The Nesting Place Giveaway

thToday I am featuring a fabulous decorating expert The Nester who has just released a FABULOUS book. {I’m giving away two copies today!} I love her philosophy that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Here is a short interview with The Nester about this new project.

Tell us a little bit about what life is like around your place these days.

Well, since I wrote the book proclaiming how we moved 13 times in 18 years of being married, we’ve actually moved yet AGAIN! House number 14 is a really special place for us. For years our dream has been to purchase a little house with some land. And we somehow convinced a bank that we were responsible adults and they gave us a loan for a house on 12 acres outside of Charlotte, NC. We moved here in August and have been fixing the place up ever since.

EVERY surface is begging for our attention. We are doing lots of the work ourselves –that’s code for this place is a mess and it’s gonna be that way for a few years. We tore down walls and made a new kitchen, we inherited a pool where everything is broken (it’s currently green) we are fixing up a barn so that we can have gatherings and swap meets and craft days, and we even have chickens! We are slowly learning what it means to live in the country and once again, I’m having to remind myself that it’s possible to live beautifully within the imperfection. And this is the most imperfect house we’ve ever lived in.

When did you first become interested in decorating?

I see the world through house-colored glasses. I always have. When my sister, Emily and I used to play Barbies, she was always annoyed with me because I didn’t care about their backstory or who was dating who, I just wanted to decorate their houses. So I guess it started when I was a little girl.

You say “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” That is such a wonderful philosophy but how do we live that out in an age of Pinterest perfection?

Pinterest and beautiful shelter magazines are there to encourage us. If we look at them and leave feeling shamed about our home, then we are abusing them and looking at them all wrong.

I don’t compare the photo my son took with my phone to my neighbor’s wedding portrait and then feel bad and give up hope of ever looking pretty. None of us do that. We all know that a wedding portrait is a special once in a lifetime event where it took specialists and a team of people to get the perfect shot.

It’s the same with the homes in magazines and pinterest. I know this for sure because my home is all over pinterest and in magazines. Photo-shooting a home is actually messy business. The cords and extra pillows and extra stuff is all just out of range of the camera lens. When the shoot is over, we usually have to take a minute to straighten up so the house goes back to normal.

If my house always looked like it did that day it was in a magazine that would be tragic, kitchens are for making a big mess making fudge and enchiladas and craft rooms are for crafting and being messy. Beautiful messes are signs of life. Let’s embrace that!


photo-42What do you hope women gain from reading The Nesting Place?

I hope we can all start loving the home we are in, and stop waiting for the next house. I hope we can welcome people into the imperfection openly because we realize that imperfections put people at ease. I hope we make decorating decisions not out of fear but out of freedom. I hope we embrace the true purpose of our homes and realize that has much less to do with heavy crown molding and much more to do with our attitude. I hope we finally are convinced of what we have all secretly hoped was true, that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.


Leave a comment telling us which room in your house could most use a decorating makeover. Two winners will be chosen to receive a copy of The Nesting Place.


  1. says

    All of the rooms in my house could use a makeover! If I had to choose, it would be the living room since we spend most of our time there. This looks like a wonderful book from the nester. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Kim says

    I think our bedroom would be be the room I would choose. We are currently remodeling our kitchen and hope to have it finished by May 23, graduation day for our oldest! Our bedroom is that one room that seems to get overlooked!!

  3. Kathi Whittamore says

    Our main bathroom could use a makeover. This was the worst winter we’ve had since we’ve been in the home we’re in now and all the pipes under the home burst, especially to the main bathroom. The floor is warped from all the water damage, the linoleum is coming up, and I think mold is starting to grow. YUCK! The wall paper in it is from the 1990s so it really could use some updating!

  4. Tammy Placr says

    I would like to update my dining room. I have found that my taste has evolved and I would like my dining room to not be as traditional. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Sharon says

    Right now it’s my craft room. I had put everything in storage while my son, his wife and my grandson lived with me while they were looking for a house. I moved everything back in when they found a house and just haven’t gotten around to re-organizing yet.

  6. Jaydnn says

    Our bedroom needs help. I want a restful, welcoming, super comfortable oasis for our bedroom. Need guidance.

  7. Pat says

    I would select my den area, because we live there the most. It just needs an update. Just need some inspiration to furniture shop.

  8. Christine says

    My kitchen is the room I would makeover! I spend so much time there, it would be nice to enjoy how it looks, not just the food made in there.

  9. Karen Dempsey says

    I love the premise behind this book and totally agree! Our homes should be lived in and filled with love, not picture perfect vignettes! My master bedroom is the room that needs the biggest makeover – needs to be updated and more serene. God bless!

  10. Nancy says

    I want every room in my house to be a simple expression of a thankful heart….a welcoming place to strangers, not “designer class” but “inviting”. I need help with my attitude about decorating and my insecurities about what others may think. Your book looks like a great place to start! Thank you!!!

  11. Elaine Segstro says

    Hmmm…the whole house, but if I had to choose – the family room!! It’s comfy, but too cluttered which creates some stress for me.

  12. says

    I’d say our basement. We really want to redeem that space – especially as the kids are getting older and have their friends here more often. Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  13. Cindy says

    Like most, “Every Room”. – but to choose one I would have to say my kitchen. It tends to be the gathering place for friends and family, but at only 9′ x 20′ it is a bit crowded. I think there is something comforting to me as a mom, that my children gather around me while I am cooking. They are not hiding away in thier bedrooms waiting for the call that dinner is ready, or sitting in front if the television glued to a screen, but instead they are learning, sharing, and enjoying the sights and smells of home. I would love to make my gathering place more open, airy and ligt to enjoy my few small hours with them while they are still home. Aaahhh to dream a little dream! ????

  14. Patti Chriestenson says

    The guest room is the room in my house that could most use a decorating makeover. :)

  15. Christian Orton says

    Every room in our house could use a makeover, but I’d have to say the biggest need is in our dining room. It’s sectioned off a bit, and doesn’t get good airflow, so it’s an uncomfortable room to begin with. So I’d like to be able to decorate and paint it so it seems somewhat comfortable to relax and eat dinner together as a family.

  16. says

    Well, if I had to choose one, I’d say my main living area. It needs to look more homey. Not like we just moved or are about to.

  17. Laurie Lett says

    My boys’ bathroom! Right now it has been out of order for weeks now. I am scared of the thought that we would not have them use it again for years! Their stuff is in our bathroom, and I am getting tired of it.

  18. Mary Lou says

    Our master bedroom could definitely use a makeover. It is small, but I want it to be a place of calm and refreshment. Instead it is more of a dumping ground.

  19. Jessica says

    I would love to give my kitchen a makeover. We’ve already taken steps to making it more “ours,” but it has a long way to go!

  20. Beth says

    Definitely the living room! It is the main room of the house, but it just looks thrown together. NO real “comfy cozy” look about it.

  21. Crystal says

    When my husband and I got married, he lived in a tiny cottage that was meant for weekend living only. But the location was great, so we’ve been adding on to it and remodeling for 17 years! By the time we’re done, the first rooms will need to be re-done, so it feels a bit like everything could be made-over. However, I’d say our living room. We’ve never used it because it’s the last room we plan to do. It currently houses my husband’s tools. It has nothing on top of the bare sub-flooring. The walls are still unpainted. The fireplace is unfinished. Just a big, unfinished space with tools and a broken down second-hand futon to sit on if we are ever so desperate that we sit in there! Needless to say, we don’t invite people over!

  22. Amy Jewell says

    My bedroom, definitely not the peaceful, tranquil oasis a bedroom should be! It looks more like a room you may sleep in & store clothing! One day it will be better!

  23. Scarlett Allen says

    Probably the bedroom. I like the color scheme, but I still think it needs to feel a little cozier. It needs something to bring it together.

  24. Charity says

    My living room – nothing on the walls, mismatched furniture, TOYS ALL OVER, I am literally ashamed for people to come into my home, so we never, ever invite people over, especially my family since they have a tendency to have a critical eye.

  25. Janet Dunn says

    I could so relate to this story. My husband and I have gutted our house and currently staying in my mom’s old house (thank goodness we didn’t sale it after she passed away!!). It is a major process and we, too, are trying to do most of the work ourselves to save money. Unfortunately, my husband is out of town a lot and it has been several years and probably will be a couple more before this project is completed. In the meantime, my mom’s living area/den is in dire need of a makeover. Every time I sit down I’m thinking what I can do that’s not so expensive to make it feel more like home! Now my daughter and her 3 year old son has moved in with us and it is quite crowded!!!! But we a roof over our heads, food in our tummies and lots of love and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Looking forward to reading the book!.

  26. brooke says

    My Master Bedroom is no longer a retreat for my hubby and I… it’s now where all of the stuff that we moved out of our office when we turned it into a bedroom for our twins lives. That could really use a re-do! Thanks so much for the giveaway. :)

  27. Jane says

    I love that she said it doesn’t need to be perfect…houses are made to be lived in! My whole house needs something, but I just did a massive room switch, and currently, my grandsons are calling my one spare bedroom “the man-cave bedroom”. That is because the furniture got switched, but the wall decor is still “man’s office” complete with deer head, antlers, and coyote skin! I need you!!!

  28. Amy C. says

    Great write up! I would say the study. Mainly needs major decluttering. Have cool stuff, just needs to be worked with.

  29. Mei says

    Master bath. It still has the painter’s grade paint on the walls from when we built the house 14 years ago.

  30. says

    My master bedroom! My husband and I have sacrificed our ‘retreat’ in order to make the rest of our home nice and now we don’t know what to do with our room.

  31. Elizabeth says

    Our basement. Our finished basement flooded a few years ago and with two kids in college and ‘other’ unexpected expenses–it hasn’t made the priority list. I am confident that one day it will be a place to enjoy and not a place we hide from others.


    I could easily say every room but if I could pick one I would say my master bedroom. My husband and I deserve a peaceful retreat but unfortunately I don’t have it. My room seems to be the “catch-all” room Don’t know where it goes – put it in Mom’s room. Unfolded laundry – put it in Mom’s room. Plus our furniture needs a makeover. We have been married 23 year (24 in July) and I brought the furniture I had since I was 11 into the marriage. :)

  33. Joy Lyn Gutzman says

    I live in an 1800s farmhouse. I love this place but all of the rooms truly could use a makeover. Unfortunately, when the owners have made updates to this place over the years they have not thought about placement of things. For instance, the only place the fridge will go blocks a very large window in the kitchen. A front porch storage extension was built right in front of the other kitchen window, our built in that holds the TV is in front what was previously a window (you can tell) and the back room extension just wasn’t done very well. The bedrooms really have 0 privacy. Where is Nicole from Rehab Addict when I need her?

  34. Phyllis says

    It would have to be my dining room. It use to be our living room but our family has grown and we needed more space. My parents have moved close to us, both of my boys & their wives and kids are within a few blocks as well. Instead of being in 2 or 3 rooms to eat – it would be nice to eat all together!

  35. Barbara says

    Boy- it’s hard to narrow that down! My kitchen and master bedroom both need updates. I love her perspective on decorating! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!: )

  36. EllenB says

    Our office space needs help! It’s a dumping area, and not efficient. Other areas could use freshening, but this room needs a complete re-do.

  37. Flora G-R says

    I would LOVE to re-do our bedroom. We have always updated, fixed up,etc. the rest of the house. We seem to never get to our bedroom, because “nobody sees it but us!”. I would like to be able to let “our space” be important again!

  38. Claudia says

    I’d update my family room. My son and I are learning to live in our home while missing my husband who died in December. We want to honor his memory while giving ourselves a little update!

  39. erin says

    My kitchen is in serious need of an update. I’m looking forward to reading The Nesting Place and I too love her philosophy. :)

  40. Kimberly Sargent says

    My bathroom is deplorable. I’ve discovered mold under the 1950’s plastic tiles that our in-laws put up when they built it. Our bathtub is showing its signs of age with rust around the drain and the enamel has worn to the point that you can’t sit in it. The window has mactac on it and there are so many cracks in the glass that the mactac is holding in the glass. Our toothpaste nearly freezes in winter because the medicine cabinet is so close to the exterior of the house. That’s how we discovered it needs better insulation. At least we have a new vanity and a decent toilet. I could go on and on. So the bathroom is my worst room in the house.

  41. Melissa says

    My living room or master bedroom. I don’t have that decorator sense. I have family pictures up and furniture. It feels like a house and not a home. I have always wanted to be able to create that cozy home feeling but am clueless. This book sounds perfect to help…

  42. Nicole Reeves says

    Honestly, my whole house since I have yet to really do much to it in all the time we’ve lived here. But if I had to narrow it down then I would say my main living space (living room/kitchen/dining are all pretty much one space) since that is where everyone sees. I would like it to feel more finished and welcoming– for it to say “sit here, stay awhile.”

  43. D'ana H says

    My kitchen is in DESPERATE, desperate need of a makeover!!! I don’t even like to use it – haha!!

  44. Bev says

    About 6 years ago we moved into a smaller house. I’ve just never been happy with the smaller space (I know that sounds very spoiled rotten). I don’t worry about the decorating as much as I feel paralized to make our family/friends feel comfortable in this much smaller space. When we have company, it feels like we’re all on top of each other and I’m smothering.

  45. Brenda sanders says

    Our bedroom needs the most help. We move in February and I focused on the kids room and main living areas that visitors see most. I have always wanted a “theme” for our room, but have never settled on one. Would love our room to be homey and functional!

  46. Amy Hassett says

    At this point I’m working on my guest bathroom, and my guest room… I want whoever is there to feel welcomed and comfortable…
    My dream would be to update my kitchen built in 1986, I don’t think it ever had an update…. I’d love to read your book and get some ideas.

  47. says

    The room? Do I have to pick just one? 😉 If I had to choose it would be my living room. We need new furniture in there but I haven’t had the courage to pick something out yet. :-)

  48. Kathleen says

    We too have moved a lot..16 and counting. This house is probably either the worse or second worse we have lived in and it is not getting finished for many reasons. If I had to choose a room it would be the kitchen. Ceiling, walls, cabinets…all are in desperate need of repair as well as cosmetics.

  49. Mylan says

    I definitely need to have a makeover for the master bedroom… We’ve been living in the house for about two years already and I still haven’t gotten rid of the pinkish-brown walls! 😉

  50. Jennifer S. says

    I would love to redecorate my living room. We just recently bought the house we’ve been renting for 4 years. I did not hang any pictures for fear of putting nail holes in the wall. Now I would love some paint and some pictures to make it feel more like OUR home. Thanks!

  51. Lori says

    Our master bedroom! We have painted and decorated other rooms in our home, but we keep putting off working on this room because we do not know where to start!

  52. Bobbie G says

    would sure like to win this…..I need help in the family room, living room. master bedroom,, and guest bedroom…..okay, I need lots of help. Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of this book. blessings

  53. Tracey N. says

    My daughter’s room. I look forward to reading this book. I sure need to learn to be okay with where I live. :)

  54. Katrina says

    Every room… but if I had to pick just one, I’d love to have the bedroom redone. Hubby has his office in our room and the space is cluttered and not relaxing.

  55. jill says

    I would say our living room. We hold small group there on Sunday evenings and there doesn’t seem to be enough seating no matter how we turn the furniture.

  56. Sheila H. says

    The room I most like to have re -done would be my bedroom. We had to move my in-laws in with us. Because of health reasons we gave them the master bedroom and we moved down to the old movie room. Much smaller and dark grey walls. But I’m grateful we were able to move. Husband needs space in their also to do studying(he’s a pastor), So Having to down size to fit what is REALLY important.
    The next room would be my living room that has an older couch and two chairs, thanksfully we (my children, spouse and I) don’t mind sitting in the floor. :0)

  57. Mitzi says

    Oh, there are several rooms that need a makeover at my house! My kitchen is in pretty good shape because a tornado 3 years ago landed two trees on our house and a hole in the kitchen roof, so ….. we live in a typical split foyer with a small living room – I would love to find a way to make that small space roomy enough for when more than the 3 of us are using it! Also, my bathroom still has the sink, light fixtures, counters from 1980ish — it needs help! :)

  58. Ashley says

    We moved into our current home last July and I still have not decorated AT ALL! So every room needs it. But probably the one in the most need is the bonus room/ school room. No idea what to do there!

  59. Evelyn says

    definitely my den. It has three full bookcases and a computer desk/computer that we never use. now that our two granddaughters are 2, we are hoping to convert it into a little girls room for them! Having raised two sons, I look forward to making it a little more feminine!

  60. Sue says

    My whole house… trying to make it a peaceful place for husband who has a very stressful job. He needs a haven away from work. Things are just “early garage sale” in design.
    Trying to do this on a tight budget.

  61. Nicole says

    Pretty much every room in our house needs major overhaul, but I would love to make our living room more inviting!

  62. Melody Byrum says

    My living room is taken over by toys from our toddler. I don’t beleive he is old enough to play in his room by himself, so his toys are in the living room where the rest of the family is. That being said, once we get a couch (no couch and only 3 chairs in our living room) our living room will be fine. So, I think my kitchen/dining room (they are combined) would be the one that needs a makeover. I have no pantry, so I had to buy a cabinet to put there, but it’s beaten up and starting to fall apart. YOu have to push in one door and hold it and balance the other door to get it to stay shut. And with 4 people, it’s not enough to hold all of our food and as a result a lot of food gets piled on top of the fridge that I have to have a stool to reach. While it’s frustrating, It’s also my home and I love it despite and because of it’s imperfections. Someday, my kitchen will be remodeled and my pantry will be built in. And I will have the double oven that I have dreamed of. Thanks for this post. It was great.

  63. Tawnda Andrews says

    My bedroom need a decorating overhaul. I’d love to make it a relaxing and romantic santiary for my husband and I!

  64. Laura says

    Our dining room could use a makeover. There’s so much wall space but I just can’t figure out how to best utilize it.

  65. Janet says

    If I have to narrow it down to just one room:) I’d have to say the main bathroom, which is also my bathroom. Its just blah … a 1950’s bathroom, but without the pink fixtures!

  66. Stephanie says

    My master bedroom is crying out for some attention. I have created rooms for my 4 bio kids and 2 foster kids, finished a basement so they would have more room to play, made everything in our home kid friendly for them, yet I crave to do something for me! I want an oasis for Hubba and I to get away from the craziness that comes with 6 kids and fostering! It’s on my “someday” list.

  67. Grace says

    I would have to say our master bedroom and bathroom. I love neutral colors, they are so warm and cozy. That is how I would want to decorate.

  68. April says

    I would choose my son’s room. He is two now and about to move into his “big boy” room. I want to create a great space for him to play and be creative that will grow with him!

  69. Joyce C. says

    The master bedroom. It needs to be a calm, serene place of rest for us. Particularly with the rough year we’ve had going through my breast cancer treatment. Instead our room ends up being the catch all for everything.

  70. Kim Johnson says

    I would love to redo our family room, it is indeed a “family room”. The office/craft room needs to be updated and organized for better use. Karen, I love your site!

  71. says

    I asked for The Nesting Place book for Mother’s Day, but not sure my hubby took the hint! We are in a rental home and our master bedroom could be SO much prettier with an update. We’re about to celebrate our 31st anniversary and I should try to figure out a style compromise…I love white bedding. He doesn’t. Should we paint our pine Ikea dressers? Suggestions? Fingers crossed to win the book!

  72. Nancy says

    Since I have to pick one room it would be my craft/hobby room. I would like the room to be functional in order that I can create wonderful spaces in the rest of the house from this one room.

  73. Diana says

    My sewing room. I have had to move from a 2600 sq foot home to an apartment for a while. Looking forward to having a big sewing room with table and chairs for my friends to come over and sew. I have been dreaming of every last detail. I hope this s ummer to be able to spend a lot of time sewing while school is out.

  74. Mary I Goodman says

    My ever-growing family (grandchildren) is quickly outgrowing my small dining area. The plan is to “rearrange” some of the kitchen cupboards, remove the kitchen nook and have more room for a larger dining table. Of course there will have to be an update in flooring and colour. Ah well…soon this dream will be reality and we will all be able to happily fit around the table!

  75. Stephanie says

    My husband and I have just purchase our first home! Well…I should say we are purchasing our first home. We sign the closing papers next week! Though the home is slightly outdated with all kinds of wallpaper. We are only going to paint the master bedroom and fix up the kitchen in the most budget friendly way possible. The kitchen is where we spend the majority of our time. Cooking, eating and canning together. We are very excited about our very own home and I’m looking forward to nesting and making this house a home for our future family.

  76. says

    My living room. So blessed with a lot of hand-me-downs, but I don’t feel like it reflects our family’s personality. It’s functional, but feels like I’m at someone else’s house.

  77. Courtney J says

    I am hoping to gain that it’s okay to take decorate one room at a time instead of taking on the whole place! I am starting over from ground zero and have been fretting about not having any furniture or decor. I want to go finance everything at once because I did not want my new apartment to be bare when guest visited. But its okay to do a little at a time without exhausting my budget and overwhelming myself.

  78. JR says

    I live in the basement. In a “studio”. Enough said. :) Technically, my bedroom and bathroom are separate, but everything else is one great big (not so much) room. My kitchen is along the length of one wall and then there’s “everything else”. Trying to figure out how to have separate “rooms” in a dingy square that’s less than 400sq ft is…interesting.

  79. Eliza says

    The office! It’s a bit of a hodge-podge and we don’t even use it as an office. It needs some love!

  80. Chris says

    The office. We often call it the dump room because it seems that everything gets dumped in that room. It is in desperate need of cleaning, organizing and fresh color!

  81. Megan Dowell says

    We just moved (within Michigan!) into a new (to us) house. At our old house, my husband had lived there previously with his ex-wife. When they divorced, his mother planted flowers, painted walls and decorated so the house would still look like a home. Well, we don’t share the same tastes and it never felt like home to me. With this new house, I have a clean slate and would love to makeover the kitchen and kids playroom! The kids are only little once and I want them to have a safe, clean, fun place to play. The kitchen is obviously the most visited room in the house so I want a warm, welcoming place. I would love to see what “The Nesting Place” recommends!

  82. Jessica Allen says

    We are moving in three weeks, so this is a hard question for me to answer. My heart says the master bedroom though. I want it to be a room of peace and tranquility, not mess and chaos.

  83. Malie says

    For many years I have joked that when God passed out the decorating gift, I was no where to be found. The room I most desire to be ‘made over’ would be my living room. I want and long for my living room to be inviting to my friends and family. A warm, cozy, comforting, soothing atmosphere. A place that can bring joy, comfort or healing. I safe place. i don’t know how to do those ‘touches’ that bring about those feelings. I am better at pulling my backyard landscaping together and bringing those feelings to the back porch, BUT we live in south Texas and eventually it will be too warm to sit outside. Next desired room makeover would be for my girls’ rooms. I know that my oldest longs, too, for her room to feel cozy. I have watched her over the past year mature and try to find her little niche of comfort in her room. It’s coming, but I know that we both need a little guidance. Next would be my own bedroom, for the comfort of my husband, place of tranquility after each hard day of work that he puts in for us girls.

  84. Janie B says

    My master bedroom could definitely use a makeover. It is not a relaxing room but more of a place to store and dump things. I would love to walk into that room and just be at peace.

  85. Joyce says

    We have moved into a smaller home and though we got rid of lots of stuff, we still have too much stuff that we need to sort again and paint the whole place. Needing some ideas. Thanks so much for all you do.

  86. Sandy Weber says

    I still live in the house I bought 18 years ago. I have recently started trying to renovate. The house is a starter home, so it is small. My kitchen is the most needed choice for a makeover. Very outdated and small. Needs more counter space and redesigned cabinets.

  87. Mandy Phifer says

    My goodness, what a fabulously perfect book for me. All of my rooms are getting ready to undergo a makeover. I would have to say I will be focusing on my Family Room in the end. I am starting a blog which will center there. I want it to be comfortable, inspiring, and encouraging for women when they read as if they were invited into my home. This would be a perfect read to help me accomplish that I do believe! :)

  88. Margaret says

    The “office/exercise” room. There are the mismatched desks and the computers that come and go. Let’s not forget the overflowing file cabinet and bookcase. I guess it’s time to hang the picture that is leaning against the wall?!?

  89. Wendy Dandridge says

    Hello! Our living room is definitely the room I need the most help with. We (5 of us) live in a small townhome and cannot seem to come up with a workable way to arrange the living room. I just subscribed to The Nester and I’m excited to get the e-mails!

  90. Valerie M. says

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I would say the guest bathroom is in need of the most attention. What a fun giveaway!!

  91. Michelle S. says

    Our family room. We painted the lower level in neutral colors (which I love) so that I could switch the decor seasonally using pillows for to bring in different seasonal colors. Having neutral wall colors also makes it easier for decorating for the holidays. Currently, the family room doesn’t have anything on the walls except for a single canvas print of our two daughters. There is a lot of wall space in this room and it looks quite blah with nothing on them. While I don’t like a lot of knick-knacks or chotskies, I do like to use wall art (metal or canvas) to bring color to a room. I’m not sure what to do with this room because of the amount of wall space. I also want to incorporate family pictures on the walls. The couch color is beige (suede) and we have two dark cranberry red swivel/rocking chairs in the room along with a really old brown recliner, which we love because it is so comfortable and we can’t find one like it. For whatever reason, I’m having the most difficulty with this room. We do spend a lot of time in this room (hence, the name family room!). This room does get a lot of natural light, which is nice.

  92. Diane says

    My living room and dining room are in desperate need of a make over. The house was built in 1977 and those 2 rooms still have the original carpet :p Last painted in 1984 when we moved in… HELP!

  93. Marisha says

    I love this “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” – i think i need to make it my motto for upgrading my flat :)…I think the room that needs the most and some creative idea is the bedroom so it can be truly a room for relaxing and resting, instead of for ‘storing stuff’ as it has been lately. :)

  94. CarrieC says

    Essentially the entire house; however, since we live in a parsonage, doing anything permanent (like painting) is out of the question. I’d love to get some ideas on making a place that doesn’t belong to you more homey.

  95. Anna says

    Karen, thank you for this post. I needed it! We bought our home here on this beautiful mountain almost 10 years ago, and it needed a lot of TLC, but I fell in love with it. I know it was meant by God to be ours….we had been looking to buy and we came close twice, but the deals fell through, one day while my husband and two younger children were taking a stroll we walked down this street and I saw this little house…I said to my husband, I want this little house. He responded “Ok Anna, it’s not even for sale!!!!” Two weeks later he runs in the little rental we had and says…”Get your shoes on I have to take you somewhere!”…..I thought OK!!!! He took me to the little house I fell in love with and guess what—-“It was for sale” almost 10 years later, I still love it, its has taken a lot of work, and it’s not perfect but I still so love it, I know it was God’s plan” Within the last two months our younger son moved out he will be 20 this year, and our 18 year old daughter graduated early and left to spread her wings. Our new season in life has begun “The Empty Nest”…the room I would love to “spruce up” is our son’s….It’s the smallest of the two, (and it’s empty) I would love to make a “prayer room” out of it…
    I will be subscribing to The Nester, excited!!!! Thanks again for this post, have a blessed weekend… Blessings Anna.

  96. Jessica Lee says

    How funny is it that I found this link on Pinterest? Lol! My story is actually really similar to the author’s! We also just moved to a little house with a barn in the country! (Although we have about 2 acres, not 12, lol.) If I had to pick only 1 room, it would be the kitchen. I want the kitchen to be the heart of our home! I’d love to have this book to help me on my way!

  97. Mary Lynn says

    The room that could use a little help is my dining room. It seems to be the room where things now get stacked. Perhaps because the laptop sits there and kids do homework and have music instruments there as well. It just seems to no longer be the place to sit with grown-up guests, but rather send all the kids when we have others for dinner.
    At least it is a lived-in and used room albeit not for dining.

  98. Terry says

    My boys’ room. It’s a small bedroom that they share. My 21 year old just came back from college and he is sharing it with his little brother who is 12. Need lots of help here. They need their own space.

  99. Renee Jarvis says

    I love the Nester! Would love her book. :)
    Our dining room is currently our catch-all, and definitely needs a makeover- it’s one of the first rooms you see when you enter our house. It is now housing outgrown baby furniture and clothes, a desk, and some toys.

  100. Jo C says

    It’s not just one room in my home, it’s the whole first level flooring! We have always opened our home to our kids and their friends and we have gotten a lot of traffic over the years.

  101. Amy Allen says

    My living room/dining room are in need of a serious makeover. The room is
    small and odd shaped with little room for comfortable seating. Hardwood floors have strips
    coming up at the base of the walls and the paint is scuffed from all
    my rearranging!

  102. Kristin Piantek says

    My living room, we do a lot of living in that room, I have 8 children , 3 married & 4 precious grand babies .who do not live here. !8 of us when everyone comes home ! But still have a 19, year old, in & out as only a teenager can be , 3-yes 3-eight year olds and a almost 2 year old still living at home. We decorated the room at least 10 years ago and in the mean time have done short term foster care for over 800 children , needless to say its a well loved place to hang out. especially on Friday nights as its family pizza & a movie night !

  103. Lydia Hazen says

    After 57 years of marriage and living in our dream house for almost 20 years, we need to downsize. Now I have to think about rooms and size of rooms and where in the world we will end up living. It is so difficult to leave what you love and we wouldn’t if we were able to care for the property. We believe God will lead us to a place and property that is perfect for us. I know this doesn’t have anything to do about decorating rooms, but i think I just needed to write my feeling down.

  104. Carol says

    Definitely the kitchen. The units are on their last legs. It could do with a complete refurbishment. I would love a functional family kitchen.

  105. Dana Berry says

    I would have to say my kitchen. Our house was built in the 1950’s and I think the cabinets are original to the house. I would like the kitchen to be warm and inviting so that I would be comfortable inviting guests over . The kitchen is open to both the dining area and living room which also need some help.

  106. says

    I’m getting ready to move and I’m so excited about the little house I’ll be living in! I’m really planning to embrace it as my own, in some ways, for the first time. I’ve been living in a lot of very temporary places over the last few years, and I’m wanting to be intentional as I decorate, here.

  107. Anita says

    Most certainly our farmhouse kitchen. After raising our family of four children in this old house, we are ready to seriously “take on” the kitchen remodel. We want to create a better workspace and bigger space for our growing family.

  108. Rita says

    OH, Gosh! For the past 3 years (almost), I have been working full-time and going to Seminary full-time. Guess what one thing that has suffered is! MY HOUSE. I guess my great room would need the most decorating simply because it has wall space and space to move things around. BUT, my kitchen could also use a makeover, but there is no wall space; I have LOTS of cabinets, which is great.

    When I have a little time, I like to watch HGTV on Saturday mornings to see the “Crashers.” I’ve ALWAYS wanted to just hang around home improvement stores and just see if a camera crew shows up. :>) Anyway, I need LOTS of HELP!

  109. Traci Parnell says

    I love decorating, but as a grad student on a tight budget I’ve had to rein it in the last couple of years. I share a small apartment with a fellow grad student, and I think we’d both agree the room that could use the makeover is the kitchen! It’s served us well these last 2 years, but I think some of the appliances are older than we are! :)

  110. Dorene says

    We have lived in the same house for 25 years. We raised our children there, and I was a stay-at-home mom. There wasn’t a lot of extra anything then, but certainly not enough extra money to keep up with remodeling a home. Right now my kitchen could use the most work. It’s the most neglected place & often the most used, besides a bathroom! 😉 There are LOTS of imperfections in it, but it has served it’s purpose well. I’d just like to update it reasonably and I have NO EYE for decorating at all, so I usually just don’t! =(

  111. glenda says

    I love decorating, I have worked my way through our house in the last 11 years but it is time to re do some rooms! We are now empty nesting…or come and go nesting….and so now the family room could use a perk up. Things need to go with the LARGE piece of exercise equiptment my husband just brought home! :(

  112. Jennifer D. says

    We have a catch all room that needs help!! It has toys, a desk, tv, extra bed, etc. It’s our playroom/catch all/extra bedroom, etc.

  113. Christine P. says

    My bedroom, which should be an oasis, could really use a “nesting” makeover. Needs character, charm and tranquility for sure! Thanks!

  114. says

    Our master bathroom is next on our list to remodel and make functional and beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win this looks great!!

  115. Karen Rosentrater says

    There’s a few that could use a make-over, but I’d have to first choose the main bathroom. Can you say 70’s? 😉

  116. Heidi C says

    Truly all of our rooms could use a makeover – we live in an older home! Our kitchen probably could use it the most the flooring is old yellow laminent and our appilances are out of date, but I have painted the walls and cupboards to give it a fresh look!

  117. Martha T. says

    I could name 3,but will go with the downstairs(kn the basement)bathroom. It nees some help!

  118. says

    Our master bedroom! It has old wallpaper, over 30 years old, starting to peel and a wall under a window that has leaked that needs replastered. Old water bed and windows that need replaced. I would love to make it a beautiful refuge-

  119. Dedra says

    In the past several years, the main rooms in our house have had a makeover. The one that is falling through the cracks, is our basement family room. It was last painted 10 years ago. With little ones, it is hard to find the time….and the energy! Ideally, I would like to take off the paneling off, that’s been painted, and replace with drywall. But, a facelift with paint will have to suffice. I would like to make it a fun place to be, sharing it with family and friends.

  120. Deb V says

    Our kitchen could really use a makeover. Almost everything is the original from when we bought it years ago.

  121. Holly says

    The whole house really could use some help, but if had to pick one room would probably be the dining room.

  122. Deb says

    I didn’t even have to think about my answer on this one….our room over our garage! Originally when the kids were in school, it was our “Schoolroom.” Now…with a few home businesses going, it’s our multi-purpose, craft, computer room with a ping pong table in the center and not an empty space in sight! So much for playing the game! It definitely needs a redo! Thanks for the chance.

  123. Elizabeth says

    Probably the master bedroom. I’m way more inclined to work on or spend money on all the other rooms for other people! Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. says

    Oh my, gulp: I have a bathroom downstairs that was decorated in the 1970s! Yikes. Well, I live in the home I grew up in, so since I like my mom’s taste it still feels homey and nice to me. But when I put on my “perspective” glasses on = it is 1970s. Actually 1800s because the wallpaper (do people still do wallpaper besides grasscloth?) has images of late 1800s automobiles. 😉 Since this is the boys’ bathroom in their gameroom it tends to get a little neglected……goal is to have it NEW by summer’s end. The Nesting Place book looks like a great and inspirational read.

  125. Lindsay Yoxsimer says

    We recently moved and have been trying to fix things up here and there, but sometimes the means are just not there to do what I would like. The room that needs the most attention is my husband and I’s bedroom. It just could use some revamping!

  126. Pam Koop says

    My basement tv/playroom could use redecorating since it seems stuck in the 80s with its brown and orange carpet, and matching furniture!

  127. Stephanie Bean says

    My husband & I’s bedroom needs a complete makeover! This book would be a huge help I’m sure! :)

  128. Glenda Flemington says

    MY HEART!!! The room that is suppose to house the King needs a makeover…but I don’t expect anyone to accomplish that…only God himself. There are times the windows of my soul is dusty and spotted. Often the smokestack for my prayers is plugged and selfish. The doorpost of my heart needs a little attention too. And may I add, even the very foundations of my soul sometimes are shaken and feel like they could crumble! If you can, please help. Otherwise, I’m in my Father’s hands and I’m sure He will meet my every need. I just have to invite Him in to clean house!

  129. Heather Storey says

    If I had to choose a room it would be the living room. With two boys, two dogs, a husband and working full time our living room is in disarray! I would LOVE to give it a makeover!

  130. Karen says

    My family room…which has kids toys in it and is really like a kids play room. The space is not very big and not designed well…but I’m sure it could look better than it does now! :)

  131. Jovanna says

    My two 10 year old boys who share a room. Twins? You ask, no.
    One is my wonderful son and the other is my sweet step-son.( 5days apart)
    I would love to give them a a make over and make then feel they each of a part in
    Their room. :)

  132. says

    No makeovers here but a “start over” once we get some rooms again :) Six months from when an EF4 tornado destroyed everything, one brutal winter, and an uncooperative insurance company leaves us still waiting to dig out the foundation and begin again. Rooms are just in the dream stage now. This lovely book would be a nice addition to the process :)

  133. Carol says

    My living room needs help. I have never have been the decorator type and really don’t know where to start.

  134. Lori P says

    The only room that needs a true make over is our master bath. It is the only room that hasn’t been touched in years.

  135. Elaine says

    Our basement, we have finished a bedroom and bath in the basement, which is only 1/4 of the space. The remaining portion of the. Basement needs finished, the house was built 12 years ago and we really want to get it finished

  136. Katie T says

    For sure my kitchen. I try to pretend it is it’s vintage Mediterranean but it’s really 80’s country kitchen. I need some help.

  137. Dawn says

    Since I have no basement, my spare bedroom has become the catch-all room. THAT would be my make-over room. My teenage daughter wants to make it her bedroom because it’s such a big room. It would make a terrific room for a teen girl! BUT what to do with everything else!??

  138. Kathleen says

    I’m working on my living room. We’ve lived in this house for about 20 years and I’ve just now decided to take down wallpaper and paint to make it our style. It’s really a big step for me to try and decorate on my own! Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!

  139. Robin Long says

    My bedroom! It needs to be a sexu, romantic place for the hubby and me instead of a multipurpose room.

  140. Terresa Mountain says

    My first thought was our den/laundry room…. but… as I look at our twin black cats we adopted from a shelter almost 2 years ago now, I’m reminded of the candlewax they spilled all over our bedroom carpet when we first released them into a room larger than the 3x3x3 square they’d be sheltered in since birth. They were a year old when we adopted them. So, I’m thinking our bedroom definitely needs a makeover… we cannot seem to get all that candlewax up!

  141. DeAnna Sexton says

    We have 3 sons, the oldest left for the military in January…didn’t take long for the “room shuffle dance” to occur. Our other 2 sons immediately “traded up” and the youngest’s room will eventually become my prayer & crafting room! It is TINY = cozy. Wasn’t a bedroom as there is no closet. I welcome ideas of how to “nest” as my hubby and I become “empty nesters!”

  142. Tracie says

    Mine and hubby’s bedroom. Our walls have been white for 15 yrs. absolutely no color in it. We need a makeover to make it feel comfy, special and fun to be in, not just a place to sleep.

  143. Jess W says

    Sadly every room in my house needs help. I would love for our house to be lovely but I don’t have a decorating bone in my body. If I had to pick one room thoug,. I would say living room so we could have a nice place to be when friends come over. Currently we have a couch with holes, a stained glider, an antique table and a window missing a shade!

  144. Mary says

    My living room. Furniture and window coverings are really tired. Thanks for a chance with the give away. Looks like a good read.

  145. Dawnn says

    My front room, which is supposed to be my Living Room. It just has a couch in there…nothing else. I am stuck on how to decorate it

  146. Renee' says

    My spare room which is my catch-all room at the moment…it so needs a makeover drastically!!

  147. Sue Schwabauer says

    I love the premise behind this book. This is my 19th move in 37 years. (my husband was in the Navy for 20 of those years. He is retired now) I am hoping we stay in this house for a long time…unusual thought for me. I am currently working on our great room/dining room, so I would like to say one of our spare bedrooms that I would like to be a combination office and prayer room.

  148. Melanie Hall says

    The room in our house that needs a complete “makeover” is our bedroom. We have lived in this house for almost 28 years and every other room in the house has had something done to it – new floors, paneling painted over, (a couple of times in some rooms) etc., but our bedroom looks just like it did when we moved in – old brown paneling and the saddest part is that because of the shape of the room, the furniture in there has been the same for all 28 of those years. Yes, a makeover is definitely needed in my husband and mine’s bedroom – couldn’t help but add a little spice to our lives :)

  149. Tammy says

    I am currently getting started on making my daughters old room into a personal office/ craft room for myself…. She recently married and I now have my first ever “me” room!
    I could really use some helpful hints on decorating and organizing it so it becomes the place I hope it will be!

  150. Elaine says

    My living room definitely needs a complete makeover. My carpeting is 23 years old and the furniture is about 30 years old. It is very comfortable, but looking tired and worn.

  151. Julie E. says

    I would have to say either my master bedroom or dining room. My master bedroom lacks direction – I would like a peaceful, beautiful and calming sanctuary/retreat. As for my dining room, I don’t have any furniture in it! It’s just an empty room. Help!

  152. Sharon Gingerich says

    It would be our living room or bath (with broken floor tiles) :(. Thanks for these thoughts! I needed the reminder!

  153. Tania S. says

    Our bedroom is the one I would love to see re-done. It is the one room that always seems to get left out of any new decorating.

  154. says

    My daughter’s and my son’s room. We homeschool so not only do they have clothes and toys but also arts and crafts supplies, homeschool books, tons of puzzles, gameboards, binders, folders, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to tidying up their rooms.

  155. says

    Well, we’re renters… so it makes it a little harder. But, I could dream right?

    We live in an old, old farmhouse…which naturally has it’s quirks. Of course, if it was truly ours. I’d replace the upstairs flooring and update the two bathrooms. Paint and caulk can do a world of good anywhere, anytime. And, one day. One day!! We’ll have a place of our own.

    Until then. Bloom where planted. right?

  156. Rachael M. says

    It’s a toss up between the kid’s playroom and our office :-/ Both are at the mercy of creative hands and minds at work, but the aesthetics get a bit neglected… I have been hearing a lot about this book and would love to read it!

  157. Missy B says

    Our guest bedroom/office needs something bad. It has become the room where stuff goes that doesn’t have a place or afraid to get rid of. This book looks very interesting and helpful

  158. Christin Harrison says

    Definitely our guest bedroom. It needs to be inviting to our guests. Right now it is just plain boring! :)

  159. Robin Still says

    The room needing the most “love” right now would be my kitchen. It is the central hub of our family and it just needs some love and attention…then a close second would be my family room…. Loved reading about your new home and such.

    Smiles & Blessings, Robin :)

  160. Ann says

    I really enjoyed being reminded that our home doesn’t have to be perfectly decorated to be comfortable and welcoming. That’s an easy thing to forget . However…my master bath is in desperate need of some help. I thought I could do all of the updates myself so I chipped off the old plastic wall tiles and took up the flooring. I got most of the shower tile installed but I am in over my head. I need HELP!

  161. Anastasia says

    We just moved in October so Every space needs a makeover :) But I guess i’d start with the guest room which is currently decorated with a pile of boxes, a drop cloth covered keyboard, and a mattress and box spring on the floor :/ a close second would be the bathroom.

  162. Sue says

    Even though I need a whole house makeover, I pick my kids’ rooms first. Loving their space will hopefully motivate them to help me with the rest of the house!

  163. Diane says

    The master bedroom! It has always taken a back seat to everything else for the past 28 years. Furniture is from 1982. Help!

  164. Wimberly says

    Where to begin???? I love my house but it is rather small. Since we just found out we are having baby #3. The makeover is going to definitely be in my oldest sons bedroom where we are desperately trying to find a way to reorganize for 2 boys and how to accommodate this house for a family of 5 where we will have 3, 3 and under kiddos. So life in our house is definitely not perfect so this sounds like an amazing book for me!!

  165. Alana says

    Our basement really needs attention. I envision an inviting space where our kids and their friends can hang out and feel they are not under the watchful eyes of parents.

  166. Andea says

    Both of my bedrooms are begging for a makeover! Thank you for writing this book, Myquillyn! It is much needed.

  167. Cici says

    It would be the whole upstairs in our house where three college guys just moved in (2 of them are our sons). So three bedrooms and an office space need a lot of help!

  168. Niki G says

    My dream is have my extra bedroom as a place to go to relax, pray, sew or just a place to sit in peace. Our bedroom would be my second choice as it has become a storage area….

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