LET. IT. GO. 5-Day Pause Before You Pounce Challenge

Ever have times when, while interacting with family members around the house, you are certain you are going to blow your stack?

The chores aren’t done on time—or in the right way. Someone makes a complete mess of an area you just spent a great deal of time cleaning. The kids are sluggish getting out the door to an event and now it threatens to make the entire family late. Something you asked someone to do didn’t get done and now it messes up your day. And on and on and on…..

Interruptions. Inconvienences. Delays. Derailments.

Messes. Mishaps. Mayhem……that’s Motherhood!!

When you can’t always control the look of your house–or the actions of those living in it–do you sometimes also have a hard time controlling your temper and your tongue? Do you find yourself behaving biblically backwards—being slow to listen, quick to speak and quick to become angry?

This “Pause Before You Pounce” Challenge includes five days of encouraging and practical devotions that will not only inspire you to interact prayerfully and properly with the members of your family, it will also give you some practical ways to do it along with a small daily challenge designed to bring BIG change! The idea-packed emails will automatically come to you daily for five days starting with the day you sign up.

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  • With all the togetherness in the world going on now, quarantined in our homes, I am thankful to find this but of help!

  • Thank you so much for your study & resources, Karen. A friend and I are putting on a little “unofficial” women’s retreat for the ladies in our small group using your “Keep It Shut” curriculum and are so excited to share this with our group – we call ourselves “God’s Gabby Girls” because we love to talk so much when we are together! I don’t think it’s any accident we found your study to inspire us to use our words rightly in the eyes of the Lord. God bless you and all the women in Proverbs 31 ministries.