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When my daughter Kenna was little, she and I loved to bake.

Michigan dried-cherry-cashew bars, lavender shortbread, whole wheat bread from fresh-ground wheat.

My baking buddy has been gone for nearly three years now. I’m left with only sons at home.

Two sons AND their many guy friends who mysteriously appear out of nowhere—especially when I’m cooking. I went to bed last night as the 14-year-old son was hanging out down at the creek with several neighborhood boys. This morning when I awoke, here is what I found:

When I went down to our finished basement/man cave, here is what else I found:

And this was only half of the boys who crashed here!

Wanting to be the home where teens hang out means having food around. Sure they love pizza rolls and chips and cheese. However, I find so many of the dozens of teens who have frequented our home over the years love homemade treats.

Now, be sure to leave a comment on this post with your favorite baked goody or something you have always wanted to make but were afraid to try. You could win this:

It includes:

~ A kitchen towel

~ A whisk

~ Two cookie cutters

~ A baking book with 100 winning recipes

~ Two bags of Tazo passion tea—great over ice and sweetened with Stevia. (Sipping it will help keep you from snitching the dough!)

Winner announced Monday. :-)

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  • I have thousands of cookie recipes but I always go back to our old family recipe and make snickerdoodles. I have never found anyone who didn’t like them. They freeze well too!

  • I have been cooking since I was 10! We cooked for the farm guys who came to help with harvesting. I taught my daughter & son as well because everyone should know how to cook for themselves Many great lessons & times shared!!

  • I love to bake and do a lot of baking for friends, cookies to cheesecakes! And I have tried many of LeAnn’s recipes!

  • I love to bake with my kids. One of our favorites for summer is making blackberry cobbler from scratch, crust and all. We used to be able to find wild blackberries but have moved and our area doesnt have them.

    Someday I would love to make Creme Brulee! mmmmmm