“Get It In Your Soul” Give Away with Jane Brown

Here is the first interview in our Spring Has Sprung Give Away. Enjoy!

Do you struggle with negative thoughts and self-talk? You know, those audio reels that play through your mind telling you you are not worthy or that you can’t do what you desire to do—–change your attitude, lose weight, tame your tongue, trust in God? Oh, and do you spend good chunks of time in your car or van?

Well, have I got a resource for you!!! Meet my new friend Jane Brown and her ministry Get It In Your Soul.


Jane started Get It In Your Soul in April of 2006 after many years of contemplating how she could capitalize on the time she spent in her vehicle.  She noticed how items placed on the dashboard of her car created a reflection on the windshield and began thinking about ways to use those reflections productively. 

Prior to launching Get It In Your Soul, Jane worked as a picture editor and photographer for two national publications.  She also established and ran a retail computer software business.  

 In 2005, Jane began to focus on developing the Get It In Your Soul concept.  Drawing on past personal experience, Jane felt compelled to finally create a product that would provide positive Bible-based affirmation messages that could lift her day and provide a short message of inspiration that would fit her mood and state of mind.  She spent time researching various versions of the Bible and paraphrasing Scripture verses into positive life application statements.    Following two years of product development, Jane officially launched Get It In Your Soul’s Driving Reflections in March of 2007 to the retail market place.  She is a member the Christian Booksellers Association, The US Christian Chamber of Commerce, EWomen Network, Women in Networking, the Advertising Specialties Institute, and the Promotional Products Association International. 



Jane, tell me a little bit about what life is like at your house these days.

It’s a balancing act with 4 kids, two businesses and a dog.  My son, John, is finishing his 1st year at the US Military Academy at West Point and is on the Triathlon Team. Katie is ½ way through receiving her teaching certificate and is the lead classroom teacher for 1-year olds at the Best Buy Corporate Day Care center. Maggie, my 13-year old, has just begun the spring swim season for club swimming, and Emily, my 13-year old step daughter is finishing up her volleyball season. Our English Lab, Titus has just turned 1-year. My husband, Mike, is a Captain on the 757 for Northwest, now transitioning to Delta. We have a lake home that we’re almost done finishing, and we help each other on our businesses, his being Advertoys.net, manufacturing wood toy trucks and vehicles for the promotional products industry. With all this activity, I am very intentional to create balance in my time for the family, my health (training with a body builder), and my spiritual health (I begin training this summer to become a Spiritual Director).

How did you get the idea to start “Get It In Your Soul”?

Years ago I was going through some very difficult times in my former marriage and finding great strength through Bible study.  I began to create affirmations from the Word to rebuild my life and transform my doubt and fears.  One day I had a parking pass on my dash and kept looking at the words reflected and thought, “That would be so cool with my affirmations!”  In October of 2005, God woke me up at 4am and said, “Now’s the time!”  I protested for about ½ a second and then thought, “If God’s behind it He will make a way”.  As I continued to research the scriptures for promises that uplifted and inspired in many areas of our lives, God directed me to work at my church’s bookstore to learn Christian Retail.  I launched Driving Reflections Biblical titles in March 2007 and had such a great response of testimonies from people.  Many also asked for titles that would be helpful for their friends and family that didn’t have scripture references and thus the Inspirational titles were launched in January 2008, expanding the reach of Biblically based motivational messages to the general gift market.


How do your packs work and why are they helpful for women to have when they are out driving?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  Select one of 16 messages in your set, place it on the dash and drive happy! Choose from 24 topical sets to transform your thinking for only $9.99. 

They are helpful for women because so much time is spent in our cars these days it’s become our personal think tank or prayer mobile.  We’re overwhelmed with everyday stresses and thoughts of doubt and discouragement.  I created Driving Reflections® to help transform these bad thought habits with God’s word. They have a positively profound effect on a user’s day.

What do you hope to accomplish by providing these creative products for Christians?

To help people empower their thinking to a Kingdom mindset and take ownership of God’s promises.  It all rests in the power of our minds and our beliefs…that’s where Driving Reflections and Ps. 23:7 “As a man thinketh, so is he” combine to make a powerful tool to help you break free from limiting thought patterns.  You realize you do have the power to take ownership of God’s promises and believe the best!

Tell us a little bit about some of the different packs you carry.

Whether it’s issues of health, finances, guidance, or living your dreams, Driving Reflections are available in 12 Biblical or 12 Inspirational topical sets, so there’s something for everybody.  The following are some examples from some of the sets:

            God is able to meet all my needs completely.   2 Cor. 9:8 (From the Blessing/Prosperity set)

            My heartfelt prayers have effective power and purpose.  Jms. 5:16 (From the Comfort/Assurance set)

            My faith hopes confidently that what I hope for is not impossible for God.  Heb.11:1-4 (Empowerment/Faith set)

            I don’t worry as my faith is in God who knows my every need.  Matt. 6:25-33 (From the Worry Free Living set)

You are so sweet to chat with us today and, on top of that, you’ll be offering a giveaway to the readers. What is it?

One of the Biblical Variety Packs, one of the Inspirational Variety Packs, and one of my new Reflection T’s in long sleeve.  The message “Nothing is impossible with God” Lk.1:37 is written backwards so as you see yourself in reflected moments during the day you have a positive message back to you.  Another great way to Get It In Your Soul!

Thanks so much for visiting with us here today, Jane and for helping us to “Get it in Our Soul!”

Thank you, Karen for giving me the opportunity to share Driving Reflections with your readers!   As an extra bonus, your readers can use discount code “karen” and receive free shipping on their order through June 15, 2009.  They make great Mothers-Fathers Day gifts as well as teacher and grad gifts.  Blessings to you!

Now for the give away…..

If you would like to be entered in the drawing to receive the two packs and that way cool t-shirt, leave us a simple comment today. It can be why you’d want to be the winner or even a favorite scripture verse that you like to meditate upon. I’ll leave this post up until mid-week when then winner will be announced.

Here’s hoping you too can Get It In Your Soul!!!!

Happy Driving,

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  • What an incredible idea! The gift shop at my work started carrying these and it prompted me to learn more. They are very inspirational.

  • It’s so wonderful to read all your great comments. God asks us in Prov.4:20-21 that we let His Word not depart from our eyes, and since we’re in the car so much these days, what a great thing to do as a captive audience and keep it before us!! For those of you who have them, be sure to share your testimonies at getitinyoursoul.com!! May God continually bless you through His Word as it will not return void.