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Monday Morning Update: Hi all! No time for a post this morning. It is our 24th anniversary and then we are headed to Detroit for Mitch’s end-end-of-the-year Varsity Baseball party. We leave for the party after lunch so Todd and I will celebrate in the morning. I have no idea what he is up to. All I know is he told me to dress pretty and wear a baseball cap. Hmmmmmm.

Anyhow, I’ll be back tomorrow. In the mean time PLEASE read this post by our friend Scott Becker and comment if you would. It will touch your heart. Oh….and I do have time to announce the winner of Hero by Derwin Gray. It is:

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In honor of Father’s Day, I have asked our friend and former Pastor Scott Becker to allow me to post a letter he wrote recently to his daughter Brooke.

Before I tell you about Brooke, let me tell you about her family.

Scott and Becky Becker are high school sweethearts who married and had five beautiful children.

Becky was a standout athlete who still holds some track records at Fowler High School here in Michigan. (She’ll hate that I just told you that. She never likes to be the center of attention. And yes, that Fowler is the same little town I talked about here when Hope TerKeurst came for a visit. Then she and our daughter Kenna talked about it here too. Crazy girls!)

Scott is a top-notch accountant and a former pastor who has a way with words. Seriously. I am bugging him even now to start a blog, write a book…something! In the mean time, he has agreed to let me print some of his words here for you to ponder.

Scott and Becky’s fifth child Brooke was born prematurely on Feb 19.  She weighed 1 pound 8 ounces.

However, Brook was not born too early to have her place in God’s plan; a plan to draw many people closer to Him as they saw the way her parents, siblings and loved ones handled her birth.

And her death.

Sweet Brooke left earth to live with Jesus forever on March 28th. Here is a letter Scott wrote to her after she left.

There are so many things I wanted to share with you but time would not allow.

First and foremost I wanted to share my love. I wanted you to know how precious you are; created in the image of God.

I wanted to hold you and tickle you and teach you about Jesus. I wanted to hear your voice and I wanted to hear you giggle.

I wanted to celebrate your first birthday and many more besides. I wanted to see you interact with your siblings; I wanted to see you rocked by your mother. I wanted to push you in the swing and take you for walks with your little hand in mine. I wanted to rest with you sleeping on my chest.

I wanted to take you to the cottage or the beach and watch you splash in the water or play in the sand. I wanted to see your expression the first time you ate ice cream. I wanted to see you ride a bike. I wanted to pick you up when you fell down.

I wanted to hear you say “mommy” and “daddy”. I wanted to watch you play with dolls. I wanted to see you in your cute little dresses. I wanted to see you play in the snow and sled down the hills.

I wanted to pray with you with your little hand in mine. I wanted to see you drive (sort of), and grow in independence. I wanted to see you grow in humility, and truly learn to be dependent.

I wanted to help you with your math, (after you squirmed for a while). I wanted to watch you play sports or play an instrument. I wanted to listen to music with you and have talks with you. I wanted to take you hunting and fishing and spend time outdoors with you. I wanted to see your expression at Christmas.

I wanted to see how you would handle adversity, and more importantly, how you would handle success.

I wanted to walk you down the aisle with your “little” hand in mind.

The most important thing I wanted was for you to bring glory to God.

Although your time was short, you gave me what I wanted most. Your little feet left large footprints.

Your courageous fight united many people. You reminded us of the power of prayer and the importance of faith. You also reminded us that all life is worth fighting for. You brought out the best in people.

You reminded me that this earth is not my home and that I am just a steward, even of “my” children.

You reminded me that love never fails.


With your little hand in mine you helped me to embrace the cross like never before. Thank you for sharing your love with me.

I love you.


P.S. It is comforting to know that your little hands are now in the hands of Jesus’


Parents, treasure EACH MOMENT with your children.

Even the seemingly mundane times like when they are licking an ice cream cone (and it is melting on the upholstery of your nice new car); or when they want a snippet of your time…..to push them “higher” in the swing, or to watch them ride their bike (for the 17th time that day) or when a teen simply needs you to “hang out” with them or teach them to drive that car.

You know, those times when your brain can invent a dozen other things you think you should be doing.

Or even that you’d rather be doing.

Thank you Scott for reminding us that there is magical quality to those seemingly mundane moments.

Because it means our kids are with us.

And thank you precious little Brooke for the powerful big lessons you taught this momma this year.

I can hardly wait to thank you in person someday.

Sweet Blessings,

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  • Thanks Scott for sharing those intimate feelings within your heart. Your experience reminds me of that book Dale Evans wrote about her lost child. She describes her love and how she missed her child, but she also describes it in a way that God loved her/him (can’t remember which) even more than her and He had to have her/him by His side. Sorry for your loss.

  • Thank you for allowing us to share such a private moment with your daughter. God used Brooke (and will continue to use her) in a beautiful way to draw many to Himself. What an amazing gift God gave you in the life of a precious daughter.