LET. IT. GO. Chapter 1 & DVD Session 1 FREE!!!

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Don’t ya just love getting something free? Well, today. I’ve got two freebies for you!

My new book, LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith  is on how NOT to be controlling and trust God instead. Here is the official blurb:

Women are wired to control. We make sure the house is clean, the meals prepared, the children are dressed, and everyone gets to where they’re going on time. But sometimes our strength of being conscientious can morph into the weakness of being a slight—or all out—control freak! This humorous, yet spiritually practical book will help you to:

  • Take control of your schedule yet welcome interruptions from God
  • Draw the line between mothering and micromanaging
  • Influence your husband instead of manipulating him
  • Learn to control your emotions when you can’t control the circumstances
  • Stop pursuing the appearance of perfection and start pursuing the person of God

My awesome friend and ministry partner Melissa Taylor is leading an online Bible study of this book that begins February 3rd. Already over 7,000 women have signed up to join her.

It will include studying the book together, exploring the topics further in scripture, and watching some of the video teaching I recorded for the companion dvd series.

And, she’ll be offering an optional conference call series featuring Jill SavageSharon GlasgowCandace Cameron Bure and me! For details, visit Melissa’s sign up page by clicking here.

Now, this group of women wanting to study together caused the book to get sold out. The publisher had to order another printing (the fourth printing since it released in November. Thank you Jesus!)

So not as to frustrate the gals whose books will arrive in the nick of time, I am able to let them have chapter one free as a pdf so they can start reading.

So, I asked my publisher if I could let my blog friends also have it free. THEY SAID YES!! (they are nice like that).

So, here is not only the first chapter free but the first video session too (it is only about 15 minutes long).

If you like it, I hope you’ll buy the book, or maybe get a group together to study the 6 week dvd series (the sessions include a 20 minute or less video and discussion material that make class an hour to an hour and a half long and there is just about 20 minutes of optional “homework” to do on five days between lessons).

Or it would be way cool if you would join us for the online study. For details, visit Melissa’s sign up page by clicking here.

Together we can learn to LET. IT. GO. There exists a miniscule line between being conscientious and being controlling. A marker so fine, we women often cross it without even noticing that it’s stretched out right there in front of us, waiting to trip us up. What we must do is determine the difference between being conscientious (our part) and being in control (God’s job).

Want to join me? (I’m still learning too!)

Here is the pdf of chapter one, LET.IT.GO.Free.Chapter


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