From Prank to Princess

Sophomore Whitney Kropp was siting in her geometry class on September 13th when the results of the homecoming voting were announced. She is not one of the popular girls in the small Michigan town a ways down the road from me. Imagine her shock when her name was called.

Total shock.

Then happiness.

But soon this darling girl realized it was all just a big, bullying prank.

The beautiful and loved Whitney Kropp.

Classmates elected her as a joke and planned to laugh and boo when she was announced as class rep at the big game.

But her town has come to her rescue. Instead of letting her be laughed at, booed and humiliated when she walks out on the field this Friday at halftime, they are making sure she is treated like a princess.

An account was set up to cover her expenses for a dress, shoes, hair, flowers, etc…. But it wasn’t needed. Countless businesses in town offered to donate services, money and the items needed.

The incident has prompted many from the town to talk about their own high school bullying experiences, some going back as far as  the 1960’s.

A fan page on Facebook was created that has already drawn over 80,000 likes.

Her town of West Branch only has 2,100 people!

And those townsfolk are planning to show up to the game in masses to fill the concrete bleachers with posters and t-shirts (in Whitney’s favorite color of orange) and cheer like crazy to drown out any of the taunts and jeers of the students.

In an age of cruelty, looks-are-everything emphasis and young girls feeling they don’t measure up, I am thankful this town has stepped up to the plate to show sweet Whitney she is beautiful and loved and treasured.


Oh precious Whitney, may you and ALL teen girls know you are beautiful, loved and treasured by God.

He thinks you are a princess.

“The king is enthralled by your beauty;  honor him, for he is your lord.” Psalm 45:11

*Would you take a moment to head over and “Like” Whitney’s fan page? Click here to do so. And if you have a teen girl who struggles with feeling unloved, check out my friend Lynn Cowell’s two books for teen girls (including her just released devotional) by clicking here. 

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  • Thank you Karen! What a powerful woman of God you are! You have the same heart as your heavenly Father :)The prophets are saying that the nameless & faceless ones in this next generation are going to be noticed They are saying from the Lord “Inspire a Generation” It was the Olympics slogan Unknown young adults lit the petals on the torch This next generation is going to rise up You will see this as with darling Whitney :) Thank goodness that community helped Whitney rise up!! By the way she is beautiful The Lord will take her many places to testify His love for her & that He gets all the GLORY It is about time that the church & communities come together & fight the good fight! Being bullied isn’t just for the young We have grown men & women who are constantly doing this in businesses & it effects all ages! We must all remember to do the Golden Rule ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” I believe bullies are hurting deeply on the inside & though it is wrong they are defending themselves in unhealthy ways :( They want to be accepted so they will stop @ nothing to feel good & accepted even in the wrong places So sad & so distorted Thank you dear Lord for this next generation Let our floors be their ceilings I ask this in your Holy & precious name!