Write it Down Weekend Giveaway

Have you ever had so much to do that you put off even making a to do list? In fact, you were afraid that if you actually wrote down all that you had to do, you’d be too scared to look at it!

Be brave, sisters. I have been there. (In fact, I’m there as we speak!)

I find that the days I spin my wheels are the days that I don’t have a written plan of attack.

Or at least a short list.

Okay….or even a single sticky note!

I am headed off to make my list; my plan off attack for the weekend and its many projects. Some are physical (painting a dresser). Some are mental (writing—lots and lots of writing).

Before I go, here is a giveaway designed to help you ‘write it down’.

It includes:
~ A whimsical kitchen menu planner
~ A week-at-a-glance pad for your desk
~ Some cute blue sticky notes with a little bird on them
~ A pack of my favorite pencils–Ticonderoga # 2’s
~ A package of cinnamon hot cocoa
~ A signed copy of my book The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized

To be entered, leave a comment telling us this: what are you doing this weekend?

Oh yeah, and if it involves a task, better write it down!!! ;-)


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  • This weekend I will be juggling the activities of my two kids. I’ll have an extra kid Friday night cause his Mom needs some help. In the AM my daughter has auditions for the school musical which will be this coming March and while she is there my son (and his friend who is staying the night) will have a soccer game. I hope to drop off my daughter and still make the game. Then it will be back to get my daughter from the school and drive 40 minutes to her weekly Nutcracker ballet rehearsal. While we are away doing that husband will take my son from his soccer game to a food stand at a local event to help sell food for the Cub Scout pack he is part of. And then Sunday is church activities. It just so happens that everything they are part of had something going on this weekend. And oh how I could use help keeping all this straight so I don’t forget to be somewhere!

  • We haven’t done anything!! lol! We decided that other than going to church on sunday, that we were going to lay low and just enjoy being a family! I have had the BEST weekend!!

  • This has been a wonderful weekend spent with my grandson. I love being a grandma and going to the park with him. I also attended church today and spent the afternoon just spending some much needed time alone with God.