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Karen Ehman is a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and New York Times bestselling author. Described as profoundly practical, engagingly funny and downright real, her passion is to help women to live their priorities and love their lives as they serve God and others.

Karen writes for Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 team. First 5 is an app designed to help you spend the first five minutes of every day reading the Bible and connecting with God, and also interacting with other believers in the app's community, if you so desire.

She has authored thirteen books including Listen, Love, Repeat:Other-centered Living in a Self-Centered World and the New York Times bestseller Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It and When to Say Nothing at All. She also just released a Bible study with LifeWay on the letter of Philippians called What Matters Most.

Two of her books are written for moms and were coauthored with Ruth Schwenk of The Better MomHoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off and the newly released ECPA best-seller Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus. She is also on the planning and teaching team of Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference and a teaching staff member of their writers' training site COMPEL.


Karen has been a guest on national television and radio programs including FamilyLife, Engaging WomenThe Harvest ShowMoody Midday Connection, The 700 ClubAt Home Live, and she has been a popular repeat guest on Focus on the Family She is a cum laude graduate of Spring Arbor University with a BA in Social Science and has been married for over a quarter-century to her college sweetheart Todd.  She and the Mr. make their home out in the boondocks in the middle of the Mitten (Michigan--America's "High Five"). They are the parents of three sometimes quarrelsome but mostly charming children ranging in age from teen to adult.

Karen's grown daughter owns her own hair salon far away in Charlotte, NC and also works as a stylist on video filming shoots, including many of Karen's Bible study series. Her young adult sons live at home (for now!) with the oldest one working at a factory while attending trade school and the youngest working at a golf course while attending community college. (That is her below on the right with her "baby". She's not sure where his 6' 5" height came from but suspects someone spiked his sippy cup with Miracle Grow!)

She sure misses watching her kids in their high school sports and activities. Her daughter was in homeschool drama and played volleyball. Her oldest son was a homeschool basketball state champ and baseball World Series winner.  And her youngest son played public school baseball and golf, and was also a member of a 2015 state championship football team his senior year. Thankfully, both boys now play in a flag football and softball league so she can continue her tradition of sitting in the stands and cheering wildly. (Yep. She's that mom!)

She also is content to just spend time with her man doing absolutely nothing at all. She enjoys going bargain shopping and out to lunch with her mom, or out to breakfast with her father, who often gives impromptu life lectures, a tradition Karen carries on with her own kids--and any of their friends who will listen. You’ll often find her whipping up something tasty for her neighbors or friends or the many teens that gather around her kitchen island, processing life and enjoying something from Mama Karen’s oven. (Although she only has three biological children, at last count at least seven teens and young adults had her in their cell phone contacts listed as “Mom.”)

Karen also treasures time spent with her close friends (that's co-author and friend Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom pictured with her above) and especially her ministry partners at Proverbs 31 Ministries (that is some of them singing into hairbrushes at a recent conference--such rock stars!). And she simply cannot imagine life without her Good Morning Girls prayer team--four women who pray for her daily and also check in with each other for accountability and to share what they are learning from their personal Bible study and prayer time with God. (That's her sweet fab four friends pictured with her above!)

She is a lover of coconut and dark chocolate, sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils, whimsical notecards, and any kind of Post It note. She is a collector of retro Pyrex ware (especially in aqua or pink!) and is a die-hard fan of the Detroit Tiger baseball team. (Bless you boys!)

But most of all, she considers it an honor to tell others about the gospel--the good news of Jesus Christ--whether from the stage at an event, on the pages of one of her books or Bible studies, or over a cup of French press coffee in her kitchen. 

You can connect with Karen on:

Twitter: Karen_Ehman

Facebook: Karen Ehman

Pinterest: karenehmanp31

Instagram: KarenEhman

Or at Proverbs 31 Ministries: www.proverbs31.org

To inquire about having Karen speak at your event, visit the Proverbs 31 speaker page or call the Proverbs 31 Ministries Office at 877-P31-HOME.

Statement of Faith

  • The entire Bible is God's infallible word.
  • God exists as three in one - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ's deity, sinless humanity, virgin birth, atoning death on the cross, bodily resurrection and ascension into heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit is given to believers to indwell and empower them to live the Christian life on earth and to seal them for the day of redemption.
  • Christ's personal return to earth to establish His kingdom here.
  • The resurrection of the body, resulting in eternal life for all true believers in heaven and eternal punishment for all unbelievers in hell.
  • Salvation, by faith alone, through grace alone, is found in Jesus Christ alone.
  • The church is made up of all true believers from every tribe, tongue and nation.
  • It is the responsibility and privilege of all believers to glorify God by telling others of the good news of the gospel, enabling people worldwide to have the chance to know Christ personally.


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  • Hello, I hope you are doing great!

    I want to reach out about the sponsored blog post on your site (karenehman.com) with do-follow backlinks. Can you please let me know how we can work together? What is the cost per guest post?

    Also, I might be interested to place in-content text link (placement of a text link on an existing blog post on your blog) please do let me know the price per text link placement as well.

    I’m looking for long-term collaboration, so please provide cost accordingly.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Mie Lone
    Outreach Manager

  • Hi! I am in search of something that I downloaded and printed 2 or 3 or more years ago. I can’t find it here at your website, but that is the credit on the pages I am hoping to download again. I cannot find them anywhere on my computer. I would love to send you a pix, but I can’t find a way to do that here or anywhere else.

    I will do my best to describe them. There are two pages with lots of word art (I guess that is the right description) all over both of them. They are about the power of the tongue/words.

    On one of them, the largest words down in the right corner say: Do you need a “force quit” on your mouth. On the other one, the largest words in the top right corner say: Words are Powerful, they have consequence.

    If I am able to download these again, I would be thrilled. I like for my kids to read over them! And I need to do the same! We live overseas serving with a mission aviation organization. We live in a dusty, third world place… and I made the mistake of NOT laminating my first prints (well, I don’t think I had a laminator then). Anyway, they are really dingy and dirty… and I’d like them to be nice and crisp and white like some other new things I’m printing to hang near them.

    If you could email me a link, I’d be thrilled! Thank you, and God Bless!

  • Hi Karen, I am reading Keep It Shut right now. I noticed that you are from Michigan as I am. Just wondering what city. I have followed you through the years with Proverbs 31 as well as Real Moms conferences back in the day. Thanks for being a light of God’s Word and His truth. You are a gifted writer and speaker. Thank you for using your talents and gifts for Him and in turn helping your readers grow in Him.