Do Your Christmas Traditions Bless or Stress?

Got Christmas traditions?

Yeah, you do!

Tell me, do they bring you closer as a family and help you relax and drink in the true meaning of the season or do they cause stress, guilt and even a little holiday fighting around your place?

Today, over at The Better Mom today  I’m talking about traditions and telling the story of the year that we ended up with this as our Christmas photo:

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  • This is a post for all 5 days. We have always done the 3 gifts for our children. Jesus received 3 gifts so that is what they get plus their stockings. We also make a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. This year we will be serving dinner for the homeless on Christmas night. I want our children to know that there are people right here in our city that have nothing. I hope to continue this every year. Financially this has been our hardest year. We can’t afford a big Christmas and I am thankful for that. It keeps me grateful for what I do have and focused on why we celebrate Christmas.

  • I signed up today. Karen, I definitely can relate to Day 1 Devotion. I remember a time when I went to summer school to learn Vietnamese. Our teacher asked all the students to work in groups and make a poster board about friends, Viet Nam, or something else….. I can’t remember. So, I took charge and was taking a photo of this teen girl who was older than me. I want to make sure the picture was perfect. She told me I was like her mom always a perfectionist.

  • I like the idea of the three gifts. I am raising my 3 yr grandson now and I think this would be a great idea. I have 5 children all grown and it was seriously stressful on Christmas in the past.

  • Karen, I received an email saying I won a copy of the Let It Go book. Is this legit? I don’t feel comfortable giving my address before making sure it’s authorized.

  • Holidays have always been stressful for me. Just finished reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and have started your book Let It Go. Can already see the difference they both have made in my daily life.

    We too are going to use your three gifts idea for Christmas this year. Thanks so much for sharing!