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Congrats to Emily (Comment left on February 9, 2021 at 12:23 pm) You are the winner! Please send your mailing address, along with what it is that you won, to: using the email you used when you left the comments and your prize will be mailed to you.


This week, I am celebrating the birth of book baby number 16, Make Their Day: 101 Simple, Powerful Ways to Love Others Well. To do so, I am giving away a fabulous prize package that includes a signed copy of the book, (worth a quarter more at your garage sale that way!) a Kindle Paperwhite, and a six-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited. But, before I tell you how to enter, here’s a bit about the book:

Ever think, “I wish I could do something for them”? Well, discover 101 “somethings” in my practical new book Make Their Day: 101 Simple, Powerful Ways to Love Others WellThis book will equip you to:

  • Encourage and celebrate family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers in unique yet doable ways.
  • Craft an arsenal of ideas for noticing others and making them feel loved.
  • Make creative memories on holidays, holy days, or on just an ordinary day.
  • Place people as a priority in your life, displaying the gospel as you do.

This book will help you develop habits of kindness, reconnect with friends and family, and make encouraging people a priority. Let’s outshine the negativity and hatred in our world, and reach out to others with love, just as God intended.

NOTE: When you order a copy Make Their Day: 101 Simple, Powerful Ways to Love Others Well before February 14, you’ll can receive a FREE downloadable PDF of recipes for Valentine’s Day gifts such as homemade peanut butter cups, cinnamon-spiced nuts and dark chocolate-cherry fudge, along with ready-made Scripture tags for photo-copying, and creative packaging and presentation ideas. Simply order from any retailer and then CLICK HERE to enter your info and claim your free PDF.


Now, how to enter!

Simply leave a comment here telling us someone in your life whom you’d love to do something for in order to make their day and you will be entered to win. BONUS ENTRY: Post about the book on any of your social media accounts and you’ll be entered a second time. (My team will be scouring the hashtag #maketheirday to look for entries!)

Now, go out there and make someone’s day!

(U.S. Addresses only, please. Winners will be announced here and notified via email on Monday, February 15th. If we do not hear back within three business days, an alternate winner will be picked.)

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  • My mother in law AND my daughter both deserve to have nice things done for them, especially by me. I can never do enough to show them my appreciation for all they do for the family.

  • I can’t choose! I would love to make my sister’s day – she works so hard to be positive for the rest of us, even when she is having tough times herself. I would love to make my mom’s day – and I don’t think anyone needs a specific reason to want to make their mom’s day! And I would love to make the day for one of my friends Francelia, Marisa, and Erin, because they have each made my days in different ways, so many times. And, of course, I’d love, love, love to make my niece, Kaylee’s, day, because she’s 15 and I don’t know that there’s ever been a harder time to be a teenager than right now.

  • I am caregiver for my elderly parents. It makes the day brighter when I can do something special for them.#maketheirday

  • I would love to shower my friend that I serve with. She has had rough couple of years and needs to be reminded of God’s love and how he hasn’t forgotten her.

  • There’s so many! Every day I pick up school lunches for my kiddos that are e-learning. I say thank you to the cooks who prepare these grab and go meals daily to pick up curbside. Especially this week when temps are below zero and windchills crazy cold. They’re amazing and smile through it all.

  • I love to spoil my para professional Ms Renee. She’s so smart, creative, kind and she always has a way of knowing just what our classroom needs.
    She takes care of her elderly father, supports her daughters, and regularly babysits her nephews.
    All spring and summer she drove a friend and work colleague to dialysis appointments.
    Renee is selfless. She does this and more even with and through fibromyalgia.
    She makes my day with her quick humor; we are always laughing!
    God truly blessed me and my students when Renee entered our lives.

  • There is an associate who works at our local Dollar Tree whose name is Nancy. I read through our city’s Facebook group that she assisted a shopper and came to their aid when they had a seizure in the store. She is always upbeat and positive whenever I shop in the store and I’d love to make her day special, by showing how much she is appreciated!

  • I would do something for my sister who has cancer. She had breast cancer surgery last year. She also has as a different type of cancer the doctors cannot cure.

  • I’d love to take my friend Stephanie out for coffee, however that is not allowed due to Covid. No in house dining. :( And it’s too cold here at -30 to sit outside while sipping coffee. So I either wait until spring or hope restrictions will lift. Your books has some great suggestions of ways to encourage people even if we can’t meet in person.

  • I would love to do something for my girlfriend Denise. This past year has brought on an extreme amount of anxiety for her due to Covid, her work situation, as well as not being able to see people freely and regularly. She needs human interaction so bad and yet, the fear of the unknown keeps her anxiety level extremely high. I talk to God about her and pray for wisdom to know how I can help her best. Right now, regular phone conversations are how she is getting by day to day. Thank you for this question that causes me to ponder and think beyond myself!

  • My pastor’s wife truly has a servants heart. She is always serving the Lord by taking care of the needs of the church plus others and her family. Recently, her husband, my pastor, was hospitalized for COVID. She also tested positive for the virus. But she did not miss a beat. She kept going by encouraging the church through Facebook posts and scripture. She also has a teenage son and a full-time job. I would love to honor her with this giveaway. She truly is one of the most loving, caring people I know of. Never thinking of herself but serving others.

  • Would love to be able to do a lunch and chat for a dear friend. Due to pandemic and other health issues, it isn’t possible. So instead I send encouragement cards and do porch dropp offs.

  • It’s been so long since I’ve been able to just drop by a friends place. I would love to go and have a nice long chat and a cup of tea and enjoy each other’s company.

  • My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, has such a servant’s heart. She is a mom of 4, the littlest one with a mild form of cerebral palsy, homeschools, takes the youngest(Clara Mae), to her therapies several days a week( which is 50 minutes there and back from Ann Arbor), helps her husband with the family business, and is always available to help family or friends who are in need. I would love to have more ideas on how to bless her, lighten her load, and just make her day brighter.

  • I would love to be able to just drop by unannounced to spend time with a friend or family member, cannot wait until this whole pandemic thing subsides to be able to do that again.

  • It always #makestheirday when I do for others… I have given the book to friends and they are running with it….doing all the good they can to #maketheirrday.

  • I would love to do something for a dear friend from church. She has stepped into the role of mom for me and I cannot thank her enough.

  • I would love to do something extra special for my mom (she is actually my best friend’s mother who is like a second mom to me) who birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I have not seen her in many years. She is one of the strongest women I have never met who is an encourager and is always praying and doing for others.

  • I would do something for my sister. We have had to put our daddy into a memory care unit and she has taken the load of paying his bills and such for him. She has been a rock star throughout this entire process. My dad now lives approximately 20 minutes from my sister and whenever he needs anything…she jumps right in to take care of it. Thank you for this blessing and opportunity. May your day be blessed and filled with joy!

  • Strangers. You never know who might need to see the light of Jesus through a simple kind act (this would be in addition to family and friends)