Go On a Doubt Diet with Renee Swope

Hey Weight Loss Wednesday crowd. :-)

Ever have doubts creep in your mind when you are trying to eat healthy & get to a sensible weight?

Thoughts like:

~ You’ll never lose the weight.

~ How many times are you going to start over until it works?

~ Even if you drop some pounds, you’re never able to keep if off.

~ You just haven’t got the self-control!!!

~ Failure.

Enter my friend Renee Swope to the rescue!!!

Renee’s first book, A Confident Heart, releases in July but you have a chance to get a little taste (calorie-free) of it right now! She’s offering a 7 day doubt diet!
And if you sign up, you’ll have a chance to win one of three Go Bible travelers she’s giving away. Then you can listen to God’s word while you exercise!
Are you tired of doubting yourself?
Could you use some encouragement to help you lose the weight of discouragement and self-doubt?
The 7-Day Doubt Diet
A free Devotional Companion
for A Confident Heart

Filled with daily reminders, powerful promises, and short scripture-prayers, Renee has written a week’s worth of FREE Confident Heart devotions!
Do the 7-day Doubt Diet on your own or, even better, invite a few friends, co-workers, neighbors or family to join you in your journey of learning to live without doubt and find the assurance of a confident heart.
Click here to sign up & be sure to comment on this post to let us know how your week is going!


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