Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Retreat Scholarship {& how you can win it}

P31_LOGO1I pinch myself everyday that I get to do ministry as part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries team.

I get to write online devotions and coach writers (and wanna-be-writers) through our COMPEL membership site. We have a conference each summer. We pray for prayer requests that come in each week. And while we are participating in these activities, the dozens of speakers, staff, and board members get to do life together daily, desperately trying not to make a name for ourselves, but to glorify God.

One of my most favorite parts of P31 is our Online Bible Studies. Melissa Taylor and her team lead tens of thousands of women online helping them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Their commitment, energy, and creativity never cease to wow the socks of me.

Check out this short videoΒ from our P31OBS coordinator, the fabulous Nicki Koziarz with some super exciting news. Β If you can’t see the video, click here.

Yes folks, this year, P31 Online Bible Studies is holding a getaway retreat September 19-21 in Asheville, NC at The Cove in the Billy Graham Training Center. {Click here for details} I so badly wanted to go but it is homecoming weekend that weekend for our youngest son, a junior in high school. And since I want to live my priorities, my priority that weekend will be to stay home and cook a fancy-pants dinner for my son and about seven of his friends who will be all gussied up and ready to go to the homecoming shin-dig.

Sooooooo……since I can’t go, I’m sending one of you instead! {Please note that the scholarship does not include airfare or transportation to the retreat. You’ll need to get your sweet little self there.}

Now, to win this scholarship, or to win it for someone else, please leave a comment here telling us why you would like to be chosen. And please make sure first that it is possible for you to attend the retreat so the scholarship doesn’t go unused!

You have until Friday at 8 a.m. EST to enter when the winner will be announced both here on my blog and on my Facebook page.

Ok… why should you—or someone you know—-be chosen to attend the P31OBS retreat?


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  • I have been walking through a season of challenge over this past year…one that has brought me to a place I never thought I would be in. I know my creator is faithful and offers me His unmerited and unlimited favor and mercies each day but I am struggling to be connected to Him the way I always have in the past. I had surgery last October from which I’ve never truly recovered – physically, emotionally or spiritually. I feel as though I will never again be the Woman After God’s Own Heart that I have always strived to be. Realizing He is a God of promises who will never leave them unmet, I have to know it is something within me that is causing this new and so terribly uncomfortable disconnect in our relationship. I pray with groanings that the Holy Spirit will articulate the depth of my pain at no longer being the me He created me to be. I believe attending this retreat may possibly be a beginning of finding my way back…to be among other women longing to be the wives, mothers, grandmother’s, servants, teachers…that God would have us be could be the light and warmth I so desperately need in this time of cold & lonliness I am living.
    Thank you for considering me for this scholarship as I prayfully submit my application for your very consideration.
    In Christ, Mary

  • I have participated in two online Bible studies and am waiting for the Best Yes to start so i can do my third. Proverbs 31 has become my online family. I love getting on here and reading all your thoughts. It has helped me grow so much. Since beginning these studies I have grown closer to the Lord who has shown me various things, one of which is to purse a Masters in Biblical Counseling at Bob Jones University. I am thrilled to say I just recently started.

    I am a mom to 6, I am full time in the Army, part time in school, and looking forward to the next study.. I am not in a position to afford this retreat and if I were to win it, I would use it not only for the weekend, but for the rest of my life. I have many areas that I will be able to tuck some of these nuggets away for later use.

    Blessings! Debbi

  • God is calling and I am available. I have asked God to “send me.” Send me to where He wants me. To send me to speak to the hearts of women and the hurting, the suffering, the sick, and the called. I know God has a plan. I have wanted to go to this conference but have spent my conference money this year on going to the She Speaks Conference. I am hungry for more of God. I am seeking the heart of God. I live only an hr and 15 mins from the Cove and I have signed up to lead the online Bible study #thebestyes and I feel this will better equip me for what Proverbs 31 is looking for in a leader. I love you all and what you are doing. I remember years ago a Bible study hearing, “Look where God is working and join Him.” I see God is working through P31 and I want to join. Have a joy-filled day. Love you all! Thank you. Brenda