Friday Organizing Giveaway–Times Two!!!!

Hi all–

Not a lot of time to post today. I have one of those jam-packed weekends. All good—-but full of activity.

~My boys are having four friends from Detroit over for the weekend.

~My hubby and daughter are headed here from NC. (She’s coming home for a month.Yippee!!)

~I leave for a speaking event at the wonderful Lake Ann Camp Saturday morning (being put on by the fablous gals at Growing Women ministries.)

~Mitch has a double-header Saturday morning.

~The annual Davis Harvest party is Saturday night—hundreds of folks for an old-fashioned-hay-riding-donuts-and-cider eating-bonfire-and-square-dancing grand ole’ time. (My kids love this day almost as much as Christmas!) Todd will be taking the troops there for a fun-filled outing.

~More teens join us (Kenz’s friends) Saturday evening for an overnight, bringing the total count of people in our home to over 17!

~More of the Weekend Magazine radio spots I’ve recorded will run on Focus on the Family this weekend. If your local radio station doesn’t carry this program, click here to listen in!

~I will return home Sunday, hopefully in time for church, but very tuckered out!!

So today’s post is a simple giveaway. Hop on over to my P31 sister Renee Swope’s site where she’s featuring an interview with me about my book The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized. She is giving away a signed copy along with a $10 Target gift card to buy some fun and functional organizing stuff and a box of chocolates. :-)

I am doing the same exact thing! (Mine includes some dark chocolate!) Sooooo…….two chances to win! Simply leave a comment on either (or both!) sites. Your name will be entered.

In the mean time, enjoy your busy–or not-so-busy— weekend.

I’m totally gonna have me one of those next weekend!

In the mean time, please comment telling me what YOUR plans are for this weekend! Your name will be entered in the giveaway. Winner announced Monday.

See you next week. Got some topics to tackle you won’t want to miss! Happy Weekend.

Comment away………

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  • I am hoping that our house will stay dry and avoid the flood that we are experiencing in Southern MN. We live on a river and have received 12 inches of rain in 24 hours as have most of the other surrounding communities. There are nearby towns in complete wreckage and almost every home inhabitable. I am spending my weekend close to my family and praying for those who have not fared so well.

  • I need a copy of your book big time! I’m a piler not a filer. My unorganization is driving my family crazy! HELP!!!
    Paula G. <