LET. IT. GO. Sneak Peek & Giveaway


Want a sneak peek at my new book LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith?

It is on how NOT to be a control freak and start trusting God—-with our circumstances, our schedules, our homes, our hubby and kids (if we have them) and ultimately with our lives.

I am posting an excerpt over at Roomag from the chapter Hovering Over the Home. Roomag is the online magazine headed up by Candace Cameron Bure. (You may remember her as DJ Tanner from the sitcom Full House) She wrote the foreword to my book. :-)

I’d love for you to take a peek and then come back and tell me what you think.

In fact, I’ll give away a signed copy to one of you who does when it releases hot off of the presses on November 13th.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy to get it when it comes out, you can do so by clicking here. It also includes a 6 week dvd teaching and a Bible study workbook for group or individual use. Maybe you could grab a group of friends and study it together!

Okay, head over to Roomag to check it out by clicking here but be sure to come back here to comment!

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  • Karen,
    I am sooo looking forward to this book! I have 3 grown children and wish I would have had it then. I grew up with a control freak mom; she loved us dearly, but there was only one way, her way, to do things. I still have an 11 year-old son at home, so maybe there is still hope for me. And then I think this book will be great to gift to my daughter who now has two small children herself (and, yes, I can the control freak in me repeating itself in her). Passing it forward….thank you!