Hospitality Study Final Sign Up Details

Oh gals, I can hardly wait for our study to begin!

Here are some final details:

~ DO NOT PANIC if the book takes you a bit to get. Many places are sold out but the publisher put a rush on the printing and they be in next week. I will structure the study so it won’t matter if you haven’t started reading it yet by the kick off on Monday. You can get a copy hereherehere, or here. And yes, you can usually get it from a library too. Or, you can get the Kindle version and download a free Kindle app (both on Amazon) and read it on you computer or mobile device.

~ Speaking of reading, here is the LOOSE outline. (Lots of grace if you can’t keep pace so PLEASE still join us if you are behind on the reading!)

WEEK ONE: MARCH 19-25—Chapters 1-3

TOPICS: The heart of hospitality; Biblical examples; Family first; The difference between entertaining & hospitality

WEEK TWO: March 26-April 1— Chapters 4-7

TOPICS: Cleaning; Utilizing limited space; Decorating; Cooking for a crowd and kids

WEEK THREE: April 2-7—Chapters 8-11

TOPICS: Loving on other Christians; Hospitality on the road; God’s bigger picture; Wrap up ideas for keeping going

~ Remember, the study will take place here so be sure to sign up to get any new posts automatically by clicking on the envelope icon or entering your address in the top of the sidebar. That is the only sign up required. :-)

~ We will also interact on Facebook for those who would like more conversation and community. Head over and “Like” Karen Ehman’s Book Studies by clicking here. 

~ We will also showcase YOUR ideas each Friday. For those of you who have a blog, we will do a link up. For those who don’t, you can leave your ideas in the comments section. On Mondays, we’ll announce what the idea swap’s topic for that Friday will be. (Psst…Bloggers? Could you grab the button from my sidebar to share with your readers on your blog? Thanks!)

~The best part? The GUESTS!!!! Hospitality is all about having guests, right? Well, we will have 20 of them!  I have extended the study to include weekends too since I had so many guests who want to participate. They will each share a post on the theme of the chapters we are studying and offer a fabulous giveaway each day too!

~Now, to see the guests, take a peek at the trailer below: (If you are reading this as an email, you’ll need to click here to see the trailer.)

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