers out, they often become too lengthy. Basically, I believe I make the entire process/concept of prayer way too complicated. I look forward to reading this book whether I win or buy it. I love Hannah’s story, and my son’s name (Samuel) was chosen because of it.