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Pause Before You Pounce

When you can’t always control the look of your house, or the actions of the people who live there, do you sometimes have trouble controlling your anger? Sign-up for the 5-Day Pause Before You Pounce Challenge and learn to pause, pray, and then… Don’t pounce at all!

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5 Days to Sweet & Salty Speech

5 Days to Sweet & Salty Speech, a free email challenge by Karen Ehman

Need help learning to watch your words? Sign up for this free five day challenge. Five characters from the Bible. Five lessons for our lips.

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How to Hear a Heart Drop: 5 Days of Listening Between the Lines

When we hear a heart drop, we can brush it aside and go on our busy way. Or, we can respond with an act of kindness. This 5-day challenge includes short video messages full of biblical inspiration and practical ideas for reaching out to others with the love of Christ–family members, friends, coworkers, the lonely and grieving, the necessary people who help you get life done–even the oh-so-hard-to-love! Want to know more?

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5-day Faith Fix Challenge for Moms

Need a little biblical encouragement to help you gain a fresh perspective as you raise your kids? Join us for a FREE 5 Day Faith Fix from me and Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom. Sign up here and for the next five days you will receive by email a devotion that includes reflection questions and practical ideas to help you align your thinking with God’s word. I pray it enables you to forge ahead and raise your children with confidence.

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  • I have recently discovered your website after reading your devotionals on Proverbs 31. I find your writing and way of looking at and explaining things so refreshing. I feel your enthusiasm come off my computer screen. I read you as I have my morning coffee, and so I am sort of sharing a cup of coffee with you. Thank you for your insight, inspiration, and fun. Which are all blessings to my day.

  • Is your “An Unhurried Holiday” available for purchase? I would like our woman’s group to read through this during the upcoming advent season. I can find bits on it online, but just wondered if it is together in one place? Thank you,
    Christine Jones